Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 2
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PANA PHYSICIAN ADDED TO FIRM OF KAROL AND SMITH Dr. D. A, iff net. formerly ot Panu, has been chosen by Or. p. E. Smith attd Dr. M, A Karot to (III the vac ancy WMtnoi) by the death ot Dr Qttnn Hiiy tn an automobile accident In Knneaa la«t month, Dr. P»nc« and Dr. Rny wcro rlncumnles and frfttornlty brothers, The newly appointed phyxlclan nntl "Criminal Neglige nee' On* d o c t o r «y» it's "Criminal N«gli B «rK*" not to bo ready for ACUTE INDIGESTION. wasi graduated noiti the Unlvenlty of Illinois college of mou.- clno tn 1916 with Dr. Ray. He served his tnterneshlp with Augnetana nos- pltcit In Chleatto, while Dr, Ray came to Deoatur and Macon County hoi- pi la I here. He taught nnfltomy In tho ttnlvfiralty Itut ycnr. during which time Dr. Ray was associated with Smith and Knrol. Dr. Pence attended school in Pana, He Is a member of Omega Bot» PI and Phi Chi fraternities. NOT FltANK B. OWENS Prank B. Owens, 334 South Main Btrcct, wlthM It undersUKXi thttt ho is not the "Frank Owens" arrested In a raid upon a bootlegging: establishment Sunday night. \ number of thn liullvldualx otiught In the ralttw are liellcved to huve g\vvn fictitious names. FOB IMplCiSTION Vitamin A mini »IH VllmnlH D (timtnnlrnl in Ilir fimnt A Trfl»|ni(in roll ir HfHllli ft HMPHhi«» lira ml" COD LIVim OIL mure Vltnntlii -\ tlnin nil I In' nii'l nillh fXif -»H t'nriMiine lit 1 1 ail, N « MI I ic, f I .,, rnii (fFr((i"Lr Hti Wufi-CliliHI f n, DECATUR ROTARIANS GO TO SPRINGFIELD MONDAY FOR MEET Between 25 and 30 members of the Decatur Rotary club went to Springfield Monday night for a meeting with tha Springfield club. Msmbtrs from Bloomlnprton attended also. The throe clubn staged an attendance* contest during August, and Decatur and BloominKton lost. Hairy At wood, Chicago, wilt address the Dccatur club next Monday on "Taxes and Constitutional Lttw," piesontlnj; the opposite side of the question discussed last Monday by Gov LoulK L, Dmmerson, John P. Hart, Aurora, representing the Illinois Municipal League spoke Monday on the need of dividing the gasoline tax between the state, county and city to glv« the city money with which to maintain Its streets for th« traffic disgorged on them by the stale highway routes, Dcestur. he said, If it got its fair shato of the gasoline tax, would get {150,000 annually. REPORT INCREASE IN TUBERCULOSIS CASES Gght Persons Discovered in September, V. N. A. Informed Eight new cases of tuberculosis w«ro discovered In Mocon county laat month by tuberculosis workers, according to thn report of the Macon County Tuberculosis and Visiting Nurses riMootatlon which wai read before a called board meeting Monday afternoon by Miss Ruby* Moctiel, secretary. This la «n unusually tyrtre number. Three persona, known to have been suffering with tuberculosis, died during the month, leaving the total of known cases In the community at 40G The eight cases were discovered through the activity ot four clinics in the Macon County Tuber- culotla sanatorium in which the nurtoi ftisl«t«rt and in which DO persons were examined. Aside from tubsreulosls work during the month the association nuries took care of 21 mothers and bablea in their homes during September, This also li unusually high. The to- Everything From Mammy Songs To Oriental Rugs On Lions Program Songs from Mississippi, Oriental ruga from Persia, odds and ends of amuMment from everywhere, that w»§ Lions elub meeting Monday noon In the Hotel Orlando. Plney Woods school In Ptney Woods, Miss., is Handing tha Cotton Blossom singers, students, throughout the country on tour. Pln«y Woods school for negroes was built In 1W» as a log cabin. Students mode the brick and laid them In completing the two story room school house now in use. Explain* Weavinr O. W, Neseef, New York city expert on Oriental rugH, graduate of tha University ot Illinois, explained the methods ot weaving;, Interpret*- tol number o( visit* made by the nurses last month was MB, Mrs. Mary Moso, county health