Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 7, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVEITIFQ-GAZETTE: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY TO A SOUTHERN LYRIST, I gnrpnr br th*» y^Hp'r rhTT^^nfhnrnwtn, ATA rh>> n~1 re-*" thmi tUd«t j^nd m«, TTvou TIP vrr more BbotiMat b4 mvl nnd dumb Werft it In rny power to-befriend tho««. r<2 Pr*fly woo with a bAckonlnft smite To lore- mo an<i pvpr attend me* All jof Bhft hrrs* bM M we *tr«?cd ^rs-twhll« I wo'-nM gJR.*II>\ frc*"If l^nd tlifie. Td th* sourer If arn of thy musical Terse From th« Ko4<1f<ts -who baa It In keeptoj?; 6o?t hie to tby aide fcnd r'cb mea-wrm rehear?* Wb£drtr*"r I caught b?r jmleeplGjj. Td borrow from her tba sunbeam* stored For ottirr bards to enklndl*; S^eft fan;:k-3 stoal from her frolicsome hoard, - And strains of song from bsr spindle. Td win all her eecrr!* of lyrical art Ajnd hasten to thro to betray Ih^rd; No others should list at tbe door of my heart— ." Td ruthlessly, loyally stay them. Y*a; «wc*r by the yellow chrysanthemum, And the red rose thoa dtdflt send mo, Thou nevermore wilt b« sad and dumb If 'tis In my power to befriend thre! —EU» A. Gltoitu New Orieana Times Democrat. THE FIVE DOLLAR BEL. "What do you think of that thing as a capital to get nn education?" queried the young six footer from the west. He ox'. tracted a bill from a long, flnt pocltetboolc as ha spoke and tossed It upon the tabl<> In front of him. II wan a $5 noto that had evidently passed through few hands, and ret was no late issue from the government's money factory, for the dull, furred lines along the creases told of long storage in some tight quarters. With Its .whitened places along the folds and the remnants of smartness about the rest of ' Its lace, it bore a family resemblance to a gray headed, rosy cheeked, dead black mnstached police sergeant of the old ' regime. The young man of the east picked up . tha bill, unfolded it and leisurely, in- •pected it under the kindly glare of the Incandescent lights of the Sixth avenue -< chop bouse in which he and his friends ' were''sitting. Two "rabbits" boil disap- ' . peared to make arrangements for visions ' of the night, the second brace of fat . "tobies" had suffered seriously from draught, and half an inch of tobacco on • each cigar had bnrned into flaky Whiteness. It was a wet, chilling night outside; It was a cheery, warm evening within. And so the young man of the east was nothing loath to hear the tale of the $5 bill. "Idon'tknowwhylt was," quo th. tho narrator, "or just how it was that I came to fit for college. It was partly luck, and partly, I suppose, because my old Yankee schoolmaster, who had drifted west almost tho year I was born, clung to the New England idea that after the three R's came Latin, Greek and algebra In every well regulated curriculum. I pegged •way at them dutifully far three or four winters—school didn't keep there In spring or summer then, the scholars had -Other engagements _nt .that time of the . year—without much idea what my work was leading to, until when wo 'said our pieces' on the last day of the term, the old one took me aside. " 'WeU,' ho said, 'you're about fitted for college, I guess. Which one are you going tof'. "That was tho first I'd heard of college. First the idea scared me, then it tickled ma. Before I slept that night I had made Tip my mind; I'd make the venture. And the schoolmaster settled my choice of colleges when he said: 'Yon will have to pay your way; you will have to make money; . go where there's most of it spent, where there are moat rich youngsters who don't realize that a $1 bill sometimes means ft day's work for a man. They'll spend and you'll profit, or else your fathers were born in Connecticut for nothing." "Well, I came east that'fall, passed my ,. entrance examinations—for after all I found that the old Yankee had 'jecn a good teacher—and struck up an acquaintance with one of the professors whoso looks I liked. He gave mo valuable advice, told me where to get a room, and how to fit it up with a stove, three or four chain, etc. I was extravagant on just one point—I bought a good bed. When these things were paid for I had just (ft— this bill and some change. ' That night was my own, for the. college work didn't begin until the next morning. 