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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, June 8, 1859
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S n kt.... f>,0il R o n u d * A. !„ a u g- «1 <» n , ADVI ItTISIlVG AGENTS. 1 f>'> Itanriclpli street t nrf auUwrisrd to rt- <-?<r<: jtdvrriier Me ,,t, jar tkifand all tht leading f'nf.fn of fht KOI thine ft, and art the OSIT and KI- miMi-riT <nitlir>ri:c d A ptiiU in ttu JforVivjttl for o uia.H-t-itp nftlifm mart IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. »'. M roWEBOT. ElJlTOR. 'l«-ii»nrolo{rirnl liirorrt, for June T, '59 «c,.t by I.. II. G.UttHNKR A CO., IVufrjrist., 18 Sprinp ?treei . - • *• S p. M. 5 T. «. '« - « ,7«o a s»»a f^ P" r Trlrtfrafih and Cmnmercial mattrri -f Foiirfi. !'„„, •* BOA /The PLelp Abac Aid. Victor of anc cillers, the eltt approv tloa of Aid. table u Agre. The the Cilj dinanct cillorsc Which The i recount of the e as prcv For p ng the Aid.'] ufflcien sonable eld lial Aid. en and Whicl For K r , fconunon Council Proceeding*. , 1859^ ) or iS.-C.AVest In the chair, ail—-Aid. Lippert, Niederman, • ', Phillips; Prentiss, Smith and West. Absent—Aid. Dousman. ' Aid. Prentice presented a remonstrance from Victor Sehulte and otbera against tbe adoption of an oiTfJjnanoe passed by tlie Board t)f Conn- cillers, iuthorizing a euhmissiou to a vote of the electors of the city of the. question of the approval ol a certain contract for the construe- ID of Water Works. Aid. Prentisi moved that it be laid an .the table nmil the ordinance came-up. Agreed to. The Chair presected a commnuioat on from the City Olerk, togetuor with resolutions, ordinances, &o., passed by tbe Board of Coun. cillors on the 80th ol May and 4th of June — Which were taken up as follows The nndermentionedfStreet Commissioner'^ •ecommeudartous with resolutions approving of the same and ordering Uie work to he done law, viz: MBS* WABD. For paving thealle.y in block 158, and order-~~ r " ng the work lo lie done in t*u "dav*. Ald.'Prentiss said that ten days was not JH work, and unless reasonable time was allowed tLe lots could not I* ild liable for Ihe cost. Aid. O'Neil moved to amend >.y striking out and inyertinjr ihirtv. - .trx'rl tn HKCOND WARD For RraveHinp 9lli stre,-t from Chestnut to Vn assortmnnt of fine furniture will lie ! Cedar rtreet, planking the f idewalks and par- sold :it Hood's Auction Rooms, No 4, Spring i it>K l ' H ' « ut '*' ril - ^^^^ MORNING, ' JUNE ^•••••••••^— * . • ~i .1. -;•_• .,! ....... -r- : • '.i Jk.n ordinaneirtb'atnend an ordinance i toTCg* alate hackney coached, drayii, &or. paBMrl . i 1J-.: >»n" ! ' ~ f ' /Itii'ii: "^Lii'J-il 1 .'_ ' "' : '- -'' ~i : --' 1''"'• An'g. f 29, 1^. / ThU ordlnanpe. am^di by atrfkfngr cut the words "jiorth: of Spring street," and inserting "south of Spring street," t. this m.irninp Hi leu o'clock. CnowuEH OPT —(In-inc to th» liberal on p- plv o( Council pro<--r-dinps which havt- do. mand.-<l B plat* in our columns yesterday and u.-day. a pood deal of matter has unavoidably been laid onr. including two interesting Pastoral letters- from Rev J. C. Richmond. GEF.AT REIITCTIOK IN FARE.—The agent of the Detroit & Milwaukee R R., at No 230 East WuUr ptrp-t jnst lielow tbe Walker House tickets papsenp^rs thronph at the following rat**s Milwaukee lo New York City. - §12 00 Milwaukee to BosU.u. - . . - 14 f>0 Milwaukee to Philadelphia - . 10 00 Milwank-- to Baltimore. - - 10 00 " IDA HOLSK, SPABTA. June 7. '5<l " SIB — Please find a small lot of the Lest trout that w*re ever canpht in Sparta," wrote that capital landlord and prince among good fellows, mine LOM of the Ida House. 8. P. For grading tb» south alley in block 162. Also the north alley in bln.