The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 7, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1914
Page 2
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Page Two T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Tuesday Evening, July 7,1914. Engluh Champion Favorite Over American. London J i l l - - -- T e d \ \ c l a h I ' K h l - w»ls,M c l n m i i f m of E r f - ' a m ! and ^ i lid l . i t t h l c . l i g h t w d g h t i h i m p t o n «' th« w o r l d a r r H c ' l In I ondon MIS m o r n l n « f r o m i l u l r t u n n i n g c a m p s it r o r l h c a w l Waleh. incl P i l t h t o n re ·.pectlMlv for t h e ' r f i g h t t n m c h t In t h n si«Jl «r?r» of Oh mp'i In t h e v,ftl crul of London R n h ho\eri A!T--.l th. irnpUf. i o n f l l«-nt of um-miK I t i i h i m p l m M u p ' " ! l " t h «iM I " 1 to I I n i h . p i n k "f l o n d i t i o n r i» i In ki t n i ' '"' I ' l ' ^ " f t f n i n t \\ EI.PI1 F \ V O R I T L W p l i h « U B a f m o r i t e I n t h e b e t t i n g 1 \ i Fin i l l niais n pi ·!'«! ^ h c r u i - e , r II . ^ i! port w h i c h h«» \ V t l « h com p i i r n t i h u n Iwn K i v l n - , h i m a t r n l i f t v h . M in. «t of f h » i . t i m e «o f I is l e i n ' i · t n f"'M In hi-s f i 1 . T PI IC.-l P "I H I \Ti F « l h - r nourt.^i i» f aft SF ma" -i of r*nm"n|p» 11 'h' m u t i h t i e Wimp 4f tr*ir»t h a i l n j . o h i e c t e d to the H« l - t e r i i i l U*h\ » o f f i c i a t i n g E u g e n e search for water and has employed a contractor to bore three wells The f f r e t one is now at a depth of 98 feet and there appears to be a fair flow of wate* but It %\1I1 be sunk Into the pool of =and that underlies this section of the count: . DEFEAT TLSCOLA AT ROftUE \rcola rogue players defeated TUB- cola again Saturday, winning (hree games played bv big margins In the ·Irst contest Louis Ault and Sam Bari l k l o w , of this city won from Capt A L fcli.Ei and Robert Logan, of Tuscola tn a score of 18 to 1 In the second game Ram COX beat Robert Logan, scor,. IS to 11 Th» third game bet w e e n Df O H Moser -nd A L Sluss wan not finished but Dr. Moser held a. b i g advantage iPUicnF IT Use of Lot Back of House Refused. Fire RITCHIF ' tft.1 f \ I n '""» poun.l* (.*, m j f i n "4 in 1'H I n Cfi t n 1 2 U i n I^\i In f 14 In W EL?H Ae* !i vears Hpiclit = feet 1 in \ \ e l e h t 13^ pounl- Rea^ h Neck h e « t -- n o r m i l E x p a n d e d Bl ep« Fnreirm W l l F t f i x . ' ; I I 12\ In 11 in It In :« In 12 in 10H in 13 In R»i in m n t a n July 7--The city will nat consent to hitch racks being placed in lot back of the fire house Mrs Fleanor Magilt owns «. s t i l p twenty- foiu feet wide and the length Of the lot ind ehe Is not In f a \ o i of allow- 11 c t h a t ground to he used A petit i o n was presented that the city establish racks on grounds donated by L Fremlenstien and Joseph Bordenkech- ker back of tbs Famous Cash stor« and of the Ca.hill Cleaning parlors and the m a t t e r will ba taken under considera- t i o n and was referred to Commlssion- r James Mflffett PERSON CASE JULY 12 At 10 o'clock Monday, July 12 Judge Cochran w i l l be here to convene court and to hear the motion In the case of Carl E Person as well as to dispose of ehanctrv cases There will be no l u r y trials in this term r\t I THE The F e % l » w » l l l post Ib* remit of the XTpl-h Piti-hi? f l e h t bv rounds. r-^.h f r o m IK \"oclited Profs leased ·«lr» '"nil Bell ··! or \ u l o m a t l c n"6 fnr TfnMf The f i g h t - t a i l s tn London at in in t o n i g h t \\hich IB S 30 thi= a f t e r n o o n D e r n t n r t i m e Thfi K e v i = « w i l l besln