Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on February 12, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1898
Page 2
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M E L V I N , STEELE 4, J O H N S O N . EDITORS AND PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 12. A DELUSIVE PLAN. Governor Boies, a few days ago. at Fairfield, Iowa, delivered an address on the money problem t h a t is being widely quoted and commented on throughout the country. The Govemor is a bimetalhbt aud the plan lie suggests is to have both metals as the basis of our eurvency, No one metal, be said, 'is sufficient basis for the currency he describes as "absolutely sound in every respect, and so guarded by law as to be invulnerable f i o m attack fvom enemies w i t h i n or without." A part of the is t h a t any person holding notes of t h e government of tlio issue outstanding at this time, may have them redeemed Neither gold or silver bullion, at the market price of the same, at tiie option ot the holder; or in gold or silver coin at the option of th« government, a reserve o£ twenty-five per cent, of the issue being held for that purpose There are pros and cons worth while considering before determining a w h e t h e r or not the government shal be turned into a wholesale due-bil factory. The first of the prosistha practical free coinage of both metals without fised ratio, would be thereby attained indirectly, the government issuing its promises to pay, at the highest market price, for gold aud silver bullion ns received at the treasury, or as the demand for circu- - lating medium arises; and they are to be redeemed by treasury officials going into tie market and buying that m a n y dollars' worth of gold or silver, as demanded by the holder; the government to re-issue the redeemed notes in the same manner as the greenbacks are at this time, Carried to a conclusion, the government might just as well promise to redeem in wheat, corn or other product as in those two metals ia the "bullion state, as they would be commodities procurable elsewhere than teen m i l l i o n s of dollars. The first I of the bond issues mentioned was in l-'eliuiary, IS'J-i, in w h i c h m o n t h ·$19,193,334 iu gold was w i t h drawn from t b e trettsuty by redemption of greenbacks aud treasury notes. The w i t h d r a w a l of this gold reduced tlio gold reserve to $65,000,000 or nearly $36,000,000 below the sum in hud been t h e policy of the Harrison, as well as the Cleveland, a d m i n i s t r a t i o n to keep iu the treasury for ledemp- tion purposes. The second boud issue was in November, 189-i, when tho redemption fund had run down to $61,000.000. And tiie t h u d issue, in a few months thereafter, was so palpably due to the run on the gold in the treasury--$77,000,000 being w i t h d r a w n in two m o u t h s -- t h a t a s t i p u l a t i o n was made with those who f u r n i s h e d the gold for the third issue of bonds t h a t tho treasury was to be protected for a specified t i m e from the raids like those which had been so recently made on it. The issue of bonds was not only due to the w i t h d r a w a l of the gold from the heasui-y, but the withdiawal was premeditated and concerted on the part of those who did it, and the blame t h e r e f o r should not be put ou the deficiency of revenues. The question of selecting Congressional candidates is ahcady being discussed in this district, and it is probable that some excellent material will be available. That Queen Anne's has for some time had an avowed aspirant eveiy one knows. Moreover his fitness for the positiou is acknowledged. Ho it, one of the Eastern Shore's best m a n . But isn't the Uentroville Observer ai'i.ud i t w i l l injure his chances by such language as the following, taken from the last issue: run claims of the Queen Anne's Democracy