Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 22, 1959 · Page 21
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 21

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 22, 1959
Page 21
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DOUBLE DELlSHt^Appafently looking in a miri-of, Helene KeSSifefj' teft, i$ ftgftttfly swapping smiles with her identical twin, Alie& The derman dancers are ia Paris, France, to appetff In a night jelub act. U 3«'SO Iti!fa*fn9 -r\t xftht iAM/*r * crDv/i/'e TV APPLIANGE & SERVIGE 308 S. Cuyler IKO 4-4749 420 W. Foster UUMSfeft Cd. ^ MO 4-«881 Gdll DR. FIXIT Today <9 AUCTION SALE Sunday Evening 2:00 MOOSE tlN SHOP Air Conditioning—Payne Heat .120 W. KJ"W««t". . .? 1 »«?* "P-Vilii FBK8H'fitMMd PhttMAU located it Welding Shop WhlU Deer, TU t- • Attend tile rnlture t irnlture. Wi ftuy, Wi Sill on P» le§ Read! IS Farm Etuipfitiflf II Firm E<i<Sit»mtiit for Int«rn<ut6r.tU suns ftnd rnent. Plflce Itoftd, Mo 4-?4(!B. Machi Slsf THE FAMPA DAILY HEWS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY £2, 1059 6-9 If Wanted ft lay 19 fl AciflmiflN W NIC* lin* til used i t-Nrt. '•"'' MC 16 foot combine, . Mce line or usea i nftw hft(j oH]y , cut fiofl ftcrftj( proof cabinet. Call MO_4-3442. 5f Qddd Thlflttl t8 fdf Sy |furnltllr « * nd Soma new i.tieav^"duty."combine tlH^traller. AH i 63 PAINTING and Paper fl*,"glnsr. AH i 03 work guaranteed. Phone wo 6-5204. ( j, F. 13. Dyfer, 600 if. )>wi«bt ; 39* Laundry itDKAL SfHAM LAUNDRY INC. - Family bundles individually «ft*hed. Wet wa«h. KouRh dfy. Family {MM ^^ lah, 321 E. Atchlaon. MO 4-4331. F^SK^Ii^ Cr'etc: ^"i'..^'^'"^ 1 "^! ™ N. BanK «- *< y «-« 1M - *• -*-j*-* J» *-*^*-*. .*-*•-*• .*-.* ^t. *"J» -*• rf* •*•-» Jfc — 40 Transfer & Storage 46 Pampa Warehouse & Transfer Moving with CSrft Eevl-ywhers hi n^yjlf— P!i_¥«_ld±?l "BUCK'S frtANSFKR *. P'fOHAUm Free Ksttnalea & Insured BIO S. Oillespie * MO 4-7222 40A Hauling Moving 40A IRONING done In my home, $1.00 do*en, mixed pieces. Also baby setting- by hour or day 842 K, Ix>cu*t. MO- 4-4.103. IRONING Wanted J1.3S ft dozen tiring any time or call fi-4403. 320 N. Ward. WANTKD: Ironing to do In my home $1.25 per ml*ed dozen, or J1.50 pinked up and delivered. Phone 4-2786, 1205 B. Kostsr. WAXTKD: Ironln* to do In my home. 429 Naldit. MO 4-8657. MO 4-6409 1-lnternA.tlonftl Utility 350 WOULD LIKE to buy used furniture of all kinds. Call MO 9-9419. with traction control, Independent £* Power take off. fast hitch and t ~* valves, fun 1*«s than 500 hours. i-4 Row tool bar and planter. FOR SALE: Stove. Ire bo*, piano. $100!]-Rotary Hoe. for all. 2100 Alt-tick. !" Kc £ ! "7, Cu .' tcr - ^ 1-8 Section harro*. J-S foot tahdem. Thompson's United Rent-Alls "We rent most anything" 120 N. SomftrvilK MO 4-2331 ATRIjONOmONlNa Covers mftd~e~to fit any size. Pampa Tent '-. Awning Co.