The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 6, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1923
Page 9
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•FRIDAY, JULY 6, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, —jiiiu 1 -. 'iu. mui V.XCE F.r.EYTiv STILL IN RACE Yeoman Official Says Hutchinson is One of Few Cities Not • Eliminated. ' Carl Vroomaii, Kansas City, Mo., a member o[ the b.'.urd of directors of the nullonal Yooman lodge together with J. K. Wntfell of K UIIBM City, K IID ., a statu officer were here today on Imsittean. Tonight they will go with 11 party of Hutchinson folks to Sterling to attend a big meeting of the Yooman lodge, there. Mr. Vrooman is mighty -welcome to Hutchinson theflu flaya HB ho In one of tho eommlUe.e to help locate tho national ehildrenSs homo. He was here with a party of officials a few weeks flKO. / "ft is only since the fti'M o£ July \' tliat the yeoniau lodge could bo ln"'a position to uwn and Operate a chll- 'Alren's home," 'he tiaid today. "Our charier granted under the laws of Iowa, aUpwetl us to only owii property to he used as national headquarters ro we have had to wait a change of tho charter by the Iowa lcglslture and fhlj change wont Into effect last Sunday. . "In the meantime the ten cents a mouth assessment made by the grand' lodj;e on the individual members has been rolling up quite a sum, ulnce the idea started about fifteen nionthe ago. We ifaw have over $(100,000 in this Intnl. "iK'Ciaion as to tti• • moat likely five or cljjht places hail been made by the committee and these will be gene cvef by a landscape Rudeaer and architect . .who will then make a lour of inspection .mil report. Hutchinson 1 B still i-uiunt; the coveted places of being a cc;niidafe for (lie place. "The Idea of the IIHIRQ maintaining a chlldiv-n*s home bus made a bis increase in membership and Interest,' lie said. COUNTY TREASURER RESIGNS RESULT OF BANK'S FAILURE (Continued Prom Pago 1.) drafts nier.t Blties Hint al '.MIS pa: cud it -March for the Ul> till- time 1 , and remiitani-.; nf t.'ixio ill nr'!e had pib-l mi ii is usual nt t re-tnii-rd from -r tliat date to anil enter pifcvm nv.R Tim ( h.-. ' t of this ai-cila-a pay- pen dra the ban not I •ti this ch:-. nf roc. and of pay eplmn.ttl th li u-hiih ti iiiformnt'.m \soul.i be paid 1; .is r<-oueete<l by tiie check in for A fo- the to avoid the otrii polled of the it:.ty to ninety v. rit" up the ••• upon the in question sled busin.js -1 • tlie first of v. as reach, d t and matcia.; •lit. At tic'.! i-Vurth State ..ln-ck was s to whether -.- the said the bank i few daw very apparent to me. My conduct In this whole matter was In perfect good faith and without any personal interest whatever,.and while at Urn lime 1 saw no diuiKor of harm or Injury to uny one, it is now easy -to see. that I should hav-o taken a different course. The accounts and funds of the County Treasurer during ray term havo beon 'properly handled and with the exception of tho slmslo'mistake In not insisting upon "Tho payment of this chuck when It was reached, there will bo nothing whatever found wrong with my accounts or in connection with the luntls undar my administration of tho office. Hindsight the Best. Under tho conditions us they appeared and a3 I believed them to bo At the, time of the transaction in question, It then looked to me 1 very tjdfferout from what it does now when considered iu the light of the changed condition.