Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 22, 1959 · Page 22
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 22

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 22, 1959
Page 22
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ist THIS PAMPA BAM NEWS , FlSfltJARY 22 1959 B-10 18J f».t, f», Sal, Ctf.f. BEDROOM brick, family foom. at- ftftfytM bAVPirk' lAclved ga.age, to. i>8 built »oon. BUUIM PA * f<l(a - K 1858 TRAVELITE Trrtllcr Houa*. tax ets. 2 Mils paid. 1 Adilts only. No -£?' f *i__^L-J lI(: !_ 4 '" 4( ''- 1 - ' (lupfi¥,~3"fbom|,. S. Faulkner after 5. f-7 Canadian, low won. i __ . 8 ROOM unfurnlslied apartment. TV antenna, wired 22n. e.ttra large rooms. M Sone jnrvl* JttJSHY! net *H,soo. 3 . Addition. your choice) P.H.A. MO 4-3.-,03 - - bedroom, metal kil.-hen vahiiieu, lots of closet*,' pbbll. $3,650. concrete curb nnd posts for fence. {HAVE 3 nice Income properties. ^, plumbed for washer, 2201 t \, /»nji/~e ft^. . t.i x* lor dryer and rang*. Total $03S(f. > L. V. oKAC*t f(&Q\ fcStQffi per month, immediate oc-ilOSH K. foster Brakir Mo 0-9568 i K. B. ::ollett. MO 9-9838 In White i PATSY n. NEWTON 4-3792 block off HOMES BY UUROHOMES Col. Dick Bayless, MO NEW 3 bedroom, attached garage, Close to church and store. E. Cam- EgurrTlTf "^bedroom home. Car pnrt, plumbed f c * washer and dryer. modern house, lot* of cabinets nnd closets space. Floor furance, atenna gas and water paid. No anima's. ?f>S _ P.1 1 ' _, m .9 n .!j 1 -_^ 1 5__^l§' r '!} e _M° 4-^991- UXFlTRXKsifKbl~~beTl'room ""flpfti-T- ment cnrpetf-d, water and gas paid Call MO 4-75K9. Sat. and Sun. After .6:00 p.m. week days. 97 Furnished Houses 97 ... _ large bedroom with basement on Chestnut. Kelrlgerated air, central heat, ex^ fictional storage space, ttovered concrete patio, country kitchen with open fireplace, large living room, 2 baths. 2-car garage, utility room, plumbed for washer and dryer, fenced bitck yard. Will house on trade. take smaller , . Tract of l>t\iid on Hobnrt Street, Kenl 4 ROOM Modern furnished Inquire 521 8. Somervllle. NICK 3-r house, ^ — „ tor commercial. YOUR LISTINGS APPRECIATE Wt N»ed t A. 3-8*drodm Listing* CREE & CO. Realtors 5-ROOM furnished hou«c, attached! _ga.ragp. Couple, no pevs. MO 4-7MS. j Geo Xeef, Jr.—MO 5-S200 Dale Thul—MO 4-6604 FURNISHED House: 2-hedroom fur-1 r .-,,,, ..»TT- t i 7 nished or unfurnished, children ar-1 1 ,','';, h.AT-.H. .1-bedroor ^Plefi.Jnnuir« at the Rocket Club. ~-lL\ , . . hl ? cks fl , on ' 9 frr-w-T-T* t*7r_"'!ii.TT"~i..:.t. i_i'ir_ rrTTi" _• ' " * _ &«» i <i$jf* aim m house on I Chestnut J. E. Rice Real Estate 712 N. Somerville Pho,.e MO 4-2301 OOOD 2 bedroom, close In on Lincoln Street. $1750 down. N: Nelson: NEW 3 bedroom, central heat. At* tached garage. $1,460 down. N. Banks: 2 BEDRROM brick, attached garage, central h->,at $12,200. NICK 3 BEDROOM rock, all carpeted, attached garage. N. Ktissell ? 14,400. N. Sufnner: 3 BEDROOM, large .utached garage, central heat, carpeted living room $13,200. THAW-: .. trailer for good pirk-up or $700.00 -,,„„,-, , . . . -. , cash. 21* \V. Rrown. -JiiyjitHJM-.^: 1 '-'.^. 2 '"'^!'^/ ' -**-*-** *.j-.*.*j.^.