^317 B. yo»n. MO 4-8541. THE AUCTION SALlS Price Road MO 4-l!4o> FOR SAT..K! Gibson Oultar. G.E. Vacuum sweeper and TV" antenna, 733 Deane T)r. MO 4 -J_27 4. PbWBH Sprayer for nje, almost new. James Feed Store. 522 S. Cuyler. . See I-ioyd ftarreU Route ?. Pampa, Texas Ph. MO 4-20)7 §4 Office, &t0M tquipmatif 14 RKNT late-model t .vpe*rlt*r, adding machine or calculator by dav, week or month. !TrI-Clty Office Machlnta Company. Phone MC 6-8140. ~>.>^-*.*^-^-j.^ .>i*f+m~-*M»j*»jf*ji 86A Baby Chick* S6A SPKCfAl. Price on feed and baby chicks. See us before you buy and Roy's Transfer & Moving Roy Free—2H3 E. Tuke 4-8IB1 42 Pointing, Poper Hng. 42 FOR 1'apennfc, painting, textonlng of any type rail MO fi-5391. Free estimates. Ltike Fcnnell. 43A Carpet Service 43A 63A Rug Cleaning 63A JFO^ SAL & ^ri^iano. ~ «*oo Rent our Rug Shampoo machine and 169 A VaCUUffl Cleart«M do your own, It's BO easy and you do It (julckly and aafely. Low rental rates ROD MacDONALD FURNITURE CO. 513 8. Cuyler 69A MO 4-6521 *X*" 66 Upholstery, Repair 66 Kirby Vacuum Cl«nners and all other, makes. Call us 4-2990. 70 Musical Instrument! 70 35% Discount on Hug cleaning. 8xl2's $r>. All c-arpetfl cleaned, work sriiar- ant.eerl. MO 4-8381. (.!. W. Fields. 45A Tree Nursery 45A Brummett's Upholstery New and Used Pianos 1918 Alcock Dial MO 4-75SI FURNITUitri Repaired — Upholsteied. Jonesy's New and Used Furniture. Ml 8. Cuyler. VO 4-6898. TRANSATLANTIC TUG OF WAR—In a matrimonial muddle is Pauline Giles, 24, of. Middlesex, England. The trim litt'.c London office worker left her boy friend, Louis Caches, 'baci: home in 'England to fly across the Atlantic with her American suitor, Loran Sheffer, 23, of Chicago. But now she's not sure she was right. Above, Pauline talks to Louis, while Loran listens in. "I still love Louis," says Pauline. Loran still hopes he can convince her otherwise. 9 a.m. 1« the Dally Deadlln* for Classified Ads. Saturday for Sunday edition, 12 noon. This Is also the 11 a.m. dally and 4 p.m. Saturday for About People Ads will be taken up to Sunday's edition. CLASSIFIED RATE* 1 Day -- 310 per line 2 Days — 21 o per tine per day 1 0ny« — 22c per Una per d*y A Days — 2Jo per line ptr day 6 Days — IN per line pir day I Days — t7o per Una per day Monthly ratei I2.T5 per Itn* per month, (no copy change. Minimum ad; three 6-polnt line*. Th« Newi accept* reiponslblllty for irrors on the first Insertion only. 15 Instruction TURK Trimming. FrRe estimates. Call MO 6-4301. Lowell Sailer-white . 47 Plowing, Yard Work 47 Complete yard eslat!!«hrmnt. Roto- tilling, sml cutting. Se«). Top soil, MO 9021). Leroy_Thornl)unt. 68Household Goods 68 TVrmt Anf) Rrntn 210 North Cuyler CO. MO 4-4623 fAKD and ua'rden RotaTy' TlTT-ij, i R03 W. Foster leveling, seeding and sodding. Kr>« estimates. Teil_Lewls. MO 4-8U10. Val-il mid "garden plowing, post holes lnvplling, roto - tilling. J. Alvln Reevfa. MO 5-5023. JOon t'ncd Freezers, guaranteed. T^nwklns-Shafer Appliances. 