to get b i l l e t l n s bv iciinds about · 4H COfTRUNS^AWAY WITH ARCOLA MEN dry Attorney Adams say* hs will Rtart the cases over again, but Just where how he Was not prep irad to state. GOOD SCORES IN IOWA GOLF TOURNEY Ottumwa. la, July 7-- Playera en- tcied th« second day of the state golf tournament refreshed by a nio* rain urine the night and ft cool breeze blew over th* course early today Good scores wero the expectancy The play of jesterday witnessed a new course recc-id made when Don Newhurn of Des Moines made the eighteen holes in The weather condition of the greens and m « Interest that has been created IB IndlcatUs Of soma very low scores today Tomorrow will see , match plav again LA PLACE A good number from h«re celebrated the Fourth at Bement and Woodbine W A GArber aftd family returned to then home In Deeatur Weane»da\, after ««vera.l d»y»' visit with Frank Urban and family J A Tonev returned Friday evening, ante ten day? B»ence buying st6ck JDScnh Miller visited w i t h his daughter Mrs William Hornbacfc. in Deeatur, over Mis* Bess Hawthorne accompanied by her sister Mrs H H Bass of Decatur, were Springfield visitors Thursday I Samuel Hlser *\ Ife ana daughter Miss ] Ethel or Cerro Gordo, were visitors here Thursday evening Mr Noble and family of Lake Cltv were guests of R" J C Ewing and family the Mr« h f W TavWr and daughter Miss Lillian were guests of Mrs B F Ksgey "Le'onVe and family 6f near Dalton City, nere callers here SundaS evening His E^erett Gibson and chlJdien Msited In Decaliir w i t h relntlie* o\er Stinflas Miss Frol Jones visited with relatnel at Assumption f r o m Frida until Mondaj Miss Penrl Sutton u e n t to Casner Saturday to rUlt, with her sister Mrs S Mercer -ind fj^ e , a n l f a m l u ot Lake C ,, v ^ e r e of Mrs Foley s mother, here Situr- Many Objectors Attend Board Meeting. Ee\llhlmer, Of Milmlnc Is Taneys alncs Friday «ven- MISS Arrol, T.K --·« H r,,,) a w e l l k n o w n fim" l o e i d l p c « o u t h n e « t of Aicfiln w 11 « » r i n n a v iniur-rl S a t u r f l a v i f t e r n o o n » h e n a ro ' w h i c h he was d r l - i n g became f n e h t e r o d a n d r a n b u s g v and t h r - i w l n s M r C n = t a n d his ·son E i r l nnt on t h » roirl M r T r i p l W T « I n f .red . n t « r n s m a n f l =.urfe"el rrom 1 -,emo*rhigf= S i t u r d i i , n ( ^ l f ^ ^ i ^ f i n \ il 1 '. r o n - i i r i o n Is r f i r r l . 1 T- r i t h e i « e r . f U - i h^ the li.m u n i n j u r e d TO BOFK T H R E E 1\ ELL Th' ntv c n u n r l l IB engaged In a T a \ l o r \ i U e Jul\ 7 -- The ca=;°5 against the eleven rtembers of the ^pisot club, w h o drank bear oui of a Kee In the basement of this Hosan h u l l d l n s on t n e east * iae jf "' e s 'l j ' lre Monday night, and were chaise t with the violation of section 4 of Jim Le'Bh s o r d i n a n c e were dismissed h\ the - i a t t o r n e v in Justice Handel , court at 1 T M o n a a v aftei noon i t . f i 'he rtidc:5 ref iied j u r i s d i c t i o n rti=i Fud^e i,nce i« his reason for r e f u s IK the fact t h a t he was preludlcea asainst the acl c o m m i t t e d and also had a f i \ e d o p i n i o n in reeard to Its Miiai'% of the or- d i n i n c e The cases w e i e started In the court of pol ce magistrals Carmi Belts- were J d \riA f 'r?ther a guest at J '"jicoh M i l l e r wife and daughter G'afl\s w e e Deeatur Msitors Friday Misses Esther BeUlhimer and U n t a n Tonev and Mrs Mars C H f r = n k e u e r e guests of Orlie Oierstake and w i f e in Decitur Saturday Mhses BeOlhlmer ind Tone* il'O visited the latter'* iunt Mrs C L Holman in I3ecntur =unda\ Mls=es Lelat 1 nnfl Grace ^ h