The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 26, 1975 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1975
Page 1
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' firozosporf reading program produces acclaim s<t*|t.fn s 111 w*rfmfdlnl r*-atling program* »l ttve Th* r*>i»>H ;,hu-vi-<| a dm« tn »h«MA«* urn/La u »»«<k*< ^^« i << j . . ihrw. ttmmw wtermcdlaie trhobb h*vt »ho»n ghMfensmiingM,,*.,^ fr ±«STSSJnlTmS «iS! irffTf *^ <tew *»T 1 wttrnxluei referral*/' F «epori fntermcdiate principal Torn Patter- XK» '5" '=« ™**H *'*• '"P"**' *»'A''' ^^r^Kfl^EKh JSnte«X m ±i%^£ B 3ia».^*r --^'^''^^'-'-^HoncSJ^- HI riM rfmfdlnl trading program* at Jr*p Hraiwpuri intcrmwfmu' whoote Itavt- s»wwn improved reading skills, improved »d«o»l, inm.aiwwj attendant* and » m Kun-widucl report*, l»r Jmmtr f> told the |ir«utporl !l<j«rd of , '.Vi-xtoy m#ht • HH- KIM) (!ir»t !f,r of rurrirtttum SIM! an «t!ni«t report fn adf. HI Km-port fotff medial* School wntcn »»wwe,j »«?v«»th gradm had iwrtrawd llwrtr r '' a(! '"K J r v "' »'>' Hghi rnonlht and eighth grader* l>> MH> >r.u {.„<] ihrw m ,, n( hs during the «>)gni mtmlh* tin" has l>wj, , ft ,.// H | finding* an- i**( di»(nci••*i<l<- **- per rait l» m* « «».«•.« -i,< •,. <]» W J * m «<•!,! .i ( than half. Eighth 86 pw cent during »m-74 jwr !!»<• 1574 ,';, .r),., "tt> nft- t ..f.-, .. i from an average of 1 8 (students ,;* jM*r month for seventh grader* •.•nit drop from *n average of four "i* »*r month in 1073 74 to only two irs H tittl not wily arc we improving ihf ,. in lh<- prtiftram, th«r -d a» rcflwlrti m (I* Ttwr lhr«^ intermn<iiali> .whool principals also «rwn(m«M in (fi^ir jjf aisi? for the n^w rpinwiial reading program Aecwding to Jw Danford, (lute InU'rmfdiatf, "ftddwit Ix'hsviw is niarkcflly imprwr-fl" and "student* srtt cxhtWtinj? ft *«-n.«- of coopwativetics*."' D^ttfotti c(«nmwu»'d on studftii tmprovernenl in reading iind comprehension skills ttetr o*n »ft»iJ»!iity fr/r ihfir ••d!«:alion," Danfwrd said. g tsuceciu in other ant-as tw>. d so on." I)»nf<trd ;)hr, sax! he- f<>H t>w (program was vu-il DAYS TO CHRISTMAS Frecporl fntcrmcfJiatc principal Tom Patterson mrnmrnfwl ih.-n "studmf* are *»xp*-ri«>ncfng »urc««s for inc nrsi time Triey fpp| less frustrated. This help* reduce discipline problems and helps create good altiiudwj on tho «stud!;nt'.<t part." Palterwm felt the prr^am was well rpceived 1 by his teacher*, too, and "well organized and structured." He !hf*u«h!, h*; said, parent* appreciated the progress rpporls s<-nt horni? "7"he prr/gram is *sign«J to give teacters time to work we-toonc ^ith rach stud/jnt." Patterson said, James fashion. J^akf Jackson fntcrmediatc School primnpal, said hi* tcaclwrs had cf/rnmented th«y o»/scrvc<i student.* usin« phonics for th« first time, < Please turn to P. 15, Col. 1 1 -\ V, < K^ /janf Lake Jackson Clute a Freeport is cewrs Objectivity in planning urged for Lake Jackson Mull* HI \ •4 ',; ' 4,- ' ifi;',> -(..U;. . *?.'-»••,' 'XffUjprt <Ri .J '*'* A '* *'•*'-' 5>j "•»;* t. si \ ' "•»« ••*• •',.«,.««,« < . ^ !,.„<,., ,..,,- I,,,..,,,, ,, * » '"I • • .(,*'» fif|t,..»»,-, ,„!,, ' " '' ' « . , a . SEEN and HEARD I . HOK \K 4nd VlePOVU I», sti) rfvtiiymtf «'v* i r>thinj{ the T\trkr> 1>3> <!mncr hr> 'rr in ch-itrgc *i( for the .TV. i'.^t iH! N«>t uul) and ihctr K M. Aixi Itt'HY 'ATHON »f Corpus n»ii, dui- in Thurviay a family dinivrr at th« t. KDWAHUS home in JTP Tlw IIOH Hit \\NSNS tftd the MM (.UiVKHS hll t* there, !<*) Htil-; ond lUtNNIK Ul(lI)K.S of Uartk'ivilhv kid , rtxwit visitors in LJ |lih KAY ami HF.l.F.N The two taught school Aether several years (ick in Spcrry, OWa Tlie $»itor» were not only with the good e, but al*o with turnout of law en- emeiil personnel that pied their route to a golf ut ing during I he tlm« the rtsoners were being ht. I BKITY MUKHLBERU. about at her LJ pm« now in wheelchair |id walker as she con iilwices from a broken hip all required two surgical erations to repair She II at home several weeks there that his ftrt and •Sea .1 >.UU«t(Ci !