The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 8, 1966 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
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Tuesday, March 8, 1966
Page 11
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12 Op fto» Tuesday. March 8, 1966 BH Residents May Now Register At School Tax Office West Chambers County residents who did not pay their 1965 poll tax may register tree to vote at the office ot Don Slc- Leod. tax assessor-collector for the Barbers HOI School District. The tax office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Monday _ _^ J|- » through Saturday. Deadline for registering »s March 17. BAYTOWN SCHOOL SYSTEM MAY DOUBLE IN 10 YEARS By BOBBY SOTPH1N jdifficulties, pre - school pro-!balance from all funds for a Baytown's public school sys-jgram for non - English - speak- ' ~« ~ *"«*» = ~.»i~t«. em. often called the second j Log children, brain Injured stu- largest industry in Baytown, j dents, pre - school deal and may double <a size within W'SC!KO! age deaf. years, according to one school < Summer school classes include official. j choral music, instrumental mu- Highlight is on the publ'.cjsic, and driver training. Reme- schools this week in connection!dial classes are organized for with Public School Week. Pair-}the elementary and junior high ents and patrons have been in-;school students. Senior high stu- jvited to visit school classrooms.! dents may earn credits. Special , ;_n_. • .,_ ., 1... — organiz-»d for mathe- fact . McLeod called attention to the j especially in the elementary ! classes are organ ict that all persons who vote in'grades. and many schools havejmatics students. total of 59.3 in receipts. Total expenditures for the year arre listed as $9,370.790 which includes a capita! outlay tor buildings of 52.775,228. The tax rate is $1.33 per $100 valuation (based on 40 per cent of true value) which goes into 'Blue And Gold' Meaning Skit Is Given By Scouts A skit on the meaning of the "blue and gold" was presented by Den 10 at the annual blue and gold banquet ctf Cub Scout Pack 255 at Grace Methodist costs plus 26 cents for construction (interest and sinking fund). Total tax rate is 51-59. The school spent $477 on per Church. Cubmaster Don Lindsey introduced guests and R. K. Hale presented awards. Larry Coker earned the silver arrow under wolf in Den 9. In Den 4, a wolf badge and the April 2 school trustee eleo | planned special programs for; Total receipts Hsted in the bud-j capita cost (on each student) one - year pin were given Chris lion w-ill be required to present the occasion. either a poll tax receipt or a voter registration certificate. iget for this school year incl - lude! A capsule picture of the sys- 1 $4,336.825 from local sources; tern is provided by the school iS5.700 county sources; 52,167.250 Citizens over 60 years of age j administration office. | state source are not required to get the cer-j ^ v 'tti a budget of more than $9: aficates in Chambers County|million and an enrollment this: but must affirm their age. (year of 11.SS1 students, the] . -• • —school district may be twice thisj 'size before present second grad-j json, deputy superintendent, has | predicted. The Feb. 1, 1965 census shows and $2,836,824 for 3964-65. I Doyle. Rickey and Ronnie Lem- As of May 29, 1965, 67 per j mon earned the silver arrow un- cent of the Sl-i graduates plan-jder lion, two - year pins and ned to attend college. Rep. Poage Names New j Administrative Helper WASHINGTON (AP)—John F. O'Neal ofiWaco, Tex., is the I lUR III ^*IUD III ^^ f m. M m. M • Of More Members iWebelos badges. Gary Askew j also won the Webelos badge. [Mark Burts. John Transou and j George Burnett were presented jlion badges and one - year pins. Jimmy Burnett won the bear i badge and one - year pin. Johnny Clawson of Den. 3 was presented the bear badge with rl r By A1XAN WBLHTTE , lists new issues by topics, coun- gold and silver arrows' After having written articles : tries and catalog numbers.] r^ , n -, - ' ' 5-1 £>e n 10 award winners were v-i which will be helpful to topical " -—~-- leral months I had to stop for i collectors - - ,- ° r ", ~T yrtrlnSf ^tev,AS£ r^lrsi ™ e A ™*^ Topical -^ ^ -- a S S'becSe .- -_j o-,, .. ie S- •« !>«*r-S r-arat. now to gel. _ tinn Ha , annnnnrw! that t hp i .Tnnoc Ho.= >- hart<»«. T>*,. T,",} ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS l".torn»ction on alcoholism. if you have a drinkina srobiem, call 533-970Q or 533 2723. again than it 4r _, IT . At our has announced that thei Jones, bear badges; Ray Kil- j Sheraton-Park Hotel and Motor jough, bear badge and gold ar- will be headquarters for its j row; James Crouse, silver ar- colJecting for I had to stop Th^Po arf* ~ * *" ^" rt ' new administrative assistant for; , f e ±Tf Rep. W. R. Poage. D-Tex, also g^mpSes and 2n non^c,- ^Nearsucceeds Frank Jones "«e<J employes. Teachers s a!ai y | fi who has accepted a post as man-!!??