The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 7, 1916 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1916
Page 6
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THB CHILLICOTHX DAILY CONSTITUTION TUESDAY, NOV. 7,1916. \ The Constitution f °° B rcos * A\Tsr C rTM acluding the ChilHcothe Constitution, l\tiAKr*rOKS Mail and Star and ChUlicothe entered at the Poatoffloe at ChUlicothe Missouri as second-class matter TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. by Car-ier In the City of QhiHlcotne per year 95 oo Per -week lOc »A£LT by Mall Postage paid in Livingston County per year $3 00 »AIXiY b Mail Postage paid oulelde of Livingston County pqy year $5 00 ·f J£ltiJ£LT postalfe paid per J ear 91 OO CIRCULATION A detailed sworn statement ot circu tlon -will be f u r n i s h e d at any tims 1M requested by an advertiser Xt» OFFICIAIj JNEWSPAPER OP LJVINGSTON COUNTY KICIAXi NEWSPAPER OF THE CITY OF CHBLLICOTHE THE press of the country maj no\ get back to normal THE people look to the press to enlighten them on public questions whether of politics or prohibition ·both questions being continually w i t h us in the grand old state o£ Missouri \\hether we take on prohibition toda} or not, the dav i s verv soon -when Missouri -will be drj and the question taken off of the list NONE SUCH MINCE MEAT tightned the official nation-w ide investigation of food, prices announc ed vesterdav bj Attoinej General Oregon Sufficient evidence has been accum ulated to -warrant the declaration that the present increase in prices of the ·necessaries of life is abnormal and suspicious In an official statement the 4.ttornev General codav declared this to be true Wherever such increase is found to bf dup to conspiracy or other un .v fill action he said the department -nil! invoke against the offenders the severest penalties -which, th^ la"w provide* 1 Bread milk and coal increases it is said are the three principal objec tives of the mquirv In the coil situation department officials sav facts have been uncover ed indicating a conspiracy bv operators and the railroads to force up the price of fuel Federal investigators are said to be unwilling to ac cept the railroads excuse of msuffi , ' cient cars SALUTES ARE MUCH ALIKE Package 12c to 15c Makes Mince Pie twice as good as bulk mince meat, and costs half the price. Try it. " Like Mother Used to Make " MERRELL SOULE CO , Sj-racnie, N T. POUTICS Politics is the secret of America s success It comprehends the issue's of a republican form of government Parties are necessary to tae cortect extermination of politics, for it is through parties that the people are enlightened on the questions of politics in a great republic like ours Parties declare certain principles an 1 policies of government through which the campaign of information and education are deceminated and bj which TToi\V Tins' vs o offer Ono Hundred Dollars Ke. ward for an case of Ctarrh that can not be cured bv Hill s Catarrh Med icinp Hall s Catarrh Medicine has been taken bv catarrh sufferers for the pa^t thirty-five -vears and has b" come k n o w n as the most rpliab!*- rpmeclv for Catarrh Hall ; Catirrli Modirme acts thiouerh the Blood on the "Mucous surfaces expelling the \ Poison f i o n i the Blood and healins; the diseased portions A f t e r v o u haP taken Halls Ca tarrh Medicine for a short timp you w i l l see a great improvement in voui i general health Start taking Hall s Catarrh Medicine at once and set rid of catarrh Send for testimonials Sealed bids vVillJre receive ndersigned Ciivj/Auditor at Optical Question -- TO-- vl A C n O N A L M OVER 20 YEARS A Those of Different Nations Really Vary Little In the Sentiments They Express. The parting salutations of various nations are strikingly alike The vale ot the Latins corresponds with the similar expression of the Greeks and though piety is not expressed distinct ly In either it was doubtless under stood for TV bo can be kept In hea'th without, as the ancients would say the will of th» gods' The Greek word perhaps has a higher significance than the Latin for It was not a mere compliment-art salutation