The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 6, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1923
Page 10
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THE HUTCHINSON lEWSv WAS iHKllJliimrHii tmM y.'Jty.LY 5. I-J-'J NT VICTIM? RumoM Are That The Wrong Mm Was Lynched in Missouri Recently. Mexico, Mo., .July G. • Hnpnit^i won 1 al'luut hern today that .Jiunrs T. >St 'oU, u ii(:gro, wan the innoi'oiit. vift Im of a mob which hiinfcod hlrn at C ...mnl >i ;i, Mo., on April :n Iruit, nud (hat th.; 1" TjK 'trator for w liit.h Scott, was lynch In in jail 1MTP . Tlu> nininrs rol- Jnwp.l tin- jijtpMiininro tn Moxlwi y^y- •U'nUy of lha M year old whito girl, on \v horn an ussnulI wns attempt r *i iliy a noi' ru. Sh" was ficconvpfriiiiN, by lt<*r j -ari 'tils ami Uuhny flu ) 1 --spoutim; iiUonipy of IU XHIB c-itinty. \.h<> 1 iiin 1 ) to k>i.*k at Oiilo Watson, a in.-'. i'o ta\iriil» dnvrr, of Coin nib in. 'whn i:s iftnp lu'lil h(:n*. on a c.]iurf;o vi n- ^aa!l IHK a iM 'p;:'-o i ii. Iinin"diati'1y nl'i'T tholr arrival 1»ny prui rtiiiMl to th.- jail V.-;H : P < tin* Hiri V.;',:-; ;i:;K'''I to look at thn noKro; -v. ln> <>biairi'\l u rhan^u of vniuH 1 train (\>\n:u'\->\n. No StrUcment. Xni! ]](*r (ho K fi'l ii<>r hnr parpnt H m&Xo ft atsvteraoiU "when tlW Irft th« JalK ProHCcutlnff Attorney Hulcn, flaW ho had nothing to Bay at this tlmo. Humor* liavn driftnl Inlo Mexico from Oolnml.ia that novoral witnesses hovo Ijoon found tlinro who ItlontlfU*cl WAti'.fn an a man wliom thny R:IW on <'.TI> I T \<1^ O npiir Columbia shortly too- fore hie adMiult upon Ilio girl was at- tfMlipt *Hl. Scott nlp.idtMl fmvoennen when a moli hattprcvl down tho doors of the ('olumhia Jafl and took, htm from U 1 H roll. ftaytiiK thnt WnUon, a collmato, find (MnfoHsoil to him ho (Wat- con) wiiH tho one who attomptod to a-vurn'R tho plrl. Tho lynching followed. Wouldn't Make Statement. Columbia, Mo., July fi.--proHOcuMngr Attorney Ruhoy M. IluU-n. of Iloono coanty, to"!ay declined to miako any «!att :m-nt nwirdinjc thn iww turn In tho ic,\r--;tl,-.'.;iii(m ot tho lynoMuj; nf ,TaMi'-s T, Scott, lit^ro, hero April 1-9, whi' h oanm to light at Mexico yostor- day wiih tho reported attempt of a car-old white tflrl of Columbia, accompanied by Hulcn, to irtonUfy Q\\\a Wat on, nnarro, Columbia taxleub driver, -aa her Jtllojfod uKeaibmt, ln- M ^a-d of IS ^itt., wim wus hanged by thn mob for tho -rime. Tho now n.ovt* by Hub n tn \< K 'Hvdcd :v* Hif ;ntM- ca nt horo, I TM-JIUHH of t !IP iui ponding trial a v>f fivo ni>ono county tdti /.ons In<lk-f IIUM U '* in connection with the hanging. Georgo Barferorett, in^Ictod for first dopreo mtirrtnr, goon on trial n«xt Monday, and tho trials ot tho othors follow later In tho weok. STILL SOMElEMAND FOR HARVESTERS HERE Twenty-Five Taken to McPher son Today—Local Farmer* Still Coming in. POLICE JUDGE CLEARS DOCKET OF 20 CASES Fir« Water> Not Fire Works, the Chief Source of Trouble, Record* Show. Twonty-flvo hnrvest bands were taken from Ti o r o t o Med 'he-re on this .morning to h-.