The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 17, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 10

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1939
Page 10
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TEN THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1939. Pff A FORCES OITIHAIF Big Slash Ordered In Field And Office Employes Beginning Sept. 1 WASHINGTON, Aug. 17.—The- Public Works Administration ordered a 50 per cent slash in its field and office forces yesterday, and the bituminous coal division dropped 43 administrative em- ployes, largely in the higher salary brackets. Keeping.pace with these moves in the direction of retrenchment, the WPA proposed to reduce its rolls from a current total of about 2,200,000 to approximately 1,500.000 by next spring. John M. Carmody, the Federal Works administrator, announced that 5,208-of 10,417 employes -would be dismissed, beginning September 1. Reductions would be gradual, he said, with some being dropped on pay days each succeeding two weeks until the 50 per cent goal had been attained. Secretary Ickes dismissed the brought into the old bituminou coal commission by the seven for mer coal commissioners. The commissioners were auto matically separated from the gov ernment payroll when the Interio Department took over the commis sion as a "division" under tin reorganization plan. Salaries o those dismissed today ranged fron $1,SOO to $6,000 annually. Most o them were employed in Washing ton. The main technical staff o 1,103 field and office employes was left intact. Carmody's order, associates said reflected the failure of Congress to pass the President's lendin spending 1 : 11, which originally in eluded a public works item of $350,000,000. Carmody said in a prepared -oal division contingent, effective Immediately, with .a formal ttate- ment that it was "a first step toward consolidation and under President Roosevelt's organization plan." Associates of Ickes said his order effected a number of employes economy re- PUBLIC SALE Aug. 25, 1939—1 P. M. 25 Head of Registered and Grade Guernsey Cattle (accredited T. B. and'Bangs), 75 Head of Black Poland China Hogs at , Ringgold, Maryland John N. Newcomer statement that he had no oilier course. "Congress," he said, "has authorized no new PWA program. PWA simply has no funds to administer any program beyond next June 30." Officials estimated that PWA had only about $100,000,000 remaining of the ?965..000,000 appropriated for the 193S program. At least half the 6,100 projects authorized under that program have been completed. Carmody said tbat to effect additional savings he proposed to drop all backward projects unless sponsors showed ability and willingness to complete them by the June 30, 1940 deadline set by Congress. Work Projects officials said that, under the new wage schedule which would go into effect September l and raise the national average of WPA pay, it would be necessary to drop an additional 700^000 enrollees between now and the spring of 1940. Officials said that by September 1 they expected to drop an additional 300,000 workers who. have had IS months or more of continuous WPA employment. They estimated that more than 50 per cent of the 650,000 such enrollees ordered dismissed by Congress had been removed from the rolls to date. In the Middle Ages, women wore masks to protect their complexions from sunshine. Joseph Losey And Elizabeth Hawes Don't Agree On Trousers - For Her By ELIZABETH 1NSKIP WYE AP Feature Service Writer NEW YORK, Aug. 17. — Joseph Losey fully agrees with wife Eliza beth Hawes that "Fashion Is Spin ach" and "Men Can Take it.' Many of his complaints about stuff y clothing have helped her crusade for comfortable clothes for men But he can't afford to be a tria horse. Young. Earnest. Engrossed in directing plays and producing movie shorts—Losey goes his own way in his own idea of male apparel, which is a little more conventional. Hates to Be Looked At Not that he's drab. He likes color as much as Hawes does. He may wear a dark green plaid jacket, gray trousers, and blue shirt, socks and tie. But he doesn't plan to walk the city streets in a slack suit in the near future. Grinning, he says, "I'm adverse to being conspicuous. Hate like hell o be looked at In fact we had a .light ai-gument when Lizzie wanted to go out with me, in her new trousers. . I won." While Elizabeth Hawes designs clothes and writes books about them, her husband pursues an en- irely different career. As an undergraduate at Dartmouth, and ater as a graduate student at Harvard, he was interested in the theater. So when he came to New ork he began tramping around casting offices. Jobs as extra, stage rianager, actor, script reader and director, followed. "I/I 01' Boy/' a lay he directed in 1933, put Burgess Meredith on the map. He had , hand in the Federal Theaters reduction, "Living Newspaper," he only documentary theater to reate a stir on Broadway. Rubber Movies Now he thinks movies are more mportant than the theater—al hough he'll probably continue to Joseph Losey "We like the same kind of food- Big Surplus For State Forecast Comptroller T a w e § Reports Nice Nest-Egg In Banks. BALTIMORE, Aug. 17.