-k I6S. to the *e taWished.crade. For constructing * sewn- through tlie north alley in block 164 For gravelling Poplar UU-CK! between 4th and 7th streets, planking the sidewalks and pay. ing the gutters. Wbich was concurred in For constructing a sewer through the alley between Poplar and Chcsaut atreeu, from 6th stre-t te tht-fiver. On the motion of Aid Phelps It was laidcn the table. A resolution declaring enndry lots in tbe I Second Ward public nuisances with estimates i of costs and Iwnefits, and ord«ring thn »ame to I be abated within tee dajs. Aid Plielps moved to strike out "ten" and insert "thiMy '' line of the south sidewalk of Spring street, where the same crosses West Water'street.' Which was read twice. On the motion of Aid. O'Neill the roles were suspended; it was then read a third time and passed. . ' . An ordinance establishing a hay market and regulating tbe sale of hay in tbe Second,Sixth and Ninth Wards, in the city of Milwaukee. Which was read twice. On the motion of Aid. Phelps,tbe rules were suspended. The ordinance was then read a third Jime and passed. An ordinance establishing a stand for tbe sale of wood in the Second Ward of the city of Milwaukee. Which waa read twice, On tbe motion of Aid. Phelps, tbe rales were suspended, tbe ordinance was then read a third lime and passed. , A resolution direntitvMne City Clerk to deliver to William Wm.uucity order, authorized a wai rant on the treasury, to be issued on the claim of John L, Owens against the city of Milwaukee, amounting to one hundred and eight dollars on the delivery to said Clerk by said Wood of an 01 der for the aame from John L Owens, dated January 25, 1859. Aid. Prenlisi said he bad looked into tbe miiUer and there was no question on his mind but that Mr. Wood was entitled to receive the order. Aid. O'Neill moved that it be referred to the committee on schools. Which was carried by the following vote : Ayes—Aid L;ppert,' Niedermann, O'Neill, Phillips, Smith and West. Noes—Aid. Phelps and Prenties. A resolution that the Comptroller be authorized to advertise for proposals for tbe fol> ; -^Ln Wdlniitiife:cntlUedMi ordinance, in re. JiMoitto watwiwpVka, ...'.'' Aid, PrBnti8s| called from the table tbe re \nonrtranw against il)e O fo Yiqtor Schulte. and others nance. Mr. .Pre&tUs said that thi» wag tbe same ordinance which had been declared rejected by the Mayor : n Ihe other ; a mptioi bad been afterwardi) made to re-consider, wi|ioh was lost; there was then an end of it; if $he matter «ras to have come up again, there jehonld have been a new ordinance. j The chair soft! he was of opinion that tbe ordinance shoald be received. Tbe ordinance Was read twice. Aid. O'Neill moved to suspend the rules Aid. Prentias'eaid he would be obliged to vote against the jmotlon, as this board had no opportunity of (Investigating the mailer, as tbe other board elid not refer it to a joint committee, this boa^-d sho lid have time to see how the amendments »ored on the contract, and he bad seriofas doubts if the law was constitutional; it was an impoHattt matter, and tho board should aot hastily. Mr. Prentiss then moved to refer tbe ordinance and retnodstranca lo the committee oti i I > * M engers save gl 50 hy pun-nasm* t c judiciary. : b«fore 1 The Chair said h« could not oousent to vole enforce an ordinance recently passed relating to I '' • * J the payment of licenses br-auotioneir* | cr.«TF Whioh was adapted. The Chair presfmtml a plat of Oti* || n l.- burd'i Addition, in the ninth wan], to the ,;iu of Milwaukee. __ | Referred to the Cnmmittfe on plats. I Sundry bills reported correct by the respect- ! Ive cottimitteea, »»r«*llowed and referred l.i i tbe Controller. On motion, the Board adjourned R B. LVNCH, CUT Clerk. r.«T Conrt. i WlrtUm l'ha>l » r« Franz I.t- o, l"tvid Adle Samuel >h i IN v.iar I I ill -a, I I 4lh .,», .., ,, I I'.H. „• .„ , , JUIK-, | f.,llnw,r,vr 3. I DR, KANE'S ARCTIC VOYAGES 'Ill '.). Unparalleled r«Jur«ion of fnre via Mil- waiifcee & Chicajfc, PiUsbnrg, Fort Wayne & Chicago, Mioli. Central and Michigan Southern Railroads : From Milwaukee lo New York, From Milwaukee to Boston, - • From Milwaukee to Baltimore, • From Milwaukee to Philadelphia, 1 1 i (I From Milwaukee to flarrwl.urg, 11 00 From Milwaukee to Piltuhuri?, - - 9 00 Office, corner fff Ea-<t Waiter and Wisconsin streets, formerly occupied hy i:*K.l. Will — 1M 00 15 00 1 1 00 A I I, I • i-h » • n , I .' • •. M I\B !'!>! fcY. •\ > Oil III \ I > ' 'Ml n tn.-.. rnf ill, ii p Milwaukee FT K Greeiiman. and wefoubd them The l>ox was small, bnt not so the trout—seven in number —larger than any.thai we have ever before seen in the^State of Wisconsin, or elsewhere. We did not suppose that brook trout ever at tamed the size of these bouncing fellow? Our generous friend will accept our sincere thanks for hit seasonable and valoable donation.