<> f«j ijftftj It* HW ii A *p«r«'(f K • K.v.J K .1 '. 'i * * r " *1^* A* •*- 'M".*.h -.v! -'.-< tt. •!»-#••. . "a uiK sto^ti »o a iatif up iai !Jh« cr the Tfift At «r.cj Board Angleton. C^y Council pledges rule compliance \ I! \STI.K ,jr, !! fioid j ii««i «; ct)tr.pu-!c li-jAifl -V"L';;;!-:-f!.n !u She I f or h-> (,ste Trse game frf r*vd> cnjldren * as !,;•«• toy for the U S [xirtitipattii in ihv i2 < at t; MV.-*,:^ 4 ,:f,,,, sr .,* ^^ nf'.if f ciftrnt rj,'vr«£ '>> t.h« .'ic mui'. (,; sj-,^ laU »r.-,rh rr\~on<rnrn<)«t!on!t tor Paving contract awarded by Tbr nuvtr*cl few tin- rwrkui^ arw unk dnvr around (ho \avi|!ati«»n l<i»tru't office was awarded to I'stco C.xi- struction ('•> liy ihc djstnct'i lioard of' Com muvHioncr* Tuesday. I'atco's prm«l to t* ihe low«t( of four buis on the pru^cft v> hich » ere opert^J at the Nov M tnwiini; of (he board The bid submitted was for J3J.WO A I) A hr am son, president of Adaco Ltd appeared before Ihe commissioneri to discuss the nmJ for impmvai surfacing on ihe storage parking lot at the harbor Adaco, an auto import «srvice company, leases an 11-acre parking area from the Navigation District for the imported cars which it services and delivers District General Manager Peter Schaff said the hard surfacing on the lot was not holding up, a situation which might n-sult in "static from the two importers" — Volvo and Fiat. Illv Uasic iiii»l4iAc was mine," Abrumson said, "i didn't .spend enough time or money getting a decent grade." Wiramf-itn asked (he t ..•;•,imsMomTS il Hx'y ».vu!d tu> ab|«> to rr?ii->;i»'ulc his l&urC* ^ 'ht 1 i longer rnccm* enough M.' Ad»co"* r x-!) a long • ' it could reVover ;i V. inn I I Chairma i said he k !uii«->n to the ptroWem. 1'lc.iM- turn top ww ;vo . Co] «< {lctswt.feor. Tank Unas. i company with an „ nt to dbpoM! us •*4»h»atcr Jhrbugh the city'* treatment plant, have conveyed their willingness to «x>p«-«i* *ith the city'* dforts to comply with tty« rtccm trtendaUaru One of the TWQB » *u#g«*ktt» h»d! be«o thst the city HAKjy (he effect of Hobertson Tunjk Line* **»IM on its tewtge trestment plftnt snd provide * nyon of he findings and pj«ni for comfctkm to the bo*rd At lut week's h**ring • TWQB representative *Ut«d that a review of the city's record i, durina September had jreveal«d the plant was receiving waste for Robert*po T»nk lanes and that those wutes were not receiving adequate troatmajt. The Impact of Uh* tank tinea 1 waste on the plant had be«n evaluated during the October survey, and although the resutks of the survey were inconclusive, it wu detertrurmd that further study of the, impact of those wasleu WAS neceaaary, according to tl'leawtunitol* IS. Col. J HOLIDAY SCHEDULES SET b wiji ft- ;-H-; .-« r ;;.-<;,•. en ;!x e«n ''!!> Mali \»;S! r«-m;>!r: .-itw-d <>- Fridn Lake Jackson mayor may run for state post <-cf>-<ij;,.-i i^'-c r.^t-r, s>:-. b-. and J.;in!l;iSj(in cfr.ijxu-iir.s p«n. |jk.c Jackson -- : .\-.r ; -.,i;o uii; he p- : M , J . i;«y irortiu-iij. tmt ;i! ;i ;,.;:,'(• .-<irise' !.t;u- i>okcsmcn ftir (In- nu^ •>,);•.: iifM^v ., ,;.'(•!.,,,;, jn-; -j; up -.nil U- -viijy nUjrrir.^ !o tnt- rt-^ul^r si'lieiliilc on Fnctiu i luir - jjarUi^c wili U- |.a-k.-ii up Thur-d". momim; on the n^ular M:h<-..ii!i,' S»rrn>. llrj/.tru — Thurvii.i-. •> .,;-,,; Kr.'i.A s >:.irt<.iK'i- wili (H' !»irk<Hl up f:: Krsd.iy . Ktui.v. ' " A!v.»>sr.rvii-i-iJt>y(\i;i>!.iiS;*ni:j!i,M,'*i!iiv j^fK«1 i^) .'HI rrpl.U M'/KtiuIc rvct'pt t.!l Th'ul> l ;.i> ThurMijy's rwiti-. incluiiit^ H'.vJv«(«.Ki. Dam-up. and tho wjiskirts u: An^lvton. will l)i> pivkwi up .'.n I^ike Jackson .Mayor Bill Kri/u'l) said Tuesday he may S>> a candidate in !