The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 7, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1859
Page 4
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KKPORTED FOB THE DAILY HSW8. Exi«lo<aon •f,a,cHe«mIuc.' , , - NKW FOKK, Jane 4. The ttetmtpg Margaret Eembkil, ly»g ft * per in tbe E«et riTer, Hew up this alterawn. The Captain and threelkandg : /»fere bVown,into the river, bnt were rescued, rJadry Bcaldedl bnt It is hoped not fatall| injarvd. *#- «'-" v ABevere frost on BAtnrdaj jnproing, injuring the WJie»t Oorn'«nd 'Potfctoe erop, •Isosome fraita. .a•-*.;-. '->,:•'?$• '";;%•' j if ; Redoetlon of K. B.- r ... , Jnoe6. " The PennBylrftDia 'Central Batlroad has rcdaoed fcrefrom Columbas to. Kev York to ten dollars, and Boston to twelve dollar*. • ';.-.,•• f., I . ClHOUTNATl,; June 6.= j ;, A severe frost on Sunday morning extending over the whole of Ohio and the larger part of Indians, doing great damage to- the growing Wheat Com and Grape crops. The gardens' are universally injured. Early on Sunday morning a fire broke oat in the main business partof the to*a of jEajton Ohio, a»d de- 1 strayed thirteen business houses. Loss 60,000 dollars, insured for 12,000. Election ]\>wa, WARWICK, Ct., Jane 6. At tbe city election here to-day, the entire re- pnblican ticket headed ty Mayor Prentice wa» •nccessfal by 144 majority. The vote cast wag very large Heavy Frost In Western N«w York. BUFFALO, June 6. A heavy frost occurred in this vicinity last Saturday night, it is feared doing heavy dam- to the fruit. Accounts from the country towns report the crops badly damaged, and it is feared entirely rained. DANSVJLLB, N. T., June 6. A heavy frost prevailed in thi« vicinity Saturday night, killing all the garden vegetables, corn and potatoes. II is feared, aim, that fruitp of all kinds hare been cut off. (Arrival of Use Steamer Indian. QUEBEC, Jam 6 The steamer Indian, from Liverpool, passed Farthest Point ai live o'clock this morning, and will be une here at about -Seven o'clock this evening. Her dates are no later than those received by tbe City of Washington off Cape Race, and the despatch made up for this point contains no farther details of newt . Hcavj Frost in Ohio. CLEVELAKO, June 6 A heavy frost occurred on Saturday night. The wheat crop throughout Northern Onio is badly injured or destroyed Corn, grapes and potatoes were badly frozen. A Terrible Storm. NEW TOUK. June 6. Advices from Pernambnco represent that there has been a terrible storm on tbe coast of Brizil. Tbe whole coast from Brazil southward is covered with wrecks, and the loss of life was terrible. A Brazilian frigate went down, with over 600 persons on board, only 40 of whom were saved. Tbe yellow fever is reported at Bio, worse than ev«>r. People were dying by thousands. One English brig bad lost five Captains. Heavy Frost in ZaaesvlUe, Ohio. ZANKS ; VILI.E, 0., June 6 A heavy frost occurred- on Saturday night. Corn is entirely destroyed, and a great many farmers are preparing to replant. Wheat is mnoh damaged. Arrival of Use Overland Mall. ST. Lous June 6 The overland mail arrived last night. Eight white men, prospecting for silver Dear Honey Lake, were killed by the Indians. The bouse of Col. Stevenson, at Council Bluffs, was burned on the llth. Stevenson's wife, another woman and five children perished in the flames. The Ajizonian, of tbe 19th, id filled with accounts of the proceedings of a band of regulators, who had driven all Mexicans from Sonora Valley, and committed several murders. The Americans at Tnbac publicly denounce the outrages, and a company of troop* has been detailed from Fort Buchanan, to suppress farther proceedings. The Utah mail brings the proclamation from Gov. Camming, commanding immediately to disperse various parties of Mormons associated together in a military capacity, in the mountains surrounding Salt Lake valley. The Valley Tan complains that this proclamation was not put in the hands of a federal officer, instead of tbe territoriAl marshal, and anerts that treason ie as rife in the territory now, as before the advent of the army. New York Matter*,. New York, Jane 6. A German named John G. Meyers, murdered his wife yesterday morning, by beating her witL a smoothing iron and stabbing her with a pair of shears. Meyers has served one term In the Slate'e Prison, for being concerned i n the death of a "man some ten years ago. No cine hae been obtained to the mystery of the box filled with dead bodies in the Sound. The theory suggested that the bodies might either hare been medical subjects, or bodie* removed from Potters' field for interment, was entirely exploded by a fall investigation. Tlie boding have evidently ixxu dead bat a few dajs IARI evening the body of a very richly dressed woman floated ashore al Fort H»mil ton. She had a prolusion of jewelry, including three nogs 011 her wedding finger, of plain gold, the others of diamond and pearl. The body was somewhat bruised, and evidently had not been in the water more than twenty- four hours. On Saturday p. m. an affray occurred in Walker street between Louis Lapourtand Joseph Peager, boys each about about eight years old, which resulted in Peager receiving a-blow on tbe head from a stick, which caused his death daring the succeeding night. Yesterday morning the dead body of a man was found tn the ball war of a house on Johnson St., Brooklyn, which he had vainly attempted to enter, with the top ot his head blown off. The daed was committed by his wife. H« had a knife with him, and from threats uttered the night before, it was no doubt hie intention to have first killed his wife. The body of the woman found at Ft. Hamilton, is suspected, from description, to be that of the wife of Henry -Halsby, of We»t Twelfth street'. She has been missing since Wednesday, on which day she was detected by her husband in the act of writing a letter to a certain gentleman in Brooklyn. Her husband was arrested to-day, and taken down to Ft. Hamilton. Paul Morphy was b«aten to-day at Knapper 1 * Chwjs Booms, in Broadway, by Mr. Thompson. Mr. Morphy as uBoal gave the odds of a knight, and after A contest of 3 1-2 hours gav« up the game. His 'opponent having on tbe knight which WB& allowed him for oddg. A despatch' from 'Charleston announces the suspension-of "Frazer-Trenbolm & Co., who Were largely engaged in the cotton and sugar trade. The-honse has an agency here and an other in JUverpool. . In the Supreme Court to-day, the Judge, on application granted »., writ of error and a staj or proceedings, in the case of Stephens the mj 4eged wife pisoner, for tbe purpose of carrylnj tb.e matter to the Court of Appeals for re- Jaines Shepard, Who was sentenced to death a year ago", for arson in the first degree and appealed, was brought upon a .writ of habeas corpus, and the sentence of tbe court below affirmed. - The prisoner then engaged new