h e U Hope \vine ami Fm ly Lrtian Eldo Hendrlck« Gleen and Fes us ShUel\ «ent to Mioen Friday to spend the Fourth u i t h E F Bucking bam and famllr The s returned home ^Ionda^ MOWEAQUA. Mr and Mrs Charlw Zeits of Alnj worth I\eb are M«lting at the home of the former s brothe" J W Zeltz and f a m l l s Mrs M E Snsder entertained to a number of friends Wedn°Bdav afternoon in honor of her daughter Mrs G W Myers of Ed»aras\i!le uho has been vlsltlns here a couple of ne'Us , ,,, Sflsi Corrlnne Longenbaugh Is \ W t l n g f r i e n d ? at Mnntlcello this week Mr oml Mrs, Charles Miller of Decatur spent Saturdiv w i t h friends here Miss Acellft LeaeH from Hastln« Mich I« -vieltlnff -\Iiss Po=ella Thomas and other f r i t n d s here this week MIsM Penrl Powell of S u l l H » n Is \l«lt- I n t her a u n t Mrs Roslne Gregory Miss Od»««a Pools le't Wedn=sd«\ for rn j m h K Fa Is Mont for several months \ i = t u l t h rharles Ho^ell a n d f a m l l * J B Dill of Sorlnarfleld \lslt»d his bro- t h e r \ =; Dl of tM« rlu li't wo L P Bullock- and d a u c h f r Mr M^err\man left the first of the «e«k for Harrlsonville Mo for a "V-' v i s i t "It Charles Casey and far^lh Mrs T Y Qhsmel and nnc f r r m Gibson Ci \ a-e \ l s i t i n ? at t 1 » horr of the mei 5 moth?" Mr« M E f m d p r M i s G V, Po me and b - n t h f r Tonj Lln- rtoi=t le't T i e ^ d a y for a nslt with rela - -left the 'Irs, of the tor BU Bay Mich wh»r» he mil b» a «tu- len In t h e s immer school there f o r -e · k P Sullivan, July 7.--The board of local Improvements of ttu city council of this city, composed of Mayor F. B Piter, president of ta« board, and Alderman Charles F. McClur« of the First ward, and Aia«rman Francis M Ray and J. H. Burns of the Second ward, met at the city hall Monday morning at 9 o'clock to hear objections on the n«w sewerage sys'em which hafl been proposed for the city The hearing; was attended by over one hundred voters, including both men and women and lasted for about one hour and a half The sewerage proposition had been divided Into three districts by the proposition After the meeting was called to order by Mayor F. E Pifer Alderman McClure offered a resolution to have the sewerage question laid o^e^ until at least May 1, 1915 This w ag seconded by Alderman Ray but City Attorney Raymond D Meeker Informed the board of local Improvements that they would either have to adopt the sewerage system as planned reject H or amend It: so each istrict was taken up separately Aldermen McClure and Ray voted against the adoption of the sewerage =vstem, while Alderman Burns was In f a v o r of going ahead and putting in the sjstem as well as was Mayor P 1 - fer Alderman McClure in his talks before the board and tax payers present said t h a t he was in favor of sewerage for the city, but was not In fa voi of putting In the sewerage sys tern when the people were opposing It, and Alderman Ray took the same *tand both saying that the water SUP- pl\ of the c i t was not enough to f l u « h the sewerage as it should be. and that they weie in favor of laying the proposition over until the city did have enough water for this purpose Speeches were made by Attorneis W H H u f f Miles A Mattox Frank M Harbaugh n n d o t h e r s against the proposition w h i l e TV A Stee'e, president of the chamber of commerce w a s the only one to malta a speech In favor of the sewerage Each of the other men said that the would he in favor of the sewerage sjstem a= pro- po c ed u n d e r proper condition 0 but not under the present proposition This proposition fot a s e w e r a g e svs- tem o r i g i n a t e d w i t h the chamber of commeice