Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on December 10, 1938 · Page 8
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 8

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1938
Page 8
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DENTON JOURNAL Page 8 MEUVTN JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, December 10, 1938 THE OYSTER--THE TRUE SYMBOL OF GOOD EATING Seafood Proteins Highly Usable Dr. Lewis Radcliffe, Director, Oyster Institute of North America, Washington, D. C. Life today is very different from that of 50 years ago. We are living in a machine age with the result that vigorous physical exercise has been largely eliminated from our daily li vcs -- ma ny of us making up for this change by indulging in golf, bowling, dancing, horse-back riding, tennis and other sports as well as setting up exerciser. These changes in our mode of life unless accompanied by propel changes in diet result in a host of disorders nnd early breakdown of our health. Then, too, in order to maintain a slender figure, for too many persons have gone to the other extreme, failing to assure a proper intake of essential food elements. To remain slim, healthy and mentallj alert we must cat sufficiently of starch and sugar, some protein, vita mins and minerals with plenty of suitable vegetables. We must have proteins for the construction and repair or maintenance of our tissues. Lack of a sufficient intake of calories causes starvation. An insufficient intake of protective foodc, i. e., foods rich in minerals anJ vitamins, may bring on deficiency diseases which develop in spite of an abundant intake of energy-providing foods. In taking stock of a particulai energy-producing food we need to know the extent to which the proteins are digestible as well as the total protein content of the food it- BClf. Recent experiments by Lanham and Lemon of the U. S. Bureau of Fisheries show that the proteins of fishery products ore of excellen' quality. "Oyster protein was markedly superior to the others, and apparently the fish containing 10 pei cent or more of fat yielded bettei proteins than those containing less.' In general, in order to get variety and for reasons of economy, they advise that about one-third of the pro tein eaten should come from fish 01 animal sources. As most vegetable proteins are inferior to the proteins of feh and shellfish, the latter may ·well be served as the principal dish of a meal consisting largely of fruits and vegetables, the fish proteins completely supplementing the vegetable proteins. In the studies conducted by the experts of the U. S. Bureau of Fisheries to determine the comparative growth promoting value of the proteins of the edible portions of several foods, the proteins fell into the following groups: 10091--oysters. 90%--Boston mackerel, pilchard red snapper, shrimp, Spanish mackerel. 80%--cod croaker, haddock, shad, silver salmon. 63 %--Beef, casein. In these experiments the beef and casein were used as controls. It will be noted that the less oily fish seem to have a somewhat lower food value than the fatter fishes and that oysters have an exceptionally high food value in terms of the amount of protein in them. "Since both oysters and clams arc frequently eaten in the raw state," says Dr. E. V. McCollum. "they occupy an unique position in that they are the only foods of animal origin which in the temperate region can take the place, in a measure of fresh, raw, vegetable foods." BIG DOUBLE FEATURE A T D E N T O N I A Buck Jones, hard-riding idol of the western screen, returns to the Dentonia Theatre on Saturday only, December 10, as a two-fisted Texas Banger who cleans up a border band of silver thieves after his dishonorable dismissal from the force for insubordination. In "Law of the Texan," the Columbia outdoor drama with Dorothy Fay, Jones' abilities in rough-and-tumble combat, in six-gun battles and in thrill-packed chases across the Texas plains are reported as splendidly "belonging" in an action-filled story. Grable Heads Cast of "Campus Confessions" Betty Grable, lovely beauty who recently scored so sensationally in "Give Me a Sailor" will be seen in