The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 7, 1916 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1916
Page 7
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CHILLICOTHE BAIL'S CONSTITUTION TUESDAY, NOV. 7,1916. PREHISTORIC VASE IS FOUND \ I'S RE-EI ASSURED; SENATOR DICKEY; GA degree e ever Iced will ling of ;ome a a iiis truly intiseptic i. T ou a new ""quality" · ^e both as jd whiten- ,2%htfully 'ich it jrn- Pho rh9ne WILSON'S RE-ELECTION IS GARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT MINNESOTA AND CALIFORNIA, BT, : WILL CARRY BOTH OF THESE," WAS - -DECLARATION OF VANCE McCORMijy 5011 GOES TO mm BY ·pirns firm ·H keeps the today and back if you Blasting for Drainage Ditch in Nebraska Uncovered a Remarkable Relic. C. F. Buchholz of this city has charge of a company of men who are dynamiting a drainage ditch east of here about four miles, says the Falls City correspondent of the Omaha World- Herald. The purpose is to loosen the dirt so it may wash and both widen and "deepen the ditch and prevent overflows. The dynamite shakes side'walls and bottom. After an explosion the other day a large portion of the south side wall caved down, exposing a large vase about nine feet below the surface. The workmen thought the pot might contain valuables and made further investigation, which disclosed no Spanish gold, but the pot itself is a fine example of the work of the prehistoric race which inhabited this section in bygone ages. The pot is blackened on its interior as if it were from fire. It i was imbedded in stiff clay and the ' ground about showed no appearance of having been disturbed. A number of photographs o'f the pot before it was removed were taken to show the depth and location. The pot was found to "be about eighteen inches deep with an opening at the top about the size of a-n ordinary table plate, while it might measure three feet in circumference at the middle. Some distance farther down the ravine some bones were found. The pottery was brought to town und will be reassembled, as the blasting powder used in the ravine had caused parts to crack and drop out. Editor Tells How D.D.D.Cured His Eczema Clergyman and Banker : Also Write t H. G. Hotchklss. Editor Echo. Prochetts- town, 111. : Kemeraber mine was eczema of fifteen Tears standing. Now J am completely healed, after 4 bottles of D D D I have seen a case of 25 years' standing cured. I hove soon my own doctor cured f t barber's itch, which he could not cure himself. P. R. Tesar. Banker. Hopltinton In · T treiucd with three doctors for six months, i bey rtUl me no jiood ; my face and scalo n-cre f u l l of the disease. I applied D D r Result--my fneo i*' - " ' · Most of the farmers in this vicinity are thru with their fall plowing. Miss Margaret Donohue of Chilli, cothe was visiting In these parts the first of last week A jolly crowd of hallowe'eners gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Rupe's Tuesday evening The guests were met at the door by an angel. . They were then ushered into the house to get a glimpse of the witches and by looking through the mirror at their future intended, TMoolli" as a baby ,,. -_-,· -- «,. Pastor 5th Ay. Pfes- Cburch, Koanok-e, Va. : For three* j n, * *, sufferca._ intensely so. I have at y s P ent tQ e rest of the even* " m "~ ing in playing games of all kinds. relM In U. h. D. I ,,,,, ,,,, longer tortured--completely cured. I have no hesitancy in flcknowledgintr the irreat virtues of this spe^Hlc. Prusgists are plnd to recommend this soothjui;, coolintr liquid. Kc, 50c and SI 00 Come to \;s and wo win tell you nWe about this r e m a r k a b l e remedy. Your money back unless t l K - l l r s t b o t i l e relieves yon D D D boap keeps sour skin healthy. Asfc about iti Dlark's Pharmacy, Chilllcothe, Mo. DIAMONDS DIMMED BY WAR An Important Industry That Almost Has Been Paralyzed In Two Years. If IKE'S a g-arae, and we are all players in it, to paraphrase Shakespeare. ·* And the best two cards in any hand are illustrated above--first, the PAY ENVELOPE; second, the BAHK BOOK. Without the pay envelope there can tte no hank book. Without the bank book the pay envelope is robbed of its PITH, VAiTJE. The BAI7X 200K is the IOGICAL, SENSIBLE SUPPLEMENT of the PAY ENVELOPE. DO YOU HOLD THESE WINNING CARDS? FARMERS MERCHANTS BANK Chris Boebner, Pres. J. D. iirookshier, C us hie CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI The diamond trade in Europe Js well- nigh wiped out by the war, an exchange observes. The great diamond monopoly "in South Africa, it is said, will pass its dividends and maybe suspend business entirely. The custom of "valorizing" diamonds--holding back the output