1 walked out among the dormitories, and there I • made my first strike. A truckman had a load of trunks'to deliver on the upper floors: I offered my aid and he took it. For that I made, enough to be sure of '•••-•omething to eat for another day without Impairing my capital, and I felt easier. The next day I began to get acquainted with the men, and before night I had secured a roommate. Low as my rent was.I wanted to have it shared by some . one else. But eating was another question, my appetite permitting no division, and, although I did my best to pick out the cheap and filling from the bills of , , Jaw, I was down to my five dollar bill be•• fore I made my next discovery. \ ' "Half a dozen boys in my division had formed a 'club,' and I was dining with one .of them when it came. My friends were getting pretty bad board and paying ....pxetty dearly for it. They knew it as •>: •> well as I and fell to talking about It, and • from the conversation I got an idea. That night I traveled about the collage neighborhood until I found a house whose mistress agreed to furnish me with table accommodations for ten men, do the cooking and furnish the necessary service. I ,' .bad done .some mental figuring in the i.'.SBemntlme, and knew that her price was satisfactory. But I went to my friends, and that evening I bad secured nine to ".. Join my club and pay me $6 a week , ' apiece. On tho f 54 1 figured it out that ,1 would be able to pay ten men's ex- proses. The plan la common enough at a good many colleges, I have since learned, but it Was new there. But I ROOD found that as a caterer I waa at a disadvantage. It was hard work to get credit at the shops, for my ?5 bill' was something I couldn't use to impress tho grocers and batchers successfully, my boarders had •vigorous appetites and a catholic liking for'pretty much everything. It was a close scrape of it for a mouth. - Then I got a bit ahead and began to feel easier, until two circumstances combined to nearly ruin me. They came togother— one waa a snow storm, the other was an . ; accident disabling one of my boarders, , Who owed me quite a UttlS account. "To tell the truth, I hadn't noticed how tia winter had been coming on, and the Know caught mo unawares. It meant that I must have an overcoat, just at the ; tbne one of my sources oi revenue was cot oft In fact, I had been depending upon the injured man, paying up his score to give me a little spending money, and I ' saw that a* fur as my restaurant was concerned I coald look for no help from It on the clothing account. But I had to have the coat There was no doubt aboutit, in fact, it was surprising how cold I felt. There was just one thing to do, and I hurried down town. , . " 'Here,'. I said, as I rushed I nto a reidy t node clothing store, 'give me a big overcoat, the warmest you' ve got.' "The s&legiuan fitted me a jtnrraent that certainly had the virtue of weight. Bat llk» the izurn who was supposed to bo dead, but wuBii't, and carao ivjow to read hla own epitaph, I thought it couldn't be laid O& t<K> thlik. It was not a beautiful <pur- ESWt, iiut it W!ui pfvtty ob«8j>—alxiut $20, I think. " *.Tn*tjen4 it up to my room,' I said, sacsrelossiy HB.Xcauld. I pulled out my fateful fiver. Ui *& offtwud way, imrolled " v It, let m look of xsiiM vaspkioa pas* over , »»y tsj.» a» U «w auruuetl at lu bcliij: in a *t*t* of iJasfl* blotfMdnao*, »tut «un>!oiued I taws b*v* «i*d* KBB» Biint^i.*. Jtt was a b;id Imlf minute for me while tho mnn liniiali'd. but student crcrtit was pcncrnllv prcfly C"O'l—fttid I p-t my coat. The next tliin.ij wns to pfiy for it. To tell the truth, 1 had ft very indl.-tinct idea of how it wns to be clone, ami for several dnys 1 pnzzliil over the problem. I'.e- tween work and worry I rut her let ray studies RO, and so it. wns not surprNing when one of the professors asked me to remuiu after the recitation. I waited, expecting » warning to greater diligance ot. least. Instead, I was asked a few questions and, before I knew it, hiffl told tiro professor of my financial embarrassments. The story interested him, and at its close he asked me if I had ever 'tutored' liny. I had only n vague idea of tutoring, but ho gave me a hint. In college thero i.i always more or less Instruction outride of the class rooms given by students who, for the time, act as teachers for their lazy or behindhand mates. It pays pretty well—from f 1 an hour up. My friend RHTVO mo more than advice, ho sent me two or three classmates in need of an intellectual nurse and In desperate danger of being dropped. 