-, which havo arisen by reason of the failure of tho bank. I am tendornig my resignation for the reason that I now fully appreciate, my error of Judgment in thin matter, and 1 am disposed to cooperate with your board ami thoso acting for the County to fully protect its Interests In the matter. I think there no loss to tho County on account of the way this cheek has been handled and 1 II in disposed mid willing to do all in my power to prevent and protect against any loss on account of this unfortunate, mistake. Respectfully yours, U J. ADK1NSON. County Treasurer. The report of a special auditing oommittee, oonnistlug of Probate J UI>K « Howard Baker, Charlss S .Fulton unci Charles Colladay, was made to the county commission this morning, giving figures on treasury balances anil calling attontion to tho check on tlio defunct bank which is temporarily worthless. Bond Protects County. The county eomm!t»sloneri* are not disposed to 'proceed against Mr. Ad- klnson, whom they feel Is tho Innocent ! victim of circumstances, though to 1 blame for his negligence. His bond Is, a.mplo to cover any possible loss which j might develop with liquidation of the ( bank. Mr. 1 Adkinsou feels bo can J make good auy amount which may be lost. > , The Water & LtgJit Co., presented the cheek in payment of its first half taxes on December 20. 1822. A receipt j cc was subsequently mailed to the company but the cheek has never been cleared, though records show the company Jiad sufficient balance at all times'in the Kourth Stale hank to meet tho check. Mr. Adkinsou when ', Although Snii first questioned concerning; his rea- _,by (low Pavis son for not giving iu tho check'* declared that official* of the ban]; had requested him to'ludd it. Saved Payment of Interest. Two reasons may have prompted illoged request by the bank, de- ti bore last Sun- He defeated day, Ihree up. MAY GET TOGETHER ON THE SHIP Alabama Senator Returned From Europe With Some New Idcas. Washington, July 6.—Adoption by the United States of aiaso definite policy 'looking to tho ultimate peace of the world and rehabilitation of shattered financial condltlous" was art- ealed 'by Senator Underwood of Alabama, former. Democratic floor leader,. In a statement issued upon hit) return from Europe. "We seem to be slnnding in respect to the affairs of lilurope," he said without a policy, without: a courage of convlctlon, without anything that goes to make man a plan or a government a government." It would not be. necessary, thought, for the United States to enter the le &sufl of nations to fultill Its war time 'pledges to aid in securing the peace of the world," and declared the international court, or Justice held mnhlng that could "either wolve or i direct the difficulty ami dangerous I economic and financial probleujs that are paralyzing the onward progress of 'business development in Europe." He found -more causes for war there at present, he said than existed in .Jnnu- ary, 1914, and predicted that unless the financial and economic conditions aboard were remedied they would bring "distress and disaster to our people at home." ' Efforts of State Department Fig-lit Seme Nation, Beside England, Interested. HARRINGTON WOULD OUST J. E. SMITH "WV/un^om July 6. —The possibility that powers other than Ureal Urltaln might look favorably on Secretary HURUOH ' plan for a treaty covering ^ship liquor etorcn and rum smuggling sug&ot-led itseU today when it became liiiowu thai, there hud tyeou informal oonvcrsittioua with representative;! ot at least .one of tho oilier powers which received tho stale department's proposal. Inquiry at (ho state, department brought no information on th'« pa tut. nor wan thcrw anything to ttidic:ito what nut ion had intinmUd a favorably attitude toward tin: Hughe* plan. It appeared certain, how«ver, that there had been at least an indefinite su^'fs- tion that the plnn mifdit be found acceptable by (he power concoruod, Separate Pacts. The treaty plan called for separate pac'a with ^ar.h of the maritime, powers. Should yoiuo other power ao- vCtspt the proposal to extend the right of sorueh for eontraband up to the 12- mlle limit, there would nothing to prevent the eon elusion of a two party treaty on the subject. Under sueli a treaty, when It had been ratified, merchant nhlpu of the foreign signatory would move in American torri- .teriad watern unmolested uml in addition couid bring in liquor to be shipped under bond over American railroads for reBhlynicnl to foro;gn destinations. Latter Has Election Commissioner Job Desired By the Former. Topoka, id i nps Kan,. July C—Ouster pro- were ItiHtiniU'd in the (Kn-n- supremo, court today by Grant \V. Harrington, ne.