to keep up prices-has left the big mining company with a heavy stock on hand. This year, at least, many people in Europe who wear diamonds, far from wanting more, are going to find it convenient, not to say necessary, to sell those they have. This will lower prices and more than satisfy the feeble demand. It would not be surprising if a goodly stffck of European Jewelry were to find its way to this country at bargain prices. Europe is in no mood to buy gewgaws. Cold cash looks as good t o ; thousands of property owners as food to millions who own nothing., A diamond mine is no place to look for a job yet a while. When You Have Saved $50 I the question arises- "How shall 1 invest it?" There is no better way than in a Cer tificate of Deposit in The Citizens National Bank of Chillicothe, whose resources oj $850,000.00 give you assurance of absolute safety. Our Certificates ol Deposit are issued in sums of $50 and upwards. They bear interest at the rate of 3 L )er cent, and are renewable at.the end o£ six or twelve months. If you want security for y.our sav ings and absence of all expense or worry incident to' mortgages bonds, stocks, etc. GET £. CERTIFICATE- OP DEPOSIT in this strong bank. The certificates are readily negotiable collateral security are unexcelled. For those who have saved^some 'v -md desire a regular in come, free from the annoyance and worry of other forms of investment we strongly recommend our Certificate of Deposit. The Citizens National Bank Bank Member Federal Reserve C. S. DEPOSITARY They all departed at a late hour de. daring Mrs. Rupe a delightful entertainer. Mr. and Mrs.- Glade Ware have moved to Chilltcothe -where Glade is going to attend the C. B. C. Miss 'Mary Slattery of Chillieothe is spending this week with her cous ins, Cleo, Annie and, Margaret Thompson. Several of the men from this vicinity attended the Farmer's Mutual Insurance Co. meeting at Chillieothe ·Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Charley Egbert and children of Chillieothe, Mr. and Mrs. John Rupe and family, Christena and Fred Krouse spent Sunday with Mr_ and Mrs. Scott Lay_ Miss Margaret Donoho, Nellie and Hazel Lipke, Leona and Venice Ott and Cleo Thompson were visiting the ,Kirk school Tuesday morning. M- W. Thompson and wife ate Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. 'M. V. Chaney. Jack Boucher and family were Sunday evening guests at George Pepper's. John Dawkins of Sampsel spent Sunday with Leo Thompson. The eevtort and teenxeftei expectant motbir 1* ·uratlal t» the ·welfare of tbe future ahlld. la exer-' cMag eauttoa be- guided bj- tee experl- ·no« of buBdied* w»» B«T« fouu4 ik "Mother's Friend" a iraj te ellaloate ·*·' Tere cufferlng and ln»ur» yow ewa.. raptfl reco-rery. It 1» *»«Hy applied and lt» influence er«p the effected llgamrntu la «oothinn and beneficial. Get tt at any drujel»t. Send for the free book em Motherhood. Address The Bradfleld Xegalator Co., 200 Lumsr Bldff., Atlanta, 6a. DOIMT LET THIS NOVEMBER WEATHER. Early cold snaps, storms and sleet, snow and slush, cause coughs and colds. Foley's Honey and Tar acts quickly, cuts the phlegm, opens air passages, allays irritation, heals in- lanrntion and enables the sufferer to oreathe easily a-nd naturally so that sleep is not disturbed by hacking cough. Sold everywhere. SCHMIDT HUTCHISON'S FIRST ANNUAL SALE 60 Duroc Jersey Spring Boars and Gilts 30 BOARS, AW, OF MARCH AND APRIIj FARROW. 30 GILTS, AltL OF MAKC AXD APRIL FARROW. Friday, November 10th LAREDO, MO. Sale will be held on farm ? miles west of Laredo, Mo., and 7 miles southeast of Trenton, Mo. This is absolutely the greatest offering of Duroc Jersey boars and gilts ever made in this part of the state. The blood lines represented are the best, the same that produces champions and grand champions a' the leading shows and fairs. Every Animal Cholera Immune--Gonve to the sale and get some of this good seed of the greatest utility hog on earth. Sale begins promptly at 1 o'clock. Schmidt @. Hvitchison Col. P. M Gross and Col. Cies, Auctioneers. H..B. HOGAN WILL EE IN CHILL10OTHE ALL THIS WEEK. NEXT WEEK AND EVESY WEEK -IN THE YEAR TO TAKE YOUR MEASURE FOB, A TAILOR-MADE SUIT. Not an ordered suit, made in a factory the same as ready-made, and called Tailor-made, but a Tailor- Made One that is made in Chillieothe. Fit, cloth and everything about it guaranteed to give satisfaction. It will cost you no more to have your suit made in Chillieothe than it will to send to some Chicago house and get a factory-made suit. SEE H. B. HOGAN AND GET HIS PRICES. Archangel. There have been numerous references of- late to the Russian port, Archangel, which is now declared to be open