— May hi* shadow never be less.' NEW PEEIODICAL AND NEWS DEPOT.— Messrs. Tunis A: McKeever are now opening in Young's Block, corner of Main and Wisconsin streets, just Iwlow ihe Post Office, a depot for the sa.le of the latest publications, including Xew York and London Newspapers, Magazines and Reviews, which they will be able to famis:L ID advance of the mails, and in many instances in advance of any other dealers in this city Mr. Tunis is extensively engaged in this business along tbe entire line of the Great Western & Detroit & Milwaukee Jlailways, which afford him superior facilities for famishing the people of Milwaukee with the Foreign Newspapers, Magazines and Reviews, jiarticu- larly, as he can in most cases, deliver them here two days in advance of the mail. We have now lying before us,a splendid copy of tbe London /Illustrated .Vrirj, brought by the America, vrlnch We repeivud through the politeness of Messrs. Tunis i McKeever, Monday morning. This shows what they can do in that line, as the news brought by the America were -only telegraphed here last Saturday evening. Thif Ls a double superb nnmber, •wiih a colored supplement, containing portraits of many of the distinguished personage? Jiow engaged in the great European war, also cuts illustrating the embarkation and arrival of troops, etc., etc. TUe colored supplement contains the Boulevard de Sebastopol, Paris, *nd Children Nut-gathering. This unmber if equal, if not superior, to »ny number of the niuttrattd A'rwf ever issued, although the paper its«Jf has long stood unrivalled. We advise out r«ader$ to make the acquaintance of the new firm, as we are confident that they will keep a stock on hand folly adequate tc tbe wants and demands of tbe public TBS NORTH BRITISH REVIEW FOE MAT is at least equal in literary merit to the other publication? of tbe quarter A review o( the Whioli was agreed to. and tb« resolution as amended adopted. THIRD WABD. For constrncting a s-wer through Work 16, and ordering the work to be done in ton days. Aid. Smith moved to amend tiy striking out ' t«n" and inserting "thirty." Wbich waf agreed to, and th« resolution as amended adopted For paving the foot of Huron street in front of the S one third of lot 6, block 4, »nd N. two thirds of hit 1 block S. Concurred in. rOUBTK WARD. For declaring sundry lots jmUic nuisances, with estimates of costs and benefits, and ord ering the same to be abated in ten days. Aid. Prentiss moved to amend by striking out "ten" and inserting "thirty." Wbich was agreed to and the reColntios B B amended adopted. FIFTH WABD. Resolution with estimate of cortt and beue8ts declaring snndry lots nuisances, and ordering them lobe abated within twenty days Concnrred in. SIXTH WARD. A recommendation for constructing a sewer through Mock 28. Concurred in. EIGHTH WAtll. For grading Walker street and sidewalk from 6th Avenue to W. line of Walker's addition, and for repaving and planking certain parts of tbe north sidewalks. For grading Washington street and sidewalks from 4ih Avenue lo the W. line of W. P. addition, and planking sidewalks. For grading 5th Avenue from Elizabeth street to Scott street »nd planking sidewalks. For gr»dtng and fencing tb« pnfclie square, i and streets and sidewalks adjoining, and planking the sidewalks. Concurred in. For declaring certain lots pnblic nnisuices with estimate of costs and benefits, and orde ing th* same to be abated within twenty days Aid. Niedemian moved to amend by «lrikin out " twenty," and inserting " thirty." Wbioh was agreed to.