itiut,t not be overlooked when the nomination tor Congressman for tiie Hirst CoiiKressionnl District is iu;ufe. It is well to gi\e notice in Lime to the leaders of district, that Amic's does not propose to be triflcl n i t h ns in the pnsl and that its more than i list clemnmls innst Ue iccotr- m«d We are quite stiro the Observer does not fairly interpret the feelings of the sterling Democrats of our sister county in holding out any such threat, implied in the above para graph. It is silly billy bluff. these racts 1 hey prove EDITORIAL NOTES. The settlement of the boundary line between Maryland and Virginia in certain waters wherein, for lack of well defined lines, the residents of each State|have had equal fishing rights, is liable to giveriso to a hairsplitting contest ou the definition oT fish. The contention is that crabs and oysters are not fish. To support this claim the dictionary definition is brought forth. According to Agassiz it is: "An auimal that inhabits the water, vertebrated, ovi- parious-or viviparious, bteathing by means of branchiae, or gills, h a v i n g one auricle and one ventricle to the leart, cold red blood, and extremities formed for swimming." It will to seen that both crabs and oysters ack several of the above essentials -- conspicuously vertebrae and red blood. Some of the great vivipa- rious fishes, such as the whale, porpoise, dolphin, etc., might just as The numerous friends of Senator Gorman h a v e other houors iu store for him. The first step to bo taken will be to nominate him for Congress, in the Fifth district, and then elect him Speaker of t h e House of Representatives, which Senator Thurston, of Nebraska, although a strong Republican, says will be Democratic. Then will follow the Presidential nomination, it is hoped. Good prices for fruit, which have obtained for several years, and the improving outlook for cereals have had the effect to keep many young men on the farm. Very few farmers have sold their stock preparatory to a change of vocation d u r i n g tbe past few mouths. Agriculturists feel that there are better days to come. W A Jv A S% A ii. AIKI M i l l we state w i t h no wihli to bOiibt. something. 'Iliis stoie lias no patents on business methods. It lias giown f i o m n o t h i n g simply thiotigh deserving to giow. Hacli year we send twenty-two buyers to bin ope and Asi.i to gather fine and odd and u s e f u l goous for youi e n j o y m e n t . We'd like to sell only A m e i L . i n goods--winch means that we shctll welcome the clay when Ameiican m a n i u . i c i i i t e i s tan more n e a i l y supply every w a n t And this stoie has a distinct field. It does nut depend for lavoi or biioi- ness upon y o u i neglect ot home stoics. Don't neglect them, i hose merchants are youi townsmen, y o u r taxpayeis, youi neighbors. Buy f i o m them all you _an. We d o n ' t sell giotcries because g i o j e i y selling is unnecessaiy--you can be f u l l y supplied \ \ i t h them any wheie. But where wide lange ot selection in fabrics is an advantage, wheie out f r e q u e n t t i a d e movements mean huge economy--wheie yon must depend on a city sloie, of course it is fail to piesume that the stoie good enough to giow by your favor into the biggest t e u i l stoie in America, sliH meiits t h a t favor. Its latch-string hangs out. We haven't stud a word about goods--yet, spiing stocks here and coming exceed in value foui million dollars. We answer letters promptly and fill orders c a r e f u l l y . But come if you can. The store is enjoyable. John Wanamaker. ALWAYS KEEP ON HAND Jain-Ji}//erl F THERE IS HO KINO OF PAIN OR ·ACHE, INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL, f THAT PAIN-KILLER WIU NOT RE- f LIEVE. LOOK OUT FOR IMITATIONS AND SUB- ? STITUTES. THE GENUINE BOTTLE BEARS THE NAME, PERRY DAVIS SON. LooK to Your Merest ard Get