The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 7, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1859
Page 3
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.•'". - : '.•'.>'-&--*3'& THE BAIL* BUSINESS DIREGTORY.^. the rollowing List oT Business UmtW '•'*«*; statntife. twter CsttbiiKomenti'v*"ajnonit tn»'' fee*-wad nc*t V.«««S«IIB thMrrtpeetiv* Une»,^,t>|siJ»iji».j ;•.. : •£.. •" J,M,(5IHJSSM AJICmTECT & SUPERINTENDENT. OrFCIK-NO. 10 lOCKG-S HEW BLOCK. ' Plain and 8peclfic«ttonsfor'«ll kinds of Bolldl«g» famished at diort nolieeind tm the most UbenU terns. Henry Niedecken -Jk Co., ISAAC KJNOSluEY GAS A: STEAHl PIPE NO. 891 IABT 8*8 A«n> , •!_,,.,„,,,,„ OA8, 8XKAH AHP WATEBOOOK8, Work done ID a workmanlike manner, at short nolle* and lowest price*. _ jet-lily N. L.. OK1SWOJLD CO., LADIC8', GENTLEMKN'rt AH J CHILDREN'S BOOTS, SHOES AMD GAITERS, MASON 8 T B S E T , Opposite the Walker House. mySl H . WE1NBKKNNEK, KAKUTAOTOlUa ill DUJjm I» BOOTS, SHOES AND OA1TEH8, KO. 24 SPE1NG STBEET, ppoDifc American H*n«« ll (r tny Bool & Shoe Store, NO. 48 EAST WATER STREET. JOHN PHEL.AN, KEEPS always on hand good custom ciade Boats and Shoes. Al! kinds of Ladles' and Gentlemen's BooU and Shoes made to ordei In the latest style an* warranted tosrivc satisfaction. _ aprilS JOHN HIUK, IV HOLES ALE DRUGGIST, Na as EAST WATER STBJBET, Has jost received 4 fall supply o ' ' Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glatt, Blanufactnred at Cleveland, Me* Tort. Transpcr»«d entirely by vessel, it comes in perfect order, and enables me to Mil at low rates I have 'permanent »r- rauKi-cientE to «ell this brand of Glass hereafter. my28 JOHN RICE Harper 11 r others, (SaahUshed in 184&,) UOU&fc SIGN, SHIP, OARSIAGE sVND OKNAKEHTAl i'atiiiersi, filazicn &* Paper.Hon|r«r», IMITATORS OF WOOD AND MARBLE, KO. 39 ONE IDA STBEET, A fKW JsOOES XASTOf THX XARKK1 JON KB & WtllTKHKAL) General Land and Insurance Agentt NOTARIES I'l BI.IC, AC., OFF10E, comer of Eeed anil Oregon streets, Uey rote'l ISIock, Fifth Ward. Will attend to tht buying and telling ol Keal Estate, iDfuriDp (roods and Buildings In responsible Oompa- nlra, Attend to the OoDuction of Accounts, Making mt of Deeds, Mortgages, Oontracta, Leases, Ac. All Collections made on^acconnhi placed In our hand will be promptly paid over A. O. JO*S* .......... J.V2&. ..... IUIBKBT WHITCHIAlt. Si UMJECKKI, A BRUIVOTIO, OOMMISSION MKKCHANTS, Keal Bslatt and Money Broktrt, NOTARIES PD11L1C, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Owes Office -No 4 Biarkf. Square, opposite the Old Postmark? D. COKSON, A T T U « N E V AT LAW. HA? removetl to Office, N'.. &. State Bank Building, corner ol K**i Wau-t aud Michigan .irert, Mi.waukee. u. L DOU.S fmoB urrr. L>OKAN <£ LfcVY, Attorney and Counsellor* t Law, <'fflct—Empire S/oet, 821 Eatt Water et , [may22] WTSCOllgIN f \PITALISTS W ILL find at my office a Register, open to their inspection of Bonds and MnrtffApefl and other securities offered for sale. Persons Wishinc to obtain Loans or .havinp Donds. Mortgages or other securities for sale, may find it to their interest to file with me their applications or statements. C. 8OHLET, ylt, Opposite Walker House. .i e. UDTLEB D. T. rOBT. I/.very A: Boarding Stable, F»nt ofMaton xtsfet, (on thf River.) T QE subscribers have remaved their stock from the stable formerly occupied by them, corner ol Main and Huron streeta, to the old establishment foot of Mason street, thus consolidating the tiro establish- nenta, malclnc the largest and best appointed Livery establishment In the West. We shall be glad to sec our old friends anil customers, and fed confident that wr can furnurh them with as pood and stylish a turnout as an'y similar establishment in the city. Thankful -(or past patronage, we hope to meet a continuance of the same. ff Particular attention given to faraislung carriages and hearses tor funerals. myM BPTLEg * POST. HOUSES TO RKNT. have several Brick and Frame Houses to rant on very reasonable terms. We have also lor aale a vast quantity of real estate, co-silting of Booses, Lot-, Improved and unimproved farms, School Lands, Ac. We have 50 acres near the City, with House, Bare, * j., for tbe small rent of f 'tO and taxes. GREGOKY * CO., may 1 284 East Water street. i GOOD OHANOK. HOUSE AIVD L.WT FOR KALE CHE»P. HE undersigned will sell his House and Lot, now occupied ae a Tar n by him, situated on Msiln au, Racine, Wisconsin, Dear the gtes>mbo*t Uandng and the R. A M. E. B Depot. The house Is located on the bext business place, and the House as well as tbe situation of the Lot, woulf) answer for any branch *f business, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain,are requested to kpply at the undersigned. JOHN