^and the resolution a amended was adopted. The following resolution* and ordinances passed by the Board of Councilor^, were take up : first volume Mi --mi's "Milton and bis Times," gives us the little that is known of theport'g life, in connection wilt tbe political, eeolesiaMlioal , and literary" history of bis time, and more especially dwelling upon the prose writings. With certain objections to Mr. Masson's work, the reviewer still pronounces it to lie a production which is sure to secure wide and respectful attention, and a sound reputation A biographical sketch of the late Donglas Jen-old is pleasantly illustrative of Modern literary life, filled out with much personal detail and anecdote. Mrs. Sohimmelpennick'g "Select Memoirs of Port Rojal'Vortns the text A report of th* select committee Cn the petition of £. Baker and others, asking that tb cost for constructing a aewer leading from Mr Vliet's land through Ninth and Walnut streets be charged U> the lots, and not to the Ward The committee reported that tbe sewer was of importance to the whole Ward, and recom mended the passage of a resolution charging the expense fb the Ninth 7 Ward fund. Which was concurred in. • A resolution that Walnut aireot, from Ser enth to Twentieth street, be ordered gravelled the sidewalks planked and getters paved. Concurred In. Resolutions for extending the contracts o Stephen Boff, for North street, Ninth Ward, to the 20th of July; of Dennii Cnlligan, for Brady street, in the First Ward, to the 1st of of a popnlar account of tbe history^ Port November; «4 of H; Westarman for Teuto. Royal and its inmates, the story of which has aia street, in tbe Ninth Ward, to the 1st day already been many times told, »nd still com- : o f-Jnly next, mands renewed sympathy and admiration.— The pure and noble character of that remarkable woman, Mere Angeliqne, her trials and her triumphs, her piety and her beaevolence, are here briefly and tonchingly portrayed. Two other articles meriting careful perusal are a "Sketch of the History and Development of SoeSniaaIsm',"«Bd a review of Sir W. Hamilton's Lectures on Metapbysic and Logic, ar- tioles which we Lave only space to indicate hy name. Miss Procter's "Legends and Lyrics" are favorably reviewied. The pmper on Birds has some instructive observations on tbe relative ein?s and geographical distribution of tbe feathered race, as well aeon ornithic anatomy. "The British Treat— its Growth, Liberty and Power," t^'lnclian Colonization," and the "Public Life of Lord BronghanV'are all treated at considerable length, and would seem'to deserve more than the harty perusal which we ham *gyet been able to give then. We feel justified in heartily commending the whole •umber to tba attention of our readers.. Ee-pnHi«hed by Leonard Seott & Co^.64 OoldStrwt, New York, who *iso reprint the London Quarterly, Westminster and Edin- Black wood's JJagaiine ; •t $3* year»ingly, or $10 * yew for llw.wbob Concnrred in. A resolution that ihe recommendation of th- Street Commissioners for grareHog River street in the Seventh "Ward, planking the sidewalks, and paring tbe gotten, be adopted. Concurred ID. * Aid. Prentiis remarked that it was very im portant that application should- be made by a majority of the lot owners .tor 4ny improve. •menteon streets or alleys, as otherwise the lots oonld not be made liable fpr the payment. A Tesolntion instructing the Treasurer to cancel tbe special tax of 94B 90-100 on lot SO, "block 12, on Galena street, Ninth Ward— th» same having been erroneously levied, and that the Controller be authorised to enter the said tax in the lilt for 1859, against lot 20, block 6. in said Ward; ' . ; ' ^ --'- ' On the . motion of Aid. Phelpi, it .was re^ ferred to the committee on judiciary. * ~ A resolution "thatit will be neeeaiaryto open Centre street, from Third lo Fifth street, in the Sixth Ward trf foe city of Milwaukee,". , ' Aid. Phelps . ;was DO, intimation thatth* bond wbietbe lawreqnlred, had been JU«d with the Conf roller, and moved that the rewlntion be lald-on tbe table, lowing articles to be used in repairing bridges for the ensuing year, vii : Castings, par lb; bolts and nuts per lb; spikes, per lb; rabbit or composition metal, per lb; wrought or forged Iron, per lh; steel work, per lb; lack srews, per piece; work per day, fitting up castings. Aid. Smith said that frequently the bridges required to b<* repaired without delay, and there would not be time to advertiie for proposals Aid Prentiss said the, Uw wa« clear, that all work should be let hy contract to the lowest bidder. The qnestion OB concurring (n the passage of the resolution was put hy the Chair, and concurred in by the following vote: Ayes—Aid. Niedemian, Pbelps, Phillips Prentiss and West Noea— Aid Lippert, O'Neill and Smith. A resolution approving of i plat of the Avenues in the First Ward, made by tbe City Engineer, and ditvcling the Clerk to have the same placed on ret-ord in j^ie Register's omoa of Milwaukee couulv Concnrred in A resolutiou that the Chief of Police l.