'If you can pull them through,' I was told, 'you will bo doing wonders and your reputation will be made as a tutor.' "Did I work with those men? Well, I've never tolled harder; fighting not so much for glory as for that overcoat. And I won it, and as my pupils did get through on examination some renown came in the bargain. Luck generally comes with n rush when It sets toward a fellow, and some especially tough mathematics just then threatened to put half 'the class on tho Invalid list. I had all the work that I could do, and It seemed to me that I was coining money. The overcoat was paid for, and a suit of clothes—sadly needed before—was added to my scanty Block. Tn fact, by Christmas I was able to pay up my term bills—which, after all, were light enough—and having some dollars in my pocket I felt like taking some recreation. That meant a trip to New York where—well, I'm not pr^/.d of It, even if I was but n Freshman—I was buncoed, waking up one morning in a police station with nothing but my old stand by, tho $5 bill, which hod been in an Inside vest pocket. A few hours later I got into a court, which, from the way business was rushed and sentences imposed, was anything but reassuring. The judge heard my tale of woe and both ot us learned with what I was charged, a general fracture of the peace at an early morning hour p-- 1 an utter inability to explain anything. So said a policeman, who very likely was right, I'm sure I couldn't prove that ho was not. "'If you will let me go, njudge,' I pleaded, 'I'll get out of towu as soon as I can.' "His honor was inclined to bo lenient. 'If you can show me," he said, 'that you havo the means to go away I'll let you go, but tho officer says you hadn'.t a penny when you were searched at tho station.' "Out came my one bill in an instant, and I was free. Did 1 spend it in getting back to college? Not a bit of it—I tramped all the way. .1 was superstitious about that note and wouldn't havo broken it for anything. "Tutoring kept me tho rest of my four years in college; ray eating club going to pieces very soon. But I kept my 'V all the way through, and hove stuck to it ever since. I'm going to havo it framed; it's my mascot. You're in a bank,. yon Bay, and of course, it looks like any other five dollar bill to you. But I .wouldn't part with it for gold." "No," quoth the young man of the cast, seizing the chance to slip in n word edgewise. "It doesn't look like'any othor bill to me." "Why's that!" demanded tho west suspiciously. "Because"—and the cast smiled a smile that, was bland—"the bill's a counterfeit." " ijow the surtlrtn Theory of r llonutlflr* M'omrn. A MINE OF WEALTH. At! fliHli lieol^rrr'H IMgcourM' oiiTCffgl*. ModiclmV IIH IVell il» Food. . The discourse on egy:s which MivSlm- momLs bus Just delivered befon: the Society of Arts is well worthy of the most careful consideration. Eggn, according to tho lecturer, constitute u neglected mine of wealth. Thoy are the one article of agricultural produce fur which the demand Is unlimited, and perhaps the only one in which we mii^ht, did we choose, defy foreign competition. They not only mean money, but they command prices that admit' of pro3t compared with which beef and mutton are of little account and wheat bnrely wcrth mentioning. Huns, for those who know how to utilize them, lay eggs which, if not made of gold, aro quite capable of being turned into that metal, when they are rotailuble all the year round, one month with another, at something not much short of -a penny apiece, while the eggs of ducks will bring a Btill more remunerative price. Eggs are a meal in themselves. Every clement necessary to tho support of man is contained within tho limits of an eggshell, in the beat proportions and in the most palatable form. Plain boiled, they aro wholesome. Tho masters of French cookery, however, affirm that it-is easy to dress them in more than GOO different ways, each method not only economical but salutary in the highest decree. 