one of her biggest and most important roles to date on Saturday, December 10, at the Den ton in Theatre, . when Paramount's gay comedy of college life, "Campus Confessions," shows here. "Four Daughters" Coming to Dentonia "Four Daughters," the Warner Bros, picturization of a famous story by Fannie Hurst, will show at the Dentonia Theatre on Monday and Tuesday, December 12 and 13. A moving tale of four devoted sisters who fall in love with the same man, the film has one of the most unique casts in motion picture history. Don Ameche in Double Leads How he does it ic a mystery, but the way he docs it is a pleasure to Don Ameche's millions of radio and screen fans. Master of ceremonies of the nation's mont popular air show, Broadcast every Sunday night at 8 p. m., E.S.T., on the N.B.C. Red Network, Don at the same time is appearing in starring roles in a succession of screen hits. No sooner had he completed his role opposite the radiant Sonja Henic in 20th Century- Fox's "Happy Landing" than Don was co-starred with Simone Simon and Robert Young in the gay and provocative comedy, "Josette," at the Dentonia Theatre, Wednesday only, December 14. Bert Lahr and Joan Davis head the featured cast. "Suez** A Truly Great Production With Tyrone Power, Loretta Young, Annabella For the first few moments after the final scene fades from the screen there will be complete silence in the Dentonia Theatre when "Suez" shows Thursday and Friday (2 dayis only), December 16 and 16. Then the applause, cheering: and whistling will ·weep through the auditorium with such vehemence as if to rival the savage black simoon that brought the story to a terrifying climax, bringing spectacle and emotion the screen has never been able to capture before. RADIANT LIVING TRIUMPHANT THROUGH SPIRIT By Rev. C. H. Griffeth Methodist Pastor of Deal's Island, Md. SPECIAL NOTICE ducers of cp^s. All produces who I are not alioady soiling on u U. S. j The monthly leport of the Snfi'ty ] Goveinment graded basis arc advised Department of the CoinmUsiutiei o f j l o at grade their c-ggh acucnd- Motor Vehicles disclose; that the first ] ing to size before selling them, Mimj eleven months of this year bhow Ml product-is, a is believed, could in- In his fascinating book which car- riet with it so much mystery, the Apostle John has written of himself: "I was in the Spirit on the Lord'.s day and heard behind me n great voice as of n trumpet." In these words the Beloved Disciple levenl; the secret of his radiant life. It was his ability to be "in the Spirit" and, consequently, to "hear a. great voice." The secret of St. John's ability to transfoim his misfortunes into bio-sings and to radiate consolation, courage, and conviction was his conscious fellowship with the Spirit of God. A man who goo= through his daily tasks without the consciousness of a perfect harmony with the Divine iMind is like a man surrounded with the beauty of a Paradise, ye» incapable of seeing it. No man incarcerated in the deepest dungeon of some medieval castle wa-3 more separated from human fellowship than is the modern man separated from fellowship with the Infinite, whose mind is filled with the materialistic. The value of spiritual perception is realized when one observes how it transforms the dreary solitude of a Patmos Island into a paradise of vision, fellowship and rapture. When you hear the Infinite Spirit whispering to your soul it seems like the sweet notes of a golden throated trumpet ringing down through the pillared vault of a va=t cathedral. And one's spirit interprets it as the divine voice of Triumph. ONE MAN BAND Smiley Burnette, rotund comedian who plays the stooge for Gene Autry in his popular musical westerns, is an accomplished musician; he can play five musical instruments at once! His latest picture with Autry is "Public Cowboy No. 1," at the Ridgely Theatre Friday and Saturday, December 9 and 10. Tracy Is Mickey Rooney's Mod e l As "Tops" Actor Mickey Rooney figures he must have been born with a rabbit's foot in his hand, he's that lucky. It's not becauses he happens to be working in pictures as a whole but because right now he's working alongside Spencer Tracy where