Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 1
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
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f I '.'I , I - \,f V Chiefs I III 1-d ll^'J, \ti I mil American I-ff,'iin *·(.. -\v ihitinnnl Cdm. it 'l('i(kn, Kan*, a. li'Cion hfarl. nnd jit,* rornninndcr ,h(r'ly III' I i'l I UDTIIDXT Jl^Ct Ir ) i l \ t n kci'p 3ifl*')t |i'i l ^ u I I . t'i r\* nT f i r t 1,1111 -4 I -ID bC ind Home . , 'uliuli'llihia Athli'Ui-*. i* ri\Mirthmore, 1'a,. luurn'. in -mill- (itlH'l- (illtyi 1 ' MI * ins tii-. i.iol ncht I'* ' 1 * Atlanllc I'hoUw. I" c - · * A 24-HOUR NEWSPAPER fiecatur Herat THEWEAtHER- Stouwrt 20 Pag Decatur, Illinois, T U E S D A Y E V E N I N G October 14, 1930. THREE CENTS | y W v Slur Intended Jo Catholics Church Council Secretary Says President Violated Oath Police Rout Communists At A. F. L Meeting GRAIN PRICES SOAR IN FINAL TRADES ON CHICAGO MARKET "ft. The l|t *' CH10AOO, Oct. H,- Makinc the flrtt material advance since the So- vlol short sulcH scarce, wheat prices advanced from 3 to VI tentt on the Chlrujrri B«nrd ot Trade Tuesday. fjncnl bttytns nni light offering cotulilnod tn turnlrth stien«th to the i n n i k M , which haa tmgged toi scv- rttwuneeN cftil'l I'd Inieri'icieO «« Vl *,«l t« if!lf:l'»« tii«nai«*. ^r:"^^ nllCK:it lf » l( th(1 Hiiplic, Kenei'ftl rtOCrc- . .,niit Oithcdle Welffivn rnti'fVthiit M i . Hoover violated of nftii f" In R recent letter to Jro» the in »nwcr u tin 1 B»v, Joim ·' * en Mnndrleln MiMMJljr vp W« Rftfiil f f l i t h . tt«l dint * i Ittter tri t lllb1l(1 liny* nfto lo of helped tho gcnrrnl ticnd, liming tho last few minute* ,,. timiini,', valient gfilucd 1 to i ccntc A brenli f u l l y Injlic session hnd stint all deliveries to'new low*. Stock* Jlrbountl i Ha fatitd l'i«« i NKW VORK, Oct, H. Aftet touching new lows for mftny Issues the stock ninrkel rebounded Tuesday currying the general overage of prices high or thun tho previous close. Trading was in haevy volume. Thr tirnnk onrofl nt the outset when block nflcr block of stock was dumped urt the sagging market. t*i lei's gave wny and support was not In Hl;ht, Trading picked up slowly and Ihe prices wcru cairied w i t h a rtiNh. WILBUR TO RETAIN HIS POSITION IN HOOVER CABINET 1 f » I V IJmllt Plft.t WA3H1NUTON. Oct. 14--Secretary ot the Intriloi 1 Ray layman Wilbur will rt'mttln In President Hoover's cabinet Indefinitely, It WHS announced nt th« While flniiic Tuwiloy. Tho nnnoum'emtnt came after Inttnuittona In the university publication nt Lcluml Stanford, where Wilbur more than a year ajto wad (fi'anted a lenvn ot ab- aencn M president, that WHMu would be removed ftom the latter post It he remained In Washington. McCarthy Signs To Manage Yanks During Next Year Michigan.\ t C»tdln»l MunilMetn ot the Koiinftn CithuH 1 * eh-tirh f"i' piejientrvtlon to tft( next t'liichnrlRtlc (.'on«r«w. the Unlwl Pf'-'i 1 W(l(l fltiihlv tntdrtnud Th« R l t l t i d e "f Mr Hoover wrtj" midn rlmr In a tiuttement N«uwi JloWlnv nUlu by (iniilrt Aketion, "Anv ill*'!) HiiKKeotlitri or ImpDca* (Ion us Irtftl ii'i' 1 " bv K/ither Hiu-Ue Inn I n j i H l ' i e Irf'tli tn Hie i " SLAIN BY -- - . . ., own «'iitlin'ntu mul li'e n i r n l i l e l t i __ ___ NKW YORK, Oct H -Joe Mc- trittinii'i riit.'iftncc )tc li'ii ftlwnv" f^lf Cdi'thy, lonrntly resigned manager Md hM aU-ny. ndvoc,»lr ( l hnlh |,ub- I Q R u n n i n g Board ot thfl Chlcngo NiUtonnL league base- llcly snd piK'niely, Ahcrsion *«m- · f , TL' 1 LJ bfll1 clllbi Tuesday was engaged as And r i t e s -- I h i n k He manager ot the Mew Yorlt Yankees, Irccedini,' Bob ShRttkey. Mcfurlhy, one of the lew mnjor bRseViall manugci's who never plnyed major Icugue base bull litrn- self, realeiied from the Chicago Cubs junt before the senson closed and aftei the ctub announced thnt ~ Hoinshf/ would innnngt the team next a CUB on, GUARDSMEN^QUELL THREAmiED RIOT Vcgroes flee Homes When Lynching Party Is Formed iul« i if tin' Priwl'lenl IndlCfl llwivcr JDlslit r unKlilet 'nloiiv f' the f . n t h c i n n le u n n l i nml Itie^jni'iilvc cf i ^ r i l ^ In nl Ictifll (uic p i u l l c t the "Welched" but t l!ltv for It rtttnry. Tt-was pie- melt. one t»lf I'nili't J'rnf t fiO. Ocl I I OHUfl \V Kin- snld hv pullee to hni-e been (.'hlcnptt'it most siKvessful . wtvs killed late Monday by In lux n n v uilnlnttM pri-ttitl'tn" of ildfiinictit. It Wdit ffllil. eH|H'C|nll' tn tlf« of u un*i nldiltnr r i l i t i i r l n l r r l l l rlurn bcci itwe of « phia"i In Iil-i Wltlt 1 ' M m i n t f t l n fjii'ei li lii'it week, In « h j c l i lie sfild llila M i t i n t i v Is Ttif Ahcrjioii reply wnn nintl* |)itb-i lie * few hours after the N'nilnnnl Olhrilc Welfare eoilncll Issued n ttntTAMll tlV T t V l l k ^ H IlKrc'* the (-"'tti-r Til' l»iler f tli* r'ir'"l!''iil --Inlert u u i i n t i i u n who jumped upon the run A ' " } n t r i x hojtil of Emmett'n automobile tmil tired one nnol I n t o his hcail, Thti'ii Itieoi les, ( t i n t Kmmet was hilled bertui'B hv htid "wotched' 1 on n bel, LiccniWL' of rnc he toe ring troubleH. 01 tuM the ulgniil foi opening ot a Ktimtillng wni, weio given TltnKilit)* by H U t h o t l l l e s Inrpstl^ntlng t h e slnyliip which oociiried In front (if ihi ganiblei's home, H(e|ihn;t Platnti ft fr/iinp« mvner, wilt wlttt T'lntmelt nt the (Imn r t thi nhntitlnB. lie sold Fimmell had off e n d f o tflltc htm hnmt- In his "itf '! fi-rtt to t h e tind I h n l he hud ponied tn front it ii'Min f u l t l i wlo tire, Kmniett 1 * hftiitc lo t n t k ft few huiilni; mi fv-t St (lie nnnH-er- r.f i tit- I 1 in(i'iititri( cefnrtnntlrtu (tie 'll"il iirintvi-i'imi v of Ihr litfi nl lit' 1 A i i K i b u r n eonfoi'ilon i n ilrh i l n l e in iiitinv "f Hie wr-i 111 iJi'lnl of vli-w frmii iiltler crpdoiH liuth of i'-llwl(in nnd "Tlw irf*t« cvmt.i hii' H'flf life mid In iH lhtnin;li fln |.i tl nillvreiitii t unil ITI M^ *t ntm fffif df ni|'iiti '(Ale ft tlicso hlntoi'li'Dl l In inir rtnllontil iH In M1IM«n tif (mm ftttlnu Hint iheic t n n t ftiltlut rli the pvln- imi i U dud itmulil evenN forcei if, r I *'f,l I' f , t I W A S l l l N i "I ON. (i t M (''ili'nd* «t Pip'iitcuf ttuii\i,i nutvcii Tiu'idny tn tl»' n!kunllin hv Ihv Ftev, John J. Tiiultc xpiietat spcri'lury of the NlttiiiiM t'litluitlr WHf»i« tonfei 1 *wt, tfiut Fii'jilUcnl Mnuier hrtil violated MM j p l r l l It not thu taller if Kfcum'h nf i(dV in » indent letter 1 Liitlu'tnn» of A minim SAYS HOOVER CAN BE RENOM1NATED Dwight Morrow Believes President Can Win In 1932 ttta t nlf'rt ?