Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 5, 1971 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1971
Page 6
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A-6 Alton Evening Telfgraph Tuesday, January 5, 1971 Ann Landers says DEAR ANN: I wish I could get my hands on that girl who said blonds do not have more fun and the public has been brainwashed into believing a lot of nonsense. She is wrong. Blonds DO havp more fun and I proved it. In the last font- years \ have beer. Ash blond. Platinum. Golden-Glow. Dutch-tulip yellow, Honey- Beige and Pineapple Pink. I've also been brunet. a redhead, and just about every shade in between Iliat you can think of. I havp worn my hair long and loose to my shoulders and the Grecian boy cut (which is Hie next thing to bold). I've had i! layered, curled, straightened, ringlcte:!, stripped, a n d feathered. I have also worn wigs of every conceivable color and style as part of my experiment. - I kept a diary-type record of what happened to me. My hair was the determining fact o r because it is unquestionably my in <> s 1 outstanding feature. As a golden blond I had more whistles, phone calls and invitations than at any other lime. As a redhead 1 got nolhinu but propositions. As a brunet I attracted some attention, but not much. As a hrownotto I was as good as dead. 1 am living proof that I ho ads are rit/ht. Any comment 1 ' I see you are a brunel. — JOY GUM, DEAR (,H!I.: Since I've never been anything but a brunel I have no idea what my life would have been like had 1 been a blond. I bow research and ex Mirror of your mind By JOHN CONWE DEAR ANN: My younger sister (age 22) is expecting her first child. She is in her I bird month and very happy abniil it. When i asked who her doctor is she I old me she feels line and sees no poinl in going to a doctor unlil she gets ready lo deliver. I know every pregnanl woman should go lo the doclor for periodic checkups, bill I don'l know why. When she said. "Why should 1 spend the money 1 .'" I didn'l have the answer. Please tell me so I can tell her. KOHMKI) SIS DEAR UN: produces chemk A I,I, women — ones. Tin occur in - UNIN- I'regnancy I changes in •von healthy major changes hormonal com- Slop killing yourself I am not a scaremonger Should girls openly ask hoys for dates? Answer: done it - They always have - if in an indirect manner — so there isn't much poinl in this age of telling it like it is in hiding behind the rules of etiquette that say a girl shouldn't ask a boy for a date. There isn't even much of a problem as to who should pay the tab for a dale when a girl does the asking. With .such inflation, even when a boy asks a girl out she often helps pay the way. Is it easy to resist a bargain you can't afford? Answer: No. Often the mere fact, thai you can'l afford a "bargain is what make it attractive. Of course, il has to be something barely out of your economic reach. For inslancc even 25 per cenl of list price for a Rolls-Royce might, still be a little high for you. But if it is something you could have even by going into reasonable debt, if you are the type that loves a bargain, you won't rest until you buy it. Could a person live without fear? Aiiswer: Not if he is c o m i) 1 e t e 1 y unmindful of common dangers. For instance, avoiding medical checkups because of some mistaken idea that they art- only for the fearful could shorten the bravest person's life. Some people don't realixe that the fearful and apprehensive individual who checks into something that may be troubling him could be much braver than the fearless one who refuses to learn the truth. ((D III70. King l-cauire-i Sviidlumc, Inc.) Birth announcements Mr. and Mrs. .1. Lawrence Kcshner, 210G Fairmount, Alton, a son, Charles, 7 pounds, 2:40 a.m. today, Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder children, Joseph; 4 1 /,; and Marie, 17 months. Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Earnhardt, 917 Walnut, Drive, Collage Hills, a son, <> pounds and 11 ounces, 4 a.m. S a I u r d a y , St. Joseph's Hospital. Elder daughter, Kimberly Sue, I. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith, 208 Cherry St., Alton, a daughler, Shannon Renae, 7 pounds and 9 ounces, 0:27 p.m. Monday, Allon Memorial Hospilal. Elder children, Dawn Suzelte, 4; and Terry Wayne Jr., 13 months. Mr. and Mrs. (iary Schulze of Carlinville, a son, 2:in p.m. Friday, Carlinville Area Hospilal. Former Brighton residents, Mr. and Mrs. Jarrel Malian of Victorville, Calif., a son, Steven Lee, 7 pounds and H ounces, 7 p.m. Wednesday in Victorville. Scott, ll'/ 2 ; 9. Elder children, and Stephanie, Mr. and Mrs. Russell De .laynes of Pearl, a son, 7 pounds and 12 ounces, fi:()(i a.m. today, Jersey Comm u n i t y Hospital, Jor- seyville. ADOPTION Mr. and Mrs. (iary Itland, 5704 Barbara Place, Codfrey, a daughter, Angela Christine, bom Dec. 21, adopted today. Cooking rncs RED ALMONDS? For an unusual decorative effect, soak whole or split blanched almonds in diluted red or green food color intensity you desire. Use the almonds lo add spots of color lo the lops of gift fruit cakes or to adorn gingerbread men. Brush lightly with corn syrup to make the almonds glisten. position, blood chemistry, blood pressure, and I lie kidneys. Every pregnant woman should be checked regularly. Today there are excellent medical ions which can help a pregnanl woman stay well and produce a healthy child. The pregnant woman who does not get periodic medical checkups runs a serious risk — not only for herself, but for her unborn baby. DEAR ANN: I was interested in the letter from the young fellow who liked a certain girl very much but he was scared lo death that, she might wind up looking exactly like her mother and he couldn't stand the old lady. He then referred lo the Hungarian adage, "If you want lo see what, your sweetheart will look like in 30 years, lake a good look at. her mother." The letter shook me up because I am going with a f c I 1 o w who bears a remarkable resembleuee to his father and I can't stand the old man. You advised the guy to bura off. You said even though this girl might not ..MU! up looking like her mother, he'd be expecting her to at any moment. Does Ihe same go' for me? — SHOOK COOKIN DEAR COOK: Yes. Identification can be a spooky thing, and your imagination may lead you to conclusions which have little or no basis in fact. I'm giving you the same advice I gave to the guy who wrote. If you can'l stand your boyfriend's father and you see a remarkable resemblance — forget him, doll. Spring is the in air From the New York Couture, collections for Spring I!)7I lor evening, the black crepe handkerchief hemline dress (left) with fringe delail (hat's repealed v»n (he triangle shawl. This is :i Nat Kaplan design. Crepe Spanish shawl embroidered willi butlerfies and deeply t ringed wraps a lank dress that slinks lo the floor. The skirt is slit to (lie thigh. This is from Junior Sophisticates. Fashions for spring wear JL ^~-J IJNy HELEN IIENNESSY NEA Women's Editor NEW YORK - The New York fashion coiled ions for Spring HI7I are evidence' that evenings Ihis season will take the doldrums out of fashion. The scene will be a romantic one with below-lhe- calf- lo ankle-length hemlines — a pretty look for after five. There are beautiful prints, often in Oriental motifs, in chiffon, voile and organdy. And lace trim and ruffles point up the new surge toward feminity and softness. Peasant outfits are still willi us but they are not so costumey as they were for fall. And from Trigere comes the "illusion coal" of simple black net, hand-sewn with Polly's pout It* rs sequins. Still, for the girl who prefers to be a slick chick and not a demure damsel, then; are bare evening jumpsuits with slits and cutout, navels, strapless and halter gowns and the pams look in evening fabrics. For the separates devoices the way lo dress up is to narrow jersey top geometric-patterned team with skirl. There evening leresling readies circles are many kinds of shoes but most in- is the sandal that up t o the knee :n of rhincstonc-doUed suede in black or pastels. .lewclry ranges from wide dog collars in rose quartz, tourmaline or peridot com- bined with pearls to narrow bands of ivory, amber and jet. And there are many styles of drop earrings. Colors for spring are bright, clear and fresh. Gone are the muddy tones of the past season. There are bright oranges and electric blues as well as white, camel, navy, bone and black. And to go along with the whole aura of a soft spring, fabrics are crepe de chine, georgetle, chiffon, silk or malic