« Instructed to cause the alley in rear of blocks 113 and 119 to be opened and cauge to b. re moved the »hanu~-- ., n Park street in ihe 7th Ward. Concnrred tn. A resolution appropriating to John George $50 to apply on his contract for cleaning streets In tbe 7th Ward Concnrred in. \ A resolution authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to issue to Patrick Hoy. $900 j u c j tT warrant* in full payment of his judgment against the city, and upon condition that he relieve all property of the city held by him Aid. O'Neill said he thought the sum an- tborixed in the resolution was too much, and moved that the matter lw referred to the judiciary committee. Aid. Prentiss said that a report was made by Mr. Medley, to the Council last year, that not more than $260 or' $300 worth of work was done by Mr. Hoy, by the inattention of the City Attorney jngment was obtained against the city, and he would vote against any appropriation until a just compensation could be experted. Aid. O'Neill's motion was then agreed to. A resolution that the Mayor and Clerk to issue City orders to the amount of $50 to If. Keogh to apply on bis contract for reparing crossing in the First Ward. Concurred in. A resolution authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to issue a treasury warrant in favor of McAndrew* for $1,326,14 being in full for two notes (with Interest and exchange) giving by for the ordinance without examination, put the question 60 Mr. Preutisa 1 motion was carried by the following vale: Ayca—Aid. Uippert, Niedermao Phelps, Premiss, Sm1th t aiid West—e. Nofs—Aid. O'HeJII and Phlilips—2. An ordinance to lioetise and regulate steam boats, railroad add hotel runneri Which was reail twice, and laid over uuder the rules. Aid Plielps called from the table " an ordinance to changu' and p-rmaneutly tbe grade of a p«rt of Third and West WaU-r street*, in the Second Ward of the City ef Mil- waukve." Alii Phelps moved to amend by adding a fifth 8««ion to th<» ordinance to e«tal)ltsh the width of the aide Walk at sixteen feet, and the priviledgt- to the occupants of lota fronting on the .streets of using one fool more of said sidewalk than provided iu an ordinance lo prevent the destruction of street.,, alleys an ,] side-walks, passed August 18, Which amendment was concurred in. _The ordinance was then read a third time and passed. Aid. PrcnlisB, from the judiciary committee, to whom was referred a resolution to repeal a joint resolution, passed l.y the KU- Common Council, (in 1858) milhorlime oily I VV'lk.1. h. , 1,1 „, n warrants to hv drawn on the Treasury \«* r "'•"'"' "- n w ing ten per cent interest, presented a report, together with a Btii'Stituue for the al.ove mentioned resolntion. The report 8*1 forth that the objects it was expected would be obtained hy issuing warrants, bearing interest, h»d not l.een realize! and onght to be repealed, and proposed a new form of warrrnl far the year ldf>9, on which no interest would accrue, and recommended the adoption of the following as L substitute 1 n'. i n i u H Da. KANE'S ARUTH. VOTAIIES, AT ilo/ABT HALL.— We clip the following frmu the Louisville Daily Demo-raj [luring its sojourn in this citjr it has created an interest Heldom given to Panoramic exhihitu-ini. lifthij we feel confident, rrnm HIP furl „( m popularity, and the a.tiniiutinr. n-hi.-l expressed liy all who h iv>. witn <--,! We can sw aurora Uir-ali*. ihe m mock 3nnv dasti-ll-d ir-l^rv" 1-r in, piler) up hamrnrx'ks. ma.I.- g" and all the phenomena au.l cliino, with much in.,r>- |]-a.-nr- w|, FUDiUmr clothes on than the .A r.-ti.- ; e .u.> did when enc.ig,it m |u rs ari'l eating nr r , thrr» brar* i,r..<u.-k< at i m- al Thi- nf.. Was to 1,,- expect, .i 3S th.. whol.) r,,ntn, „ .., voyage was cx-euted l.y .ru,'- iron; OM^-H, drawings taken on in- sj>ot I v th- var'< -i- | plorer--. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. K*xi u ai. r i > I "% I i. n i r-ik;- in,I >,,,, i,,.i,t M-ti l,y f,,. „,,„ wonder* of tli>t "H; riY, J1J -I -. A PRUJII'ORV NOTK l..r Helj, --Itfrit ID •!)