</76 lor Smie Representative for Bra.'ona County's District .» The incumbent, Neil Caldwell of Alvin, an- r;oun<;t-d Monday he would no! run for rcdecuon to the pc>*.{ and instead will seuk eli-ctiun to thv judgeship of the X5rd Judicial District Caldwei! announced his it'.tentions shortly after . The Frx^mrt laiuUill ndl IH- op.-n on Thursili> will! ci!> wurkers tini>h their pick up rouu-i soriu'tiine tx-foro noon Hr.-«?ori;i County [ Corpi-.riition's landfill will remain open until .uvumi 12 noon, a company spokesman sau) ' Aiva> servicisl h> Hrawria County I'ollivtion Si-rvtci-s s» ill have their «arlxi«c picked up either tht- (lay More ,«• t) w . day .uier Thanksgiving Thursdav according to K J Hapn. company owner Braios River barge plan nixea by J|wo economists District Judge '! M (jupton announced he would retire from office .it the end of his current term, leaving h;s bench vacant for the 1976 elections Fniieil, in tus statement to The Facts Tuesday, said he had bet-n urged to seek the representative position by a number of people from all areas of the district "I'm giving the matter serious consideration and ID due course a formal announcement of my plans will be made," FrizzeJI said Friiieil, a City Councilman m Lake Jackson before his election to the mayor's office in April of iy~4 is a maintenance supervisor for Dow MAYOR BILL KRIZZELL Chemical Co and a 30-year resident of the city. In addition to his three- years as a councilman, Fnzjell served on the Parks and Recreation Board for six years, three of them as chairman He also servexl on the board of directors of the T J. Dunbar Park Association and is a member and dder of the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Jackson. Frizzell and his wife, Barbara, have twin daughters. They live at 319 Linden I,ane. Practically no adv antagc*. (vrtu»ps lor the (, industry, would stem making the Bra«w Hiv«r barge navigable tf Fret'jwrl to Waco, leading Texas University oconumi*!] a former Ui Univerbity econor instructor doing grad work at Texas A&M. Also, local voter! position to helping payl such a waterway would strong, if not *4nwger, than thai agairjat the Trinity River proposal a lew years ago, 4y U»e pair After a two-yearj lia.OOO study for the, US Department O f Agriculture, Dif Mel Gietiihut, who hojds the rank of distinguished professor of economies at Texas A&M, and doctoral student Eddie l)r\ (uul that enisling inferests along live Brazos would provide insufficient benefits to warrant such a project by the Corps of Engineers. They encourage further study, however, of possible benefits to the oil industry If a superpori were built off the Texas coast, then barge shipment of crude oil to new refineries upriver in areas of lower lalxtr cost ;ind few Environmental Protection Agency problems might mean enough savings to the firms to justify construction of such new refineries With respect to other industries, contend the researchers, cost of barge freight would not differ from land carrier rates enough to draw the volume necessary to make the venture advantageous. Dry and Greenhut studied specifically three basic commodities important to this region < Please turn to P 16, Col. u Meeting plans snagged Iiutial efforts by Congressman Bob Casey's administrative assistant to set up a meeting tor city officials with the Federal Insurance Administration failed, City Manager Dun llutson has advised the. City Council However, this did not dampen the determination of Mayer benny Oiilda und members oi tht City Council to press on (or such a conference in Washington The mayor says that it is imperative to proceed without delay to affect the removal of the city of Clute from iht emergency category to the regular listing With this in mind, Hutson has been \Please turn to P. 16, Col. U

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