-Tetury of the county Dwnoei-aile organization at Kansas (Ci:y, Kan i Kanpas l l 'iLy at d be lis ti* tiie ^aute time as it— r /naH ri:'.ht and wou The juat(. ri r stood for sonir- and from time to Time wr;i>:i iu- w m made fi:. 1 bunk reMuo-vitul the i -hrck be not turned in until •- day); later. I never had at. any and that paid, timo 0'jiry that it fe\ tinu> any reason to dou!)t but v/hnt tho check v,-u)d he paid when presented ami without inaklujj any inquiry lis to the roanoti fer the rernmsts co-t>i- ini' from the 1>LIitk. ;truined that per- I IH I- H 1 .1'ie rictrouivt on wliieJi LbWcheek was drawn w;is not at the time sufficient to pay the lull anumnt of the 1 cheek. I * No...Suspicion of Bank. I newr at any time had any* suggestion or idea but what tin- affairs of the said hank weiv in pood condition until the third of this month. I (hen ir.ur.* dialely gave my attention to the adjtiiunent of the county de-. pewit in aaid hank KG ay to protect it. and the fact that the cheek mentioned had not been turin-d iu and paid did not occur to me in .time fo take any ac'ion in the m'.'.tier before the bank \\*:-\ riosul. Of <.oUi'.:o. 1 ncv {-..!* in any mannm* nt Jiii y iiiiio h:id any pi-rt:onai iu- t.evf;;^ iu the Fourth State Hank and nt the time of handling the check in •the manner indicated liy tlii:5 statement 1 liad no tliought that there .•would be -«aiiy losr; or injury di anybody in the matter. In the H^ht of • Htih-yc'iueni. and mic.'vpf.-lod de/olop- Xucutu, of fourrc, my mistake is now tills sire to evade paying the county in- j t.ore^.t and need of the cash. A H long I ;n tin* money was in the account, of ! the. Water & 1,-ight Co., it meant no j interest. ; Tho auditing committee rcconi- i mended that the county at once pro- j euro !.t".itomentK .from all of tho hanks of the county for the purpose of deter• mining ?h .ri balance on hand to the ! credit of the county. Thin infurina­ tion Is wuutod for a supplemental report. ed to succeed ago, S .mlth s;il cording to Ha What Harrington us.^ rt that he is entiib'd to as i ! T - removal of £> in due ltroees.i of I u'minat J. 13. SpiUh, r-Kft. ion cotvi.nitiRRii>ner. h was ordered removed and Harriugtop appolnt- htm, n\L>vi^ than a month 1 off-upie .-s thv- nfflee, ac- iTu)Uton':i petition. Petition Says. i his petition job, inasmuch i wa 5 <»rdere<l the governor having helil Smith gedty of violating , the lawrt gt>v v vning said office, j Smilh'a answer also wan filed, netting ! forth tic r!.-''V'udant '9 <-lai-ni ..that the I governor's order fur re.novai' waiv in; valid and of no el'feer. Smiih, a Tte- ; publican, c-h:u , : i es the governor based . his actlr>u.-? only on partisanship. A .motion to nd^auee the ea»e for hear- j ing aloo was filed and it is probable that the court wilt hear tho ease soon. BOARD OF AGRICULTURE LOOKS INTO IRRIGATION THE DAILY RECORD Going Over the Ditches and the Plants in Vicinity of Garden City. Garden City, Ju'.y *-—;'/rngation systems In..Finney and Kearney county •were under study of tho state board of agriculture today In connection with the quarterly. meeting of the board here today and tomorrow. The' board met here at the»request of Q. ,S. Knapp,- state irrigation commissioner. It is Bnid to he the first time that the board has met outside of Topeka, excoftt for the annual September meeting at Hutchinson in connection with the state fair. An automobile tour of the two counties was made today. Tomorrow the will Inspect the beet sugar mill, 'and e.vperimciit station. j School Attendance. ! "Washington: There are in attend- I ance at schools in tho United Staten ! 