'No honest appetite ever yet rejected an egg in some guise. It Is nutriment In the most portable form and ; in tho most concentrated shape. \Vholo nations of mankind rarely touch any other animal food. Kings eat them plain as readily as do the humble tribesmen. After the victory of Muhklorf, when the Kaiser Ludwlg Bat at meat with his burg- grafs and great captains, he determined on a piece of luxury — "one egg to every man, and two to the excellently valiant Schwepperman." Far more than flsh— for its wntery dlet-^eggs arc the scholar's fare. They contain phosphorus, which Is brain food, and sulphur, which performs a variety of functions in tho economy. And they are the best of nutriment for children, for, in a compact form, they contain everything that is necessary for the growth of the youthful frame. Eggs arej however, not only food — they are medicine. also. The white Is the moat efficacious of remedies for burns, and tho oil extractable from the yelk is regarded by the Russians as an almost miraculous salve for cuts, bruises and scratches. A raw egg, if swallowed in time, will effectually detach a flsh bone in the throat, and the white of two eggs will render tbo deadly corrosive sublimate as harmless as a dpae of calomel. They strengthen tho consumptive. Invigorate the feeble and render the most susceptible all but proof against jaundice in its more malignant phase. They can also be drunk In the shape of that "eRg fllp"^ which sustains the oratorical efforts of a modern statesman. The merits of eggs do not end oven here. In, Franco alono the wine clariflers use more than 80,000,000 n year, and the Alsatians consume fully 38,000,000 in calico printing and for dressing tho leather •nsc.d in making the finest of French Wd gloves. Finally, not to men- UOB various other ; employiaents for eggs in •• tho nirts, they may, ot course, almost wltUout trouble on the fanner's port, be cbn»erte4 Into fowls, which in any Bhape are profitable to the seller and welcome to the buyer. Even egg shells are valuable, for allopath and homeopath aliko agree In regarding them an the purest of carbonate of lime. — London Standard. TThnt Is the Delstirtian method? If Indies can sccuro cultivation of tlif voice, so as to r?ad und converse in sweetly modulated yet strong and dec] tones, and by the same course of train Ing acquire grace of carriage and the <J» velopment of chest and lungs that ensures health and adda to personal charms, the methods employed are worthy investigation. 80 thought our reporter, who csllert upon Mmc. Gray, the noted teacher of Oratory and Physical Culture, at one ot ourleadlng hotels. As he entered the room a lady tall but well proportioned came with graceful movement toward him. A well-shaped head, crowned with a wealth of iron Cray hnir, dark, brilliant eyes, beneath finely-arched brows, were noted as she approached. When she spoko it was with a voice sweet and low, yet with a wonderful compass. "What is the secret of this power of vocnl expression vou seem to have T" "Secret? there is no secret," laughed Mme. Gray. "Time was whenj had one of the weakest and thinnest of voices. Any one can a c- complish what ••! have done. It is so easy to acquire a full re- ii o n an t voice that willncver tire or grow hoarse. All vocal disabilities may be over- c o m e, hesAation, stammcrinir, stuttering, soon disappear under proper training." "Docs this training affect the physical system?" '•Yes, it will develop the bunt to almost ideal perfection. Gentlemen will add four or five inches chest measurement in as many months." "It is desirable from a point of beauty, then?" "Ycs, : ladles gain the roundness of waist, taper of arm and hand, and the" perfect poise, ease and grace in movement, that add so much to personal charms." "Health, I should think, would be benefited, also?" "Indeed it is. Lung and throat troubles decrease, narrow chests and thin arms are developed, and female weaknesses largely overcome." "It seems to be a regular panacea ?" "No; I am sorry to say that some organs cannot bo made good in this way after they have been injured as mine were by a sojourn near a Southern swamp. Before 1 tried pliysical culture and Warner's safe cure I was a confirmed invalid. I wixs consumptive in early life, and it is only a few years since I overcame a serious liver trouble. 