Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 18, 1941 · Page 28
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 28

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1941
Page 28
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Page Four '{Section Two} Xrfzobft Republic, Phoenix, Tue.Jay Morning, February 18,194f Life'. Like That By Fred Neher "We don't throw things at the customers, Miss Bingenberg, even If they do deserve it!!!" This Curious World By William Ferguson SOME SCIENTISTS i THINK THE ICE AGES WERE CAUSED BV THE EARTH'S CRUST ON JTS CORE SO THAT THE KOPXTH POLO WAS IN GREENLAND.! ~<fyt: '- ' COPR.19«1BYNUSDIVlCE.I)lt IM A MATIONJAL LEAGUE ^ HOCKEV GAAAE^' /THE TORONTO /V\API_E (CEAFS AND NEWM?RK AMERICANS SCOP2EC? IN SMAXES THAT BR1NG> ANSWER: Wrong. Harmless garter snakes and poisonous rattlers both give birth to living young, and the poisonous coral snake hatches from an egg. NEXT: Curious facts about the Battle of New Orleans. Q SQ Crossword Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1 American showman. (12 Dry. JI3 Melancholy. (14 Cupid. 16 Puppets. Il8 Finale. !l9 One of an African tribe. 20 To relate. '22 Soft brooms. . 123 Cry of inquiry |25 Willingness. !27 Before Christ - (abbr.). (28 Gypsy. 30 Dreadful !31 Cravat j 32 Duck. 134 Hastened. j 35 Owns. ',36 Characteristic expression. (18 J>Jeuter pronoun. 189 Beast of ' ^burden. 140 To grieve. 42 Electric unit 45 Fold. Well-Known Showman to Previous Pnzde I INU-IIAlPI I I 46 Cubic (abbr.}. 47 Church title. 49 One who receives • legacy. 52'Length measure. S3 Circular watt. 55 Savage. 56 Eucharist vesseL 57 He was'« producer of ——.shows. 58 His famous dwarf actor. "General tent show widely. 15 He-was a popular and showman 17 Sleigh. 19 Genus of cattle. 21 Den. 22 Myself. 24 Dug in the garden. I 26 Draining; 27 Diagonal. ' 29 To cripple. 31 Demonstrative pronoun. 33 Fold of string. 37 To cogitate. VERTICAL (Opposed to con. 2 Sword han<Hev41 Lodes. 3 Lazy person. 43 Songs for we < Verb ending. voices 5100 square 45 Sour. meters. 46 Jteticent 6 Experiencing person.' sensation. 48 Russian T Inferior. 'village; 8 Measure ot 50 Peasant area. 51 Tree. 8 Low tides. 52 Sour plum. 10 Footed vases. 64 South 11 Witticism. Carolina 12 He or (abbr.). publicized his -56 Exclamation. Many a man never shines anywhere except In the seat of his pants. * » * .- So many people really need sympathy you shouldn't waste any on yourself. * * * " Illinois man missing with $10,000 was caught Jn Florida. That's carrying things too far. * * • Wonder if a pig gets any satisfaction out of knowing he niay grow up to be chicken salad. * • * Nobody likes to be bothered—but it's nicer than being totally Ignored. » » • » - - Italian authorities insist the situation behind their lines In Albania i| satisfactory. If* okay with the Greeks in front of their lines, too. Hi! Phillips (Copyright* • A YOUNG man recently spent • whole day In » dental chair In order to qualify for the army.' Tho*e