BARTH. Baclne. January 86, 1859 |ao27-d6m Lumber Vessels for Sale. Bchwoner Fashion, 224 tuns. Schooner D. Newhn.ll, 190 tuns. Hcow Schooner Rugby, 168 tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TAYLOR A JBWETT, Buffalo, New Tork. fcnquirt of B. B. Jnars, Mil aukee, Wisconsin. febZS \. B. LORD & CO'S., MARBLE WORKS, Oorrttr Spring and Third itreett, •aLWACKZE WT80OHSIH. ri\HB cubacri <•••< -T —ite all kinds of Marble Work Floors and every descrlp- WOBK. A for Bolltiingi, run., i tlon of ORNArvXEOTAL We have In our warerooms MA.U.BL.K MANTLKS Of every description constantly on hand, at prices ranjrlW! from $16 and upwards MONUMENTS AND STATUAEY of all Ictnos ezecnted at tbe shortest notice. CO. feb6-dly A. H. LORD* U<»01> \I\lt n/ll YARD. Ci. O.. LAMBKKTON H AS just opened, for the benefit of all who may become his Customer*, a Market for WOOB and Hit, at the N. E Corner of West Water and Clyboura Streets, (Office with Messrs. Mabbelt t Breed.) His Stock of Wood fa large, Dry and Hard, (Cot said: gpllt or uncut.) His clock of Bay Is of the BEST QO &LITT, and BALED IN GOOD ORDER. Each Bill be delivered to any part of the Oity on the* BHOBTE3T NOTICE and the LOWEST TERMB. H. B.—Wood Pedlars, and those who sh'p large qmntltles.of Hav will always find It to their advantage to bay t>f tu. We will sell so that dealers may make a h^ndgme proflt by selling ~ GENTtEMBBPS PUHNISH'fi. NEXT BOOB TO A. B. VAN COT7PS. fri as '••as Q P 0 ;....^ - -,. vci-l^T^ '.-r V .- ,_____ l . Amqm Knag wl»"i-.;;3»'i. • •* ?• ."Hi.-:-~-r"S5Wr-<^4 "%--** V !Vwff-?V.^-- ; tMfc| - ,y. :,.^T_, "•..• ', ^ .".-•;:"-'"•. p---"-r-"^"",v--z:>-- i* 1 *- From tacta WmaeU. Jnst readved by maylO 3 '^ "T .JfOR.gALE BY TKHJiY & OL.KAVKR, BOOKSELLEBS AND STATIONERS, 16? Edit Wabr>iif*4»t,-Mlv>aiLkei ,':{• :, i.j W E hare iust recsWed » r»ll .lupplj of thuse Ce»e-, brated Pencil! from the manufactory of .T. J. Behbaoh, In Begenstourg, BatiilsC;: Ihey tl e.cartfollyi assorted, and each grade Is distinguished I y a popular brand. Particular called, to uhe "Opposl- Oon Pencil, " (round blank «ilt;).and Vo the "People's Pencil," (round red'gtJtrt'VsiMo O«"iaglnee>'B Pen-, ell," (t.oiagon gilt.). All of .ylllcli jrjll be found iupe.rl- or to any other peoe.l In'OieUiai-kst ••-.--.••' Always on hand a complete assortment of b'.ack, and; colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades A discount allowed to ths 1/ Pra»« pfoportltmoj :Uk exunt nti orders. ^ apri. 1 * AI.LI BONE'S DICTIONARY OF A U THDBS. ' I A Critical IHcUtmctn ^ '^l^\ ^Utfaiurt and te. J INSURANCE COMPANIES. B R IT Y , IJE DWELLING, , , 6t, call lmmtai»td» and »et them Insurta IniUrt owin -"Hrst ClaM,*s»I4 estaWlihft! anil prompt **>~*,~$$U -.- ''-/ r imyRfXcE cow p. Of Hartford, Connecticut, :, ' iMStNCE COMPAN V, onn«cttt«, ji D I N '" .-i. ,-<**. J»^ ** .** M * V M A-.|JL-«^ AT Sk « • J j'flsalfpapitaj and Burplati... vssv&ifsis? fc - i - COMPANY, OMl 1 Capital and 8arp1n«,i. INSURANCE COMPANY, ~ • INCORPORATED IK1886. ' : rfT/V ''"dash Capital aod Surplus... : ...$88*^40 M fix INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, ', J ' r '' '• ; Cash Capital and Surplus,. ............|41°,OM« FIRE INSURANCE «O.» C: m Capital and 8arplm^....;. v ;...,aSW,0«» 33 INSURANCE COMPANY, '" , " Of New York ffltj, '," ' *»Bh'CipluJ andSarplu,...,... ...... tOUJi&9 68 '' CITY HUE INSURANCE COMPANY, • •- '••".-• i Of Hartfatd, ConneeUcat, . Cash Oapltal andSnrplni,..., ---- ...... ^»30S^S1 48 1 solicit business) for the above Darned Companies, en< tircly opou their own merit! and responsibility, an.1 refer to their prompt and Uberal settlement of all Losses ticretofore, as a guarantee for tbe future. Policies ts- cned without delay. . W. HEKBY HOLl.ANI>, Afrent. JOBS. |f ou-tBO, Ais't. Northwest cor. Main and IX P. Mmsmii.Sarveyo.r. Wisconsin'»ts., sfUwanket. J*Pt6i. , t}iii(cd»tate«. >.. cta»td;/rem Ou Earliest Arcfttotttothi dlf ofQuninctet'itn. Century. Containing Thirty Thnutand Bioyrap\it» ' and Literary Notlctt; «<1A forty 1 KDESPEN8ABLT n ceBBsrr to all w'ho.'aeid/aJl *1i» Write, all Clergymaii, all Physicians, alt Lawyers, Scientific snd Lite < ary Men, aferehinxt and PsraMrg, fttannhcturers and Mechanics, IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMfAUIOB. BOOK. A STATIONERY JOBBERS, 135 East Water itreet, [From Theophiua ParaeaA, L. L. D., l*roft;0«or of Law ID Harvard DDlrenilly.l CAJIBRIPQI, Jan. 6, ISA*. DK&B Slfi :—1 hare had Ibe flrat rolume of ynar Dictionary for »ome days, and have «at sfied myself that yoor p<ao li excellent, and that you bare carried It out with very (treat industrT and with (rood judgment.— The futtDtB, and accuracy of tu iDformation concerning modern authors anil ihelr works, arc Indeed rrmark» bit. To any one who desire the knowledge your b.