Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 3
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SUBWAY 1,25,859 SET Liberty Ltngat T «« m us CHEST GOAL Seereary Here COUNCIL|| |N 1930 DRIVE i {),, Allotments To Member Agencies SHOW DECREASE cut. Grade TURNED SOON )4 *dinini*t«ilion «ef ttif fttrtUc Din phi i i In ntr' ftn ..... H f r nftM 'llil ntrrti »n(l t , lithe nldewnlh tht«batratM. » i h c n t i CM, with d i u t i ' i t i ft I MluiHnn Arnn " f rtuiiic '·'" «-n ( l i t f r o m hv Die hitd(,'«t 'fr C»m. Urtitlr ent would bo font (trntl« from Ccnn aorrto, ft hnlf (ttraet on either nltln dip nitual Inrllno to n tiove the i |i(ilnt tn the ftiihwiv jicrmlr 'i level with tin woik lo drop the full DECATUR HERALD rUtSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER f , 1930. DECATUR HERALD WUh Hie purpose of securing I n , Mucon county n "jejt" vote on the threw Utjuor questions up)ieartri)j on the ballot Don E Do Bow. flpciettuv of the National Ubtily league, has Jidt up »n office at 448 North Church direct, uiul will b* hero until election pnr«onMly tllrecllnp a drive for member-chip In tfitt leaj!lie While the opponent? of the Eighteenth Amnndmont think they have 'jKifflcinnl *l»;net' Of pdltlonjt to Goal for tht Lornrmmity piitre the qurnilon on HIP hullo Li rv..r drive which will open I H | Ihcv aie il111 circulating pMIUotin lo m Ocl 2ft Wit i C tjnmke up for any name* Hint are re- mominft nt $125.859.- rtMMM .(.unity ft f pxpreVnln* themselves Thn tout includes th* on three, quwtlonn Srcncies, 1 Repeal of the Rlfthtcenth ,,,,_., Amendment *!)*"*· 3 M * 11 " t;Atlon nf "" TM*tead | ,1. Rcpc-n.1 nf th* FHInot* State nro- htbltlon wet Thf liberty Icajtun H tmloitlng thr irpnitl rwnhitlnn. nheady Introduced In Me House by Conjfresiwomftn Mai}' T Norton of New Jorvv. Jinrt h bombarding wltii letters Geoitte R W l o k c i J l K i m . I'tmlrnian of the Ptwildcnt'ii eommllt«c on Inw en- I f n l c e n i e n t , tuiHfCflHtlnK that before further uttnmpl in made to rnfoice prohibition lie Klvii hiK support (o a method of findlnr out wliethei people want piohlbitton or not REV, H, G, GIBBS, FORMER DECATUR MINISTER, DIES Churchman Had Been Mem* her of Central Illinois Conference 40 Years ON RETIRED LIST Rev lU-niv C Hllibs at one tlmi* nimtnt of Ihe PUst Methodist ttuurh In Oerutut and ft member of tile Central lltlnnli contironcB for inoic, than 10 y*nta. died Tuesday twirnlnjf In the Decatiir and Macon County hoapital. Ttcv Mr Olbb-j Imd btcn tn falling health (or aonti' EDDY TO BE SPEAKER IN SERVICE BUREAU MEET "'"'Annual Sejsion Will Be In Central GUIixh of Christ DISTRICT LUTHERAN CONVENTION CLOSES Resolutions Praise Eecatur Residents For Hospitality The final session of the Lulheran convention Tuesday morning opened vrllh the report by the resolutions committee, Ihnnktnjr Dccatur Lutherans for their hoapilltty, and all those who helped make the conven- nn a success. Ptof. Cnrl Homicha of Valpaiaiso university reported that this institution, supported by the Synodic*! body, now hw nn enrollment of 656 students Tie stated that a campaign for funds conducted clurlnp the summer of the proacnt vrnr. j-eHU)tod Jn thn collection of J8S2000, Thin «um \f to be applied to the enrollment fund of the university Rev, Titus Iianj* of Qulncy, con ' - » f i.ill of the tultrl AMItlnfi Wftlt rnH,.(i nbbvc I h f i r tf the 2 root nln« inih Irop their bu'Mlnct line* feet. Wharft tho butKllnK re not dropped to the »KI». tl, an nbutlnff wnll the pinna will inntlr up hy when t h n Ipiovei Hie new Ihem to Si, Lmtlw hiive ho«.n submit!«i Council will luk« up the wllh the proper- int] nppinncti tho to Cinder Alley fenty-Third Place Dlrhcy, 340S Eo« Wll- the city council In |i sprrnd on ihp iittey bf- Inm nml Pralrk utreMi ll 'I nenty-thlrd plaoc. He li=o t h a t thfi wwii he cut h nrurti HIP HftltlmoM A i (in (hi- »t"ii(ti «W* *f WIN rcqufntcd tilno, itm) «f Htioct \J f A when II riih \m'i tlr'in *l Mio fn»n tlif pr"!"