counsel, Mr. A. W. Mead, who intends to early tbe eaae up to the court of appeals. A young Udy, daughter of Mr. Clark Smith «f Canterbury, Orange county, aged 18 years, -•was terribly burned on Friday p. n She wa§ iwepjrlng the fire for tea, when her clothes Wight fij, and before the flames o»nld be*x- taUgniihed her whole person was literally v blistered from head to foot It is /eared that h*r injuries will prove fatal. Her father and anther were badly burned hi then; efforts to rescue her. . A bo* containing the skeleton of a human bpdjr has been discovered by Mr. Wm. Ostrander of Jfittwiek, w that village. He WM ploughing in * fi»'d near the church, when his jplough passed orer-a box, on opening which , the entire skeleton ofahnman body was found This»aoeid«ital disoOTery lumaeated ao little •xctteinant there, and the discovery is regard. %tffeevideno«of aome jlark deed. ~" ~ ««sV ' • SAOJnriia», JL B!, JaneS. H>» slriapidated MBditioa of the Bora Soo~ It taint, Life on for the Pres*^ Then the wires oeaed to work Ibis p tn. the lines was repaired and the re- iters again resumed, bnt bofore a word of news reached ibis : point, the wires near Pieton again gave out for the third time, and nothing opoi4 be received to-ni ght . This iilhernore provoking as the last part of the report ininowh to'contain the one day later iifWBJtelpgraphed by the agent of the associated presg at Paris, .London, Liverpool to Cork. - f Ills understood that the Me wFortndland Co. have antborised Mr, C. W. Field to send out an additional cable to! extend from Cape Brit on to Prince Edwards Island, thus avoiding Nora Sootla entirely and placing the whole line from this plaoe : to New Fonndland under be immediate oontroVoftlie New Fonndland ?o. and putting an end to the annoyance of the public w.ho are compelled to do business tVtf the, present shamefully mis-managed line n Nova SooUa. >' GOMMERC1A1.. OCO. OODFKCT, IDITOE OFHOK 0» THE DA1LT SEW1. iTlisraakte, Jcne «.!»». I e banks report ao change to mouty matters a* yet- Ezchanfe Is qaoted at the old figure— per cent, sea corrency ooJ«ratclj esjy. The call* elnf generally met at the osoal rate*. H»w ToaK Uonr MASXKT.— Tbt Journal of Com- marce, Jr., of WedDMday, saja there 1* no (feat clamor or money, the volume of bustaes* havtag been *o small is to reduce the quantity of bo*ln*« paper offering; bnt tbe rates actually paid Tor dlsconnts. will arerac* o per cent, nbove the quotation! current a few wetki ago. Thii Increase In rate* of Interest hss*had the effect which we predicted a few dsys since, and has halted the anrouat of money offering (or remittance abroad, and thus lessened the urgency of tbe demand or huropean Exchange. If the rates thoold continue to Unprove, (he volume of specie shipaienu will be speedily checked, aa the bankers will cot be able to , ilaee their bills Foreign Exchange Is slack to-day ,' but smtes are nora- nsJly the Same. The >hlpm*nt ol ipecle from Bostmi wa> tl ,2tS.6H, BO thst onr sutetnent thit "the Bomon steamer would probtMy take from one to one and a quarter millions," w&i not qalte *o ertrmrs^act a* some of oar critic* have Inferred. The BOrutsIa to-day took out (68,000 in pccle. The stock market opened without antm\tloD, snd lUi a farther decline In prices of roost descriptions, bat rallied a tittle with an improved ton* Just fta tbe adjournment. OcThnrgda- the market wu withon*. change noder the Amprlcsn'a news, except that there was material restlessness, which will last until details are received by private letters. Stocks were a little lower, and commercial bills were besvj. OosmstJLai- — Tbe market 'for brea4s-tuffa opened rather dnll and depressed to-dat, and transaction' on change were but moderate to th e clofle, however, there was a better feel <ng with some disposition to operate In the afternoon. The sales were mostly in sm«ll lots and with considersbie caution. Floor was offered a little more liberally, but stiU the sales were very light store was done in wheat. Com aod Oata are lower, and very dull. Potatoes are In >ctter demand, tn fact they are pretty scarce and wanted at better prices. Eggs are in better demand and brine a little better price. Butter Is in good supply and steady. On the whole tbe market opens with i raiher bealty tone. Freights have advanced S a cent on wheat to BBffalo and are generally firmer, with an upward tendency. U bolesUaLe market. MOSDIT Bvxsna, Jan* 4. FREIGHTS— firmer snd better 8chr. Fred Hill chartered for Buffalo with wheat at 4c — >»c advance. D. AM. R. R. takes 1,000 bbls through to N. T at «c. FLO Jit — improved. Receipt SI bbln ; shipment! 1,40$ bbis. Bales 100 bbls Spring Extra 1. o. 6,00; 50 do Arcade Mills at 0,B8X; 29 do Central Mills U 6,50; BO do Steam Mills (City) 7,00. Total SSO bb*. RTE FLOU»— in good reqneot. Sale« 2S bbli at «,76. WHEAT— moderately activ* and a shade better. — Receipts 1,797 bus; shipments, none, fales 1,850 bus No. atl,12>ii 200 do do at 1,12; 1,250 do No. S at 1*; 2OOdo erira No. 1 a- 1,27, 50"do ertr» at 1,82; 800 do d. at 1,8S; 100 do white winter at 1^0; K60 do So. 1 winter at I.o4; 910 do extra winter at 1.SS. Total s*.le< 4,420 bni. carce. Receipts 40 bus, no ssues, nominal a- BAKLLT — very dull, llece j,ls fit*) bus, no Baler, nominal 85<&Sa. COHN— du'J ao< dep'rrfised. Receipt* 86* bus. tales 100 bus (ear) S2 OATS — dnU and lower. En eipts 1,1 W bus. Btiea 800 bus at 40; eoO do at *5. ' POTATOES— wanted, prices better. Receipt! 100 bus; shipments 7M bus. Sales 50 bus mixed (on track) at 68-, commo being iMi&Mr, Neahannocks CC®65. GOS — more demand. Receipts 19 bbls; sBipmeets 9 bb's. Worth 8Q>S. BUTTER— rather dull 8ale> 1 000 Itn flitln st »^ , **° Ibs In cr ockl at !<•, fresh roll 10^12; ship menu I kegs. HIGH W1NE8— steady; more doing. Beceipti »0 bbls. Sales »0 t*U at 2«X; 100 do at26J»;. WHISKET— receipts 60 bbls; shipments 20 bbls*- Tending downward at 22^24. HIDES— stead r at «H<a7 for ureen; 8^9 for salted ^17 (or dry fiint. RallrtHsd &SCBPTE BT Mn-witrm 2,14t bni wbcst; 8«fl do corn; 40 do rye; 424 do oat* 00 do barley. &XOSTPTS BT Ll OaOSg* *) MlLWDilXS RalLkOSC.— 44 bas wheat; 76S do ost*; 100 do potatoes; IV Mils f g>; 81 do Boor; 4,008 ft Mmber; 10y400 Ibi sundries. hbipmenta by Lake. Lacs l«rorr» omuxo nu FAST Twasm-f-ocB eonas.— '8 tuni radr, lad bbls highwlne*; 1M empty beer calks; 610 pigs sandrler, 21 hf chest* tea; 42 bbli tobacco 485 M lumber; 40 H sq timber, 100 nuts tubs; f » del tubs), to),' bbls sundries; CO do whiskey; 808 dos rake*; l tuns coal; 88 cook Moves; 6 bdls hardware; 8i do a* tubes; 2J if lath; 150 M *hln(le; 8,000 cedar posts. S*aKS EZPOKtS DCaisW T*n rASTTWBlTTT-fXlCa BOCSS. — tuns mdx; 140S bbls flo«u~, 100 bales rags; ( kegs bnt- ei; 21 Mils beer; 7M bus potatoes; 9 bbli egg*; 162 fannies; 2*7 pk t « snndrle*; 22 bbls do; 17 do pork; S; whiskey, 1 ton mea>; 2 horse*; 1 military company. LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. INTELLIGENCE. AT BUFFALO, Jcv»8b—Prop. Tonawandm, k almer, Chicago. From Mllwaake*, 10 pk^i •aodrtea, 4 cuki aibo. 60 bbl» floor, 5 ecki ragt. CLBimm Bcnaui, Jo»i So.