Our Price? Before Selling. PRIME RECLEANED WESTERN iCLOVERS SEED when at tbe government redemption counters, and at the same rate. An ob- we " escluded fo »' their mammal na- jection will likely be made by the f u r e and luD S b «athing. What is single standard men and the nation- " i e n l a t t e r t h e fa ' - -faroed terrapin, 'al banks to the vigorous advocacy exce P t his extravagant habit of roof silver. He said: "Preserve O u r gal ' D ° lliraself occasionally with a present silver coinage ' and silver bl ' etUl ' of fresh a^. that he cannot certiBeates as we have theru llow U et i u t o tij e fish class? This war of aud let the government increase their fiue - drawn distinctions may go mer- =· volume as the necessities of the peo- ri . ly ou ' b u t the wliale will be the ple^require. They are the money of I klQi? flstl of the sea a n d craos tho maose.--. Let them remain such. Clear the fielJ they should occupy · of every thing eNc. Call in and cancel every other uotc and coin oh denomination less than j/JO aud J their places with these up to the limit required for everyday tians- . actions of the great body of out- people. 'Bankers and money kings can ]pt them alone if they wish. The plain people will care for them. The silver dollar came down to them , from the fathers of the republic. Be not afraid. To the extent of their oysters on the fish bill-of-fare it is over. Nothing is more adapted to excite unfeeling rnhtb than the attitude of our leading legislators upon the [exclusion by Prussia, of Ameiican imports. Mr. Diugley's indignation is almost too great for utterance as he observes that the exclusion of our It is stated in a report by the State Engineer of New York that the increase of trade of the conn- try's great metropolis is not keeping pace with that of Baltimore aud other great ports. Senator John Walter Smith introduced a bill providing that a supervisor oE election cannot be a candidate for any other office d u r i n g bis term as supervisor or at the election nest ensuing. Mayor William T. Malstor, of Baltimore, will be married noxt Tuesday to Mrs. Hardcastle, of Chesapeake City. New Store! New Goods! Bottom Prices! i PER BUSHEL. 8 West Baltimore Street, (Three doors from dial-left) BALTI O R E , M D . Who Are Prepared to Pay Fullest Market Value on Delivery. P. H, GOLT, WYE STATIO^IJEGN ANNE'S R, R. W, H, DENNY, WYE STATION, S, N. SMITH, WILLOUGHBY, CHOICE CLOVER SEED tne .necessities they Trill never discredit it." Tbe further objection might be made that the unstable quality of bullion-and tho fixed value of coin ' can Dot harmonize as a basis for redeeming money. One or the other . must suffer., The coins could not but be effected in some degree by the semi demonetization of gold and silver, and loss to the government would be next to inevitable. horses is "in line" with sion of our fruit. One member of the House t h i n k s that the State Department should insist that Prussia stop trading with us "in a straightforward way" if at all, instead of ''attacking our products on sanitary _ _ upon the Department an extremely difficult task. Another member sug- that we might retaliate on wines and German sugar All these statesmen show signs of Ex-City Register W. F. Stoue to be Collector of the port of Balti more, a Washington letter says. I have given Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a fair tflst and consider it one of the very best remedies for croup that I have,' ever found. One'dose has always boon suffioient, although I used it freely. Any cold my children contract yields very readily to this medicine. I cau con- exclu-1 scientiously recommend it for croup and colds in children.