Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1966
Page 6
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fiflr Hew*V ARVAMCI THME OUAWJAteO Local funeral services 'for _ahiey O, McDonald* former Al- gbna resident^ will be held today (Thursday) at 2:00 p.nt at fttcCulloUgh's, Rev. Frank Haf- cey will officiate at the masonic services. Pallbearers airer; Everett Anderson, Wes Baftlctt, Warren Nelson, Charles Paxson, Ed Wolcott and Marc Moore. ; < 'I'- Burial is at Riverside Cemetery. Stanley O. McDonald, 51, Burnk, Wash., died July IS.while •t his .work as an electrician. He Suffered a heart attack And. had I previous heart condition.' > ^ .- , Masonic services werelheU for 'him in Pasco, Wash, on' July 18, Rev. Harold Blackwell offi dating, •-;' '>'}>, ?."< He ,was born Jan. 29, 1915 in - ba Mrs. Bud Maupttnan it perhaps ha'd not yet this afea were adjust returned from Puerto Rko whefC they hid Vi«t«d A fOTnw ef thter olf the PfiftS StefUrtgi, iit't Sbd Hid tfwtMtioilJ from' * Algonil, the McDonalds. son He, ,6f the W. E. was educated ind married here. Survivors include %hJs wife, Etia M. McDon- and two nephews Garry Me- teV, l*hHtp G, Scatterg, son of lite George H. Setbergt,' In agricultural business; find D>an H, (Jjersttd, Jon of the Harold Ojeretids, In forestfy. 1 ' ll \i ) .'" ''''*'" ,, , Pheasant hits i car; injures ft- < man J-.-HlfV •„.',,,. Bancroft — A Bancroft painter is an avid pheasant hunter but today he holds the title as a 'pheasant fighter.' Clyde fteinsbeaoh, 39, was returning home Saturday evening .when a pheasant flew up ami struck the rear view' mirror on his car. The impact threw the bird against the window vent on the, driver's side, breaking the glass and putting the injured pieasant in fighting .position near, Reinsbach's face. He managed to fight tire bird off but not until it got in its licks, is nw fully recovered. Prartk Moulton Sr, eamo thlt Week id tike Hdtne his Wife to their home at Mitdlell, S. D. Mrs. Mottlton his niide in ex- terided vbtt With her son Frank VtfU* Ifd h*d to Wop 11 ettfoMW home but detertttined. Mr, jjfa^fc^it mip mat an ld, Algona and David Des Moines. Mc- scratching fade. and tearing at his Oars collidi al • Mn Day ' f ....'.'. \- Damage of about $3019 was re* ported to cars driven by Dean' atecker, 16, of Titonka, 'and M{ more M. Engelbarts, 44, of Woden, when they collided at the outskirts of Titonka Saturday at 9:30 a.m. during the annual Indian Day celebration. > •> i 7- Gharges of violating a "speed restriction" were filed against Stecker by deputy sheriff Don Wood, who ,saw the .accident Terry Jensen, a passenger in the.cir^wafi not injured and too surprised at first to be of help. FINED ON OMVI Harold L. 'Peterson was fined S300} t uid costs , on a plei of Jr, ( and family Mrt. Rof Bfuttrom roturnod Tuesday from Minnesota where She had visited ' With Kir, and Mrs. Harold Walker at Delevan and Mr, and Mrs. Delbert Walk' er at Easton. , , , Mr.'ind Mrt. Don Linda and Claudia have returned front & vacation in California where they visited with various relatives from San Diego to San Francisco. They got home Saturday. Mr. and Mr*. Goorgo Jorgoris, Mr. and Mrt. Dick Sarchet and Mrt.. Larry Steinman/ were at Bloomington, Minn. Sunday to see the Yanks-Twins baseball game. Mrt. Jama* Allan, Mrt. Nollio Van Allen, Mrs. Ralph Brown of ?ort Dodge and v Mrs. 