The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 7, 1914 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1914
Page 3
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Tuesday Evening, Inly 7,1914. T H E D E C A T t J R R E V I E W ThTM tt is Jist Natural To Admire Babies Our ftltrustli! nature Impel* lore for the cooing Infant. And at the came time toe subject of motherhood H ever before vs. To know what to do that will add to the jAvsical comfort of expectant motherhood Is a subject that has interested most women of all times. One of the T eal helpful things Is an external abdominal application sold In most drug Btores under the name of Mothers Friend " We have known so many grandmothers who In their younger days relied upon this reniedj, and who recommend Jt to their own daughters that it certainly must be what Its name iiidl cates They ha\e used It for its direct Influence upon the muscles, cords ligaments »nd tendons as it alms to afford relief from tne strain and pain so often unnecessarily severe during the period of expectancy Every woman should mention "Mother s Friend when the stork is the subject of conversation An Interesting little book is mailed free upon application to Brad field Kegnlator Co 40*i Lamar Bldg, Atlanta, Ga. It refers to many things that women like to read about Get or recommend a bottle of "Mother's Friend ' to-day and wrlta for the book. This store is a store of high quality. The same discrimination is exercised in the selection of little trinkets that is given to watches, precious stones, pearls, and silver. This discrimination Ip onr pride-your protection Little trinkets in rolled gold--ban gle= chain" stick pin« hat pin's hair ornaments collar pins--little prices of course E. E. BARBER JEWELER 105 T. ·mater · NEHVOUS DEBILITY Cuqiim bi Will's SiHii Ninine. There la really no excuse for any man or woman to suffer from Neurasthenia, or Nervoue Debility. Wade's Golden Nervine is now sold by druggists. Any druggist can get the f 1 package for you. If he will not do to promptly, it will be mailed direct No matter where you live if you wish to test It before buy- Ing send sis cents in stamps to Gem Medicine Co, Dept. N, St Louis, Mo., and ecelve a trial packag* and fall particulars. Arthur Mote. Union, O, writes "It ha» worked wonders in my case " Mr Dalns, X*u- ca?v!lle. O : 'Cannot say enough for it Worth tl table* to me" N P Recobj, Dunbar. w Va. "He'ped me more than anything Ie\er took" Chaa Bandy. Evansxlllo Ind Thank God. I am now feeling a far dilterent man ' And so they write from all ever the country No other treatment has eo good an effect In restoring and vitalizing the shattered systems of nerve-wrecked men and women Golden Nervine Is In tablet form, and free from alcohol and all narcotic or habit forming drugs A few doses prove Its remarkable power of toning and strengthening the nerves and restoring the vigor and vitality of perfect health It Ii also a splendid permanent tonic for the heart Those »h» i ·uffer from weak heart or any form of ne-r» weakness aboulu try It at once It la sola by I II l r c i tin., n i i III I HAVE YGlj EVER TRIED On Glasses Fitted With Toric Lenses? If nol \ou \e still to leirn of what comfort in eje glasses nie-ins The Tone lenses lie somewhat o\al in slnpc--tho f i t the e v e so that no outer edge is Msible \\here the ordinary slnptrt lens makes the ejeglass wearer N E R V O L S the Tone has just the OPPOSITE EFFECT Why not let me tn True 1 cnsei on jour oes toda D WILLIAMS T PTDMETRI5T OPTICIAN. I 107 N. Water St. Opposite Millikin Bank. HOTEL on Mrs. Elizabeth Cook Long Well Known in Douglas* TuBCoIa July 7 --Mrs Eltzabe+h Cook, one of the old residents of this clt died at her home, The Cook House on ^outh Main street in this cit\ about noon on Monday She was ^ t i i r k e n with paraljsia on Thursdas of last week and gradually sank B,v,a\ until leith came She was born in Edgar o u n t \ 111 and when a child her p a i - t n t s mcned to Danville 111 where her cirlhood u is spent Her m a i d e n name w a s Elizibtth Holden and v. hen a \o ing woman she was married to Elam (. ook and w ith him in the vear 1852 t h e crossed the plains in a covered wa- c:on to C a l i f o r n i a \fter living on the- Pacific coa^t for f o u r t e e n v ears they again j o u r n e v e d across the then great unsettled w *st and came to