1 owo much to Warner's safe euro, and I do not hesitate to acknowledge it." ~ "And the consumptive tendency ?" "Disappeared after tho use of this remedy, and when I had learned how to breathe. Not one in twenty breathe In such a way ns to fill tho air- cells, to expand the strong muscles at tho base of the lungs, which should do the labor of expelling air. Hence, If kidnev disease prevails, the lungs affected' by the kidney poisoned blood BOOH give way." "Is not your system the Delsartlan system?" "Yes, and I greatly rejoiced when thjs grand teacher • gnvb to the world his ideas. They corresponded to those I had lone taught, for I am a pioneer in this •work ana have devoted life and energy to teaching the*world_ that women may, gain .vocal accomplishments, health, grace and beauty all at the same timo*y these methods of cultivation." "You are yet teaching!" "Yes, at "the School of Oratory and Physical Culture Vt Syracuse, N. Y., a permanent inslitunfin, no successful progress." THE !n>MF,i.rK>T MAN in Sterling as wrll as the handsomest and others call nt our store and cjrt frcf, a trial bottle of Kemp's Hal»:im for the Throat and Lunps. It cures accute and chronic coushs. Price Mi cents and 81. A. H Ileiidricks. IK Snow again: the beautiful snow. WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh's Cure will give you immediate relief. Prire 10 cts., ',<] cts. and 81. (». A. Oliver & Co. -I Drown th;it ground hog; let np on it. Cull the chap » humbug "IlACKMETACK,".a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 25 and so cents. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Dam the river! Ane YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness. Loss of Appetite, Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vit- ahzer is a positive cure. O. A. Oliver &Co. 2 Head the Council dolnga last night. WILL YOU SUFFER with Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint V Hhiloh/a Vltal- izer is guaranteed to cure you. 2 Avoid draughts of wind; they roust be paid in colds. SHILOH'S CATAURH REMEDY—a pos itive cure for Catarrh, Diptheria and Canker Mouth, O.A.Oliver &Co. 2 -tt Wonder* rsK tn thou*nmt of form*, tint rvro . i nirrm nt < p fl hy t m marvels of InvewMnn. Thr»s« who nrR In nrrd of ;Tfifit:».l>!o wnrK ttml fan h*MJnn«» white 1!vine at iinmenhiniM ntmicp*<?m! Thf'lr arirlrnM to Hal- loU A <-<>.. Portland. M;\ln-\nii'l receive free, full Infnnnntlon how plrhwr SOT, nf Hll atrps, can earn from $5 to $25 p^r dfty and mm-.irclji wVifrvvi'r tltf-y live Y«m ;*r*' ntHrl^d fnvj. Capita! imt rf»- (inirr-d. Somp IMVP nm*!e over ?. r ,o \\\ a «»fnelfl day at this work. All sm'<vt*d, dwtl 9. M. BEEOHER, PL01BEB, STEAM —AND— GAS FITTER, Iron,, Culvert and Sewer 1-Hpe. A Fall I-lne of Braan <»oodn, Knjclne Trimming*. At Pumps and pump Repairs, Gas Jid Oil Fixtures. SHOP OPPOHITK POST OFFICE Ol» FOrRTH STHKKT ~ The springtime is coining, gentle anl —mation. That Is to Bay, let emma- tion come with the springtime. SHILOII' CUKE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and bronchitis. O.A. Oliver & Co. 2, Be not deceived; popular applause is like April sunshine—transitory. A NASAL IN.TECTOK tree with each bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 SPECIAL ! Mr. Gulmoruca, B Portuguese inventor, IB said to have nuide a new repeating guu called tliti Archimedes which require* neither powder nor eoiiiprvsistxl air. It In ft clevor Arrangement of extremely [Xiwerf til spring?, «ml (A wiid to carry quite &» fur u say aniiDanr areey rlfl*. HctakL Act from highest motive—because It is right. FonDyarKPsiAandLiverComplaint, you have a primed guarantee on every bottle of Shiloh's Viializer. It never fails to cure. O.A. ffjiygr ~&fio. 3 Why fear tho coming of evil, when the present is with you for consideration. "The best on earth" can truly be said of Urigg's Glycerine Salve— a speedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, sores, piles; tetter and ull skin eruptions. Try this wonder healer. 25 cts. Guaranteed. 0. A. Oliver & Co. SUte candidates regard these farmers' institutes BS regular godsends. They don't miss one. Their ItnMneHN Ilonmlng. Probably, no one thing las caused such a revival of'trade atTStrlckler & liopraes Drug Store as their giving away to their customers of so many free trial bottles ot Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. Their trade is simply enormous in this very valuable article from the fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and all throat and lung diseases quickly cured. You can test It before buying by getting a trial bottle free, large size 81. Every bottle warranted. Hurry up the dam, if. you please, gentlemen.