-lp out tho domamlH for laborers there'. Harry, W. Ohnbin, director of tho Kansas Krco TOmploy- mmit Hurcau here stated that there k were sufficient avallablo mon In Knn- ! t na« at the pre*out Lime to take caro of tho harvertt situation U I I H year. 'Some farmers railed at tho employ- mont oi'tlco for men this morning for men to Tilt rro-wa where mon ha4 played out or 11 for various reasons. Korean University. Tokio: (Maris to build "a $6,000,000 university in Scout. Korea, are being made by my rem illative of educational instiUitloi..; in that country.^ Condensed Senii-Annual Statement STATE EXCHANGE BANK HUTCHINSON, KANS. June 30th, 1923 RI-:SC)[.:RCES .Loans & Disonunts ..$1,096,936.90 Rank .lUiikiinjr and Fixtures (in.anmty Fuiirt with Slate Treasurer . . . V. S. and Municipal F..!idsand Warrants 97,656.63 Cash and Si^lit J-:xclinnj,-c 379,656.49 105,0(X).00 6,500.00 INABILITIES ' , \. Capital Stock $ 150,000.00 Surplus 75,000.00 Undivided Profits . . . 9,768.43 Reserve for Taxes and Interest 9,271.45 Dividend 5,04-8.00 Deposits 1,436,662.19 Twenty polico court caao« consisting lurg.-Iy of clinrsos of drunlciMicsn, pariililinR or loilorlng woro trlcwl bu- foro Polico Jm!g« W. H. B. Bouorticl. yogterdny afternoon. Most, of the mon who woro trtoil had boon pickod up during the Fourth of July celebration. A. K. Morris, who was found guilty of driving his oar while lntojrlcatod. forfeited his JL "> bond. Jamos Brown forfaitutl his J15 bond for being Intoxicated, Five men were arrested for drinking. Each one of them forfeited a $16 bond Avhi*0i had been given for ap- poarance~'Ht trial. They werc'Raymond Daisy, l'hlllip Mr.Phcraon, Victor Cloary, J. \V. Conlon, and J. R. Edwards. B. Williams, wlio waa charRed with violation of the bono dry law, was fined $10D and sentenced to 30 days in jail. The fivo harvest hands ivho were picked up for ahootlng crapg Wednesday inorninK were fined $15 and costs. They were W. Murphy, Bill Williams, John Murry, L. M. Allen and Allen Bashnm. Five- other men who were arrented for loitering around town, woro eaoli fined $!> and cost?. They were J. T. Brovcn. B. H. Gruonlow, ,Tas. Smith. Cliiuil IlrtisKWell and C. V. Pritchard. J. It. Alliyi from Arkansas City who was picked up for trying to work a Chinese KamhlluK game, on some young boys who had made the harvest, was fined and costs. Ed Mather, also from Arkansas City who was picked up with Allen waa discharged. PAIR OF REASONS WHY CINC1 REUS ARE GOING GOOD mothor, Mrs. Ij. A. Mendell, the ovfr nlng of tho Fourth. Mr. and Mrs. Jordan attended thd races tho Fourth. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Houlk or Hutchinson viMUxl with Kd Snyder and family Wednesday evening Mrs. L. A. Mendell Is miralng a oaso o>f poisoning she sot working in somo grape vines last week. Miss Elsie Copper visited Wednesday afternoon with Gladls Elliot. K. W. Craven helped K. 1). Morgan, with hla farm work tho firit of tho week. Robert Frank helfjed Mr. Clrenell at tho park the Fourth. Miss Kioto Copper called on Mrs. Mendoll Wednesday Afternoon. • Mrs. 15. I). Morgan was on the sick list Monday and Tuesday. Little Alta Copper has been pretty sick the last week with whoopins cough. Mrs. A. l'elerson ban been taking tho Bchool census the past week. PROSECUTOR TO TOPEKA FOR TWO APPEAL CASES County attorney Harry F. Brown wont to Topoka early today to he pro- sent for the bearing of the appeal of (wo criminal eases^ro-.u Reno eounly district court. Tho most Important of these is^ that of Orvlllo Brown ot Storllng, convicted "of an attempted assault on Carmen Tralmlsl, an Assyrian girl, whom lie pretended to ho befriending. Brown was convicted in court hero and appealed to ihe supreme court. The other case Is that of 1>. C. Wll- helm, convicted of subornation of perjury. To Play Hudson. The American l.eslon baseball team will go to Hudson Sunday to play tho team there. The I^egionnalros defeat- oil (he MoPhersou team last Sunday at McPUerson. $1,685,750.07. $1,685,750.07, OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS •! ei, V M lU-hncr 'osident Vice I'res. M. J.). Phill R. L. and Cashier I!. M. |», Assistant Cn-hicr Guldncr, Vice President Havdcn, Assistant Cashier C. O Hitcheock W. Y. m. ir. J. N. Rose Tavlor i The Depositors in this Bank arc protected under the 1'ank Depositors' Guaranty Law of the State of Kansas. EdJV Oxfor the Official Statement of the Financial Condition ot THE FONTRON LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY nt Hutcliinsfm, Ht;Uo of Ivunaas, <:1 OSM of businesy on tlie 'Si)Ui .June, 132&, ni-:soi:iicir,rf. fifroia and disromUH 1 cm real eaiiit* 1- tM .her ]••.-« 1 i -Htutt <i ',vncl Mink Itl(l K .. ?2 J .0 I W ; Kuvnlturo ;ut!\ rixttirrs. >5 .i;:i).ss i:iittc«i stiiiisrf lunula ')ti ii:tu.i .. otlu'r bonds uri'^ wiirrnnia .... tJnah ant\ slsrht exobMir.'-'. K'i;a\ ri'st-rvt' (.'ullectktns In Iransil A'-onuntri Otln 1 !- r^tnjrcea • 30, I [Oldfield Tire Sale I K.U,"l).«!) • r.t.-i5.t>i . JiOii.Oiin .oo . 20,000 00 TOTAL 3.297.17G.83 LIABIUTIRS. Cfipiinl stock pan] !n , Surplua fuii'l L'mitvfded pi -i -fitti Intt-r^si KM :!i.yi Other 4 ,ourcus iifi,2SD Itit'-rest and taxed li.iid l')'-ni;ii!U PfpaslU: Other d-jpualts re- 1 1 u it in ti riotlco of less '.han 'AO days 'j'lnu 1 . 1 u-jmalt s : Certificates uf d»?p'mit uui> on or afttr 3t> duy.s Iiuiiirain-'* reser\<» IH .^'rumts ( UIKSLI-IIIM I Int.) .. I'r.jiur sold, ro [Ju: tdiit.-it.' apt. Iir\>ki;r;igti 0«*m. ue»^r\ cd> . TOTAL $297,176.69 Stat" y( Kansaft, County ot lU-no, »a. I, 11. K. fSlnsseix-k. of aiiid b;tuk, do .solemnly sweur tlmt the abovp statement Is true; that said hank hat, no liabilities, and i.s no! Indmucr on anv itotr: or iibllsulUm, otlu.-r slmwn ai *ovp statement, to the beat of So belli im Saturday and Monday Sale of These Famous Tires FABRIC Reg. Price Sale Price 24 sc:i.r ,4 u n. 6:' ,l7:;.2t> .WI.0I nn tile my knowledge aiul "b..-lit-f God. ni..\ssi.'ocK, huliscnh.