jersey — all the super- feminine clingy stuff thai will gladden Ihe hearts of those of us who feel the time nas come lo look like a woman rather than a 12-year-old or a motorcyclist. on removing dealer's label Even at I ho risk of killing themselves. some people resent being told what to do to save their lives. Tell some youngsters not lo speed and they will drive with a heavy- foot on the accelerator. Tell some adults that this or that way of life is dangerous, and they will call you a scaremonger. The other evening a colleague said to me at a medical meeting: "It seems to me that the most difficult, aspect of writing a medical column is telling it straight to readers without frightening them too much — yet not keeping things from them they should know." I agreed. I .said it's something like walking a tightrope. You hope you are in balance between not promising too much (being a Pollyanna) and, on the other hand, not frightening people unnecessarily. Therefore, you will understand why \ welcomed the following letter from a reader: DEAR DIl. STEINCROHN: 1 just want to say how much 1 appreciate your column in our newspaper. I think it is a God's blessing, especially for my husband and me. We read your column in which you advised one of your readers (Mrs. U.) to see her doctor because she had symptoms suspiciously like diabetes. My husband has symptoms similar to hers. He quickly made an appointment to see ' our doctor. Sure enough he had diabetes — and very bad. I am so grateful we read your column because he could have been dead by now. That was months ago. Please keep warning people about cancer, emphysema and all the rest. If Mrs. U. could have seen my brother die of cancer. I'm sure she'd change her mind about calling doctors scaremongers. The doctor warned my brother to give up smoking four years before he died. But he didn't. When he died he was nothing but skin and bones. Many people don't realize what you are trying lo do by advising us, until it happens right in their own family. That's why I'm writing to let you know that some folks are grateful to you. — Mrs. II. MEDICALETTES DEAR DR. STEINCROHN: I am a woman, 70 years of age, and have had excellent health all of my life (no operations). However, I am terribly concerned about my failing memory. I have worked up until now, but have By Dr. Voter J. Slcincrohn Sometimes psychological. I've known re member names. for patients w h o couldn't example, even when they were in their 40s and 50s. who became needlessly alarmed wh'en they still couldn't recall names when t hey were in their fids and 70s. They had "forgotten" that this was a failing that they had when they were young and that it was entirely unrelated to aging blood vessels. Nevertheless. Mrs. T,.. If It bothers you that much, I'd suggest you talk it over with your doctor. In each person there is a tug of war between self- preservation and self destruction, says Or. Stein- ci-ohn as a result of his practice. In his booklet, "How To Stop Killing Yourself." he points out many ways people destroy themselves without realizing it. For a copy write him in care of the Alton Evening Telegraph enclosing 25 cents in coin and a stamped, self - addressed envelope. Anniversary celebrants REV. AND MRS. LUTHER E. SHELBY The Rev. and Mrs. Luther E. Shelby of 3508 Omega St., will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday, Jan. 9, at the home of their son, Paul Shelby at 3406 McArthur in Alton. The couple will receive friends and relatives from 5 to 8 p.m. No invitations will be issued. The Rev. Shelby has pastored several Southern Baplist Churches in the area, DEAR POLLY — My husband carries his lunch to work and always wants a big one. His colleague's wife became as weary as 1 of this everyday lunch packing until we starlcd a "lunch exchange." The men oal similar types of food and about the same quantity so I pack lunches for both of Ihcm for one week and she prepares them on alternate weeks. We find it little extra work lo make two instead of one and love the luxury of the "vacation weeks" and the men enjoy I lie variations. — Too many couples go from in a t r I m o M y to acrimony. Don't let your marriage flop before It gels slarlrtl. Send for Ann Landers' booklet, "Marriage — What To Expect." Send your request to Ann Landers In care of the Alton Evening Telegraph enclosing 50 cents In coin and a long, stamped, self- addressed envelope. Married 50 years •/ YMCA lists winter activities Children who are I-,'! years old will be taught to swim in a new diaper-lot swirn instruction program in the Alton YMCA's family winter re creation program, Y Physical Director Pat Barker announced today. The diaper tot swim program will begin Friday at 10 a.m. under the supervision of the Y staff, with parents accompanying the youngsters jji the pool, Barker said. 