The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1945 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 7
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ANNOUNCEMENTS Coming Sales Dates WEONESD^, JAN. IT-ft- D- Minor .sale, G miles .south, 3 iriileis east of !rola, U a. m. See large ad In Reg- Lster Friday, January 12. FRIDAY,-JAN. iQ^amiiel S. Stanley Sale, 5'- miles south and 1 mile ol Moran at'lla. m. See , laiue ad in Register ^ Tuesday, .;ahua.ry IC. _ _ ;•' • • AUTOMOTIVE S—AntomobUes For Sale 70 Cloniiine Ford KATTRRIES Ki '.f Kit (jiactlcally PVPry ;ilKl IKjcketbOOlc. fiood stock of SI-:AT (':()VERS RlJJorr MDTOE CO. 1 ^1 ION I'. I!!;!! 9>. JEFF. fvioiJKl, A I'OltiJ, i9ao, good rubber, I cdiiditiiJii. Ward battery set i:idi(, aiul lj;t(lfi-y. 4 miles south Moraii. liall R.'L. Pullan. WiWJ. CUKVIiOUri' — Extra good iiii .-s and motor. Oliver Dealer, t-UBt lola a—Aato Accessorle% Tires, Fsrte /mti-Preeze. $1.00 Gallon. WILSONSERVICE TiO) .North Wa.shIngton TRUCK TIRES TRACTOR TIHBS . •^r. on' on all Truoit •WHeels JOLA iiOMK I 'v: AtJTO SUPPLY U''iri.-storie Store.) i'lioii.- 4:{ .south Side Square (iOOD USED PARTS PIONr:l';R AUTO SALVAGE 1)17 -Suiiili St.—Phone 969 BUSINESS SERVICE ci_s-.pi -vi <es Otfered P.ASSENGER T[]:!-; VULCANIZING Pas^t-nscr Tirt Reeapping. TRACTOR 'lin- .-;ei\ice Complete. Dun lop Tire Store Fiovu • niiJK" Mann Phone l.'iG I !;I;AI. YOUR RADIATORS and riai;.i -(l block.-, for 25 o^nter Plenty ol roiKi .shulair ulcohdi.. Service •iiilKjn aiKl ^'rocory Ipp.-Bftle. Ed i)i-w'„ Kn .souiii Wu.sfilngton. .MI .\' .-^J1: A POL IS - MOLINE l!KIVvTHS AND SERVICE .vour niU'hlntTy early. ill .SMlf IMPLl'^MElft' CO. N .liiiiiroM .Phon»!^C3 EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Female ()(JOK WAN'i'KD—Man or woman. Durand Hotrl. Good wages, room aiid board. O .scar Brandon, Yates Ct 'ntiT, Ka:j. 14—irelp Wanted—Male DRIVER for Cory Ta;ci .,pee Feme Lofliii, 206 South street. V/ANTED—Man or woman in Woodson. Wilson and Bourbon counties. Route cxi)erience preferred but not nrci's.sary to start. Rawleigh's, 73 (|M. K.\A-220-M, Preeport, 111. WANTED A DAIRY PARMER 0 \<i- :j8. with .somu liimily help, to opi-ratr- liljo acre dairy farm with 'J, .MIOS. '1 barnS; electricity, /iiilkiiii.; machine, about 50 good lo .vs, on shares. References re- tjiiind 'I'hi;. \\\ a bottom farm about 7 iiiile.s east of Springfield, • Mo. Write B. WnUis. 1734 South Campbell St., Springfield, Mo. ^ l.V-Situ.itions Wanted—Female . NEEDED AT ONCE by high school iinl: place to-work for room and board; catc or store lyprk consid- • ci:ed. Phone 7r)2M. Ask for Peggy. FINANCIAL ]8_Monpy to Loan—Insurance INtiURANCE, Surety Bonds, Real E.=.tate, Farm Loans, Notary Pub- Ui. Tlu- R. \.. Thompson Agency iNSUliANCE, Real Estate, Bonds, Farm and City Loans. Charles M. Eunk. >LIVESTOCK 21—Horses, Cattle, MisceUaneeu HEREFORD BULL for .sale; long 2- yi-ar-old. Ira A. Saferite, 2'(^miles w .St Ni-o.sho Pall.s. f.' .MARE, cominn lO-year-old, sound and Kontk'. George Carhey, Vk unit?:; wi-si Bayard. QUICKIES By Ken Reynolds l^'b* T6E ipy: BBGIBTO. THtn^ USE TBETPATI O^T BATES (Mtatlmum IS Wonta) ONK DAY: Per word THREE PATS: Per word per day Itte BIX DAYS: Per wcffd per day PISPLAY BAXES (Minimum One Inch) ONE DAY: Per Inch „ ..SOe THREE DAYS: Per inch ..450 CONTRACT BATES (Minimum 3 Lines) 26 DAY«: Per liije per day 4e (9 lines to ttie