where a committee f i o m this bodv v\as appointed to confer w i t h a = e w e r a g e committee from the citv council At the close of the session these objectors present gave the m e m b e r s of the hoard of local I m p r o v e m e n t a v o t e of t h a n k s for d r o p p i n g the m a t t e r at this time The p r o p o s i t i o n can be t a k en up at am- f u t u r e , time and the same plans and specifications can he u°ed as were placed before the meeting Monday morning CITY COTJN'CIL MEETS TOXIGHT. The city council met In regular session Monday evening at the city hall with all members present. Little business was transacted except th« usual paying of bills A r«c«s» was taken until tonight when th» water and municipal light question will b« brought up and a date set (or th« people of tha city to take a vote on bonding the city for 115 000 for lights and 125,000 for water purposes It was the intention of the city council to take this proposition up at th» meeting Monday night, hut th« ctty attorney did not have the matter q.ult« In shape for the council to act upon It EDWARD BUTLER IMPROVING Edward Butler, who wa« Injured at | Pifer's park Saturday while sliding down the cnute Into the water, Is reported to be better, having rested good Monday night, and his parents feel that he is going to get along all right. So far the doctors have advised that he be kept as quiet as possible and none of hl« friends havs been able to see him, but If he keeps on Improving as h« is now It will be only a iew days until he will be In snap* so he can receive his frleids ren Sheldon Barnes of near Sharpsburg and Russell Barnes, a resident ol Tay- lorvllle. PANA YOUTH WEARS A NO. 8 HAT known Pana youth attended th« Fourth! of July celebration at Shelbyvllle and was awarded the hat offered by th« management to the man or boy In attendance ha\inec the largeat h««a A seven and three quarter «lz« was trie* on Bradley But It proved to small tor him Bradley wa« awar3ed the hat without further contest. PANA BOY OFFICER IN CADET CORPS Pana, July 7.--Official announcement was made .vldnday by Major Webster that the University of Illinois cadet corps Is to be enlarged to two regiments next year This enlargement will make necessary the appointment of eighteen more cadet officers and will automatically carry with it the creation of eighteen more military scholarships For a number of years the Illinois regiment has beeT the largest regiment of cade's or otherwise In the world It has for three jears consisted of four battalions, one more than the number allowed by field service regj- latlons Among the officers in the Junior grade is tile name of Leal W. Reese of Pana and the full list of officers shows also two Taylorville high school cadets g the lieutemnts The\ are Store Closes Every Thursday Afternoon in July and August t a k e n to Justice Dexhei-ner l court nn a change of v e n u e asivtJ hv tho fenr-lnts and t h e n to Juilr-e Handle nn ·mother change asked i.v t n n city Bachman Building- North Main and Prairie Avenue. r^_^__ -- · · · ; ^ j - i --r- , --. - · Stoedal Bargains In Toilet Wares Our To'let Section, in the endeavor to reduce its stock to the minimum before inventory, of f era a number of the moat attractive possible values from its bright, fresh marchandise. m the best known and most dependable brands, at prices that are very unusually low: A Real Bargain in Soap. Wrisley's Bath Soap delightfully scented with Violet, Witch Hazel or Rose, in a conveniently shaped round cake. Makes a splendid lather and sells this week at the Clearance price of three ten-cent cakes for LaBlache Face