—Prop. Plymouth, Dick- ion, Chicago. OUAKID rmoi CLcriLan), Jnm to.—BoanACp.— Prop. Potamac, Oepbard. OcCalBoBKC TC8UL8.—Four of the oat hound Beet of lake crsTt arrived at Montreal daring the latter part of the week. The brig Deshler; schooners Dousman, Orand Turk and Gold Buntcr, and were to leave for Qmbecxm Monday. --.^—-------"- --- •-. -^i'.^i-il' ' ' ' -' ' ! ' '• ^' • •'-- ,' ; The L» iCroiu * MD-f '.• 7^'-'-—. • •'-••• I Tautte Railroad Co. J : ? .': ,r* JTH pnr»a»nce»otl by Tlrtue of a writ of »ierl facia* il. Uioed oat of the Diitrlet Court of tte United 8ut«t for the District of WlMoofln, In faror of'thc eald Rev- torno CleTeland.PlalnUlt, ajainst the L» Croue * Hil- WankeeEali Road Oompany.defendant In toe »boTeent|. tied catue, Iwoed for the amonut of One hundred and iwelre tboniand two hnndrcd and «erenty-onc dollar* and «eventy-«li cent*, recorered by the uid Plilntl' against the aald defendant, the Tth day of October, A.' D-lSil, by tie indgment ef the aald DUtrict Court, tested the twenty-tecond day of October, A. D. 1857, to K directed, I hare leried upon and shall lell at Public ctlon, on Tuejday, the uHb day of DeceraHer next, »t the Cnited Btata Jdanhal'i Office, In the City of Milwaukee, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of iald day, the following property, to wit: The La Crowe 4 Milwaukee Railroad and all tie Interest of the LaCroue 41 Milwaukee Railroad Company therein, with all the franchise*, right* and privilege* thereunto belonging and appertaining, Including road*, roadway*, right* of way and real t* late of every description, road, bed*, track*, tie*, rail*, •tatlon hon*e> and buildlnsJ and ground*, (hedf and ground*, engine home* and ground*, *hop*-and grounds, water hon*e* and ground*, can and appurtenance*, lo- coraotlre engine* and appurtenance*, more particularly described In the following *chedule (marked A.) Also, all that portion of the LaCrosie and Mllwankee tUUroad, known a* the AVatertown Division of said Railroad, and »U the Interest of the laid LaOrone and Milwaukee Railroad Company therein, with all tr« franchises, right* and privilege* thereunto appertaining, Including KSad», road » ay*, rights of way and real eitate of every description, road bed*, track*, tie*, rails, station house* and bn tiding* ; and grounds, shops and ground*, water home* and grounds, engine house* and grounds, can and appurtenance*, locomotives and appurtenance*; also, about forty-five thousand ban of Railroad Iron, more particularly described In the fol- owing schedule (marked B.) Also, lots », :0 and 11, In Mock i, and total, 1,8, In- {ilock 47, lo the Fifth Ward of the City of Milwaukee,— Lots 1 and 4, In blo*k 156; lot* 1, 4,4, B,«, 7,8,9,10, 11, lift, 18,14, in block IK; M of block 1ST, except lot 6 and 10 of the bayou adjoining aalil block; M of lots 8,9 and X, ail of lot* 12,18 and 14; !( of lot* 16 and 17 and B If of 55, in block 158, In the fourth Ward of Ike City of Milwaukee. (Schedule J^., referred to ahovo.) One passenger depot, one (tore bouse, two freight depota, grain platform and shed, blacksmith (hop, three tank houses, machine •bop, stationary engine home, paintshop, lumber house, coppersmith shop, Iron boost. blacksmith shop, turntable, circular eugine house, iar shop, all lu tha City of Mllwauke«; tack boose on an-tion twelve of said Railroad; one ditto on section 2^, passenger and freight ae- poL, al Richneld; one turi> table anil passenger and freight depot, at &ch)»i««4>.cii:t:i vilie: enone house, tank house and passenger and licighl depot at ilartford; passenger and freight depot rt i ftubicon; passenger aod irclghi depot .and tank hoi, .e at Woodland; ditto at Iron Ridge; turn table, pa»-vngcr and freight depot, engine bouse and tank I. use at Horicou; passenger and freight depot at J ^action; ditto at Rolling Prairie; turn table, engine bud. e, tans: hotise and passenger and freight depot at . • iver Dam; paaoeuger and freigtil depot and tank boo-- at fox Lake; pansenger and (rcighl depot at Cambri. iiassenger and freight depot, turn table, tank house - J engine house at llid- iand; passenger and freight epot, turn table, engine house and task house at Pan -leOity, tofether with the grounds upon which cneh I •-uses and -buildings are situs£e4 and whict a»e c.ppo>' aant thereto. Twenty- one locotnotlTe engines, ten u .1 class passenger cars, two aecond cla«> ditto, four >• >ggage can, 164 house freight cars, Uo plallorm o. . 8" gravel cars and 17 hand cars. (Schedule B., referred to a ive.) One engine house In the City of Milwaukee; • ...e station house al the 3nnetion; one ditto and wot.u shed at Hewaukee; one station house »l Bartland; * • ditto at Pine Lake su- tion; one water house, one W-- r shea, and one station house at Oconomowoc; one ftnUon house, frame shed, machine shop, car shop, bis.nmlth shop, two water bouses, engine house and woou shed at Watertown; station house and water house ftt Lowell; station house, engine and water house at Oulumbua, together with the groonds upon which such bou»r-* and buildings are situated and which are appunetitia thereto. Seven loco motive engines, 67 box cars, -tt rack can, 10 hand cars, our passenger cars A two ba^^afe cars, 2U dump cars A about 42,612 bars of R&Uroad ir»n, which I shall, sell of the same d»y,al two o'clock ,near the La Orosse Rail- load Depol^n blocks 4U and the city of atilvaakee, and about 423 bars ol Rai!r"«.i iron, which I shall sell at lour o'clock P. Bl., the saiur jay, at Dousman « CO'B dock in the City of MllwanVrr, and about 2,000 ban of Railroad Iron which I il,.tii »ell on the Uth da; of December, 1857, al three c'ck-ek P. M., on the west bank of the Wisconsin Rlnr, IE nankOonoty, on the line of the La Crosse and Milwaukt-c Rallrpad. The property enumerated In the ft/re fc «lng schedule B. will be solsl snttyi'ct lu an executloo i&^ur^i out of tttesald Oonrl atiu previously lerled thert-fti in favor of Belab Obaro berlakn. Marshal's Office, Milwauk<- r October 27, 1557. hi. J. THOMAS, octS1-doaw6w D. B. Marthal. ff The above sale il ber,-i-j adjourned to Monday, the 4th day of January, l&M, .t 10 o'clock A. »-, al the D. 8. Marshal's Office, Hllwuukee, except the sales of Railroad Iroa mentioned In bc:.edule B., which are adjourned respectively to Mua.Uy, January 4, lofis, at t o'clock r. »-, and 4 o'clock r. x.,and Weanesday, January 8, 185$, at 8 o'clock r. K , at the rerprctire place* nentloaed above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee December 11,1557. H. J.THOMA1, decld-dlawtt U. *. Marshal. f3F~ The above sale is beret-, further adjourned lo Monday, the 1Mb day ol jVbi unry, 1S5S, st 11 o'clock