^ iJl ^ k ^ JfcJk *^»^ 1 HAVE Nt^ w 3-bedroom brrek~Tiome, 111A AntA R&hnU fmHttt*t>i 11* Will trade for late model clean i ' IO At "° Kepfllf Uflragei lie Chevrolet of F .rd that Weiear for •***•"*•* ,,7'.';,*."'V*"••*—»»*-••*• down payment. Call MO 4-3232 or ^ "'^'V, 1 - 1 ,* SON nights MO 4-4742 K" 5 " 1 ' front End and Service a^lBiiooSSTtOTl^riinirTKTTiiBia; 3 ~ w ^ Koster - ..rnoneMo^sni rolct Impala, convertible. Call MO __ • 105S s"t\rde"hnkor President Sedan. Ov^ erdrlve, r.ft license, 59 sticker V-S motor, ttitone color, extra clean, low $775.011 wool tuc on living rootM, fenced back yard and garage. $6000. Phone MO 5-45_2JL 1 ROOM Modern hou?e to be movedT Only $500. Call 4-GSS1. _ _ _ If You Can't Stop, Don't Start KILLIAN'S, MO 9-9841 Brake and Winch Refvicft 2 BRDRHOM bf'lck horns \vith double See St, H25 K. fra^feis. from Junior High. ^FS^$TfF$. JEP^L ««_!!°!! antenna. Suitable for couple, liuitiire To (!KT at 1120 N. Starkweather, 4-37nii. _ FOR RENT; ',{ room modern furnished house. Water and pas paid. $4S.Od a mon th. ygrtl.i Ailnlr, 228 N". Nelson FOR RE\T: '"lean furnished ;i room house, to adults, nn pets. Hl!!s paid 4H t-loan St. M<> 9-?SUi. 98 Unfurnished Houses $8 2-BEDROOM brick, (121 Powell. $125 month. It. P. Sanford. 7U E. Fred- Ahead, use your head. Invest in a gnnd home. MAVIS fome good homes to offer, light HOW, and it would puy you to investigate these, J have a nice "•lean ,'! bedroom with attached garage on .V. .Vpl-jon \vorlh the ni"in.'y ami $|i;5o will byy tln^. e'luity. p;iy'- niftnts only $T5.dO ppr month. "Then I have a ^ bedroom brick on Hanks ttaibr.d «;irni;i> nml \it\!',ty i" will handle. i'aym?nts Nice 3 bedroom, 1V4 baths, nlcs carpeting, central heat, fenced yard, M0.5UO. FOR SALri or Trade: Will take 3 or 4-room on new 2 or 3-bedroom home Henry St. N. Starkweather I^arge 2- bedroom and garage, fenced yard. $1350 down Close in: Two 2-bedroom houses and —CONSTRUCTOR Select Your Htm« Today $8250—FHA $250 DOWN—$60 MONTH 3-Bedroom Homes frith attached garage, fiOxm-ft. Lots, in the new Keister Addition Dunham Const. Co. Go out S. Barnes to McCullough Kast to Site MO 5-3332 Day, JIO fl-9S93 Nites R. A. MACK ins.1 Ford S cylinder Customllne tudbr. One owner, lotv tiilleagp, extra clean. $475.nn |ln."il Cndillnc. Sedan. Fully equipped. I real clean , ' $650.00 1,1952 Pnntlnc Catllna tfard Tflt« Club Coupe. Standard shift, real bargain '1980 Chcvrolel'tuHor."RunV'out (rood. ; $195.00 Mom Chevrolet Sedan, Kjttra good I motor $12500 battery failure. VxB Prtnhnrirllp Mntnc Trt battery additive will restore life to ° ?.„,!? ;Y> OTOr ^O- your battery. 524 Doucette or call A »n 0 onci \io V'jeoi ?i r c, j MO 1-34S2. I J "J 9-9SCI—MO 4-7S9,(. Open Sunday AV. A. "BIIjTi" .JONKS Auto Engine Rebuilder l.')16 Alcock MO 5-4fi2i \ IF VOU have battery failure. VxB Auttmafrilit Far S«V« *j *41|j.. FOR QUICK _, Btiick. Oood condition, SttldefBftl-*r ** fOO E, Bj-aWrt St .. in 1963 SSHIcf , MO 4-84il FOU SATj1$Tl9« MereilfS-, $100 ITPAYSTORIAO THE CLASSIFIED ADI 4-2131. 121A Tfueki, Meehifterf 12U ! 1553 CrtKVROT.,Ef Pickufc tot tWS. Call VI 8-22BR. - . 124 Tlrei, Aeeeiietiei 124 Guaranteed Used fifes. All size* and prices over 2000 1W stock, ffood iel- election of truck tires. Hall fife Co 700 W. Poster. MO 4-SS21. ^»j».Jt^'i.ifrJfc^jt j.