- IIucUIen'B Arnica Halve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fnver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postlvely cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale byS trickier & Boorse. Campaign papers are starting up all around. ZBria'brclca.eied. Ta,Tole .etrxd. G&reets. Wait for it I Watch for it 11 Prices on the above lines will be the lowest ever made in this city. (Due announcement will be made of the exact time. now in very From l»eer urove. .Feb. 2—The grain buyers are kept busy, large quantities of grain corning in every day. '.'- . ' Some of our Sterling business men was here on business this week. Deer Grove school is making preparations for a good time at the'Central examination this year. The thaw we are having is making very bad roads for sleighing. Our young folks had a good time at the masquerade ball in Tampico Thursday evening. Nothing was left undone towards making preparations for a good time by those in charge. Mr. Sullivan from Wisconsin is visit- Ing at Mr. John Drew's. The ditch question is exerting some debate among those interested. Rev. Father Sullivan has been called to Chicago to acoupt a parish in that place this week, leaving the people of Tampico. ' While oiir correspondent was returning home to Deer Grove last Tuesday eveuine.'he was very much alarmed by meeting some object on the roadside in the shape of a snowplow, but instead of plowing through the snow, it was packing it down in great shape, and being very curious to discover the manner by which it was. making such a compact tract, we drove up quite near aud found it was Charley McCabe, who had lost ttw hind bob and was going along with front. bob and wagon box which contained himself, Mr. Hutten and a quarter ?of beef, all settled down nicely against the hind end gate. I think it would not be doing any injustice to the town if the commtssioueas would allow Charley his poll tax for improving the road as he did.' 4 ,.A young heir arrived at the residence of Lawrence Dawson and probabilities are he has come to stay awhile. AB.T. Be.tlnth. World j BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS ( N. CARPENTER & OO. CONDENSED NEWS. Ilrare Up. You are feeling depressed, your appetite is poor, you are bothered with headache, you. are fldgetty, nervous, and generally out of sorts, and want to brace up. Brace up, but not with' stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, which have for their basis very cheap, bad whiskey, and which stimulate you for an hour, and then leave you in a worse condition than before. What vou want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy- action of Liver and Kidneys, restore your vitality,- and give renewed health and strength. Such a medicine you will flud in Electric Bitters, and only CO cents a bottle at Strickler & Boorses Drugstore Be true to yonrself; the world is next. Without health life has no sunshine. Who could be "happy with dyspepsia, piles, low spirits, headache, ague or diseases of the stomach, liver or kidneys V Dr. Jones' Ked Clover Tonic quickly cures the above diseases. Price 50 cents. For sale by O. A. Oliver. To Trade- A well improved farm in Whiteside Co. of 140 _acres to trade for Keb.—or Kansas lands. Strike quick if you want it, it is desirable. tf F. B. HUBBARD. •We should have sewerage. Piles—Blind, Bleeding and Itching:. Positively cured by Darbys Prophylactic Fluid. Bathe with a little of the Fluid added to the water. A single application will allay the itching, soothe all inflammation, deodorize all offen- slveness and staunch the bleeding. Tetter and Scald Head are quickly cured by Darbya Prophylactic Fluid. tths Make a good ready for a lively time with the opening of spring. Some of our most prominent citizens have been cured of rheumatism of years standing by that wonderful pain- banisher, Salvation OH. Sold by all druggists for twenty-live eta. a bottle. The "Intellectual Salad" Bowl. At the New England Woman Suffrage fair one of tho tables had a decided novelty. This wo» the "intellectual salad" bowl, with lettuce leaves made of green tlBgne paper, « poetical quotation written upon each. For five cents any one might tuka a leaf, and M he could tell the author of the quotation he might keep it, oUit-rwUe it had to bo returned to tha bowl. The original oo*t of this dish of ulad W'ILJ tuii ci'ius, tuu.1 it btouuht f 13.68 Into tha titMuwy, biigidea iimkiug o, groat Ruttiia'a Cold Climate. This being such on extremely cold cll- tnatc, wood is the principal commodity, and its production affords employment for a largo percentage of the people. For miles along the rivers here and 'at St. Petersburg are stacks of wood, and wood barges are unloading during the entire time the streams are open for navigation. Wood ia burned in tho houses for heating purposes during every month of the year. I havo worn u heavy overcoat during the middle of the day at St. Petersburg In August, and then was chilly. The great wonder 19 where vegetation gets suiUeient •warmth to propajtuta it {Xiciislonttlly there is n warm dny, when tht thermometer will go up to 76 degs. or 60 dcgs., but it is rare.