St John forbids it to be given to heretical teachers The French on taking leave say "Adieu ' thua distinctly recognizing the pro»idential power of the creator and the same meaning IB indeed con veyed In our own word ' good bv which is a corruption of God be .vitl. you " The Irish, in their warmth of man nei end love of words, often extend the expression A TS ell known guide upon one of our friends leaving one of the lovellett spots In Wlcklow shook hands with him heartily and said In a voice some what more tremulous through ago than it was when Tom Moore loved to listen to it God Almighty bless you be with you and guide you safely to your Jour nej s e n d ' ' This salutation, when used thought fully anr! aright has not only n pleas ant soxml but deep meaning---Phila delphia Inquirer the electorate becomes informed rel-j soun from the east side or line of atlve to the issues and principles Sunset a-venue to the east side or KNOWN QUANTITY, in the successful correction of DE FECTIVE VISION and Eye Strain Modern methods Re A-1UW UJ. t-iltr U1I.T V ^ i c l n . tJL Cilc ·-'*' * " "- 1 T . f* f, ~ . Chiihcothe Missouri until is o'clock| l^ble S e r v i c e Reasonable noon of the 13th daj of No-v ember 1916 for the grading curbing pacing and otherwise improving Calhoun street in the cit-v of Chillicothe Mis- Price that the parties stand for which constitutes the politics of the cojntri Hence politics and parties are very useful and. necessary as the instrumentalities for enligtening the peo pie on the -issues The presidential election occurs every four jears and todav we have arrrved at-another mile stone of American political historj, the re -suit of which must determine the pot icles and measures of the country for the next four vears It should be the most Important and impressive of all days to people of the nation So it 1-5 today will settle all of the great questions that are confronting the people at the present time The question of peace or war maj be involved and the method of treating the question of international complications that have arisen on account of Met ico and the European war OF rVTFRFST Some People "We Know, and "W e M i l l Profit bj Hearing 4bout Them Tills is a purely local event It took place in Caillieothe Not in some faraway place You are asked t 0 investigate it Asked to believe a citizen s woi d To confirm a citizen s statement Any Article that 13 endorsed at honiL Js more worthy of confidence Than one you know nothing abou Endorsed by u n k n o w n people_ Joe Pant contracting painter, 1527 "W Webster St , Chillicothe, saj s, "At one time when I had t i o u b l e with lumbago and backache, I gave Doan Kldnej Pills a ti lal From the e\ penence I had with them mj opinion u a good one Doan 5 Kidnev Pills greatlj helped me and from the relief I secured I can recommend them to others ' Price 50c, at all dealers Don I simpH ask for a kidney remed-.--get Doan's Kidnej Pills--the same that Mr Fant had Foster Milburn Co Props , Buffalo, N Y line of Grandview avenue in accordance -nlth Ordinance Number 2050 of the Ordinances of said city and the plans and specifications therein referred to which plans- and specifica tions are now on file in the office of the Citv Clerk AT of said grading- curbiag paving and otherwise improving of said street including all the cost ot bringing said street to the establish ed grade shall be paid to the contractor in special tax hills Issued against the property liable therefor according to law under the provis ions of the Ordinances of this citv and Ordinance Number 2050 Passed and approved the 30th day of October 1916 Each bidder shall submit with his bid a certified check for One Hun ctred ( $ 1 0 0 0 0 ) Dollars pavable to the Citv of Chiili^otbe to insure th» making of the contract as provided by Ordinance The right to reject any and all bids I is reserved JOHN W WILLIAMS 4-7t City Auditor A.B.Macdonald r YOUR FRIENDS CAN BUY ANYHING YOU CAN GIVE THEM-- EXCEPT YOUR PHOTOGRAPH Watton Studio NORTH SIDE SQU Over Sipple's FOR QUALITY SERVICE 1 SEND US YOUR KODAK WORK EGG SHELLS ARE OF VALUE Four Hundred Ton* Used