-")^! /, r - h i - f u r i|('4ollp Ill' 1 fad li«r mtli I'd i f i n 1 inMthilton mi" (orn'il n t w n i i i i then -tiffin 7n o i d f u n M"' i.j« i n t l n i ! i M" "-"·' In* 1 J*'' 1 ' lulu i ,.f t l i f hiiitvfi'i riiinrolUc'i- d i i l l v nnd Minir- . (UnK ffi i h f In't two Hi,. t»irioiic ('( ituiiyliif; ni.ilt 'Itnii' be 1 "'' 11 n K l l l r v . lh ' 1 linniinl -i ul ln«t vein "nil tlu mr,n" l l n ' \*lll ti- uwleil ni"tt vcnr Mne on hiik'i ti'iunilllci In nl'll III' H rnintll" IKllvtldl '( ( m^inlii i -f Hi, n m t n l t t (*' t h ' Inrer^nr f i| in "ii or mi'W ('f 'he- oiftunti'ft K n i H l n I if Chfir and "II bnve u n h id * ii'lv 111' iictiiiil n e i i l i 'IV m'-ml'M" "f H" 1 ,,, [ W Cl'irk I M All' 1 ". Crnntt Undoti' Wllllnrit ruwmilt, ^ (' ^·hcrcF O C Ki'll M c i U ' t n l f r f d l U i n n . i l t M i ' ' I t n d i - M l " «"! T VV I V ' t l l f f I;,-, I'mni 1 ii'lritlcii. f i ' i n i i C H f l i i ft H« ,ir A 1. Bddv will i of Iho hoftid of ftoclol Sen-let* Bureau and person? litreifitod In thft work t h n t oririinl7Qtlon In the tutmmt which will tit conrtucled on Ttiuririnv nvonlnK In thn tn1ral Chin Hi "f f'hrltt fallowint; B dinner (if nt-tlvltlcfl ftl the Hvir for Ihct ii"t ycai m cum par od wtlti pcivtoui vciir-. inil plnns of fm tho romine vcfir tn- Htepi to be lakcn Irt nieot- rlti. icor)rrttti' 1 n(liitl«n« nf Hi* T ivl-jr tepnrl will be rtlwtis» ,,i in ,,-,, ken nnd illrettori in this* Si- vcn new imiiibCM n l l l foci elr-ct- F,\ to tlif bonril of cllreclort cif the Hm pnu, .ifld etocOnn of ottlcM-i will tfittp (ilfice ritirlne ··hf mnellnir. p dr tlie (flnnei tuuiit hr iiinilo ImniPcllivlelv with Mlsi VlKilnln r-iinipbcll, ctlrertfir nf t\tf SIM In I «!prrlrc R i i t e a n In l!wriir«*ii Hie t ih- I.Xflt i MILUKIIH FACULTY MAKING CONTACTS itllllltlrl . ,,(.111-1 1)1 I ) I C f l l t t l l t ' W i l l t" 1 c!i f i i x i j i r i . i t l o n w l l h ptlH'r lii- 'fltiH nn |ti t ' l i i t l i c i i i n r c nf Ihl-i I'rw'lluii .1 H Wlilt'' 14 ^e^·ln^·. to it HIM i i u l i n M i u t io MltliKln In -n-nrt i ti. ollln! ( olICK'"' 1''f PriMiipn\ n n i ' p i c i i n,.. j, t( ann- ·1--, mod M l l l l l t l d tit thr dl'il- nf Ucli'Miu'i ni.w xctcnce fit- Him Ihe f'n ml, nt \\hln. hhriHftlf BAKING POWDER C ler An* textuif t$e veliHM bi your biking*. ADDITIONALGIRLS IN ASTON HALL IS HOPE FOR NEW YEAR tn n rollipi' i n l c t h n t I'llOl* In H K V . II. C. GHMBS time luit hiii (;onlltlon bsifi been it- (fai'dwl dM orlllcal ffr only the jwiat two weeks R"v. Mr, CJIW).', fiiteied Hi* mln- Ifcti'y from Pun * in 1BS6 -ind was nn- siKiird hts fiioi clmtpi-, the Har- ii'itown Methodbt rhnK-Yi Latm he filled pn8tor,iu^ in Tntllanola Mnrolmll, Chark'-ton. nmivllle, nnd llrbonn H' 1 neived nt HUIIPIintend- ent or tho D i v i t u r itistrk't of tlif itPthoill'it ehiiirh foi ,lt yettiij Hi of the pcrnohd-s aid «w-letv which po'iltlori tie rctiitnfil iiiilll he from u r t l v e ·.en)i;e In 1P28 The fnmlly hnti lived In Bi-enlwi -lines Utiru In Kenttu'Vij MT Cllbh-! wns liorn In Ash- ·c 1,1, IKST, Ai, a hoy Alhetis rounly Onto Rev limtl, K.V. rt IK wi'iii It) %vltli tth pncrnH Theio he tils enrlv mnnhfiml nnl« nnd In ISWi the Puna f( hout n i l t i l - t t i j Hie iiinic Hci, Mr Olhlw If' 1 «"»* to 1111 iv pilnclpnt o lie i nteml the u,ir wn« nviiilo'l In la Mlti Nellie Mnywriml Puna. 11)10 «,i» vt Wncial seivl(.e«i will be cnntltict- n f U T the first -Kmn^tet to r. ililccid 1 tn TOnirityhou'i's. tenancy. hall In tiuiv'ii HUB llu f Ihr hall li ilU" to tx 1 «-|y)i (M! In Ju nil my tlmt Pii'nlrtfnt J II. White now In mind t i i c juiL ihiouKh. \ f t f r nil t h « iTpnlr woiH K U i i i m i t wtiteh rut Hie In-lit condition It lii" vcitr* tin nvmihci of ,. In H h 37 nnd lhe« rtir due to In ttli'lr a o i d l l t v hOtllt 1 ^ Or Wlitte. hdwevei. li huiilnR Unit thr "eeoiid temMtcr wilt ui'O -i inrK"' !"'!«* rt( »"«l" nt " MOI11C1 °* whcrit ·Wftf prrvcnltri foi financial rwoni fi ofti * ointnK In t l t p fnl1 iin,l OIU.