--GEO. E. WOLFF, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Pernandina, Fla. Sold by W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh Duffiey, Hillsborough; R. J. Colston, Ridgely. by Mother Gray, u r s «' n the Children's Home iu New cure ^'erishness, Bad Stom. Teething Disorders, move and re ulat e the Bowels and Destroy pain that Prussia should be pursuing Woms - Ovei 10,000 testimonials, in regard to American products the They nner f ail - At ail druggists, 25c policy of exclusion which they have Sam P le F-REE. Address Allen S Having taken the store formerly occupied by Mr. Win. E. Brown, we will open SATURDAY, PM2 1898, with a full stock of Dry Goods, Notions, Ladies', Gents' and Children's Shoes, Stylish Hats, Tinware, Hardware, And Hundreds of Other Things Needed by Everybody, which we offer at Lowest ^ ^ * Prices for (WESTERN) USEFUL PRESENTS $3.50 A BUSHEL. L ,, EUGENE LYNCH, DOWNES, W, H, ANDERSON, DENTON, H, 0, HOBB3 ,HOBBS, W. R, PETERS, HIOKMAN, W, S, LORD, GREENWOOD, C, BURTON, MILTON, It TIMOTHY SEED _$1.50 A BUSHEL. H.T.JNCTTIEBEO. \ i ANDERSONTOWN, MD. ' Direct Telephone Connections With Queenstown, Sacks Furnished, WILLIAM I. CONN, jlp IWM. HOPPS CO «D. Jtl BSITIWBE, MB. ' HOUSE UHLER, --DEALERS IN-- L ET THE CIIRISTM AS GIFTS Tfii f prac i! cal - s -»s''Me, tl.U year. 11 n piense the lecipionts more than pretty, useless knick-knacks Tiie men-folks wouldn't appreciate any thin-..fee h u l f s o mu ££ f l s something to wcnr. Please them this'll thank you for it ten-fold Those of you in search of gilts for brothers, sons, fiulinre, and lutshmids w i l l find our store brimful of sensible suggestions of what to give. And when you arc in Baltimore for the Christmas shopping we want jou to freely avail yourselves of tho privileges of our establishment Accept our invitation to have your mini addressed here; leave your packages here to he kept until called fo,; write your letters here; in fact, make this your headquarters ^intown. It's entirely free of Below we gi ve you a few ,. t f sensible gifts for men: . Hen's Soils, $5.48. Weil's Very Slylisli Suits of Cashmere, Cheviot and Fancy Mixture' in blue, and black and plaid and stripes, well nmde and carefullv flnJshed: perfect fit guaranteed; in all styles; worth ?9, for $5.48 $iO and $12 Suits, $7.50; . ?i el ?' s Fine Cassimere and Cheviot Suits, in both single nnd double- breasted styles-full of style ftn d tailoring excellence--as perfect ttt- ting as any high-priced tailor's car- men*; lined with superior quality Italian cloth--worth SlO and $12, $7.80 $10 Overcoats, $5.98. .Collins. I f* 4 We solicit a share of the trade of Denton and Vicinity.. R. This government is not in a con-1 , . . . " I ni » j T r T ·«· dition to adopt" the somewhat de- *TM e n f o r e i a S WTM* PTMssi a pro- »^ted, LeRoy, N. Y ducts. It is familiar knowledge that it makes a great difference whoso ox is gored, but the prudent pvo- lectionist can at least maintain sil- once when it is shown to him that iiis rule can work both ways.--If. Y. Times. lusive plan of Governor Boies. It ' cannot afford to risk the inanipul.i- . tions of the commodities that are to be the money basis, or a Joss from the adoption of a joint basis. The situation would be entirely different if the currency-making- could be be- · gun de now; or if the currency thus, made was solely for internal trading. Happily, however, we have traite relations with foreign conn tries t h a t , can be best carried on with standard metal money--gold or silver, as the laws of the trading nation has established--without the aid or intervention of the iissayer or chemist,as in the event of a commodity metal money. The good old plan of 25.8 grains of gold or 412* grains of- silver to the dollar, Las stood the test of many years, and the cryiug - need "of the day is for more of them, to set trade in motion that; the huu- Evy and idle factory hands may be set to work and fed. THE GOLD STANDARD DID IT. In its issue of Thursday the New York £un, in refutation