The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 28, 1971 · Page 19
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 19

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 28, 1971
Page 19
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HOUMS for Site iO< HI Itfl Houses for Site 102 " ' **. > »». *«, HtM, CM, • | ••.«.«, M.IU), ttlMW , I •«, I I. M« . V* IH. I M, |l| *ic in tin MM ID ton «AI « * r o«n« » - i »«lk, (««(««. 1)1 C.l.«i J»«*t** Jtl t/M , • *><>»*•». I', W>»l CM4A ». M«t> ini w tin n«*« in uti , »M IIIIIU JOE TAIJOT REALTY 297-2436 HOUSM (or Sale 102, INTERCITY U 4. « *. <»t, ?) >««..<>.*«...,.,.,,,.,.», t».ViT» « *">"<»*?" '"" *" • • * •! »£*,*!;'.'£'V* 1 *. 1 """"- **•""! "" iw ""' • • <«• •••<*»* ) »»**y/i*«t"ii»«*it j j;,* t vn* «*„.,', v\* *, i,, 6 ' ° j «..».„»! ••., i *»»s,"*iT i r.'.j.,! i ** " '" ' *' °'"" 1 '«."i.^i«.i.,« „,** I*.*) w , N ., „,,,,,,,„ M . ( : iir OAtotniA in it i o jo.i i "'""'" *""' "' *""* " * ' ' "'' •VWVVWVV ; n-IIKOMiA . ti II. , . i, BRAZOSVfOOD REALTY . %.*.:'..:'t..':* K , fc "' ! " *i t > t* . . M «> i It flrf ttlt «rff <«*!* t.tAi JJ 1 :«-K »*^w .* m;< Ut t ?tl i itlfifcti I A*t |r *t'-.v»--*'«- HIM s* \ > t; uUNs \ tit HKI AH \\OOI) I.. e !.«««! I Houses for Sale 102 ffurm IIALTT 7II-7M9 AcfMgefpf Sale 105 . UM »<r ••!« Inmi flOWLAHD HISAtTT. )1f IVII ! <««,|.,» ,0 I., f OU» fwH tot. » »</i, (I>ot4 » I. At .4 »« l*m 1{I tllAOr ACKCI. It.!;. i «««•« IHADT ACHtl Iw iM I*". I*, HAVI HjrtH x tii,"^, win !«.«*», i,» M i^, *>»*<* tit ttn v AA^HV* t.t « M »C»U - n, <D > >,n.n| l*» Imtrn (,), |«milt Mti i». nit r ,„,*,,*, t»f it * i/ fur. i.i HKI.TT, »V»H (.*!«»»*. I ,««/! yi*«4<4 l * JIUJJI ' frl * I'Ml Resort Property (or Sale 102A (Olf'tt •Oil Affttfl >•<.<»« M rtt.ll »,»r. »,v^., .„! | |, j «,,., „,,, M», !•««•>(« 1)1,1 ,», , (M f,i,, A THE BRA7X)8POHT FACTS. Freeport, Texas. Sunday, November M, 1971, Page 19 Florida's Escambia Bay is victim of pollution 1'KNSACOt.A. Fl«. CAP)— Almost every day, fish churn the coffee-brown water* of Kscambia Bay In violent death struggles. Then they pop li> the surface, bellies up, fia» rotted away, eye* falling out, blood oozing through •»•• t»i ; » « i t f ,', «•* e * : *., ll in,,, »,, ?, t,,'r .»• pt .'I J ' M.I c l:*v ', ;; |- BRWOSPORT REALTY ••- (^pHra &Q?untr\' . A'rt* l-t t., ,« w . * It t H t>t>- -,M ! «.«*M, ^4>t ?! r , j_j L t-« T';.'.H-4 i f> i , I ' t T,y ^•••1 '. * *l..,, . „ ; :; .-.,„ V(U INTKHKsrKIMN (H VIN(, I'JuJt'KHTV UK if \ <»t it \\ f: Jl'f 1 IWV \N \m itr M TV aiiui ' • • .,t . f. ft I I, „ , l(l:l «•• (••!)( in.. ID irt A ).. . McKAYREALESTATE if';;-;' :; ' f " ' pop '.J...;'.'lV..'.' fc rrr MI! ;,r::: |i: -••"'"•• : -'•'•• ULYDE^bONE Uo. '•'• ''-::-.* '" w - .,„ ~,r;r:.-.,.,, ,„ ^ «».,,-.. »..."! t^l I'tll .,!« «-,*..*.« MAKE OFFER w-t t t: ^. j > , : , . I «« •..-•. (,. -. ,.-." *i H I ...». I i,.- I ,.«, *..,» ' *<«! 1 ><F XX.I « (*l,l I ( Ailltl .. «f,4 ,t:l ,> A^,,l,, i l.t^H H«, It lill.) p.- 4f'l 'I p.. I « A ««t O-ti'.i C.I Kl MHilt » C, ..»,,,.,, ,,,, Texas Better Homes ROWLAND REALTY 297-2418 297-6543 ill C..'. .„„,.,.,.». i ««,. i ,„ ,„„ *"** ***** ! OH A- "kf r.l i' n u 111 u i. w i- j I •Otii.O ill .... C("--,..,,,i I 1-....! I "'•"* A«l»l( Al, kf All r .lit »t>l' ! M j •• ! I rcu> i' ft ; ».