5,075,070 more persona than there : were twenty years ago. Deeds, tn Knnidf Wtnue 1! Ha: to Martha. J, biittun, 1 lo P. M. Wubbcr, W. M. T^ick lots ftR, 'ii, 3\ i lid utttl., South V. M. Wei. ir to SWU 2S-2«-S. Martha J. lnitlun O imji- K' 1 VV, Owjitan to Mnry S\ Owston, lot i', hlk 21 Klckt.'i'.-oii lot 0 iun\ S»{. i>, b'\i 83 Nickorwm. W. Jt. llontnn to n. T'. M-nrrtn.,], lots 1, 2 Warvoiij* 1 Rt add. Hnirhln .st .n. Lillian Illgifiim to C. F, Prico, lot 65 Ave. It West iiutchbiBon. L-'wlg It. I-ewltt t«> Ilvrl^rt C- Tot ten, Vot^ -SI Ave. AVrst Hittehlnyon. >[ciiH't I>riikr» td (', K. UVlty, J40 acres off r: Hidp .«•.•<'. TriHitufK 'or 1st Hai'tl.^T obnirh to Geo. I,. (..'hi-Hbro. IOIH 125, 127 Sherman St. East Hutchinson. MarrlaQe Licenses. Fre.l V. bany, Htit^Kluaon Sa(ii-> Mao Hutrtiinsun OSAGE INDIAN WON." He Was One of the High Golfers at the Arkansas City Tournament, Arkamnia City, Kan., July 6.- Monroe George, O-sage Indian, parred the local £otf i:tutn;o with, ti^yesurday. th« lowest score that han lieen shot on the links by either .professional or amateur. Ueorge was eliminated by Alex Graham in the state eharnpinn- Rhln flight ut Salina on tho 17th hole. REFUGEE CAVE DWELLERS GOSSIP OF THE STREET I ^OUUI1lll!I>UU11l!liJiaum»dfHU^IU ^^r .UlUl» Reducing Overhcn d—The -Rock Island has laid off a bi£ force of s r i»e- clal agents, cutting down to the normal number. Thia is taken to mean that (ho harvest hand rush is expected to be over. Uoy Bennett former turnkey at the roimty jail who •ha* been with the Hock I * In ml at Prni.t and other points for auveral months, is here a^aln. New Pastor Locates—The He v. Stephen Hutclier, S -^stor of the Cou- We^'aUonal church who recently came heie froai Leavenworth, \\i\s leaded a residence at iiey Fjlevsnth avenue \.'0:V - Going to Islands—Willis L. Uo;-> of Shields, Kan. and Oscar V, I.hinco of I-OH An.ucles enlisted in the ['. S. Army at. the bu-;i 1 recrulriaK stii('m"i at the Armory this moru-niv, Ticy were a^^i^iied to duty in t.he inf; stationed in tho IMilllippine Is! — x— Strite pay for Battery A—i'atterv A of the. 130th i'MeW Artillery will h >Td its regular drill period this week io- niKht. The diill Wednesday niuht •\va.? postpetied beeaiuie it v,as a holiday. Thr» State pay for the s.u;uinl qiMi'ter has- been received and \\-dl be tflven out tonight. Arrested for Ark *City— Charles Hale war. arrested here last night, by Sheriff Jesse Ijangford on reo,ue.-it of Arkansas tMty authori'tie .K. He was taken to Arkansas City but Sheriff Langford did not learn the charge. —x— Released on band —Louie Bonbrook, arretted yesterday on a statu.itory charge preferred 'by tho father of a 15-year-old South Hutchinson girl v-'tirf arraigned before Justice of the Peace It. P. lVWllBon and released on $2,000 bond, pending his examination. ONE BALLOON IS NOT YET BACK TO LAND Twelve of tha Gas Bags That Went up From Indiannpolis Have Reported. (Py Tho AFMH -int^d rre:w) Indianapolis, lml.. July 0 — Detenni- nnlinti of liie winnor ot (ho tliirtoonlh nutioiiat oliiniiiaUoii balloon ra.-o. which stai-n.'d from hero July 4, lo.lay .awal'u-il a ropont from only OIK 1 ship, Jhe I'l'-iU-d States navy No. A-ll'J'.I.S. in c.liarBi! of I.lout. L. .1. Until, of Lal.o hurst, N.J. Of tho Ihli-tcpn balloon'; whirh took off lato Wednopd.iy afiorntJon, alt havo boen roiiortor] a:i havii:^ luniteil oxrol>f that In vvhlt-h l .ii-iii. Hoth is rblin;;. Accomijanyiim l.iout. Until as tiiita la Ijiout. T. 11. Null, also-of I.akuliurst. Traveled Farthest. Unofficial calcuiai .ons ,!:«• that Limit. Uu'.n-rt S. nt' WashhiK- ton, piloting tlu- I'niiod Stat'.',; army S li. has truvolud Ihu iartluat UHtaixte <tf Ihos" \v !tt> hav^ roiiortod. Tin. 1 diytaiH 'o b* tv .