*»' N K W A U K N. J , Ofl W. Moirow. bulled In the ffiaar ns a picildi'ntltil posstlhitlty in T.ft.12, be UCVCK rre^ldent will be re-nomlnnled u n i t re-elected AlthiiUKli the former H k n o w n tn be R dose fi lend ot Air. Hoover, p i o m l n e n l New Jersey lenders consider him a potential candl dalr for the While House, possibly In th« nwxt campaign. Morrow, In ti i|«t«ch opening his campaign for clflt-tlon to tb* 3tnat». said Tin-;' mini rund 11 | u l \ H l « trle- li h l'ieildi'iit Hoover teflo-irKe C n i i i i n i i l Munileleln, Oith- tilt hlvhuii ft citii nci. on ^entemhpt H. etjireiiini; ccinlfnl ),'! i - f l l n K ' 1° Itii ^ i i l n n f i l ]'*iiilnii1nH' innferent'e LOVE LEHERS OF HONEYMOON KILLER FOUND IN TRUNKS Ml AVAl'KKi:, VVIu o( . M · (llottn C) K (V-iiy wlui utnllh'il tit **rt the Huittcri itinl \» hunted on *hMt:" i( niiirderlii),' one ot them, '(H n trull ( i( Mrt) kive II-HWH in tho *'»ke of his niiilrltimnliil cnreei, It!' "MI Mlti' leM'nli'd Tucidnv. Till' l i ' l ! . | i w r t i - f n m u l III one nf (Vtf'i iMiiilit ln-i r tn' Ml*. M H I \ *hn \\,^ tn p n v c i i y nt Mllwnuifpe "crrv hiii| pluccd In newpnpers be- 'it" Icn-, |it* Mtlwimli^f n vefii' uffo (Ji\l llaltfit Trin ) STL'. ORNBVTEVB. Mo. Oct, 14- Preicncn ot national jfuaijlfinen anil nhsenca of ne^voefl brought ordoi to St«. Gt'iievloce, where ilottnjr wan thi'talened alter H was i-fipoitcd Unto nfgroea had con- t«HHCid killing une whltu tnan anil another. Only two families ot a normal ne- ,,to populullon of 1BO remnlntti In the (own, nil olhots huvlng fled ftft et a mob of I n t u i l n l t J white men de- nmntted that they move out bnfore o'clock, Mondtiy Qulul had,been restoied botore the natlonnl giiftrttanien. ortlcted nore De Soto nnd Pustnu hy Oov Hcniy S Civitlfiekl, nirivod late Men day. DETROIT PROVIDING WORK FOR SCORES OF CITY'S IDLE (»V I DETROIT, O«t. f'l-CM 1 J4~Huodr«ds o: , THE WEATHER FflHKCAST ('Oil ILLINOIS -llontly 'lmid,i nnd txittNlhh* ilintUTi timlttlil ir l"intrn« s Ihe nurlh fiOrHtin, Nnl much '^aitcc In Icniprruturv, I-OCAI, TKMI' P- m. yesteidny chrst ywefday ». lit today , oon lodny flWfut today 64 Sim net * ... "I look forwurd with pleasure and with confidence lo th* oppoitimily ot voting two year* from now tor the re-nomlnatlou and re-election of llerhrrt Hoover." Episcopal Churchmen Meet In Springfield flprtrNGFiBi.n. Oct. H- nnl church lesders from five comprising Iho Province of the Mid Wet!l, Rtii em hied here Tuesday foi their anmwl iionfercwe. l4tiihn|K. other c!crf;ymeti, laymen nnd women fuuii all puits of the 13 dlorcBP In Illinois, tntiUvmi. Wlocon- »ln, Michigan nnd Ohio «;e attend- in« tho conference which will con- t i n u e through to Thursday. Hclhctous educnllon nnd social nor- vli't- will cn»3tItute a cdnsldcrnble p'lit o( the convention (ir(ij; lf| n Woih iimontr tli« childton in Sunday Hchoola nnd students at colleges In the provlnfoiwlll also be dlsnviased, Harrisburg Miners Go Out On Strike KAKRISBURQ. Out. M--A detnund toi "new conditions" was made by 235 miners who walked out on an unannounced strike at Opara mme No 3 here Tuesday, Thfl men aski'd thnt addltlonnl niliK't.i be given employment and thnt two men be used on each cutting machine InsUiul of one as at piesent SK'f INSTITUTE DATKK (By v*tlii / ' ( f i t ) JACKSONVILLE, Oct. 1* -- The third annual Institute on Pan American lelatlont. will be held here October Id to IS, 1931 nl MaoMurray college for women. Dates foi l\\t Insll tute were set Monday at the closing session of tVil» veftr's Instltulc by Chester D. Pugfley. Peeksklll, N, T. donor of the Institute, jobless men Tuesday wei* assured o work throughout the winter nlta Ihe approval of Mayor Frank Mur phy of emergency consti uction fund totaling W.B50.000. » Ordinarily this money would no be avuilitble itntl) naxl July, but th mayor ordcicd the emergency appro prlatlons set up at oni;u to