nurse and head ot 1h« V. N, A. staff made a brief report of laat month's work In which she Indicated that she had visited six rural schools and Inspected 81 children. / ons .of design, and safeguard* net being deceived In OriontuI Ugl. » Specialization his struck even Persia sines AnMrkan troops w«r* In ther* during the war," Mr aiccf toitl the Lions club. "Pro- ously each family mnd« all of IU ntprlnl* and completed ihe Individ- at rug, CHB UimtcMIc Syslom "With s|MciallxaUon hvwwvcr, th dm I lies have divided thonuwlvcH up to dye nmkers, wouvors. material repurera and othflf specialties con arncd with IDc rug," Mr. Nixenf ild. "They still work In their own omen, however." The'long time required to mak* i Oriental rug Is accounted for In he fnct that there are often a» high i -100 and IWO knots to every square ich of rug, Mr, Na»ccf said, H« said that colon) and design* hivt articular significance In «*ch rue. nd that students of the art can r«nd tie lives ot tht weaver tn the rug. FREDE'S Used Car Cleanup Only 4 More Days 5th Annual Clean-up Continues! MATTOON -- Final settlement In h« Welch divorce null was mndc Friday, when France* Welch, puld Is wife, MtB. Clara Rich tor Welsh, 12,1500, and in addition paid all court «sts and attorney fees, Mr. Welch vai granted a divorce in Reno, Nov., n Oct. 2. Save*5Oto*75 U you nte looking for real Used Car barons, come to Frcde's big CLEANUP SALE. H«r« yoti'tl find jutt the cnr you've been wanting--at a epeciat «ale price that will mean savings of Irom $50 to $75. Every cnr in in good running condition, and i» guaranteed to be just n* represented. There «re still mnny renl buys left. Come and see ihem. Every Car at A Bargain Price OUT Fifth Annuul Used C»r Cleanup Sale Continues. We have included every used car in our stock. Alt or them hove been reconditioned and the prices reduced--some of them as much a* $75. You will be surprised at the wonderful bargains -we a*e offering. These low prices cannot be duplicated. Most of the cnr* nre late models--the finest group of Used Cars we have ev«i offered. Com* in and cho#t« one of these CATS today! Entire Stock of Cars in this Sale*Consisting of... / 7--1930 Model Chevrolet* , 9-1920 Model Chevrolets 9--1928 Model Chevrolets 8»Model "A" Fords 8«Model "T" Fords 4 N»ihi--2 OlditnobilM--5 Pontiaci--4 Oakland i--3 Estext--1 Buiclt--3 Stud«b*ker* 2 Whipp«t»--2 Jew*tt»--3 Dodg«--1 Cadillac--1 Hupmobile--1 WiUyi-Kntiht -- 1 Chrytler--twelve '25, '26, '27 Chevrolets. Above CUM in various models and types--you'll be sure to find one to fit your needi. '*«·; JSS! SPECIAL! Late Ford 4-Door Sedan Model A ·315 '30 CHEVROLET SPORT ROADSTER Wlth Bumble Scat) DrlvMt Only [1,000 Mllo* Auiu and Lookn Like Nmv Snld New for I«U Bargain at '435 SPECIAL! 78 Chevrolet Coupe Only One More Left '248 EASY TERMS A mwll depowt will hobl any or for future delivery. No storage charge. Your old car, if you have one, will be taken in, and may be fell that 11 iwed- ed for the down payment--the balance may be arranged in eaay payment* to uit you. Thew are good wed can, lound purchatei, and represent extreme value* for every dollar inverted, if purchased during the next eight davi. Thote who act promptly, will act witely. We Ui. the G.M.A.C. Payment Plan The low«t time payment plan available Buy Your Used Car from a Reliable and Permanent Dealer Frede Chevrolet Go. ELDORADO AT FRANKLIN STREET ASKS COUNCIL TO WAR ON TRAFFIC VIOLATORS Rev, H.W.'Ewart Sty* Disregard for Stop-Signs is , Creating Hazzard Action by Ui« city council to curb speeders who foil to observe bouk- viird slop nlgni, wnn nnkcd by Rev Hufh H. Ewnrt Mondny, Hn »lno r i«k*d that street bttn t* Honpod just off of Jasper *lr*»t tn RDM Lenfland av*nue to avoid Dif d»iv U«r of Jipeodern on th^ ihroUBh i,lv«5t. Enforcement of ihi- curfew low also wan nsked by Rev, Mr. Eworl Cnrs on the CcmOll slreot ear llnr »lop In Janper strecl ]ir»t before lurnlng into EM I I^aHnnd on ihli inbound trip and It I* a haxnrd, Rv, Mr Ewart pointed out. He «d that ihe «ncn round th Into I^nriiintt be for* Mopping. ivlll