Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 4, 1969 · Page 46
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 46

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1969
Page 46
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ARIES (Mar. 21-Apr. 19): Some essential financial matters are obscured. Know this and seek cooperation from mate, partner, legal source. What you think you see may nof be there for long. Be conservative with cash. TAURUS (Apr. 20-AAav 20): Accent on action which improves Imaae. Be aware of public relations. Be sure you are accurately quoted. Show key peo- P e that you, have a following. Do plenty of listening, observing. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Some who served your needs now request aid Adhere to qolden rule. Also take care of your own health. Avoid excess. Throw off a burden which is not rightly your own. red tape. Action .occurs which proves of financial benefit, SCORPIO indivldu al could prove instrumental. Learn rules before vqy break them. Be *tu dious. Obtain added knowledge. iv. 21): Association person Is of mutua ou can success- .ssage recejved Ion you have been . -,-.—,-. . benefit..Cycle high, fully take. Initiative, contains Informatlor leeklnfl SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. . 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CheCk VIRftO (Ago. 23-Sept. 22): Stress on If TODAY IS YOU* BIRTHDAY you ffnt"w?.fi n £'!i r * l ?-i? n I, WM *- i mp< ? r - ft r « alrect' Anamlc, a natural pioneer, tfrucrtons JrJf° S?; 5#* ek r & e( JI[ d5 ' ]"' Y SV .makejdomestie - adjustment won sirucnoris.. and directions, Better for which cou d Inc udi chana* of rSa. 5ffiSLS c !L v i& t&" 'W i* fMUlrlnj SeneS. ° " ' r " tneniwn 19 vetaiis. LIBRA ($,pt. »-Oct. »): Break through 'faWUf^hln^'p^ntir^" 1 B0tmon The Arizona Republic Phoenix, Ffi, April 4, 1981 JUST KeSP REPEATING TO YOURSELF^ *I AM GOINSTO SLEEP NOW eesioes NOT BEING ABLE TO SLEEP, you ve SOT ME TALKING TO MVS6LP/ i CAN'T GET TO .SLEEP.' WOMAN HAS fTOPPED COUMTIr* BIRTHDAYS,TO 5HWTHE DOOR THAT WAS A »^ WU DON'T KNOW HOW SHORT REHEARSAL! SHORT, ANNE!- i BROKE " LARRY'S BOYISH HEART— AND, TO BE. HONE5T, 1 PUT A TINY CRACK IN MY HARD OLD TICKER! Mary Worth WHILE I'M WAITING FOR MR.TRACV-1'VE GOT A SURPRISE FOR YOU. ARE THOSE YOUR BAGS? THAT, SIR, IS MORE YOU THAN ANY PHOTOGRAPH. EH? '.flcARTOONIST. Dick Tracy THERE WAS JUST ONE IF ALAN WERE M WASHINGTON ) THING WHICH BOTHEREP WHILE YOU WERE OUT OF THE < ME, KATHERINE..HE CITY H? THINK VOII'P APPREaATE A KEVER CAME TO WASH- HI5 TAKING YOUR WtFE TO TH6 / INOTON WHILE I WAS THERE THE SHOCKER CAME WHEN I RETDRMEP HOME A^TER A WEEK'S BUSINESS TRIP TO FINP THAT UZ HAP LEFT ME ANP HAP EN6A6EP A LAWYER TO SUE FOR PI- VORCE.'THE LAWYER HAPPENEP TO BE A CLOSE FRIENP OF ALANlS.' HE HAP OBVIOVStr RECOMMENPEP HIM TO LIZ.' YOU'RE SO NAIVE, YOU'RE REFRESHING, MY PEAR.' WHY NOT ASK YOUR HUSBAWP THAT QUESTION? ITP BE INTERESTING TO HEAR HIS EXPLANATION! I EXPECT I'P BETTER TAKE YOU HOME NOW! WHY PIP UZ PIVORCE YOU, LUKE?.. THERE MUST HAVE BEEN A REASON.' Judge Parker NO.SIREEEI! NOT HER,OF ALL PEOPLE I! IT VAJLJZ LOWEEZV THAT TOLD ME AFTER I TOLD HER I WOULDN'T TELL NOBODV DO ME MIND IF I TELL LOWEEZY? SHE'S SHUT MOUTH AS ftRV A CLAM DON'T VE DARE BREATHE A WORD I TOLD VE TO NOBODY, ELVINEY Snuffy Smith we'uu sreee . / 7 WHICH WAV / poe* we I TURNHBBBf PBbBUBM SOT A PROBL.BAA WITHTH& ASSISTANT Pop>.