—Maryland has a nice little nest-egg of $15,000,00 in cash on deposit in various banks, the State Comptroller's office reported today. The last balance sheet showed that, in addition, approximately ?2,300,000 in taxes due, plus deferred" charges of about $5,800,000 and'$206,966,111 in property helped give the State total assets of $236,440,004.02. Liabilities as of July '31 amounted to $69,402,013.90, the balance sheet showed, including the total bonded indebtedness of $46,143,000. Excess of assets over liabilities was $167,037,990.12. Comptroller J. Millard Tawes disclosed revenues so far indicated the State would have a surplus larger than the $3;679,375 estimated for the end of this fiscal period Sept. 30. Gasoline taxes—which do not affect the surplus since such revenues are dedicated to the State Roads Commission and the Motor Vehicle Department — were up $297,000 for the first 10 months of the fiscal year. Tawes said, compared with the last fiscal period. -expensive." work in both. He has produced for a World's Fair exhibition, color film in which rubber puppet are used instead of cartoon There'll be more of these, he hopes based on legends, fairy stories, an originals—always with a satirics twist, and coordinating music wit lie action. They're cheaper tha: raimated cartoons, he says, . an lave a three-dimensional effect. The Loseys have been marrie< or two years and have a son. Ii lis spare time, Losey is an arna Regularly $1.39! Half-gallon of Wards self-polishing wax, and lamb's wool wax applier! Hand Tool Grinder 1x5" Wheel Regular $1.39 "Zep" Bicycle Horn Modernistic design. Machine cut gears. Fine grit grinding wheel. For small tools. Save! Streamlined! White enameled! Gives loud, clear tone. Save in this great basement sale! Wards Mate Balloon — black anti-skid tread! 2-ply auto cord fabric! 26x2 Ji". Save! It's polished cKronuum with nickel finish. Standard 4-lb. size. Reduced for Dollar Day! *i It's chromium plate over fast heating copper. Easy to clean! Tinned inside. 5-quart size. 700$5 Pure Pennsylvania! Save *1.80! Motor Oil ] Sparlc Plugs. Millions Sold at 29c Eacril 2 Gallons (p/oj 7c qf. Federal fax) 1 OO The 35c qt. Service Station grade! You save $1.80 on every handy, 2-gallon can! Not a special "sale" oil ... Wards regular, "Supreme Quality." None finer! Save! Pep up your car with a full set of new plugs! "Standard Quality ... a Dollar Day Value! 15-in. Steel Too! Box 1.25 Value 1 Made of 26-gauge steel with rippled green finish. Tray raises with hd. Lock and key. Save' It toasts 2 slices at once! Doors turn toast. Chromium plated. Black trim. Cord set included. Regular $1.19 Streamlined Lunch Kit Includes Wards finest pint vacuum bottle. Get yours now! Vacuum Bottle Alone «f>c Modern Kitchen Unit n Exclusive Ward design! Snowwhite glazed porcelain holder. Streamlined opal" glass shade. Dollar Day only! Reinforced for extra strength. Strong pail •helf. zy z " steps. 5 feet high. Air Rifle 3 Tub and of Shot es Famous King Air Rifle and 3L tubes of shot (225 per tube) for this one low sale price! $1.39 Curtain Stretcher Selected pine, marked in %-in. Pins 1-in. apart. Easel back. Extends to 52x87 inches! Save! 20 pounds Kalsomine (YES-20) 1 The regular price of 15-lbs.! Wards finest Kalsomine—won't rub off or peel. Many colors. Powder-1 yp« Casein Paint $ 1 2 gals. • Regularly 1.38! An amazing flat •wall paint that dries in 40 minutes. It's washable! teur gardener. So amateur that he planted'.vines with the roots in the air. He likes swing music and half converted Hawes to it. Even the baby likes it now. The Losey-Hawes tastes are similar, he says. "Neither of us is athletic, but we walk extensively. We like the same books—anything that isn't a novel. Same kiud of food— very expensive. We both like to travel. To dance. Hate formal occasions and practically never accept invitations to them." It was lucky Elizabeth Hawes and Joseph Losey accepted an invitation to one formal affair. That's how they met. Germany Wants More Than Free City Of Danzig (Continued from Page 1) Fuehrer Adolf Hitler's previous proposal to Poland for a combined highway and railway track across the corridor no. longer would meet Germany's requirements. The official German news agency, DNB, in a dispatch from Katowice, Poland, quoted "reliable sources" as saying Polish police had arrested Kurt Wiesuer, the German minority leader in Poland. The agency said the Poles made approximately 1,000 arrests during the past days, including all officials of the German minority organization. Despite military precautions, the opinion prevailed among observers hat a Danzig-Pomorze solution would be a bloodless one. Germany stood ready for any emergency. Preparedness measures that may go into history as the most stupendous of their