—Moscow Cor. Cluveluad leader. The man that succeeds now adays ia tha live man, who U up to the times; and no bettor evidence of tkig It needed than the fact that erary go-ahead housekeeper ia never without Dr. Hull'8 CoUj|b Syrup. .Wednesday a convention of Oklahoma boomers U to be held at Kansas City. A conflagration in the village of St. Anna Kankakoe county, Ilia., Sunday night, destroyed twelve business home*. Losa, $25,000. Joseph Baunden drank half a bottle of muriatic acid at tha Hotel RenauJ, Detroit, Monday, with suicidal Intent. He BUffera terribly,-tut may recover. At a labor riot e.t Huelva, Spain, Sunday, tha soldiers killed ten civilians and wounded five others, Two soldier*, were wo'indod and the rioters used dynamite bombs. The ewolllng in the lawer part of tha German crown prineo'i larynx has slightly Increased and interferes tomewhat with nil respiration when he aiorta himself. The Salvation army was mobbed by hoodlums at Springfield, Ilia, Monday evening. The attack was made with dead cat*, rotten eggs, etc., and ODD girl was knocked tense- leei Chamben' planlng-mlll at Allegheny, Fa,, caved in Monday morning, killing Fat Cooley, badly injuring four otbora, and causing a panic among the- employes. There were many narrow escapee.. A .farmer named Telson, near Hamburg, Neb., laid in wait for hog thlev-oi Sunday night The thieves came and he shot two of them, killing one instantly and fatally wounding the, other. Their name* were Rumple and Holt A girl only 1!} years old was in St. Joseph, Mo,, Monday looking for her runaway hatband, who ii her second venture matrimonial She says she was forced to marry by her father both times. She has had two children, both of whom are dead. A judge in Pennsylvania has decided that la a murder trial in which tha jury faili to ajroe, the accused must be liberated and can not again be tried for the same offense, became tho CDnstltution provide] that "no person shall be nubjoct for the same oftenaa to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb." The question has been submitted to the supreme court. T. L. Burford, a wealthy farmer of Pettls county; Missouri, died recently, disinheriting two of his sona, and bequeathing his. money to two other BODS, The will was contested, and Monday when the will was produced in the probate court at Sedalla it was found that tho lower part of the document had been torn off. The legatees claimed that mice had nibbled off the signatures, etc., but the judge decided that the will was-void, and an equal division of the estate will be made. • DeHth or Mr*. Oliver Wontlell Holme*. BOSTON, Fdb. 7.—Mrs. Oliver Wendell Holmes, wife of Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, died at her residence lu Boacon street Monday morning In the COlh year of her age. A Constitutional Couimomorntion. BOSTON, Feb. 7.—Flags wore flying from all the public buildings Monday in commemoration of the adoption by Massachusetts, 100 years ago, of the federal constitution. Nhoe Mntmfactarers Assign. DANVKHS, Ma«, Feb. 7,-rC. C. Farwsll & Co., shoe manufacturers, have assigned. The liabilities aroestimated at $300,000. They ara mostly due to backs. De'Bruzzn, the African explorer, says tho upp«r Congo region te-ems with ivory. He found large qimutlUes of tusks ia tome of the villages, and they were often offered to him fur small quantities of beads. Whilo he was floating rtjwn river he law m «IglU days 105 along !iio bank.—Chicago N*wa. XlUe an Earthquake Shock.' _The explosion of a water reservoir or toiler in the kitchen of the Kirby honee, Milwaukee, recently, was perfectly recorded in the vibrations given ' by the shock to a ruling machine in tho bindery of Tho Sentinel. The machine ia directly opposite one of tho windows of the bindery, nnd was in full motion when the ex-_ plosion took place, drawing straight lines. The flat impulse of the shock carried the pen npjwy half an inch from the true line; ;ben for some distance it approached the true Hue again without wavering, when it suddenly drew wavering lines for the final reactionary vibrations. The lines are just such as aro made by tho seismometer in an earthquake shook;.