848 W. Foster. A1O1 -6.T41. Newton Furniture Store MO 4 : 3731 DON'S USED FURNITURE We Buy & Sell Used Furniture 12ft W. Foster Phone MO 4-4633 48 Trees and Shrubbery 48 BRUCE NURSF.RY Largest and most complete nursery sloi-k in the Golden Spread. 26 miles southeast of Tampa on Farm Uoad 291. Ph. 6K2. Alanreod. Texns. TKBE3 Trimmed. Complete shrub care. Yards roto-tllled, leveled, etc. -J v i_!i'_^!i t £?L c . l L-_M£-l: 3 .L 6 - 7 'Ever (Ireeim, Shrubs, ftoxe Bushes BUTLER NURSERY 1S02 N. Jlohart PLANT NOW, NPW shipment of b:\r« root rosps. flowering sliruhs. fruit \stref5-. Stull'a lawn and garden sup\ plieH. f*H W Foster. COMPLKTH AiOPKRN hflp. Vour'XO .child jicecl.o l» Impruvo his svhool I work. Contact. l-'.lmiT Siinison, Cess Pools Tanks 49 Whittingron's Furn. Mort "Low Prices Just fjon't Happen— They Ar« Made" 105 S. Cuyler Ph. MO 5-3121 CLKAUANCK SALK on (food used TV sets. Some sets have new picture tulie. All sets are sold on a guaranteed basis. "Convenient hud- get terms. B. F. Goodrich Store 108_S._Cuyler MO 4-3131 ELKCTRIC Clothes dryer. J49.D5. Paul _Crossmgn. IPS N. Russell. MO 4-6831. "MCLAUGHLIN FURNITURE" 400 S. Cuyler Phone MO 4-490.1 SHELBY J. RUFF FURNITURE BOUGHT & SOLD SI 2 S. Cuyler MO fi-5348 2 r,OOD Used automatic washers. One Firestone and one Philco. J14S.!)F> eiirh. guaranteed, Flrestona Store, 117 S. ruyler. . . ucatiuii Couiii-elnr. A1O I- 11-7 Beauty Shops 18 18 SALON Ope.-atnr Inrb (!ene Owcna York. MO 4.417h »12_ Alcoc'K. _ Hi:/, NKI/U'.s""iii : a"iity .Shop. Cold waves ttf.50 and up. Null Kvorett, mfinagerJ^IIS S.Jgiimnnr.^. MO 5-4402. BiJA"L"i'y Shop where hair Is an art. Far those who _ care._ 1017 _K._Fosier._ MO j-"191._ SA\'"i': ~TTM K with "a"" 'lovely "soft" e:"i«y to do 1'erimuient Special. $.",., ">u. 1,'ity jJoniH.v SJioj). MO l--'21Ji. ______ KV'A'S illCAl'TS" "llox." ( ; ni(l waves $C,."ii> anil ii|i. Shnmiioii, net aixl cut Included. Operators Kva (Mil, Kblan Jlernaiidez anil Audry IJixon. 5UU i>HKcr. MO n-acni. _ _ ~ "" CK.SSl'Ool.S and Septic Tanks i-lfan- ed. i'. I,. Casteel. J 103 .S. Uarnr-s. MO 4-4039. 49A Pest Control 49A A..T.S. PKST r'ontrnl. (Jot -Km Ter- up .MO 4-121S, for free (iel-Km Wilson Piano Salon 177! W,II,,to« MO46STI 3 Bit, [«<l Ol M.qMnnrf Ho<p,lol MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS ORGANS PAMPA TtXAS 71 Bicycle* 71 VIRQILE'S complete stock repair service 326 S. Cuyler BIKE SHOP of partt one day PH MO 4-8420 75 Feeds & Stedt 75 FREE 50 Ibs. All-in-one Krumbles with each booking of 100 Spring Chicks. James Feed Store 522 S. Cuyler MO B-6851 78 Livestock 78 FOR pigs, white V(1}\ dALB Several used refrigerator*. Rich Plan.;M/j W._Foster. 