* « 5 3 - 000 «n««mum and ST.- a«-of the Temple Tex. Cham-1' 00 «axunum. ling, there was some discussion''Ambers . . „.. ,.,,,„ „., D £ I There are 14 elementary 1 about tacreasing tte member!?!^ tow ™^ to be held in Washing- ed a two - year den mother's!mode ay BoytovJn sJn photolraone" " LOST - Ladies euiova wrist water, was ^tl ation SIPEX the!row under bear. Classified Ads Do The Job 1. Lodge Notices REGULAR MEETING at Son Jocinto Council, No. Kni^its o* Cdumbws, 2?88, In the K- c. hall, Tuesday eveninu, ° ° • fn N. E. (Skip) e«umorai. Grand ICnlght & STATED COMMUNICATION of SGTieSOn Lodge. No. 231, A.F. and A.M.. of Hichlooos, Texas, will be held Tuesday, McrcJi 8, 1944, 7:3O p.m. All memo*rs and visirtoff brethren corfliotly Invited to ertsrx!. A. V. Bickley, W. M. L. C. Gentry, Secy. GULF COAST INDUSTRIAL WORKERS UNION will ho'd Its reautar memberstilp meeting. Tuesday. March B. 1946. at 7:00 p.m., 33U Market. In the hall. All members reauested to attend. R_ D. Kllouah, Pres. C. H. Hargrove, Secy. 1-A Special Notices CAMP. R. W.—1K3 Rointree. Mr. Camp. o* our gu^st to attend tTte showing of "Iniiae Daisy Clover." now snowing of the- Brunsoo Theatre. Present trtls ort at me ticket office for your two free admissions. 3. Card of Thanks HARLEY R. BROCKELMAN It is with sincere cfatitude ocrt we express our heartfelt rhanks «o our many friends, neish&ors. relatives, and especially fo Rev. Lester L. Corns**!! for their :ove»V ftoraJ orfertoos, wo.~e± a- syrn - pattiy. food and pnayers, extooCea >o us ot the- loss of our Beloved husband, fotfter, and ararKttather. Their Kindness will ever Be re-nembered. Mrs. Brocfceiman ond Fomliy THE FAMILY OF CURTIS BLACK- FORO wisfte* to express sincere- monks to me many friends, nelgnoors ond relatives for their lovely floral offering, words of sympathy, food end prayers extended at the toss of our behoved htK&and a-d father. SPECIAL thanks to the Sf. Jude Altar Society, Rev. C. E. Meadows and Father Oho. Mrs. Acnes Blackford and Sons 12. Male Help Wanted \ 13. Bedrooms - Board NEED MEN I SOUTH. iM — Kit* fsjn» : she<l room with ' private £>GTr) one* rjcrcge, titcfcen pirvi- Who sincerely wont to become eleOri-• ! <?S«, pfane 532-58C7. ciens, (roiateionc* engineers or plumb-. _^^M en. U» la J150 oer hour while training, j . Up to S3 p£r ftour atter Mr. Wii;*Qms, Caij: of CA 7-H36 atrer: Business Rentals 15. Work Wanted OFFICE SPACE i'ON DEFES AVAl:_ABLE "OS RENT JApp.'y Abe Roien'Aci-. SS3-1/OS. i o:tiH- 7 p.m. AIR-CONDITICfJERS CLEANED — Will clean a-d paint outside units, call for es-; timotes. 5^*-?T<? after 4:30 p.m. OFFICE SPACE E su:~D:SG — DecKw ce end 2C5; 5S? 5ZJ5. ALL KINDS — Carpentry, sheetrodc, . : WAREHOUSE FACILITIES AVAILABLE "" E. Texas Ave. cabinet worfc. No ioo too small. Call ; Key'^cre Realty Co^. £33-3111. 5S3-1047. Monuments-Lots jA-1 PAINTING AND DECORATING. FREE ESTIMATES — Plenty References i r. T. SHIRLEY. : 583-5045. ; TWO CHOICE CEMETERY SPACES —In section B o* Memory Gardens. Owner moved out of town, -nost sell. SS2-.1ZL CHILD CARE — 20. Wanted To Rent BABY SITTING — In my home, day or niohf. 4 years of age. 5S2-S02*. MRS. KARL W. OPRYSHEK, candidate tor Position No. 1 in the School TriKiee Election, invites Interested persons to call ot her NEW NUMBER 5S2-SW5. SANDERS CAKE SHOP — WEDDING SPECIALISTS- Cnterino service, mono- ara-nrned napkins, wedding invitations bride books. Ooen 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., 1611 Jones Rd. Hiohlands, 42i-251»- LIKE A LETTER FROM HOME. A SUB- scriotion to The Baytown Sun is thoughtful. Inexpensive and will &e appreciates. day after day. srarr your suDscripfion I today to your favorite serviceman or [ TR1-CITY MONUMENT CO. Sranite. .Tiartsle, bronle monuments, grave markers. Cemetery work. Terrs, no corryino charges. MarKet at W. Main, next K Peoples State Bar*. 583-4702. 5. Personals 6. Lost and Found student away Sun ot school. Just call The BILLFOLD — Vicinity ol (_^.I- *-,*-" _______ — * In my home. days, one year of ose e-r BEDROOM WANTED — Quiet downstair* mourns to ; room w;*^ b-3'~, ".ec* c^2fe, IP. "&!d" Gccse • Cre^K cr~a. S*"Q:e r":cn. Pcy rx>.".tr.iy. i',v*;'e je-i** O.' : e. Gen. D*;., Bayt?A-n, Texcs. 