Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 4
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ULUMUJK H t K A L U lUhblMY bVENINd.OCtOBbK 14, OECATUR H E R A L D I, C, ABOLISHES FLAGMAN'S POST ON INDIANA LINE Decrease in Volume of Business Necessitates New Change OTHER DIVISIONS CUT The jYOHttlon of jluRimui hda been Abolished on trains 23S and 1J3J be tween Muttoon And Kvannvltlo on th« Indiana dKUlon of the Illinois Central, That wn» Iho last of thai poaltionn ot flaKronn south of Mattoon. Between Mat toon tind Peorln all of the pawrmftor train i huvo *. flag- man. Employci-i In thu train service I have no lip on any chungex In that' torrltory. If oniy tho volume of pnswongor 1 ravel IM considered, pi ob ably thuio in no (·xcime tot u flagman on Any of thti pussonRor trains on thpl branch, one tltno one of tho boat In the number of PBSSOUSOIB hand- )«d Cutting out tho position of flag- man in not limited to tho Indhitm division. That position hoe been abolished In Iho ipivito hotwoen Ilockfurii mul CtntiHllu timl pei- Imps In olhnr xccllonH w h i i o tho volufr* of loinl triml hun doc I) nod to a negligible ciimntlty Previously thu ruduulun of the forces bouuiBo of tho (onutuntly du* ( l i n i n g volume of hualiiwt lunl involved tho (hum nil oi i.( Uttlnmon until Kuriio or tli cn\ who \\Ma oven ronUntinvu ty In fi r v k r j .0 tarsi find it a till haul tu ijn Ktntunl wILli pliicra which they v,ould not hi\o lOMldoisd In thti itrwi when travel )*y riill iv (in tho opjmlav method Tho iiUualiufi Is mich that now (il- inost liny pluec (but will lifop them on tho pay roll looks (food. Fr Otitrnit-thlcujro *irV)c* SBno fltmi locomotives north in n to (HI asslgnod to ji*rvko between C'hkiiRo tind Do- trlot, t h o t n vlll hfl Ifl fiom SBOO tu nrid Including 1817 Locimotlvii £701 hiist boon sont to tho Ann Arbor tnnd; whether that intntH that other* power tmlts of (hat type tire to jto to the subNld- »ry 11 no local officials do not tell, I, C. WATKK 1'MNT The Illinois Central water tr«at- mant plant at tho Northern limits (if Iho D«(utuf yincl toddy will ho put l.i Horvlcn for nix weeks nr more operation of tliiu plitnt was ill icon tlmiPil. Why U wiis cllsoon- tlniifld local employes do not know Thoro MO rumora that ufU'i It hail bnen out of anrvlca severnl woeltn tho machinery dopitrtmont could jicd nn InrreiiDO In tho amount of boiler work necoatiiiry In tho shops. THK HOAUD Twenty-four ettKlno crews wsro ncnt cut of Ddcntur MotKluy: Thaio Mivan noilli, olght iittiit, four south find ftvo west, tino oC Iho IntUr dps (I hcndlnK. buiulny nlKht thoro wtira our adr tlonw ot CO oust. i A UOUIH.K tttl.L i Chalrmitn W. 1! Wllllama of tho, Wnbui'H will hnvc A doublo hill thb w»ck I n S t (.null win 10 'ho nfiiloniil, d o l t v tJww In DII unit wliuro the of-j flMiil ftimlly of Hi* Wftbwih con-, vw* lottny (or n. WMilon ot two| ilnvii ChrUrmnn Wlllltiins In nwncr, of ant- of tit" chnmplun producing ( n w « and! srnnotlninn mi exhlbltol ] In th«i diilty nhowc I NOTK-1 i Tlio two-cents ti rnlln mte offurftd hv ttir I) * O for motor car travel hnrntn" i o f f c c t U o \Vi'dnt"idrtv ba- ttti'di l i c f i l i i r nnit I* fihspnt on 1( livo for « week. A woik tialn on thi- HpHnRflekl dlvlHlol hua bfri hulUtlntnl: ovldont- ly It vltl trnvcl whdio tiuch norvlco In ndwkd for the bulletin IntlnmtsH the train will tin up whote night ovaitaktN thniii, A rf nrrnnjtMiwnt (t thi vftiil yorh al rorrcit tn'tlio!" Itml xcivlcc ron- trnuouii foe 1" hourn w u h dtvj-; thnt ·tWt nnotli'r rr« D, O. Phillip* »mt -1 A McNftHy hnvo roturnftt fmm l'ltlilmi((h, nhcrft they