—New Orleans Picayune. CUBECONSTEPAEfoN. To enjoy health one nhonld have regular «T»«a«tlon» every tw«n y four hour*. The evlU, both mental and pkyatcal, resulting from HABITUAL CONSTIPATION are many aud >erlon«. For tho cnre of tola common troulile.Tntt'* Liver Pills have Rallied a popularity unparalleled. EteiranU)rs\a|ra*coaied. SOLD EVERYWHERE. ' Duplex Corset MARK. Integrity of material and make. Glres suppleness, ease and elognnee to the form Con be depended upon for satisfactory service. Warranted. Bold every where for One Collar. Sample aunt post-paid ou receipt of pnoe, BORTREEVJ'FG.CO.JACKSOH, MICH. A JEW METHOD OF TREATING CHRONIC DISEASES, DE PEW PLACE, Established and successfully conducted by Dr. H H.DePew & Sou, who ape prepared to treat all the most complicated forma of lUseuse. both Acute and Chronic. ; This is not a sanitarium or hospital, but & home where patient) can be carrd for while boiug treated by the MKW HKTH«a>. : Alldlneaaes peculiar to WOMI'.N, diseases of tbeUIUNAKY and HKXUAL OKOANB, every form of NEKVOUrt D1RK»«E8: also of the STOMACH and LIVEK. PILES and FISTULA. arc by the MKW MKTHOO j RADtCAlLY CORED The advantages of the WK1V MKTKOI> over ail others uro. Immediate relief and complete reeoverr, &* the casos reported pro?es. By a N KW METHOD of illatfiioscs they an) «n*b!«l to treat many cases sucuejsf uUy by Ifetter. They will visit iHUionta In any pun of tut> country ou short notice, £or a reu3«n»ble lee Their methods are uulilte all otUer» mid wil! cure wbtsil everything elso falls. No letter an (twvred ualM« «cooaipiule4 by 4 cents la Or. H H. 1>£ PEW *!*»*!, 891 Flltii A»entrt, ewu«r Tttlrd Bt, Oliiitoa, Ia. tths-w THE BEST '•" PRACTICAL ART MAGAZ NF. A Snpcrb Colored PUle with Eierj Nnmber H5.OO.) Send this advertisement and 94.00 (subscrlp- lon price for 1838) direct to the publisher, before March 1st, ana you will receive The Art Amateur FROM OCTOBER '«7, 70 OCTOBER '88 15 Beautiful Colored Plates ?ac-81ml>es of Portrait. Fruit, Flower, Marine, and Landjcape Studies, equally suitable for • copying (Jr for framing. 140 Pages of Useful Designs,. In black ami white, working size, admirably for Oil and Water-Color Fainting, Ta- Painting; China Painting, -Churcn_aud IOIUB Kinbroliery, Wood Carving, Brass Horn- mitring, and other Art Work. 300 Pages of Practical Text; Itlchly illustrated. «nd crowded with interesting and valuable articles,, with abundant hints lor Home Decoration. Now latbe time to send, together with this' card. Four Dollars for 1688, and receive also THREE MONTHS FREE t Includmft throe jportlonlarly fine colored plates r nmiioly: A maeintlcent studr of •'Urapes," by A. J. U. way; a charming "Landscape. "with windmill and figures by W. H. IllUlaraJ and a richly colored study of ''ransles," by II. Lamb. Address MONTAGUE MA.RES, «tS Union Hquare, New P. B.— Five different Specimen Numbers, with Five Beautiful Colored Plates will b- sent on receipt of this paragraph and One Dollar (regular price, J1.76). Address ft} above. E. B. FAOEY & CO. EBS H AVE NOW IN THEIR EMPLOY MR, JOHN BUCKLE?, recently In toe employ of J. S, Johnstdae as Plumber. Wealsp have arranKemeuta with WALTER A. FACET, aii expert Plumber, BOW with K, Baggot In tba best plumbing establishment In Chicago, in case of auy fine or extra work, to assist us. We are prepared to make oontnMrts and Surnluli material for all work In tha I'lnjnShie, £g«arn and Oas Fitting line, and kfeep lit *i0c¥ Iron, lead and sewer pip*, brass KOcxJ«.pUBips,«».,£c. ; everything to uo found Ta a nrst-elaas establishment, at reasonable prices, aud we are now prepared to do work lu a nulls factory manner audT guarantee all work and material as represented. T. K. FACEV, who baa been In buslnese here almost continuously for the last thirty-two yean, will superintend the work. His qualifications a.i a mechanic are too well known to need, corn- meat. _ " v . "- ,;• ' KHOF AT THE OLD «TAJU> FACH BLOCK. STERLING, ILL. .Reel JLiine INo. 1. I,»Wll» «<3MASy«Ai UAf MTA.KTEp AT THJB "V CfAZSTTS BINDER T, Q

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