of the statement that tbe gold standaid caused the issue of the $21)2,000,000 bonds during the Cleveland administraliou, says the bonds were caused mainly iy tne deficiency of revenue. A very intense haired of Mr. Cleveland has warped the usually sound judgment of the editorial writers of tliiit eminent newspaper to such a 'degree that they do the ex-President and his party injustice. Mr. Cleveland was inaugurated in March, 1893. Considerable stress is laid om the fact t h a t (he customs receipts for for the month of January were in excess of those for any month under Hie Dingley law, and it is therefrom argued that the revenues will soon fxceed tho expenditures. They are yet a long way behind those for the corresponding month in 1895 and iu 1896. The customs receipts for January, 1S95, were $17,361,916.25; for January, 189G, $16,380,795.30, and January, 1898, they were $14,209,- 49a. "The months of January aud February, 1897,were the poor months of that year, the receipts in neither of (hem reaching as high as $12,000,000. The months of March with $22.833,856.46, and April with $24,: 454,351.74more than made good the deficiency. The receipts grew cons t a n t l y as long as the Wilson law A few months ago, Mr. Byron Every, of Woodstock, Mich., was badly afflicted with rheumatism. His right leg was swollen the f u l l length, causing him great suffering. Ho was advised to use Chamberlain' Pain Balm. The first bottle of it helped him considerably and the second bottle effected a cure. The 25 and 50 cent sizes aro for sale by W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh Duffey, Hillsborough; R. J. Colston, Ridgely. The author of "Sweet Marie" has married'the girl to whom t h e - s o n g was dedicated. But what is there to compensate tho victims of the oversung song.--JSx. Milton is overrun with traveling salesmen, who are drawn thither by the new railroad's convenient schedules. was in force. We will see w h e t h e r Tho appropriations for that year, ended June 30, had already t been made, and the extraordinary receipts for that year staved off a deficiency - which seemed imminent from the increase of appropriations by thirty- eight millions above the preceding "year.- The appropriations for 189J were decreased by fifteen million "ilollars, and the tariff law then in . force--the McKinley law--decreased f the revenues eighty-eight' million dollars. The Democrats decreased .the appropriations for 1895 by eleven ' millions of'dollars, and the WiJsoa tariff law, in force from August, 1894, incruMd tfa* rcreii'ue* 0eren- NFWSPAPFR! the Dtngley law does as, well. There is a bill before tho Legislature to .authorize Couuty Commissioners to put inmates of tho jails at work on the public roads. The bill ,-ilso authorizes the County Commissioners to hire prisoners to those who w a n t labor. Maryland has been comparatively free from tramps for a dozen years or so, that is, the people suffer very little from the trauip nuisance; and such a law will drive them away altogether. Congressman Barber has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives to grant the enlisted men of Company K. First Regiment, Eastern Shore Volunteers, honorable discharges fiom the U. S. military service. They enlisted during the war to serve only the Eastern Shore as a home guard, they claim; and when they refused an order to rendezvous at Point Lookout, on the Western Shore, they were dishonorably discharged.' WANAMAKER'S. PHILADELPHIA, Monday, Feb. 7, issa Wanamaker's is a household word. It is considered generally as a great big store, where quite a Iqt of people are employed, where pretty much everything is sold. But let's look into it a little more carefully. Let us see how big it is--and better, how good it is. We speak of the Philadelphia store alone. The New York store is a counterpart--not quite so