«,,,.. , „,,„, j S«jmeiirnes they blanket the surface for miles, Tf»e stench i« sickcfimg Kscambla Hay, in iu dying agony, i» a victim of pollution It* suffering is shared by pveryooe around IU shore* Tins summer, maAsivc fish arxj oytter kills have brwjghl final dwstruclion of a r/nce txiuntiful seafood industry Visitor* who have been coming back year after year f'^r the water sports read of the kills and cancel ruaw.-r- L LAND OCATORS 297-3494 I>»v i *< M !>A< It u> 1.. *< l-.l - ,„,« , , tJ.1% ft t H ti *. l> t # ,•» ti ; t'v Mi -'4- Heal ettale values are falling Hornet on the bay. wice in great demand, are going up for sale, but prtnptcl* sniff the wind and there an- ft-* Ukers 'WittKAil ite water, (his ttrwn is nothing," says angry l-i Husu-r Xangas U the Ftorid:i Marine I'atrol "Arvj !)«• water fuis tri.-vn taken lob lor Sale 103< ""• ; - -" >"• " "• '-•" FOSSEL'S REALTY 798-2700 BRAZORIA i »,.., ..-(„» i Investment Property 110 LAND FOR SALE .Trailer Lots for Rent 124 'TtM- ta> hat goric lo hell. .No 4<-fjsib!c person would argue that f;.ct Day afu-r day, OK- 'AfKilt- bay flfiats uilh tji-ad (ish I've w-f.-n the tx>','.orn bLi.j.f'.'-d -Ait}) dead fu>h like fl-jwi-^t-nt painl TTn-rc can'! U- ar:>lhmg ie(! 'K\«Tj time there is a kill :)«• [xjHuSioii txr. i sjy iht'j are ir<-, ck'.igacng Cj see what tilled U,i-tri The-s krxrt damn -*e!l r. t* srrf the-) knr* l>x- ar:»-*cf J'iug Ihov clarn.'i l«p..-i ' The p:jx-s to which Xanga«i rHcr-s are the outfalb <X the Chemical Co ritariufaciurrr <A nylon yarrs Afnerican Cyanamid Co Kt.jixrr of acrylic fiU-ri KM-an>b;a Chemical Co uhitfi S'jrr.v </j! p«a«,!:c-«, ar«! J.V.) '.he (iu!( Thf-M- ;ixiu-tlr:<-.s a fixjcral- >!aU- iKillu^or, Ej>fc forre rt-j<*r!<-<j, an* ri-^fxur^jb**.- Jor pxxiulioa that Ka» s'.ringled :/«• fj3j TTrt-j were j;n<T, until J:m ! ivrr.1 to slop harmful <itsi'.';^r)jfs t>r sliut (i*>wn Hu'. tlic tj^y didr, ! ha\e !ha! much tirr.t- '^'-*r .'ill pTacjKa) ptir^/s*-?, Ksriri-.tji.i iia;. is cie.3<i,' says Harrv.ur. Shit'iAs. director of rti.ifir.i- rehourccs for '.he KU>:nia lli-partmcn! of Njiural Ki-vourcc* "Tu l;nnj; i! Unit is If do av,a> with M"iis,.nUi Kvanibia and An, C';. ana.•:.!(! di> lla- chiT'.icali . algae bloom*. Oxygen to depleted in the procww, toxic condition* develop, and death runs through the entire chain of marine lire. Kfl*t Sept 5, Encambia dumped 29,500 pounds or nitrogen into the bay, 10 time* IU normal daily discharge. Several massive fish kill* followed. One Sept. 8, oyster ri»hermen preparing for an expected million dollar harvest (wnd the oysters all dead. At a hastily-called state hearing. Kscambia admitted Ihe discharge tnil refused to accept responsibility for the Mh Chairman David Levin of th* Florida Air and Water Pollution Control Board told Ihv company's officials he was convinced thai !hc dump contril/uted lo Ihir wipcout 6f (he oyster b«h f'eniacala courted irKluslry aflt-r World War II. trading the water for payrolls The giant Mon&anto plant led the •*a> la the baystdc in iftsi. lur«J by the water transportation facilities, a vetmmgly unlimited supply nt g<xxj processing -*;ili-r. the climate and -Aster sporls which mad? il easy Jo get workmen. The Kscarnbia plant went ur in l&jj, American Cyanarnid m 1%£ K</r >i-an.. Kscambia Ua> UxA t-M'rything Ihrcntn into it ir,duj!ri.»i -A.