Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on December 10, 1938 · Page 7
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 7

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1938
Page 7
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MAIDEN EFFORT Samuel Hopkins Adams Q Samuel Hopkins Adams WNUSerric* THE STORY CHAPTER 1--Kelsey Hare, young architect convaJesclng from a breakdown, meets Martin Holmes, struggling author. In a storm on a lake near Moldavia. N. Y.. and later settles down with him at his estate. ·U.Ik... .»b.«,^ ».-..-- ...^« M J » w - r f ~J has been rejected In a $15,000 contest run by Purity Pictures. A. Leon Snydacker. president, for a novel suitable for pleturlza- Uon. In which the winner of a Mystery Beauty contest will star. Kclsey buys the manuscript from Holmes and rents hs house. One of the conditions ol the deal li that Kelsey adopt Holmes' pen name. "Tern, pleton Sayles." After Holmes departs on a trip, a telegram arrives for Sayles which Kelsey leaves unopened. Clunk, odd man servant, places the debutante's picture on the mantel on top of the telegram. v,n/ti-ir.n it--ine i-ur«rtvenur van atrat- tens, at breakfast with their niece Marion, are horrified to find her picture in the paper ai one ol ten remaining contestants for the Purity Pictures award, and learn that LIf- eett Morse, admirer, has entered Marlon · picture on a bet. After threats of being taken abroad until the "scandal" dies down. Marlon decides adventurously to go through with the contest CHAPTER HI--In the offices ol A. Leon Snydacker. heir to the Pecketfs Persuasive Plus fortune. Marion finds nine other beau- HetT She makes friends with Gloria Clamour. flip professional beauty contestant. At lunch together, they meet Moby Dickstein. Snydacker's press agent and factotum, any- daeker Is overwhelmed with Marlon's beauty and "class." to which he Is extremely susceptible, repeatedly calls her 'Darr- Eng. and awards her the leading role. Marlon refuses to accept without Gloria. and the two girls and Moby plan immediate departure lor the estate ol Templeton Savles. who is to be leadlne man. CHAPTER IV-- Moby la referred to Martin Holmes lor Information on Sayles. and Gloria flirtatiously takes the call. Meanwhile. Hare Is Interrupted In his rewriting by two feminine callers, one of whom he recognizes as the pictured beauty in the naoer. After they leave, he takes the pic- tare from the mantel, and uncovers the, telegram, sow four days old. apolog zing for a "mistake." and demanding Saylcs' Immediate presence in New York for a conference with Snydacker. When Moby and the slrls arrive on location. Kelsey learns for the first time that the Holmcs-Sayles novel was the winner. He confides his predicament to Moby and Is persuaded to continue the hoax on Snydacker and the girls. so that Holmes can win the S15.000. CHAPTER V--Snydacker's anticipation of the meeting with Sayles is not shared k\ Kelsey. whom Moby advises to say "Yes to everything. They meet at a Moldavic Inn, and argue the title of the "super creational" picture, finally changing It from "Virgin Effort" to "Maiden Effort. ' When Kelsey learns he is to play the lead, the embodiment of the Insidious Saylcs. ht threatens to quit, but Gloria pleads wltt him to stick for a month. Meanwhile, Hare and Marion develop a defensive, almost In suiting, relationship. CHAPTER VI--The picture goes Into pro ductlon at Holmcsholm, with Kelsey doln; a hopeless Job as hero. Murlon remain- cold to Snydacker's "darr-llngs." even U the gift of an evening dress and emcrali necklace. Moby's publicity hints at roinanc- between star and magnate. Kelsey's SUE plclons grow, and his relations with Marti.: become more bitter. In desperation at hi. acting. Moby frames an enactment of i rescue scene. He sets Hare on the shore conceals the cameras, and