• I,. ^[' Waukf,-, Oet<,t»er 1--, ]<,-. f I RMTI It f \ I in lieu of the resolution vn r^ferrvd to. 'uri..tur-| r Arm Ct,»ir!i A T H.,ol Thursil - 11 I K r > i CTIO.N sill III ) ' ,fk,. \ • . ,- i <• v DTJ t»c,.i, Ci iitiniK. i. Tdaii i r'" I O:l«; rlTATt ,1. That a certain joint resolution, ' - pa»sed 29tb, May,'A Ll 185«, authorizing th.' I s ••''•" * i«sne of warrants on the Treasary, h-arinv in ' """" '" terest at the rate often per annum l>- an^ the same is hereby repealed Provided how- I ever, that such report nhall not j n-rent tljc i i«aue of interest warrants on ntiv claims i against the city or-wards, on any contract en- ' tered into by the Conimnn Council l*>tweeu the JHh day of Aprilf A l> IKW. and the mh day of April, A. D 18:>9. and which vet remain unliquidated, Which report and substitute was adopte.1. a'," fa\'r,'° Aid Premiss frdin the same c.>mmittee to I ''"""ii •' M <• ii K i< i r »• i? WU-TI N-I-. '. M l»,1 ll,: ( 3 '\ \ I 1 J u a h -ttir..t L-'ill-x r rtir,. U. t I S i-.r: .ie ,.: *• .1 i ur .uaTji •• > »a >1 Court, ,r, i lie ht,.->v . «aua,f. ot -H In rd:i y. I ti i l^S'J. at the r. .,- 'J r • • l.l.a;i!er l:Ji>. K, . .,, 1 .-.i, ...... . "A certain balldlnc I" > ol I n I , . the city to Chase & Sons in payment tor decks &c., for tbe public schools. Aid. Prentiss said that there was only $60,000 to pay the city expenses this year, a tew days ago they hid paid 820,000 wbich should come out of this fund, if they went on paying the old dobts of the city there would not be money to pay the Bridge tenders, Police and City officers Aid. Phelhs said to bring the matter to an issue he Would move that the resolution be referred to the finance committee and tbe Comptroller. Wbich was agreed to. A report from the oommitlee on schools (of Board of Councillors) recommending that erection of new school buildings in tbe 6th, 8th and 9th Wards, and resolutions authorizing the Comptroller to advertise for proposals for erecting such buildings on the ots belonging to tbe city In 5tb and 8th Wards Also, a resolution directing tbe Controller to advertize for two lots in tbe Ninth Ward, upon which to erect a school building, and .hat such proposal be submitted to the Council. Aid. Lippert moved to amend the resolution in relation to the purchase of-lots in the Ninth Ward, by adding, and not to receive proposals except from lots fronting east. Aid. Prentiss said that before snob a heavy matter was undertaken, there onght to be an lamination by this Board; it onght to go to finance oommittee, to look into what the ex- >enge would be, and see where the funds were to come from; by the law at present, we conld nly pay oat of the general city fund. Mr. Veotiss said be bad made an estimate, of the mount of tax It would "be required to levy bis year, which would be live hundred whom was referred the petition of John and others, reqtieitinj that lh-- sale of rn-at ' grocta-ii-s. jays, id would not 1* pe-rruitt*-.! ID the market on Division street, in th.- rV*t | Ward reported that the City Charter euve I tbe Council no authority to interfere in anv I business not d-tleterions to the puMic health, or good mra-als of the people, an,I that ! ' therefore the prayet of the memorialists should not be granted. Wbich was adopted. Aid. Preriliss, from the same committee lo whom was referredlbe estimate of Jacob Browner, for building s dock at the crossings of Buffalo and Chicago streets, in the third war, amounting to S414 f report*d in favor of alloi ing the claim If it Was legally contracted for a the price mentioned, and that the. said amoun be charged to the general city fund, as prov ded in an act amendatory to the city charter approved March 31, 1854. Alderman Phelps said it would be mo«t un justto charge it to the general city fnnd. I w«s altogether a Third Ward matter. Alderman Prentiss said that the charte ,u . -r all the honsand dollars, or seventy thousand dollars more thatalasj. year. , Aid. Niedermann said that the Ward* that were without school houres were as well en- itled to |i*ve them aa theJTth, or other Wards, whlch»lj*adyihad sneh; he thought the re- l»rt should be referred to the ooannlttee on S Aid; ?he]p»ih6ii8hi Jt should firrt le comriiittee on finance, to find oat where fnnds were. :to ; come