>nk purport! to give —and what educated man doe: nol !— It must be ol great Interest a-.d ralu*. Betpertfully, *c , THKOPHI1.US PARKER A. AuiUn Allitjiir, Esq. [Prom 8 Irenieui Prime, D D , Editor N. V. Observer ] NEW YoBt, Feb. 3, 1859. G-CKrLCMKB :—Xhe nnt volume of your great Dlcuon* ary of Authors, I htve perused wltli astonishment a- d delight. It Is just what 1 here long desired to hare, and havr sought lor In vain. Thousands of clergymen, stade^ta, and all literary and intelll. eat men, must wist to have just t 1 la work; and thev will bare It, when they learn tt at It la In tht world. It deserves the most cordial reception, and 1 trust that thf Author and the publishers will have the largest reward for their enterprise and labor Your: truly, 8. lB.KKXVf PRIME. Childs t Pettraon. liL vm D, Jan. 2 •, ]g&g. Mr Dun Ha .—With better knowirdge of Tour book from re|>6a.>ed feasts npoc It, I am asham d to have written you so ^oml&onf>lace aD acknoirleagment of Its first rec Ipt. of all ttie storehouse of Interesting and readable matter the ^Blcttonarr or Author." neeirs t > ma the most captiratlDg. The good taste, lodastry, and skill of arraopement therein maDlfesitd iuold n ot b« so "passed, *ed It wll make lor you a reparation very enviable. I shall try to make amends In print for mf apparently Inappreciatlve firm acknowledgment of tbe acquisition. nltb many sincere thanks for Lbe pni« I h»ve 1r. ti.c book, I remain, my dear sir, r, urs,, N P WILLI8. 8 Aiutin Alhbone, Esq m»)19 PUBLISHKD BY A UOE AND .DOLPBCt). Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes I B the Bon Beam . fanny, the Flower Girl. Duel* Jack the fault Killer. CAK'IKKH. mayl6 For sale by TBRBY 4 CLEAVED 187 East ffatersl. NEW B O O K TERRV A CLEAYEICM, 187 EAST VA'TSB STRKBT. B ARTH'8 Travels in Central Africa, 1 vol., abridged. Livingston's Travels In Southern Africa, 1 vol. Bpeergeons Sermons, 6th series. Higher Christian Lift rr.ajli SH1PPEKS OK PRODUCfcT f\US( supply thesnselves with Bills of Ladlnc at \J TKIiKY ACLEAVEB'S, maySO 167 East Water street. F. luii. Co. .CAPITAL 8UUPLUB Office, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of East Water and Michigan streets, ..wisGon&ia. ....(100^0000 .... S9,«M 00 fijii Delfensteln, B. Sandenon, Unses Kneeland, B. 8. Daggctt, tUmuel Uaie, O. D. Dootman. U. L Palmer, Edwin Townsenj, Bolomon Adler. J. A. HZLFEN8TEIN, President. 0. O. BOUSUAN, TloePrtsidanU W. T. PALMES, Qetxral Agent. 8. u. WBBT, Secretary. bX 8. DAOOBTT, Treasurer. B. L. Paunca, AUorocj. marlO MILWADKKK < 111 INSURANCE CO., In niicbcll Building, niicbifati. MawiDt£«, Wtsoonw. VHARIKRKIt OAf/7'AL, - Canti Paid in, $1OO,OOO. d. L. E. f. R. KKLLOOO, ). 8. 1UK«18 CBAB. GBisacao, DlRKCTOR8: 0. D. DiVio, B. ti. CuBOV KB, J. HUMPHVT. J. H. OoRDsa, C. Cojtaroox, W. A. PBBBTI&S, H. BBIJUUOBT, Jonrov. HILL, Oao. DTSB. TOWN8END, President. A. L. WALBATH, Secretary. U. L. PiLMiB, Attorney. ~ ire and Marine EUks taken at current rates. AND HUE riXUK undersigned is prepared to take Marine Risks JL anil Fire Risks on rrodrce In store, in the North Western Insarance Co., of Oswego, New York, at as low rates as by otber reliable Companies. Tbr reputation ol this well-known, long established Company entitles I tto public confidence. HORATIO DILL, Agent, oov8 at..(Bee of U. i i. I. Hill. Quaker City Insurance Co., Of PHILADELPHIA. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, »600,t«0. PAID UP CAPITAL AND AS3ETT8.. . . 277,655. Offtct, Frantlin Bvi'lUnf, No. 408 Walnut ttrttl, Philadelphia. T HE subscriber ban been apt olotei* agent for this Company for Milwaukee and vicinity. Rtfk< taken on as favorable i**rnu aa olh-r responsible Companies. JAMEHS. WniTE, Agent. Office, corner of Ka*t Water and Huron streets, up stairs, over the Marine HaiA. may29 BY STATE JUJJHORITY, WISCONSIN QENEUAL INSURANCE AGENCY (CHARTER OAK. FIRE INN. «'••., Hartford, Conn. OABB ASSETS $841,668 93 NORTH ArTTERICAN FIRE IMS. 1!O., Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS $854,8«0 0« WESTEH* m ASS. FIRR INS. <<>., Of Plttsheld, Mass. CASH AaSsTTTg »20S,G99 41 RAILROADS. 1859. AND FAVOBIT£ EOUTE ' A^T! A: WORTll-WEST & MILWAUKEE R. a ' (Sow opened to Lakfe Michigan.) ' . ou-fnuvrt firtt-CUut Sttaaun, "City jo^l Cleveland." l& "Cleveland, * : ! ;Cnioro»ghly refitted for UUsrouK.) N iUtD'kvTEB MONDAY, April U, 1868, Pas..... — will run ai follows: JCJOINO WEST: : -.-'": - " I ttap. Bridge, id p. '" ; ' •'! i •Detroit, depart,. Fentonvflle, Arrive , iatrlTe. ». Johns, Grand RaplJS, arr. 'lirand Havijn, arr. MUwaokee, arrive. Mall. P. K. 920 A.M. 7:00 10:60 r. M. 12:10 8:05 A. »2: SO Billed, r. M. A. n. 140 6:86 7:40 A. si. 220 Aceom. A.M. r. ». 