-d and sw.irn to Morr „w Mi th day ot Julv,. II. W. PA rSrnl.l — N'nlary J'unjio. Slh day ot (Commltislon expires on Uu September, lit^ij ) Correel—AtteKU I-'. >••• OI.ASSOriOK " ' E. OANO. II. J,. WllITKSillK. .INO. V. FOXTlin.N' L. A. KKYS. To Hank Coinniis.-jion K KYS, Dlreetnrs. er. Topeku. Kan We are showing the latest numbers in Men's Oxford3. These Oxfoi ds are good fitters and ara made of solid leather, the insoles, heels and counters being solid leather. We have Cordovan Kid in straight last, Footform in brown kid, the new Flat Toe Bal in brown and black calf and Trouser Crease Plain Toe Oxford in brown calf. We can sell you Oxfords that will give satisfaction and at the same time save you money. Here are tlio two main reason* why ; tho Cincinnati ileus aiy right u\> tlHsre tiK 'fio days in tho National league ruco ; ami loom as t;io rm».-it dan^e-rous con* ', Ltjntlera. I /.Kiue won nino uf ilu; first 10 games with which he was credited. ; Til.. 1 one defeat w;i:) ea 'jdod by an In* fiiiil error, liontnn won three <jut o! : lii^ first four panics. He's a bU 9low- er but a winner. OfflclaLStstement of tho Financial Condition of *he STATE EXCHANGE BANK .> A <j. <S> A 4, <j. Rev. and Mrs. Notice These Prices— Big Line and Chiidr. jy 311 North Main See Them In Our Window. f Athletic and Tennis Shoes and Oxfords for men, boys .ii, at Low Prices. ARTIN & SON Clothiers and Furnishers Hutchinson, Kans. , * BEDELL * •»• Ii. J. .S> ^> 6, .J> A II. McGulor of South Hutchinson wore at Obee Sunday, and, thu Hov. Mr. McUulcr preached, a splendid sermon. MiHHea Lora Hull, Eva Meskcr, Uachel Matteson, llattle Mosker, Ixiuisu l'etry of the South llutcblnson Sunday school accompanied them. Mr. J. A. Mills' brother and family visited with him Sunday. Mrs. B. D. Morgan's sister -in -law and two children, Mrs? Ralph Coeu, visited at tho Morgan hodo from Saturday till Wednesday when they went to Topoka to Join her lisuand who la working there. Tho yuuiiff people at Oheo had a iiarty Friday at the VV. B. O'Leary home. Mrs. Gnberlal of Eldorado and children are here visiting with frieuda in the community. Klhel Clinton visited Friday wltli Kdna and iOvoiyu .Mendell. Ij. A. Mendel! and Bon Oran are in harvest northwest of Partridge. Mr. GeorBo Krnnk is not feeling so we 1 ! the last week.. Mrs. J. A. Clinton and daughters, I'earl and Mildred, gave ft surprise party on Mrs. Gabordail at their homo Tuesday night, about fifty - ot the neighbors being present. The evening waa spent In conversation, games and music, and at a late hour refreshments woro served. All report having had a lovely time. Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Morgan and some friends motored to Halstead the Fourth to visit with relatives and frlouds. Mr. and Mr* Oliver Crawford and daughter vlaltexl with the former's at Jlute)un:-T.n. stale '•!"S0 of i>llsllK:e^ er .lune, 11123. I»f KilJI.S.lH. the Sillli URJWP.f'KS. t.retns nr.d d -:.>,<.un !H ?: t.e.nns or, real e.