-M of whom will be srnrtu- dled from Hlijli ichnolii In mla- \ i a r He h p tUn« In touch wllh nilnclpU-B of thc'-o ichooH A good number nf Incoming Rliln would t e n d to iiitiK HP *'"' anc- , Whlli- the soronty holm* 11 risvt-) tuiit the hull, trim* of thn i-rr hfxtltifr n -itriiVBlP Ihl.i Oni lioiii' rejituti otil.v . TViuis'lav nftcrmiiiri "t 'J rt'cloi.fc lr the Fit it Mclhnrtitt chinch by hw H j u l i (! fifk. kiiprrinUWl- ( tit of the ni'Wilur illslilrl Hev Mr 1'pek will hf aiiiiled In U(n Clirif R'-v A M Wells (Ktit Pecntui, 1 1,111 H Rev A ft will Gimnmnn, le in Fair CHRISTIAN SCIENCE LECTURER COMING fmnk B(ll, C S H. (if Now V o i k i l l y member «t thf Bimid rf Lectureship of Hie Mother C'Unrrh, The Fir«t Churcli of i'1" 1st SelentW in Boston. Mn^-J, will I c t t n t e In Drcntur A. Annex Kiklay In the Y M Od 17 Tile' locUiie will be under lln- aiiM)1ces of the De- ctvtur Pint C'hviu-fi ,,t ChiUl fielen Hit The spenkci *»] hi-pln hh *a at t o'olork Spanish War Veterans To Observe Navy Day fit I reilden^e \nother one hut Mcmbci Camp, tr. «! tlie Si oil WiHon Will ( l l c l ) l f t t * RUNAWAY YOUTH RETURNS HOME MINUS_ONE TOE After falling from a fratght tialn and having part of a too cut off, Donald Kendebers, 14, gave up his dtslre to ate the country, and Monday night loturnod to tho home of his grandfather, T E Pope, 1320 Klvorside avenue Donald left homo Saturday and rode on a freight train to St. Loula, H« received hln Injury while attempting to leave JSt Louis on another freight Alivrmcd nt the boy'a fftlluro to icturn homo Saturday, Mr Pope ask fid polled to aid In n starch for hlm; tinued hh on the ministerial call. He staled that tliete wax a universal tendency In the church today to rule out pastors who had attained a ret tain ap;c. nnd that usually young men were preferred. Thli procedure be c filled foolish and tin- Just. The convention closed with Hie prayer imd bpnedlutlon by the Rfv Paul Schiil? soirra'EAsTsEWER CONNECTIONS MAY BE ALLOWED SOON Ret,idcnl» of ·.otitheriit . Docalur will be pet milled t« mnkn cnnnee- tions with the ivirtlaDy completed Southeast sower beford tho worh has officially twen accepted by the city If ftpproVBl ts frlven 1w '.he bonrtlnir companies whirls baettcd the con- on the pi'o.ioct, It WON Indl cntud in ft. confrrenee Tuciidny morning between memborft of the city council i\nd th« contrnctois. Numerous requesti for permlsnlon to tap Ihe sower havn come to lh« city council from residents In the territory to IB aei-v^d by the new ·jower. The city hici, ilnlll tht iir-eif- thcsu rfniicstd. and that noiio would bo granted until Uie ifwor had been Already Connectod Several ptopetty owners have made connection with the wwcr, wllhout. permiSBlon Numerous others have laid t,li up to (he W(f ana me piepatMl i n nmhc connections nt Boon n» they d i e Kfven permission to do no The interior of the stm r haa been tin oiig hont awaitH only and fir, el nc- conipletlon ol on stcveml poitlon^ of the enrt of the project. Th. city will not ficocpt ellher the Ti'avcr or the File C'lUlnji parti of the work until all refill* and grading have been completed it was stated TIICB- iltty by Mayor O W Smith However, the city has no f u r t h e r objection to connections being matte with tht newer If Ihe bondlnxr com- patilra of thn conttactora appiove hcfore CABINET SESSIONS In , t HVI" r * n " tU« t]l(v public rabliiftl from 10 lo Springfield Overseer Inspects Relief Work Hi- M iiiDi,. K i l n , i!iniliuiii in -to- TMl l u l n i l n M i i i M i t n mil i f t e n t K n|- (n'i-'i ( i i.f ihe IHIOI In liecntni Tdi'idav anil iMIcf roiulKloti* nrniniuti1t\ Chcil am) tiwpMl- flni'li« liete. wtm empliiM'd by the In SnniiAinon retponsie to Itie ' ' 1 Of ICllcf 13 n'cloeh 'fills *'»* the (Irit slucly of the ycur and Initiated the ·cnr-rnJ proxumi which will be dcvot- -il ihis yctir to "Vttifrresfllve TMucft- New School *or the il ihts yptir i i i o n ' HI "Thv 1 NVw iV^f " - Tiilltit ttn« ' llhl(le ln llw »» 1fitln K I hy the (olluwlns pilm'lpala who w*rc ·nimHini '-. K Niehota, Midfi Palsy V PiiBKfti. Mts-i .funnli' We!N. Mlsc Nellie Clark, Ml** Thtina B I.ti^ -- - ^.. , . . . . . Bay with n special prnetnnn In Iho meeting "f the ri«np T-'rlilnv In thp n A R h.