The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 7, 1916 · Page 5
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 5

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1916
Page 5
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X Constitution. CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI, TUESDAY, NOV. 7, 1916. DAILY EDITION, 5c COUNTY STATE AND NA. j. TIONAL RETURNS AT THE' «,. OONSTITOTION TONIGHT"{ Effortj MIZtAN AUiflM CLUB CAfJ./ED FOll TMUES- · Y NIGHT 'AT COURTH-OV j- Be Made to Form Cluii ich Will Affiliate "With the SUito Or^ November's flrst Mond.f eas ed our enrollment very jally., Eighteen new students e| and | nvo last year's students r( yes- 1 terday. J Will Fife and W. B.f of Ridgeway, Mo., accompanj Taylor t 0 school yesterday.| Virgil Jones, one.of o; graphy students was ac* RECEIVE GOOD MAJOKIT1" IN COUNTY. id to' of thJSSIDL B. Macdonald and C. F. Adams good roads committee of the meetiJi _ ;ber of commerce have called a courtlJUib ij g for T]lui . saa j,. nigh |; at the j wil1 b : 'WIL} ouse at wnl ch time an effort j county. , 6 maae to form a Livingston tion is, -DE automobile club. An invlta- autom? extended to every owner of an attendi»ft||n|obile in Livingston county to the meeting. There are more ve hundred automobiles in Livi county and there should be at school by his father ancf, Mr. and Mrs. Mancel Jones · Miss Meda McGarvin,.rolled Heavy Vote Is Being Polled in the City--Day Passed Off Quietly in Chillicothe. Early returns from a nuimber of precincts from the county and the with us yesterday tromn, was| f o u r wards la chimcotne are £avor . accompanied t 0 school i Dr0 ^- \ able for the democratic candidates er. Thos. 'McGarvin andM atn - a nd it is believed that they will all have safe majorities when the polls close at seven o'clock tonight. Those a! ; David VI' than ingstoi' least t Thursc .hree hundred at the meeting The./ i a y night. org-anfi.South, purpose of the .meet' affiliati ._, c ;ae Missouri State" Mo- ' tor Association, which was formed at Sedalia. some time ago. M. V. Carroll, and other officers of the asso- M. Evans cjta was . er and mother, Mr. McGarvin, who mo cothe. Mrs. t . here visiting her chiiiabeth, Joe an.d Frank Evanfe students of our Comme* Telegraphy Depart-ments. . * The C^njstitutaoto will have · ·* complete returns of the'county,- * state and nation, tonight- and «' everyone is invited to come ·$ down and "look on". The co.un- · «· ty returns will be - posted in t- such a manner as will-permit · · everyone seeing them and Ihe · £· state and national returns will,-. «· also be available for the crowd. ·. NEWS NOTES. Taken to Asylum. Sheriff Nothna-gel .returned PRESIDENT TICKET" CASTS "STRAIGHT AT PRINCETON POU.S Hughes Votes Ballot Number 13 in ii New York Laundry--State Election Quiet. who have been unable to cast their ballot during the day will have un. i night from St."Joseph,'wiere'L til seven o'clock tonight to go to the ed Ed. Curtis in State-hospital No. 2. last e plac- Miss WHlard Shorthand Department l^orrow phic r "' ' " -rcrentoiutp acceyo 1 ,' 11 ' position with steppe amfWarden ] that place. Our next football game is scehul- ed for Saturday P. M. of this week. ciation will be here to address "the ' Z t w111 be a oontest OI1 o u r athletic meeting- and explain the details ofi' r ' elJ leivfeen our first team and the the new association. A fee of 51 will be charged to join the association. The Missouri State Motor Association was organized for the purpose of securing better federal aid for 'Mis-1 sition in Kansas City to accept a bet- polls and vote. The indications at three o'clock were tthat the entire 'democratic ticket would, receive a good majority. The votes were slow coming in in Tho Weather. Unsettled weather.: tonight .Wednesday. Pro and bably rain_ Cooler west and central portions-" tonight. the 'forenoon, hardly five hundred Much cooler Wednesday Mutes of Olathe. Kan. M. G. McCandless, who starred as Center on our football machine last year, has recently resigned his po- j votes heing cast in the city at 12:00 o'clock. As the afternoon opened up the stream of voters began increasing and late there will he a gr; finish in the Third ward, which poll the largest vote in the c'ity, close to five hundred, employees who were unable to rouri highways. 