Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on January 2, 1936 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1936
Page 8
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. rn ^ „«•. ^.ft. UBTOK. BPJJJ CT 2, B8B >d rfo (>«»«'• ft*11i*h : tmn '.• ,,*!<; (>hli"t'Hi- < (; 'I'**' :<)r i'W-' r '•'-•'-'w" 11 * v '^ ...i in business regts- stnrfw in ,-" 1; 'H HiwnK utizft M, Tbese FrreesI wo* -w«:' :lmin .stum eomwin- > in ninnth ant Dad'o t?civorite. ftuaraii-5 Normw grain. 3ta. Gsiffies " t-n please vnu eaish.,- quality J» lb.. 31.7! V il'•'.!'' ))«?' W51t lss -si we .a— -^exssssL Lief* 2m lit ~B -MS Louises '£ L AR JL> Iss,23c CATFISH CELER 2 stalks ISc ORANGES 5 2 dozen 25c !• n^; tfes hoc ^ter tettb. aai i Cesses., w i^r^ s \ to ^r^^ cie seat tw beic.CJKi7 ; ^-aed sscessfeElj a fceh.. CTies Iseiors i. „._„_.,. •*"^ I ';.-^-, *"*",^»;5 Hi- ^» ';&ft.'^ by th . of <;oi«r««rw, f/, , >,/ /.i'/ •<//.-; '-*'•' ' : . :•!>'} t> ll-'»f ,;,/; )'/'- (,.-.'.•; 'r'-!' i ji •, i '!'• .-':/.••'•'- ' '"•"" '.:'••;';;,','';.!"';. --^ ;^'--' ; '- ^ -"••'•- /f ' j ". i>J i''-'"'"^ "" / "'""' ""'' '*'' ; " ; '•-•' ; "-" : '"!7' f '.'•;- j .;.;'V'-.''', ; ;;«!. < ' ; '"' i// i ! /I.--, |,'lMl""'-. ''''•' '•'."'•'•''' -""' : ' j l((l<- (-'f'f.l'; V] •.'/ /j;, •/.-! ;i--/ > ;:i l;I ^r.;/"..-,-M ^-""-"M- ;:; ;:( :,,r";;^;i;^;;; y ; -• --•"'-'/''»'''"''' ;; ' ; " ; " ; " 7,;;::,,:';/%:;'.^''H;: » ; 1."'! */'/(/.' riniiiiiiitliii' »' ' ' lil» y/ DJj/f/l'H «H H/H<" Jivtii Tllt-y li-'/t: KM tl( y(://li(KJ l"i ''f M'' (fill itiiiH v;i ; |my I'd- fi(i ff -" (•/a';X V; the K'l <>6 stJJov/lftx it v> at jy> »// 21 (;it fo/ 3-0 V; 2ifJ minutxjftj it b'i.". ioi'/t JtA rav/ aj>- For Sale _. ._ the 14th day of OM j, 1S35, I posted three no:-;.J| ! ices claiming said stock was ei- ; ; ;;| tray, said notices were posts-^V as foUows: School House No.:. , l»:j-''«. fi'.liiill L'l 'I;UH-U- Mini l/llifcl lie Hllrifli'i'ill/1 "» IliH IllihWlil'i "h'lt/i.h .•-.-in|ili»yi--H nniwl iniy nul i.i.ifrrh iinJ iinisL «llt:ii<l Buinlay on cut. ^Professional Cards:- CORN FOR SALE—51/2 mi. N.W-! Marshall Tvrp.; John Key 0. : FOR KALE or trade for stock— harnmermlll, 3 bottom plow, ractor. Inquire here. 14-2p . HMnuli^ will H"l' !"• « VHllI II I'lltiV '."»'-'' ^ I tail, will mtvn HH Hum libuil". nl' Mini. wniihl IIH "liitUiT :f, Ulill, tn«r fi-lijof W'llllll 111' I".* UlMII II'// \, tiliyi/lK tllili' lil/iil'IXJM till" dully Uil/j yciiir «:ontln- ailil' l-*i" If ''I'^V »" '" l "" ¥fcl I'lJH-'I'IN*! WI'I'H IM'l/VI'll 14 InMHfl nl Wiik In (life- tjl'1!):, M"* lklal li'"" s II: Iti HH IIB Hiiiiulllnti Mill 1'BHIlll fn>'.(, Unit. iHi' nf itiuUUtt «ll\lHJt- kUU'«- BUI nl "III M. liBu.nl Hill- 111 TAIKW jllttl. Ilia itittii n{ H ||(l:|l|lto 'W IttttKS aiiM JN Mttt^fliila UjitB Mj* **»U. «f H Mt^r l 'f IM-WH wi MII i lit JHBlMM Illlllll Hi" HVtU'UgU iili ThU la irHiuuutvllv with iBd|iut>.l> lu ilvlviua of i L'feiaiiiia who ttVfl *»->^iv B IIHllul OaV will) I|BH(|» Uu-utieU ulwaivB Una mufti ^ . iinil wutt liiimul mi LliH lul.