\H Si-wral i-m have been Invited to attnntl Ihe meeting of the rump FiWw cvcn- tnK flml In urtdllion other features hnvc been planned fov the program JITMK1 SltlTKB THUKSU VT Sunnypilde whool located thiee milco wenl of Detnlur rn the haid road, will scrv» n illncv suppor Thwsday evening Oct 1C Sarvlnp will begin at 5 o'clock. A part of the Homebroolt o r e h e p t i n will fittnlsh muilo Abe Martin Says-- city hni iicueptcd Ihw Hebrew Evangelist To Conduct Revival Meet Roc Adiar Lovlte, Hobrew evange- Jlst, Ifl conduetlnp scrvfcc'r each *von- inK «t 7.30 o'clock in the People's Assembly churrh, 405 East ProirJr avenue. The sisi vices luegan Si and will continue two week*. FILES 'rofTBIVOBCE Mrs, rfetlla Ponf-waali filed unit Cor a divorco from William Pone- wa-sh Tueuday In tli-cuit couit aittf- lig cruelty Tl^oy wM'e warrlod in 1923 ond separated in 193P Mrs. Ponowasb ask» toi etntody of their child with alimony nnd n of property rlRh. TMr»?iil(;n of l-'uln of t"«nty nf , ,. In Unit imn,v,nl( The (.'hfldrcn wlio expect to give to tho ( ttoflnl Servle,- Mureiut of-'Conmnmlty Client this yonr will be (o P«P hnlr Sfm FntnS wlnrv (rfvon an opportunity to do M, nonie Chest Envelopes To Children Next Week m i t n e » t r n l n p i l vorker. preferred to ctu- Price, $125 time nMt wc* when envelopes wilt l;o dl'tilbitled throiiBhoiit tho t,chool| iiyfttetn Soi-eml ohlldron Inqulied, ,ln Comnuinlly Chost campaign hrod-] 'qunrterd TAicmlny, concerning ptanstl i (or this year i . Money given to .the Chest byt Vhool children must be either earn( nd by themsdvea, or obtained by making some sacrifice and self denial, according to the agreement under which they make their plfts. Democratic Offices for ie«« iimn thf' Opened Here Tuesday The r.ulljlan DP] · ilouiM'tle Orlontnl Hemocratlc he nd quarter* In Dcea- lo ny tin i\ere opened T«*8it»\ h the In H S mom* foimerlv oceupied by HBJC*. l,th- Downing Rosenbaip, In the KX 'Wock North Water IVe still lime the Mitt hug, tul the thrill o' the flrat burlesque show hai K°ne forever Tell Rinklcy (la* left (own tilt (he r u m o t that tic's tn thi market fer s new iftdlo Mows COLLECT $1,000 FOR MEMORIAL TO GUNHILDJOHNSON Money Is Presented To Board To Equip Crippled Children's Room SUM TO BE INVESTED One thoxwand dotlars, collocletl in n campttljfn stwtwl by The Herald to establish a. memorial to the late Miss OiinhlW Johnson, eohool nui-je, ·wat" presented to the Decatur board of education In Us meeting Tuesday with the stipulation that the money be used fcr the purchase of permmn- out equipment (or the crippled children's room opened this (nil In the Gas t man school The money may not be used foi malntenwice of the loom's «quip- mcnt or tor a. teochpr'i salary. A.t prcoent. menib«rn of the oehool board stated, the room hna all nec- eisary cqulpmonl' The money of Lhe Johnson fund tlifieforc b to twin vested, piobablv In Liberty bonlH to accruft Intnical until II Is ncpdM fcr the nurchaso of more cftuiinncnt Plun to rlace Taltler The board decided Tuesday to ded- icete the crlppleri children's room to the me-moiy of Miss .lohrmn. Plans f atarted for iilaclnff a tablet it th« door of the room and to conduct' cciemony of dedication when thr- 1»t Is ready to bo placed, Mlis Dmothy Hnuinan wan hlr«J as an aa«lstant tcachei for the room Owlnft to the care needed by the pupils of tho loom, It lias been found that one tsnetin hdjj not been ousb Tliore ai-a now 1.1 pupils In the room, one new pupil having iicon emolled Monday Onl.T 3 Drat Children Quite different linn been flif outcome of tho ustnbl)»hmcnl of the special room for deaf children ie- poitert SupL. William Harrin. Only three pupth have been attending (·lasses In thti mom. nnd one or these, boirijt