'Elizabeth Post spent Monday evening 41 Wesley at Dr. and, Mrt. Hoyt Etahey.'s. Mrs. Raney, the .former Sarah Doran was being'visited by her mother Mrt. Ann Zittrit sch, sister-in-law of Mrt. Post and a former well-known Algon- an now living at Monmouth, HI. Other daughters at the'Ranetys were Kathcrine, Mrs. James Fitz- Mr0« M0MH9 tied Tuesday ii ittn Home by h*r Mary RaskopTof S ,,. .„,—-. and Mrs, LHoserimeyef of ft, BSnetlki ' •• •'->.' .' Mr. and Mrt. Oono Hondrkfc. son and family came from Chicago, 111. to attend fine's da* reunion. They w*re guetftft of Mrs. Hendrickson's parents Mr. and Mrs, William Baker. Mr, and Mrt. Jam** Will and family, Mr. and Mrs. Al Roch- leau and family and Mrs. Mill dred Putz spent Sunday'at the Okobojls, guests of Mr. .and Mrs. Don Price, of Sioux City, who was ar- St. Mr. and Mrs. John Hayw and son< Kirk' and-family went to Ke•>•. ,. ' i ... . ,, i. ------ • _ will* i¥un-aiiu 'inim-iy wcim *v mo- whfle waiting in the stream of ota to atiend the funeral ser- watongteaffic. , 4l Tltoctar ma<rhe vices Saturday at Keota for Mrs. Hayes' mother Mrs. E. L, Kirk- who had been in a u . . K> waited at a stop sign. Engel- rest fame there for some time. barts had a whiplash injury _^to iMr . and Mr ^. Walte r Fagen, an- Ws neck but it was not consid- o^ r gon^n-law and daughter ered sehous. Damage -to the ^ j^ Rirkpatrick, of Sigour- Steoker car was estimated at a- • • bout $200 and there was") $100 damage to the Woden car., Advartlt* in th* Advance Largest PAID circulation have a cottage there. Lewis Ferguson Evelyn returned last a visit of several weeks i j &A * _____ , orange juk« company ind if i Vra glWBk o^llwli Wwf<wHI M* •••••••• have aft, gUcot tWs week the iat* let's motfief Mrt. 0 J. Anderson of JBittfate, Minn Mr.' * " >J Etizabetfi Post spent Sunday it the Okot»6}ai »t the cottage^of Mrs. Uoyd Scott, mother of Mrt- ' ' of CediT Rapids were here tor the Weekend having come to attend the former'* class reunion, The Langmacks were man of the BdH Franklin store ... A few yeart ago. Among several on whom they called were Dr, and Mrs. Harold*Erickson. , Mr. and Mrt, Richard WTOMI and family have returned from a vacation, of • week at the black Hilfe and Mt. Rushmore, 3..D, 1 Mr. and Mrt, Al Kent cam* from Mesa, Ariz, to attend Mrs; Kent's high school class reunion. rom with relatives in Germany in various towns. Mrs. Sohultz was 1 in Bonn most of the time but also was ill Italy.; Mrs. Ferguson and Evelyn spent a longer time'', in the former's home at , WUerzburg, Germany, trips. but made many side paitrick of Odell, 111.,, and from here Mrs. Zittritsoh and Mrt. Fitzpatrick were going to Lake City to visit another daughter Frances Ann, Mrs. Southerland. Another daughter Marie,, Mrs. Howard Carey lives in'New Jersey. Mr. and Mrt. Molt Andorton, Neil, Mickey and Liz are leaving Wednesday for a five days vacation at the Black Hills: Mr. and Mn. M. L. Vandor Waal are being visited by their granddaughter Teri, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Vander Waal, of Kankakee, 111. Mr. and Mrt. Harry Barton had as guests from Thursday till Monday the latter's brother-in- law 'and sister Mr. and Mrt. Bert T. King, Tim and Debbie, of San Francisco, Calif. They also spent some time at Wesley with >. and Mrs. Harold Martinek "' t V.' Vi'-/f ' Mrt. Maurico Mortonion eamo from Mason City last;Week to assist her mother Mrt. Ann Hanson move into an apartment at Cooks. She has the uiilt which or many yean was occupied