Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on January 2, 1936 · Page 6
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 6

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1936
Page 6
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Chronology of the Year 1935 Compi/ed by .E. W. pelping ami '.' c ." l-nn j Paraguay ac' ' ba,!. of"settlement of Gran "iJIlWar In Gran Chaco cnd- ed - "b'y" truce^ embassy In Fcb . 5-HoUsc shut oft food supplies: - T,,n e 23—unncu ^ cuts. rtnhprt E Wood, cnlc ,'7? (0 e 4S,«as^rssawg •£& SS s^gS^ world for fair play "'.... action by on _»*' s Vi_Thlrty-one conMcts - . ^«S^- Russia j ^|Sod°*a«^f^ court ,med L. W. Pearson as July . up while •/-•.-•= London Tower _ Palace, Prison bank. O(f jui y y 24-Ho«Be Ha«or con- te passed bank bill as FOREIGN _ B ollvIa'5 general army mo bill re- war , passe( l by to Hie ttomnn period, find Sa. served the jnrpo^^^.Si tress, a prison. Bole. American o^ r d ,. Opera company. josef pilsudskl. * * 1 i' a Q t fi(*VCl*JL""*-* lv f nra r"t"?opia S to I" American c tio> , ,„„,„„„ protest note sent 'iSKplidentasked wngre.- ,or'outrisht subsidy ^o mRll con . marine to replace i system. , „ Deal ca celebration hailing tory to c ; crl £pvoiutlon brok« out in March 2*^ e Greece. ) a <lhlpok of Siam abai- eau'd b and r! reUred to private W« n ^ch'5-Qr.ek troop. d.feat reb- * lfl p r rn"e a An d a 0 nOa, eleven years old, - • - ot Slam. __,,| on en ded I conscript "° S 7;.™.- j 86 ^ 9 " World Sept. s assem- reslfe'ned from replace al with mon< treasury. Uken repealed *. * x _ - » t of social sccu- passcd new tax n e w i n. 11« *• miles an hour. Waltkus a ,=-•=-""• ue "ges. Senatepaea farm mom- aara ^ ™*' g amuc l Hoare. m l oa. old League of . ..... | 3 n"foreI B n secretary, -; .. Nations assembly'^"^tlnent unless late herself from £"' 0 con sented p^oTJankYni harbors '- 111 "AU£. dictator of Poland. Cohen , editor AUaW^ur^al'-an'a former sen- at S, r aJ. Gen. Harry J»e, "• 3- « a ' [?-,, t4-Dr. Edwin B. Frost, as- ^iSSSnt Stoval. former minister % 8 ay l l"-™°nn P. Weyerhaeuser. - - Drexe i of Phlla- Evs^r^S Manila mall. M-pWmerlcan llne'n China a Sr ton, Ensland. Au<r. 21—^"" B i -Taied neuii»»- 4I^Hv iTir^ro. b '" 'iiarch 23-Senato passed to take S °Sept. 12. their pact. Sept I 2 — Sccrel Afh onla to keep iked ' Italy and ^ c ^\^ c Kellogg iclr obligations ;sfpt m v- 0 »hiop^n n au o cSt con- drug •works v.ta ap- ^ for Fhl^/^Presldent left on fishlnff 10 treasury blii:""". ". .«„,«« voted 538,000,000 peafed on flight over ;; 2 9_Chlna Clipper arrived at coa, Dcoa ' c _chlna Clipper completed round' trip to Manila. SPORTS f 27—rvcfl- 1 • N., retired of Chl- C. Cole. FoulUe, wuno v-. " ,- -• th m The wans habitants within them. * ssss-JSf-a-s ErrH^rH by all tourists. 4r^e a n b a- ence reports on , confer- new tax In revolt. Selassie of for all Gcs ™? n 2i-Italy rejected peace plan of league committee. coun . " !