a. M., at the U. i. Marshal's Ouice, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In Schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Monday, February 16, 1S58, ai 3 o'clock r. M., and 4 o'clock r. «.,and Wednesday, February 17, Ibi-. at 8 o'clock r u , *jt the respect've pb&ces mentioned above. Marslial'i OBice, Milwaukee, January 4, 1;">S jan6-U«lt M. J.TUOMA3. U. K. Marshal. JS^™ The abov*. tale Is hereby further adjourned to 71,ursJ»> , the loth uav of April, ISM, at 11 o'clock ». •., si ti.» U. 8 Blanhal'i Office, Milwaukee, except the ffales ol itaiiroad Iron mentioned in Rcbedule B, whicti are adjourned respectively to Thursday, April 15, !:&>, at i o'clock r. M., and 4 o'clock r. M., and Saturday, April 17, 1858, at s u'ciuca r. »-, al the re- spex^jve p«&«es nenUcned above. Marshal's UUlce, Milwaukee, Feb. 16, 1836. Ieb20-dlavu M. J.TUO41AS, U. t. Haishal. j&T~ Tbe above sale tt hereby further adjourned to Tuesday, the lilt day of June, ISM, a' '1 a'clock A. M., al the U. a. Uarshal'i Office, Milwaukee, except Uie sAles of Railroad Iron mentioned iu (K-^J Juie B., which are. adjourned respectively to Tuesday, June lAlh, 1S5S, ai 9 o'clock, p. m. and 4 o'clock, p. m., and Thursday, June 17, 165S, al 8 o'clock p. M., al the respective places Mentioned above. Marshal's Office, HUwsstkee, April 15,1S5E* aprle-dlawtl M. J. THOMAS, U. S Marthal. ff Tbe above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the Mth day of July, 1S5S, at 11 o'clock A. K., it the D. B. Marshal'* Office, Milwaukee, except Lhe sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule b., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, July 14, lidS, at i o'clock r. M., and Friday, July 16, 185&, at 8 o'clock r. M., at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, June 15, ISiS. jel6-lawtt M. J.THOMAB, U.S. Marshal. (Jfj The *,bove sale Is hereby further aajotfrned lo Wednesday, the llth day of August, 1858, at 11 o'clock A. x., at the United States Manual's Office, Milwaukee except the sales 'of railroad Iron mentioned In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, August 11, 1854, at * o'clock r M., and Friday, August 18, 1868, st 8 o'clock r. M ,sl the respective places mentioned above. HanbaJ's Office, Milwaukee, July 14,1858. jjli M. J. THOMAS, D. B. Marshal. jjF The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Wedneaday, the IMh day ol September, ISM, at 11 O'clock A. M., at the U. S. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, ixcept the aales of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule ft., which are adjourned respectively t* Wednesday, September 11,1868, at 2 o'clock r. M., and Friday, September 17.1W, at 8 o'clock r M, at the respective places menti. ^d above. Marshal's o.uoe, Milwaukee, August It, lafca. augl2-la»ti M. i. TBOMAB, U. 8. Manna*. |3pv~ The ffbove sale Is hereby further aUjoui-ned to Wednesday, l4u 29I*> day of September, 1358, at 11 o'clock A. M., ai n . U. 8. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sates ol Jlallroad Iroa mentioned in schedule }., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, September £9, Ib&i, at t o'clock p. M., and Prlday, Octo- )cr 1,1858, at 8 o 1 , ..;t r. M-, at Uie respective places Osentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Sept. 16, IBM. sepUO-lawtt M. S. THOMAS, V. 8. Marshal. |3BV~ The above sale Is hereby further adjourned tc Monday, the sixth day of December, 1869, at 11 o'clock A. *., at the D. 6. Manual's office, Milwaukee, except (Le sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule K., which are adjourned respectively to Monday, December 6,1*5$, at i o'clock r. si., and Wednesday, December 8.1898, at S o'clock r. M., at (he respective place* mentioned above. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, Sept. 89,1S6S. seplSO-oswCw M. }. THOMAS, O. 8. Marshal. HSJAVT BLOW a*c Vtscu A*aoas—The Detroit FrH Prat, of Bnnaay, report* the following: "Friday night there was a heavy blow at Port Huron anfl on the lake above. The steamer Columbia fstaned oat from that port to go above, bet after proceeding some forty mile* wa* obliged to return. The steamer forest Queen on her way to £aglnaw, had not left Port Boron at eight o'clock yesterday morning, bnt was Intending to do lo about noon. Tbe captain of the schooner P. W. •Brown, report! that he saw the brig Oleander, or on* that looked like her, go ashor* lome fifteen mile* this side ef Point sax Barques IB attempting to-get under way from a lumber dock. Be thinks she wa» in Immi- nent'danger, astfce wind wa* blowing hard at the tuna and continued » for tome time after." • l^" The schooner Adda passed l>etralt on Saturday, on her way from Lakt Michigan to Providence, Rhode IsislKl. Caora m wa W«sr.— We eelect the following letter from among gome twenty which we find to the BoSalo Oemmtrviol Adtertittr, from varlou* place* In this SUte, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and lUinols. The tenor of them all U about tiT« same, of which this It a tain/ pie.: Some appreheMipn are felt IB different locallW* respeotlnr the Inroads of iruects ihto On wheat crop, bat the general new* 1» good. Here lj the letter/ , . ' FoTODDlao, May 80.1859. Last week I took a ride through the wgitern part of (hi* country, end th* northern part of Green/take Co., r tlDf some of fte flnett farming laod* Htn the West, expecting -to »ee« Terr flne prospect; bat my ex . ___ Uon* were not optojth* mari^ Snrlnc wheat b egreititaplelnthatpartof th- State, and 1 never saw; ao remarkable a prospect,for targe eropi. The rheathaiallteen well got in, aid /the weather 1**U that could be asked; sufficient rain s*d cool. The corn UWokingwell. TbersUnjtlesi than !6 per cent,ln- cre»»*5n,ihoteeadth of grotmn under cnltlvat'on, and nuulylatmen nad once nnlshe* all the land they bad expecUd cultivate, but the*e«<onbetoiaomuclie«ill. «r than MuaVthejhAve tnnjeit over more land and sowing and pt«ntlng. Ite farm work ibeartlertJianl«*tre*>. . vTWi * *°*>*T raited mat wlfctar 8«-W«4Mi wen ^inter-fllled, but ttey 'ion !»• «atonetiionib ^_ The abe>e sale is hereby farther adjourned to Wednesday, the Ittbday of January, 1859, at 11 o'clock a. •-, at the U. S. Marshal's Oalce, Milwaukee, exoept the aales of Railroad Iron mentioned in the schedule B., Which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, January 1%, IbSD, at S o'clock r. H., and Friday, January 14,1859, at 8 o'clock r.»., at the respective places men- loned above. Marshal'* Office, Milwaukee, Dec. 0,18WS. decT-oawtt M. J. THOMAS, U.S. Marshal. §y The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Monday, the lith day of February 186D, at 11 o'clock A, •., at tha U. 8. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sale* of tLailroad iron mentioned In the schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Monday, t ebru ary 14,1849, at. o'clock r. «., and Wednesday, February U, 1S59, at 8 o'clock r. M., at the respective places mentioned above. 