4:46 Night Kxpreu. 'Hefreshments. OO1NO minakec, depart •Grand iiareb, dep. Grand Rapids, arr. 81 Johns, arrive .. Owosso, arrive. ... FentODrllle, arrive Detroit, arjl^t . . Bus. Bridge, arrive »:40 p. B. »:&& Mail kxpr's r. M 8:00 i. ". tOO 6-20 12:16 9:66 Mlled. 6.80 4:00 12:14 2:85 8iO T. H. 12:18 Nlghtl) Eipr's. B. 1*00 P. B. 8:45 10:30 1. B. 1:00 2:00 6:00 P. B. 4:60 RAILROADS & TRANSPOR'N Kacine &- Ifli^issippi K. R P4P Erlti ^ O* XU** ftv* frteporl.) OH- AND AFT«H ,Jtt IJU|i S •Refreshments — Hotel In Depot ai Grand Haven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays »l a p u._ for fiatnrdSJr Night's Express passengers well, but 4 A. at. train will slur leave on Sundays. Traina leave termini dally., Sunday* excelled. Is uow opeu for PUBLJO Bo- THETILEORAPH LINK sr»Bsa. CONNEOTIONS. AT DETROIT—OBEAT WESTERN RAILWAY for all poiqts East—MICHHIAN CKNTttAL and UIUHIOAN SODTHERK RAILROADS, and OLKVK- LAND Line of Steamers. AT URAND HAVEN—With "HURON" Steamer for OtHCAOO, Ac., Ac. AT RUsUWAt'KKE—With the .MISSISSIPPI, LA CRO88E, CHICAGO, WATEBTOWN and HOKI- UON BAILROAD8, for all Important polnu West and Northwest, and on Mississippi Rlvrr, and with Steamers for Ports on Lake Michigan. Passengers for Great Western Railway go on thr Rail- i way FKUT SraiMEB, at D. A M. R. Dock, leaving Dock at S:l<0 A B , 1:00 r B., and 7:30 p. * NIGHT TWINS on the O.W. R have SLEEPING CARS attached. PARCELS left at any of Uir TICKET Ot^lOES arr forwarded by PAhaKsoKb T&^INH IT Vs&v MODBB- in BiTta. T'heOompany'i Time-Tables CKO W had at any c»fttir Stations. W. H. 'HI Hi. Orn'l Hap't. WEITHAB A Foasu,Ticket \<,-DI, -au K«I w H i-r it WB.Qd.Uis!, Freight Agent at Uomoauy'! Doc» H. 0. WIL&IH, General Western Agrat D. A M. R. Offices, April, }V#- »,,r'ja „.' MONi>A*,, DEO. 6* 1868, Trains will ran as follows, vli: • UOING WE8T. Leave ilaciua for Davis—freight i Ace., > f a. u Leave Racine for B»lolt— Passenger, 'i t. n (HUNG KAST. Leave Belolt for Racine—Passenger, T:<JO i. B Leave Davis for Baclne—Freight t Ace., «:SU i. B. Passengers by taking the 7 a u. train on the Lake Shore Bauroai] at Milwaukee, connect at' Racine with train to>Davis ; arriving at Davis at 3:80 r. B. Stage leaves Davis lor Free pert on arrival of train. S:So i. •i. train from i>avls.connec.s at Racine with afternoon tfalqs on the Lake Shore Railroad North and South. . fcjV Freight forwarded with Dispatch. dec!) HOUfcBT UAUR13, duperlntenileot. Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago KA.1L, 11OAD. ,ew &ad direct Route now open to N«w York, Boston, FitUbargli, PhiliUelplda, B&lttmore »nd iiDgioD city, Cleveland, Dunltirk, BaQaio, Niagara Fall*.eVud tileutcrn cities. Ciaclunatl, Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, Urbana, Zaceivllle. titeabenviUe, Newark and \Vteeting. and all interior towns $1 Ohio, Peno lytvama, VirKlniA. Maryland, New Jersey, Ac. lUnkiug *>ut (iruud Uubrukcn H. H. Ljut • KTWKJai CHIOAOO AMD THE KAtiT. FARE A3 LOW AH AMY OTUSB / £ST~ Those liesiirtog to go by this Koaicr will be par ticular aud eiitjuire for Ttckeu via fort Wayue, thereby avoiding the annoyance of rechecLlug their Uafgage. TttAl#H L&A VK DXPOT ON YAH BUltJLN Hi DAJL >, AX * OLLO We> : i.uO r. M. —Night Kiprt-An, daily, Saturdays excepled. 4:00 A.. H.—Morning Mail and Express, daily, 8uaday& Witiu bat one change of cars to Pittalmrgh. CHKCE1BQ BAOQAaJt THAX1O&B To Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore aud New Vort, ounuecimg dlrtrcily with traiiu on tfi<- ({real F«nnjylva- Dla Central Railroad, to all eastern eitic.. Also, with Cleveland A Colnmbua Railruad lo CUjTeUuJ, Dunkirk. Buffalo. Niagara FallH Tla New York Central and New fork A Krie RailroatlJ to New York and liotton. Periuua tomg east will and this route by tar ihe tnoai dtairable, boUi from tht? advanta^** m point of distance, variety and beauty ol ih« countrj ihrout<tj which ih. roadi pais, aa well ad the le» treijuenl chanpea ul cari and Lhe annoyance of re-checking ba^i;ag« r^uifed t>y attter routes. VacUtUei tor the tran«port*Uon u/ afret^ht aud Liv* tilock by thli route are unsarpaaaed. Rate* aa low a« any other route, and with equal dispatch. TiekeU Cor tale at allL he jtrtucinal ticket office* In vht Weap and at Company's Olbcc, No. SO Dearborn street. •jppoBltr Trtmont House, Chicago, and &t Lhc office "' the Uakr St,..rc Railroad, Mtlwiuk. e, hy A. U Ulaod JNO J. bOL'HTON, Ueoeni Frrtfru A.,*cni. Pnubur^fi, Pa. I)' W BO&.H, Ueoeral Vv'rtUjrn A^eni, Chicago Marvh 6, I r>fttf mar6 Ililn aiikev *.V t hica^o K. K. 1859. HI;MMKK AltUANCf Great ['mted State* Mail find ri^ JL, •«.. K.,,ue. ', only reliable ao-l ALI- Rourg Tu ruK Ki.