Annually In Manufacture of So Called Kid Gloves and Printed Calico. Many people imagine that w h f n an irticle is cast Into the dustbin its d-ije are ended This however la not BO for all the contents of dustcarts are caiefully sorted as they are emptied j anything of value being put aside Dls regarding things such as scissors I knhes etc many corporaf'ons aie ill 111^ a big profit out of their d ist You tvouldn t think that there woum be nny value In egg shells j e t ovary yeai as many as 400 otns aro required m the manufacture of so called kid gloves and also In printed calico Corks too, aro a valuable item for they soil to manufacturers at the rate of nine cents a pound, and In a jear no (ewer than $500,000 worth are thrown away Cycles Buffer a number of hardships before they reach an absolute end Old tires are bought at quite a good price by manufacturers for the rubber on them--inner tubes are espeoially vabi able--and go to make rubber mats and cheap rubber toys The frame sup plies gasfltters -with short lengths of tube, and the rest of the machine Is melted down to make a fresh iron arti cle A L C O H O L 3 PER C L N U AVegetaUe PrcparalionforAs smilaliiig UKFootfantlReguU ling l'ie Sinniadis aMBowelsaf Promotes DigcsttonJCkerfur { ness and Best Cotitatasneiitar' Opium Morphine nor Mineral NOT NARCOTIC. Aperfect Remedy RrCpnslqu- tion, Sour Stoinadi,DlaiTtei "Wonas,CoitvnlsmnsiCTenslr ness ondLoss OF SLEEP. BacSum!e Sitaarare of IKE CE NEW YOHK and Children. MothiKnow That Gem Castoria Alw Bears Signal, of Classifi Want AcP| T IN» \\H1MOZh AK£ fVt O j«»At £. "·?« r . «*-f 8 *·»·* A**« /////· "?*} G«* Jnesa 1.OS1--Saturday p m in busi***" Knd district, large Cameo brooch S turd er please telephone No 750 Itei r CToTTi FIG STRAYED=p7 g S L l a y e f i "'"·lease 823 Woodward St Fmder p ^ == * Phone 1S22.J z _ s Co^ro-R-MisEATrr^TEi- L ~ et Williams old hotel cash regisl. 1910-1911 Return to this office Purse containing: a $5 bill F please leave at Constrtution oflic receive reward valuable formulas only 10 H E Butler, Twin Falls, lj ahW - lf| Exact Copy of Wraoper. ^ "TMSSS8S CASTORIA THC CCNTAUH POMMNV »EW V O * K CITV Mrs J M Da- Locust St. Telephone 629 j WANTED~TO~FEED I Plenty of grass good wm *±LL Qd S° od /talk pasture ^ fjsAs.".,..Barnes or TFFT TTRFO TOO While much is said ibout tired women it mn^t be remembered that men also p-v the ppniltv of over work -When the kidnevs are w e a k inactive or sliiggish when one QUICK REPAIRS ONE HOUR "\\lii · w a i t t l n e e O i \ s I can maki, it in one t ^ a ' o n t ' anr^serable MV t*_e 5AVE $ $ ^ ^ J^r^tS^ ou blues ' lacks enprjry and amhition Foley 7viane\ Pills are tonic ·strengiheninc Th«j act Sold e"v ervwhere Send tl e broken S\ ,\.ti anti-e a i exict j ui r pi escriplion Fi imes reptin ed also EXACT DUPLICATE f qulckl/ c^uphcate \ \ i t h o u t He Had Qualified A stranger in an Indiana vill ige thought he might improve the time b attending service in the local church At the conclusion of a lengthy talk the minister announced that he should like to meet the board The strangei in company with several other per sons proceeded to walk to the front of the church The pastor thinking there must be some misunderstanding aaid to him ' I believe, Blr you are mis taken This la Just to be a meeting of the board " "Well' replied the visitor 'I ha\e listened to you talk for more than an hour and if anyone has beon more bored than I have been I should liku to know who It la '--Christian Herald PREPAREDNESS THE QUESTION THAT IS AGITATING THE PUB LIC MIND IS, "TO BE" OR NOT TO BE " Wo know that the fanners must be prepaied in old ei to laise a. crop We have been piepaimg them foi the last 28 yeath and a i e still at the old stand waiting foi uioie OUR PRTCBR QUALITY OF GOODS and COURTESY OF TREATMENT SPEAK FOB THEMSELVES "CASH" ib oni slogan We talk it and belie-ve in it Tbe nieicliaut that sells on time to Tom, Dick and IJauy is compelled to add to the pi ice in oidei to take caie of tbe losses Our Lines of SEEDS, BUGGIES and FARM MACHINERY ARE THE BEST THE MARKET CAN PRO DUCE and OUR PRICES--WELL COME IN AND SEE SCRUBYBROSMCOMPANY 6 2 | ftllOU'SP i03 N S 4 - 3 -^ITER d-mill ^Phone 7 a Mre --. _..,-, ,, ? 