1 Marshal's Office, Mil wauke. ,.Jao. 12, lgS». Jania-oawtt M. J. TUOMA8, U. s. Marshal. f&~ The above sale is hereby furtaer adj<mrne<l to Thursday, the 24th day of yebraarjr-^a& 10 o'clock A. «., at the U B. Marshal's Office/Mllwaakee, exeapt the. sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In sctsedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Thursday, February 24th, 18S9, at 2 o'clock r. si/f and Saturday, February 26th, 1S69, at 8 o*sioek>. •., at the respective place* mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. IS, 1S59. feblB-oawtt M. t. THOMAS D. 8. Marshal. Bw*~ The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the 23d day of March, 1659, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, at th»1J. S. Marshal'* office, Milwaukee, except the sale* of Railroad iron mentioned in schedule B^ which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, March 23,^859, at 2 o'clock P. si., aod Friday, March S5, 186»,,»t 8 o'clock r. K., at the respective place* mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Fcb.a*. 1859. f ebzi-lawtt M. J. THOMAS, U. 8. Marshal. t3f~ Tbe above sale I* hereby further adjourned to Saturday, me 2d day of April, I8o9, at 10 o'clock A. M., at the United State* Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the,«ales of Jlallroad Iron mentkooed In schedule Bnwhich are adjourned respectively to Saturday, April S, IBM, at 3 o'clock r. at., and Monday, April 4,1859, 8 o'clock rv *., at the respective placet mentioned above. ^Marahal'* Office, Milwaukee, March 88,1869. . mar34-lawtt M. J. TuO if AS, 0. S. Marshal. yiT The above tale 1* hereby further adjourned to Saturday, the Tth dar of Hay, 1869, at 10 o'clock A. »., attheTJnlted State* Marshal's Offlce, Milwaukee, except the sale* of Railroad Iron mentioned la tchedale abore. , Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, aprO 8,18B». aprS-lawU M. J. 1UOMAB, U. 8. Marshal. * ' |a*T" The abore sale Is hereby farther adjaaraed to Monday the *«> day of JanK 1859. tM 10 o'oloosr i. K^ atttic United aates Hanbal f i Office. HUirsaxee, ei- eept the sales of Kailroad Iroo raeotlODed In schedule B., which are adloarned r«|^cttrdy to Monday, Joni ^ a o'clock r. », and Wedneaday,Jan*8, 185», atBo'cJloekr.ii., at the r<.tpectlre [places n«n• Manhsl!* Office, MUwautee.lIsyJ^lgW. . , maji-lawtt - - M. J. THOMASj 0. 9. Marihal. - Tbe above *ale U hereby further adjourned to .SatardtyjUjeiethdayof Julj, 1859. at.lOo'ctock A. K-latth» DnlUd*ute* ManLal't OtfceJ JJUlwaBkee, exnept th, tsles of Eailroid Iron me tloned In schedule ^cfc arjaiUo«rn«dTetiieeUftlj' to Saturday, July ,MW,|»t SVaockr *, »o41He»4»j, July W, Kf. U 3 o'clock .r.n., at thj r«peeUv« place* mantloneu j*. I -i ^ "... ^ °** IMior P <>r * t * w ~ ~*~*~ iCXetOttWUBf Wttb 1 *haU««raata Uon would by law be entitled to demand, shall b« e»n- sldered the hlstiest bidder. Marshal 1 * Office, Milwaukee, June B, 1869.' jei-lawtt M M. J. THOMAS, D. B. Marsh.I. AVER'S PATENT IXfEDICINES. OIR00IT cprmr, t Milwaukee Oodn'y. jT ' i--L William f. Lynde, . . , 1 I against ' Cphralm Marmtr and Job,. J Orton, execotori, a*d Ida Jane LVsils, execntrlx of the last will-nd 'csta- raent of Allison few!*,deceased, Martha Le*b, Sarah Liwl*,3l*ry Ikwis, Mar hsB. cewli, KUiabelh Louisa Lewis, Wm: j] Lewis, David P. Hull, Jlabes H. Foster, Joshua Hathaway, JanmB. Johnston, AdamNoirle, Charles H. Bergman, Isaac H. KBOX, Gordon Norrle, Bobert B. Bell, Byron W. Clarke, Charles 8 Clarke, Harrison Ludjngton, Kelson Lndlngton, Daniel ITells, Jr, Anthony O. Van Schalck, John Duffy, Moses Sin- , nott, Wlllutu:Salway, James Kelly, the Farmers' A Millers' Bank! ilenry L. Palmer, Augustus Oreullch and Hermahq Bcbwartlng, anigoec* ot The People's Bank of Baeriel.Greenleaf A Co., Bdwln 6. Tyler, Horace H. Hdon, Jasper 'K. Ooodrich, WUUam Bailey, William Oreenslade, Iievl J Merrlck, William H. Merrlck, The Marine Bank, Mary Adams, adminis- tratrix of Frederic!: v7. Adams, deceased, Charles W. Wlllard, ai>4 John A. Page, execwtor of the «st will and teatainentof Uuekiah H. Reed, deceased. State of WtsoOnsln, to all the defendants above named : Y OU are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in this action, which wa* filed In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Mll- wjukee, on the Uthday of May, A. D., 1SS9, and to serve a copy of your Answer to the said complaint, on the sub •cribers at Uftif office, Nos. 6 and 8 Albany Building, Milwaukee, within ninety days after the lervlce of this summons ot you.exclusive of the day of such service; and U yo^u fail t.> answer the said complaint within tie time aforesaid, the plaintiff In this action will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in the complaint. \ Dated May 111669 ; FINCHES, LFNDS A MILLER, mayl7-law6st Plaintiff's Attorneys. PECTORAL, rOB THE EAPII> CCBJ Of Coldc, Coughs, and : ; • . Hoarseness}. Bustnna, MASS, Mth Dec, 1864. Da, J.aArsa: tdonothesltatatosay th* b**t nmady I ban tnt tbnnd for Oonghs, Homnuas, Tritiums*, aad tbe concomitant ijiiiuluim of a Gold, Is your Oanai PXCTOIU. It* eomtant oao In my practice snd my (amity tar th* but tan year, bas shown It to pc«siiii inps- rk»Tirtne* Cor the treatment of the** complaint*. KBSS KNIOHT, M. D. A.B. MOaiLET. Kao>,ar Ones, N. T. writes: " I h»-»» OMd yoar Pestani myself sad In my bmOy «T«r since yoo Inrentod It, and btUer* It tb* best medJdne for Its lioljfcj** *rsr put out. With a had eold I should SOOIMT pay twenty-are dollars tot a bottl* than do without It, or UK* any other remedy." Cronp. Whooping Couch. Inflnenxa. BnimnztD, Has. Feb. T, 18M. Bioma Arsa: I will shMtfally eartify your AetmJ t* the b**t remedy w* pa***** fbr tin cure of whooptna ormgh-croap, snd the chest dis*at« oT children. We of your fratarnlty b* th* South appreciate y«nr skin, and soameod yoor medicine to our people. HIRAM OOKKL1N, M. D AH03 LIB, B»q, MoHnan, La, writes, 3d Jsn, ISM: " I hid a tadloa* Inflnaissa, which confined me In doorj dz weeks; took many medJdnei without relief; finally tTtad roar Pectoral by tb* adrles of oar dwgymu. Tbe first do** relieved the Bareness In my throat and tanfrs ; las* than on* half the bottle m»oe me completely well. TOOT medicine* are the cheapen u weB s* the best we MEDIC DE. HOOFLAMD'S GERMAN BITTERS, ttornry». j $*n bny, and wa **te*m TD«, Doctor, and yonr remedies, , a* tb* poor man** friend. 4 I on*.