7"5IC CABINET AND CARPENTRY WORK — j 23. Services Offered £xoertiy done. Free esTfiictes. : Colt 5SJ-«SS. • """•"«»• ' CANDY CANE NURSERY i^JT'??,?' HH^^^ L f Tf L ^ infants to 10 years. New Nursery. K'nl.; 5;;:• :XJ ;^, ?;„ ""JcV"-^t-> ' cl - v " ' ^ ' * nteliigent loving care. Hot AAea'i. Pre- 7 1 "-^ ^-- ,~ ' •*•-'* —' - - - —- - J. K. e> = t-L. instruction. 6 o.rr.. to 6 P.m. SS3- i CHILD CARE — In my home, any hours. Old Baytown area, Reasonoaie weekly or hourly rales; references, *ro"sacr:a- CALL US NOW FOR YOUR HOME Mo- jia* o^: reeds. So GDwn pa» . . IC'EAL MOV.E iv. = 5OVEV.ENT CO. CU N A-exc--a^ r Dr.. 5S2-212 — —, ; ;AN YOU STOP IN TIME? Bis or smo» DOMESTIC WORK — Lady waits Mon.- —;.-. CC:I ' r: ' Jf - ""- o-'c'fo~r Consult o ise Wed.-Frt. or five-day -Aeek work. 0«n:_,'.. transportation. 532-3669. . ~^£' ei and txa^e wane. .'.HEEL 4 SRA^E SERVICE, IRONING DONE. ber of Commerce. • of Baylor Univer-j schools, four junior highs, one]ship. We have had some really ihibition, to be held in Washing- is a na'tive of Dal-! senior high with a second to op- ] good programs, but hesitate toi ton - D ; C - May 21-30. Otner col- nresent- ORDER SUN PHOTOS »Ji tr = c - il ! pioce orders ror reprints of pm Grin. Sunday night. Keep money, re- j PICK <£££* DELtVES. turn paoers and wallel. SS3-5»o. "L 1 - S83 ' 2C? °A graduate sity O'Neal ._ _ Jas" and is married to the former ] en m the fall of this year and j ask anyone to prepare what; Barbara Campbell of Bosque-!° n e administration buiidir.g. j might be an outstanding pro-! Rave lectors' are to headquarters -.A j colling 582-8302" or writlng"to "The"su '-t -.p o Box mi Baytown. The pictures pin. Those who year pins were Mrs. Dave Tran-jii for »he first print, up to sxio Inches in otirween Paul's Food Market one South are 3a llara St. Reward, S33-3302. Save Now ONLY -- More Days To Save By The 10th and Earn a Full Months Dividend March 3Isf DIVIDENDS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR WE HAVE YOU When You Open An Account Of 25°° or more... OR Add '25°° or More To Your Present Accooit HARRIS COUNTY Federal Savings Loan Association 37 Years of Sofid Service "Save Where Thousands Save Millions" There ar e 128 square miles in]gram for a "meeting with only service booths at ^exhibition. six or seven in attendance. We have had as many as IS or 20, and with the number of stamp collectors there are in Baytown, we should have 40 or 50. There is so much to be gained' Anyone who expects to be in or near \Vashington during that rime should surely visit the show at th e Shoreham Hotel. ers and sou, Mrs. Neal Dickens, M r s. p hibition. ;B D. Badgley. Mrs. M. E. Kil- ore curator of philately the district. Assessed valuation is S27S. 597,800. Percentage of attendance for the 19S4-65 school term was 94.2. It is accredited by the Texas Education Agency and the Southern Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. Administrative staff is George i . _ , _ ... H. Gentry superintendent- \V i larger. Ther e are so many top-] one that I know. _George \V. D. Hinson.'personnel and serv-j^s and specialties that almost|Brett was in the Nax-y during ices; J. M Stuart instruction anyone can find something in j World War H, stationed in the and guidance- R E Saul* di- the worl a of stam P collecting to!Canal Zone, and came to our of- rector of finknce; and G L. ! interest him. Membership in a ; fice as often as he could, get- Bennett, tax assessor - collector, idub. makes it easier to share ting information for a number ough and Mrs. F. D. Crouse. Dr. W. T. Jones, master of ceremonies, introduced Babe Badgley and Jimmie Carpenter, George T. Turner, formerly a j who showed a film of their hunt- the j ing expedition in Africa. 8X1 °- SX7 - cn<1 $$5£ inches. from membership, by new mem-j Smithsonian Institution, is Ex-j The invocation was given byj bers and by those of us who arejecutive Chairman of Spipex. and {the Rev. Ed Summers and the' already members. is a friend of one of our mem- j benediction by the Rev. Louis A stamp auction or a trading | bers, A. N. Johnson. In the listiGant. session is much more success-!of judges for the show, I found, ~~ — Special education includes i w 'hat we learned and to classes for the homebound men-jieam from others. ,-.,-. tally retarded educahles,' men-! The weekend of June 10-12 has tally retarded trainables speech j been sct as ^ e date of J: e an ~ jnual exhibition of the Houston i Philatelic Society. The location I is changed this year to the pent- I house of the Rice Hotel, and i anyone who has the slightest in- jterest in stamps should plan to attend at least once. A new stamp magazine, "Minkus Stamp Journal," has justj recently made i^s appearance. The articles are well written, the illustrations are good, the , „ . , , advertisine is ail by Minkus. day to increase