he can watch the fellow he considers the greatest actor in the world. Director Norman Taurog called Mickey into his office and told him that he was going to direct "Boys Town," showing at the Ridgely Theatre, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, December 12, 13 and 14, and that Mickey was going to be starred along with a fellow named Tracy. "You could have knocked me over -with a snow flake," says Mickey. "Right then and there I knew that prayers really work because I'd sure been praying for that chance." Romantic Leads Typify Modern Athletic Youth Both notable specimens of athletic American youth, Allen Lane and Francos Mercer are currently teamed as the romantic leads in "Crime Ring" at Ridgely Theatre Thursday only, December 15. Lane, a former Notre Dame gridiron star and baseball professional, is rated as one of the finest athletes on the screen today, and enacts his fourth leading- role in this film, as a resourceful newspaperman. Miss Mercer, daughter of Sid Mercer, sport? writer, is also an accomplished athlete and a versatile dancer. These two make a brilliant pair of typical American young people, as well as a pleasing romantic team. MAKE CAROLINE COUNTY FIRST IN SANITATION IL-SS deaths than the corresponding period of 11KJ7, as the tabulation below will indicate, n DECREASE ot 27 per cent. Theie weie al o six less deaths for the month of Noveinhei, as compared with the same month of 1937: January February March April May June July August September October November Total G7 .'17 45 2!) JJG 51 51 :«» 55 5-1 51 UKI8 30 30 25 20 31 4,1 45 518 377 There were 2G pedestrians killed during the month, two of which w u i e children. Of this number 1 was walking on road, right side, and 1 playing in the roadway. Thioc adult pedestrians were walking on ic:id, lelt side, 7 walking on load, right side, 1 working in roadway, 1 stepped from behind vehicle, 1 crossing at intersection with signal, 9 crossing at intersection, no signal, and 2 cro-ing Two bicyclists roads and at intersections. No day of the week w a = free from fatal accidents, with Saturday and Sunday tied for the lead. Passenger cms with no defects, with operating too fast for conditions by the opcratois, who in a majority were White, Male Sex, normal condition, between the ages of 20 to 29 with five years or more experience, and a resident of Baltimore City. There were 4 Hit and Run cases during the month of November. Baltimore City is chaigcVl with 14 A sanitary privy i= one so constructed and maintained-1. That flies, insects, rats and small fowl cannot gain access to the waste material or excrement. 2. That surface water cannot enter the pit and overflow it on the surface of the ground. 3. Thnt it does not require frr- quent cleaning and handling of the waste material or excrement. Diseases Due to Poor Sanitation The germs that cause typhoid fever, dysentery, collitis, cholera in- fantum, diarrhea, and other diseases affecting the stomach and intestines, are discharged from the body in tne excrement and these geims are transferred to food by dirty hands, flies, rats, small animals, and fowl. The satisfactory dL-posal of human wastes in the county and towns where sanitary sewers are not available has been a Public Health Problem foi many years. Now with the New Sanitary Privy these diseases can be eliminated. The W. P. A. Program in this county has made it possible to build many of these approved-type privies which will do much to reduce the illness and deaths from these diseases. If you need one of the Sanitarj Privies at your home, make a request now and don't forget that the privy at the tenant house is also important to your health as well as the tenant's. .Cost to Property Owner When the present building mect= the requirements and can be used the cost will not exceed $11.00. When the present building can only be used for curbing of the pit the cost will not exceed $19.25. When the present building is in such n state of decay that it cannot be used the cast will not exceed $21.75. Auditor's Order Nisi J. FRANK LANE vs. ESTHER A. DEWITT, et al In The Circuit Court For Caroline County. In Equity. No. 3479 Chy. Ordered this 