frontf and moved hat the report|be re/err^ to the committee ' ' said expressly that snch matters were charge able to the general city fnnd. Alderman Phelps'moved to strike onl"gene ral city," and insert "third ward " Which was carried. The Chair put the; question lo allow the account chargeable to ihe third ward fund Which was lost by the following vote : Ayes—Aldermen Lippert, Phelps, Phillip and West—4. Noes—Aldermen \iedermtn, O'Neill, Pren •iss and Smith—t. . Alderman O'Neill; from the committe« on laws, to whom was referred the petition o Julius Doyer, presented their report and the following resolution 1 Retolvtd The board of councilors concurring, That tbe Hayot and Clerk are hereby autho rized and directed tn sign, and the Controller lo countersign, a warrant of $28.15 to Julias Hoyer, for tlie taxes bald on 20 feet of land, of Ihe east 42 feet of lot .4. block 114, 8th ward, since 1863,which hate been erroneously levied thereon, in consequence of an error-in the as- •essment roll. ; NICHOLAS O'NEIL, WM. A. PRENTISS. Which was adopted by a unanimous vote. Aid. Prentiss, from the joint local- committee of tbe 7th ward, tp whom was referred the petition of P. Bndenbnch and others, reported that the prayer of petitioners was granted by tbe enactment of an (ordinance removing the bay scales from Blddje street to .block 146 in the first ward. ) Concurred in. ; Aid. Prentiss. on tjie . petition of S. Park Coon and others, asking that • lamp post b erected on each side fljf Jefferson street between Martin and Division jtreets, in the 7th ward reported that the petition bad come into his bands recently, and j-eeomroended that the re. solution, which he rejnrned, requesting the gas company to erect the jsald lamp posts, be con- CQITed In. ' j Which was ado; On the motion of lAJId. Phillips the vote was re-considered concmtrjng in the adoption oftb* street commissioner df the second ward's recommendation for constructing a sewer through J " '" iS in said watdj: and referred ! to tb« joint local oommittee |>f the 6th ward. Aid. Prentiss offered the following.• *>:Rewktd, tbe. ooai-d ;of councilors ooncnr- ng, That tbe Chief Of Police be. and hereby ;, inatruoted to take ill necewary measures to I. .;. t;-r .',-, .. , U,- (.<•)' ••' M TV Dai -•! -hor IT. i Mlic K K A I,.*,. , 'i'rti At: i f "1 Ml t HI t I -X MATE UK H I.-i .i\-I> L.: l. • art. M.iu *QI -. t. . ,, , J"hn Jmr.l, |i« r>,,,ma» T. Re.-v,- | J.. | .-,. 1) ll.ert W. Rae. | ,., , j,,.. 1'errj B I.ham. W 1 mm k Pall-'. \r.'l I N vlrtiiQof an-1 tunuar.I lj i v ^i • ai.l Coor'., lo tr,r ab.,ve - n • ' , •i-1 Jl> t,f Ju .e, 1V^*, I §(,ail e*l' »e PutlllC Ao^t.ul). .1 I!|e I'j.l lllf. '-, «auk-., ,n Snlilrday, ilir *irplejn be r, )•*.'», at th- :,. ur • Ule f>)li.,w,t]|£ ilt-n, r belt mnrlK lge,l JJI liicrecf aaciajr be ne t-ssirv ',' t «a.n! Jinlpmt? I, :ut^re*l an.I . ,jl., ! . pens.• or 1*1 e, to wit : "All ih»t piweor riarcol oflan.l I • - 1 ••III l{ I I I ^ <•*« [•>], In bio<-k i W»nl, nr tl,r City , DsleJ fUltr.lT '< uffic^ [>n»n 1 Omutu. i Alt'), , th- Pl'ir«. ,f Mi!»«inr- . Mi l«au«-r, J me 7. I •>•-.' A J LANii\TuKllir -|, f \|| c * SHI-: .ITATE DP H I.-*Ci iVSIS, i Circuit Court. MMwiufc.-? C u^:y j JoKeph Vinton. ") Theo«lore K. Keckl-r ai:,l fao,l .••^le Kliialit Lh J. Keck 1, r. J I N virtue of and pumuar.t lo a j itl^Lii--ni r-rj-r.,J ci I »»lil Coqrt, 10 af..i- eni:lle,l a.-t n. iil-.l;;,- 1 I day «( Jane, I W. 1 iha.l • > r ni> f r ««i- an I ..- a: Pablic Aoclion, at ihe P ,«t Ofllr-,-, in fi^ i :iv ••' M . *, MialuriaU), ijie Itllli a it i of day. the r,,llo»ll.|( ,le.<cnl,e,l un.rt f we I , r. m ,... ,,. much tht-eeol aj may be netre-iarj t, -4 s- itje tm.i.i ,i xpen»«s ol late, t,, «)t "All that ple-e or ,.«n--l ,ifiai..l niljiie.- i ^ • County of M Iwailke- an.I Ma' r n< » ..