has Marlon tal overboard from a canoe. Kelsey remain- calmly sitting, and It Is Clunk, her self appointed bodyguard, who rescues the fur. ous girl. Meanwhile. Holmes reads the pa pers about the picture, and Is furious as hi thinks Kelsey Hare has double-crossed him CHAPTER VU - The Girls dlscu:. "Sayles," Gloria admitting she likes him Marion insisting he's a coward, which Glo rla reports to Hare. Meanwhile. Marloi avoids Snydacker. who orders Moby to pro mole his suit. Moby tells Marion she Is practically engaged to Snydacker, and can not understand her refusal to play the garni- The rescue scene Is done again, wit! "Sayles" and Marlon paddling. "Saylcs" stops the canoe at the spot of Marion's lak-. drowning, and proves to her that it is to shallow. Marion, furious, threatens to quit "As per invoice," remarked the ex-factotum, waving the memorandum of his dismissal under its author's nose. "That means you're through on this picture," explained the employ. er with swift ingenuity. "Well, I don't' wanta be through on this picture. I like this picture. Through on this picture, through on the whole show." Alcohol was inspiring the normally amenable Dickstein spirit to a fine irresponsibility. "Sure. Sure. You stay right here on the job and look after--er--my Interests." "As and on what?" "In charge and on your present salary. I've cut the others but--" "Nothin' doin'," said the bold Moby, perceiving that he had his opponent on the run. The Snydacker jaw dropped. "You wouldn't let me down in--in my time of--of trial and tribulation, would you, Moby?" The appeal left its object cold. "We were talkin' about a raise, 'way last March." "We'll talk about it again one of these days." "We'll talk about it now," said the fourth cocktail, assuming its place of command in the Dickstein organ- Ism. "What do you want?" asked the employer apprehensively. "A twenty-five per cent raise and a contract drawn by my lawyer." "Make it ten per cent, Moby, and we'll talk." "Twenty-five. I'm a softy I don't say fifty." "The business won't stand it," wailed its proprietor. "We ain't made a dollar yet." "Yeah? What about the pill-and- pellet trade? That isn't doin' so bad, I expect." A. Leon wilted. Moby, sticking to his point with alcoholic tenacity, finally won out. That being settled, A. Leon proceeded to relieve his feelings of their chief and sorest preoccupation. "That Van Strntten girl, Moby. I'm getting just nowhere with her." "Sure, you're gettin Just nowhere. You chased me off the lot and said leave it to you; you knew how to handle 'em. 1 ', The great man gave way to the humility of depression. "I was wrong, Moby. There's something about that high society lot that gets me down." Having won its victory, the alcoholic stimulus within Moby now moved him to confidential sympathy, together with a touch of condescension. "Get onto yourself, Bwana." The Great Man perked up at sound of the title only to be taken down by the next remark. "Society, my pants 1 She's no more society than you are. She's a phony." "I don't believe it," said his chiel hollowly. "How d'you know?" "How wouldn't I know? I made her up." "H-h-h-h-how could you make her up?" "Easy. You wanted a swell, didn't you? Trie minute yqujiet eyes on her K W S P A P L R f l R C H I V E ® -- you spuneu uei tut «^iu3s wnii a Dig, capital C, didn't you?" A. Leon groaned. "And you needed a buildup for it. You didn't know it, but that's what you were lookin' for. Moby's job. Apply to Moby. He's the little fixer. So I shook you up a debutznte society swell; three parts imagination to one part Social Register with a dash of Blue Book. And did you lick it up? Gwlugckl" Moby made an unpleasant swallowing sound, worthy ol Clunk's best effort. "Who is she?" croaked the wretched and disillusioned magnate. "Search me. Some bright little extra, maybe." A. Leon