a small pl ice norths e^t of M"attoon t \ h e i e the entered land and later established a = mall t r a d i n g point and a post of floe w m located there known is Cooks Mills Mr Cnok in t h e meantime h a v i n g 1 LMiblisliprl a grist ?nd saw mill there \bout t h n t i v p i r s ago thev came to Tuecola and established and for many \ e i r s m a i n t a i n e d the old hole 1 ! on ^outh M in street K n o \ \ n as the t o o k house a n d w h i c h w is t h e n k n o w n a* onp of the leading- lioteli in this pirt of Illinois The hotel propertv h a * for T n m her of v e i r * been c o n f l i c t e d h\ "^ A Jone«s Mrs Joneq being- a d a u g h t e r of Mrs Conk and w i t h i\ horn Mrs Cook ha-, m a d e he horn* and it « « * t h e i e that ht"- death occurred ^he was eights- four A ears old and ^ ell k n c m n to mam of the older citizens of Doug las c o u n t v The f u n e r a l s t i v i c e s will be he 1 d from the Cook hou«e at " 30 on T* ed- nesdav afternoon and uill probablv be condu ted bv Re^ Air Roel of the N o r t h ^Jde C h r i s t i a n church L I B R A R Y B O A R D MEETS The new board of r h e Tuscola pub 11^ librarv had 1U first meeting and or ganized on Monday afternoon the meet ing being held at the librarv building: Dennis E Jeffers v\as appointed bv the na^ or as the member of the board from the r l t i council to -succeed Dr A E Fence T\ho««e term had expired auto- m a t i c a l l v -with th* expiration of his term as a member of the citv council That was the onlv change in the mem- b e r ^ h p of the board the oth^-r t u n m e m b e r s T\ho«?p t e r m s v\ere expired vvF-re reelected thev being Dr W E Pi e and Mr* J H Chadwick Dr "XT E Rice u a s elected president Mrs 7*=cje ElKrs Hackett secretary and C C Kas-e\ a«5 trea* irer The committees ippolnted were on finance" C C Kagev Mr«! Jpssie Ellars Hackett and D D Teffers on buildings and cro mds MI ·SB Blanche C a r a w a Dr "\V F R ce and J M Me-i i on books Mrs J H C l a d w i c k Mrs T\ T\ "Reeves and Mrs \ A McKee There will be no A isu** meeting of the board and the next m e e t i n g T \ f l l be the first Mondaj in ^entpmher 4.T RT-LLY ^tN'DAT MEETIVG J "U Kagev of this cit\ writes his mam f r i e n d s here t h a t he Is enjoin a d e l l g h t C il outingr in Colorado Springs and is a t t e n d i n g the Blllv ^unda meet ings it that place He s a \ s it Is so coo! t h e r e at n i g h t that he sleeps comfort iblv und^r four blankets Pev M G Coleman of Tavlor" tile f c r m e r l v pastor of the M^ethodist c h u r c h in Tuscola came here Mondav morning to cond ict the f u n e r a l services of Mrs Mari Llovd who died at her home In ahe countt-v several miles to the north ea=t of Tusnola Dr C It Bine \vho has been taking an o u t i n g it Ins old home a m o n g the likes of n o r t h e r n Ind ana where he f n ov ed splendid f i s h i n g ; returned to t h i s citv ^ ndav i f t moon Mrs T\ f l M i m Cole-nan l e f t here Mon- H?v moi n i n e for a v i t w 1th her da ugh tor at N o r t h "\ ernoi Ind and was ac om pan led as fai as I n d i a n a p o l i s by Mi T Thorm*. Coleman C h a i l e s F Miller and h i « sister "Mrs r ncv M a r n a r n n g I p f t here Sunda n f t e r n o o n for "\A i c h t t a T\an w h e r e tl **v w e r e f a l l o d bv the r e i t h of i si t r r FT-ur\ T Bell u h o ha been looking IN ALL OUR NEIGHBORHOOD There Is Hardly A Woman Who Does Not Rely Upon Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Princeton,III -- " I had inflammation, hard headaches in the back of my neck and a weakness all caused by f e m a l e trouble, and I took Lydia E Pmkham'a V e g e t a b l e Compound with such excellent results thatl am now feeling fine. I recommend the Compoundand praise it to all I shall be g l a d to have you publish my letter. There is scarcely a neighbor around me who does not use your medicine "--Mrs. J. F. JOHNSON, R No 4, Box 30, Princeton, Illinois. Experience of a Nurse. Poland,N Y --"In my experience as a nurse I certainly think Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is a great medicine I wish all women with female troubles would take it I took it when passing through the Change of Life with great results and I always recommend the Compound to ail my patients if I know of their condition in time. I will gladly do all I can to help others to know of this great medicine " --Mrs