180 F(7Fl~'"SALK: Mld"e-A-Tfed. hnffct, i ^^. table and 4 chairs, utility cabinet. I c , 0] All inexi-ellent condition. Hee at 117 S. Dwlffht. Yorkshire. Some Shoats. 100 to 200 pounds. !> miles ea.«t of T>>fors Ranch Road K121 fliid one mile north. Pets 80 CAItl'RTS nml life too ran he beautiful If vou use Hlue Lustre for clean- Ing. Pampa Hardware, Chihuahua. The Aquarium. 2314 Al- cork. . WANTKD: flond used piano, 9-9RH. Deadline for ad canceHaUons. Main,, ^ VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP Card of Thnki 121 Male Help Wanted 21 \V<! take thin menus of cu.vlni;, "Thank You' 1 to lho*e v.'im \\ <M'" in any «•»•« aiso'-lmed with the kindnr.-* extended us during 'he Illness :iml death of our l-ilov'-il hushaiiU anil lather, S. L. Mills, The S. L \VANTKD: An experienced all-armiml fn>7.eiv food Uii'U*r uiftii, 1'refer mar- rifit ni/tii l»et\\ecu ays ;;H !•» l.'t. fall t.'A il-.I.V.a i.u- uriti- H"\ •!'•"«, C'luude, 'J>xus. . Memorial I M'l.NT.MKXT.S. delivered .iriywlu•)•.•. (:).") anil up. KOI I. Gruiiile .V .Muri>lp Co. MO i-»n22. ..Special Notices _ ANTi:ii: Anti'i'iTiiV iiisliill.iiiijii i-Uvcrv iii> n fur fninilun: and 22 Female Help Wanted 22 STAUFFKR Reauclnjr Tlan. For freei U'AN'i'l-:!': JUmiiniau Biiarantea. demonstration call Sirs. It. O. Clem- Mi' i-nt •!. _ ._. ,fnt». MO 6-5310 or MO 9-0187. ' i>MMAi.K IlKI.! 1 :"H/ivr"TipmlnK for -t j I 1 .' K. To"illmm Sr. will not lie respon- i Tupperw;u.:- d.-aU-r.-,. L' full time. U ^ilile for HIIV del)ts, other than those! part lum-. T" lu-l|' wllh eiirly .-.priitB made by me. 2-22-5'J. buslm--- f.nnnii'XHion! Car neces- P. K. TolllBon I sary. .Mo .-.-ijx;'. F(>it *i:.C\VL'RiT':iI products i call II. I*— '~-~ . ",",',""""««* i 1 . Miiki*. 41U.4.42M5, inssi-j w>«t 123 Mole & Female Help 23 \VilliH.. .,. Bach Clinic Turkish and ritearn Baths. Kwedlth ite- . -_ -- . - ______ Pampa Lodge No. 966 42'i Went Kingsiiiill Wed,. Keh. 35. ~:M p.m. Study .-i HSBIM-. Tliurs , l'VI>. 2H. 7::!n p ni. SUted MeutinK Visitors wi'lcume. itft'nihi-ra urgud tu HtlHiid. Onrur Slifiii en_\V,M. __ __ Alcoholics Anonymous ___ _Ph. MO 4-7COO__ __ STAI/l-'PKH liiiine iti'iluu'i'tiK r'liiiT F»7 free demnnstrmlon, call Vlckt \\ii- liaina. MO fi-i«U4. Lost & found FINISH ill School or grade tichool liniiu'. spare time. Hooks fur- lipluma awiirdtd. Write Co- _luiiiiu.i Schools, li"X__Ui_14,_Ainarlllo. Kij.\JALIO illCLI 1 "\Vanteil: Lady with] or \vitlnnn Dry ClcuiUnB vxtu'i-lenc Apply In person. 41D H-_ ( 'u>'l£ r FOR uUALH-'lKIi MAX UK \VuMAX To M-rvlcf and collect from clgur*ttu niai.-hliies in this area. Titrt or full time. Kxi-elleiu opportunity for i|iml- lii.jd peroon. J.192.50 to |1.H7.VOi> cash ri'iulreil to eualile you !o begin immediately. Company finnnci-s ex- p.inslon. If you have it serviceable ciir am! s »pare hours weekly. giving particulars to National Sal«» and Mfg. Co., Inc., 3508 Greenville Avenue. Dallas ti, Texas. STItAVKIi; < monthM old malt- .Shrp- p.'inl pup Klack xml Brown. ):cu-anl fur l-Hurii ,il7_[Jvil lii'f-r, MCI 0-riln7. LOST: iiT-U iJachsliuml, I -vi-ur-.