Baroer, op»tmlr(( rn for ihe Iltinoin Power * Llnht Corp., wan present In ho council mwlinB anil WHS *ik*MJ by Mayor Smith to take DM matter up with in* company . Rev. Mr. Uwnrl'H dlKCUMton called atuniion 10 th* nlmtlnr Hltuatlon In Water am) Dtvlnlon *lr*fts and «l tht end ot South franklin Direct, both Mop* con*ldir*it hnMrdoiifl Mr. Bar tar r nrotnlned to tiavr ll)iiH looked Inio aUo, wflh th« poMfbtllly of having the Franklin vlrert bu» Htop noilh of Marion street a hundred fret or so. Its present *lop at the brink of th« Pranltlln MIWI hill and produce* a traffic hsxnrd there. Rev. Mr. Kwsrt »)«o called lh« at- tenlton of the council lo th* fact that ctgaretn are being sold to minor* in many placo* . Mayor flmllh promlMd attention to th« boulevard atop violti ions and th* other tnnl j«rs brought up. REV!°i-D SUBWAY PLANS TAKEN OF BY CITY COUNCt New Draft Call* (or Strut 40 Feet Wide and F* Per Cent. Grade TO BE RETURNED SOCK Pr»ril«(| nfti«i.miiH 0» pl* n , ,. ih» North Mnln nir^w nuhwfty %i' Kinwrn of ih- WnbHKh r»ilrg»| JJ t»sny In cntitti i-ni* Mr(fiti»y l(t ^ nnnn, Tho roijnll win mq^ ,? pinnn for H few rtnyn hof or p j^ u ]r MARKETS, INC, MERCHANT ST. 'WEDNESDAY^THURSDAY'SPECIALS ~ MORAN (hired PICNICS 17 V 2 c rOUND TENDER STEAK m FOUND BEEF ROAST 15c FOUND Fresh Fuh--OyiUrt--Poultry HEALTH MARKET Eat Witely to Be Well Phone*: S343 and 5344 We Deliver 130 Merchant Slrwt Just a fttcp from the Traimlw llo«i«« Bluefins "CISCOKS" For Wednesday ,, Only Lb. W. Bone Them 15 c Library Flour ,,,,· Every B«f Waldorf TOILET PAPER 3 Roll. Oleomargarine ir 35 MEATS BEEF BOIL BEEFSTEAK _ 17c BACON ...2k Pork Sausage *5c EXTRA SPECIAL WEDNESDAY Town Crier MAIN CASH MARKET Roy Smith, Mgr--Telephone 2^1051 N, Main Si. Flril Daw South of HtnM fo t nut. If ihd Hip curt work wi * fin- rimini-in* m« puipi inn win muh from onl if tm Jntorfomnr* In m« work will MMrt »K noon «· M ·bio »fi*r M u t c h 1, next y«r M nwt Ntn-nt Hun* MUtimf[lrcl Mnndny iftcr noon wnrir · revUlon of MIJK ^.i li ihd council novomi w«*kt MM wliioh did not »H»I njiprwii, Vine* R. Hnyc»i, division fnjtltwor, IV*. uir, ami two ciKtln^r* from tht Hi Ixiuln offioPN mn with iht eoundL Monday. Tim now draft rovMm f w , »ir*oi -to fwi wirtf f |f , m c urt ,,, curb, wiih a ftMi'wnik six fMtwjfe on ouch fide, The niwn of iht n i. road hrlrtKe m-row the Mrm w In- 14 TMX. wit Dirt* itdowilk iwffcn tho piNorii and ih» Th« «p«n wottM Iviw. n Ifcioolclwi wnro «ljov* th*, wlit, UN inifk* nimiicnrtcrj f i o m ih« glrdm ln«ir«(] of i*»iiiiK nn tijp ot thtrn TblK l-odlJ^I-H Illi' e)*))th Of J*|)rt|. «lt)» for ih* rtr«Pt. Klvc I'or Oitt, urwk Tint t)iiv«m*i)t woiilf) bi» d«jii«iM on n fivi p*r rent «r«1n from O* ro Gordo Inlo inn *ubw»y. F»r M I t c t doiiih of C«no i]oi*i94, tl)((rM( vmiirl b« two nnd » hi If iw «n( In Cirro riot'ilo Ntinai ihi li)irt» nlon would pxlentl for *0 f(i(i (ro« iho iDlonwiion on » five p*i ran With th* tni-'kn riitiwd ahomhfM lovit] \« th* I foot nln» lnth| (he propiM'ty own»f» wwi to drop ih^li building- in only six fwi, Wliw* th* b u l l d m t , front* w«r» not dropped to t!« »!*· walk !ov«l, an nbutlnr will would on Kie jdtinii will «ni tout The (hi Mic*t wooM rtlp Inlfl )h( »UV w«jp on « ffitjdunl inHtw (o n h w i ' thiic fi'iti »tnw (h* utivrt !»vcl ihi» .icfpn^t pitint m 'Hun wiiiil.1 p»rmM )H'0)Ktlv iri»tM'*» tin n level with (hi- ' without liwvhiB lo 'Iron th* of the itubwny UP by when ltti furmully .-,.,- uml idurn* Ui*in w 8'. -When thPKe li"»vn lv»fn submitw ·Itnln, the council will t*k* up ln» matt*r of o»mn|t*n with the proptt- ty ownofit and appronh \ni ititi for aid. Asks City to Cinder Alley Near Twenty-ThW HK* Clitren'-* M. Dl«k*y, S40S Ea»l Wlh Him Allt'M. Mh«0 lh* ·»!'«'J« II J|' have dnfli*)« dprctid on th« »H*jr N- twecn William nnd Pi-ujrl* «"*[ b*«innlnn st Twcnty.ihlrd JH«C* i" ·tons (hf nil*)', A «ldw«lk ncrowt (h* BsttlmW** Ohio (trti-lm on lli« itonlh »ld* «f WV limn Htrftti, wni) roquiiitlod *'*''· h ° tlw wcctlon of nU 1 **! mm'h'i 1 * *« foi. drive

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