& voted for prohibition repeal Jan. 1— in Rose BlF^nTi VS-Azucarwon $108,400 Santa Anita handicap. Mnlcolm Campbell 31 I^Rear Admiral W. 4E ^|'-£*%^ Vlmy. , ^ ne nt>-Td^n% M°rr°", ^ broke Texas YUH." -an d local option. adjourned; res , Jrench vlth ' 31 _ B oulsson formed new 4 C -F?ench cabinet ousted by formed new wtn au cceed- a ^ct aB 2^mp^ror Ha,ie Selassiej^ formed Leaeue of Nations k rltrea . &"ener n aT a »olm«i?o P n 4 ot -all Fascists *ature. ni miners and opera- 'continue wage scale ^ u°ntVjune 1C. states Supremo Al V n M"n" reversed conviction and court a^fvin r \T- tw0 negroes in ta- do'vth scntcnco ot mous Scnttsboro case. rall . ,,,„„„„ h °Anr'il s—President his flshlnB trip and ™»= fr ,, bll J-_House Passed McSwaln war proHts bill. public -«'S PS S fe«>-- -»s«^ L ^med dl- >ncy coun- rellef 1* InoheB. at won the Kentucky of Cleveland, American author "^"f-Mal. Gen. Stuart Helnt- ,ong, noted magazine Col. Alfred Dreyfus •William Russell, Tired Youth Dissatisfaction with life seems to beD un«s«ally P-valent during the ^^ST^SS; ^^rs-s^^rs; they never had been born.— editor. July 12—I IVLiv J ^ S'g^jlsggl Irish poet. G S T-R opened defeated Ital- Golden Glove n °J V uly St 25-Col. H. H. Rogers of New York, capitalist. ut mties magnate. Charlesj^A^y silver, veteran farm lt »$£f "9-Dr. Walter Williams, edu- aSMgpw*'- 3 United States senator hcQ - postmaster totcr , ° £ ^"AUS r an diet revoked »an°»?inienVoi? HapsburgB and re- •tored ^^Qp^an government put tan o X n ail religious youth organizations. "^^"^uallans captured Aduwa; o.nno Ethiopians kmcd.^^^, councll "^ lfl _Revolt against Klnff ZOB ' j^gtrid of Belgium mobile accident. !—«^~.can women workers ^vcnShWranchise. Wpizman e , oct . «d c?fl"sident of'World Zionist organ- declared rcHef prngram, and classes of projects nla again won 3r™rs^»S^ another « n . ^ nnlverslty o£ Michigan. ;HS|r^--'« 9 __ Representative Charles „ J fs-Sl'rWilllam Watson, Bng- llS lu|° e i5-WUl Rogers, actor and Iclces named -German relchstag passed ^rand"^r^^S »arrlages_ "^^^Y German "gfSSuTo'KLf^nn^ forolBn loanB^to^Ualy. members o£ n opened head ^ ""April 29—Supremo cou. ^ k ' e y* d j a ,U favor of Arizona in Par case. T T_iti.il States Chamber of sSsS.vrS'Kaffi: Harrison appointed :ourt declared Sept. 20 — .-in to Pacific coast. ioV coal miners won by J Ull« " baseball June 5 exports formally ended •e of Nations. -- • •-- or- into minister to p'etlllo won Indlan- ivo'n Big Ten ;Asa F Kha'n'V Bahram won j State won central In- plttsburgh oh In won from editor anil "author. In ^^"^on'dourlotls, artist. ... T,--.,,!,,™ SCpt -- 1 pre : s I ld n ent l ?f U< PhniPPlne 0 re- 0 -pf.dcrico Paez became . November 18. ^Swear^gen^^: French auw^an^^- j^^ wlte ° h ^^^^« bonus bill. e x-Gov. vVllllam Conrictlon of ^£ o ° ta and four T.antrer ot wort" ^ ™unaB fed- * r Oct 'l-i—Premier H. U. Bennett 'J CB Nov a V,—Greece voted for recall ot JCI1 S B v' U 'i' 0r chi!.cellor Hitler of Ger- Uov. H—Ch.incei^r sicei H( . lmcls> * S Gno'rKe II accepted lous Kgyptlan riots domination. Pr7me - MlrTlster' Bald's"^"won parlla- -•-"-^^llrjo^o^oalth nf the of wlth- ''tol'd 'League of "ssVSisS'a'tutt'. 