^j.Jt jt<B.^.a»j».jfcJMfcJfcJfcj 12$ ficafj & Aee«i»6tftt 12S ftOAT nRfAIRTNG, Marlnft Supplies, Casey Boftt Shop. S. E. tit City MO 4-3035. • __._ ___ I'A"XTPA" llndfator -Shop, rtadlators gas tanks nnd hot \\ater tanks re» paired. 311 K. Brown. MO 5-4551. B. E. FERRELL AGENCY 109 N. Frost MO 4-4111 or MO 4-7553 117 Body Shop* 117 FORD'S BODY SHOP Car Palr'tng—Body Work 111 N. Pros* MO 4-4619 120 Automobile* tot Sale 120 SALK or trade f, r ilder car: 55 Olds Super 4-door, loaded. $1345. See at BIG N. sonieryllle after 6 p.ju. 104 Farm* for Rent two 2-roc2i "nartments on H)0-ft. •-^»-*.^-^-».j-—^^-—^—^-^^.^^^..^ front. J12"> per month Income. $S600. I HAVE Iniyers for farm land In Cnr- GOOD DUT'LIOX, N. Frost, $1750 down .,,! CI.V'DK JONAS MOTOR CO. |Q4! —Autho.lzed Rambler Dealer— 119 N. Ward MO 5-5 . $75<l DOWN N. Wells: 3 bedroom and large uiffTrfnTsTied ^ $77^ month.. A 3 bflrcom with 2;'3 baths on N. KiUilknpr. S of Borger lfiwa>'. ."M^.Mto 2 JJKDitooM on .\lalone St. J2,n double nttached garage, close in. N. Bnmncr $tl,n<m 'ILTj TAKK late model car as down payment on laige 2 bedroom North ... .... REX ROSE son, Armstrong, Donley, and Gray, Service, Body, Parts, Trim Shop Counties. List rith me for quick 121 N. Ballard MO 4-6877 Bale. S. K. ttOACH, Realtors. Groom, Texas, P.O. Box 148, Phone 3721 KXTRA room house. Has" Ule" kiTi-'heiT'and ' 3 J.'I^HHODM ami l.n.ii, bri. k! in'i ire Starkw t-nthpr ..' $17BV) UA* bath floor, mndh-lne and linen closet I ^ <r; «K p - - v - l''«ulkn..r, #I:..!MIII. K.ll.A. |3 HKMKUOM. utility room X Somer-. • W>» Tnftulre 51'> S ^omcrvlllp ' ConiniitniPnt prirpr] at Sl.'v'inii. j vilif. •~*~^***-*~*~+*.*-^j*^-^.~*-~'*-^+.^.*.+-^*.~+.<, ^ I HAVK A couple of ccrnrr l,,is': BK1CK 3 liPdroom a:id dun attached |KOR_ SALE: _T\yo 50-foot lots. 710 N. Lofs 105 u5 FORti 2-door oustoin V-8." MO 4- _f234. -124 X. Wells. C". c7 MEAD Used Car? A Garaged We buy, sell and service all makes. Trailers and t> v bars {or rent. 813 FOR ]!KNT: I'lift'Tiilshed small modern 4-room lioiir-e, small garden spot. _}M1_K. J-'re_cleric. FOR IlKN'T: 4 room unfurnished" house _TM ^yj_}y i|k 2^_ (: '2.'L_ ] "BEDROOM ~Hnu?e with" sal-age. 120 S. Sumner, I'hone TU 3-S732, White -V. Knulkner. ^\\e at Jl,i;mi Hndl pHr»(S«?, nil carpL'ts and drapes X "lie at. Ji.^.'.ii. also snme lots neari l-'aulkiifr $18,500 I.»:imar School. i\\"lLlj TKAlJK on larger house, north HH\\- AHl'L'T a, .1 bedroom with 2 12 baths, full basement, doubln an older brick home on .Marv at M7,i".in. rape part of lown, nice :i Iiedroom, i:ar- and drapes fenced yard Ter- BMAT.iL 3 Room unfurnished house.) Antenna, Plumbed for washer, t'23 S. Hobart, Mn 4-7SU.. and Den, <nrti»r lot rm-e SlreM. HOO.M modern E. HI../IOU .. $2150 nniXICK :i hRdronm mi \Villlstun, "" I. X. Faulkner. Both sides pnvrd, at- baths all rnrpcis and dtapt-s ?I3,S(»J FOR IllCXT: 3-room houfe and bath. Inquire 1101 S. sumncr or 917 S. Banks. Call MO 4-23:'!). FOR RE XT": Larpe~2-lif,|-]room "unfurnished house. 1100 !r. Dwight. Call VI S.2365. _ | r.'XKUUXKSHKD house. 3-bodrp"om "on I E. Locust. $!j5 a month. Qupntln i AVIlllamg. MO 4-2;'2S. FOR VtEXT: 3-room modern house. 