— For Belief. , (C«m|aot iver.) Milwaukee Coanty. Theodostus String, James B. Adrlapce ami Stephen B.Straiig, against i' nathan Msgte, Almlra J. Magle, Jamc* A. Swalaj Frances K. Swain, The State Bank uf W conaln, : | Joseph M. Ogdeft, ( Peter V. Uine, , Wtlllsm K. (iollil and | John Ogden. j Slate of WiBcoofiiQ, to Lbe above named defendants : Y OU Art beijeby sammoDed &£<! required to answer the complaint in this action, which was Bled in the offiot of thd Clerk ol the Olrcudt Coart, County of, at ^iltrankee, on the 19th daj of April, 1S59, and to sta~?e s copy of your answer to the sajd complstnt on the subscriber, at till office, tn the city of Milwaukee, jwithin ninety dajs after the aerrtce of this saomons an you, exclusive of the day of such service; and.l{ you fall lu answer the said complaint wttbin the tlm$ aforesaid, Uie plaintiffs iu thi* actiuo will apply to (he Court lor the relief demanded in Uie complaint. Witness the (Jon. ARlUUii MciUTlllfR, Judge the Circuit;Court for and HuuDty uf Milwaukee, Milwaukee, the 14th day o« Apri , 1859. r. MAKINEtt, aprtO-law6w! I'lalntltf'< Attorney of CIRCUIT COURT, I MHwaaet Ootjoly. ( William P. I , ' I J . (Com. DOI » liraim M«rlntr John J Orton, txecutori and Ida Jane Lew^a, executr.x uf t e tail Bi)l and testament ol Allison Lewis, deceased, Martha Lewis, !*arah Lewis, Mary Lewis, Martha U. Uwfe, iLllZAbeth LrOUi*Va LrC' William J Lcwii. Tlie Giobe Bar.k, Hiram Kamim *tnd J. ho J Urton. State of \Viscnoa.o, U> aJl Lhe'defendanti abort named V '»i are htrti'/ u nrnoDed and repaired lo injwer 1 ihe c-nnipliiD in tui* ju,Uoo, .which *as Hied U '>••• -ibce o( UirXJI rh t,r U»- Circuit Court, County of Milwaukee, ot> the 12th daj of May, A. i>., 1*59, *VD d tn serve a copy Of;your answer lo the said comp'ainl «.n ihe subscriber, at their office. Not. 6 and S Albany Building •jUwtuikee, within nineU .lays alter the service of this sum nans on you . • jtclu^i vc of ihe day of such »ervtce[ and >f you fail tu \otwer the tatd com- plainl wTifhin the Qmc *rbreaakl, U.- plalnti)) to this action .nil applj to the Court for ll.e n-hei !i*mandeU ID the complain! D*.ted May 1'i 1»6U : KlfliCHtS, LVNUK A M1LLKR, may 17- lnvbit Plalotifl '• \iu>mry« s.41,1,. , > r-TATE OE WISCONSIN, i Ctrcoit Court, Uittrauket/ County j Jamei B. Browa, Joshua. Qathaway and Thom&a den, against A Patterson 8ib I tit, EllajKnarh, Robert F \Vinslnw. Curolln*- A 'Wlnslow, Icha'-ud 1. l»a(fe, Jamr^ M Si ran, Hiram R. Dater, Danirl Sloan an<1 Hiram Anderson. forecloiure. I N VlftTL'E o/ and [*amuani to A jn.i*rm. iii tendered In said C<mTt In th« fthr.vr rnlitlrd art, on, dated March I7lh, 1^59, I shall expose fur iaie and tell at Public Auct oni at the Post Office, in the City or Milwaukee, on Saturday^ thc2ddayof J a 1 > * &t itve hour of 2 P. M of thu <iay, toe fullowm^ ctr AC h bed mortgaged premises, or tf' much thereof as may be nece&s&ry to rai*e the »ru"nnt of »ai'l ju.lKJit-ni, m teresu and cost*, K^ether with 'he e«;.r-nst-a of iaj-- 'u wit " Block nu 1 --rrd itt,rl) -Uirre \**h <>! Clark > adJilion, Irt tl.f k.fTMh rt'ar.l nTtl-ie it , <_•( Milwaukee, I,, the ofunty of Mnwaukr*-, and State of Wisconsin." Dated >hrriffV Office. Miiw-vukee. April 1st. 1V*9 DAVID B, OODKJ!. I A J I. A > (i \S ORTH V , Pl'ffi AU'y. . f Sheriff Mil. Co., W.* aprl-3oilin24 I N PCRSL'ANLE of au order of the D.sir.ct t^uurx of the L'nited States, for Ih* Diitnrt of Wiaconun, made on the loth day i>I May, A. l> , l5.%9. 1, Dan el U, Richards, 'ksifrnec, in bankruptcy of Jo»i,h K. McClare, will Bell kt Public Aaciion, at the Court U«.u*v. to the city of Milwaukee, on the flflh day ofJuJy next, between the boon of rune and ten, in ihe forenoon of that Jfty, all the ripht, tide and interest, whlrh the aald Josiatj K. ^IcClare had at the time of filing his petition tn bankruptcy, in and to the Following rcaj estate., tod In. and t • the mortgage herelnaitr-r Je- icnbed aod all the right, Uile and Interest, which I, ai iald AMignee, faare in and to the tame, that ts to say Lot/eifTht, (S) kgan'i inbdlrision of block forty-»e*en, ^47, school lection addition to Chicago, III , aim the North half (>ij of West hajf ( ^ ) of Ivan half, (^.j North We*l quirVtr (ii ) of Beet Ion thirty-slz (JKJ,) town thirty-nine, ^39.) North range fourteen, (14J Kas , and one undivided foarth (ji) of K. half ( S )oi n E. -juartrr ^X) °' * ec - Vwfcoty. t*^i) tow n thirty-nine, (S9j rargr fuurte«D, (M,j ind one undivided hah, ( S J S -u- h N*t-»t quart«r(j,() of ^ecti-jn twenty, (¥0,) town th riy-nine, (89,) range fourteen. O 4 *) and one-third (Ht°f *-* 8t hill (.X ) of hooth £ast qu trier ( jt\ ; vf irction etv'tit*-cn, (IS,) town thifcy-nine, (39.) n*rlh range fourteen, (14.) all ID • txjk County, Illinois, and east uf the bird principal merttilao; and a Qjortgage on ihe at*ovf qaarter, (3>i) l fic Booth West quarter (j»t) of section twenty, ^2oj town thi'ty-nine, 1,39,) ra,ge fourteen, (••*.) given to J> £. McOlurr by M hi am Raj rnotid, dated August Ifrtj iS37, to *ecure $l,Tiy), and recorded , also loti one abd twu, (I *k '2) m block tw s (t.) \\ o COii'i addiUob, io Chicago, in k&td County of Cook, and the following ojjltted t» be »chedu.i«;d in lot ta(irt<.eiu (19) ID Mock Uiiny, (3-i,) acbf.ol lecUon adaiuon to Ctucago, In ia}d County of Cook; also lot one l.l)<n block e.xbteeD,, (.H,) ami lots fire, \t>,) six, 16 } icren, (7) and fight, (*,) in b.ock forty-*three, (48, } In the KCHOot tecttoo addition to Joilet, Will countj, lil Dated at MH^aakee, May 18th, 1&9. j DANjKt H RIOUARDS, may'-iO dlairSw As.«i,rne?. ~~* 98141 STATE Of. WISCONSIN, i Otrcatt Court, aillwsakee Coantj, f Matilda footc, ' afraJost Uerroan L Page, George 8. Hallorj, Oarrett M. FIU- fferald, 8aralvFlti4ers4d t his wife, Tbomaj T. Reeve and Gilbert If. Roc. Judgment of IPoreclosure and Sale. I N Tlrtue of; and potsaant to a Jadgraect rendered to aald ^Cotsrt, lo the sboTe eotltled action, I shall expose fpr ssJe and sell at public auction, at the Ooart Uoase-ldthe city of Milwaukee, ob Malur* deaf, the l$tb dam- of Juno, 1*59, at the hoar of 8 r. H.[O( that day, the following described mortgaged p^eOilses, or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise the smoant due to the said plaintiff, t ,')g»ther with ihterest and expenses of sale, to vit "Quarter blo«k twenty-nine [29], in the east half of the sonll) west quarter of section No. twen- ty-oae [2lJ| to township No. nven [TJ, north of range twenty-two [Wj east, In the First Ward, of the CUyiof Milwaukee, In the County of Mil- wsokee and State of Wisconsin." t>sud Coroner's Office, Milwaukee, Dec. 16, 1858. tauwatlor, I aoBEKT WASON, Jr., PlfTs 4tt>*. j Coroner Mil. Co., Wls. CiaOOIT OOCBT, I County of Milwaukee. | Joha 1. Page, executor of the last will sad testament of UneUifa li. teed, deceased. Plaintiff, Boel H. Ctmji, Oarle* W. Perkins, Alpha C.May, Kmst F. Herttt-erg, Frederick W. liertzberg, "has. U. RamieD f \ W14Uam H. Lyon. Warren li. Lyon, Robert Bha«, Morris Boher, John tione, James B. kt-owD, Joha Persons, Mulford Helmer, Llnntcus C. Hill, 0. F. AJHlnrlchs, Kdward W"lHets, Joseph Wll- lets, 8*1 otaon Jackson, John Burgess, Bobert G. Dal , John tf. Goddard, Joseph S. 11 aJtings, Joseph 8. Huttag*. Jr.. Thomas A. Rees, William L. Peircey, James fattei John M. UcPar.ane, WiUtam Pumps, Tbe Btate of WUconslD, to the above named defendants •V on are hereby summoned and required to answer JL tbe complaint In this action, which Is Bled In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Conn for the County of Milwaukee, st the Oily of Milwaukee, In said County, and to *errt a copy of your answer to the said complaint on tbe subscribers, at their office, Noi. 8 and 4 Albany Building, In tbe iald Olty of Milwaukee, within twenty flay* after the serrlce, exclusive of the day of inch (ernce-, aod If you fall to answer the complaint within; tie tim* aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to the Court fof the relief demanded In tbe complaint. Wllbeu tbe Hon. ABTHDB McARTHDB, Jlldge of Circuit Court for said 1 County of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this 15th day of April, 1859. j UUOKEB t 9PANGENBERG, J Plaintiff's Attorneys, msy4-lsir6w i Wljconstn. STATK Of WlBOONHIN, I .