nttnmtril thu annual »c«- d(on of tho national mfcty council, Knglnepr (i L Foflla of tho 8prlni{- flohl (tlv)nlon pndwonpor furvli-o l-o- ptirlcd Mondtiy a(Ur loivi' of ««v«rat weak*. Oencml Fweninn T n Koiidlx of th« Wnbanh roiinillumiii 1 hos roturn- *1 to Docatur attor u Uull In PU 1 *- biirith, Pn. . . . . Conductor Joo Dohrln^t hen oei'n trnntrxl Inatfo of »l)»incn and -rilll ·o to N«w Vork for a vltUl WnbMh clnrkM lorM 4 IB will con- veno tofllffht Jtor tho sohdduleil station 1ft K C hull TASTELESS TABLETS BRING WEIGHT UP TO NORMAL! MAifKLitM cod liver oil tsbtrtt will A ialck1y build yuu up to normal m [fbt. robost bmlth ««*)n. Ho M«d MW to uke the tiMty, Aiby ^L In two of McCoy's Tablet* tit all U« twirftUu) qualltk* of · te«*poon of ctd ttvtr oil, but no uaplesMot Uttt. mt todaj-- "I" McCoy'* and fahhfolly. W«td feWKt. tlcCvT't Cod Liver OU BatflKt Tablet* ut twt«l ««rf approved by Good HouMkeeptoi Institute, Kccowncodcd b* dectort »v«y where for uaderwefcM nindowa «»dlUon. A*k M C C O Y ' S G O D L I V E R O I L T A B L E T S LINN SCRUGGS Tune Into - WJBL each evening at 8:30 for Linn and Scruggs Frolic Heavy Service Silk Hosiery These Baby Items Wednesday for Infant sacques , , . Your choice of hats. Infant dresses Blankets," 2 for ,.,,,.,« Infantwear Table ' ' Price Brassieres Suits, 1 1 9C f I £3 * -- Extra heavy top brassiere suits with bloomer or pan tie knoc-- ilzes 34 to 42 Cotton Suits, Flesh colored ftn* cotton ribbed uuKa with reinforce' inonts Ctif[ knew Slies 34 to ·H Wool Tint Suits $137 * Cotton Suits, * 98c Bloomers or Panties, ThU garment In * good weight for all around wear. It in renforctd under the artna and crotch--with ihoit ttleevatf, dtuch neck and knee length, , Two sly Its of knot In thin Kainicnt can be Kud with cuff or trunk--U la a fino quality with rayon stripe Oh, What Will Buy Tommorew In In FOOTWEAR An odd lot of *hoe§--innny of which were formci ty priced at $8 and $9, including nuede, pateiti*, Hnakes, alligator and many otheri Ther* i« « |; m . ited number of each, but about 100 pair* in si! Sccoitd Flaet Do you need any of these Pieces of Luggage At Thcso are the email medium or largo sUett with all around elaa- Uo lit tho knoo and waist The panties have fitted yoke front 1/2 Pririce are til! full fashioned hose IJd scrvlco silk »,ltli Ihlc ftartor top for extra WPHI They would orUnnrlli "ell from $150 to $1W Holeproof Outside Silk Hose Many customers have been watting (or. the opportunity lo buy theso ilbbiii top hoso At sitfh u remarkable price--» special the Inrtfer woman M.1II appreciate W« are offering capo back girdles, fancy lace or illk bnndottcs and 4 boxes of hiMinnp \'»n fholco Misses' Fancy Rayon and Silk Hose W oo Foundation Garments $ 1 Your Key May Unlock the Chest! 2 only $1.50 22-inch suit ca«e« 75^ 4 only $5 carry-all cases , .$2.50 10 only $2'laundry cases j j 4 only $4 20-inch suit cases |2 2 only $4,50 16-inch suit ca«es $2,25 1 only $6.50 22-inch suit case $3,25 5 only $6,50 20-inch suit cases $3.25 5 only $6.50 18-inch suit cases $3,25 3 only $6 50 16-inch suit cases , $3,25 SccanJ /'low These are fiosn that young mien is wearing school and general for $1 L'hls lot comji rises many selling formerly for 7So New dark shad us and patterns thnt ure ono of our best dollar (lay virtues sizes up to 13 a. MAIN FMDOIt Art Goods and Notions Pillow Csse^ $1 which ·CD Pillow hand white i\nd cojor» at f l lapestry 16 RollsToilet Paper: 1000 sheet rolls of tissue toilet pa- jior which regularly sell r 1lr lOo ouch, we are offering at 10 rolls for II Galvanized Garbage Pails 1 These larifo 8 Rnllon