local support for apd ^ ~ Tice ^ low The new the minimum foundation school;^ listings will be particular- ?r^f? m !?' i mlUi ° n to the ilv valuable to you who use a 1366-67 school year. cJ articles that later appeared in stamp magazines He was especially interested in if Arms Contract WASHINGTON CAP) — Award c ° ntract am not mistaken, is nowj. Education Board Increases Local Money Needs AUSTIN (AP) — The Texas | Board of Education voted Mon-1 SDe cializing in U-S. precan- based ;3Vlinkus album and catalog. All on inew issues are listed by coun- Intensity Of Viet Fighting Shoots Up ; Longhorn Ammuniton Plant in Marshall, Tex., has been announced. The contract was one of a series of announcements made Monday by Sen. Ralph Yarborough, D-Tex. Other awrds announced by the Senator included: —A Sl.l million rural electrifi- Hospital Notes I Admitted to Gulf Coast: Alfred Schmidt, 213 Lakewood, Room 109. Mrs. Is'ora Story, 1602 Cedar Bayou - Lynchburg, Room 111. Judy Dillard, Highlands, in Room 111. Cletus Sheppard, 907 S. Pruett, Room US. Mrs. Sherry Colley, 2309 Olive, Room 111. Mrs. Wanda Hawkins, 706 Carnegie, Room 111, Frank Acker, 503 Park Room 102. Mrs. Sheryl Spell, 13 Price, Room 204. LOST — Billfold at carnival en. Wein- mrten lot contaWno Sl-00. HumOle cord i INTERIOR - EXTERIOR PAINTING — I i Part - time vvcrX. * : ree estimates. ' ! Call Bob Franc:i. ?2i E. Aron, I | 5S2-6939. ' GENERAL CARPENTRY — She*troclc : FAVORITE FURS'ITURE MADE LIKE NE'.V AGAIN 3^ K1RKINPALL UPHOL- ^~rR"!'. H«-,-'. iii. f-aif. exp^-'r ierv ce. LOOPING SPECIALIST and wc-^d. Rvfe.-e^tes and "Sears IfRC card 510.00 reword. W. ! napgtng, rinisnirs^ antf paintir-,3. E. Doda. Phone 566-7534 or S^KM- , gj& IN *™!» ,»<»,, °^^% 1 ^. _ j.Rocms cni gorcgc, 555.OC. call. 582-3529. " I license, working mothers enron ycur c - ! ~.ow in coy care nursery. Ceil 5s3-2337 • HARVEY'S PE5T CONTROL.. Ph. 533 ?556 ' SHEPHERDS TV <: For FGL! Exc»?^* Service ^ v ^^rr Zeri,r?i Draper - Car. SccJ^, TV i 5"-S*i 5K! Park LOST DOG — Small brown male. Laki- wood area- Looks like Chlnuoriua, answers r^ "Soarxy." Phone 566-5311. STRAYED CAT — Large, long hair, :TKEE TRIMMING ss MAINTAINER — For lease, with ooere tor. S9.0G per hour. 532-2*24 GC/s. SS3-122* nights. TRACTOR WORK. white female. Vicinity Wright 6lva. 583-2113. Beauty Culture PAINTING. PAPERHANGING — Price reasonaele. Work auaronteeo. "Tne Bes!; For Less." 533-5537. : ri C. Weaver. 16. Apartments For Rent '•• >*•••'••'* -•»<:--•-«. s;.?; VALE.MTiN'E SPECIAL! G j • yst o'*'- n^a^^s ond rnoci;Is >-* 582-3935. Mrs. Velma McShan, Garth, Room 104. 2307 404 Briar- Mrs. Mary Black wood, Room 209. . . Mrs. Lanie Williams 910 Lar! cation loan to the Wilson County, j go Room 209. I Tex., Telephone Co. for system i° Mrs j evve ii Nelson Baytown. ! expansion which will bring ser-JRoom 101 jvice to 4,381 new subscribers. | —A $744,000 loan to New Era SAIGON South Viet Nam i Electrical Cooperative, Athens, "• ' ' - " •Tex., for construction of 66 The increase is formulas used in computing'tj-jes w ;th the proper catalog (AP) —'ihe American air warj . state and local costs of the libers A separate section against -North Viet Nam | miles of distribution lines to school program, which guaran-j climbed to record intensity in| serve <6 ° new customers. Mrs. Annie Wells, Houston, in Room 104. Mrs. Lucy Roberson, 1504 Alabama, Room 104. tees certain minimum educa-i tional standards to every public j school child. | The board approved local fund! assignments totaling S13S.6 mil-! lion for 1966-67. compared with; S132.5 million for 1965-66. J The action increased the eco-j iomic index, used in determ-j ining each county's share of the? Admitted to San Jacinto Meth- Meeting Is oie past 24 hours but also cost! —A 5104,795 grant by the of- odist: four U. S. jets and the crews orifice of Economic Opportunity to Oiree of them. Pilots reported!San Antonio and Bexar County ! they knocked out a fuel dump | for continuing war on poverty. „, /-ATJI -O HOUixON (^.P) — Ben foundation school program i Carpenter cf Dallas, head of the |, 3 months ago, an Ameri costs for 72 counties. The index ITrinity Ri%-er Authority, Mon- j spokesman said ' The total num-jZavala was unchanged for 19 counties J da >" squelched plans for a joint i r of planes was not disclosed. | Other counties had decreases, i meeting Friday of the TRA and| but lhere were 53 missions the' a missile site. —A $6,131 grant by OEO for Air Force and Navy pilots j a Headstart project in the lew several hundred sorties i Northside Independent School against targets in the Commu-j district at Vernon and a 526,699 Inist North, a pace-setting per-[grant for a Headstart project iformance since the raids began Jin Eagle ass affecting 60 Chilean jdren in Maverick, Dimmit and Counties. avoided spokesman said. Direct hits on the Son La oil Three Texans On v -^.