HORACE NEWMAN, Poland, Herkimer Co , N Y If you are ill do not drag along until an operation is necessary, but at once take Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. If ^ ou wantspecial advice write !Lrtia K. Pinkham Medicine Co., (confidential) after his farm north of the city for several days, returned to his home at Paris Monday afternoon Frank Baawtt Jr left here Modnav for Terre Haute inhere he has position with a mercantile house George Hurst caihier of the C t E I local station receded a. telegram Monday announcing the death of Mrs J R Baxter at Jacksonville Mrs Baxter was a relative of Mrs Hurst who will probably attend the funeral which IB to be held Wedneiday Mr and Mrs Peck of Hindsboro were week-end gu«t« at the home of Mr and Mrs Frank Fullerton Mn Wallace Shreve an d two young daughters were vfsltlnp relattvei In Cham- palgn Mondav Mrs HobcroM of Chicago IB guest at the home of Mr and Mrs Q L. MclJennon Mrs Craig of Charleston is visiting at Burt Goldman 8 Mr* M E Harris, of Council Grove Kan a school girl friend of Mrs Josle Harter Is a guest at the home of Mrs Harter The tw o ladles had not seen each other for twenty-eight years until Mrs Harris present visit C PoBtiim of Fureka Kan was a weekend guest of Miss Blanche England Miss Ruth Shonle of Decatur who spent Sat irday and Sunday ^ I t h her parents In Tuscola returned to Decatur Mondaj morn ing and v,a accompanied by her father C L Shonle Mr Bingham of BelletJower II! a school friend of Miss Edith Goodspeed spent Sunday at her home in this city Mrs Edith Alexander of Oklahoma City is \islting relatives In Tuscola Mrs Harry Bird ^as a \lsltor In Camargo Monday P«rry M Chadwick was a business caller In Decat ir on Monday M K I N L B Y S LECTURE P obably no tra\eler who hah circled the globe has a more complete or more inter e-n ng set of glides than Mr William B McKinlev who win talk at the l a w n at the Methodist church T seola \\ednesdav e\fnlngr Jul S He hai gone into the ful e*t detail in making the slides more eipe cialls those of China Japnn India and Eg pt and has sec ired \ l e w s t h a t wHl c\ife emv o£ the greatest of tra\elog lecturers having setureel almost 800 slides In alt part* of the world Miss E v e h n Smith has gone to Maroa for a t«o weeks \isit with friends Mrs S E usl ing returned horn* from Chicago Thursdav e en ing The funeral of Charles Beaulieu ·* at. held Fr dav afternoon at 2 o clock from the Methodic church w i t h Re\ A C Flagg off! elating assisted ^ Rev W G Scare In terment followed at Greenwiod cemeter\ Joe Johnson is home from Minnesota where he has been engaged In t e a c h i n g chool G e n Hildebrand of "Washington Kan is enjt»ing a \lslt with with his brother N e a l Miss 1-erna Lee of Decatur is \ L f i t n g at the home of h«r uncle Adam Bautner PRAIRIE HOME Edna Aloo'-e from north of Bethanj re turned home Sunda\ evening after a -Reeks visit with her uncle John Jone* and w i f e Charles Robei of ·'Ibli c-vme on Friday for a visit with bis parent* Mr and Mrs Bobey Mrs May Robinson and daughter Helen of Chicago came Frldaj for a -visit with Claud Baird and family Mrs Robinson returned home Sunday MJss Helen remained for a few weeks ^tlt Mrs Plnnev entertained her mother and sister of Taylonllle week-ending The threshing of the neighborhood It about all finished The jleld varied from twent to fortv-slx bushels per acre The people of the neighborhood visited the different places the Fourth-- some to \Voodbine Moweaquajind NO ONE HURT IN VANDALIA Fonrth o* July Pa««r4 in Sntl«fnctory Manner Vandalla July 7 -- \o Injured parties a r e reported from the effects of the glorious Fourth In this clt\ Vandalla hart one of the biggest c r o w d s she has hart for mam ^ears and the citizens are satisfied w i t h the success of the dav Mli" FHen Hitch of Terre Haute 1« UMting at the home of R H Hasler and famils Mr* Blair Da^ is and two c h i l d r e n Mrs Paul Jenkins and little datighte'- and Mrs TesMe Moore a f t e r an extend eel \ i i l t ttith their parents Mr and Mrs J A Bingham h a \ e returned to Oklahoma Ci^ Okla J J Owens went to Decatur Mondav to spend a few da-\ * f r o m there he "Will l i s i t In Spr ngfield several d a ^ « Fred Carmack and son Reed of De catur spent Saturday, and ^undav greeting their mam \ a n d a l a friends Joseph C Burtschi wa! a Decatur \ i s l t o r Monda5 