Powder, a delightful invisible powder which produces a clear and healthy appearing complexion. We have it m flesh, pink, white and cream, and for quick clearance offer a 50c box for The Rolling Tooth Brush, something new and good. The common errors can be avoided by brushing the teeth with a rolling motion from the gums toward the cutting edges. The Rolling tooth brush was especially designed for this purpose and is particularly effective. Ask to see it at the toilet section. Children's and adults' sizes at each 30c and Gold Medal Perfumes, our own special brand Deluding Lily of the Valley, Rose, Carnation, Heliotrope, Jockey Clcb, Crab Apple Blossom, etc. These odors are lastingly fragrant and will surely please you. Regular prices are 50c OQf, to 60c; we offer them to clear at ounce t»t» v Bathasweet is a perfumed luxury for the bath. It softens the water and gives it a delightful 2 I C* perfume. Clearance price per can AJ x v- Traveler's Pullman Aprons made of rubber-lined fancy denim or linen, with convenient separate pockets for soap, tooth brush, comb, etc. Clearance price fljl KJ1 for each $1.00, $1.25 iD A.«W The New Reform Dressing Combs, unbreakable style, a light-weight, durable comb with all fine, or coarse and fine teeth. For Clearance this week, a 75c comb for CLEARANCE IN FANCY WARES Small Hand Bags for Children, made of pretty red leather with chain handles, regular 25c 1 Q/» values at each J-t/C Dainty La Vallieres, with white and colored stone settings. A 50c value for Clearance this week, for each Seamless Rubber Gloves, a splendid glove for household use, m all sizes, a regular 50c glove at the Clearance price of pair 25c 24c Stylish New Wood Beads »n black, green, blue and red. 54-inch strands in a 50c value, to clear at each Patent Leather Belts, in the neat, new, narrow models with black buckles. All sizes in the 50c value, reduced to Clear at each Ondulee Hair Pins, the best wire hair pin made. All sizes at package, to clear Ladies' Hand Bags in fine morocco and crepe seal, with handle or strap back, leather or fancy moire lin'ngs. Special Clearance values QQf* for this week, at each O«7v Kurd's Fine Correspondence Paper, in pound packages. This is an extra fine linen paper in a 25c value, which we offer to clear at package WE HAVE MADE OUR CHOICE Every man entering business faces the question of whether he shall "get the -noney" or "build a business. Usually there is a vast difference. DTTT -T, When we opened this store we decided to BUILD, because we wanted a permanent success. Building a business, as we see it, means building your own personalities into it--putting e\ ery ounce of energy, experience and good will into giving real value for every cent taken in over the counter. We ask your business on this sound basis, and promise to make every effort to deserve it. THE OPTIC*l»SHOr* 109 EAST N O R T H ST. D E C A T U R , ILLS. In our new Easy-Opening-Box." No trouble. NomoH. THE F. F. DAU£v co, LTD. BUFFALO.N.Y July Shoe Bargains AT THE 2ND FLOOR BARGAIN DEPARTMENT Now is the time to buy your vacation footwear. This week you will find wonderful shoe values at your price LADIES' NEW COLONIAL DULLS AND PATTENTS LADIES BABY DOLLS PATENTS SEE THE SPECIALS FOR THSS WEEK LADIES' WHITE CANVAS COLONIALS AND TWO STRAPS LADIES' BLACK VELVETS LAD3ES' BLACK SATIN COLONIALS LADIES' DULL AND P' ^ENT PUMPS SATIN COLONIALS LAROE BUCKLES Bring the children to the Big 3rd floor children's dept CHILDREN'S BABY DOLLS CHILDREN'S WHITE CANVASS CHILDREN'S TWO STRAPS $1.15 THE BIG 3 FLOOR SHOE HOUSE JEWS PA PER I -IWSPAPFR!

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