^ .,«,„ ov_,-,, 5tcrra S e center ^ mil « east of jiff 1 fVaa*h I | C * '-December approval ofj Hanoi ">cted the area with ex- f |g| |/Cdlll Lib! .:m— T-r> « v,..^~«<. t —i plosions and sent UD black The index is based on a county's.* 6 Houston city council over income, property values ar.d the purchase of park sites for number of school children. j the P lanned L^e Livingston. The board estimated the total! Th e ' cost of the minimum foundation;Since rr..^. ^-^-.^...^^. ~ c ~~~.^* „,, , . program f-— the- current school ! the S15 mi l»° n TRA budget for I P'obipns year at"s649.326"36s"" " '\13te and recently criticized thc| c -^ as The state cays about SO per!authority's plan to buy 19 park| iala cent of the foundation orogranv sites out of dam projec* '•—»^i cost. " * " ; financed - 'or the first time, the hoard . , applied a chsrve voted bv the policy OP. the purchase of park j Thanh Hoa and 80 miles south o. j Texans killed in action: 1965 legislature.' in its " pro- sites was clearly written into! Hanoi, he said. spokesman! WASHINGTON (AP) — Three | Texans were among 39 military U. S. pilots blasted their : personnel listed Monday by the financed bv the citv of Houston, i second misile site in four days. .Defense Department as killed in Carpenter said the TRA I hitting one 22 miles west ofjViet Nam battle action. funds! cedurc-s for corr.putir.c: total lo- the TRA-City of Houston cai fund assignment. The revis- tract. con-; With the skies clear, the' j Americans also attacked roads, j ion switches from The state to "he proposed reservoir and; railroad tracks. ferries and 1 aH local sch."^' districts ARMY Maj. Lewis D. Bell, husband _. . ..„ fj. dam Is to be huiit on the Trinity | bridges on a wide front Tanging i She1 ^/ ?" Ort Worth; fPf ^ ^ nar.cia! burden for credits giver, at Livingston. Seventeen park j from the 17th Parallel frontier!^ „ " eS ' T/ f°" ,, 1fi '-Ro rP certain district,. " sites and two boat landing areas j to the coastal city of Vinh. 1^"^ i^Uh ' ^ 16RaCC Districts receive reductions in their local assignments for sev- aid be built in the area. The council had set up the A highway bridge claimed destroyed 20 miles j !3t.. Fort Worth. >L4RINES Lance Cpl. Dennis L. Tarking- • ton son of Mr. and Mrs. Delaino eral reasons, including non-tax- proposed joint meeting for Fri- r, ort h o fy le border able state and federalland with- day in Houston. But Carpenter j Ong F1Q - Thunderchie[ in their tax, r.g aroas and navmg declined the mvuauon m letters, ^^ hk by round fire ., D per cent or more of their pup- tc ir.e mayor ana counc.i and to southeast - of Vinh _ The Us coming from orphan? homos, all members of the iRA execu- Formerly. these credits were tive board, paid with state funds 1 Carpenter wrote that "no con-j The shift in the financial irn-'Structive results would be ac-j Another Air Force Thunder- pact wa* incorporated in the' corr.plished" in debating "ai ch!ef wa s shot down wmle at- 1965 teacher pay raise bill as matter which ha s already beer, jacking a suspected missile site. part of the compromise between resolved many months ago by! !he aircraft disappeared during Gov. John Cnnnaiiy. who advo- the contractual agreement by | ; ts fl fst pass at the target, boil- cared greater local school sup-: the city and the TRA, which; ^n.,,, o-,- t >,i t - u ^, V^=-M ^ -.. ;>ort, and the Texas State Teach- was approved by a vote of the j -'poKesman said it may have Loans and Discounts (Other) eople' of the citv of Houston." 13een hlt by a m 'ssi!e. The pilot! Furniture and Fixtures (Less: Mrs. Serena Sheffield, 215 E. Adcue, ICU Mrs. Sally Miller, 1913 Utah, Room 204. Carla Nelson, 1602 Wilburn, i n Room 216. Peter Wilson Bavtown Room 331. James Minix, Houston, Room Mrs. M. L. Doss, Room 339. Highlands, Roy A. Hudgins, Channelview, Room 337. PERMANENT WAVES SPECIAL — THURSDAY AND FRIDAY Reg. SIB Permanent, S6.50 LATE APPOINTMENTS IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP «ZZ Cedar BOYOU Lynchburg Rd. 5*4-5051 | AIR CONDITIONED — Clean, !urnis.-!ed ! i ODcrtment. Bills M'd. Ca!J 'apply 2617 west V.a.n. Pre-Easier Sale ON BEAUTY COUNSELOR COSMETICS Earn EXTRA MONEY in a dionilitd and pleasing career. Cnoose Y»ur own hours. | f ies __ Cosmetics available dally. Call tefore ? 