'Registration is open for Ihe diaper-lot program and the t i n y -1 o I swim instruction classes, for youngsters '(-!> years old, Barker said. The liny tot swim classes will begin Jan. (i. Women who are interested Plan June wedding w. Mine duller Mrs. MISS WILSON Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wilson of 7II!> Jackson 1 in (Jodfrey. announce engagement of their d.iuj',1 (iail Mary, lo Jack Boswell, sou of Mr. and William F. Boswell of ;t-12!) '.Mcridocia. Miss Wilson is a Itlti!) graduate of Alton High School and will graduate in May from Monticello College. M r. Boswell, also a graduate of Allon High School, attended Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. He is employed by Fischer Body Coip., St. Louis. A June 12 wedding is being planned. in taking extra pounds off the" mid-section may now enroll in the Y's slim and trim class which meets each Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Y, MHO N. Henry Street. Women who enroll in Ihe slim and trim fun program may participate in swimming, jogging,, volleyball, general exercise, trampoline and badmilton. Babysitting service will be provided at the YMCA, Men and women interested in getting into good physical shape are invited lo join the Y's coed adult physical fitness class which will meet Mon day, Wednesday and Friday at li:llll p.m.. followed i>\ a :!ll minute swim. Barker said. The lied Cross Junior and Senior Life Saving classes will begin Jan. 7 and continue for open for the life saving eight weeks. Registration is open for the life sa\ mi'. programs. The boys and girls national athlete achievement programs will also get underway at the Y, Barker said. Enrollment is now open. "The YMCA is offering a well rounded physical and recreational program this winter for all members of the family," Barker said. \M> MliS. IN ATI ('. WAYMIliK Mr. and Mrs. Matt Waymire of lillli Pen Wood River will be honored on Sunday, Jan. III. in observance of their !)() din) 1 , anniversary. The couple will friends from '.! to ,'i Hie Knighls of Columbus Hail in Wood KIUT at an open house i',i\eii b\ their sun and daughter in law. Mr and Mrs. liobert Waymire of Wood Itiver. Mr. Waymire retired from \mericaii oil Co. in llllil after M years with Hie company, lie married the former Sarah Lincoln, Jan. H, lim, at St. Bernard's Catholic Church in Wood River. There are children am! I'raildson N'o being mailed. four grand- one grea;- invilalions are Celelmiles silver wedding Mr and Mrs. Charles Fillers Sr., of l>a\is l.aac. (ioilfrey, will be honored Thursday. Jan. V, in '•')- servance of Iheir ^iith wedding anuivcrsar). Their daughter, Mary, and Mr. and Mrs. Larry King of lioxana are giving an open house from 7 to !l p.m. at the Rock Spring Pavilion Mr. Fillers, a farmer, had been employed by Hie Alton City Bus Co., and later Owens-Illinois. He and ilie former Mary Richardson were married on Jan. 7, I'JKi. Mrs. Fillers had also worked nt Owens-Illinois. Their ten children are Charles Jr., Edwin, Mary, David, Robert, Jesse. Opal Susan, Brenda, and Sadie. Today's Problem DEAR POLLY - Today I stuffed a pillow with shredded foam and what a mess il made. It stuck to my hand, the floor and the furniture. How can one avoid such a situation? Also I would like to know how to make a hanging lamp with egg cartons. 