-*T SOCTH • Od ISohTH WtflT, AQj Uir ' coonectjon». Ua^(f»^c cbecHo] i puiula Uu auU B\ft<;r .TIO>UA1 , AlMil 1 Trams leav« Drpot, C'.ru«r ->F Fu, jjy Ln F U R N I T I R E SALES OTJT -A.T NO YES, PLERZHEIM & CO, about to dissolve tha'r Co-p» r tnenM rv«. The best tn<l larirest .took of B nS re FUR V a^rangem^nta, ch*ir wh ill* NITURE! EVKB OFFERED IN Tfll.S CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NKXT HIXTY DAYS. THE *T<MJK is HI: AW. ,%\D nisi in «O 218 and 220 East Water Street, apr9-d2mo MISCELLANEOUS. I)K. II. U. ICFIHII \H %'ETEUINAKY SI fl<.in\, VORMKHLY O^OHLVKH U , r-spt-ct DRY QOODS, I \\ SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! 7* «•!. J 7 IK.10SH 1 Brown, The Latest Novelties a ( > 16-Uw DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Lin<* ! I I . si n .u KK . r:\si JO-.30 A 3:1 a F. :a<,a*i II.-I r a L I •*.*», i.i .t Lbi Ll. Mil,, Wat. A. Baraboo Valley Pi.-aaxuBH 4rtiv!tj){ 4 rf u n[ 6.16 r M , &atl ma* TI.T cl^tn .Qurctiutia w.lh Evfn.n^ Trijuj Kan d Suuth \Vrst, and witl, the Ka*:'n< O N Ifi pi HAII,ROAE>. j O N and »fief Monday, April 4th, and until no- | ticea Puienger Tratn will leave Milwaukee frura j lie dcpot^foot of Second itret-t,fur Pewaukn-, UarUaod 1 i*ine Lake, Oc^nomowoc, Wawrtown, Lowell, and Col- I ombuj at4.20p. m.,arriTtng ;o Milwmukeeal ' 1 JK> a. a.. PaaseagenarnYtngatMilwaukee b> the Milwaukee J i Oblcairo R. R.,' i,a Cmw* A Mil R. R., ai,.l Mil. i Mi» i R. R., or b> B*>at, can proceed Ui the aborr ,/lacri.. OoDncctloni Sire road* at W»t^rvown with itajfp- fot Late blilla, Jetferaon, Waterloo, H»och»-tvtllt-, f^an i'rai- | fie, CottatTf Grn^r 4nd MadiBon. At»o a( t oluohu D i for Lsodi, MertQiac, Atstfo, Pail RlTe', Lc< d's Oornv>r», Uamden, Lcwrtlle, Dtiora, Y'»r*, Ariiusn- L. Hn»i-,i »nj I for all poiou U) the WVst »tifi North \N «t , PaJ*cnjrpn amvmn »' the Junction from the *N v e place* make cqnDrctiuns It u>e Mhwuukr* A Musts- ( •ippl h.. R., (V>r Jaorivillr, Madi-oa fin i f'rvr'.- JL Chien ^Dd at ^tHwaakt-f, w-.vh To*d» vo ih<- ^r.ovji, West 1 aod Kuril's. ' i aprS h. i* MfcRIULL, ftupt-rtntendcDi N-.rUi ; Hi J i .uiicttuu, t>[j thai i t Tram leaves »t t lor*a.rdcd with fra,!)* i^m e rut at J UU A fo »i»u 3U Tr . a,- NOHTHtk.l 1 <LAB» Mil w auk KIi H uK FHI. BT.T u« t .jUPt. e, A prr i -i 1 "ii 1 1 1 M 1 (fllfllf Hour** of SlIMMftOK AHKANOKMKN i Rates of Freight Reduced Again by \«*w \ ork A Frit Kaiirnntl - A.SI>— i\orli^rii Transportation Ijo/n E X P H I: S S 1 7 NTH. InrUirr DuU. c i.'it- |.r :<-. » "r n S- * V r it i- eo &i >>u rra l-i Cla*i --1 i .»•.* j r:*..-, !•• . ,»,. ti 'C . 5ot . i .)i .1 .*»t . tLOTH bEPAKI • li ;> u I» , iM>na I - V1A - MJCHIOAN CKNTltAL l+r ' IX i ami ID i. t G. Western (Canada) Railway 'SIKJUNS leavk-theOrealOntral De|>ol, fouibfLaie JL street 4:OO A SIKJUNS leavk-theOrealOntral De|>ol, fo fro, u folluwi . A lt;«ilro;iil. IUKaM-> I{ii()TiIKK JOBBING DEPARTMENT M.—DERTOIT ACCOMMODATION,,g«n^ i daj* piorplt-H), arnvr at , fl.ou 7:OO A. ,T|. 8:OO A. .CINCINNATI EXPRESS ^TCepUnl J Arrive at IniUm Cincinnati 9-80 p. M LIGHTMNfl crp'.pilj arrive* fc! M , A Ib»I»y 3 I 8ondaji mnai. -t:i 4:0tl 9un.l»,i«r- rr>uipan> , offl. f ( •«., April, 1 I AND NO! rrr '>r.|«r. . t ur &ul rrrl,:!.! SADL)Lt,RY HA Hi) WAKE \ i CO\\VAV FIRE rwsrRAwriF co., Of Oonvay, Uaas. CASH ASSETS »S«3,451 «J BOOKS. O UB stock is the largest In the West. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We can furnish to order any book which exists, either In the English or other languages. W« receive new books as buned from Ufe Press. Jan20 BTR1OKALND A 00. School Hooka. W E have every school Book in demand and s them at wholesale or retail J»n20 STRICKLAND A CO. BIND UP YOUR N MAGAZINES Ijlf K are prepared IE oar Blndjry to Bind Magazines, TT Periodicals or anything else In the form of a Book, in neat and durable styles, at low rates lantu STEIOKLAWD It CO Stereoscopic W E hare rtclvod a flne lot of Bterescoplc View embraclnc views of Interesting localities in RUSSIA, 8WITZEHLAND, gPAIN, K G Y P J , N LJ B I A ORtKCE, ITUR&XY, IRELAND, ' &C., AC Also a large variety of new American Views. New and ver/ desirable stiles of Stereoscopic lustra- Bents. STRICKLAND « CO., Booksellers and Stationers, «prl 134 East Water rtreeU SIXTH VOLUME WISCONSIN For tale at feblt .REPORTS BTKICKLAND A 00, 184 East Water street. PIKE'S PEAK. A NEW HAP, ahowlns the Route to the Sold Regions In Kansas, just received by BTSICKLAND A 00., Ul East Water street NOTICE THE INSPECTOR OF FI8II, A PPOINTED by the Common OonncH'of the City of Milwaukee, In poranance of An Act of the Legislature, approved March IT, ISM, hereby gives notice thit he Is now.fnrnlsbeil with the pioper weight*and brands for the due performance of the duties of his office. ' By