8th day of December, 1938, that the Auditor's report, made and filed in the above proceedings, be ratified and confirmed, unless good cause to the contrary be shown within three weeks from the 10th day of December 1938, provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline County once in each of two euccessivc weeks before the 19th day of December 1938. WAYNE A. CAWLEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test: WAYNE A. CAWLEY, Clerk. WANTED Corn, wheat, soy beans. Highest cash price paid at farm. Also general au ing. ^ ^ LOCKERMAN, Phone Bl Denton, Md. (12-10-3t) not at intersection. were also killed. crease tlieii income fiom ij;gs it tales, were made on a gulled basis, especially as consume! denunul foi high iualily egijs inci eases. It is lee- oinniendcd that pioduceis who i ell eggs on a guided basis i m p i o v e their holding and handling facilities itl mdei fiat eggs may leaeh the m a i - Uet in the best possible condition. Complete tesults of thi- suivey have just been published in bullulm iiumbci- US of the of M,u viand Experiment Station, (opie.- of which may be obtained by addi ess- ing the University at College Park. The authors of the bulletin are P. R. Poft'enheigei and S. II. DeValllt of the Experiment Station uiul S. B. Shaw, Chief of the Maryland State Depattment of Maikets. LIGHT AND VENTILATION NECESSARY IN KITCHEN Good ventilation and proper lighting aie essentials to happiness anJ i ucce«s in the kitchen, it is pointed out by Miss Jessie Ilinton, home management specialist for the University of Maryland Extension Ser,vice. She says that windows ate need,,,, ,,.,,,, ,,. J e d ill L\\n side wall-', or at least one According to our summary 2G or 58 | or two windows in one wall and a per cent were pedestrians, 10 or 2111 door in another. The outside door per cent weic pa-sengers, 2 01 1 p e r ' s h o u l d have a screened transom for cent were riding bicycles, and 7 n , ventilation and if the kitchen is in- 16 per cent were the opeiatois them- jclined to he dark a glass in the upper selves. A majority of accidents oc-1 half of the outside door will curred on clear days, stiaight, (hy i giuatly in lighting the kitchen. help deaths, with 31 deaths in the. counties, WALTER R. RUDY, Miss Hinton point, out that if windows arc extended as near as possible to the ceiling they will help to cairj off hot air iind odors who«i opened from the top. In addition, .ligh windows give better li'rhtinj* and, if they arc high enough, oitar equipment may be plnc.'d beneath them. Good artificial lights should also be ai ranged · o as (o prevent glare and as a fuithcr aid the walls should be painted or papeied a light tint, dialing white is not usually good but under twenty-one jeai.s of age and do not include set vices to the deaf and the blind. The present pi OKI am i.s a continuation and ixli'Hsion of the plans oiig- iiiiilly developed by tlie League for Ci ippled Chilili t'li. A special ellort i- inaile to l o e i t e clnldu-n sulfei ing florn uiiy t u j p l i n g dis ibility in need of surgical rospital, or follow-up caie. Clinics :il which the t-hildien ate e\- iimined by p l i \ s i c i a n s with .special liiiimnjr in th ; s p.u ticular field, me m i n n g e i l tlnoiigh tlu County Health tinelits. 1'iovisioii L- made fin hospital caie, if nt.c-j'-s.iiy 01 I'm other c.iro or tuatim'iit. Braces, shoe; ami othei aj-pliai le., ,ue obtained for those mi- bh- to p.'\ 1-n- them. number of chrics ha^ guul- ually been inciesi ed. Sixty have been held within th,' lust ..tar. The staff has been i n l a t g e d to include thiee nuises and seven other workers with special ttaiiung in the eaie and tient- ment of those w i t h bone or joint diseases or who are ciippled f r o m other cnu es. Of the 1,J37 children and youi'g people under s u p e i v i - i u n and tieat- ment at piesuit, 8HJ a i e boys and 751, gills. Fourteen aie undci a yeiii old, 302 fiom 1 tu 4 years old; 147 fiom 5 to 9; 52!) from 10 to 11; 315 from 15 to 10, and 30 are 20 yeai old. About OML fifth of the total ar crippled tlnouf'h infantile paralysis In other ca i", the disability is due to injury at biith; to rickets; to