by Esther Quinby, a retired teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Zoiglor have had word from the former's sister Mrs. Richard Dober- janes that they, have been transferred from Dallas, Texlto Can- is the former Anna Nelson, daughter of the late Mrs. Alma Nelson and for. a number of years she and her husband lived at Chadrohj Neb." where he was a professor' in the school system. A new, school has been built and named for him and after attending the dedication at Chadron, he and.his wife came here. Mr. and. Mrs. Burton Thorp* came last week from Des Mbines where they had,{"visited-with their son-in-law and'daughter Mr. and Mra.,BUl Lodwick and family. After ,a few da,ys here with Mrt. Thorpe's .nephew am wife, Mr: and .Mrs; D: E. Dewel they will return to Des Moines thence home being gone abou three weeks in all. Their, .home is at Margate, Flal ]' Dlanno Ro*f*r eamo from Dot Moines "and spent th'e weekend Bob Pd, Mi's, Scott's Ml* Edith Kubeck is with het from their home at Topekil, Kan. Mrt. Bob Post And Rathy of DenVet, Colo. Were also tii«re and Bob ind the soft Scott will join them later/Last week Tuesday Mn. Scott and Mrt. KU< beck and Mrs. Bob, Post And daughter Were dinner guests of the Dick Posts and Mrs. Elizabeth Post. Mrs. Illiabath Pott ha* (MM visited by her nephew's wife Mrs, 'Nick Wazlwick and soil John of St: Paul, Minn., who came to attend the funeral of Elmer Kelley.' Mrs. Kelley is t sister of Mrs. Post.'. Mrt. Kelley IAS as guests Mr, and Mrs. John Etetiey who came front Vinton for the services And have remained A few days. Mrs. Hattl Lutby It taking daughter Marguerite to Mason City Wednesday where she will take a - plane 'for Chicago, III, and from there will go Via plane to her home at Corona, Del Mar, Calif. The strike has interferred considerably . with her plans it she had expected to go to South Carolina to visit, a friend bu1 was advised against it under present conditions. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. to Rochester, Minn. Monday where Mrt. Asa will -have check-up on 'her hand she injured some time ago when it was cut "on a fruit jar. Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Moor* am family came from- MuscaUne to spend the weekend with the par- ehts Mrs. Harold Moore Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith And much of the time WAS spent fee rtfttch fednipmy ta ing and recruiting now for pwl- Ion" availible early fall through fiif SU&fUl apllnU will teWef vi^irti rt^H in selected horties working Car is es&miAl, No *l-«5 Per hour plUi WfiiJtd Box s by Senator Miller and he will gona HOLLAND EXOELLO BALER TWINE ,325 • Avaragci Tamil* . Strength 325 Lb. • 231 Ft. P*r Lb. PEA BALL - Slop In - We'vi Got II Algona Flour & Feed ^^^T^ A • 4t>4%SLl A ; South Phillip* Slr**t ALGONA •••••••••••••••••"••••••••••a.! •»•••••••••••••••••••••••••••.« REXSEZ: j f ' How you can buy a new ,'•;";' ' ' •' - ' Dryer NOW and save S 38.75 per acre on 1966 corn crop I Now on • the • spot delivery of America'sno.1 cars! the 1966 Chevrolets Impplo Sport Coup* Stop in today. Trade-in allowances are high the dealing is easy. We have most colors. KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. 5-3554 Warrtn gr Qgn NfIfOfl/ Bjll C« rm»n t Id Wolfott or Don Cl«yd* today! Never have the prospects for Drying and Storing Corn looked so good for Farmers. A LARGE BUMPER crop is staring us in the face right now. So we want to be able to save every bushel with EARLY HARVEST/AND DRYING that is possible. ^ : l'i ' ' i i • .