3^%-asSffl-syssu th Nn a v e Tl-Mussollnl formally pro- : cstnd a^L'^y^ft"^ 0 Ktat'es-Canadlan tru'1 o trci^ty miin*. i ^ iVmt' Ttilv by 5 V^Si? SiS? Ct succeedea 'emplr^^ sident Roosev elt sailed oWoVo^taft of army. Cour( . o£ Er . •all to ' Nov. In chief of Italian armies » )las ; nv- 2 o_Popo Pius named twcn tv now cnrdinals. , , _» Nov 27—Japan selzefl c """]-ir^e -S^SSuHss B fecStT.K.o?rnVn^ W- "^ffl^. WaSnfl,^ the omnibus i\ i ;i y ^ ~~ * * ** r 3™SS«sSfiaart«sa: "&,S'c« «»"»'"' •«»"" bill extend- G. ivestlgatlon [Mroo'aiAioTnVod'mmed States district Attorney a^CmcAKo.^^^ ^^ Wagner labor r^^^ud'i't 11 ' by Comptroller General McCarl disclosed great waste '"May V-Presldent nxed wages and tenco urdt Oct. for .- Brl L n indber P 'rbaby • Roosevelt , In re !S"e a '25-Joe Louis defeated Prlmo Sept. i—<r'" Y Mrs. h Wltaon"'Woodrow. American won Sept. uey I Sept. 2 ,_presldent Roosevelt land- Dame — English actress. Sept. 19—. 7 R Industry. Kendall, veteran Cooper, former U. Oc- court o homo. — Sir Malcolm Campbell of "' 4_Eastern standard time for adopted by n council cQn _ elected mayors Hqp my for "25 counties in eastern province of China. revolt broke out In north-King George II returned new ?S^eSS?r?!|h!ojr Emperor'Halle Selassie formally pro- house immedl- 8h ' man lUbllo utlll- liawson Little Allison won na- holdTng ac^uncons. "NnV ^o——ITU vivi« •' ~ •purtrc" arresting hundreds. ^Revolt in Brazil crushed, 138 be- l "l)e 1 c U1 l-Great Britain ordered na,a? reservist officers to report for 8—ureai uruuin •"•" * ,,',' Ter-d on last peace offer to Italy. "Dec U .(—international naval confer- ""•Hatis Kerrl German church dictate? decreed censorship for pastoral ^Dec"' 6—Church of England com- mUslon "rejected claim of women to Lch chamber of depu- all uemi-mllltary or- Franco- Br Sf IraP&emand for naval parity rejected by other powers in LO Dec 0n i8'-Sir y Ramuel Hoare resigned n ^lH^ Me ,«T wage and labor hours of NRA were unconstitu- n^ -- -^r uariniBi ^»""sustained Presl- ^ov.^- • ^Igne^. ^ Ss"d J4GO.OOO.OOO . Nov. 1 -Presldcnt M K xico , s ohurch f:^to 1 I^»llI t MS^s-church affairs. lntlnn unhe ld Liberty league epw-Bko won middleweight clS'lonship from Yaroi In Pitts 20 — Detroit Tigers won Sept. 20 ^f erl * . If Pennsylvania retired president of rennsy ra sept fl 23—De' Wolf Hopper, American comedian. Blcknell, vice Sept. 29—. Br , nn ^lcan Red Cross. Oh 0c r t ma i-Kan n Harr a man, magazine ed Oot'' 3-Bishop T. F. Gallor. chan- f University of tne aoutn, ^ofH-H'e'rVda Jouvenel. French Btatesnnan^^ rfl c _ Moore of chlca - ancl music critic. Wilson, veteran , Milton J. Fore- Slbert. one of CHAPPED LIPS To auicWy i-elieve racn cooling Mentholatum. for head «o» MenAolatum ointment mfor is more titan shin deep costly cosmetics. Expels poison- body wastes that clog the ous oy was potcs and eventually cause mud- ly, blotchy, erupted skm.Aweek of thialnternar r beau« troumenr will astonish you. Begin tonight. (At your drugstore) SAMPLE GftRFIELDTM RUB IN BACK OP EARS-INSERT IN NOSTRILS— Senator nestor of IN NOSTRILS— £tsssf jsi.