relieve the unemployment situation hy hasten Ing tbe building pvoKiarn of th hoard ot education and construction work by the Detroit water board Mother of Woman Who , Killed Self, Ends Life till/ nalifil I ' l i i t ) RAN BEKNAKD1NO, Cut, Oct 1 - Suicide by polnon wna the decMo ot sheriffs officers Tuesday, In th death or Ethel Gordon Craln, char ucter actress, whose tx?dy was foun in a hotel room here two days ftfte she disappeared Iron) her home, In a letter mailed In Ban Bornar dlno. Mca. Onrdon said she no long PC wished to live because her duugh tcr wns dead, officers announced. Accenting to word here, Nanc Patterson Ford, her only daught* committed suicide in Rockford, II n w?ck ogo A year ago the divorce hucb'uid of the actress iv kilted I un automobile accident In ChlcnifO. N. Y. Attorney General Asks For Jury Records ALBANY, N. V . Oct, H--Attorne General Wnrd Tuesday directed Spe ainl Prosecutor Hirafti C. Todd t apply for the records ot tho specia grand Jury Investigating Judlclar scandals in New York city In con nection with the refusal ot Genera Sessions Judge Amodco A. Bnrtlnl t waive Immunity. POSflS AS llrTTECTIVK {tiv HnUn\ Prui ) SPRINGFIELD, Oct H--A ba check artbt, who used ihe addresa o Chief of Detectives C', W, Jesfter ntdrv to cnsh R bOEUs ^1 eheck, wa. ' sought by police here Tuesday. LABOR STRIKES FOLLOW BERLIN FASCIST RIOTS Metal Workers Walk-Out Causes Crucial Period RENEW DISORDERS BERLIN, Oct. 14- -A dangcrouH urge of labor unrest increased the ovetnment's critical political posi- on Tuesday, With the capital heavily patrolled f police Kllards who oncanlanatly lashed with Extremist political roupa, the Berlin rnctal worker a -10,000 strong: and the backbone of h» Geiman labor union a --voted WO er cent, tn fnvor ot u strike lo atari amori ow. DiBturlmnutMf Renewed Meanwhile, tbe capital itmulrtud nder considerable tension as a re- ult of Ihe Fascist rioting and Antl- cwlslj dlsiHdeia which nccompunled ha opening ot the New Reichstag eslerday. Dlsluibances wete re- cwed at noon after a tranquil morn- ng Police at rested twoFaBclats on e.harge ot ausault, The Diet and Reichstag neighbor- oods wetft comparatively quiet with in motor lorries patrolling fnej ffl nfter dlsotdeiif Monday « n d j enily Tuesday morning, when Fas-| isits were dispersed otter renewing' Anti- Jewish disturbances, Wild SOMIM at Diet A demonetisation bloke out In the Prussian Dlot stter the leader of he Fnseist deputfea, Wilhelm Kubo, iad made a speech attacking Hif Prussian B lvel ' nm ent. Faselut spec- ators In the galleries burst into cheers and shouts ol "Halt, Hitler " Prlcdrlch Bartcls, speaker of the Diet, yelled for order but the bellow- nit onlookers drowned his volee, Communist deputies shouted their lattle cry. The sergeant-at-nims finally cleared the flatteries, previous o the outburst, the Diet had held a [ulet four-hours' session. Strike Worrit* Ijttutlam Tha strike, because ot llio Rwlnllst flllaUonB of the labor organisa- tions, was conaldeied the greatest probleni ot tho moment, especially as .t la directed against the goveinmcnt Ilnanclal letiam-hment program. Half a dozen plants joined tho strike movement lliis moinlng bji Hlarllng prftllmlnory we lit out workers out In auvtral fuctoilca, which weie then occupied by police Some 276 factories urn involved, Another press) n^ problem for tbe government was tlit wlthdianul ot support ol the Economx- paity, with 23 deputies, while the Fu^elwln tlnuetl