-•••• You can safely figure you'll save 15 bushels per acre by an early harvest. Now 15 bushels per acre times $1.25 per bushel is $18.75 PER ACRE SAVINGS. ft!.' I* 18.75 per acre Savings in Early Harvest •'"", '. r ' y . ' • \ ^ • -i ' ° ' Just about anyone you might talk to feels that corn will be selling for over $1.40 per bushel within the next 10 to 12 months. Everything points in this direction at least. Selling corn out of the field at harvest time is usually always the lowest market of the year for corn, New No. 2 corn right now can be sold for $1.27 on July 19, 1966 in Algona. Market surveys over a period of 10 years show that you can expect a 20c increase for a bushel of corn over the price of corn at harvest time — sold about six months later;, If this average holds true, corn in April, 1967, should bring $1.47 per bushel. \ . v I ' • ' " ' Now imagine, you can pick up $18.75 per acre on early harvest, hold your corn into 1967 and if your yield is 100 bushels per acre, you'd pick up an extra $20 per acre. •*•' •• ii •• i! ii s 18.75 + '20.00 = '38.75 per extra profit If yev'r* th* avtraf* farm*r and hay* 100 acr*t «f wrn, that would total $5175 Mtrt Profit for 100 acr*« of «orn yiolding 100 bmh*lf p*r aer* Ctn,ytu ^ink *f a b*tt*r tim* to mak* th* •witch from tar e*rn hlrvtit t« harvafting thalkd e*rn? Can y«u r*tn*mlMr • tim« wh*n farm p)ric*t for corn and look*d to 90odT AH you not*) i* a lohUn Drying Tank itor § •« ft r ftifi yttr't W* ar* ntw *nt*ring » now ort in ifricYlturo, Th* oxporti htv* itatod th*t agricultur* b*two*n \W mi Wl N f*4nf iwt» tho "6f Idon Yftri/' Wf wn«*r*ly hop* thlt Ii try*, Today, whan V*V kwy f n*w Orain Prying Tank, yov fhoMW look for tho following thingt; *' •* •• jj i i i i •i (1) . A dryor which if «n •K'Wf«fhfr *Tftr w)f*i hioh eapaeity fint and motor*, tut 'flMt will JMfp W with «»ld h»rv*»ting ind with hi-moiitwrt corn, ooth now tnd in tht f wtwrt . trirgor fiiif mtin, kw*r por ovflxl drying w$ti. Tho fiftor yov nn dry com, tho lowor tH* drying «o«* ktrgt ftm ilt» •n«olf yoM t* fill f»»t*r and in«r*««o ."ypur fitW harvwHn^ "' •• (I) Wholi yfu bvy a iohlon Oryinfj Tink, yop >uy an onginoorod INroduct from ttart to finlth. Only from Bohlon Manufacture Ing Co. con you bwy tuch • product, t*hlon ovon buildi itt own iugoring and handling aufort «nd th*ir own fans. Thlt (• why iohlon prodwctt oro tuporior, (4) From Tiykr'* yov got oxp*r(oncod concr*to and oroction •orvicing, AM local pooplo, Wo yoar aftor yoir. Wo think *h|t ir koop you pMtod on all "' aro horo to torvo you important ind wo try t of drying at thoy oc* (f) Many ptopto fodfy pro tolling diff»r*nt maka* of drying tankf, Noorly all drying tinkt MM tho Mm* principal of drying oKCOpt ilHitINt iohlon it in tilvincod drying unit, yoort ihoff *jf cojnpotiHon *nd nitwrilly, it if ajifforont? Chock ov*r air d«liv*ry of font ind bo turo tho drying tank you buy if what you want, You will ftt whit yt« pty ftr, t 1 oo,u«l« 4, *yon whtn yt¥ PVy • Grain Prying Tink* Wl ARI NOW OUQTIN6 f fttCTION POI UTI AUGUST AND HPTf M»l», SO Sii Uf fOON, Wi HAVi WHAT YOM WANT AT TH! Pllfl YOU WANT TO PAY AT TAYLOR'S IN AUGQ- NAI ••••' ' ••-- .- .''••.• .— ' TAYLOR IMPLEMENT CO. i PIMM* Grain Harvesting & Prying Heiityuarters" :J;;:;H:::::;;:;:::^::^;::S:;^

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