large but growing and growing to catch up. There are eighteen acres of floor space in this rambling strong old building that varies from three to six stories high. There are six acres more room in the several outside buildings need and use. There are eighteen elevators- ten for passengers. There is a restaurant that easily serves three thousand orders daily. At holiday times we had five thousand two hundred and five people employed (over three thousand in New York--over 8,000 in all). We have extra help then, but the census keeps close to four thousand in Philadelphia all the time. In a single month we have sold something over two million dollars' worth of goods--more than all the department stores and dry goods stores in Richmond, Virginia, sell- in a year. To tbe Ladies: It is n genuine plensn'rc to us to cull youi 1 nttcntion to the /act tlint we'vo just added to our Corset Dc- pitrtineiit tlio celebrated 404 F. P. Corset. For wcnr, fit :ind durability tins corset 1ms no eqiuil, nnd it imparts to the vonici tlio most graceful figure. I t w o u l d please us very much lo have you call at our store nnd tiike n pnir home with you and after two weeks' trial if it is not the most «!itUfiictory corset you liuve ever worn, wo will gladly refund to you your purchase money. PRICK is IIUT'^I 00 i-Kit PAIR. Yours bineeioly, J. IL NICHOLS SON. Detito::, Jld. AUCTION SALES! The Greatest, Fairest and Largest Horse- Dealers that Maryland Has Ever Known Are M. FOX SONS. "We soil more horses nnd can SHOW YOU MORE HORSES Hum you cnii find in any stable in the Strtto DOHT MISS OUR AUCTIOM SALES! You \vill wonder how cheiip \vuscll horses. Every horse offered Is Sold for What Is Bid, And yoit tnl;c them home, and^f mis- roprosented ship thorn buck and get your money back. THE LARGEST HORSE DEALEBS IH MARYLAND. M. FOX SONS, AUCTIOXKKRS AND I'HOl'RIRIOHS, 315-320-322 NORTH ST., SEASONED PINE (ORIGINAL GROWFH) Framing Sawed to Correct Sizes; Shingles; Laths; Flooring; Siding; Lime; Hair; Cement, Etc, AT OUR COAL YARD, AT THE RAILROAD STATION, Will be kept on hand a supply of First-Class Morea Stone Loal It is the best! Farmers are informed that we furnish Kerr Bros.' Wrightsville Land Lime. Now is the give yonr order. Satisfaction guaranteed. time to r IS AYE THE CHEAPEST" AVOW IMITATIONS OF AND SUBSTI- ' TUTES FOR THE P H I L A D E L P H I A TIMES IS THE HANDSOMEST and BEST NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED. During 1898 THE TIMES \\ill not only mnintnin t h e h i u l i standard of excellence it reached the past ycnr, but will stend- fustly endpnvcr to excel its own best record, tind will not swerve from its set poso to njiike pur- MORTGAGEE'S SALE. U n d e r nnd by v n t u e of n power of irtlc contained in n mortgage from James H Webb nnd wife to j'e^e A. Wiight, Iwnr- ing dnto the 10th day of February, 18tO, nnd of record among tiie land records for Caroline county, in L bor L II. G , No. fil, folios 47], Ac., tiie undersigned, ns mortgagee, will sell tho propcity mentioned and described in said moilgajjp in front of the postolh'co in the village of Cliop- lank, Ciiroliuc county, Maryland,Ion Saturday, 19th day of Febraary, TIMES 'JHE FAVORITE FAMILY MWSPAPEB OF THIS OOBHTHT AND THE NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED PRINTING ALL THE NEWS we A': Farriers Increase Your Income By Doubling ^ Your Crops Without Increasing- Tb* Labor of Cultivation. ^ Vl?s.t I? BttUr thai) Soirjg to tlje A Liberal Application of BAINBRIDGE LAND LIME on Your Corn GrounJ. Its effect on tlic ^oil is niosl remarkable nnd sntisfaUory. Geologists declare Dint tiie liainbruliie limestone arc the 'purest Cnrbona(c of I,hue ever discovered. JOO fanners saved from Hie sheriff lust jenr iiy using Hnmbridgc J.incl Uric Keiiicm- IM.T, building liniL is not siutnble for land. IVe burn nothing- but