their eftorla to alleiuiU the (mm supporting the cab' by electing Ernst Scholz, I Folks' party leader, ns speaker ol t h e Rekhwlax to replace the Soelallflt Poul REBELS SCATTER IN TERROR WHEN LEADER IS SHOT Brazilian Federals Claim Important Victor/ In Border Battle DEFEND STRONGHOLD Reported Found JACK U1AMON1I With four bullet wounds In hi* body and u long red gash in his head, where a. fifth grazed him, Jack "Legs" Diamond (above) whom Hew York gangland decided "he had U coming to him" lies fighting for life In a New York hospital aa a remilt of an atttu-k at his hideaway Sunday morning, Relieve Diamond Dying; Admit Man To Hospital Room NEW YOHK, Oct. U-- A m«n whoae Identity Waa cloaely .concealed iy police was admitted to the room 'uesduy tn polyeltnlc hospital where ach (Legs) Diamond is near death rom four bullet wounds. It was toportcd the wiin was ·rlest who had arrived from Acra, . Y, where Diamond h»H * country onio. For the first time lincc Ihe voundcd gangster was talien to the Loapltal, the two policemen who have ilood Kutird at his boJaide left 1he PROBE VICTIM'S DEATH Farmer Kills Prowler In Exchange of Shots At Home {Bv T 3PABTA. Wis , Prrtfi ) Oct. 14-- A John Do* Investigation was ordered Tuesday Into the death of George Pish 24, Lyndon Station, second victim of a (tun fight Oct. 1ft In which f 8 ymirs okl son ot Alva Sttalpht, a f aimer, was killed. Fish was one of four persons HUI prised prowling near Stralght'i chicken coops Piah was capluicd and taken Into ihe Straight kllc.hen As the former laid down tils gun Filti fired. Although struck by th bullet, Stialght picked up his shot gun and shot Fish In the sioinaen One ot the bullets hit Straight'» son on a cot In the kitchen. TBEAS1IRY BALANCE (IPu Itittictl I'rm } WASHINGTON, Oct. H -- The treasury net balance on Oct. 11 wa: $292,755,239,23, Expenditures for thi same day weie $12,638,162.20 and cus torn* receipts for the month to tha dato wcro $t4,200,4l9.8 l l. ITARARE, Sao Paulo-Parana Frontier. Eruzll. Oct, 14 --Federal troop* claimed a victory over revolutionary force* Tu'«day in au encounter nl Ponle De Rentes on the border ot Parana state, where the defense ot tha government etronff- littld and capital him txicn «tab- Ihhcd. Quit, MEgiiel da Cant*,, cotumaniltfp of the revolutionary trooim In Parana, waa reported killed, falling early tn the.tattle and leaving the r«b- i l«adei-]'-M. Many rebi)n were rf- od dead or wounded. Only sis edei-alu wer* wountlod. Troopn In Punic The federal advlret i^jwrtlnj? the ekth ot G'-neral da Costa, consld- hd one of the oulntandfng rebel nlllUrhtB. H]MO MR Id at leajst 1C th«r r«bo!» were killed In th* tight- ng. The revolutionists wero nnld to ava scattered In pftnlc after the r«- wrted denth of Da Cauls, Meanwhile revolutionary tiourceii lalm«d an Important rctel victory n the frontier region, not far from ·onto de Sengei, but detail* were ·com. That caused that tha ny^ll'rluu^ man wus nloul to take Mamond's UiHl cnnlVsaion and that he gangster hud only a, little while o live District Attorney Thomas Grain, nxpressod ths opinion thut "Lugs" had ftniBht unarmed ngalnst the two nicn who Invnded the Hotel MonW- etsllo Sunday, Tlio bullet holes In ho celling Inillcnled, Crnln -laid hat Diamond had struggled with one of the men nnd that (he shots lad gone wild. The second assail tnt, according to Cialn, wnlted untl 3lnmond offorud a Rood target and fired four or five shots, nil of wtiich ttruck "Leg»." BUILDING TRADES AWAIT DECISIONS OF LABOR GROUPS (Bu Vnittil / " I « T BOSTON, Oct. 14-~The 50th annua convantlon of ihe AmeHcun Fednr atlon ot Labor was expected Tuesday or Wednesday to act on a deman that the Brotherhood of Carpenter bu ordered to cease Infringing On the jurisdiction of other iittdea sr minted with (he federation, Moi'e than 1,000,000 hvllldlng trades men throughout the country wer awaiting the labor organ Nation'* de el si on. Under the demand, contained In resolution presented bv tho bulldln liailTM dojifti tmctit of the A. F. ot L the fcdprttllon also would order In BroOiet-hood of Caipenters to ob* decisions handed down by the partmsnt In favor of the respeetlv Internationa) TInlona. ...... . , ». -- .... . IHCAI.KB KILLS SELF (Jtji I'nHcJ /Vnn.t PEKRIA, Oct. t*-- Blor^ C, Hele automoolls dealer, ended his lit with KM in Iho bathroom of hi homo Monday nlfiVit, Motive for th suicide was not determined, Gunn on Flrtd An official federal communication uld tibout 200 rebels were repulsed nd severely beaten In an attack on » federal column of the third b*t' ot Infantry under Lieut. Col Moraen Pinto. Many rebel dead wte reported left on U)* tttU While th« main force of tnaureents lea leaving machine gun* and ammunition. Ovation taroute To Front SANTA MARIA, Brazil, Oct. 14-Dr. Gotullo Vargas, I«*der of the Brazilian rebel forces, received an vallon when he arrived here TIWB- ny on hU way to th* front, Vargas * the president of the revolutionary tat* of Bio Grande do Sul «nd was «fcated hy Dr Julio pjeiiUs In the »si presidential election. Vat s*»' arrival with lit* «Uff .bgard ft presidential train wa» the Chicago's Newest Fad Brought To Light By Expert Fisherman · I'nltta Pint ) Oct. 14--Ephiinm CHICAtfO, Noble, an angler of some note on the South Side, tossed a line Into Lake Michigan Monday afternoon off the foot of Roosevelt road Then he lighted his pipe and lost himself In contemplation of hit cork. His thoughts rambled alar/--so far thai two men held up Michael Wcls- er, S3, who not only buys old clothes but also yeats 'em, close by and Noble didn't know tt "Give us your dough," one of the bandits demanded. "I haven't any," Wciser replied and by way of proof Indicated hli thiead- bare raiment. The skeptical bandits searched him nnd found ?64 tucked away far In side the tattered coat. A* a. penalty for lying to them Ihe robber* tossed Weiser Into th Like, Noble still fished and contem plated. Suddenly his bobber dived. of line spun through th« reel. Mob! leaped to his pole. Visions of whale sea lions and muskles flash* through his head as h? desperitel reeled In. The pole bent almos double. Noble was hard put to Ian hla catch. But It couldn't b* a whale or eve a sea Hen. Noble renwined as h reeled In, for they don't w?ar derbie It wfln't. It was Weiser. ttjnce taut when h« fulled to make a fligtil In Mi J)lane, Charlni V. Hot) (above), N«w York banker and mining engineer who him ciunwd concern amonu hi it ·Morlnteit, was reported Monday hy hi* it- lorney tn he rcjtltntt In Chfeogo to avert u nervouu hi eukdown. \rnsh-Purple To Act On Charity Relief Proposal i-n for the oulbuist of frantic en hualasm on the part of the Santa Maria populace. As th* revolution' iy leader stopped from lite train i BI-RO crowd at the station broke into ren*kd cheering. GOVERNOR GATHERS FORCESJOR RELIEF Jnemployment Commission To Be Appointed By Emmerson POLICE CHARGE CROWD OF 300 BEFORE HOTEL Several Cracked Heads