for some weeks beyond the uaual period owing to the beneficent activities of improved ice-breakers. But the links of Archangel with this country are little recognized. Yet the account of a Norse trading expedition there in the ninth century was described, or translated, "by no less a personage than Alfred the Great, and the modern town dates from the visit of an English voyager, William Chancellor, in the middle of the sixteenth century. Soon after that visit an English factory was established, a tort was built, and around this the town grew up. In these Days of .co-operative business effort the organization whicth does not enlist the service ol a strong banking institution is courting busi. ness disaster. Numbered among the clients ot this Bank are many firms and individuals who have had their accounts with us for . years and who have found the intelligent banking service rendered by our oflicors and organization an important factor in their progress and success Let us explain the superior details of our service by letter or interview. The Fir t» N icnai Bank O T H S S O U R 1 Farmograplis Nuggets ol Wisdom and Advice Gatkered from tke Agricultural Press COMPILED BY F. D. COBURN of Kansas F. D. COB U A u t h o r of " A l f a l f a , Alfalfa," "Swine in secretary ot the rine Husbandry.' 1 "The Book ica." find 'or twenty-odd yw *s Dtsp3.rtaii.ent o£ Agrtcultur Something New mFarinBooks *^ WRITE FOR OUR PROPOSITION. THE ST. J O S E P H NEWS-PRESS CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT. Athletics Good Nerve Tonic. Practically every man who has;been through the ordeal agrees that the best cure for a period In the trenches is healthy outdoor exercise, which explains why it is that back at the base camps, -where the regiments are sent after their period of duty on the fir- Ing line, football is nourishing as It never flourished among so many men before. In both the British and French army organizations officers are especially detailed to see that the men back from the front get out into the open and replenish through participation in varied forms of athletics the nerve cells which can be best repaired through sending the blood coursing through the system.--Outing. Wolf Chummed With Dog. A timber wolf recently ran about the streets ot this city in company with a Russian wolf hound. No one recognized the wolf as an animal not commonly found in civilized communities, although the animal appeared on the principal streets for several days. It was taken for a dog until the local papers reported the escape of the animal from a cage at the home of William Seagel at Durand. The wolf was coaxed back to its cage by catching the dog and leading it into the inclosure.--Owasso Correspondent Detrol^yree Press. Both Made of Steel. In a certain old-fashioned country ; bank the clerks have a quaint habit" i of speaking of one another as "offi- 1 cers" of the bank. I A new waiter, fresh from Ireland, [ was recently taken on at the restau- j rant they all favored. To him a clerk said on his first morning: "Pat, have any of the officers been here yet this morning?" i "Sure, sir," was the demure reply, I while Pat's eyes twinkled, "it was hardly three minutes that wan av thim j went out of the place with hia sword Before rou buy that READ'S MADE Suit consider the tact that it is NOT made to YOUR figure--that i is NOT exclusive in fabric pattern-that it will NOT hold its shape like our TAILOR-MADE garment--that vt costs 'MORE in the end. Our tailoring insures a PERFECT, LASTING FIT, THE CORRECT STYLE and a grade of -workmanship that is never equalled in the best ready made garments. It's a pleasure to show our suitings and overcoatings for we can sell you Suits at any price you want . If you want $15 Suits I have plenty of them and will guarantee them t o be as good as any $15 Suits made. Je«s-Haston NOllTH SIDE SQUARE Over Heger's Restaurant. MOORESVIJjUE. Harve McClintock and Neal Kirtley were business visitors at Chillieothe "Wednesday. Mrs. J. P. Fayha ?.nd son of Hasting, Neb_, arrived Thursday for a two months' visit to her parents, Mr_ and Mrs_ Homer Kirtley, and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Miller were the guests of relatives at Nettleton Sunday. Misses Gladys Hudgins, Ola and Lon Fisk were shopping in Chilli- cotho Thursday." Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hightower were visiting relatives at Breckenridge Friday. 