• n i,. kQuwD Bed described a« the n r rth ''H'f , r Lit eleven [ll|. In t> t>«k one hundrej anil n.nely-- tljTlit [1W], in Roger') AJJitloo, in li.e Kir.l Ward, of the Cl'y of Milwaukee ' Dated fhtr ft • UnVf. Milwaukee J.uie ;, 1-i<) L>H»M 4 GkilUM. I A 1 Pl'ffj Att'p. ( !ifr7 M I ( Je8-arn-l,jrl» lO'Jl] MIFUII-»••> s k I t . BTaTF. OP MISCONH1N, ( Olrcu t (JoUTt, lllt*auaer To. ( John S Boyd, lgalO»t lohn W. Jonea, SlJney L. Hoo.1, lanper E Qoorlrioh, Phillip Trerlse, :• •• Fir-: W IV -,... sit i ii rilit > , i ii, 55 ^ s; ft It S I \ t I S I I J.,«h i; By mi II 1:1 . W I'li irutnl Brasj »nj Clock CotupaJly, Alfred 0. Peckharn, William U. Herrlll, )ennla U. Fitch, Ueorge A. Allen, and Charles E. Uklc. JuJKraeac and Sale KobTi II U-The Kirm^r^ Henry L. IN. Herman •*<•!!' Kjnt ( STEAM FOUNDRY, \ ( I N Tlrtue ol and purtuant to a judgment rendered >n »td Court In the abort entitled acliao, listed Ihe 3d day of June, 1SS8, I shall expose loi lale and .el. »i Pnbl c Auction, at th« Poll Office In the city nt M,|. waukee, on tnlnrduy, the I oth day of sep- ember, 1S69, «t the hour of - f. M. of that day . tte ollowlng docribeil mortgageil premnn or so much hereof u may be reacxsary to ralle the amount nf «nd adgment. Interest and costs, together with the expen-s-a f isle, to Tit : 14 All that pieee or parcel of land, illuate in the county of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, known aad described as lot sii ^6), In block e'ghty-itx (60), In tlie Third Ward of the city of Milwaukee." Dated Sheriff 1 ! Office, Milwaukee, June 7, 18o9. Iraav * ORABIV, i A. J, LA.NQWORTUT. PITS Att'js f Sheriff Mil. Co , vv'ls. ;e8-d3m-oio2w 'ireelJeilf A I'.,11 K.lwanl ll. Tyler ' Jabet II K-.HIer. ! H.ira.-e U. lluiin j Juspi-r K. William J. Ali,ani4. I N [>ur<u-»i,,- and Ih^lnct » ,,un ,-f ,,( VVisi-,U19IQ, .,11 Iflr' ab >\ ^ e.nt.itl^,i , IHH. I nlt--d State* M »r«h; ,,n VVttlnefl.lav , Ii-- (,erty. In w ,t "Lot niiiiiher ; liumb^re,! <ev^n L'Hy of Mil*»uK^ N OT _ tli Orrics or TH< MIL. A MIXNCSUTI K. It. Co., ( Milwaukee, Ju-e C, 18:». f • OTICK ll hfreby glTen, tbat lh- d«d of organu i A. C. MAT, Compi'u ClttCl'IT COl IIT, ! .Milwaukee L'Atinty. lon of tbla Company, la In ttie ntfic; of tli« Secr«- »rj of thla Oompiny, In the City of Milwaukee., ready be executed by holders of bnnda lecared by the mortgages of tU« LaCroase A Milwaukee Railroad Co., nder foreclosure of which thla Company la organized; Dd persoos holding such boadi who hare nnt already xecated i]ae r 4me are notified to do so In pcrjon or by ttorney duly authorized. Notice l« alio glrea, the Secretary of thli Corn- any wilt lasue cet llflcatri of the itoct of thin Compa- y tothehoMers of atcl) bonjs upoo inrrrenrter there- f. In puritrance of the pro»i»lons of the deed of or- anUation. Wotlot Is aljo (TlTen.tnat the Board of Dir«t»ri of il« Company ha« made an aiieumeat on the »toc* at he rat* of one per cent for the j atpote BT" p«ying me ipenses cpf fbrecloilDii the i»tiT mortgage and o »r- — ----- "-" " llkre. \l M . I 1. riMM \ -. I ''I. .. thtt Compmy, 'payable on or before the firit a; of Jnly fc'Ort, to the^Preaiorer at thlj Company, »t l« »«1ce m U« City of Mll»»uker. jeT-illt DWIttHT W. KETES, Stcrotiry. NOTICE. T UG renting! and tale of Pewi lo tbe Summerftejd U. i.Churth, wffl be: attended to hy the commlttM Toearfay/.io^v,) 'r«m i to 4 e'cleck r. M. je7 Ch»rle» J. Kenhaw, Je«.-e. II L,av-n». >| Murphy, T l'e.r«ma. J..IMI ,", r .« "gden. L:n,l-.i? \V.»r I. Lyninii l> Svrui. J,. Kodera, Kccei.-r ,.r th,-u. rui ,n « Bunk , ... en-lick i Co , i liar en B L'urtu Jo/,n «i M , Ham John Koe, Charles Kueliri. <»,•„ : M I Cyrus D. Davi.-,, J.nnes ilariliA«!%«l. u i,, ,T . ' The State of Wucona-n, lo ih« »l>om i, ir...-.i .1. ,. \ ' OQ ar • hereby aiAiiinitine,! in,I r>.,i,ii i i . . the complahi! 'u ib * IL-L,.>M, iv-,,.n . >: , office «f the O'erlt of «»!d Court, \i,.| i., t,,., v , your aniwer-to the • "id eumpl&ltil, ,,. M tb<- -u,,-. at their office, Nos. 3 und 4, Albany BuiMpii.-. U kee, Wijconaio, ivllhln tventy day^ All, r hereof, eTdii^ ve ,,f th day ,if ..itli f.•> . . you fall to answer tfte aiii.f corupl.-kinl M,II,,, aJoreiaUl, the t>lalntyf in ih>n ncin.n «.il»|.|,i) i Ccurtfur IhereEiet deh)AQ^ L --l m the t ,,uH,l:i,nt. \^ lutes.* tite THUR.Jn, thmieth da} of JUrc.-l, In the .y, n'r thoojtlnd «lKrit hundreil aad ilrty ,, ln ,. HOOKKR *8PaN'.)K.NB«.K() »prtS-<U»w6w fVua't Att'yi, Jlllw.mee. via ,: \ 3 I \ IS« M I J? ' I I ( 11 I L . ilmmriihle ,\ K Til I It SI, t'e of the l,'iri;uit C.,urt t,,, . T)OU RUMPS, l JT ugU a Narc. hr late. taTTON • PLANXIirroi* A LL<-C re,« ;H.»SrUN(JTON.

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