-.i ;i i.. Overdrui'tM. un*"eijp '<i Hank hulldlne. $«."•.')'"': Mr»l- turo hO<l tlxtuvea. K<> .000 00 I.'niteri Stiiteu houd^ en h:\ud anil War .Savings '.tiimpa .. fHlier bonila and warrants .. Guaranty fund with Stato Teens.. hoiidrt Caah Hems and i.etlse iteliU Oinh iind Hluht exehanlTO. Ipual rejsetvo (JollM-.tioiis tn transit TOTAL ... 30x3 000 $ 9.90 $ 8.?.« 30x3i/ 2 999 CORDS 9.40 30x3y* 30x3i/ s 30x3V 2 32x3i/ 2 Reg. O. $16.20 $11.08 30x3y* 30x3i/ s 30x3V 2 32x3i/ 2 Ext. CI. 18.55 12.68 30x3y* 30x3i/ s 30x3V 2 32x3i/ 2 s. s 18 85 12.89 15.73 30x3y* 30x3i/ s 30x3V 2 32x3i/ 2 s. s 23.00 12.89 15.73 31x4 s. s 26.40 18.06 32x4 s. s 29.15 19.94 33*.4 c g 20.52 21.13 25.82 26.40 34x4 S. S 30 90 20.52 21.13 25.82 26.40 32x4 1/ 2 33x4'/ 2 s. s 37 75 20.52 21.13 25.82 26.40 32x4 1/ 2 33x4'/ 2 s. s. ... 38.60 20.52 21.13 25.82 26.40 34x4 .V a s. s 33.50 27.01 35x4V 2 s. s 40.70 27.84 36x4 J /, s. s. 41.60 28.45 33x5 " s. s 46.95 32.11 35x5 s. s 49.30 33.72 37x5 s, s 51.95 35.53 36x6 s. s 89.70 61.36 38x7 s.s 125.40 85.78 40x8 s. s 163.5S> 111.86 m a a E • • • • • n n B n u R H. & D. Tire & Supply Co, Phone 452 418 North Main We Vulcanize Tires • • eleaiing. 19.'lr,4.:!4 77,9!C!.3< G.500-00 Sri.lSl.75 324.174.74 1.R73.30 150.000.00 75,000.00 'J.7C8.13 0,018.00 *1,685,750.07 L1AH1I..ITIK3. C'apital stock puiil in % Surplus fund .» Undivided prorltn Dividends^ eleelured hut not paid , ••• ivmnnd Deposits: Individual deposits, suhjeet. to cheek ..f838,399,38 flertlfieates ot dopof t .r It. due In less tliun 30 days SK.IGH.OO Cortifed ' ..-hocks jn.90 Cashier's eliei:ks outstanding" ..33,911.09 23.931.99 llanta' and bankers' deposits 407,377.32 tl,206,870.07 Time Deposits! Corllfleutes of posit il». on after 30 days Total Deposits .... lteserved for taxes, and earned interest 135,791.53 1,436,662.10 9,271.45 TOTAL 11,685,760.07 State of Kansas, County of Tleno, ss. I. I '.ert 10. Miudmer, Vleo-l-'res. and I'.udtler "f snld liti.nk. do solemnly swear thut the abovo statement Is truo; that said b.uik has no liahllltles, und is not Indorsee on any note or obllipitlon, other titan shown on tho ahovo statement, to tho beat of my knowlodgo and belief. So help mo Uod. BHfiT H. M1TCHNER. Vleo-Pres. and Oaahlor. Subscribed and sworn to before mo, this 5th day of July, 1923. MltUCBNT D. 1'HILJUPS. (Seal) Notary Publl . (Commission expires on tho S5lh day or July. 1924.) Correct—Attest: _ W. COOTBR. O. HITCHCOCK, N. HOSH. USED CAR 1920—Dodge Touring Car; New Paint, Good Tires. Runs Like New. 1920—Chevrolet Touring Car; Good Buy, $110.00. Like New, Run 1922—Chevrolet Coupe; Short Distance. 1922—Ford Coupe, in First Class Condition. A Bargain. Olddmobile "8"—New Tires, $225.00. Some Buy. Reo Speed Wagon—Grain Bed, $350.00. Look This Over. Superior Motors Phone 3582 108-110 First West THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week Dfrac rectors-^ I To Bank Commissioner, Topeks, Kans. I Jlead the Qassified Advertiserhenti in The News.

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