32(5 K. Cordon. MO 5-r.S35. rou on X. Wells ' A NL'MUKR ol-' OTHKR i;OO(»'HL'VS W. M. LANE, Realty Plione MO 4-3G41 or MO 9-I1504 A. L. Patrick, Jr., Associate MO S-40SO NIC'K :< bedroom brirk altai'hed _Hf<'. __K._Fi-ase_r adcjliion. •^ 11 _SJj.J?!i1 FOR "SAL 1C by owner: i .jedroom, t-ar- port, carpet?, plumbed for washer, 103 Real Estate For Sale 103 FOR PALK: 2-bedroom, den, brick, Karly American Interior. Call MO 4- 3-Bl-;HROO.M brick double garage, central heat, air conditioning. $l7i>o down. Xew KHA commitment. 6ul E. ISth. BUY A x HOME FIRST VBTKRAXS, Look at the new homes MO !i-n:;;i2. , yard, monthly payments J53. Roberta. $1000. Call MO 5-3240. 107A Sole or frt/de 107A; CASH PAID FOR CARS MO fi-5743 Bob Ewlng 1200 Alcock JOE TAYLOR MOTOR CO. Wr> I?uy, Sell and Trade 1200_\y._WI!ks _ Pjione MO 4-(!922 FOR SALE Or trade, late 3 bedroom ! ATJTOiMOJiiLB FOR N.K. Amarlllo. pavement fenced back yard, for cnmpnrahlq In Pampa. Texas. Write. Box B-6 c/o Pampa News, Ra"lr>: Sell W trade, pfiulty IP Jfir.S \'auxhall Stat- lon Wacon. 403 Banr. MOTORS Home of the Edsel Automobile 71 fi \V. Foster _ ^ MO 4-3549 FOTi" S A L E~or "f ra7l e: TlTi" S~R u Ick 4 - door spdan. Dependable, runs good. 1041 Xi-r! Rd. C. H. MUNDY, Realtor MO 4-37G1 105 N. Wynne LoVKLV 3 bedronin nnd den, carpets mi livlns room and hall. Fenced bai'k yard and gurage^ handle, on Uarland. J2,OuO will 112 Forms, Ranches 112 KOI', SALE or Trade for Pampa property: inn-ai-ri? farm, wiioeler County, i—/^TTi ~nr rTcTSkf "r-d if\ThrfPr^r— So- Oliver jrMins r,r call MO D-nTM. i CUL8ERSON CKEVROLET After'ii:0(i and Sunday MO. 5-5447. ; »1" W. PoBtr.r Phone 4-4nfi8 •Tfo^ "^^"~~—~ ^TV^ 1 f ^ X EV>TN'S~SUICK Cb7 113 Property to oe Moved 113i JJuick - n.\rc - OPEL - t;tmca. -—.— ~~^~^^. ..»^.^^_^_:123 North Gray MO 4-4877 FOR SALK: 3-hpdroom house to be NICE 3-BEDROOr.: with basempnt Ifjjr, good location. $11,SOO. Terms. Will take small house, trailer on deal. Dandy 2-bedroom and den, carpets on living room and den, garage, fenced hack yard, close in. $1000 down. nvwed. MO )RTY TO be moved: 7 room itn'ldlnp. (121 X. Russell or Call MO R-DO.r.) nr 4-S5B4 __ _ R fi'mTc Kb"ETuiTty In'S^iiedrooni" home" attached garaire, built-ins, nice _li? wn '_ ls ? 1 N. Su mner. _ FOR SALE: 2-bedroom house, small down payment. MO 5-3477. FOR SALE: 51000 equity in 2-bedroom house. 102S Huff Rd." MO 4-2712 or MO 9-5121, rape, carpeted, fenced back yard. NKARLY-Xew 3-bedroom brick, ea$14,000. $-,fl(i W ni handle. FHA loan. SIB Fon-ell SI. J1O 4-8676. FOR SALE: 3-bedroom house -with 3- room rental. $l,ono down. Will handle balance. 2,13 X. Sumner. MO n-5242. FOR, SALE; 3 bedroom brick, carpet._, . . .. i n, rv. v.i ed. $1400 equity, new FffA mittment. Phone MO R-350S, com- REDUCED equity In 3-bedroom, lUi baths, corner Jot. central heating. 1101 Cinderella. MO 4-S837. I. S. JAMESON, Real Estate 309 N, Faulkner MO 5-5331 Nice residential lot, 50x140 ft. Nice location. $800. Good buy. For Sale: Nice lot. 75-ft. front, 600 ft. long—just outside city limits. Price now under contsructlon In the Mont- , BEDROOM S X son $0o'do vn. errey Addition. f,o Last on Brown- DAN - DV , bedroom close in. $10,500. to the site These are n nice ! t rS bed- NICK 3 Be<5room * llen on r -arlknd, only a. month. LARGE 10 room house in Fraser add. suitable for large family or as a two family residence, excellent condition. 