1 used your Pointer for making a footstool with juice cans. 11 was a great success. — MRS. J.D.C. DEAR POLLY — My husband, who has had 40 years' experience in auto rel'inishing, has a solution for Marge who wanted to remove a dealer's label from the lid of her car trunk. He simply would apply direct heat (Polly's note — lie careful not to blister the paint), such as from a heat lamp, until Ihe glue softened and then the label peeled right off. lie washed away any access glue with a sovenl. — MRS. R. C. S. DEAR POLLY - When w ashing my daughter's fringed poncho. Ihe fringe crinkles and tangles so il looks very messy. Now 1 place the fringe flat on the ironing board, steam lightly with (lie iron and then draw a kitchen fork, lines down, through the fringe to smooth it. Press lightly again and the tangles are gone without loo much trouble. - MARJOKIE DEAR POLLY - When I must travel alone with my small baby, 1 carry her in her bathtub and then there is no chance of her falling or rol'ing off the seat. — RUTH You will receive a dollar if Polly uses your favorite homcmaking idea, Polly's Problem or solution tu a problem. Write Polly in care d I the Alton Evening Telegraph. Conking cues B1SQUK Warm cream of mushroom flavore delicately on label, flavor delicately'with Sherry and serve with toasted sliced almonds floating on the top. recenlly retired. . , 7 . I am quite certain that A lovelier YOU there will be many "oldsters" interested in my question which is: "Is there anything thai can be done lo remedy Ihe silualion?" Thank you. — Mrs. L. COMMENT: I don't know of any specific, sure-fire remedy to overcome forgetfulness. As you are undoubtedly thinking, in many cases the reason is a cerebral circulation (arteries and veins in the brain) which is at fault. The blood vessels aren't as "young" as they were, and oxygen and other nourishment don'l get through as quickly and as well. and retired from Shell Oil Co. in 1959 after 20 years of service. He married the former Winnie Stevens, Jan. 9, 1921 in East St. Louis. In addition to their son, they have two daughters, Mrs. Burgess (Maxine) Boring of Louisville, Ky. and Mrs. George (Alice) Waters of Alton. There are 12 grandchildren and three great- grandchildren. pounds September ceremony planned MISS FKKGUSON Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Ferguson of UOF> Kenny St.. I'othalto, are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Jacqueline, to Allen Coalson, the son of Mr and Mrs. Arbra L. Coalson of MO K. Jennings. Wood River. Miss Ferguson is a senior at Civiv Memorial High School in Net hallo lire fiance, a I960 graduate of Wood li'ver High School, is attending Southern Illinois University in Edwardsvillc. A September wedding is being planned. By MARY SUE MILLER Have you weighed-in lately? How bad was the tally? If you have gained more than five pounds from holiday feasting, begin today to take, them off. One painless way is to cut back your butter intake. You are probably not conscious of how much you have been eating. But all those wonderful puddings, pies and cakes you had were loaded with butter, the most fattening of all ingredients. Even for normal - weighted adults, 200 calories daily of fal (all kinds) are sufficient. A reducer's limit is 100 calories per day. Now don't groan. There are many delicious substitutes for butler — overages of butter. —Spread bread and breakfast toast with low-cal jams and jellies. —Use mustard or Worcestershire to dress meals; low-cal mayonnaise for fowl. —Spike vegetables with herbs, spices or onion. You will never know how delicious most vegetables are until you cook them lightly and eat them an naturel. Try corn on the cob with nothing else than a dash of salt. —For fish a delicious lopping mixes fresh chopped parsley or chives and a squeeze of lemon juice. Tabasco, hot and spicy, makes a gourmet seasoning for seafood. —Baked potatoes, sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese, are a taste thrill. (Parmesan, 10 calories for a heaping spoonful.) —When you use butter on meat for cooking purposes, melt it and spread with a p a s I ry brush. Use the whipped variety if a -serving of butter is essential. It contains 30 per cent fewer calories. SECRETS OF A L0\ EL Y FIGURE What's your figure problem? To achieve lotal attractiveness send for my booklet, Secrets of a Lovely Figure. It contains easy ways t o reduce weight and proportions; to overcome grooming problems, such as fuzz, freckles and blemishes; to move with grace and poise. For your copy, write io Mary Sue Miller in care cf the Alton Evening Telegraph, enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 25 cents in coin.

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