the said "Act" it is made the duty of »11 persons dealing in nab to give notice to the Inspector to have the lame duly Inspected and branded before packing. M'. Bmlth rill be found at the New Warehouse of Hears. John Furlong A Son, Booth Water St., Walker's Point, where an notices are requested to Deleft Milwaukee, Kay T, 185». mavlO JOBN SMITH, Inspector. •.A BTAJI ............... .. Eyan & Jenkins, COUN8KL.L.ORS AT LAW, BAJTK BUILDING, Cornw JKuV Water and Michigan tt*., MUwauke*. mayS James A JSWain, OF THK L»TI FIRM Of MAG- IE & -tSW A IN. wnj.r»m*ln at the 014 start maittit win b« pJtM- ed to welcome thejpatrons of the establishment • CHARLES QUENTIN & CO. /~1H t RI.M -QUuitiii A UQ n earner, of last Water \J and A-'aion streeU, JUlwaokee, Wlsoqnsln, hare for sale Real Estate, In tbe City of large or smsjl paroeW > BttUUig toU in every Ward oft h CHy: of ill fliet aod prices, loot bnslnus or resldenc and on =«asy -term. -Also, small^Fann3_of from 'C to SO acr*», n«ar the Oity, for gardening porposes. Also; several thonUndi of acre* of the teat fariiins; lands In Wi*oonsla In qnanUUes to »olt any demand. • ; •febSS OHASI.IM «HKNTIN* CO.,' kUACLT hiving - ben made loUte »,..„. ...... .^^ ^.jjpj.,] by W.B. Hlbbard and: same date eiecuted bjsald Bibb ; aU lredfr>r«/olj«iul asaorUil(tool; tarale and Bjrtatj Drnf. Btore U ran from «tll«uk:ee'to FIUF. INHI RANL'C «»., Springfield, Ua«a. CASH ASSETS |22S,0(«1 OIRARD Fllir. INS. Co.nPAIVV, Of Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS -I2S4.T89 7» J. \V. (/rain, Agent. OFFICE, NO. S, 11ABT1N BLOCK, CP STALES, mar29 ftfDwaakee, Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION Bargain* in Dry . ^ n 1 1 f M «:OO P. ,T|> AC, OM11ODATION, rlcti.t tjundajr ' 8IOO H. HI. — NKW YORK AJJU BOSTON KXPtttSS, (eacepl rtatarday.) Arrive al [>etroii 7 ib A. ».. ^Jspettslun 3r.d£c u r Buffalo ! 4.SU r. B.. Aiuacy 4:OU A. M., N. * Tork ' . ]0:CM A. B , Bo«..n 4;i' i r. ». §:OO P. ,TI . —CINCINNATI ANU Lol'L-MLI-K KX- P&Kfc*. ^J.eptSilurilaj.) ArrlTt»l Oincluoftli 9:u<> A. u., U.u.,v<!le i.-Ou r. a. Uoe iralo on Bujjda; al ft 00 r. B. Thf S:UO A. M..anJ S.-00 r. B. train* connect st Part* with Ui. Buffalo A Laite Huron ftatlway, for Bufiaio and ali points ef-st; at Toronto viih Grand 1'ruuk. Rali- va>, to KlngSKa, O£ueoshnrg, Montreal, Qurbr« ao.l all points In Canada Kast, Nor'liern VprnKjot, Hamjmh.rc ~ 'Ai i 1 Jlr-, i' i a \ i \ 11 ,\« FAHI-; Hi .1 ••» * < I>!9I I 'I 11 It v \li \ NEW YORK & ERiE RAILROAD ! fllbK »'.,. t,,.-,,, l, u uk.,. .• • N.- I .. • , • Jl ScW V I. i >I:r R».,r ,,.1 „ . \~. •:• • :'.'., II. 3OO N< HI. •• I • I'' irVM r M , I M,:» H. THA~. 1MMEN8K STOCK Ot !D AT-1 Mo. 1ST E; »jt Water.strcn, MOST BE CLOSED OCT O3XTC3E5! THK ASt-IONh-K, Urea! Bargains may be £ipi cted. anrlt-dtf JOSEPH CAHV, Assignee. UNITED (STAKES 9IAHHIIAI/N XAI.F The farmers Loan A Trust Com 1 P«V. I vs. I The Milwaukee A Superior Ball- road Company, Oity of Milwaukee, John Stewart, . Johann C. A. Allerdlng, Christian Jlahm and I •Gottfried Wootaeh. J I In the C. 8. DIs- Vtrlct Court for the f District of Wisconsin. j to Kqulty. W H pnnbsutbe aod bjr rirles of a decree made bj the 11. District Court of tbe United States, for tbe District of Wisconsin, » n the nineteenth dsj of Msrcli,1869, in the above entMfd cause, I shall Mil at Public Auction, cm Tuesday, 2nd \Ja7 of Angust, 1SS>, at 8 o'clock In tbe afternoon, from tbe steps of the Cnstom Boose, in tfce 0>tr of.stlljr»o^es, all and singular, tbe mortgaged premises -tjttntloned la tbe bill of complaint In'said cause, aral.desciiDrd a« I "All the followlog, present and to ntare lo !;« aoqolred, real and f enoiial proper£; and real estate.o( .the said defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior RatlrsM Company, t .at Is to say, ill nf (he «r»v41"M)un ol 'tilt Bailroad of said* Railroad Com panj aefeadant, frttm the Oity of Mllw.aVeo, tt. the' Oity of ri3reeo.aajJo said State of Wisconsin, i distance of on* hdodred and twenty miles, Inelndlng the right otJtay.jnd land occupied by said first division of Said ToioVCsYfbjeet to Ihe right, title or clalio, Which the satd dBtendami Stewart, Allerdlog, Hahm and elUitr of tUem, -may have had at 4he nm'e' of making said decree, to land upon which said Ball- rosd Company has located Its way, and for which no oompensatiofjiu been mad; to thsm,) together with the snpersiractUreUd track'ther«oa,^ana alt rsUrtadi otter materials used," thereon, bridges, vladacts. ,-caK Tens, fences, eqaJpmenU, necemfy depot grounds aaO bluldlDgs thereon, belonging' to fhe said Bail road Oom- id Wl other pel-' o., macinery. urei, .a a or tbnsi property appetUinlng to Mid Orat dlrialon of utd road, tod all rt^hU Ibereto, and Intftrtiti to be ac- d 4efead»nWtbe MllwAak« and flaperloc pihy, togetber wHb thdwmrt »afl Tiifi«- from,ap4.all/cprDorate and other MochlMs, rights *nd prfvliegei of tfie iWd -RaUroid : Oompiiortn^- to " l " ' iMarsh'ars * ^vm^^^,' D ^^ r S§^i Through tickets foi aale at the pruirifftj HajIro.J offices to the West, an4 si th« gvncral u mre, corner Lake A Dearborto streets, oojMslte the Treciobt UOQ.