kind were being completed. Residents of Gleiwitz, on Poland's southwestern border, said fresh erman troops "in large numbers" lave arrived there within the .last week. Soldiers in work clothes, carry- ng entrenching tools, ride through he city in mud-spattered truck's. To the north army crews were tringing a network of communica- ion wires, using existing poles and rees. Roads in the vicinity of the German border town of Schneidemuehl vere dotted with regular army ars and automobiles and trucks ommandeered from private owners ,nd stenciled with army symbols. Sentries patrolled side roads eading into Poland but none of he roads were barricaded. Farmhands harvester, ploughed ml tended their flocks alongside oldiers in work uniforms who eeined to be digging entrench- lents and gun replacements on the oiling hills. At many places tan- les of barbed wire were strung up. Aviation Pioneer Taking Third Ride BALTIMORE, Aug. 17, *(£>). — Glenn L. Martin, whose name has been linked with aviation for more than a quarter century, today takes his third airplane ride in 15 years. The veteran bomber builder said he and his mother, Mrs. Minta Delong Martin would leave from Washington (via American Airlines) for Los Angeles, where they remain until September 10. Because of financial and insurance commitments, now lifted, Martin has flown only twice since 1924. three years ago he traveled cross- country to see his father, who was critically ill and a year later he flew from California to Santa Catalina Island, celebrating the twenty- fifth anniversary of his first flight over the route. INTERPRETS ACT. WASHINGTON, Aug. 17 (#>). WPA Commissioner Harrington ha: interpreted the latest relief appro priation act to require the dis charge of any WPA administrative or supervisory employe who get in politics even to the event of managing a campaign for constable ATTACK REPORTED PARIS, Aug. 17 (£»).—A French customs officer reported here he had been beaten by two German soldiers in uniCorm and the French government forwarded a speedy protest to Germany. As soon as frontier officials reported the in cident to Paris, the foreign niin- istr yordered a full investigation and at once asked the German government for an explanation. SUES FOR DIVORCE IOWA CITY, la., Aug. 17 (XP). Grant Wood, nationally known Iowa artist and member of the University of lowno faculty Wednesday sued his wife, Mrs. Sarah Wood, for divorce on grounds of cruet and inhuman treatment. They were married in Minneapolis, Minn., March 2, 11)34 a.nd separated eleven months ago. HUNDREDS of offers appear dally In the different columns of the Classified Section. Some of them must certainly be useful to you. SHILOH LETTER Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rolirer and on, Bobby, of Chewsville, were unrlay evening visitors of Mr. and Irs. Emerson Harshmau and son. Visitors with Mr. and Mrs. John ewis were: Mr. and Mrs. Wil- nm Boppe and daughter, Miss 'oris. Hagerstown; Junior Grimm, harlton, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd iCwis and daughter, Eloise. Samuel Boppe, who has been pending some time with his daugh- er, Mrs. John Lewis, has returned o the. home of his son, Charles oppe, Pinesburg. MOM 4,0>l i:ItY WARD CATALOG ORDER SERVICE bring*, you over 1 GO,GOO items! BUY NOW...PAY MONTHLY ot» Wards Monthly Payment Plan! W**t Washington Street Phone 3010 False Teeth Are Removed By Thief CAMDEN, N. J., Aug. 17.—A thief stole a set of false teeth right ! out of Morris Mahoiiey's mouth to- 1 day—without even awakening him. Hut the tV'llow still didn't ger ;iway with it. A policeman on a bridge where i Mahoney was sleeping; ?aw the thief i picking Mahoney's pocket and ; grabbed him. The false molars j were In his hand. SCHENIEY'S STRENGTH BENDED WHISKEY. 90 PROOF. 7055 G*A!N NcUTRAl SPTflTS. COP?. 1937, SCHENtEY D!STfU6RS CORPORATION, NEW YORK CTTY 17 • 19 N. POTOMAC STREET Shop Cool in Comfort! Friday and Saturday Two Big Dollar Days! It's Clean-Up Time at The Bon Ton . . . all summer merchandise must be cleared out! Most everything is marked way below cost in order to insure immediate disposal. 750 WOMEN'S and MISSES' DRESSES Our entire stock of summer dresses included in these three great-value groups. You can now buy several for the original price of one. Better come early! CHIFFONS BEMBERGS MARQUISETTES SPUN RAYONS SHARKSKINS RAYON CREPES SHEER VOILES AND BATISTES ALL SIZES FOR WOMEN, MISSES and JUNIORS EXTRA SPECIAL 6 ! $ 7 98 Party Dresses $2 00 WOMEN'S and MISSES' COATS Values up to $12.95 DOLLAR DAY SPECIALS $1.98 to $2.98 Bathing Suits $2.98 to $3.98 Topper Coats $1.98 Gowns and Slips $1.98 & $2.98 House Coats . $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 to $1.98 Blouses 2 for$l $1.00 Slacks & Ploy Suits .. 2for$l $1.00&$1.98 Handbags ... 2for$l $1.00 Gowns & Princess Slips, 2 for $1 79c Quality Chiffon Hose .. 2 prs. $1 Women's Summer Hats 29c Children's $1.00 Dresses . 25c &50c

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