Snydacker exploded. "That's the girl that turned me down. Me-me-me-me-me! Setting herself up for a day-bun-tay. Phony. She's fired. From date. Without pay." Moby Dickstein perceived with pain and apprehension that he had committed a major error. If the star went, the job went. And Moby was well suited with the job. HP did some quick thinking. "Oh, no; she nin't. Calm down. Bwana. Calm down." "Why ain't she?" "Think of the build-up. Think of the investment. The All-Class, All- White Purity Supercreational Picture. That's our story and we're stuck with it and stuck good. What a sap you'd look if we dropped our star now as a snide!" "Sap? Me?" yelled A. Leon. "Well, wouldn't you? Give it the once-over." . The Great Man gave it the several-times-over, and the more he went over it, the worse he felt "that'll we do, Moby?" he quavered. "Carry on," prescribed the factotum with energy and persuasiveness. "You beat it and leave me to handle the gal. I'll figure out something. Let's let it ride for a coupla weeks." "And I was ker-razy about that girl," faltered A. Leon. "Why, Moby, I pretty near married her." He brightened up at a solacing thought. "Anyway, I got my diamond and emeralds back." Wistfully he added: "But I'd rather have the girl. Lemme talk with her." "Nothin' doin', Bwana. Anyway, she ain't here," lied Moby. "You just climb into your car and go back to New York and think up some fresh supercrealional notions." No sooner had A. Leon Snydacker shaken the dust of Maiden Effort Headquarters from his superballoon tires than his First Assistant went back to report. "Saved," he asserted, striking a noble attitude. "Who?" "All of us. Saved from the wreckage. By my single-handed endeavors." "But the picture?" asked the practical Gloria. He waved a graceful hand. "Like an insubstantial pageant faded," he runs itirougtt tne montn. ucsiacs, u we go on with tho picluic, he goes back on the payroll." Clo DO continued next week) Termites Use Caterpillars A naturalist describe-, the occurrence of the larvae of a Tincid moth in the nests of a New Zealand termite. The Inrvac deoond upon tho material of the nest for t h e i r CooJ, and they may be seen niovinn nlotis in file, at regular intervals, as if in a procession, e.ich escorted by a few soldier and worker tc-i m i l e s It appears that the lai v:u e-:nclc a strong odor which is a t u . n - l i v e lo the termites. Just as one ui.iy h.-r.e flmvers in his room for tin 1 ba!:i. of their perfume, so the t c r m i t u t have caterpillars. Hardest Hit by TH Groups hardest hit by tuberculosis are (1) ynunp women between the ages of IB and NO, (2) men in industry, and (D) no,, groes. Chrhtrrns 1$ Seals finance in- p r o t e c t t h e s e groups. It kills more people between the JIRC of 15 nnd 45 than any other disease. 'n the Trail of Tuberculosis Boy Scout having tuberculin skin st--a means of telling if tubercu- ,sis genus nrc present in his body. iubcrculin testing activities are car- icd on throughout the year by the .-iconic received from Christmas Diagnostic clinics similar to this one .re held in each county of the state y the Maryland Tuberculosis Asso- intion. They nrc for both white an' 1 )lorcd patients. /\ SSiorgas I^T -.-*-* ·n-rr^m *ar -XM* . METERED GAS SERVICE AT CITY Gas Rates For Homes Beyond The Mains -- oOo-- Ask Your Shoregas Dealer D. RALPH HORSEY About Our Special Holiday Offer Eastern Shore Gas Corporation Give A Radio For Christmas The Ideal For All The Year Another Radio Is Always A Welcome Gift Maryland's Pioneer Broadcast Station BALTIMORE, MD. So good it's used daily in 1.500.000 CARS 1917 * SijrrAxjr Rtfinine Combany flnf ) LeGRANDE FOOD STORES are owned and operated by the man behind the counter--We serve and save for you f PRACTICE ^ .'ECONOMY and : / Q U A L I T Y at the / )LeGRANDE FOOD ' 1 STORES HOLIDAY FOODS I In fine