^, Chicago, and al the Depot, foot of Lake itrrrt. ; .j' K. N. k.ICK,8up'i. B. J. BpAUOsW. Oen. Paas. Air't. aprl^ I I>elroil A: ITIil. Railway. . THE ateaorr C'leveland will take \ her place In llnr of th< Detroit A Milvao- | kee Kailwar, oo Monday, the Mlh March. Pm-tifrn wishing througb tickets can br supplied nn and nrirr i Monday next, at 230 tasl Water slrerl, ur at Oir ofhce | on th< dock of tht Detroit A Mllwlukr- Railway (-'..Due notice of tile time of departure will be flvru. Thli wtu make the shortest, eh?a|>rst and ijaickrsl r .ut.. ifi | all poluu Kast. : .uar^t 0",=: h. 1 -> autho r . A[.r and a r te-d tu or c Diract for maUr als for t(, e MiJwa sjti Rat'road vithr>ui a wr.ttro ..rder Tra ed. Blila w;ll h«- p* t ,i mnr.thly in-l *.-<• continue i monthly bi 0. li H ALL, liec'l A/t U aprlfi J T ith H ALL, liec'l A/t U rt^a^r-^-. MuODY. Uajt^r of Tran5i.or>.A.t l- . \ i . f.1 OKt-K i -ii> i .i . r MIL *'.! C'KKK, J/.JnK/.|, tartr. ,;.! K A « <» ) JHWKLJ,, JR., r, Join,-.- ,-jnjJ f- ,.,/r,i,-l»r, 1111; TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during l kn.> |>rf8rnt fViWon, run n &od |>ripuJsvr Line of Firsi SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, (JUL)KNSUi: A.MD THI RAIL ROAD. THK SHORTEST AND ITIOST EXPEDITION HOI TTI Ln using, La Winona, Bead'a Landing, Red Wing, PRESCOTTV 8T, PAUL AND HT. ANTHONY. rhaogeof Tliine. Monday, April 4, 1859. 1*T TIIAIIS I.F.Al'KN ITIII.WAEKEE 11:00 A M., Arriving »t jsaesvil'e 2 30 P M , Madison 3:35! P. M Pratne du. Cblen 8.-00 P M. Coobecting with the Prairie du Chlen and 8U Paul Packets, which leave Prairie du Chlen on the arrival of the 8*0 P. M. Train. 2I» THAfN I.EAVF.S .TIII.WAMiEE ifcOC P. M., Arriving st Janvesvllle 8SC P. M. ; Madison _ 10:00 P. M. f^sy* y &r , ^ '.g^j points on the MUstsslppl River as low as any other! Koute. WILLIAM JKHVIS, aplfi Qen'l Superintendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE A KK AN OK ME NT. «RJEAT WO^TH-WESTERN CNITEI* STATES MAIL A EXPRESS AlfJ) ON^Y ALL RAIL ROUTE. . TO LA OROSSK tin the UPFEK IHISS1SSIPPI RIVER, liOn and after M onday, April Mth Through Ezpiesa Trains Daily, JLKAylK MIL.WAUKK4J, fROM DBPOJT TOOT OF OHESTNDT BTREBT, i AB rotxowe: 43:45 A. 11. and td:45 P. ill. Trahs arrive at Milwaukee at 9:3O A.' p(L AND 2:8O K M. dole connections ace made at LaGrosse. o Uailyj each, way with the Jliu- nenota PadUct company'* New and Splendid united States mail Line ' oCStcatncrs to & from Si. Paul and: >utermedia.te points. 'assenje^s, by taking this mote, will savs 100 c.uj distance; and 18 hours Urns, from Chlo»to or •aukee to Li Oroue or St. Paol, over any other ..jte. -••'!••.•-:... i 'Mondays ezcopted. tSuadajs czoepted. Milwaukee, Aphl M, 1869. i < ' (.MIWIN n. doouuicii, Manager. onday, April 4U», train* on the Mil' " n t Baraboo Talley Kallroad, o»t 11:33 A. si., and depart »t it(»H A OHWKliO, I I'PKH I.AKtS I ?Ormlu^ a Srmi-\V*rekly iDe betwern OK'Irlia .ury* anil Oswetru, aud Chicago, Milwaukee ami iDlcrme :ia!«- l orts, coiiuecvlnn al OgdenaburKh wnti thr OGDKN.SBL'ROH A VKRUONT CENTRAL HAll.RuAD KOUTE, Between O^denfiburKh, Burl!nffV)n, ('., ,.»r.|, Mao- ahester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worivsu-r aod Bostou, and at O.wr^o with th« New OBW^UO Line »f Thirty First Class Canal Boau on the KnUrge<l Canal. between UHU-ego^Tror, |Albun) A New York, .Oonnecting alsn at Dunkirk with NEW YOHK AM> RK1K HAll.kiiAli, And forming a Trl-Weeklj Rallroa.1 Lin* Iwrtween Duukirk, )iiiuaukee A Chicago. %y Property forwardetl by Uils Line will be subject to hut One Transhipment. f3f~ Merchandu- marked "IV. T. <'<». KX- PKE.VS," will be forwardetl from Nrw York bj an Frfifllt Train nvtr Me Afftr Y"rk A Sr^t Aud prompUj fonvartled from DuoklriJ APFL'i TO J Mrsas, Apenl ti. T »!».., 177 Broa«lwaj, New York. J. L. WiaatB, Agent N T. Co., 8 Cumlles slip, New Tork. CBA&- 8. TiprAH, comer 6th and st,, Phila. JlovST A Ca^wruan, Oswe«o N. Y. 9. D. ClLDwtu., Agenl. Dunkirk, N. T. CHIMBUIUS, CaAwroan A Co , Olcvelantl. 