and Scratched Faces Only ' . Cawalties MEETING GOES AHEAD CHICAGO, Vattet I'rtH.t Oct. H-A that th* Notre Dune-Northw*«t em foptball fame Nc-v. M, bt held »l nlndlum nnd the difference, prob- sbly (£50,000, In receipt* he n»«d to relievo needy unemployed pernon* wns under consideration Tuesday, by officials ot both school* und tho Wehicrn con fc rent 1 ' 1 . The plan was ottered to lb« Northwestern Bonrii of Truniwn vtioilly after n hearing wax h«ld Monday *H- wnoon by Gov. l.oula L. limmeriion lo. Ilnd IL remedy fur the unemployment tUuuDon and U mil ItnniuiUut* fuvor with several yfllKtttlit. A moil j thi)He who exprewed apprnval were Coach Knutif Koehn^ of Notre 13ut*ie, nnd Kennept Wilson, director of uth IHicn at Kvanston. Under the phut, neither Notre Damn nor tern would lose Hny BOSTON, Oo. 14-- Polkt with a group of 300 m*n women, deictibed nt Com* muni«ti t Kere Tuetdny, lutt oul ·tide Motel Bfftdford, where the 50fh annual convention of tht American Federation of Labor it in progre*!. For fully flv« tnlnuu* wild *C«UM wer« enacted ,«t Trtniont StlrMt and BJ«wmui Avitnuf, »» **v«r»t mum- bflrn ot th* eommunlnl froup »l- Intnplod U J«llv*r »|«#ch«* to th* crowd, Vouruen dqntontir five women, wcri; Pit rffxled *nt) bonked on tnlnnOlsn'yu* Ow*t«il from Prior to th* d«monntritlm, bud totirhi and admission to lh» I* hot i-onvention, Not until mra polic* chared Che thronR with (]r»i*n tub» wan i he Ji mi»iifU»Hon qiHM, Knv!r»l men and women demon- Kirntw* ·|}|)*nred to h*v* Ri|ff*rid brMMeM and (trrslchen but non* WM ixlieved terloUHly nttrt. Police dplatn J4)'«mlnh tn plain cl(}ih««, dlr*ft*d th* In their battl with ih« Coinmunlit demonilraton, H* had been Milt to the hotel «*rllor In tho morning aft r pollen h«d r*ct*1*fKl k tip that tht demonstration WM lo bi itait«d, Vnwitlioriwd Fkradn n WM «hoKly bcfbrt' noon w(i*n tba an tod- tnt Ui» Communltt p»mtd oulnlde th« hotel wh*nt tha labor federation wan tn aenitjon. flnmo of th* marehera carried han» Her* and pin curd* bearing Vot* Commurilnt." titand soda) fmgtiranc*," "work or ond yet a ItiiRO ftum, lion dollars, would i-harlly. quarter mil- ba obUtneJ for ip«rrl)«», Tht)y were |)r»li-ol wagon, Two othci* took Ihtlr p)««« and Hint led to nddreo the crowt), Many nf the 3WI :)nrinml»l» i*tt upon tha It) policemen a* 'h«*»e woutd-ba K|Hokeri HMO wpr* put ihlo ih« wagon. Blood Trantfmtoii Savet Mineral Life . Oct. 14-- ThOCUM waa tn *n In- CHICAGO. Oct. M -- Ioic«s ot bu-ilnesit, Induxtry, bank InC, labor, chiirnh, soetnl welrar and glnle gnveiTiment will )e or- nlzed drtlntlHy Wednefdny (0| ii Immediate relief for ihf unemployment situation, ' A ilfiio commlMlon on uncmploy- niint, with "n imllmllo'l repre»enln tlon from all Iheae orjtdntBallon*, and probably «Hi«r», will b» Rp- uolntud by Gov, Lou!* L, Emmarson and will endeavor to wive Iti problem within 60 dnjx, It wa» decl'leil lain Momlny at a preliminary conference called by thfl governor. "Wbotnver remedy la applied II must come within Uiu next SO or 90 daya," Albert Fislitr of th* 1IH- nola »«Jeratlon of Labor told toe confevenco. _ L . --._ · t_ Methodist Delegates G a t h e r W Gonfreu !Bit LITCIIF1KLD, Sf.'t»ney, Cti'llBv prov*d condition at St. Franoli boa* pltal her* Tunday fotlowlDK a blood tranttfualon and th* amputation «/ hl« left kg. Monday physlclani announctd ihat an amputarlon and blood !ranftfu»!on would wogcit," and "help for 1'oltc* Mtatlon*d ai-onnd tha aKotnpted In vain tfl dla- )ctM