«i/n»«i/J null In force. wlUi /jiiiiH) iirnurt nt of Mm Hhilnu t*l« i'iui» un<l Umui-UiilJ tlio lovit 1/ii.iliidttH in wliiiu 1 1'iH'it lin|< en MII," Mm imli lii'uUiin uKplulim, "Tlnim» Um- (,)iu> tif HID lurs wiuiltl liniil In nmkti utiu - fuctovs of Uio luirrout HltHtitiou nUUnii;i ivmn Hm «|>rliiti tsi'op Iwna Uouvior tixctory wuployment iat.'v ihiiit imiiul. tuul ptiyvolLs, NovomUev having "Tluw Ui« iiiiUiink In mUi- iieeu the host month In that ve miiwui'i' wiia fur Itwi lliau the Uavd since 1030. urniul ttDuaiiuul iliwIUm in the imUwtry was moving t«U uuii ituiit iliuu Uu> usual on ui'nutliuvUy uU rmu!4, iBo in Hits wlutev when bwvfjU rwutH'Lflrt U»« b*wb monW OKO.L.GOODALE Ol"rOMKTIlI8T Uxiiinlned OlaMoctt Fitted FOR BALE — Alfalfa hay. Also Borne oat straw. Oeo. Barrow (iOODAJJC HTOttE Lenox, Iowa in (). P. ARNOLD Funeral Director and J, H. BARBER l-uiiurul Director find Uc<m*ud ICinbalmer I.RIIOX, lOWH 8-tf Gltn Bryant. 14-lpi station in Sharpsburg, Io«. ,X Ruscoes Oil Station, Shari-,^ ; 3urg, Iowa. * /"'• Following being a true copy o!^|| aid notices as posted. Estray Notice To Whom It May Concern: On October 10th, 1935, the undersigned John Sundell of Marshall Township, Taylor County, Iowa, took up as es- trays on his farm in Marshall S;f Township, Taylor County, Iowa,, j^ ,he following personal proper- ^ -y- Pour black pigs, weight 50 pounds. Dated and signed this Bed steer, wt. about 850. Mark on left ear. Kenneth Hoover. 14-Ip Wanted r» ntwl M»r»h wUl uot Ui «« pott* tlmt iHl»M will VWUftI ll « cicely, AilttUlW iU' j"! « «»»« » u iu* in « y»'"f al ' a » mil- ^paiuluii pro tWWrt «HttM. A UllltuHu soap linn was spending | ^ T _ _ »-U»,OUO,OUO of a $».W«,UW expaii- 'lili*"Uri»Vfi'i"to''lwW Vjfttt^Uiuu budl^l. !« * new plant at ' " .IniuUJwJ, led, to manufacture In tsu .'.^i. .'. -5 . 'i.,^. vJi^^S JAMK8 U. LOCKE Attorney nnfl Cuuiisellui at Law li'armers & Merulianta Bank Uldg Bedford, Iowa General Practice in All Courts- State and Federal Special Attention GHv«n to Settlement of TIMOTHY 8EED WANTED—We are in the market for Timothy seed.. Would buy some Soy beans if good. Would not care to buy many Manchue Soy beans. J. W. Abraham, la. Frank Wisdom Q, f pJttkft*| 7-tf Legal Btite J, Comity, Bworn or * of Octobe Illffr as estray on p|U township fi*ra, tlv» follow property: ~' m day of October, 1935. s ^ John Sundell II That said animals remain un-ps 1 claimed. That none of or brands on said anl-l have been changed or al-l tered to my knowledge eithfll before or after the jsame wall taken up. I Jol^n Sundell] Subscribed and sworn to H fore me by the said John SundJ eU on this 23rd day of OctolW' Geo, L. Goodale, J. ?i -. Notary Pu^H Published lr> I^noi Tim? J>'| Ha&-' v: '' J; ':'•'?'.;-''• ' '-,' '

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