3 BEDROOM with garage on 1011 foot lot on Claredon Highway. fSSnii. J2500 down and assume Gl loan. $«0 a month. LA ROE 3 bedroom near high school. Will re-pnlnt outside and reflnlsh bedrooms to stilt buyer. $11,3(10. $lu- B50 loan committment. 2 BEDROOM on diffpe, carpeted living room, nice yard, $7300. Can move in for $450 with new loan. UARGE 3 bedroom In good condition close In. Big living room, dining room, carpeted, Utility room, garage. Top condition, $lii.f,no. 2 BEDROOM home near Lamar School garage, fenced yard, Immediate po.i- 6 Room with 4 rentals close In J 12, ,100. LARGE 2 bedroom home, E. Browning $1000 down, owner carry loan. Like-new 2-bedroom, attached garage on Coffee St. $10i'0 will handle. 3-Bcdroom, dining room, large kltoh- eti and garage. X. $i:.0o willl handle. Starkweather. LOVELY 2 bedroom and den with rental and 2 car garago near Sam Houston School. Good buy. 7-Room with 2 rentals K. Francis. Dandy 6-bedroom home with servants quarters, close In Priced right. Good terms. Shown by appointment Dandy 3 bedroom brick, N. Faulkner IVj bath, attached garage, good buy. Dandy Mote) worth the money. Nice corner business lot 1007140 f««t. Close In. on Hi-way 60. $9500. 114 Trailer Houses 114 FOR REXT or Sale: mobile scout: trailers. Post Office Trailer Sales, ; 123 S Haljard^MO_4-3101. \ NEW AN 7 1 USKtTfriAi'lJBRS BAJik Rates BFST TRAILER SALES W. Highway 60 Pil. MO 4-3250:' \\ ILL TRADE ."7 foot Spartan trailor i for 2 bedroom borne in north east or north part cf city, MO 4-349S or 207 K. Brown. PRIVATE _ ___ for Trni'l'er~lK>iisi\ $2,i. per iniuilh. All bills paid. Out nf_Clty limits. MO 4-271.'. llir.K Midway Trailer bntisn", 4(i'xin" Sell equity ff.r f;'.nn. See \V. II. L'ar- j^ n _ ft t_ram|i(i_TrBJ1or Park. , , FOR ,SAI,K. 2 Kedrooni Ramiiler trailer Jlnuse. $lK7n. Jto 4-2"52. ' FOR" SALE 212 X. Houston Duplex containing 3 rooms and hnth, furnished; 3 rooms and bath, unfurnished. 3 Seperate furnished houses, 2 rooms nnd bath each. J12,"iOO.OO. 605 E. Campbell: 4 rooms and bath unfurnished house. $2,000.00. BIS E. Campbell: 4 rooms and bath unfurnished hmtsp. separate i?a- rage, fenced back yard. $4,000.00. Total rpmal income of above projierty $ monthly. 1 Xicp vacant .".d'xl In 1 lot in Eshom Addition. $3.'i0.flO. Contact George Oliver Homlin Independent Executor of Luther Benson Estate 212 N. Houston—MO 4-8643 $2.]HO. For Salet 320 acres Improveil farm S20 acres In cultivation, 100 acres In grass, 135 acres in wheat, 85 acres royalty poe.«, '» crop goes. $150 per acre. $20,000 down, good terms. I It Pays To Read The Pampa Daily News Classifieds session. Assume 4% loan, payments only J47 month. $7200. i BEDROOM home on Hamilton, 1Vi . . TOUR LISTINGS APPRECIATED baths, year round air conditioning. $14.000 — $13,300 loan commitment. 2 BEDROOM brick in Cole Addition on Claredon Highway. Living room and dining room carpeted, utility room, doubls graraje, 100 ft. fenced Jot. NEW 3 bedroom on N. Wells, birch woodwork, large kitchen, with washer and dryer connections, air con-j ditionrr installed on roof, big garage, $1400 down and assum* loan Immedfata possession. 