-c .'ti Indianapolis' and .Ma.illla. N. Y., vvboro he desoenitod is appro.ximatelv -1 1". 0 miles. Tho -'St. Louis" In oharun nf ,T. K. Honeywell, of St. Louis which was said, unoffii-itiliy to have traveled -l- :l miles in leai-hlntf Hroetott. N. Y.. atituds second in the race to date, H wa .s ealeu '.atetl unofficially. YOUTHFUL BANDITS SHOT GROCER TODAY Almost Without Warning- Tftey Shot Man, Robbed Store and Left. Manhattan. Kan youthful handlls t Service (.Jro''' r ry Stnr>> bnsine; ; 5j d i.-u rict hi're ; ocloek tins Jiuiraiiij.'. e.:ni out v/aruing, shot, tho ] i>. Pram is. The bullet, above tie' he-art. a local lio.-p:uI port hu> •-ojidUh FraiR-ts t^-dd j did not ofier t> rifled the rash July 6. tin- ihe low i almost roprk-to: try REAL ESTATE BOARD FAVORS SCHOOL-BONDS At a meeting Of the HuN-lun^ou Heiil Bstate Board yesterday, the matter of the coming bond election f<> 1 ' erootihg a in-w toliool building at the Maple F -trcet slle^nnd an aildiilon at Sherman Junior high wa.s brought up and received the hearty imdo:>;efstent of the board, the members "f which will work to oee that the bonds carry for this needed improvement to the school property. small touring front of tin- 1 s; definite c!u<> \ ing as to -\viiU.' wh.'ther the;, was ahme in i. nt< v red. i to tiouv\ stating teen uml won I'Yuucm was ta; where plivsicia \ is uritu-al. • lice >>f!'i.'er^ tl Kdsi. The b regis!er, CL'; ! , W. j'.ed •ar ih„ bad it rid druv tvailablc ihe JM CITY DADS DECIDK SHE'S ()UiiE> DEATHS AND FUNERALS Mrs. Louisea Moore Dies. Mrs. Louisea B. Moore 1 , Gl', wife of Mr. Henry C. Moore of Florence died last night at the home of fur daughter, Mrs. Loo Wells, 127 North Town street, following a short, illness. Mrs, Moore, cttmo here about a month ago, and lias been living with her daus;li- ter, when she took ill. The funeral will he held tomorrow afternoon at 3:31) o'clock from the Johnson Immoral Parlors, burial in the F'airlawn cemetery. HAD HANtJ AMPUTATED. Ed Woodson Got Hand Caught in Combine Harvestrc. Ed Woodson of Potialosa suffered a severe Injury to his loft hand today, and was ibrought hero to tho Me.thodl»t -hospital, where it was amputated at the wria-t. Mr. Woodson was working on a combine harvester In the, field, when he fiot his hand caught in the machinery, crushing it. He Is still in the hospital. Duplicates to Schools. Washington: There were 4000 duplicates of tho various specimens hi th'! National Museum, Washington, distributed to schools and colleges during 16:2. Win IHOUbAND MEN AND WOMIuN rofugeoa from Asia Minor, find tlifflr only eholter in tho big sub- mttteo resumed its elowed jie ;sfnus it hx'at hotel yesterday nvu-rtuxMi. PIONEER KANSAN"dIED TODAY AT FARM HOME T- Amariib^ 'Yv.i., kil-led by a train f.wontv \ Ti !\ J JI:-\ 1. In ilrvii said to I; , n en! Mil at;. Lewellyn Gociiwin First Came to Kansas in 1871 and to Rice County in 1871. la.vwellyn Hood win, one of tite. who eamo to Kansas in tie* sevei to see a tdate grow into great v>o dieil Huddenly last evening vit c<mntry home of hU daughter, Mr:*.! Fred Uob.-rt>a>n near Winer. He wasj ST y«*ars i-f age. The Cnuetal will le.^ [ held on Sunday umrning at U o'fhiek. • from the Uoiieiisou home a r.nie and a half rant uf ICImer with Uev, VV*. U.' Stevens iu charso. Interment will be in the i^liuer comoUry. • Air: (.bHMlwin wav btrrn at Sandy Point ile, lie yeryed 1H yarn as railor and when hi-, eouutry weef ui war in ISihS lie K.Tved fnr tlir "e- ye;i i v .dtii t 'tt. K, uLh Main** voluui'er.-i. Ho was married to .luUu, Ann (oeenlea: Jan. 11. l'Jtil who tib -d three year;- a.go. l ^ailowing the war Mr. (J ^odwin ea.uie we.