inch) "Well, well, those Register Want Ads sure get quick results—here I was just THINKING about renting my spare room with one of them!" LIVESTOCK 21—Horses, Cattle BflaceUsneoos FOR SALE—Registered Guernsey bull, coming 3 years old; dam produced 570 pounds fat as a 3-year- old; sire's 15 nearest dams average 713 pounds fat. Grandsire sold for $7,500.00 In 1935. Guaranteed a breeder. Price $250.00. Dr. John J. Porter, Selma, Kansas. FRESH GUERNSEY COW; brUidle heifer giving milk; 3 springer heifers. Wilson, north end of Second street. SOME GOOD SHOATS for .sale. 1005 East .street. YEARLING whitefaced bull calf for sale. 1 mile west, 3 north La- Harpe. Tom Sherwood. 22—Poultry and Supplies ARE YOUR HENS LAZY> Sluggish systems mean low egg production. Give yoiir Jiens My- Ko-C^ms 10 days in feed, and see how fast they pick up. Goodsell Hatchery, Gas, Kans. NEW SHIPMENT of Macomb brooder stoves; gas, electric, and oil. Buy early. Limited .supply of each. Taylor Hatcheries. SINGLE COMB RED ROOSTERS for .sale. D. R. Peter, 1 mile north of lola on State. MERCHANDISE Z4—Articles For Sate ONE GORGEOUS red fox Jacket, ilw 16; 1 special made fur cout, nlze 40; l)oth never worn; sacrifice price; must .sell at once. Phone 752M. WOOD HEATER and Quick Meal gas range. Floyd Groomer, 414 South Oak. 12x16 BROODER HOUSE for sale. 4 miles south, vi east of Country club. Glen Porter. 27—Feed, Fuel, FertiUsera COAL AS USUAL—Prompt delivery. J. D. Judah, 810 South Washington, lola. Phone 774. NO. 1 PRAIRIE HAY for sale, $14 a ton. '/i east, 2',(: south of Gas. Glen Maley. 18% mco Economy lay mash, $3.00 cwt. lola MilUng Co. 28—Household Goods WE BUY, TRADE, sell, household goods and other articles. Henninger's. West Madison. WE BUY, SELL and exchange furniture, stoves, sewing machines. CJurtls Furniture. 3»-Ma8icaL Badi« TRUMPET for sale; Pan American, sliver plated. Alvin J. Knepp. Phone 1224J. 32—Wanted—To Boy FURS AND HIDES wUl be at Horde's Fruit Market every Saturday. Kenneth Sharp. POPCORN MACHINES, all makes and models. Electric, Burch, Manley, (Jretors. Highest cash prices paid. Write to M. B. Stasel, Popcorn Trading Post, 1116 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago 5, 111. WANT TO BUY— A buzz saw. Phone 948F21. Harry Bmoot. ROOMS FOR RENT 34—Apartments and Flats NICELY FURNISHED downstairs apartment, 3 rooms, garage. 624 North Chestnut. j SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH AN UP-TO-DATE MILKING MACHINE. WE ARE DEALERS FOR TWO GOOD ONES— SURGk AND RITEWAY SHANNON & SHANNON HA.RDWARE Phone 29—Forty-Eif hth Yearp -Phone 29 Real Estate for Rent 38—Wanted—To Bent LARGE HOUSE, close to town. Inquire at 326 South Kentucky. WANT TO RENT—SO or 160 acre farm near lola. Write R. W. Crisp, Weir, Kansas. WANTED TO RENT— Up to 200 acres stiitable land for flax, or com. Please write Box 90, care Register. Real Estate for Sale 40—Farms and Land POT Sate 164 ACRES, extra good, level, productive land; all but 2 acres can be farmed with tractor; school house, % mile east of Leanna is on north line of farm. This faim has always been paying good rate of interest rented. Price $5500.00. Ed Hess, 823 South Washington, lola. OIXDSINOTIME i Want Ads wlllbe accepted un« til 1 p. m. fof' that day's Inserr Hon except Saturday when they must be received by 10 a. m. ' y PHONE 18 LEO A! IMPROVED FARMS for sale; also 320 acres pasttire; 240 acres pasture; possession; cash or term.s. See D. D. Brownwell,«elley Hotel, evenings this week. SALE IN PARTITION /SUIT —PRIBBERNOW ESTATE Over 1,800 acres—large amount of No. 1 pasture land, one well-improved stock farm —located In Woodson CJounty. Kansa.s, nine miles northwest of Humboldt, will sell in tracts at public auction at Cotirt in Yates Center, Kansas, on Monday, January* 29th, at 10:00 A. M. Further Information see R. B. Smith, Attorney, Chanute, Kansas. 