James K e l i e j of P r o v i d e n t C i t x Tex is \ i s i t i n g relatHes and f r i e n d s here Miss Lois Green w h o i- til ing a special course In m u s i c at the M i l l i k i n in D e r a t u r visited r e i a t i \ e s eist of t h i s c f U ^ a t u r d a \ and Sunday Pr Mark Greer was a hu=ine" % l s itor In s t lonis Monrta\ and Tues- dai A F Smith and John Goff went to Ke^esport 111 to SPP the 'ormer s new l i t t l e g r a n d d a u g h t e r little Shirley Alarle Stewart The\ '·eturned Men da-* Misses Abbie and Helen Da\ball of Maplewood Mo, are Mailing their a u n t Mrs F M Craig and familv Mr and Mrs B"nj Jeness of Rock dale Tex -were guests 'he latter par of last week of their nieces Mr* Allie Mammen and Mrs Rollin Olher Miss Gertrude Dowell Taken to Hospital. Shelbyvllle JuK 7--Miss Gertrude Dowell w h o was elected tax collector of Dr- Point township In the April elections was taken to St Louie Sunday to enter a hosnltal (or the third operation for the removal of a tumor with which she has been afflicted for some time Miss Dowell s relatives and friends *ear that she will not survive the operation The patient is a niece of Mrs 7ohn Morehead of this c l t j ELY 5 ! ISO ACRE FARM Dr W J Eddj has purchased the C S Busch farm of 160 ocies two miles noitheast of T o n e r Hill p i t t i n g in as p a r t p a v m e n t his t w o residences In Lrbana 111 T C Eiler Son negotiated the deai MARRIAGE LICENSES Marriage licences hive been i«saed here as follows Levyis r \ l n c e n t 40 Shelbyville townihip Anna Huntsman 37 Shells- Mllp townshio Weslev Fa\ Scov 1] 20 Cowden Ruby rhloe Stamper 20 Cowden The groom Is a son of ' ** SroUl who ga\« his consent to the issuance of the license CROPS 80 PER CEVT NORMAL, l o n a t h a n Seaman who visited his brothe' T O Seaman in this clt Saturday and Sundav observed the crops b e t w e e n Greemille and this cltv during his 61 mile automobile drive and stated t h a t a b o u t SO pe- cent of the rorn was normai w i t h 20 per cent in ver bad r e n d i t i o n The wheat he said was extra good b it the oats all along the l o u t e w as not w o r t h cutting ONLY ONE ACCIDENT Onlv one acrident ha' been .eportod as a result of the Fourth of J u l y celebration in Shelbvville and this befell Mrs Finle\ Bern me- during the water b a t t l e on the square At one juncture w h e n the hose was turned in the direc- tion of the people lining the street, (he crowd (urged back and Mr* B«hj- mer was knocked down She WM not seriously injure* but was taken to her home GIRL INJURED IN HATFIELD Miss Edna Spannagel, a daughter of Julius Spannage] Is confined to her home a half mile north of Strasburg by injuries sustained Friday while assisting her father In the hayfield Miss Spannasel was driving a hay rake when the horses took fright and ran away The girl was thrown In front of the teeth of the rake, and was considerably brjlaed A den gash was cut in the back of her head and notwithstanding she lay unconscious for some little time her injuries are not considered serious FORSYTH. Mr and Mrs "W Clough and children spent the Fourth with their daughter Mrs Mize and husband nesr Decatur A miscellaneous shower was given Mr and Sirs Michael Green at their countrv home Friday e^«nlng Mrs Green was formerly Miss Anna Stoll Man nJ-e and useful presents were received The «venmg was spent In hiuelc and games Rffreshments were »er\ed Those present were Mrs H C Mow r\ Mr and Mrs H O Coper J Cooper Mr* S McCoj Mr and Mrs Lee Has 5 and daughter Mrs Morris Misses Etta Blxlcr Edna Benton, Grace ButtF Be- 1 nice Gio«*er Blanche McCov ph\ Mis Collins Mabei McKlnley and Alma Anderson Messrs Harry Butts Fred F USB Rov Do ran Sam Hlgginson of Chicago Lawrence Harmon Archie Till man Howard Surface Cliff McCoy Howard Butt* Grove 1 - ^tephena Harry Allen Bert Butts and Mr and Mre M Green Decatur visitor* Frldav were Mrs W Shoemaker Mre H C Mo«rv Mr and Mrs L, Gra\ Mrs Davis D GHlen Victor Ca- roth*rs Misses FHa Birler Edna Benton Gladys and Nadine O oss*r Mr and Mrs H Gillen and son of Deca^ tur v lilted re'atlve* here Sunda% Mrs Ben Lehman and *on and Ruth Parkhurst of Lap'ace spent the Fourth with relatives here Mt"s Bertha. Allen of Decatur visited her aunt Mrs Mary Farkhurst and father Sundav Mr and Mrs P Crow] and children of Mantle Mrs Wilson and daughte* 1 ot Arkansas and Mr and Mrs G Miller