>lii. I Antwfr.s in "Horl* " .\lu f.-.,',tn7 13 Business Opportunities 13 for Qualified Man or Woman To HtivUr ;uul t-dile.-i from tiu.irelir dlsptiiNtrn in Ibis :ti'-a. l'ii t-i i.'(!;'7..'i" I J).:r niiiiiili |nr.-i>|l,li-. Full or part i time, mu>t have tervK-eal'li- car. I- 1 ' JIKIII-.I a ui-ek and $5:»K S(i i., J|-'7"i »» ' _ , _ n ca.-li n-.piired Must be al.l.- ( i b, win ! 30 ieWIHg 4V liniiii-illiilrlv. \\'ri:,-. n'vin^ |i.'ii'li''ii- I . f.^.^.^f^^ff^^, i *. — -.*******-Jars, tu Niitioiul Mf,;. & DiMril.ulin^t j ui:j.T.s IJt'TTTOXS, JJutton holes, CMIU|..II.V, oiM'j Millun, Dallas ti, j Altrralluii.s. Scott S«W Shop, 14!!0 FULL Olt PAUT T1MK MKN Cash dally commissions bring you tops In steady earningsi Premium I'lan for you, customers, lands big onlem. Show Ulamour lilris, t>«sa- tional Teiioramu, Hillbillies, etc. All wanted slzrs. All l)asei)«H SchcduK-ii. KKKK Master Outfit tells you where |o KO, who to ste, what to say, for qiii'-W siiieii. Knsl Aftiiiii if you givo tune, experience. Superior Match, 7M:; S. Ureeiiwouil Ave., fhlc«igo )u. r*r*r*r llat-Kel. 4-7220. f(/K SALIC: J-i-fors ('»fi-, c«m|,li -ti •!> \V1I.L lu> alt.-riitlons~ dress mttklng Fl|llippril, lioillg; gOU'l bUsIlK'"-. See U .I : '.'KI-'-—''•.'-'"'''""•"• '^ f " r * .'!".'''• . ! MT/NoiiirAMIXi! i')F till types, com- j FOI! SALI-': tiki-lly ServUv SlaHoii. m.-ii..,l r.u.~. wnik guaraiitee<l Mrs. \ 1 S' -4.*^. Till-:' I'A.MI'A \i-w.< Stand fuj .•>:.!.• . M'..|| ,•>!:,!,li.-ln .1. cii.-id bu*|n.-». lli-usun for >elliliK. older lnt*r'--t. Mo 1-3276 or »i u Mr. Wagoner. Ill it. ;li''i .N. liunks MO I N._lluiiael[._No tfad'-a. -XU! rfAJ.I-: Service Station ami - __ _ • iii'POBTVNfTy AVAILAUI7K FOU uVALIt'IKH MAN or WOMA To M-I i'i.'f and ci'lli-rt from clgarcn inui lii'u-M i.i ihi- area. Pan or (i linn . K\t»'U«Ml (ipuurlunlly lor <|u. llii-.l |,.r»on. $i03.5tl 'O $l.'i7."i • ra:,li ri-ii'ilred to . u»hl« vou t.> lu-i: )Mi-.! 1 Appliance Repair 31 Lr\T:lCs" WASHER '.SKHVICK. Will repair, rent or et-ll Autuinatlc wa»h- TS 11-1 Ncel Hand. MO 4 »I76. A General Service 32A \i.\. MO I.TI;.VJ (.,i ilii.'liniK in.ii bin* 44 Radio Lob 34 kivliii! p»rtli.'Ul»l> to NullOUHl Mft ! 1M.-.!. company, 6»48 Milton liiilla.i »! ]2& K y,,,,.,., >lllu_ _l'b(.ncjyio 4-.15U ^^^^^.^r^^rr^r—-- I ~ U N ffED TELEVISION ~ 13A Bwiin^s* fwbW^IUIISL.^-."^;*'|.. i ........ >|'P^»s KCnTj^ipert floor' waxing »nd" w induw j GKXE 'V DON'S TV Sliuvici: r!ir;uiiin; in >i'iir luriB^ of t'UMHit ; h, ! m \y t'l'^t* r i'li. MO 4-6IJJ MO 4-«'.'.'« 1 ..A-- l -iV. l l' i .'.'i v l < -'J'-'i" ers - - ! A8U-iu;.v"S.-rMcer.