'Mr- and Mrs J. P. Stuckel and Mrs. A. S. Ireland were the guests of Mrs. Lizza Austin and Rev. and Mrs. L F Barger at Braymer Saturday. E. G. Bryan, Frank O'Brien, Nat Fisk, Frank and Clyde Roberts' were: Chillieothe visitors Monday. ] W. O. and M. E. Spears and Mrs. Sallie Spears were among the Chillicothe shoppers Saturday evening. Mrs. J. A. McMillen and daughter, Miss Lucy, "returned to their home Saturday night from Ft. Scott, Kansas, after ten dkys' visit there with relatives. Mrs. Julian Rockhold and daughter visited relatives at ChllHcothe Thursday and Frlday_ Charley Vadlness was a business visitor at Ohillicothe Frlday_ Mrs. Harry Bunch of St. Louis came Sunday from St. Joseph for visit to her parents, Mr. and "Mrs- I. P. Stuckey. Public Sale! I will sell at Public Auction at Clover Dale farm one and one- half miles north and 7 miles west of Chillieothe, aad one- and three-fourth milesnovth. of Sampsel, Mo. Wednesday, Nov. 15 10--SHORTHORN BULLS--10 25--Shropshire Ewe Lambs--25 These bxills were bred on CloverDaleStock Farm, and car ry some of the best Shorthorn blood to be found. If you want new blood on your farm set one of these young bulls. TEBEELYOUNG JACKS WILL BE SOLD PEIVATELY Terms Made Known Day of Sale. Sale at 1 O'clock Sharp Ladies Aid Society of Mt. Olive Church will Serve Lunch J. E. RAULIE COL. A. W. CTES, Auet. W. P. MINNTCK. Clerk DR. J. M. McKIM DENTIST CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI P1TORH HEA A. SPECIALTY 1104 1-2 WanliinKton St. Office 8O1 --PHONES-- Residence 731 509 H LOCUST ST. PHOXES--Office 946; Ues. behind his ear!"--Answers. JfO DOUBT ABOUT THIS Foley Cathartic Tablets are just a plain, honert. old-fashioned physic. They act promptly and effectively on the bowels without pain, griping or uauses_ The-r keep the stomach sweet," tbe liver active, anu the bowels regular. They banish biliousness, sick headacit^s, sour stomach, indigestion. Sold e-'eryvrhere. 1507-W Dr.-J. L. Jobansen Dentist and Chiropodist (Foot Specialist) Corns 25c Club Nails. . . 50c Bunions . . . 50c.Hammer Toe .50c Callouses. .50c Ingroivn Nail.SOc .Massage of Foot 50c Special attention and care given in all cases. Calls answered promptly in all parts of the city. TfnS--AND VIVE CENTS'. DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this slip, enclose five cents to Foley Co., 2835 Sheffield Ave.,- Chicago 111 1 ., writing your name-and address clearly. You will receive in return a trial package containing Foley's Honey and Tar Compound, for coughs, colds and croup; Foley Kidney Pills, and Foley Cathartic Tab. lets. Sold everywhere Public Sale Soon. Having recently rented my farms for a term of years, I will offer at public sale on or about Nov. 15th, 2 1-2 miles north, of. Chillieothe, 92 head of cattle and 10 nead of horses, besides all my feed and larming improvements. Definite notice of the sale will be made later. Watch for it dwtf Dr_ K. S. Piatt_ Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S O A S T O R ! A 4. HAV^E STOCK AUCTIONEER Office Booms 19.20 WoUbrtnuv Building TERMS RBASOJfABl/E Office Hours: 9iOO a.m. to 5;OO p.m. Chilllcothe, .Mo. Our coal comes fresh from the mines daily. Buy direct from f he car and gtt the best. Prompt delivery. H. W. Drueu, phone 750. Announcement. I have contracted -with-the Interns tional Harvester Co. for the full lint of McCormick line ot farm machinery- Any one -wanting- repairs for any part of this line, including ga: engines and cream separators -will bf tarnished by me. B. H. LAKE, ^ Phone 818. 506 E. Webster street CWllicothe. Mo. Think of t,he Let your telephone save you the worry and inconvenienre wbich is often occasioned by shopping durirrr tlie.s-. 1 warm days. Cultivate the habit of "skoppinn; by phone" -- it'« nrrH.- convenicnt and satisfactory in every way. When you phone us an order you may be sure of 'he snnie Careful service as if you visited onr =to-e in pe-s-n CALL O-;T; ONE when you need anything in drugs or other drua; store .goods. r'r'i v.-lien you have an eraersjenry need -- an:1 ask r'c" "quick delivery." Call when you have a pres-ription to be compounded. RYBURN'S ^HARMACY "THE SERVICE STOKE" Notice to Hunters. Having leased the Gold Jones Ian I louth of the Dawn ballast pit, hunters are- hereby notified that we will not tolerate tresspassing. (Signed) Sportsmen Gun Club. · H E L P I N G . H U N G R Y HOGS Lots of folks think that a hog likes dirt. So does a baby like candy, and a boy mince pie, but Eawlms says too much is not good for them. -It is a mistake to think that mud mixed with a hog's feed is good for him. A concrete or board feeding floor will pay for itself in fe«d saved and double in hog health, right SAUNDERS-TURNER LBR. CO. PHONE 247 NIGHTT PHOUE 44 3O1; DAY 397 n CHAPEL FREE F. A. M- UNDERTAKERS a-d FUNERAL DIRECTORS H. L. KECKE, Licensed EBibalmer. CHAS. GIBBS, Asst. s iNEWSPA'FERr NEWSPAPER!

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