36 - tf . WANTED--A girT^for general house work Apply to Mrs W Wj Edgerton cor Locust and Polk 2ts , or phone 303 24-tf W"ANTED STRAW--Win pay $4 5o a ton, stack run, in car Will receive it at Wheeling Cream Ridge Sampsel, Lock Springs, Bedford Fountain Gro\e, Utica and Chilli cothe Will also buy your hay old6wl T S Bishop FUK KEWT FOR. RENT--Furnished room, strict ly modern, 615 Vine 6 FOR KENT--6 room house partlv modern, at 333 Mansur St Call at 122 Vine St or phone 891.W 6-6 FOR RENT--Store room with fun sized basement at corner of Elm and Webster, fine location for grocer les or feed Chas H Grace TOR RENT--7 room residence 3 lots and barn on north side of Jackson street and west of Dickenson St 30-tf J E Watkms FOR RENT--8 room modern house Bath, full basement, furnace pai- ed street 8 lots, garage Rent by year Address Marlow Bros , Chula Mo 25.M FOR RENT--Storage space Hender son Son 10_tf **OK SALE INVALID S CHAIR--For an} one i\ ho needs it Phone 629 4-3 FOR SALE--Overland Touung CT, good as new, only 4 months old Phone 21 2 _ t f FOR SALE--Ford Runabout Bar gain is taken at once Phone 182 6-3 Bewlxt and Between. ' The hesitating Hamlet type of man had best keep out of finance" said Mr Lawson at a recent dinner, accord ing to Everybody e Magazine ' I had a bohood friend of the type I mean-- I a fellow named Grimes He waa a falterer a doubter of the most exaggerated sort One evening I stopped to call on him and found him in a deep study, bent over a white waistcoat lying on a table " 'Hello, Grlmea,' I nald 'What a the trouble'' 'This waistcoat,' he replied, hold ing the garment up to view 'It s too CASTORIA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 3O Year* ONE MILLION KINDS rnmo'Snrl SL' enSCS r '°' n t h c '° '° h Slasb ' dlrty to wear and not dlrtv enough to fiend to the laundry I don t know what to do about It'"' Always bears the \VTtCHIjTNG EXCTAFSIVT T T j N E R U j MVCRY Special Cill m u l e foi Parties rail 'B.»lls. Phono "513 , glasses sime Ja b paiccl post C O D Lowest possible thaijeb G. W. PALM SPECIALIST IN OPTOMETRY 818 Webster St Chill cothe Mo Phones o*'!"-" SOS Residence 145QM ! ii,,, rt i ierj Tue- Mr, and Mrs Dave Senenich were shopping in Clulhcothe Saturdav 5Ilss Clara Elting of Chillicotho'Private S O a ST VIE A ETFTHN4RI4A Calls Promptly Answered Miss Grace Clem is the guest of relatives in St Louis MT and Mrs Sam Jarvis, Mesdame-r. TucKer, Fxillertoii Bell and Brenne- of Chillicothe attended the Hal- lowe'en partv given bv the Eastern Star Tuesday night. Miss Kuth Lowe was in Kansab City Saturday S FILLS Till. IMAMOi.B JBHAM A JLndlcnI Asl. your W-ujrclBi for /L\ ""' -*"* tei-sJMmnoiHlBmiKiAfV* J M I 1 « n !!.! and told nxmlllAVj' 1 o»«i staled i» th Bloc R bbon \/ T»l.« no niter .B ; ,;F .f.i!rar._Y ·was the guest oj Miss Erama. Dimitt PHONES Ouice 841 Residence 716 Sundav. Miss Martha Lowe left Saturday for Coffej-ville, Kansas, to spend the winter Mrs Walker of Wisconsin is the guest of Mr and Mrs Lester Seelej Mrs Chapman of South Dakota visited" her daughter, Mrs Pearl Wilson last week Mrs A F Carter of Chillicothe spent Saturdav w i t h Mr and Mrs W E Beat XHce Phone 2S3 Residence Phone 1339-J Dr J. E^. Callazvay SPECIAL ATTENTION Gn EN TO TREATMENT OP DISEASES OF NERVOUS SYSTEM, DIGESTIVE ORGANS ALL CHRONIC AILMENTS and Diseases of EYE, EAR NOSE AND THROAT Office Hours--S to It 'JO a. m 1 to 5 SO p m. Office 2nd Floor Peoples Trust Co. I CHIROPRACTIC is tlie philosopln, science and art that accounts Tor locates, and ad3usts the cause ot dib ease 4.nj i n f o i m a t i o n T\ill be gladlj gi\en at nn ojlce free H. H. HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O E Lady Attendant SEISER BLDG --Opposite New Post Office-Phone 31 " Semer Bltlg CinUUCOCHE, SIO Obliging. At a certain church Jn a Jersey town it la the Invariable custom of I the'clergyman to MSB the bride after the ceremony A young woman who . was about to be married In the church did not relish the proapect and In , structed her prospective husband to tell the