532-7635 a.m. ofter 4 p.m. and let's discuss it.. 582-7SK. ARBOR. ItJ — J-bedroom Drtde dup.'ex. Aociy 115 Arso,-. AD:, i. BARKELY SQUARE TOWNHOUSE j t_ow Cast Luxury a^id Convenience i Swimming pcot; cental air, pciio. cor- i aort. dishwasher, retr.oKctsr. iNCOME TAX SERVICE SOOKKEEPiNG — NOTARY SERVICE Itemized' as iow cs 510 .Non itemized : as ItM*. cs S4 JAMES DUVALL U« Olive •arpeting; furnished unfumisned; 1215 Park ot Decker 9. Travel News RIDE TO UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON. anytiTie to and/or from, Mon.. Wed., Fri. Please coil 5S3-3975. RIDE WANTED OR JOIN CAR POOL — 8LUEBONNET APARTMSNT5 New 1-bedroorn furnisried coartrnerFts, air comlitioned, utilities paid, weekly ex monthly roles. Hwv. 146. 5e2-6?l?. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 3500 Decker Drive. Section I FREE RENT BONUS 1 and 2-aeC"room furnished and urLfjr^ish ed auartrnents; electric Kitcric'r-.s: c r c:n dition>".g; draperies and poo' r>hone 566-8413 Remodel or Buiid COV..V.SRC.AL . . . RESIDENTIAL • DENS • CA3-METS • BATHS 3ELING SSRV; TO PAY Is To downtown Houston, Polev area, work- DENBY. 411 — *-Room fisr.iished opart- ina hours, 3 to 5. 582-5652. 3414 Gorttl Rd. j merit. »ills_ poid, SH monih. 10. Help Wanted Ph. SS6-5634. rs. male or female. EVERGREEN APARTMENTS — 3K5 Illinois. 3-room fumisned cpcrrmertt. oo- i stairs. Ail Sills paid. S7S.OO "I SPARKY BOND. Realtor (907 S Main K2 S7-T weeKends IMPROVE e pfenning nd Cec-scc^riS servic*. 5ine mofer-cSs. Expert work. O-sccunl pr.ccs, Rooms. Xiicftecs, tfenSr baths, roofing, 4i(S(n*. MORTON BUILDERS Electric Motor Repairs lewindi"*;. ciiv kind. size. Mcdern equipment. Qualified mecftonics. MASScY ELECTRIC. £13 S. Pruert, 5«I-73S;. 11. Female Help Wanted FURNISHED I- EDISON, 1514 — Two - bedroom fu ed duplex. We'! heater, tiie drain. rose. Phone 532-J555. 24. Soil - Fertilizer BABYSITTER — For 3 school age children for shift workina mo:her. have own transportation, 5B2-432S. BEAUTICIAN WANTED MARY ELLEN HA.IR DESIGNS. L.O Porte, GA 1-0634. CARHOP — ADQly In person, .WORRELL'S DRIVE IN 2103 N. Main CLERK TYPIST — Some shorthand end construction office experience helpful. For interview appointment, call B r own and Root, inc.. 56A-5S38. DOMESTIC HELP WANTED — Six days, must pe cbie to cook for children. Aj>piv 1226 Harsor between 1 and 3 p.m. only. paid, .582-2139. edreom apartment, wcter ; month. BAYTOWN REALTY. ; GAILLARD, No. 10 S. — 3-room furnished : oorcpe apcrf -nenr Dowr^rown focc'.'on, re , aarcbe. no biils pcid. SJO. SPARtCY BOND, Realtor : 907 S. Main DiO! 5e2-S^S Nignrs and Sunday's. 533-4573 or 5^-775'- GAILLARD, 5S? N. — Very nice 4-room furnished, air conditioned c&crirrer-: ccl: : 5BJ-J23'. 532-9355. 5S2-SCUS. ; TOP SOIL — FILL DIRT — SHELL — 9ac':r,cc. Ht'Nticre' T'ac^isod-^r for reni. TOP SOIL. FILL SAHD. SHELL Dump Truck for Rent 26. Plants - Seeds HOUSEKEEPER — For rooming nous*. Part time, morning or afternoon. Apply GRAYWCOD ARMS One and Two-Dodroom ApartrrsenTS Furnisnec! and Unfi-rmshed From 599.50 Lltiiities Paid FREE USE OF LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT 1305 Memorial Orlve SK-'434 or 533-S235 MINES, !•'- — Small fumishea qorage aoartrr.en* wi:n oaraae. ro Diiis potc, Sj> mcnth. 532-45J9. tZttLSAS, CA.MELLJAS, SHADS TREES, HYDRANGEA PLANTS for yorS. in bjd ' 1226 Harbor between 1 ar.d 3 p.m. anly. | ILLINOIS, i4ll'^—Furnished i oath, livtna room, oncl i^tcH ' • o pets, bi!!i xii. LVN'S and RN-S All shifts, good salary. Apply In person |; ,i040 Red Bluff Rd. Tracy Sue, 402 Kelley, H-»--il--p^ ft -"^ ypIST _ MUST BE ACCUR 347. Claudia H y 1 1 o n, Highlands. Room 221. Mrs. J. H. Savage Sr., 216 W. Homan, Room 332 "Mrs. Leo R. Bird. 1307 Wright. Room 351. ATE. Exucrlence required. Write, I INDIANA, 3117 — Furnisnefi dupies. tra iorac. clean, cmoie c'osers, Alt. txocnence reqimt-v, vw:ne, y •" c .-,.,., nr r: n - lA coo ->o^n resume, etc. to Box 2182. In core of The: Adults or stride. SSn-lSKX. Boytown Sun. i ILLINOIS. 3337"i — Fumishec! i^^^ r^^,7i^^r^ ! -^^"5^^^ a ^ west Wain. No phone cc:!s please. TREES — Tho-jsnnds i«i G r -^'-5. J. Persirr^.nons. y V^.-,«. Roles. COCt!. TOP COMMISSION « PER Luzier Cosmetics. Hours at youi . lence. Dart or full lifts. Collect CA J-0733. I JACK ileerse. i JQNES, 30S N. — Nice large turnisned 4- A-'a:e-~s :.nn. Eve-green a-z ~\. /-cTir I rMm Buplex. utilities poio. ^aros-;, oduits. > " r; - s% - • K>-'V>'3s. LC-T u> q-.ts'c vci. b/ •r~conven I "o Pf's. Apoiy 3C7 H. Jones. \ '^ -'•':• ~- >'•• -~- -'-^ }-•'•• Lor«^ se- Arthur C. James 619 Bowie, YOUNGBLOOD-S RESTAURANT is now; ' taking applications for Qualified person- ( W. — Large clean coooie, aduiTS. r.= -* Room 341. Barbara Sue Dunham, McFarland, Room 342. 