bombi will have no terrors for him now. ' • • • _ Can you remember—Away back when the United States never dreamed of going; to war with anybody who hadn't attacked us? * * * "Do you remember," asks Martin Kagway, "when a million dollars seemed like at lot of money?" • • • Broadway now refers to a recent musical show as "Craiy with the Hoots." • • • What we can't understand Is why, the, situation in the world today being what it is, Mr. Hearst wants to sell all those suits of medieval armor. Speaking of those armor suits, Elmer Twitehell called up about 'em, but dropped the matter because he couldn't arrange for a fitting. * • • C For Mora R. I. Fhlfflpi 1 Sec The Editorial Page J Don't Take MY Word By FRANK COLBY NAZI Of or pertaining to the ruling aarty of Germany. r * * * Since the President's defense speech, this query has come from many readers: "Mr. Roosevelt said NAT-see, rhyming the first syllable with fat, hat Was he correct?" The President, one of the few speech precisionists in American lublic life, might have used a little jroader "a" in Nazi. The German 'a" is pronounced "ah." Webster's lists Nazi as NAHT-see. But, NAHT-see or NAT-see, never rhyme Nazi with "jazzy." nor pronounce it "NAY-zye." Nazi is a coined word from the German "Nationalsozialistische Dartei." In Germany (Deutschland, pronounced DOYGH-Iahnt) the swastika is known as the "hakenkreuz," pronounced HAH-ken-kroyts. It was adopted in 1918 as the official emblem of the Nazi party. Hitler's first name is not Adolph, but ADOLF. Do not say "Ad-olf nor "AY-dolf." The correct pronunciation is: AH-dolf. The word REICH, meaning empire, has the German fricative "ch" as in ach, dich. Do not rhyme the word with like, nor give it an "sh" sound. Say the word RYE and finish it with a "ch" made solely with the breath against the soft palant. (Capitals Indicate syllables to be accented.) Press Portraits COME OUT AND SEE VJITMIM SOME FIRST CLASS SOLDIERS / Authorities are still using those horrible words, selectee, trainee and draftee. What'i the matter with soldier? —Omaha World-Herald Uranium Crackers SOME SPOKTS FI' "JRES Here are the last names of 10 prominent sports figures, listed beside the names of 10 events. Can you pair them correctly? 1. Sarazen (g) 2. Hoppe (a) 3. Shore (c) 4. Budge (e) 5. Holman (i) 6. Burk (h) 7. Grange (j) 8. Platak (b) 9. Bonthron (f) 10. Hitchcock (d) (a) billiards. (b) handball. <c) hockey. (d) polo. (e) tennis. (f) track. (g) golf (h) rowing. (i) basketball, (j) football. Answers Below Mopsy By GLADYS PARKER TAKEMYHAHDAND FORGIVE ME WHKH otrt ? THE ONE WITH THE KNIFE IN Cranium Crackers Answers 1. Sarazen—(g) golf. 2. Hoppe—(a) billiards. 3. Shore—(c) hockey. 4. Budge—(e) tennis. 5. Holman—(i) basketball. 6. Burk—(h) rowing. 7. Grange—(j) football. 8. Platak—(b) handball. 9. Bonthron—(f) track. 10. Hitchcock—(d). polo. Our Boarding House Out Wickenburg Way I With Major Hoopl* HOLD THERE, jWHltE I FRISK HIS LITTER FORTHE ANNP/5Sflirff-TT/.