land tune nt our Uambridgc Works I-or prices, address WKIGIlTSVJLlTB IJMK CO., WKiamsviLLi:, .J 1808, between the hours of one and three o'clock p. in., of that iaj-, as follows, to w i t : All that lot, piece or parcel of ground nnd premises situnte in the village of Choptnnk, Caroline county, Murjland, adjoining tho Methodist Episcopal Church lot, the lot of II. P. Uoslcy, the lot of J. K. Watson, the lot of Siimnul Lewis, and Ue lot of J. T. Blades, be the quantity thereof whatsoever it may. The improvements consist of a TWO-STOBY FRAME DWELLIKG and the noccssarj outbuildings, in goo tepiiir. This property i* situated in th thriving village of Choptnnk, whore stead and profitable cinployniont'cnn be foun' tor both men and women. Terras of Sale. Cash on tha day of sale. Titlo nt evpenso of purchaser. JESSE A. W WIGHT, IIT-.WIS, WKST, Moitg.igco At to i ncys. or paper 3 FAVORITE MOST POPULAR R30 I » J PANSSGS, NASTURTIUMS SWEET PEAS, one Pkt. of each variety for only D ftto ·"* "" ld *«" cl f «" t' ln ** 0 "ISi C.t.lo,u..nd FloulCullun, E3sta.Tslisla.eea. Frank C. Bolton. leeB. Bolton BOLTOlsr BROS. PAIHTS, OILS AND GLASS, PRIZE MEDAL 5,^ PAINTS, Elnlr)«, th* Parity SfqgurdOlI, Machinery Oils, Tar, Oakum and Pitch. ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, Steamship and Railway Supplies, 418, 420, 422, 424 E. PBATT ST., Money to Loan, §30,000 to loan on lirst mortgage WILMER EMORY, Attorney-nt-Lnw, Bnltimore, Md. Corner Payette and North Sts, ALL THE WORLD ALL THE.TIME, No journal is more extensively circulated or has :i widur circle of loaders in Penn- sylvnnu tlmn THE P H I L A D E L P H I A TIMES BEdAUSE IT DESERT THEM. SpecimeD Copies Free--Send For One. LEWIS WKST, ATTORN K vs. Order of Publication, "William H. White Ellu White. In tiie Circuit Court for Caroline county In Equity. The object of tliis suit is to obtain s de- cioe divorcing William H. White from his wile, Kiln White, a vinculo mairimonii I he bill states that on or about the month of February, 1870, he was married to his wife, Ella White »i*s Elln Walsh B jXomstown in the State of Pennsyliwria ft hence, after n few uoeks, they enme tc Caiolino county, State of iliu-yland, and resided on a farm near Fedcralsbure ii said county, until about Jnnimry 1st 1886 and then returned to the Stole of Pennsylvania and resided at Conshohocken un- t i l t h c T t h o f March, 1892, on which said l»st mentioned dutc tho respondent without cnuse left yonr orator, taking witb her all the personal property nnd "household ellects belonging to your orator, since winch tune she ha; not resided with him That though the conduct of your orator towards his wife, the said Ella White, has alwnys been kind, affectionate and above reproach, the said Ella White has, without aiij just cause or reason, abandoned and deserted Inni, and has declared her intention to live with him no longer, and that such abandonment bus continued un- interiiiptedly A n - a t least three years, to wit six years, and is deliberate and final and tho separation of the parties is beyond a n \ icasonahle expectation of reconciliation. And the said respondent lives in the State ot Pennsylvania and is not n resident of the State of Maryland. It is thereupon, tin's 13th day of January, 1SI8, ordered by the Circuit Court for Caroline county, in Equity, that tho complainant, by causing a copy of this order to Ue inseited in some newspaper printed and publishsd in Caroline county once in .nch of four successive weeks before tho Joth day of Feiniuiry next, give notice to siiitl absent dnfoiidant uf the object and substance of this bill, warning her to appear in this court, in person or bv solicitor, on or before the 5th day of March no\t to show cause, if nny she has, why 11 decree ought not to be passed as praved CHARLES W. HOBJJS. Clerk. ' True copv--Test. C11AHLES