-j.sics. un- !rf-5tccJ municipal sewage. li-rtihu-r irid ptr.sticid« runoffs from firms and still it thrived In \'.'T, !h(- kills b<rgan A scar later. Jw Quick a state manw pathologic, (wind ig from op*n ulcers. i.iv ,-,ri<i tjih eaten up. sumrrif-r. manr* losses fantastic Nineteen fuh tiu-d b> the o. IKII.T-S o! smaller kills occurred. How many died this year? "How can you estimate that when you see the entire surface of the bay, miles long and miles wide, covered with dead fish'" Xangas asked. "You could nay SO-to-75 million. That wouldn't be accurate, but it wouldn't be too high, either." Joe Blanchard, fisheries biologist for the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, says that "all of a sudden in the past three years, this thing has become a monster " All the companies report they are spending large sums in seeking ways to reduce pollution and contend that federal pollution officials are trying to drive them out of business They say they arc making progress in pollution abatement efforts But at the recent state hcarir,};. technical manager John Cramer said the Kscarnlria company "does not kwr* bow in get a further reduction of nitrogen with And all the people can see is the dying fiih and the dirty waters When there is a kill. Milton Mc-adij-Ai. manager of the Kodt-A-ay Inn, gets phone calls and letters from people up r.wth Tbcs* are his regular customers, cancelling rt-scrvations "They sa> they don't want to have- to smell the dead fish or swim ir. the water." Meadows said FRESH BAR-B-Q DAILY 3«ROTHERS N0.5 Mobile Homes for Sale 125 >. > >, t. . i», T fc. CM - I > n- i .&i W.-I.IS-C it.", ,'tt Mobile Homes i .l.'lif^lV^-ifor Sale 125; u ::,;:.^;.,U';/ ( ;;r^- PROPERTY SERVICES ' STV.r.r 1 "!;•'.;:'_ •'*'"**'*, . » ; *•'<* '•" ! »» -«••«.'•< ' •'«--••«-.-* :HMM v»^--. As«»ACl ^ J •M*A** > \Vl?T», < £'w",V.V7»« ; ,, w!.4*«V,ftlHJ|i |»' "'.">'/' ! Acreage (or Sale 105 ,„ j • < AC«H Cev«l'i t ill 1*** • Ml H j llili V U }uM>A » t J,ni Al*,n| J.I lr }4 ! r«r, J.ll Ml IUI •<>n.r« OO..IM) l»l IJII tt«alf i IV.I. )»Hlt VI ""*.""'"' "1"". fOK tAll IV OrtKlB ) ImMMfl! b«m«i »»n«iirt *««. ' rttnu HI Mt UVUM m «»« J I l f RA.WC t«ftli»l hsAI CA'|»*I. l*'f« Isl. IrlHm bAtfc Wflh «l Ajigklftn 441 CHiitr uictk cu»ti>rt Am lint *|MI< It »u, lull t< OiAl JIJUII I* ful tMf »M«i m.m sArKiV"" ISr!H\;>'•*—"! HK.\i;i'OKS j "'*"•"" "» CTCW i ?n rbaiVVay •f ALL NEW 1972 MODEL 111 70 t IIH Wnl.i. 3 »: wit Till IITV MOIItl F. 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HIM.-K Fl.OWKK U01.LS ..« I)M .MF.AVMdl MAIN lU'MEJI.KK ••> TUINDKU HI \ TO.MN SKT -., FAT THAI K HY M.\TTF.L " i FAT THACK "Hit; ()" SKT •<« > SI/./I.KH CAHS '••, iix S17./l>:u NF.Ul'dHT SKT '•« > i.. HOT HMD AIH HACK SKT ,„ , MOT B1KD SKY Stll.d SKT ',, v, HdT Will) FLIGHT DKCK .., , MATTKL XOOM-IT •., ». K MATTKL COLOR NKAT ••« DW HOT \VHKKI. I'lrri-RI-: M.-VKKR ALL THING MAKKK SKTS INSTANT RKPLAY •„ ,,» NOW NOW \OH' N()\V NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOU NOW NOW NOW NOW NOU NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW tl2M I12.8S IS.SS 13.SS S5.S.S J5.SS S3.SS J3.SS J3.SS I5.KS Sl.Kh J3.SS J2.44 {14.88 MO.SS $6..SS SU.KX J2.8S SIO.S.X J9.SS J3.S.S J2.SS I2.8S J2.44 U OFF J3.SS KASY BAKK OVEN -' »''« POPCORN I'OI'PKR -s »>:« COTTON CANDY .MACHINE ••< VOICE OF .\tl.MMY GA.MK .., STAY ALIVE GAME -«« i>« TOWER CLIMB GAME ,„ „„ DON'T CATCH A COLD ,„ 11K ALSO TOYS SPECIAL GROUP AT NOW $9.S*i NOW $7.SS NOW |S.SS NOW JS.SS NOW I3.8S NOW $3.88 NO\V J2.SS OFF AND BOY-GIRLS-LADIES CLOTHING & ACESSORIES All Good Chiistmas Gifts Wrapped free (if bought at regular price)

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