of High school utrc, probably will withdraw .intl attend an- othei school The school board last Hummer win p«tmtatlcd to establish the room.on the aatsumnce Limt at leant seven uhildrcn would enroll for It. The pusifcnt cmolment t» not - LAST POSSIBILITY FOR PROBATE COURT KILLED BY INSTRUCTIONS The possibility of an effort to cleul a probate Judge and cl*rk In the elocllon Nov. 4 may b* removed through Instructions to Die judge* or election. It wns l«*rn«d Tuesday. It apirfiircd piobable that It Judges teitron. county clirk, iMvInf lh« probau eouri offic* out of th* call for th* election. p*vcd tho wmy for a iuvlnx of about »40,000 to the county In h uoxt four yeiri, »nd Icwdera of both poHUcil parti** In th* county hsvr Approved her ·«· are ciJltd tofeUiei' for * ieho«l option. Th%only dHturWti Inrtructlon, or reetlvcj direct In- atructloni wtth thttr tupplkl, th* advloe wilt tx to dlmrccud any nmei whloh may tw wrttt«n In by voter* far probate Judge and clerk. If judges of « district ibouM tally Lb« name of a cnndldatc, written on the ballot, and mnko report to the county clerk, ft confusing Mtuatlon nil gilt arlflp, placing the county to ginnt expenne In scttlltijt a 1 Input*. Tha declmon of Mrs. E. A. P»l- tn th* HtumUoB U tht ipp«ir»n«f nnmcM written on th* bklloU In tht ·lection. If th* judgM of erection ·nj In«truct«ct to disregard th«*e nante*. all po«nlblllty of « conlro- v«rsy will b» romovrd, It Id believed. A pomlblllty ban been «u|tge»t«l thai the writing In of a r.njidlditto'* nune tor either th*s« offlci« miRht constitute a dlitlnfftilihlrtg mark which would JUNtlty ludfteit In re- funlng to count Un* ballot. Call Club Members Will Receive Stock For Next Year Wednesday flclontly targe (o juetlfy of the rbom. Moreover, MtM DeHn teacher of the itcaf oral raam, li in Dncafur hofpitnl with Inj'lrlns !(·· ooived whan struck by a. runaway nutmnobUf last week, mid may not be able to leturn to J»er work for aovoral weeks In the racanlinn 1 , the thine puptlo are attending* 1 with other children The Hontiment of the hourd (.hat tho deaf oral room nhoulet be illscnnltnueil. hut no n r l l i m wns tuli- en County Supply County Officers At Meeting Offleets and director 1 ) of tha Macon Colintv supply compnriv were In BloomlnKton Tuesday to attend tho annual meeting of the Illinois Farm Supply company The mfjctlntr was liri np conducted In the McLean County farm bureau headquarters A dinner wn« i-crved ftt noon by of (he McLonn County Home bincau Thofln from Macon countv wlio itt- tondod the nieollrifr were K H Wai- worth, county farm ailvl«or; C. K. Vulffamott, Cerro Ciordo, prwiilcnt of the Macon County Supply eom- ponv; C T! Jones, rnanaccr, H G Jackson, bookkeeper, and the follow- inK dlreclorn: J, M, Eyman of rensburff, J. H Hinhley of Mncon, Bert Loudenbnck of Bomcnl. S C. Rhlvely of LaPlftf*. Jcsw L Reriy of Corro rtordo nnd L T!, Rogers at Maaon, - - - -t Arrange Radio Program For Navy Day Here Mvv duv in Dei alur will be eele btated with a spceloJ vro(,'inm over WJBL, A Novak, niual re wilting offlcrr snld Tueidfty morntnfi There will be brief addresses over Ibis radio hy Mrs Corn B Rymnn, W i.yw O. W. Smltb and Howard Dovlo. " will be furnished hy ihe Kminerdon Piano house and H Oruhh will i?he navy h.«Ble ralle, - »· Old Time Favorites Preferred For Halloween, Dealers Declare While not many ne-w Hftllo«roen iiiweltUss aio bslnft shown this your, 1 still, at) on* itierchimt pointed out, tho{e 1» always a ncrw crop of buy-' 011, some of whom have not all or the old things, For thiac and eveiyone clsrs, the maska, thd the flaming icl wigs nnd the clown aiutU nrc alwnyo walconne for masquerades, pumpkin headu still h\\-« dozens cif used, and * parly fs never too sop lii all*, a ted for a paplei maehe skeleton In a dark closet to furnish a kick, The pumpkin heads this y«ar come In a groat number ot alien, for all kinds of uses There are tiny wax onen to nerve as nut or candy cup lor the child'B party, the adults' dinner