and children of near Warrenpburg were en tertalned at the home of J "\ r*rowl and family Saturda Misi Grace Butt* wat the BIJPS of her cousin Misi Blanche Pnarls of Decatur Mrs H McKfnlei and daupht*r* Edna. and Cleta of Oreana sp«nt Sunda\ with the former s sister Mrs Charles B azT and family Mrs W V Benton and daughter Edna entertained the lollow'ni at dlijn=r Stindav Mrs Frank Stewart and children of Kansas Bert Benton and daughters and Miss Maud Benton o f near Argenta Mr and Mrs Robert Benton and children of Decatur Miss Mary Stewart and Sam and Stewart, of Oreana and Mr and Mrs A Benton and son Gould Not Sleep for Itching and Burning, Pimples RedandWatery. Skin and Scalp Dry and Scaly. Cu- ticura Soap and Ointment Healed. 1321 D«uglas S t , Omaha, Neb--"My (rouble began from a bad form of «nenut all over my hands, n«ck and arms I could get no sleep for the itching and burning The email pimples loolmd red and watery and my akin and scalp became dry and Itching The pimples irritated me so that I would scratch until they btod. I could not put my hands la water and If I once tried it they burned * that I could cot stand it I had to have my hands tied up and gloves on all the ttmn for nearly two months. Sometimes I would scratch the ekin off It irritated so and I could do no work at all · I tried all kinds of remedies but nothing did any good. My trouble had lasted for three years then I saw in the newspaper about Cutknira Soap and Ointment and got some I washed my bands in warm watw and Cutlcura Soap, then put the Cutieura Ointment on and I was completely healed in Ove or six weeks They have not troubled me tince." (Signed) Joe Uhl. Jacu 31.1814. Samples Free by Mall Cutlcura Soap and Ointment do so much for poor complexions red rough hand* add dry thin and falling hair and cost so little. that it Is almost criminal not to uae them. Although Cutlcura Soap (25c ) and CuH- cura Ointment (50c.) are sold by druggkt* everywhere a sample of each with 32-p Skin Book will be sent free upon request. Address. Cuticura, Dept. T, Boston ' Colored Trimmed Hats On Sale At $1 Each The Store with the Electric Fans, Reduced Prices in Every Section of Our Store, Our July Clearance Sales continue to attract because of the well known quality of our merchan- $ dise and the extremely low prices quoted. Price reductions in force in every department. ^\ Note our special features for Wednesday's selling: f Any Silk Dress $10.98j! Wednesday, Choice of The House Clearance of Beautiful Silk f Dresses, Giving You Choice of Values Up To $37.50 O NE of the big features of our great July Clearance Sales is our sale of Silk Dresses, all in readiness to open tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock, This is our twice-yearly clearance --a "choice of the house" sale without any restrictions, Every dress in our stock is this season's model, new and desirable in everyway, Included are Crepe de Chines, Canton Crepe, Pussy S Wi 11 -"* Taffeta, Silk Poplin, Changeable Taffeta and the Chif- L fon and Silk combinations, You can choose from such shades 9S Copenhagen, green, brown, tango, wisteria, navy and black, All sizes from misses' 16 up to 42 bust measure. We must reduce stock for inventory. Choice of values up to $37,50, for $10.98 No Approvals. No Exchange Selling Begins at 8 o'clock Third Floor Specials For Wednesday $22.50 porch and bungalow beds, with heavy stiaight or continuous posts; m white, oxidized and Verms Martin; full or three- quaiter size. Fitted with an all-steel link spring, with an all-felt mattress, upholstered with best quaht-y cretonne GJI £ CA ticking. This $22 50 outfit complete «P-LU.tMJ $7.50 combination felt mattiess, full 45 pounds in weight; gaaian- teed vacuum cleaned cotton laver felt, Covered with best qualih cretonne ticking; your choice of CJK plain, box or rolled edge ^"* $1.25 porch grass rugs; size 36x72, with edges and ends securely bound. In colors of green, tan, blue and red; guaran- QC teed to withstand sun or ram. Special $6.50 folding couch, with an all-steel frame, fitted with steel link wire springs.; can be opened to a full sized bed, or A K A closed to a couch. Truly a $6.50 value . «jn:,trw 75c cretonne rag rugs, 25x36, woven from selected lags, with ends securely tied; plain blue or blue and white Extra special SF4PFR1

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