„ p- oh at,, .MllwankeejConnty. (••• *" Prob " e In tbe matter if the Lstate of R. S. Klnney, deceased. O N this SothBayof May, J..D., liM, upon reading and filing the petition of Adeline 8. B. Ktnney, stating that one S. 8. KloBcy, of tbe County of Milwaukee, died lnte*ta.Uohorabout the loth day of March, 18C8, aod praying ihat she be appointed Administratrix on thejtstate of sild deceased : It UOrderedi That laid application be heard before me at Ihe Prdbile Office, In tbe Olty at Milwaukee, on *tle 18th da^o June,*. D..18G9,ai 10 o'clock » n. And U I* further Ordered, That notice of said appll- tlon,faadbearfbgbegiren by publishing a copy of this order for three lucceailve weeks, once lo each week, In the slllwsukee News, a newspaper printed In said cUy, prior to *a 4 hearing: BylieCouit, . mayiT-lawih • ALBERT SMITH, County Jadge. " L (No. 089.J Notice ot; the postponement Tor a brief perioddrthe public sules at the land office at-Superior City, Wiscousin, 01- drredbf (proclnmntionNo. O28. |\TOT10B l»b :reby given that the public sales order- Xledb; phidamatlon Mo. 628, dated Deeimber24, 1858, to be heJdJat Ibe land office at Superior City. Wisconsin, on theSd and 18th dan of May next, are hereby declared to tbe pottponed onto tbe «tb and 20th dayi of Jun* nejc U / «lT*n ander tay hand, at tb* General I*nd Office, at the fflty of Washington, this SSd day of April, 18». , , ^TnOB-XHETDRIOKa, , | / - .n-?' or Phthisic, and Bronchitis. Win sLuscEuna, f>i_, »«b, i, 18M. Bn: Toor Oterry AetoroJ bi ueiiaiiilag marraljons nna IB thl* seetlcn. It ha* relliTad ssmnl fro™ alann- me lymptom* at eonnuoptlon, snd I* now coring a m»n who has lahond onder an affection at tbe tangs for ihe U*t forty years. ffKNRT L. PABKB, Merchan' A. A. RAMBKY, U. D.. ALSION, Uonoi Co., Inw,. wiitm, Sept 8,1864: "Dwingmy practice of many v»n I hare fbnnd nothing equal to yovr Gurry Ptetaral fnr sjiTicg ease snd relief to consomvtlTe prndenta, or earinft raid) as si* caiaMe.* •T* might sdd rolnmee of erl<ea«a, bat fee most «OD- rlneing proof of the rtrtn** of this retnedy I* fcmad IB Its *9MU apon trial. Consumption. Probably no OB* remedy has rrer Wen kaowi whjeoi snnd so many and reeh dans^trras esses ss this 00 homsji aid can reach; trat «T*O to Uiose the m&ral afford* relief and oomlbrt, ASTOS Housa, Ksw Yoss Cm. ilarch i, 184ft. Dooroa ATsa, LOWSLL: I feel It a doty and a ptaarar* to Insbrm yon whet veor Cherry Aa>rw4 has done for m; wtfe. fihe hsyd been fire moaths laboring under tha dan- gBTOQ* symptoms of Oensnmptton. from which no aid »• oeold precor^ gave her mneh reBe£ fihe was ftee/Hly Call- t»t, nntfl Dr. Btro+f, ot this elty, where we hsre nemi> tJi advice, recommenoVd s trial of four mediefna. Ws blesi hi* *-lndnfH* t a* we do you skill; for she has recovered Cram that day. Bhe I* not yet as strong se she used ui De, bat k free from her cough, snd calls herself well. Yovs with rrstltude sod recsrd, ORLANDO BHKLBY, or i CORDIAL, 7*A« gr'fit standard medicm** j/ tk« pr»<<>~nt age, have acquired their yrtat popuLirity /'(.-/ through yean of trial. Unbounded mm far tion w rendered by them tn <ill i -<u>>3 . J'i'. 1 ''" people have pronounced them u,-or(Ay Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Debility of the \ervoan S D leases of the Kidneys, and ill duftU?* 'I rising r 'r>tm i it.<->r-{rr-i liver <jr TL'taJcnraJi <*f lh* tfum.ic^ imi i>-}-\t\' " oryan.*, are vpftdily and p*r->naT>w t ,>j ••{'•"{ ',7 the GERMAN BITTKR.S. T'tr- Balsamic CordiaJ ••••u i> --^i>rvi i not daopair till yoa har« triad Ooxaar PBOTOLU- It t* mad* by on* of tha tnwt n chamlsTti la th« world, and Ita enr«> aU anmnd 01 ba*.paak th« hl«h marlti of Its rlrtOM — PhOa&tplua paratitjn rxtant ll will n.c.-_ wirn-j,. r r i ; ;. (hi mo*t S'urre ind l<jii'j-st>iniiin-j Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchia*. Influenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consump UOD, •!!>•{ '../« p*r'' .rtried : l i>' "!•;'' :" •<»'"'•, . •• •T-" I'|.)r;-Tj -it Confirmed Consumption. .4 f'W •/U-lr'-T «*t/i J. 1'J I' '<•-" - '• • , '. • •if 'A* rno.Tr f-TT* DlarrhcBa . - ' ' -Tl I .' tj L l> IN TUP! HI - W r i •• T'lf-rx n lf »hnrte3 •!'••• i- '-I-: >• i , I ' •' • M Jl, KH..S i «'., , .\ H' I - -, ^,' d*<i'ht>i t Fi , ind -IT* >'••'•!' •'/ /'-'I,/" - de'iit"" t .' 'i "it-iiti'i'i- 1 * " •"••/ 'i '"-•'• ' l >j"'.' > T 'f Hj1tl''i ri : ' ' M J s h • OF THE AGE Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T flB »d«ncw of Choniatry aod M*JJrlne b«T« HMD taxed tbalr ntmoit to prodnca tali boot, moat p«rff«rt porgatiT* which la known to man. Iantimarabl« pronfj ' ar« abown that them PILU h*T» rlrtne* which vnrpam in «xo»Ileaee the ordinary medld&aa, and thai thay win an precedentedly upon the esteem of all men. They *vr» i&fe and pleiaeant to take, bat powerful to cur*. Their p*>ne- tratinc propertlM •thnoiate tbe Tltal aetirltieeof tbe body, ramove the obetrnctiom of lu arcana, purify the blood. and np*al dlineen They purjB out the *boJ bomori which breed and grow distemper, ctiznolate clcgxiih or dl»or 4er*>d orjanclnto th«tr natnrml action, and tmpart healthy tone with itnng^h t* the whole rrvtem. Not only do they core the -Tory-day complaint*, of every body, bat alao JbrnldabK* aod danfferaoj Hieeene the4 hare beJfl*Mi the beet of boman ikilL While they produce powarftii effecta, they are at the cam* time, Lo diminished dowa, tb« •a/Ht and beet physio that can be employed for childmn Being »niffar-*j»ied- they are pteasmat to take ; iad beio^ pnraly Tegarabl*, are free fram aay rlik of ttam.. Com nare been made which rorpaei belief were they not rob- •UntlatM by men of rach exalted podtton aod cbaracfr a* W fcrb.d the m>plc.oa of ontratk Hapy amlo^ai dergymen and physldanj have lent tb«ir nam«* to rartify to Ihe public the reliability ef mj remedlee, while othen have eeot ma the a«rura»v« of