- WORD, OONfT 6O SOU'RE THE GUV WHO'S 6EEM SMATCHIMSTHE VEIL I'VE BEEti USINSG TOR A BLANKET ALLVJINJTER/—*' GMMEr vTWW CHUNK OP CREPE DE CHIME 6ETORE W CLAWS COME OUT AMD I SCRATCH Ht VOU OUTA AM UNUSUAL rr's -ALL THEY DO IS A BALE <y IN COLOR, AM' I THINK: THEY STUFFED HIM WHAT THEY LOOK WHOLE HOUSEHOLD/ \ OLD SAIL THftT TAKE YOUR GENDARME EVANISHED HANDS OFF ME LEST <( SLAB LAST NIGHT/ NOLJ FEEL THE IRE OF NATURE ANOAR.T By Jerry Siegel and Joe Sinister Qoicfc Getaway See Thli Comle In Foil Color *1 The Sunday Republic J I DONT SEE WHY "^ GOT TO GET -< JOHN MATTHEWS! DO THEBE4L V YOU WERE SO ANXIOUS] E^KTOWO^jYOUBE^JZEWHAT EUSTttE ( TO HURBY R*CK FROM JL YOU KNOW-J/YOU'VE DONE? IBS AT FULL SPEEOI THE RADIO PLAYIN6- IT MUST HAVE BEEN CNALLTHET1ME WEWB2EAWAY5, ODD! THATVAOCTlON.DeAB. WATSON, TEI32IFIED, LEAPSTO HIDE BEHIND SOME DBVPECIES ASTHE OCCUFKNT5 OF AN rVEGOTTO GET OUT OF ICOULDHAYE SWOBN ITUBN- WHERE HE IS RESTING UNINVITED. RETURN HOME! By Gus Edton Gone Bat Not Forgotten [ See Thli Comle In Full Color 1 rage In The Sunday Republic J The Gumps 6iUMP/ BULL MOOSE IS THE TM-K OF THE TWNN/ THERE'S A OUEUE OF PEOPLE "3 BLOCKS, LOM& \WAlTlr46t To GET TICKETS FORTOMtfeiHT'5. HE'S THE BlfaCiEST HIT IM THIS THEAT FOR W FRAN' ANW-ME: CiO BACK To N\CE QUIET MCRTH VY&ODS— WHAT I'VE BEEN TRYING To TELL HE fH IT'S ALL YOUR LET'S TALK THIS.CVER, HEAPED WAN/ By Edgar Martin Out Of The Past Boots and Her Buddies TO OVO ONOE . A, AY&VOME, COOVO wi BYN&>SCTVICE. me. T.mDE By Bud Fisher A Gambler Is One Who Takes A Chance And Jeff Is No Gambler 1" See T1U» Comic In Full Color ~| J Mutt and Jeff Pace In The Sunday Republic 'O.K. WE'LL'BET! yoo U3S6 wni ^x / IT IS NOT.'TODAY ,«V1S TUESDAY/W 'f'H POSITIVE.'I'LL BET WEDNESDAY.' ANVTHINS cH THAT.' . WEDNESDAV. 1 B Frank Rentf row andDon Dickson Sergi Is Accommodating See TW» Comic In Full Color r ast in TI» Sunday r. ----- ' c- ft • Sergeant otony Craig SERGEI T'lNK IF THESE UNCLE-AIRCRAFT GUN IS SOME GOOD WE BUY HIM FOR TROPICOLA SURE1IHG.' 1 — SERGEI MY OWNStF 61ADTOOOFAVOR. SHE TEU VOU WHETHER (IE IS GOOD TING Oft NO IF YOU DON'T MIND, SERSEI. IT'S AHTI-AIRCRAFT, HOT UNCLE / Till? l<> A PUNK JOB ON THESE CREDENTIALS. I WON'T USE THEM UNLESS I HAVE TO. BRING JUNGLE .OVER RIGHT AWAY V*L_ _ 'J O.K. SNAKE TRIM THE MUSTACHE; A BIT OF SKIN DYE AND A NICE VAN DYKE SHOULD MAKE ME QUITE DIGNIFIED SERGEI, THEY ARE TO DEMONSTRATE SOME NEW WEAPONS.WODID VOU AND THE MINISTER LIKE TO-; [ 8n Thli Comic In Fall Color 1 P»ge In The Sunday Bcpubllo J The Nebbs WCU. GO RIGHT OVER. ID SEE TWS PEV.UOW EMBERT AMD SET THE LAV OP THE LAMO 1 OONT UKfe TUfc WflW THIS SAL ACTS THAT YOU WCKeO OUT FOR THIS OOB—SHE PASSED OUT MY DOUSH LIKE, tT WAS HAND BILLS AND THEN DUCKS THE JOB ! FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION OF ME AND ALSO TO AP.eUT My \WIFE CHANGED HER MIND LEAVING NORTHVIU.E AND 1 LIME IT HERE AND L\KE NEBB.SO 1 \MONT BE INTERESTED IN A LOAM R16HT NOW. PERHAPS OTHER TIME' -•it

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