W. IIOBIJS, Clerk. janlo-Jt, t. ,,,-. St - vlish Black an d Nary Blue Chinchilla and Beaver Overcoats carefully trimmed and lined and finished with fine silk velvet colhirs--perfect in style and work- mnnslnp--worth §10, for [$5.98 $15 Overcoats, $9.25. Men's Very Handsome Overcoats of Black and Blue Kersey, made as only hiirh-class garments" are--perfect models of tho tailor's art: lined with fine Cluy Worsted and sleeve linings of Skinner's best satin: rawer plain edges--worth ?15, for »9.25 Boys'Clothing. Boys' Handsome Suits of Corduroy. Cheviot and Cnssimere, in sizes 3 to 8 ( years; stylishly braid trimmed and have deep sailor collars---worth $6 and 58, for % v $3.98" Boys Fine Blue Chinchilla Heelers, with choice of sailor, velvet or storm collars; plaid lined, and some braid trimmed--warm and comfortable, and will fill, any boy's heart with delight to receive one Christmas morning--worth §5, for ' $2.45 lea's Furnishings. Men's Fine Heavy Natural Cain- eU-hair Half Hose in black and scarlet^spliced heels nnd toes--worth 29c., for ·H t Men's Fine Kid Walking Gloves, in new light and dark shades of tan --worth SI a pnir, for 79c Men's Natural "Wool and Caiuel's- nair Underwear--warm and full of comfort nnd wear, worth-$l, for 59c Men's New Style Hats, both fedoras and darbies, in all the revest ,· shades--worth §1.50, Sl.75 and S200B for '- '" ; II.OQ THE GLOBE, 81. Baltimore St., (3 doors from Charlec) Baltimore, Maryland. 1898 THE 1898 AHINDEPENDEHTJODBML The Truth Without Fear or Faior All tne Hews from .all the World. THE BEST OME-CENT DAILY. 12 PAGES. For flTaU (Sabscrlptlon. v ONE WEEK Tft, OXE| MONTH scp\ SIX MONTHS '. SIM ONE YEAR fg'oo' Tetter, Sail-Rheum and Eczema. The intense itching and smarting, inei- TEKMS. UAILY.S3.00 pei a n n u m ; 25 cent= per month; delivered by carriers for 0 cents per week. SUMI'AY EDITION, 32 large, handsome pni^et--224 columns, elegantly illustrated, beautifully printed in colors, §2 00 per an mini: 5 c u n t b per copy. Daily and Sunday, $.3.00 pei annum; 50 cents per month Address all Ictteis to THE TIMES, PHILADELPHIA. Many very bad cases i:ive been permanently cured by it. It is equally efficient for itching piles and a favorite remedy for sore nipples chimpcd hands, chilblains, frost bites and chronic sore eyes. 23 cts. per bos. . Dr. Cailjr's Condition Pmvders, are Oust what a horse needs \vhen in bad. condition. Tonic, blood purifier *md vermifuge. They are not food but medicine «:xl (he best in use to put a hoise in prime condition. Piice 25 cents per package. Baltimore's Favorite Newspaper and Model Home Journal. 3* PAGES. LEADS IN .CIRCULATION. LEADS IN MERIT. LEADS IN POPULARITY. Single Copy, 3 Cents. I'or Mall Subscription. ONE MONTH i 5( SIX MONTHS ' YEAR ...:.:: TO ONE AND ALL "Who wish to purchase for 1898 MBW BICYCLES AND SUNDRIES Cheap for Cnsl», I cnn offer special indiice- lents. Consult onrly with or write to 33. iT. OL.A.rRIC, 2 32 4 DZNTOX, MARYLAND. For Safe, One Geisci- Kn\\-Vill, with 52-inch saw n good order ; 3li horse-jiowcr Upright Engnu-, 50 horse-power Boiler, all in good o:dcr. Tins saw-mill is uheady set up on a tine tract of limber, uliieh is for sale situated about \\ miles fiom Denton mil- road station. Terms reasonable Apply " to 2 5 4 W. H. Deiiton, ild. Horse and Carriage For sale, at 3Ir. Clmrlos Howard's. Will bo sold separately if desired. A. VONDER8MITH, SOc. for 12 Months, TWELVE 1'AGES.-Giving complete accounts of ftll events of interest throughout the world. Its Market Reports arc accurate, complete and valuable. A welcome visitor to all homes. Specimen copies mailed to any address bend in §2 and the names of five yearly subscribers. J*»"y Address all communications to THE HERALD PUBLISH1SG COIPilY* Fayette and St. Paul Street*, BALTIMORE, MD.' ·J EWSPAPER

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