(^> I •4"*' rufutme* H Andy sends a 20-volume set of the World Book Encyclopedia to Bobby Lineback, 10, of Asheville, N.C., for his question: Is a walrus the same as an elephant seal? Both the walrus and the elephant seal belong in the Pin- nipedia Order, meaning the finny-footed animals. Howev- GENE fAWcerm WHATSCLAIME01D0ETHE FIRST ELECTRIC WATER VACUUM HAS JUST BEEN INTRODUCED FOR FAST REMOVAL OF SCRUB WATER, KITCHEN SPILLS OR OVERFLOWS ELIMINATING MESSY MOPS, RA6S OR SPONGES.,. CONV&HiNCE Of A l&fT- For (urlhtr information tend qutry with stampt d Mlf-a<ldr»ii»dfnvflop*teNEWlPubliih«rt-Holl 5yndi<olf , 30 f .42 nd St., N.w York, N.Y. 10017 MODSOJOI er, because of very different features, they are classified in separate families of that order. The walrus has the family Odobenidae all to himself. The sea elephant belongs with the true seals, also called the earless or hair seals, in the family Phocidae. These fellows have coats of short hair and no visible outer ears. Their back flippers are useless on land and they are always more at home in the water. The sea elephant is at home on and off the ice floes of the bleak arctic and antarctic. In the past, his more numerous family enjoyed life around many milder shores and islands. The few remaining walruses of the world live ony in the icy arctic regions. A bull sea elephant may measure 18 feet from his dangling nose to the tip of his back finny feet, and he may weigh more than 2V 2 tons. Of course he needs a lot of blubbery fat to keep him warm in his polar oceans, The fat is piled around his body in layers and h« looks somewhat like a pile of over-sized auto inner tubes. His outstanding feature is a dangling nose, somewhat like an elephant trunk. He uses it to scare enemies away from his herd of 20 or so wives and their calves. When suspicious, he fills his hollow trunk with air and trumpets a raging roar that can be heard far and wide. A mother elephant seal is about 10 feet long. A bull walrus is about 10 feet long and weighs 1V« tons, a ton less than his giant cousin. His wide pug face bristles with short whiskers and he has no trunk. Instead, he has a splendid pair of ivory tusks, maybe 2 feet long. His many wives are merely 8 feet long and weigh no more than 1 ton apiece — but they too have walrus tusks. A mother bears one calf in May. He is about 4 feet long, clothed in soft gray woolly hair and he feeds on mother's milk for two years. Mrs. Elephant Seal bears one or two calves in early summer. They are only 2V 2 feet long and ready to give up mother's milk after six weeks, though they stay close to home until their first birthday. Both the walrus and the elephant seal have been slaugh- tered by the hunter. In 1911, conservationists set about saving the elephant seal from extinction. They posted a garrison on Guadalupe Island off Baja California, where a tew of the giants had survived, and shot at hunters who tried to harm them. The walrus is still hunted by Eskimos but only a few of the tusky fellows remain and they are hard to find. They shy away from the shores and stay out to sea around floating chunks of ice. Send questions on postal card to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 2406, Phoenix, Ariz. 85002. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE IT Anwar I* This pviila Will fr* F«vn< Unoir "New"

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