\V\v and'Used Antennas for sale. 1117 Vamon Drive. Mo 4-4070. (Ie->rK« Win*. RJjTl > \ o" '& 'f !•' T.K VIS t <" > X I v pii fr t •• i v i< « -. On any ina!\,- --r iii"-ifi. I' 1 i«» '•'».•''$ 15 »H.\inj;.s on I'll't-.i an-l ]iari». Ai:t.-n- nus ii.fl.iHtiJ. Fa»i aii'l lelialili'. Time paynicut-i. MoiitKomeiy Waad & I'ofr.p.inv. fin-tie Mo ^ ;I2"1. fa.M (tervii*-. J ( '• Wat sun, Traine DrUs. WO &-JO!i.l. .-g'« •!• lilGli SCHOOL ft HOW* It fpar« » time. New text* furnished. Diploma *w*r<i»<' I*QTP jBonlhlj p*y- m»»u. ITS. f. TV Ub #0 I-MH WE ARE PROUD TO SALUTE «v 4*r*nrvy»t' i m CLYDE N, JONAS Owner That's Why Rambler Is the Success Car of the Year, See CLAl PE I'L'LLEK Sa and Drive It We Have Our Service Pept. To Better Serve You with all Your Needs, Whether |,arge or Small. Mow at 120 North War4 BILL SIMPSON CLYDE JONAS MOTOR CO, US* "Your 4utkori»e4 BatubAer MO 5-5106 . save. Gray County Feed Foster. buy . 854 4 W. Sleipln§ Kami 92 SI^EBflNr} Room.« In hrivatft horn«. 303 N. W«*t. Inquire SOS W. Francis. MO 4-3123. 95 Furnished Apartment! 95 FlTWL'tflHKt. tUl.ltienU It ifld up »»?<>. Bill! paid. Se« Mn 104 B. Tyh«. MO »-8 4-ROO>f modern garage apartment, no pets. MO 4-3425. 2 BKT)ftOOM modern, furnished, bill* paid. Apply at Torn* PUce. 842 B, Frederic. 6 - UOtVNV fuml*h»d apartment. Call MO B-3042. 81,". Ruth. 3-ROOM modern efficiency apartment, bills paid. 118 N. Pwvlance. THREE ROOM furnished Seml-mod«rn. 419 N. Roberta. __ apartment . , i ROOM Modern Wrnlshed Bills paid, $45 * month, Inmilre MB* Adams Cflfe, Whii peer •.?****- . , FOR RENT; 2-room 2'ROpM nicely furnlnhed, AntenHa* »off. iJrafer, bll* paid, adultft. «2 N. Somervlile. FOR KMNT! JMlrnlshpd h apariment, newly re-decorsted. MO 4-23S1 of MO 4-894H. 2-ROOM ftfrnl»h<!d upstairs apartment, close In. 1 or 2 persons, small bah* ftcpfiptPd, blllB paid. $30 a month. 2-ROOM furnished apartment. privatd hath. Inquire r>!3 N*. Cuyler. MO S» Sfl!>2.jyo IMStii, __ r~ROQM~ Karate apartment. Antenhft. garage. Bills paid. $65 a month. 720 NSor _ _ _ _ 3 ROO M rprl va ( «~ha tlipTTV, a n te"nn*lL •washer and dryer, bills paid. IIS N. West. MO ii-S678, ___ FOR RENT: 2" room fnrnlshed~apart* ment. Bins paid. Couple only. SB* after B:00. 412 N. Frost. Salutinq The Employees Triple Dresser Bookcase Bed Solid Maple 189.50 3-Pe. Sectional Foam Rubber 199.00 NELLIE NEWTON owner CARL V. NEWTON Owner NEWTON FURNITURE 509 W. Foster MO 4-3731 EMPLOYEES •'••*•' JAMBOREE ^*t-~'- CELEBRATION QUENTIN WILLIAMS Owner HELEN KELLEV COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE » HOMES • FARMS • RANCHES Real Estate Appraisals TO BUY TO SELL TO RENT CALL US FOR BEST RESULTS UKNSMEVE HENDERSON Office Manager VELMA l.EWTKK Salesman QUENTIN WILLIAMS, REALTOR 316 Hy$hfi Building MO 4-2523

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