with other foods have been greatly reduced in price?, and now you can buy the finest at prices you can afford to r pay WIN COFFEE «*· DeLUXE COFFEE "· MOKAY COFFEE Lb - age 13SSOGOOD' ·COFFEE "· CASH SPECIALS-Friday and Saturday, December 9 andlO Agent Sine/air Refining Company (Inc.) P. G. CROUSE PHONES 93 172 Denton, Maryland Gold McUal - Kitchen Tested F L O U R K-IA. A A«« 5 ' Lb - 4 £«« Bag 49C Bag Z$C DROMEDARY - GLACE Cherries or Pineapple Dromedary Peels Citron, Orange, Lemon n» IOC ALL GOLD SLICED No. 2 can Deluxe Milk 3 2l9c 15c 25c ins L**J\J Le- GRANDE Saur Kraut 3 * Manning's Hominy 3 NUT'S \ ! ', Taper Shell i Brazil Almonds '- *Nuts -! uh.29citt.a3c U Emerald jf Planters Budded 4 Cocktail Walnuts i; ! Peanuts "Saved," he asserted, striking a noble attitude. intoned. "Until further notice," he qualified. "Has everybody left?" asked Marne. "Except you two, the agonized victim of alcoholic thirst who ad- diesses you, and Templeton Sayles Esq. Oh, yes; and Glunk." "I could do without Templelon Sayles," stated Marne. "He's laid off. But he's stickin' to the ancestral acres." For the first time in weeks the still, small voice of conventionality stirred within the blithe and emancipated soul of Miss Marion Norman Van Stratten, and roused misgivings therein. She turned to Gloria. "We can't stay here with those two men." "Huh? Oh, I get you. You want a chaperon. What's the matter with me?" "You aren't married, are you?" said her friend, staring. "Well, maybe not just exactly at the present moment," confessed the beauty girl. "But you have been?" "Nothing but,*' Gloria assured "just the same, I don't think we ought to stay." "If you quit the place your half- pay stops," pointed out Moby. "That settles it," said Gloria, corrupted by Moby's poetical example. "Here have I lived and here I die." "Mightn't A, Templeton Sayles have something to say about that?" queried Marne dubiously. "After all, it's his place.'' «TH handle him," returned the sell-confident factotum. "Our lease Scott Co. Pumpkin, 2 cans 25c Mtisselman's Cherries, 2 cans 29c A* Mince Meat.. z '£ 25c D rr Cranberry Sauce, can 15c Dromedary Fruit Cake, each 45c LeGRANDE SPINACH LIMA BEANS HUIIFF'S CENTER CUT ASPARAGUS Can ALL GOLD DRIED PRUNES N. B. C. R1TZ FRIDE ASSORTMENT A Grapefeuit,.2 «ans 25c A Fruit Cocktail, £ 23c All Gold Peas * can 18c Alt ^^* 1 · * *m ' IHGU* *· I-- f± fui BB_---- -- -- nvtt^^k sUTtJ^A ^^ L ^^ ^isi^ H Whole Grain^CorD, 2 cans 25c msaooooD SALAJD MISSING Half Hat j Hots . Quarts 10c 15 C Give THE DENTON JOURNAL this year. The home-town paper is always accepted as a wonderful gift. Use Cnii|inn IJrlmv Gentlemen: Please semi the DENTON J O U R N A L to NAME Street or R. F. D. Town For which I enclose ? $1.00 per year in Caroline $1.50 per year nulNido Cash in advance Signed Tissogood Catsup SilOc Musselman's Tomato Juice, 2 c£L 19c LeGrande Sweet Potatoes, can lOc April Shower Peas .. 2 cans 29c Franco-American Spaghetti, 2 cans 19c Irish Mackerel... !£ 3 for 25c XTRA SPECIAL LeGRANDE TOILET TISSUE BFJUnr-SALE Wash Clothes HOSPITAL-CLEAN WITH CONCENTRATED SUP£R SUDS (4N BLUE BOX) REMOVES mOST GEHMS SMALL SIZE 10e LARGE SI7.E Me Octagon Cleanser __ 3 for 14c Octagon Toilet Soap ,, 3 for l«c Octagon Granulated ._ 2 for 19c f Guard -WfDDLE-MlE-SKIN PALMOUVrSOAP 19c Octagon* Ponder -- Oclagwi- Chips .5 for 2-Tc 2 for 9c 2 for l!)c Frcsfc Fruffs and Vegefab/es Ready to Help You Shop and Save Denton Food Market, Denton Harry Stcdman, Ridgcly I. Calvin Butler, Greensboro J. W. Sylvester, Goldsboro J. F. Lane, Goldsboro II. A. Porter, Burrsville G, C. Cohce, Denton Harvey Flcctwood, Denton T. L. Trice, Jr., 1'reston Arnic's Cash Grocery, Preston Milford Kline, Hillshoro J. C. Wheatlcy, Andersontown R. H. Gibson, Queen Anne Qi/a/ffy Mesl t headquarters

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