*n.ys vtaan* $1.25 ftllDruggists. Descriptive tolderonrequ«t 70 FHthAve.. New York City SkinSufferet* Invalid passed Copeland n Springs, "»• 22-Unlted_StaUs ^ffi^ material to as became premier "Dec 1—Hopel and Chahar provinces northern China, set up auton- """£ W-London silver market col- to l>ec*' 11— Carlos Mendleta resigned ^/ru-Kln^fe decreed res- - mlians defeated Ethiopians In big ha ^l\e S d OU 8ta?es M an U d a Honduras con ^ I?!iCSSS. KtKl^Jc-,, fltinarded Franco-British peace plan. Outer Mongolia invaded by Japan°se and Manchukuan troops. DOMESTIC Jan 1—Rhode Island Democrats by coup seized the senate and ousted ^°Sept 27—Chicago Cubs won Na- Detroit Tigers in first world series Ba oot'. 3.—Tigers won second game fr c. mt C "^Tigers won third world ^oi^ioner,, defeated Al Roth, ' game "«•>•"•—j „ rp \r O'Connor, former chairman U. S. shipping board. ona . l _V i 8 _con gressman H. M. Kim- 'L f T/" n 1 o mn f.Ctn M*C«R< _ Greely, "'V—P l Young George Weyerhaeu- serkldnaped from Tacoma, freed on ^sJ5ii.srp\.^r.Si fc . ,n,. ^^Er^ou^rpiss'rd^! 1 ^^ ing skeletonized NRA until April 1, shifted from ^Geo?ge' N. Peel^^reslgned .» i"--•---•- Tir ,,iio/.A announceu new -Kln decreed res- n 7l : constitutional govern- in B B ypt. Great Britain con- congress Dec' 14— President Mazaryk of /»»«phoslovakla resigned. C * — duard Benes sleeted In- " T- n 3—Seventy-tourin cuiiK»o»n met and organized; Byrns elected — ,.„_ O f house. President Roosevelt In an- 1 losed great work Sl a ^«^ a ^- £ ?o "American c systemr orris Qf Nebraska it a candidate for captured fifth world - Oo f ^Detroit Tigers ^von Bixth »nm« and the world championship. S Oct. 23-John Revolta won nation- al v?V G 'i^-Sl'xto P Esc S obar of Puerto Rico Won bantamweight title from LO M ^ al i« a — Welker Cochran won woN rld-th ee-cushion blular(jB cham- ma "-, states- 27 —Federal Judge W. I. Myera 'and con- . red ° e we Tt states opened "grass root^con Yerence In BprlngneW. condemning ^S^S^iM^ cago, rlor. newspaper r of Chl- the Into- Quick, Complete Pleasant ELIMINATION ^ ov is—Prank Navin. president Teleii*-w •" *** I the New Deal Roosevelt pre- •talled. INTERNATIONAL lan 4—Foreign Minister Laval ot ^ .' and Premier Mussolini ot yrance ^/J^p eac ^ pact conference In Borne, United States Supreme court held institutional petroleum control !,„,:..,">,f the National Industrial Junril-Senate passed the pub* lC Tvm« vZ President Roosevelt presented Diplomas to 276 West Point passed resolution from Notre Dame Tnd. n- june io Jan. 9— dered Germany. commission or- 1 Ca'na'dlan'"government and pay $50,and Laval I gfg £or sinking of the rum running b ..?. twe |^ ar ^,oted to reiolri I independent offices bill. I Jan. 16—President BI 1 i un» • « sentenced to bB Deo 8—A A. U. voted for Amerl?