tubeiculo! is, to some other disease, or to nccidei'iL. Tianspoitation t«i the clinics is on of the mo t difficult problems of thi Set vice. It IK made possible Inigelv thi (nigh the volunteer aid of tin- American Legion, civic and othei service clubs, and inteii-sled individuals. But no child lecommcnded foi clinic caie has gone without the neces- saiy attention. If the parents havi found it impoFi ible to get the child to the clinic, on? of the clinic surgeons has visited the child in his own home. GRADING HIGH QUALITY EGGS IS FOUND TO BE PROFITABLE It is profitable for a producer of high quality eggs to sell them on a graded basis, but it is questionable whether producers of low quality egjrs can sell them profitably on such a basis, according to results of a survey made recently by the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station and State Department of Markets. In an effort to deteimine whether it pays to grade eggs, a comparative study was made of 15 egg pioducoia in Baltimore and Harford counties who sold their eggs to a prominent egg dealer in Baltimore on a U. S. Government graded basis, and 15 produceis who sold their eggs indis- criminatcb to hucksters, retailers, wholesalers, etc. This study continued during the year November 1, 1930 to October' 31, 1937. It was found that the price received for eggs nold on a gtaded basis was not influenced by the volume of eggs shipped as much as was the price of eggs sold on a non-giadcd basis. The results showed also that size a-, well as quality influences the pi ice producers receive for eggs. "Based on this study, some definite recommendations ore made to nio- tans nnd grays with enough . _.. . .yellow to give them life are satis- Commissioner. | factory. These colors aie neutral, do '.not show i oil easily, nnd yet will reflect considerable light. STATE SERVICES FOR CIMPPLED CHILDREN A report recently i sued by the State Depaitment of Health, on the Seivicc for Crippled .Children in the Counties of Maryland shows that 1,037 children and young people living in the counties, all of them suffering from -ome crippling disability, are under supervision at present. Childien in Baltimore City, who are similarly handicapped, arc under the supci vision «f the Maryland Lcagre for Crippled Children--the pioneer oiganization by which State-wide clinics and follow-up caie were started over ten years ago--which continue? its cooperative connection with the Services for Ci ippled Children. The cxpani ion of the services for ci ippled childien in the counties uf Maryland was made possible by State appiopriutions matched by funds from the Social Security Act under the Children's Bureau, U. S. Department of Labor. The services were administered at first by the Board of State Aid and Charities and were tian-fciTcd to the State Department of Health by an Act of Legislature in 1937. Under the terms of the law the activities arc limited to those Disroining the lights of mnn, \v cannot fail to forsce the doom of nl 1 oppr« "sion.--M r \iy Baker EId\. COVEKNOR NICE EN- DOKSKS IHHLK SUNDAY (JoviMtior H a n y \V. Nice endor. es the nlHL'! vance of Univui -uil Hil) 1 " Sunday in UK- chinches of M a i y l a n d »n iii'.\l Sunday, Deit'inlii'i 1 11. The cili L'i\;iiRi' uf Ujiivei'.il nibli- Sunday u i l l this yi-.u ii:utal-.i' of Lliv n a t i i i e of .1 cell-In alion of th" uppcn 1 - ancc of Ihe C l i i i s t i a n S c i i p t u i e s in the 1,000th tongue. D u r i n g tho year l!t.'I7 some substantial p:nt r»f tht liiljlc appeared in 17 l;mg;ii:iges hithi'ito w i t h o u t i!, b i i i i K i i i K the 1111111- bei to t,(H)S. In addition to special servici,"? in tens til thousands ol (.