41—Houses For Sate HOUSE, 802 South WaUiut, priced to sell. Inquire 832 North street after 6:00 p. m. 5-ROOM HOUSE, screened and glassed in back porch, good garage; fine location with lots of nice shrubbery. Phone 899. 44—Wanted—To Buy WILL PAY CASH for smaU modern home, close in. Phone 150J. (Pu^t Published in The lola Reglstet January 11, Ifitt.) NOTICE' OF APPOmTMENt -kAdministrator STATE OP KANSAS, I ALLEN COUNTY, ss. In the Matter of the Estate of George P. Odor, Deceafsed, Late of Allen Coun.^. Kansas. j NOTICE is HEREBY GlVENTCj the creditors, heirs, devisees, lega-J tees and all others concerned, that on January 5, 1945, the imderslgne^ was, by the Probate CoxaX of Allen County, Ka^isas, duly appointed anc^ qualified aS Administrator of , the estate of George P. Odor, deceased late of Allen CJoimty, Kansas. All parties interested in said: estate will take notice, and goVern themselves :accordingly. All denulnds not exbibitfed within nine month^ frcm the- d'ate of the first publlca -j tion of the above notice shall be fori ever barred. ; .FRANK W. TAYLOR, Administrator. (1)11-18-25, Cat.sup is an old favorite with scrambled ;eggs and can be added before'the ^eggs are cooked in the proportion-of one tablespoon for three eggs.' Real Estate for Sale 44—Wanted—To Buy MODERN SUBURBAN in lola in good condition. Mrs. Rolla Oheever, Colony, Kansas, phone 116. MEN WANTED For Rfjjht-of-Way Clearing to Beffin Jan. 18th GOOD WAGES Apply At The CO-OPERATIVE POWER & LIGHT CO. 109 W. Madison ATTENTION Chevrolet Car and Truck Owners We Invite you owners who do your own repair work to come to us for your partH. COMPLETE LINE OF AUTO SUPPLIES. Everything for Your Car at Truck. BUD WHITE MOTOR COMPANY Service CHEVROLET ^lek service ^^^^ DEERE 1**^ "Beat it, kids—I hetird them suyinj? sometfaini; about hasseupfoffer!" * >AY inrENlNa JANUARY 11, 1945. PAGE SEVEN Tqkte^N^ Chonc^s .v-'i/-^?--:;.*. ' LOCAL PBODirCB Oradod Eggs: ifo. i No. 3 Checks , UP No. 1 Mo. 2 Sweet .^jCreflm ..36c ..31c ...29c ...34c -470 -440 -600 Hens, 4-5 lbs. 21c N0..1 jaght Hens, under 4 lbs.—19c Heavy:brea sprJlngN SI U». up —>4c Light pprlngs. a lbs. and up 83c All cocks' and stags, lb 16c All dosses No. a Poultry, 3c lb. less Green ;-Hklefl --u. lOo Kansas City Prpdnce Kansas City. Jan. 11. (AP)—Produce: ^Eggs" extras 39.4-41.5; eggs standards 36.6; eggs current receipts 36.5; all other prices unchanged. strong to 10 higher; ewes strong to 25 up; good and choice natives and few lambs 15.00; good and choice trilcked in .lots largely 14.50-75; niunerous loads from wheat pastures 14.45-85; 2 loads good and choice ewes averaging 135 lbs. 7.50; numerous other good and choice shipments 7.25-40. Kanswi City Grain Kan4as . City, Jan. 11. (AP)— Wheat unchanged to higher; No. 2 dark hard L59-1.66; No. 2 red nom. 1.68-1.70"«. Ccyni. unchanged to Vj higher; No. 2 whits nom. lJ6-1.28?i; No. 2 yellow l.l ?y4; No. 2 mixed nom. 1.13%. Oat5^ unchanged; No. 2 white