- an Ge«rrer%« Louis beat Paulino _ hote »&Z lB w- ci Ae«rj»*«-" "''TCiFadSf'Juflg. Benso JUllU +* vindicated '"Tun's" r 8 "— President Roosevelt named new NRA board with Jamea Dec 15—Detroit .uiona WOK slonal football championship. NECROLOGY mlral. B Dlnwlddle, pres IdenV eieWnniu."* k ,61 D DO 4AO**"*» ~ ^A^^^^,=^ a dozen other dis- cdtines must function, To make m«i" move quickly, pleaa- -nllv completely, without griping. TSousands oi physicians recommend *irr ,^ VATafova fn«m4i«tfl TonnTTinifiTirl M Qr ,.vi rSTS, dependent omces DUI. 1 "Jan 16—President sent message as urging senate to approve United £- 1 States' entry into World court. ir- l Biaii.a v A-.-irtonfH mpsMatrn out- sance" taxes two years. Tune 18 — House passed ,AAA amendments asked by adminlstra- tl °Tu'ne 19—President told to con- Jun ..... _i-V*n hrook nn irreat for- AERO T „ m—Amelia Earhart made solo flight' Ho^ounu to California In 18 b °ja. r n l 16-"Jimmy" J>oomtl« o .fl ? w ***** __t «1««A Off I Barton Payne in Admiral Robert B. Thousands ot pnysicians lecomniBiia VUlnesia Waters. (Dentists recommend Milnesia waters as an efficient remedy for mouth acidity). '"NOV.~ 24-E. -w. ^"ae'Sfenectad These xnint flavored candy-like wafers electricity Industry. »' ^^ _ ure j^jjj o { Ma g nesla> fach wafer N. T- so _ Dr Edward Judd. notea ^ appl oximcitely equal to a full adult mayo^'cllnlc surseon. of New yorlt, dose oi liquid milk of magnesia. Chewed Dec._l—J. J~ c uu m packing can. thoroughly in accordance with the directions on the bottle or tin, then swallowed, they conect acidity, bad breath, flatulence, at their source and at the same time enable quick, complete, pleat' ant elimination. Milnesia Wafers come in bottles oi 20 and 48 wafers, at 35c and 60c respectively, or in convenient tins containing 12 at 20c. Each wafer is approximately Thomas. M-presl- Senate passed the social security Lit fan 16—"Jimmy" *« il j BtntM Jan. 29 — AUIIW. «—transport plane across United States T( J» Wasb burn Child, ir, 11 hours B9 minutes. w,«iro 1 Jan. 81—B' cn . a .Vi "* lee, .*».«*v*.~*— * e tuelia Miner, American educator in C'-ilna- .__„„ c . seltz, New York, f ^ an- »4,800.000,000 rela -Hou 8S e bl vbted power to to borrow 111.600:000,000 to to YuV Viriallles defied In Louisiana put World RFC bill to In- f Railway i ..A,«.,ii Ohio", railway magnate. %" 1^-Qov.F. H. Cooney of Mon- **I&'c 18—Thelma Todd, screen actress 'in Los Angeles. Most Rev.'Alphonse Smith, CatholU hlsuoD of Tennessee. PBC" 17—Miss LUetU Reese of Bal tlmore, poet. — -'-. 18—Juan Vicente Gomez, prw of Venezuela. . 19—George D. Buckley, tor- It WMMm N*W*MD« Unloa. WAFERS ^H^SSn^W" uveiy, or in convenient tins containing 12 at 20c. Each wafer is approximately an adult dose oi milk of magnesia. All good drug stores carry them. Start using these delicious, effective wafers today. Professional samples sen tires to registered physicians or dentists ii requeit Is made on professional letter head. SELECT PRODUCTS, Incorporated 4403 23rd Sfc. Long laland City, M. Y; MILNESIA

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