0. JOHB HOCS.ISO, Agent N. T. Co , 93 State it ', Boston. A. COTBMAS, Agent \. C. Line, 108 Stat« st., Bo.ton J. t CHDBOH, Agent, Rouse's Point, N. Y. QIC. Plain, Agent, Ogdensburgh, N. Y. L. J. U1OUY, Milwaukee, Wis , olfice LaOrosse s U. R. K. Depot. «! ?.' H "l^ FOR °' 1 MMwaukee, Wisconsin, Office near U. A M R. a. Depot. N. B. — Shippers are requested lo sea one of the above Agents before making contracts, as they are prepared to offer very low rates, and their connections with the Ogdensbnrgh and Oswego routes, aod especially with the New York * Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. marl8-d6m-lastwlaw K' To u m&nj new cuatotuer-t &« may ' Ifork, an I we have facilities 1" ri fill .« Jer. rnr *ny l:n,l .»l ^ .-^.ACUOI, in r-spect u We also Ke*p an ftjsonaitftu of ll^tn Kelloea, .-vukes. Hubs, Ao., 10 , ^i..l bic<l, or will mate i v . r ler, .uy Fo i-; H i > i 1 - lUil.Ty .-luj. r '14.'- .1. j BtOOT*. 1 HK CiKNUINK AKTHJi K MANUFACTURED BV JOHN PHALEN, T HE only one authorised to manufacture the abvoe named Boots, at 72 EAST WATER STREET. TUe Phalen Boot Is one of tbe most unique anil «• 0- ffant roTt-nnfrs for the feat that has ever bveu Invented. Thty are tnatle of the best of stock and most nalshe I workmanship, and are warranted to care Corns, Ban* lops, Swelled Feet, Swelled Head, Bhuiuatum, 3oat^ Jftemember that the SoiiAgen*. for these lait Invented Boots In this Oity, Is to be found at n Kast W ater St., where, also, may be found a general assortment of BOOTH & SHOES, UAITER*, &4J., FOT Gentleman and Ladles that ihere Is In this market* all manufacture*! under the supervision "of the subscriber, [may26J J011N PUALKN. Pte Nic & Pleastre Excarsions. BKOtK WAY'S —Of- OMNIBU8SES AND HACKS. O^&TIEH wishing to engage Back* or Omnibuses for Jj the purpose of visiting die Q.rdeas or for He Nla Parties, can be supplied wlta first class vehicles on ih- shortest notice aod mo -.t reasonable terms. A lino of Omibusses wUI commence rnnnisig on the 1st of Jane for Fores* Some, laving Van Oott's corner at > a. at. and 4 »;«. The Dmnlbuj for Wtawatosa. leaves Van uott's I.BBOCKWAY, •-• Foot of Kason stres*. U K E M O V A L BAIL AST W.tTK I ,> I H I 1 I JJ..N, JVo. r- I N r. II' O K 1 K A 1 AJ in er.»r. e htm to say w t-hn r mt>ui: .vu, thai h«- u now prfpa/e-1 u» hirnisn ih^m *- p h I1r»ble itylr nf pirtorp tnowu to -Jit- -ftrn i.u *t inch Astoun.lina Lit» Prices AJ io l^.y -.»« for example, lor I-J, l i i.i. silt: I'Horoi.ii kpii^ ^tily ll.OU Uic Qrst our, *ii'l ^'c '• r tli.- Ouui . \ PK.V, Ai d In fact every other fe Atyle or Plctum, <t .mr-^d ponding low pncea I.TI fFICIA I. FHOllX.i; tl'Hs, Oultired 10 either Oil or Water Colors. *n I flnlnh^.1 r^ tht, highest Htyli- nf tll« Art.j THE STEK».OT\ I'K, A n^w and popular stylt? i>f Pluturo, *'• lore.l in I'll, »lnch far eScels In Acuurscjl. BolilucM atia Ut-dutjf . (lnl»h t auy other l'lclur« ever .ilTereil lo th^ I'uMl.- Thtrse Picture* have only lo be seeo t.» ti^ .<lmir^<l All who 4ri',K-alr,,u.i of s»vinn uioiie; in m.^^dfuli r iulmlt<Ml to call auj o^amlUB Hv><-vliuou'i «, the ul,l Stintl, M,i 1S6 Witter ttrett. Xii'f-ttitrr. Wi*<;>xMn. inarl3-.16m W. H. UA » I.I! V . Ai l «.fei lo llic l*i uct^ak l 3 Iji -A. KT ENGLAND AMD SCOTLAND FOK *30 Tba powecful Iron flcaiiiAliii^ CITV OF BALTIMOBK, CIl'V OF WA.-lllNUTtia-. ATLA.NTlc ( A \ i i i.i • \ •> 1ST •i ;i - 1 \ll.l a ( < ftu^t I 1 r O O *» I r U . ii. 4. l '' ) \ I M l • No. -'i>i r c i HANI: fit I- l. l . 1 I- I K.N I H.ANUAU.I O, Jlr Will sail tram N«w fart for Cork tu Llveipool, ^ &T S VSK Y JiL TX&HA TS SJ TUB D.I f _j*l The CITY OFMANCHISTKK anj V1OO will fall from UtLPlST and OOtiK to New Ynrk on.-« « uoiith. Rate of Paasag* from New York To Cork, Urerpool and lh« principal towns In UJEL.1ND, ENOl.ASDiSD SCOTLAJiD: 0,t>in, $75 Tliird Class |HO. ty Psasengers forwarii«l "» Ua»r«, Antwerp, Bremen and Uambnrg for fcA in Cahln, »36 Third Class. TO PARI8(ln44h,»ars from Liverpoul,j Cabin $ai ; Tbir ! Class, »38. Penons wishing lo semi for thefr frienda caa obtain Certificates of passage from COSH or UxL^iST to XBW 708K for »3», from UVgRPUOLUO For psjssire apply to R. J. Curtis 1 LHy., in Broadway, N T .John U. Dale, IS Broadway, N. Y , or to TIMOTHY ( ARNI7, Milwaukee, Wlsconsla. N. B.—Passengers by thU Una avoid tha risk and delay of calling at BalUTkx and ft. Johns. mayU SC'tl.SU-WH *!. I.U i. a !»]>. !• S I 1 .<<t K KMT A|f]it y u h I • N U J-.K 1 A I t .,K KtKPS'.'ONSTANTLV ju h,,,i.l i . .r«, usnrtinou jf ll»ho|iany, Ulnck W:ilnui m.l t-Uirr *,„„! ' <t-lher with ftlk'9 Uetaliu Uurlal Oasr>. • The nlflctf jf the Curesl Uumu iJeuii:L»;r/ u'ompauy Is *tmw placr. iliiTi' : :i««t>tnr .•:.-•» <>r .do ^ruuuds. I W nlway, ,r*JY :•, *.H.<IHIM*UIV patr'rnj lo Ule I'enje- tr«y lo select i.itit .»r f.(.-\ci». u»r i.nrial, aD.I cm, he found tmiay piaca uf ImsiuejM .lay or alghu Coffin Trlm- %UKB i^f fill KinJ* ("f dAlu. 4fV2lj fllUK place u> buy Grortries M artlole, in .Uiru, for *aia. LAYTON * ?UAMHINTOH.

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