1S01 Travel Film THE PUBLIC is invited to a net to become wiatfesses. Waitress ex-j KENNEDY APARTMENTS — 34?0 Michi oerience not necessarily reauireti. Apply : g^n, SS2-68U Four-room r.icclv fi.Tnis.1ed ai YOUNGBLOOD'S RESTAURANT aft- coart-nem, air condmonea. ct^trai heo! ' er 11 a.m.. 100 N. Alexander Drive. ] — i • ! NAZRO, 215 w. — 3-beSrcom unfurnished: v'e-a pijnls. >3-irr : --"<?*' Nurseries iSZl v.::rker SI. Rc<:-i V. Tree VV;ster;os. 5 C!r k;r-CS. Vic,c*> an<j peccrj Florist WAITRESS WANTED — Experienced: acar tmcnt, close-in. Newly Cecoratea S55 woman for inside work. Apply in person. 5 The Malt Snoo. 1501 Alexander Drive. 28. Pets - Supplies showing of _ — ....-,.. NEW JERSEY. 1300 — 3-rooms, furrisii- twn travel films WAITRESS WANTED — Evening shift.! ed. Qarage. Aduits on!y. No pets. Apply L%\O travel rums,, OTn m g pm ADOly C E D AR INN, 401,'some. j "Priceless Europe" and "Gate-'N. wain. Highlands. way to Gateway" at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Chamber of Commerce building. Refreshments will be served The pro- 12. Male Help Wanted NEW JERSEY. 2308'^ — Ftrrnishet! aoorfment, air cor,d:*;aried, utilises op- onol. Couple cr sir-.^e. 533-S673. AKC BEAGLES LeoDQ'd S:CK;K c /.'ce^dcvs. 3-' 2 S 3 Months old. Also, , Ccr: 5c2-S5U, 3-5.30 AUTO MECHANIC — Musi be experienc- OHIO, 3109'^ — Large 3-room apartment lectly 'urnisnec, porao paid. S45. SS3-3371. REGISTERED POODLE PUPPIES— we^s PC. ff^-.cfe, b'a^K. 55C. e S83-1536 "ram is sponsored bv Tours and ed. first class man. Good references, re- OHIO, 31IS — Clean furnished apartment. Travel of Baytown. ! : A° B;e .-. Sol ° r Y..° r . comn i is i?2:.. At> °'JL-I?r, y !Bi!is paid. Quiet. »ocr oauits. NO p*ts. AKC R6GISTSRED MflLE CHIHUAHUA PUPPiES — F.v- '*ce=-.s o's. S2S cocn. " pilot I bailed out and was rescued un-| harmed by a helicopter crew. down through heavy flak. A ^^ securcd bv aass ..f- Certificates of Investment S Charter No 170064 Date of Charter Nov. 21. 1960 OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL CONDITION OF THE BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO. OF BAYTOWN. BAYTOWN, TEXAS State of Texas, at the close of business on the Slst day of . . v.esstck ot Kemo and Tor.y's Rambler, 1 2300 N. Main. Baytown. 11.50 week. SK-S771. PRUETT. 310 S. — Four - room furnjstv BOYS WANTED FOR HOUSTON CHRON-j (-TSSirhWnt kitchen d : n--;c bcfh c ,~,- iCLE ROUTE. — Phone 533-1238 fcrtore p!ete | y ncw (new fixtures), aorase. B--'.;-; 7:30 o.m. polcl. 585-2117. BABY LAMBS. S10 escft. Fcrakee's. c'.i coio^, s; ?8. GREENWOODS PET SHOP. J?->-2537. H'c^srJs EXPERIENCED AUTO PAINTER — Must ce experiencfxi, first class man. Good references recuired and reliable. Salary or commission. Aj>plv Tony Mes- i sicK ot Ke-np ana Tony's Rombler, 33001 M. AAoin, Bavtown. ' •EXPERIENCED MATURE WAITER — ( Kncr^ledae of French service reauired 7,902.00 Pnoie the Heo3walter, S66-SSW. 10 - 2 ers Association which wanted peo,.._ .. . ._ - , ;he salary hike. ," The authority's policy of buy-|' vas Presumed lost. 'ing the park site out of project! Two Air Force F101 Hiqhlonds Club 'funds was a "precondition tojnaissance planes also : renegotiating the contract," I pea red Monday on a mission) HIGHLANDS HOMTE Demonstra- Can»nter wrote. | northwest of Vinh. The fate ofj tion Club will meet a; 9:30 a.m.. The contract was renegotiated j the planes was unknown and the! Wednesday in th e home of Mrs. to shift the issuance of bonds tc! pilots were listed as missing in! L. M. Grimes, 6002 Cedar Bay- the TRA, which could do this'action. j •ou-Crosby Road. Reserve for Depreciation) recon- Cash on Hand and Due from Banks .... ,. i Other Resources: (Specify) Qisap-i Investments - U.S. Treasury Bonds Deferred Charges Organization Expenses 366.899.81 3,779.35 340.40 990.94 87.49 39.61 NEEDED — Ourside men for television oit&-r.o and Intercom installations. Scl-! 553-1127 arv commensurate with experience. Phone i 582-8158 or CA 7-OS9S (Houston line* for NEW APARTMENTS Wickersheimer Manor 510 Willioms St. 1 and 2 Bedroom Units Furnished or Unfurnished Utilities Optianol Individual Air/Heat Covered Paved Parking Near Churches, School, Shopping PATS TROPICAL KlSH ^tL.l.O',v Tetrcs. s:oci< Tetrcs, Red '/.-0-5.. AM ^ -or S 5?. V.c^t c:' fisn en in^?. i. H, PCTisri 450^ N. .Va'n. : POODLES. — j lemo'e Mi-atov. AKC T weeks. S63. 5S2-72M. POODLES — Two moles., on* female, ; c vvo«ks o'd, Ar.d r^^^s'ered Bo^GOin. VJ5 j«c".. ITT23 5-c:;= 92., CroiSy at!er i. POODLE GROOMING — B;a.-S:no. «--J scfv.ce. i«-*«S'CLAIR LAC KENNELS ' ' >0 Cleor Loke. end weckenas. $330.039.60 •less expensively than the city.] READY MIX CONCRETE STABILIZED MATERIAL John M. Kiigore 582-8118 Sales Boom Said Built On Use Of Advertising DALLAS (AP) — Persuasion — through advertising and sales — is the foundation on which the current business boom is built and the key to futherlTHK STATE OF DELAWARE growth, a food industry execu-! COUNTY OF NEW CASTLE . _ *• 1TT_ TTT O A t-A I. ;««.