clergyman that she did not wish him to kias her The bridegroom obeyed the instructions given "Well, Harry," aaid the young woman when he appeared, did you tell the minister that I did not wish him to kiss me'" Yea" 'And what did he aay'" "He aaid that in that case he would i charge only half the usual fee " Public Sale 1 will sell at public auction 1 1 2 miles east of Spnnghill and 7 1-2 mill s northwest ot ChilHcotuc the f o l l o w i n g properts on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 1916 I t Head (if HOIM.M ajid Mules--1 sonel mare 10 3 ears old v t about 1200 pounds, 1 bl ick mare 6 yeais old, wt_ 1200 poundb 1 black nlley S ^ c u s old w t 1^00 p o u n d (all the=se mares are is toal by hoisej, Igild in,^ 3 eais old, 1 soriel fillcy 1 jear old, 1 suckling male colt, 2 tlitee jeai-old mules 2 mules 2 jcirs old 1 jcarlmg mule 0 Head or Ciitiile--1 cow 3 3 cars old, 1 cow, 9 j ears old Thesi cotts are all giving milk and will be fresh in spung 2 sucking calves 12 Held of Hogs--4 brood sous 3 "with pigs by side 1 Tvill farrow by Januaiy Ibt 8 shoots weighing about 80 pounds each Implements and H«imess--1 cor iplanter, 10 ft hari ov, 1 disc 1 riding cultivator walking cultivator, breaking plow.l \\agon, 1 buggj 1 set shafts, 1 'sot single h-vrness, 2 sets double work harness 1 sad die TI lt»»J7CTSp*'"-«KWJ"WWI*r*fl'" H M and Peed--t tons of baled haj , some lojse hav in barn, 100 shocks of fodder ! '*·**""~'»W Household and Kitchen Timiltnre--1 Favorite incubator nearly new , 1 oil stove with four "burners good -is new, 1 coal or wood Round Oak heater and other articles too numerous to mention Terms madp known on day of Sale --· ~ r-r · Lunch served by ladies of Zion Church ~~ iTM'""" Sale to comrnnce at 10 a m I OR SALE--Fou- room cottage on I paied street, electric lights, cit water in yard $1200 Gill Ryan 4-6 FOR SALE OR RENT--5 room bun". galow new, cheap if taken at once Inquire 4J3 E Jackson, or telephone 732 28-tf - M E OR RENT--Modern s burban property, 10 room houw with 5 acres of ground For partlcu lars phone 1454-T 10-tf TOR SALE--1 haFd coal store No" 300 Art Garland 1 solt coal stova Phone 1443-M 819 Polk St 14tf FOR SALE--At bargain one Studebaker roadster first-cla^s condition, fully equipped See Dr Black rOR~SALE--2 houses and lots, five blocks from square Call at this office for fuither infoimation 3-tf "OR SALE--Encyclopedia Brittanica 23 volumes, fine binding good a° new, $20 1 set McCaulev s HUton -f England 5 volumes $3 1 vacuum weeper Argjle, almost new, $5, 1 "reen velvet Davenport-bed S20, 1 pather covered office or library chair Telephone 246 A W CIES Auctioneer O. R. Dowell, Owner Dr. W. R. Simpson Practice Devoted to General Medlcin« 25 Tears Experience In Disease of the EYE, EAR and GLASS ITTTINO O«H» Answered Day and Sight lELEPHCHVE 35 Office A Residence--415 E. Webster CHILLICOTHE MO hilln- rh- O 01, I O O F MEFTS EVERY VOXDA1 MGHT Matter of Sentiment. "What makes you go In through the kitchen '" "I don't know our servants very well," replied Mr Cumrox ' Some way, the front hall seems kind of for mal and distant Around at the kltch en steps they ve got an old door mat with Welcome 1 on It " FRANK B NORMAN SAM M JARVrs Norman S: Jarvis FUNERAL ETOMK FMB4LMERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS Day Phone 417 Night Phones 153 - 569 B4BT HAD "WHOOPING COUGH Mrs Sam C Small, Clavton, N M writes 'My grandson had whoop ing cough when he was three months old We used Foley s Honey and Tar and I believe it saved his life He is now big and fat " Foley's Honej and Tar is a fine thing to havf in the hou^ for whooping cough croup coughs colds Sold every heie C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S G A S T O R I A BEFORE YOU BUY COAL - CAUj UP THE STANDARD COAL and JUNK CO. TELEPHONE T8 IT FOB LESS WE P4Y MORE FOR JCTVK 406 Second St , Chillicothe If t Dr. T. G. Phelps U OSTEOPllH Use Constitution Want Ads OFriCC IX GUM1Y 2nd Stiiirnay noitli of l^eepei House OHLLLICOTHE, MO. PHONES Residence, 208, Oilice, 141 Calls answered promptly day or night

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