-t v. it.'n hia wife av.d fondly and tl;ey Hfltb -d ;t r Shawnee, now KIMI City, Kan. In KS70, the folio^viug year they cnnie to Hiee coui,:t.ry >>*-•( rl i rs =; on a claim between Lyons and ibm-'- snii where they livedo until a f- w years ago. ot it' 'it Amaritlo l=p » when he we; r to •in bad a hie ranch maty. In Texnr. he Is umuluted o'V^JO ae3*na home was one of tha fin-'sr, i:i Amariiie. Light Were Killed. Wall;niil. »n, X. /, . .lullv fi. K;ght per•oils we: i-.' killed and ;iN injured ye^rt-r- ilay when an Aueklnm!--V\*. !iin;;ton ex- Iires"-: 'rain vas deraile.l near Tanm- TOO UJkTE TO Cl -ASlirV lie 'tors. MVNt also , vived by Itoherrt if I tie san ter uml thr on his two "danupl­ and Mrs, .1, n. ' IieiL-lihtMhfed e urandchildr n L -randchild Is. We Kan? ttfall ami family lit! ft'M -llt "SU I'll be : ,r.' from some 1 Slerlin m-'e^mK. Mr. ail't Mi-! to Wirhita. till it. !•:. iiuik i' by the police tlii ina drunK. Th'. V ^oiiKin 1 ties t'hambsr <n' ( of 10. W. MeX:i::s r(-ys, K. I'-, lliu'ko will attend tl-... ' HterliiiLr toiiii'.'.it. CONCEALSD P3OPERTY. Jus :, WAN', P. ;.b-l;e,l u for II. lhmr'h- men •i-'i-ip- Over Fetle K:insa • ('it v i 11. • M Si litll. clmracs ru ;-t i->- P. SO All) , hi! iS I Up! .lu'v hi- .-• -1 h.-i Tcoiibte ] Laws. Ide ill Wo: ti ' 1 )s; til! 4 r;- . to* n-26: A NEW HOG SHED AT. STATE FAIR GROUNDS I .Mi:. S Al --TK .lt 4 (IRA, IS i'J-Ml f In order to i: factlitiisi for th t.he Klate I'-.-iir l-'air Hoard a inhere y.-i,-,lerday now In-;: shed c ly at. a cost of ! 1). thii: hlitio: • 'del- V WIM'.i'.V • mi si-uciAivrit. t ejf nctory. i-.l.'i. J'tlDNM . 1. at their tio'i-t: letoil in Jir,. ,)i. ; . Society adopted th On.-, soin Atchison '.: Wi of ;uk:n! ii,- fill .MAfl.K, HtlT01ltN.Sl>N. K3 Tl rV^'St More DoctorB Wantftcl. New York: Itecaaae of the great need of competent doctors in tin; nival districts of New York State, tht, Al hany Medical College is •*t<>tn& to in diice country twya to outer cu'i!,.-;.;s\ The valno of property ns< lie school purposes lu thu ostihiiitud at $-',-109,719,lau. I for linb- ouutry in Miss Helen Plemons with the cup fihe won. Miss HeWn Plemons -liaa jitht bcti adjudged the mo. t lieautlful bathing Kirl In Chattanooga. (.Mty eonijni»s.ion- erri acted jttdKcs and eelectfed her. She received a maniiuolh loving cup. NOT MAKE FLIGHT. Roa^d Amundsen Has Decided Not to Try to Fly Over'North Pole. (liy The Associated i'r.-s.) Nome, Alaska, June C.— t -apfain Hoald A.mundsen hur, tle-fi ,i 1 r • • 1 y abandoned his proposed flight ai-r>iu» t ,Uo tun-tli pole from Wain-wi-issUi, Alaiilut, to r;p-i ;::ljeVf ,en. av:c^ulin-,r to Ciit!in.'.u- Kaasiati, the explorer who ar- riv-d'bero on the tl Wolf, from lvot:-:( 'iii -.e, aint waiuv.iir.iit. A REPORT TOMORROW. Result of Investigation of Stat; ficet -3 To tie Announced. Of- 'i'i»pe! Of tin- in Vf.-'ss. i . Kan. ,!i- Iv.- .tlk.;: ( tUtvi.-; a^aimit Tun:' - .-itiil State Thornpi-on, will be time tomorrow," -The. flmliRjs't ve comrnietee iiaile by Gov. Auditor N. A. Troawrwr K. 'I', itiade public -eoine- it waii announced as-no.4 State «sUoi tly after noou today. The. com- Do You Know ihe Pleasure -brou;:;iil by a check coming- dend duy? f sound investint'-? i —oi owrnn-- an ink-res' in tin'.- n y '—oi li;i\-in«. it work ? your inoiH -y invested v, here divi- .•on can see An investment in the tliis company- will tirin tires and comi'ort:- i'el" erred you til] of sound Shares of tile pleas- iiivestin'r. SIX HCXIikK!) FRIENDS NOW WHY NUT VUl; Oh VOC'K. vi- It iiilU )KS AND IIAVI-: INVI'SI'I'd) WITH US. United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Customer Ownership Department. United Wat':.-, Claa & Electric Co. me interimt:m about Uimile-nen: Plcaae lour urefen-ei.l atoc; Namo Addret>3 City, •0

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