or luncheon, or for the btldgo table. There ar« middle sized on«a for popcorn, larger ones* for applet. nnd full si)tel pumpkin shcllt to be filled with anltmin fruit lor n Intalc by blark or Sifts Member h of the -t-K cotf cltibi Hponaornd by the Ma con Count)' Farm hua-ou, will r«ertve th«)r cnlvon on Wednesday, It WM announced Tuesday. Forty caivcH were bought In th« Kunufts City stocky a rilo Monday by members of (he Farm Bureau's en if club committee and slock Jtnlpped fiow KanaoH City at noon 'tuwoiy, Tho shlpmnnt I* cxppcted to arrive in Docatur esrly Wcdnc-pday mom- Ing and Uie calves will be illstilbutsil (o club members In the Dccatur stock yards ' Members, of the coinmitun whn : made the t r i p to Knnsiw City *r- William t-1Ug«rald, rhalrman. and H. H. Srltton, both of Cosn«r; H«n- ry Broee ot Nlcu»tlc, and Howsrd Poverty, rural toute I, Deeatur. , | The committee expected lo have- to Ia4,i icvcial dny* In Kannaa City, selecting tho calves, hut n tcleerafto received in the Fnrm Bureau offlw. Tnwdliy ntorninft, Indicated th^t 11 had beoit able- to complttn (t* work In one )«]'. One new calf club in b*ln£ lx«d this 'year In Illlnl Ownpto from llilw «rea lusl ynar were member* of other rlubs, but enough new memberi hftvc been en- rolli'd to enable them to nrcfrintl* their own K roup. The earner, HlfU- ory Point; and Ntantlc diihs wlit b« continued tills year. In nddltlon there arc calf ownerK In other piirld of thn county that aro incmh'-ri of otic or nnothfr of these* club* Minister Addresses P. Y, HUtob Members Tlial lh« unchsnirlrtB policy of lh" church do«H nol provWe (or )*· volopnicnt Iniil koepn the ohureb aluoast of ihe time* and «n»ble» It to provide for present human needs. vrns th« opinion expresHcd by Rev, Mnik MrCnllum, newly, appointed mwlalttnt pantor lit the- First Methodist church. R«v. Mr. McCnllum discussed hK views before Pro^cnH. ivci Young Men'n ol\il Tuesdny noon ' RrltKion fs a hnnmn JH-OCCKH that ttllempw *o cimlrol obj«cllv(« itnr) jifUvlllcn of nmnkljui," Rov. Mr. McCnllum cnld In part Ho Hhiatrnt.- ctl li!n eontrallonn and gave ix- nniplcB to uphold his bell of. Members of tho club will nm*l next Monday evening In the Y, M C A, for a Htng pnrty, It was nn- noimciMl 'Aiewlay J. A Davidson 1 IcTilinK with liin team In a nvtm- bershlp contest now bclnfi firrlod out M. J WiiKhf, uovernmenl m«n wai guest tn the meetlnff. -- - --t~ - ~ New Trial Sought In Rendering Plant Case Mutton for a new tcl«i h»5 been filed by Clare* Connelly, proprietor of th* Decntur RendeilnK plant tn Hnrrlslown township, i econtly (ound guilty on one of three counln of «n indictment chnrRtnR him with nwln* iiiiniug n. public nuisance The count on which * verdict of Kiillly wan rMurnert eharsed Mr, Connvllv with deposHtnii; dead *nl mot« in an open plfluo on one oc- eanlon Two other counrtr, him w i t h m.itntalnlriK it wore dl,ti)issed The veidlrt return^il loe^ not Poire Mi Connelly to nbollnh hie plnnt, n-i It WOB not found to be n MRS. C. D.'RIGC DIES AFTER LONG ILLNESS Had Been Resident of DC- caltir For 22 Years EXPECT LIQUOR CASES TO GO TO COUNTY COURT Proprietor! of Damp Spoti To Be Ntmtd In Information "ONLY MADE A START" of ull Sundtj- night In * nrtw «t liquor will *n \o the county wufi fur trlit under Informiilon*, wcort- (nj to Sheriff C, A. Thrift. ThftM chared with city churg** will *(· factt ·rralRnmeni In JuiOee eogrt. Thn defendant* to b* n*m*4 In In- formfttlonn, it «'»* (raid, «re E)il* Freeman, wmiflm HMtlncm, N*ttU AnnabeDe Ms eon, Jftme* Burehtm Mitloii, mid Clly etHrR.'H wevo rltc*d Ml-*. Kr«*m«n Mr* UendrteUii, Mr. ttnrt Mi*. Rurchnm. Ml'*. Mellon »nfl The of Mia C. D, 23 year* · dunt of Pceottir, died In Her home In 3M Kcllor Une, Tun4»y mern\ng. ntur an l)liH'(» of about fivi- we eh*. She WM the wife of Chark* D. Rlffg, employe. She wa* born In Clinton on Aug U, 1872. She W*A the dauKhtvr of Mr. and Mr* Heniy C Hfnson, C'Mn- ton. Bhc married Clint le* ID. ItiRg on April 19, 1803. She