-lunches, there will he two tintiop- \\ide Innndi-as'·,. Over llie Coluinhii netv/oik it '2:4* P. .M., E.S.T., IJaniel C. lioppi, Si'cie'.arj of Coninieicc, will be pi'-.fiitL'd bj Hi. John II. Finley, editor eniei itus of the New Yoi k Tunes, and Vice-Pi esiili-nt of the Ameiican Bible Soci-t\. Ovui the Mutual ne'.woik nt l:i: P. M., E.S.T., Dr. Lyon Pliclp and John H. Mason, president of the American Bible Society, will i punk. The cc-lebtation, sis fonnc-ily, K sponsored by 'he Ameiican Bible Society tbi'iu|;h whose, cooperative ef- fpits, beginning in 1810, xvilli Pio- testant churches of all sect and creeds anpioximately oOO,000,000 volumes of Scripture have been disttib- ited in more, than forty countries ami in 220 Innguagcs. In uifiinK the obsei vanre of Uni- vei-,al Ijihle. Suiul ly Ciivernni Nice tays: "Godfeaiins men and women h i i \ e evc-r\ rii;ht to lejoice in the fiict that thi, j c n r of Our Lord, lim, finds- some p n i t i o n of tho Scripluivs translated into a thousand tongues. T-ere is f u i t l H ' r C.L!I ,e foi icjniciri£ in the ·ontinuetl ciicululion of the Sciip- urts. I-Vi- m my jeai.s the Bible ha= far out.iti ipp'j! all othei books in cii- ·ulaUon. It translation into all the ·irineipnl Ian tenures of th-- world and hundreds of dialects besides j^uaran- ees the continunnc*. 1 of its unrivalled listiibution. "I hope, therefore, thnt Universal Hi hie Sunday, December llth, which s In'iiitf promoted by the American ible Sneiotv lo call attention to the importance of the Bible in our livcs, will bu fittingly celebrated in the churches of Maiyland." THE TURKEY'S DILEMMA I wonder whore I'll be this time next week, When I think of it, I tremble from my toes up to my beak. Now I'm SUIL- there'., tumble hiewing, I can fuel it in my ciaw; And yesleiday a person whom overy- one. calls "Ma" Came out and said, "Old felloxv you're getting fat". j Now I wish I knew just what slic meant by that. And the children seem so happy; they laugh and shout and sing, One i aid, "On Christmas Da I'm going to have a wins!" And anther one whose name is little Peg Danced nnd shouted "And I shall have a leg!" Grand Gifts . . . Grand Values!! Little accessories \vith lots of chic make the grandest gifts! See our rich suede bags and matching gloves . . . Ka;er Silk Hosiery . . . dainty gift hankies! Sec how little they cost . . . how expensive they look! All gift wrapped. Gift Bags Gloves 1.95 Gift Hankies Give her either--or both! Dressy suede bags wilh jewel tiims --soft i uedc gloves. Black, colors. Gift Gloves 25c each Pure linen, \and rolled hankies. AH types. Wide choice. $1.00 and $1.50 Suede fabric, calf nnd two- faced rui.dc and leather gloves! Bags Little drersy bags in suedes, crepes, taffetas! All specially priced at... $1.00 to $2.50 Kayser Silk Hosiery She wants, she's hoping for, she needs a stocking wardrobe 1 79cto$1.15 E G A M DENTON, MARYLAND PHONE 107 Food Market DENTON Mr. \Villard L. S\vann formerly with Denton Food Market Now With BUCKLEY'S FOOD MARKET Specials Saturday Only Wisconsin Jtine Cheese Ib Duretai Macaroni 3 for 13c Buckley's Special Blend Coffee Free Ciiance OQ Set China Dishes Ib Regular 5c Salt 3 tor 13c Boneless Veal Roast Best Cuts Standing Rib Roast Jumbo Bologna Ibl9c Jellied Pork Souse Ib 21c Eaty T«rm« Be sore when you give this love ^ ; ft that it's a genuine Lane --the only tested aroma-tight cedar chcsc See this Lane Ctiristmas Spcctiti--a gorgeous modern chest in rich Oriental and walnut veneers with a smart waterfall top. Waterproof Lanc-wcldcil Veneers won't peel or lift. Sensationally priced. Many other lienutiful models to choose from. Another cried, "Me for gravy, breast ant] stuffing!" I walked away, one said, "See how the turkey's puffing!" Now it's quite plain thut I must find some way On these kind folk?- a little joke to play. For I can never stand to lose so many things, And it's a well-known fact that turkeys have two wings. With one wing, I could only flop; With one leg, I could only hop; Then thei e's my gravy, breast and stuffing, Without them, well, I'd do nothing. So on Fiiday morning in the early dawn, I'll softlj creep along down through the lawn To a wood thatV just across the way, Where I'll spend a Happy Christmas Day. OLIVIA P. ROE. Snhscrihp for th«» Journal. . . SPECIAL . . Saturday and Sunday, December 10th and llth OUR FOUNTAIN IS FAMOUS For Chocolate Ice Cream Sodas Made from the IJest Chocolate money can buy--Rich Iw Cream- Cold, sparkling carbonated water--And served in the Big Glass- ·10 per cent over standard size. 5c And a Coupon from the Beardsley Milk Co. 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