820 acres in southwest Missouri, nearly all bottom land, running water, good Improvements. $30,000. 320 ACRES NW of Shamrock, $55,000 Would sell to veterans. 160 ACRES S. of Shamrock. All cult. Over 100 acres In soil bank at $ln acre. 20 acre cotton allotment. Will pay for Itself in lens than 20 years. WE SELL. TRADE OR BUY We Sell, Trade Or Buy QUENTIN WILLIAMS, Realtor J18 Hughe* Bldg. MO 4-2523 Helen Kelley MO 4-716S Gloria Blanton—MO 9-8373 Velma Lewter—MO 9-9865 Bob Smith Ues. Phone MO 4-4480 Jim Dailey—Res. MO 5-3294 Quentln Williams — Res. MO i-5034 MAN OR WOMAN Own Your Own Bualneii .--.» (i,- », i. •• .-. K~ fj A New lt«m, Pint Tim* Ever Business ran b« handled In spare tlma without Interfering with present Job. Company will guarantee the. amount of monthly Income and full amount of Investment. (Secured by Written Contract.) To qualify you munt hav« car, references and $t«0.00 cash. This opportunity will triple your Investment In a short time. If applicant can qualify financial assistance will be given by the company for expansion to a full time position with above average Income. Please Include phone number In application. Box B-4, o/o Pampa Xews. MEN WANTED who are interested in grocery store work in any department. Experience not required. Paid vacations, retirement plan, life and group insurance. Contact manager your local Ideal Food Store. I NobliH-Coffcy Pontiac Will Sell The Beautiful 1959 PONTIAC CATALINA SPORT SEDAN Equipped with for A Trade Of A And Monthly Payments of Only Hydramatla EZ Ey* Delux* Steerinj Antlfr«et« Delux* wheel Ollet Whlt« W«lt Tlre» Tu-Ton« P*ltit 1955 PONTIAC, Avfl, 19S5 CHEV, Clijlrt 195S FORD, Clean 195S MERC, Cleirt or Trade-Ins of Similar Value Back-Up Limp* HO Air Clearer Oil Filter $ 66.66 THIS MODEL IN STOCK NOW! Make Your Inspection Where There Is Complete Quaiity" Selection.,. During THE 1 OPEN HOUSE IN Country Club Heights Showing Today 1 to 1 White House Lumber Co. 101 S. Bollard MO 4-3291 A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N • JOE CREE DALE THUT GEORGE NEEF JR. PAMPA'S NEWEST REALTORS READY TO SERVE YOU IN ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE NEEDS DO YOU NEED A HOME LOAN? • DO YON NEED A HOME? ». • DO YOU NEED TO SELL A HOME? t IS YOUR INSURANCE ADEQUATE? CALL MO 44357 T-O-D-A-Y IT'S TIME TO SEE THE HIGHLANDER CREE & CO., REALTORS INSURANCE AGENCY COMB5<WORLEY BLDG M00EL PRICE RANGE FROM FESTIVAL of Home Bargains 3-BEDROOM HOMES Garage, Large Lots $29119 Total 3fove-In Cost to GI's Monthly Including Taxes & Ins. North Crest 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths BRICK Gl HOMES $451 Total Move-In Cost $3968 Monthly Wcrtln Crest by: Furniture Co, Applies by BILL CLEMENTS FAUNCINE MAGEi 5HLAND HOMES INC. Pqmpa's leading,Quglity Home Builder Cembi Warley Bldg. M§ 4-4342 Model Hemt MO S4410 Double Garage 3 BEDROOM 11/2 Baths $ 378« Total Move-In Cost *86 6 ' Monthly Homes Open Today All Day HUGHES DEVELOPMENT COMPANY NORTH CREST &MW OFFICE MO, 9*9142 "Live Better In A Home Of Your Own"

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