leaves her hu»i)ttnd ind (wo dciughtxm, Mr*. Temp* Trlticli, Mlm Hf}tn Rlfg, tnd two son*, G. O, Higg «nd Cecil files, »H of Docalur. One daughter, J«wt), flled Jttn, L IBS*. Sho had seven grandchildren. Bhc wa« » member of the Rlrit Chrltitlon fthu«h, In DecHtur, She came to Deeatur from Jnckoanvllle in 1MB, tnd hud ll*d In thin city jtnro thnt Thj body wan uk«n to Leon Mon- non'i) chapel, 8*rvtcf(t ·will be In the FtrNtCnrlnttrit) church «t 1:30 o'clock Thursday «f Uii noon. 11 it rial will be In etnuelPrj 1 , Clinton, B«v. L, will conduct the «rrv!f*ii. Town TODAY'S MEETINGS Homt ntor*». tnnoclcitlon. Chnvciller Bnyan) lodij« No. 1«B, 1C of P. Docnliir todR* No. *W I. O, O. P. L*cnl No. 43t, K. It. R, C Pccnlur lodfto No 312. L A L. A. Plumbers* looal No, 60 Union court No, 25, Orrt*-r Cal- anlttf. Golden Clown camp No, 1W, R. M, A. flohtru Bi'll* lodg« No CHHJQ. r, \J. O. O. F P, S. Fern Leaf lumplw No DocHttn- hointiwciid No. )M», H. A. Y, Macon Moilttrie Don to 1 Retail Clerks' tinlon No, Mneon lodee, No SI, ft. 730. A. M, dny. m«v Only i\ n»f limlnv only wrim-hod the »ur- wofkifftins in DMntiir «nd terrhoi-y, polled nU Tue*It wnn PX|ilftlti«it thftt r»M* nucl" only upon hen*** b^cn di*lRnted In ocntch wnirtti)ii« While Ihe nertM f rrnlde frtjM»n«J hooil«j);)t*r» tnio \ii», It «l«ft Mired «utt«m- rut of the dpi-ahM!*!** who »r* r»- muinlng way u n t t l H tit leftrW") mw» ruldn ere to b* Tho fi;»Uir* WM the Manon, of of tbt raid*, of Ann* Bell* nncfttur nt*v , Grand avonuo road This Mtabllst)- b«* boon opeiatei for »«v«r*l years, It WM safd, and hai bwn known *» ono of t)w best app«i»to4 iMtab)l*hnv»iii of ih« characttr In tht county, Kor ih« firxt tlm* Sunday, author)))*!* wtrcj ait»«4 with *. wiircsr.1 lo nnt»r th* Door of HOUM was snttt, Towrm-nd In »)S K**- Marl«c* ai«o \vmi finely furnished, o( th« raidlnff parly MM. Although Miits T«*n»*«ct WM tti- formtd th« rnlduM hftd o wawh wnrrunt, «h« locked th« door of th" plaoe, and poll«« wore ."«)) lulled to batter tho door down 1 1 n«in o»- irincc*. Irt tit* niwmiiiiirt liquor BIOM* WM b*l»« poured SUt. »tt* when jn»e* cot in Uiw« w« notWn« but »r«pty TwltlM. Th. umall amount. of evWonno stewed WM obiatntd, tt wa«t mild by tlWns » r«6 »«* ·)«««' )D« np!U*l liquor Win a conwlntt. Woniy ctf inlonwrtl-m Polico HfttA Tuesday It la unwiftalw whether more ruldn will «*«r In th» n"ar futurv, "Rlnco tSundoy nii|ht'* istds." It wait MiM. "P«He* hav* received mwnerous tel«|)lion* «»«· tn which information was tfvcm of tho MiMmois of sp'nheijsl**, but f«w or Ot* titforrn-r* or* warty W pltn-* thelt mimes nix* ···«'« warranM It wnrranirt m* mor« nun FUNERALS B/iRBKR. Mru. Maillr B ; 1:30 o 1 -, ln rf ID clock Wednesday Afternoon In M«r- on'is funeral etuupf\. Friends may roll In the chapel afO-r 9 o'clock Tuesday morntngr. Burla! In lh« M«- oon cemetery, HAVERTY 1 . Jam** C r Body will iYi»ni» In Moran's funuro) home until 0'15 o'rlocK Wolnei-ilay morning, when tt will be nhlnpod lo Brtttll, Ind, for fimwal «er\'leeii, KNOBLOCK, O*ear R., « o'clock Thurudny morning In SU Palrlok'n catholie rburch. Body remftfni In the tiomcj fn 1*M Fiwt Moor* dtrerl Burial will be In Calvary e*metorv. MARRIAGE LICENSES Srlhel Howmtl, IS, Ninntlc Wllme Didiry, 1*, NfantJe. t W G Eaton, lejfnl, Doculur. Vloju. Connrr), lcit«), Dc^ntur will h« Annn B. Millikin Ho«e Llsh MontJTs Donttwm Tli' l'i nd of dlri«lor» of the Anna , B. Mlliikin horn* m« Tuesday moiti- ri"«i»Iir'iri«"p«irm'wth. Tb» lint li followc: MT oonleiplecc, flnnked orange candles Halloween furnishes iwiuiy for children's ptLrtlne nnd for tables. There arc oven some omngu handled kitchisn Implements, oi«n«e glami and black glnss dishes and fruit or flower bowli, for n. It ttliowEr (tlven at Mils Kenson of the year I'of tlw 1'urado Tho merehttnt'! arc orrerlntfasiwvl \arlely In Holloween uostumen and masks, the deniond for which will be all th* heavier this near because of lh« community Halloween parade, Th*sc Include everything *rom Hooligan hats anii Charlie Chplln feet, to ruffled slioU aklrU in oi*an?