their aoarVtlou that 017 Prflparatkmi oon tribute bnmaneely to the r«ll«f of mj •mjeted, tnHerlng fenow-mea. *. The A^ent below named te ptaejeed to fumlch ^ratU mj American AJmaoae, containing dlrectlans* tbr their a>e aod certificates of their enrea, of the following oomplaluCi — On«tlT*m(*a, BUJoni Oomplalnta, Rhaamatlnn, Dropsy. Heartburn, Heexiache artilnj from » foal •tom»wh, N»a see., Indljrvstkm, Morbid Inaction of tha BOW.I uxi Palo aritlnc therelrom. Flatulency, Loes of App«dte, all UV«r OUB and OwtaSaoW Dtstmeea which require ao 4>T«rn&ot mfXlicine, Scrofula or Kln(r*i ETH They also, by purify Ing tbe blood and itlmuUtlng the tyvtam, cure many aomplaintj which It would not be fnppr»BM they coold PMch, Kucb ai D**fn««, Partial Blindn-*.. N«ural^ and Serroui IrrltabUitT. iVrmn^menta of the LJT«r and KM neya, Onnt, and other kindred oomptafnts arWn^ from • low etata of *b« body or obetructlon of Ita functlona. Do oot b« pot off by anprlnrtplad deaien with •rim* other pUl they make mnre profit on A«k fbr ATBB'I PttLA, and take nothing nlee. No other they can ft™ fOD eomparM with thli tn IU tptrtnatc va)ufl or cur.vDT« power* Th* tick vmut tb« beet aid th*n» ic t>r th-tn, aod they ibnuld baT» It. Prepared by Dr. J. G. AYEB, Practical and Ajialytical ChsmUt, LoweU, Masa. Pazci 88 Ora. ro Box. FYri Boxxa roa f 1 . BOLD BT p-r .^>--7X' ,'1, ' /., f{ K V K K •< y,u ff i.'/ '•• 'id ' • !'i "i- 'i '/ n 'if- ' ' ' "i i i i r ' < ' ' A ' 'ir* .j\\ •", 1 i t ', rn K i i . t it I N V I <. OK A To l't\ r :' \ iv r D H'l '•, V S • CiiMfMiiill Illi'irrU k-, r M I JOHN J. H. RKED A CO., Chicago, and itn th»- Unit*<l Btal*s A '^nu m -»• ry mhly -owdAw DR. M'LANE'S CELKBRATI-I) VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. N 1, \V 1 U 1-. A 1 M 1. N J ( onlid(M,(i;il Medical \<|.K .->:i» N r'iK.i. .t •> • beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to rwo of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to - Dr. Chas. Sl'Lanp's Cfltbrattd Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them a; universal Cure-aJls, but simply toi what their name purports, viz.: THE VERMIFUGE, For expelling Worms from the human system. It has also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various AnimaJj subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS. all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled, and never known to fail when administered in accordance with thf directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business, in which they have been success- rally engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc Jieir manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele- Drated Vermifuge and Liver Pillj shall continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the great remedies of the day, they will continue to spare neither time nor expense in procuring the Best ind Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough manner. Address all orders to FLEfflNO BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa. P. S. Dealer* and Physicians ordering from othen ban Fleming Bro*., will do well to write their orden lisUncUy, aod tote nont but Dr. IPLanSi, prepared &j FUving Bnt. BiUOtayh, fb. To than wishing to glTi ion a trial, we wffl forward jwr mad, post paid, to anj part of the United States,'one box of Mi for tweln inifrCTOt postage (tamps, or one Yial of Termtltag* foi fourteen three-cent stamps. 'All order* from Canada mnsl X accompanied by twenty c«nt» extra.' fl <' J a lUS'UNSTON, Wholesale srd Retail, Agent and MTane T«rmlttt« PU1* m»jl2-d4wly ^ O '1 1 K J J liK iii-:.^ i 1)1 A 1>1 M .v t i \\ IK u I)) KHIU-* i»r r.inpf i i - ! tiif k , *s,lnlitj <,i '• ,- r i.,r~. rca . k uaiit f.trms .if I •»»- ,.»r i; '.ol NTKY IN V |L11 .-. IVri n» m any ; iu"t "( U ^ a- r'.| iiaj ••>• - Ldf^letl iiy f-irwti'liiitf * ••• rrr. t ! '•» . - ; - w ih » rfralttance lor >l»-»lu' m-a. ir Address Or AMOd A SUN. ouruer »!* f> 4;, < a-treet, Ullff.lU., N. >. .Au. I.-* ti»,>] SHtKlif'N NAI I- >t •.'ifruit Court, Milwaukee County ) ^i.lncy dhrj.>*r>l, Cbridtian Henry M^-yer, ami Al m.j;ir,-< -,.,« » r- ) :*. Br own, Davi • t* H'-wrr, K.I «• ir I H*.inv, •. , P. Merrill, Nelson W e b,ter. Chsir .•-. \ K .. "'Octmer P'.acMm.-k, B. K.i.lrt * *n.i \ v\ tl - , Adiulnl3trat(.r3 of the e*tatr f J'Titi •' l.,-K.»v ceased, Ormaiiii T Crane, L'hirit-s V U.,.Je, \.^n ir»U)r uf the rSt»lc '">' Char'es U. ^chr.- n^r ;.-. e<l, Junes W. A/sir-11 *i «1 llei man U C Ki-m^r I N virtue of »n'l purnuanv in i ;\iiiu'm.-iu r-noer. Ooart In thcmbovf eDtUlf.lartion.jl^tetl K-i ry 8, l^iW, I shall expose for *at«; 'iDfl 11-11 -IL I'-ihnr lipn, M tht- Post-Oth'cv, in th»- t'ny -.f MiiwuiUt-vj S.iturdu)'* I lie -Dili day uf J ti I i . I kit thr tioar of '& f M., oC U.ill l.i V, in- n^t jcrit'^O mortg~apetl precnist"* ^r to murh 'btjr^of <u be necessary t« raise the atnouDL il H.L.»I u-Um^ni, wit: -Loi number alxt<*t>o 116) ;in<l the -ajit hAlf i i number flfletsn (15|, ID hlock forty-n vc i to i, .n tbu Second Ward ot the C-t> •>( >I f'.auHf-,., D. inK on Varna rue It ^trr? t. t>*?t *-t-n Kif'h i ti t Sixth tureets, all in ihe CouuLy .•! 3lilw ii4c^ and SiAt*> of Wisi'o-rtjun Dated Sheriil 1 ! Office Mtlwaukfe, Apr.I H, A J l-A.N v. | . \i \ .4 * .- i - r I M \UA !• I' M r 4 M * ri -•. .-en - 6O6] MIUUI fr't'N S\l.i , \ STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court. Milwaukee County { Jevm*?s 3. Brown, Joihuft Hathaway md Thomas L uu- dea, A. pKUeraoa Smith &n<l Allied Kdward*.)] I N \4rtue of ami punuant r u «. juii^nuru f»,t^<-,-<i n said Court,, In the above entnlml acu»[i, •(.'•-•-•.i March IT, 1SS9, X shall expose for sale and *e\\ at Public Auction, it the Post Oiflce, tn the city <>r Mi I wank e. oa .Saturday, llto ad day of July. iN'iy, it the hourof 3 P. M. of that day, the followlna descrMbvil mortffa(?trct premises, or so mauh t' ereof as mujr b*t necessary to raise the amount of said jaJn«ent, interest aad costs, together with the expanses of sate, to wit: "Block number twenty-eight (29), of Clark's addition, to the Eighth Ward, of the city of Milwaukee and county of Milwaukee, aad State of Wisconsin. Dated gbeTUTa Office, Milwaukee, April 1st, 18o9. DAVTD B. 0<io*ui t ( A. J. LANGWOHTHY, PIMP* A« f y. fr ffharllT Mil. Oo^ WU. •prl-SalIn3w i»K. 3 A 4 \ U^ l-.l.l. : \ : i s n i i H j i. s - *> /., <> /• -•/•, // r i .\'/i n K t.v The tK'-ii pr->. r ** *•'.-* i)' • *er-r'c>«.<! ^ r^ *ppr*- cmtrd is, th.i n.- - r..,-.. t v. lt ; r )t -Tv piitiffiu 'rotu ill parts »f die .tutiirv •*(!•! •liHiu-'«H> i r).;, %H .-trr»-il, ii* eariy received ( 4.Vo f*« l« rfnatrv I f'.r in ^^ .nmuU1.>n -»r opinion.— No CaAftUW 'or ji-rvioes lh,ll 4r- — ,t ^i.'tV^x/W, »j T tll be »SHtejd when ilie patient >s r>-«-,-t;vrd. Ur ''aJw-li't 7V«afi*»tjon. *A*i fur <md Sye to ^« nad -jrati* o pUcadon

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