ihe unauthorlutd pai»d«, A wafton toad ot policemen ed trie ween* m two nten (n tha com- group attttnpied ti maki In a On* policeman NufferH wmtchea o«i hln face at the hands nf a worn* an d*mon*trafor whom he wa« try* Irjf I* mbdue. A (reo-for-*!! bntil* nf f title tiff i ind club* that )UKi4d flv* nttnilt** «ndad wh«n ievcrnl of the dnmon- ·tmtur* were taken away in patrol wagon*, n«v*Ml deleftlet ftderkUon'i b* necetmnry life. to 3T. LOUIS, Oct. 14--Delcgale* to the St, Loulfl conference ( of ih* Methodist EpiMopal church, South, were arriving TMesdny, tor the opening ot the Eighty-third session of the conference which opvni Wednesday. Jury Acqniti Woman Of KilKng Huibtnd ifiy r/nffr4 J'pfw.l CHICAGO, Oct, 15.--Mis. Florence Leeney, charged with the murder of her husband, Maurice, Itst New Year's night, wtu found not guilty by a'juiy after almost nine hour*' deliberation. KIXI.ED HV CAR t PV V*ttrd Prcjit.) PBORIA, Oct, 14--Pnnfri,! wrvlMn were planned Tuesday for Oeorgre Donald, six years old son of Mr. and Mrs, Michael Donald, who was killed Monday night tty i. hit and run driver. Today's Evening Herald Feature Index «)rt l*boi In the nt«rby tio* t*l to wftn**B th* m«le« but th« ««·· venlloR remained In s»**lon, MISSOURf POSSE HUNTS ABDUCTOR Daughter of Wealthy Oil King Kidnaped; Held For Ransom meanj lo you THE JUST JUDOK, lanl In- siHllmenl of a two day inoUit- ment f*»lur« by Peter R. Kyne. An exciting Ktory of Alntiha Itt 1lH- daya of tin) JoU Runh. , whut today by Mary BUkt, VEAKS AGO TOKAY -~ C r dvpiclit the KU»«t)i of the, #t ilk th ..... irly titiyi at the tcntiiiy, I'nge 10. TAllJfFIN TUMMY, K n«W comic sttlp which brlngt to yon the adventures of a,n tinuaually venturesome youth, PdR« 1ft, S1IV,|U,OCK 1!OI-MIW ( fi)K))er adventures at tht gtettfl my«- t«ij' flj£"r« of all time, Pag« 14. UOHBV TIIATCI1KK, follow Bobby on hi* cruls* ot advcn* tur*, FagA IT. T1IK WEBBS, ot coorM Rudy la a big man In a tie way now, und as for that Btnart alack cop- iwr. Well read it, Page IT. UMCLK WlOtin.V, o..c of th* moxt lovable nature' character* with hi* dally yarn. Pis* IT. ANftELO rATM, contlnuaa hi* dliKURtkin of child education and problems lh« youAffUra f*c«. Page IS, ' i DH. UAHTOy dUcUHrton on health will be found on Pftg* IS. fitUVAS WUXrAMS CAR. TOON us Ufiual depiftit a sltua.. niton havtnft its ftomle side hill there ara other anite* too. Pat* 6, t /lt Pint ) M«., Oct, 14- A ttniierud cH!r,'n« xenrehed I hit uf MlKnourl TuwtJuy M trace uf Mi* A linn Wilton MeK(n le.y, M y*w« old dMifht«f ot D*J« cuunty'* wetlthtMi oltlMtnn, And ih* iruiii who klJn»p*J her, The ii mi), m»*kfil »nd ftrme.1 wltk n Khotjtun, «nlcreU the larttt Btntdii Wllnon f*riti h)m* near h«r» iMt ciffht, bound «·«. W(l»on *nd (erc«4 htr dauRhWr to t#»v* with him l» *B automobile. To l«l»y puriult, he h«d cut tht ttlophoni »tr* into th* houie b*(er» MwrinB. Arrest Five In Plot To Bomb Klwdiki (Hv V«««l ^01*,) WARSAW, Oct «-Nlti» tntmlMn of UM S9tMM mlHtl* WBTH *rr««ted Tumidty charifwi with jt»hnlt»f to bomb Manthul .Imwph Piliud«ki. P*ter Jatrmtdnuhe, who fttumpltd to bomb Uw niw«l»W (ttvemor i«n*nt of WMMW in 1M3, WM held M th* kidtr of th* nlui, TOW SH1FS TO POUT , NEW YOHK, «t, H-- Th* IvUnd Round liner Concord WM b«- iniit towed \ty ih* HnrUon 10 it» North river pier Tu*ml»y, lt» crutk* broken, offleltln ot th* ColohUl mc*d, No t*k»n ett utd th* nil Ip WM Mt In EWSPAPERl VWSPAPERI

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