« and black for a pierette. and In all sizes from B imall ehlld lo u ln)l man. ror LOCK The ], A to (ho O. M, C. will meet Wednesday In th* Vlo A Fritz hull, A pot l«ck luncheon will be «erv* jit noon A special program lias bcrtn nn-nnsoil tn honor of the past pre.»- idcnte Tho reg«lftr bunlnciw me*t- Inc will follow the proftram " STAI'T TO MKKT Miiub«r.i of the Dccaliir and JI«- con County hospital wtair of |liy*l- and mirKCOim will meet Tow- day- evening in the honplwl for th* monthly otaff meetlntr. Routln* bunt- tiehs, caiu HliwltCB, nml reporlii will lake IIP the time of the member* in the meeting Beautiful New Fall Dresses, $O5 In Bright*s Great Wednesday Sale Here ore oier 200 lovely frocks made to wii at S1250 ^1650 onO (18 50, bul putehawd vci.v jjppclath by Bilitbi's and of/ered WedncsdriA i $805, Boatittful -dressen of el Ik, ·jalln, woo) iomp in smart knitted hlvlM and m all HIHCI Be TOCI- to be her* eaily Wednesdny Yon «ill lie d«lightful)i' sin pi Used tit the i m o t r lies? of (he styles, as well as llje bar . Bright Brotliors,--Adv . LOCAL NOTICES Wenver Tlr« Co. TltrRton* Tlret, Brentu Hall of Ruth's EttBttly Shop haa moved to 424 CltlMno Bids, F° r Appointments cnll "Evnta Bwuty Shop." Doclorn Otis O. atflnley and Dwn F Stanley n-lsh to announce their oIKce location at 006 Cltlient Build ing. October 12, 1030. Mr^Bn t Peatjody, RouU i, advtr- tiaed some llvcitoelc for *1* In Tbe K«rald'« Ct*wlflcd SeoUon. M«ny calls were received In rceponit to hit nd «nI he promptly now hts stock. FURNACBs'~repntrlnp Rov R Wllwn ' Tonlte hnlf. Good ord*i, Tho t,1iM« Plktxt Vt\nv?r 001 CMC clttAK Of St. PlkUl'» Methodist church will have n wlonur roast Tuesday evening it « that th« bo«nJ of niftocuftri h»* Mary W, Jamcit golld of the Flrcrt Piottbyterini) church will hnv» Iln regular meeting Tueintay evonlug In the c)iuvch. Supper will hd ncrvotl at C o'clock, following which * »hoit ptograin -will be tttven, Ml*« nob«rt» Shields und Mtc» Dorothy Unqulrt will be I lie honlcim!*, All member* of th* iwlld ore invited to attend. plant. Th« Uiilv*Miiy of llllnott h*» IcrhtnlntT rod* on *H It* buMcWiMTi. and rtK*rA them M « va]«iU* pro action, who Th* Lull** auxtlloty to tbn l). C. T, will have ltd ttral party rf the ncanon Thursday, In Itift home of Mrs. J. E. Barber til the South Sid" Country club, A pot-luck luncheon will b« Mtrvcd at L o'clock, Th» T). 0. U, club will h«'* nn all day quilting party Thurudny, in (J* homo of MM, T. C Davlx, 1011 North Church nlMrt, A pot-luck rtlniwr will D* Mrwd at noon, Mr*. Kat» CurfT will bft th« KHl»tant Half and AI.L DAY Th« Par«nt-Teacber association of Brush College ichool, No. 3, wilt juUt all day Wednesday, In the homo of Mrs, C, O, McKlttrlck, 374B Eatt Car. field avenue, A pot-luck luncheon will be torved at 1 o'clock I.BAVtTS rOK NEW OltKlCANK I W. L. Cilmore of thn Cltlten* N'd Mount bunk left Monday .for New Orlennn, »nd from thcno will Ko by boat lo New York oily, on » two week*' vacation and reil. MAV nilV UOUTNING So rnnny time* htiv* Mltnktn been Atrnck, hy ll(hlnlnf L Ml A«bttrn y«itth ni'iiitrtcn) Ut Decstur, *·· to BprlntffMd Tucwtity wtth lw«ny. he U _ U'lKNKlTiuAriT WT.iiN IWBA V Mombort of th« W«rt Ormd A*t- nuo Baptist church will hav« » W|*B rwwi Wc«ln«iwl«y ·vmlnt, n'etork, on , oft « church tot. Bv«ry- brtnir wl«HW wrf »«»». Thcs (csulw pww w«tttit will hi- x»ndii*l«(t«it TtW o'oroek, TO" W ( KCTf*OFllCBM Th« mmllttry of ,th* «on» ot ««(»» Vcrt«r»ni will tow «l«tl«n «t oM ceri In th« mtitlnit Wcjdirtrtctf ··*· ·moon »t 2:» o'cleek In *·* AR. hill, AH tn«mb«ra *ra «r*Ml to IM nitMflt, New Hats At Oo whtrcmr you llkf, but yotVM not find mncuUr toU thut Out* M ink Wodntrity At Bright 1 * M 1MB. hat, «v«ry iityl* It mtw, »m»rt, m! Ovar MO ot thHt lovelr «nd only «.W. Count «rlf «nd tiuJt* your wUctlot tht* ipieltt uri*. Brl|M .-- Adv. .

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