*•.»•> Trl^i $ 50,000.00 25,000.00 TOTAL, LiABiLirrES Capita] Stock Paid In Surplus - Undivided Profits < 14,484.38)• Reserved for Bad Debts 7,166.44 Unearned Interest 61,876.60 Accounts Payable (as per Schedule B) 31,068.40 Notes Payable 'as per Schedule C) 210,000.00 Payments received on outstanding Class -B" Certificates 6,621.45 Reserve for Taxes 2,791.00 TOTAL $380,039.60 *( ) Denotes Deduction tive said here recently. Herbert M. Cleaves, senior vice president of General Foods Corp., also told a business meeting that businessmen should be alert to any efforts to curb advertising directly or through special taxes. "Greater consumer demand increases volume. Higher volume brings lower unit costs and puts more products within reach of more people," he said. We W. R. Atchinson, Vice President, and H. J. Robinson as Secretary of said Company, each of us do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of our knowledge and belief. W R. ATCHTNSON H. J. ROBINSON Vice-President Secretary CORRECT - ATTEST: E. M. Stokes C. W. Bower Directors Subscribed . and sworn to before me this 4th day of March, A.D., 1966. Leonard M. Anderson Notary Public in and for New Castle County, Del. jnterv : ew appointment. SALESMAN WANTED — To sell notion. | ally advertised brands. Sotory plus com-1 17. Houses For Rent 29. Livestock - Supplies mission. Excellent corrwny benefits. A0-| BAYWAY D RIVE. t4BVi—Clean 4-room! ply in person. WESTERN AUTO. Mr. T. | fiin , ?sfted hou se win slajeO-'n b a c «. '• APPALOCSJ WolmsleY- 623 W. Texas. | oorch. For information, 5«-Sj?5. : to csio" celt AT STUD — Guaranteed • Have- troiier. Win Trcve!". TELEVISION BENCH MEN AND OUT- j CEDAR BAY OU RD Z317 SIDE MEN - Must know color. Sol arv | £"*£. 2 b^"oom V,-r^ commensurate with ability. Phone SS2-i. 81H or CA 7-0595 (Houston Sine) for Inler- v'ew oppo^tment. Telephone Linemen FOR CONSTRUCTION CREWS APPLY 1? ST1MSON TO MR. M. A. TAYLOR General Telephone Co. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER 14. Employment NOTICE Dcslonatlons os to s*x in our Help Won! ed ond Employment columns are mac- only (I) to Hdicate Bono fide ocrupatini- quoMflcatlons for employment whicit on employer regards as reasonably necessary to nor~na! operation of his business or enterprise, or (2) os a conveni ence to our readers to let them fcnaw Mhlcn positions the advertiser believes *rould be of more Interest to one sflx tnon the other because of the work Involves. Such designations shall not be taken to Indicate that any advertiser intends or practices any unlawful preference, limitation, specification or employment oractices. discrlmlnatlon IP s-1«3 house. 3v : fie wee*;, all bills pocd. Coll 5S3-W27. ! GRAMTHAM. JOB —3-Bedroom, l"j oatns., central heat, beautiful fence. Cal! 553 BA9BED WIRE, 55.95 Per Roil STASSTT LUMBER CO. ;;is w. v.atn 557-5618 8317. after 5 p.m. 566-7872. LINOBERG, 1«!7 — Unfurnished J-bed-: room house with oorcg«, 560 Phone 5SI-?A23. ! CUB TRACTOR- — ioiic-nel, with c * end law boy MAIN. 340J N. — One J-bedroom well- • S£!-5J? maintained furn.shed house. Acceo!- -----------------couple with smail child S83-JAJO i HORSE — *-Yrsr ; HORSE — 3-yeor old quortrr hcrw sioi- P'eaT.c c^il a"cr 5:30 D rr,. . NEWCASTLE, 2302 — 3-oeCTooms. J bolhs, i Coll 583-3035 after den, fenced back yard. 1105 month. Phone 583-3443. std gentle S p.m. aeldinq. REGISTERED BRAHMAN BULLS— ReooV , to <5O. aentle. Mew saddle, bridle, blanket RENT OR SELL — 203 Cedar Bayou Rr. : ond one mare. Bill Zant, SS3-8017 after 4-bedrocm, 1 baths, one fcrae room un- } 6 p m bu».n«».5&4TO. , Wished. Suitable ._. ^ttt* - Pic* UNFURNISHED 2-bedroom house. Washer j VCHK com fed calf frcm our feed lot. Also connections, fenced bock yard. | custom siauijnterinq and cuttina. BROWN- Coll 583-2733. I SAUSAGE CO., 818 E. Watlisville Rd., _ l (J6-3STS 18. Bedrooms - Board j "o^'"^^^ 50 , j LQ Porte. GA 1-W3S. at bom. AT CREGER HOTEL ond opartrnepjs, i you aet good beds, oas heat, tub or show- j baths; quiet, homelike. No drunks. [ GOOD FOOD SERVED FAMILY STYLE Reasonable Rote* TYREE HOTEL J301 Minnesota McPHAiL. 1311 — Lovely bedroom with private entrance and bath, central air ond heat, carpeted. 582-5195. 30. Articles Wanted WANT TO BUY — Used sheet metol (tin)/ and used lumber (2x4's and 2x6's). WANTED. IMPLEMENTS FOR FORD TRACTOR — With mree point hitch. Call ^53-2443 or 5S3-J943 oiler 4.

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