nom. 37-80. Milo maise: 1.85-1.94. KafI? 1.81-1.96. Ryer- Nom. 1.17-1.18. Barlfey: Nom. 95-1.16. EstimMed K. C. Livestock Receipts Kansas CJty, Jan. 11. (AP)—Advance estimated livestock receipt;; for tonWrow:. Cattle 500. calves l.'iO, hogs 1500. sheep 3000. This Yarik infantryman, In a Belgian town, is drawing a bead on a low-flying American P-47 plane, which circled the towm, droppeda bomb and flare. The enemy has b('en kngwn to use captured Allied aircraft. I Kansais City Livestock (:ios<- Kansas City, Jan. 11. (AP)—Cattle: G6od 400-500 lb. slaughter calves to order buyers largely 12.0050: few 13.00; 2 loads good and fleshy • white face yearlinK .steers 12.85. : Hog^: Unchanged. She^p: Closing - active, lambs The porpoise is known as "dead man's frlehd," l^cause of its habit of finding bodies in the water and rolling them ash^jre. Why not stuff.- poultry the night before cooking; while standing the meat absoi"bs flaVors from the stuffing. •; . CASH for DEAD ijorsm Cottle • Hogs I- ^-tr-V* TOLA Kansas City Livestock Kansas City, Jan. 11, (AP)— (WFA)—Cattle total 3300; calves total 500; largely steady on all classes; aroimd 15 loads top medium and good slaughter .rteers 13.2514.25; 3 loads good and low choice medium weights 14.75-15.15; small lots common and medium 10.0012.50; most medium and good fod heifers and mixed yearlings ll.jd- 13.85; common heifers 8.00-9.50: odd head good cows 12.00-50; most common and medium 8.50-11.00: medium and good .sausage bulls 10.2,')11.75; odd head beef kind 12.25; 'common light weights 8.56-9.00; ' good and choice vealers mainly 13.00-14.00; common and medium 9.50-12.50; load good and choice yearlings and stock steers 12.85; i heifer end 11.65; small lots mediuqti and good mixed breed stock steers 9.50 -ll .oa Hogs total 2800; active, fully -steady; good and Choice 180 lbs. up 14.50: 140-170 lbs. 14.00-40; sows 13.75. Sheep total 8,000; trade delayed by higher asking prices; no lambs .sold early; best held above 15.00; , scattered opening sales of ewe.s : strong; eariy top 7.25; held ! above 7.50. ' It is possible .to disprove paternity by blood tefitS.''but It Is not po.s.siblf to ijrove it; More than 20,000 dead persons are cremated lf>,,th^ United States annually. '• • . FREE EEMOYAL -OF- Dead Horses - Cattle •> Hogs HELP SALVAGE WASTE FATS FOR I immm Telephone 638 ^^^^ TOLA R £2awaM6 WORKS WASH TUBES . PHRE A DING 'I '-'THEIffWAV ACROSS'. JAPAN, ON AN E!«?ATIC.j COUWiE WHICH fONFUSJS THE- DEFENDING . SQUADRONS, B ^29S APPROACH^ KOHOBE • FASTER.' INTO THOSr- -BOMB SHELTERS.' Target Ahead YOU'RE RIGHT ON COURSE. BIEf.', BY LESLIfl TURNER "CRIMINY.', A LOT ^ YF '<^"TERS- LOOKAT OF IT 'S \ LEVEL, AT Th '.w,..<.' NOTGEfTING 3 O'CLOCK.' ' — THIS HIGH, ' -.^ iHO .'y ,,, BOCXrS AND HER BUDDIES The Jitters BY EDGAR MAKTll- 1 HK^l TO OS ,6 «^c \o^i'b, «\ejHT , > OOtux V-.I-CJOVO Vi'i^W 'L .VV 't'^ RED RYPER Think Fast BY FRED HARMAr. ^ECKtES AND HIS FRIENDS No Small Job JUNIOR. FOR. ANP GO ON TO' '-II Sou m/^K I'M NOT BUGI^e TO &e ON TUF HOCKHy-TffAM._ Sowty, SMITH, BUT VOUB. SCWOOU COACH 9 wHv.THis IS MUTINY; y GfUkoes Ase Too W 'MV .THArS 1 ALL I FANTASTIC I KNOW tVERVBOOy I IS !CALi.9 Me ,,PHAT i*Tl-lF BCAIM' .• VOURE BT MERIUQCi BLOSSER T O H. DONT LET T HAT BOTMEE- ^'JU -- I'LL JUST DO A LITTLE BBJJS.MIN^ UP,' IU& FROM iR GRADES. THii SIZE BRUSH YOOLL NEED,'

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