sto gntvnn- Izod garbage pulls aro a regular tl 00 value whlcli v,t are of rerlnK »it fl. 5 pkg whirl) in fine pntt in* - tind A n»corljn(ittt from Ths table In- rludos m a n y 1 t o m e t h a t Now eardit will) tilt mid they am all linen TBe, Lace and Linen Scarfs Special osln of I act 1 , linen aid fillet scarfu in all sites at tl French Towelss Hand e m b i o - l d e r « d French towels in while and colom at Five large pacUdges (the 3Bo size) of Chlpw soap tlnken for Jl Step- On Garb Thsao now sti-p-cn garbage cans tor I lie kitchen aro enameled hi br-nntlfiit rotors, Thpy have an In- ilde galvanized can. Hooked Rus Patterns 2 '» $ 1 Glass Salad Plates B fur $1 Gln^s ia!fid plAtei In all over f lorn I designs. Thoro la R choice- of crystal, green, or rose, at 6 for tl Beverage Sets, Condoling of nquat pitcher and i tall glaanes In tnotnt holder Idefil for tho brldgL host e* a. Toilet Goods Either 3julbb'a or Pepsodent tooth pnqto li belhd offered nt the upoelal pi ice of a for Jl Janus cleansing and skin to til o at tho bottle both foi Two large bottlei of bath aftltn for $1 * « T I * Faahlon demands gating ball for the amart brldgrf table Horo 1$ a choice of groe« gold, or silver Sii verware, Food Expert Here MBS JUDITH EST1LL Ttdoed in Dwdt Ct«t D« Mttlmli IN OClt STORE ALL THIS WEEK v She fa here to gfw «rpwt adrico free to these troubled with: Rheumatism Anemttt Constipation Obesity Diabetes Underweight Auto-intoxication ' High Blood Prcesure and oihtr Nutritional DkorJen S1IE WILL ALSO EXPLAIN THE USE OF tbe debciotn foods whidt have proved to penod of years at the famous BatUe m pronwtiiig good health. MAIN n,oou Included ara teanpoons, dts- sert opoofts, tablespoons, soup spoons, knives, forks, mind forks, Ic* tea ipootti Odd Lot Stamped Goods 4 for $1 Stationery, 25c Correspondence Cards, 50c ajama Silk Pnjanm silk In a variety of . 4 patterns which r^ffularly aelU 1 for tt(W T i Washable Crepe, $1J2 Your may unlock the Chest! Puro dye wnahable crepe which regularly sells for tt.08. It la lovely for lln. gerie, and available In many gtwins. Lace Lingerie Yol Theso yokes aro in real lacea, goorgettes, and batiste -- formerly prices up to t360 es, '1 Slip-On Gloves, LadieV chamoisotte glovea In tha 4 and ft button longtn, In many lovely tthoden ·. Step-Ins, $3 JO Porto Rican Gowns, $1 .*.*.!.{£ *, * j w ^4-Ul It Bloomers; These non-run Bloomera are » ri M-ry mucti In demanit by *1 school slrls T 1 The stylea iBcludc new In- terprcUitlons of both tall- ored and elaborate motlcg in paste! shades of step- ins W« purchased a large Bhlp- monl of these handmade Porto Rlcan gowns of a lovely quality lingerie cloth Children's Glove, Idren'a chamoisctte sJIp-ojt * « clasp styles In timart T I res. A Costume Jewelry, 4, 4 Jh 1 ~ I choice for all type* ore hero. Novel cut crystals, gal I llth sport jewelry, colored stone necklaces and pearls Linen 'Kerchiefs 4 Women's hand made linen handkerchiefs with h a n d borders or applique. New fw Second Purses A new shipment of smart fall and winter styles In JJ D8 purses havo just arrived In time for this special nnnlvcraary selling Main Floor 'Kerchief Cases, 59c Garment Jarment tags which t will hold 8 hungert -3 made of boavtlful pat* turned crftonn*. Mam Floor »sour«a your the «h**t M mny thwuud k«y« wtn tulltd tor M tm ·tor* M4 UM^ raw* ar« »»Wli.bJ«-w« will ftv* itnm out white th*v Itst |*K«d violation of nni (m» SPRING F Ft ill c Sup re MT I'ARMU the fact thit U llcftn candidate Mr tnouffh Ret neis to drfoat ntnrlnl ratttlWlal Uwln, Lottk H WSPAPLRI

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