'ter one, paying ?75 per month with C. P. Adams has received the fol-1 t h e Steel Mil " n £ Smelting Co., of lowing letter from F_ W B u f f u m . ! H a i l e y ' Wa ' . Harry' Gil-bert. returned last--night from a business tip to St. Louis y. The condition, of P. K. Thompson ? was reported slightly improved to~day. . Mrs.-^A. M. Shelton, who has been visiting'fin Indiana, will -return tomorrow ; Mrs. Jno. Mitchell,is spending the week in-Chicago, the guest of her ·brother, Chas. Winvmer. Mrs. John .G-aster returned laei night from a visit with her brother; R. W. Blythe, and family at St. Jos- ephV, Mr. and Mrs.-Magill of Joplin ar. rived last night to visit .with their daughter and family, Mrs. arid Mr. Weather Generally Clear. * New York, Nov. 7.--Clear, autumn (wether ushered in election day prac- i Harry Mlnteer ·tically in every section of the coun-' Mr s. LeOra Carnes and son Robert, try, according to early reports today. wno have been guests at the L. -R In New York it was a typical Novem. her day with enough cold in the air to give plenty of "pep." Chicago report,ed an almost warm day with clear skys. San Francisco reported "clear as a hell" with the temperature' at abaiit 55. Meet Thursday. The Livingston Co. Jersey Breed-] . this afternoon I ers Association wi'll meet Thursday ' New Y and rush for th3 November 9th at 2:30. Please bo| CaSt ' ng a ( B y imitrd Preu.) New York, Nov. 7_ -- America prompt. Many of the railroad j votej City Council Met. The city council 1 .held a short ses- state highway commissioner which! will be of interest to the good roads b i n a t i o n stulient ' A Y ho s .s ^ow steno cUiring the day will swell the list inl ; sion Monday night. ' -Only the routine the four wards of the city late to- .business was up -:fo.r consideration. The council, will meet next Monday /night at which time' the contract for daj. The election passed off quietly in i - · I /"·« '11 · ' r - -- - p . -- - « u u . ( t i i f i . i i . c v ; u u L l I Jas. ~R Patterson, a former com-' ^nniicothe, no disturbances of .any! the paving of-Calhbun street people of Livingston county: "Your letter of October 2 7 t h at hand and noted in regard to the drag fund, and will say that we issued money for the entire year of 1915 and for four months in 1916. Owing to the large number of new roads that are being added to the county hig-hway system and roads that are in the county highway system and that were not approved in former years, but were added to the list last . year, the fund will not be suflicient to pay'for the full twelve months In 1916', but ,by holding off during the dry summer months, we will probably. have enough money now to issue requisitions commencing at once, to carry over until the legislature meets. "T^e had to follow this sanie pla'ri two years ago just before the for. mer .session of the legislature, anl by so doing showed the necessity of a larger appropriation, which we obtained. We hope this year to get n. larger appropriation and by so doing add more roads as tap roads, side roads ;..and branch roads and trails that are much used, but not county ·seat highways, to the drag road system.". ·rapher for the Union Pacific at Omaha, advises that we will have as vis- litors soon E. C. Blow, a former stu. .dent now with the Basket Stores Co. and "VV. G Neimeyer who is .engaged in the Superintendent's office of the from kind being reported up to three'Sunset avenue to Grandview avenu o'clock. Small groups of men could will be awarded. be seen standing around on the streets discus-sing the several candidates and telling what ones would Mam Show Nov. IS. The twentieth annual chrysanthe- Tonight The Constitution will- re- Nebraska Telephone Co. at Omaha. | ceive the returns from the county be elected, but it was all guess -work, mum and general flower show given record vote for President j today if an unusually heavy early run of balloting is an indication. Reports gathered by the United Press- from all over the country showed a vote up to noon heavier than ever before received in the same length of timo, in many instances registering half the total local vote Idel weather in almost every state aided in- bringing out the 'balloters. In the "plvocal" states of Illinoi-,, ffew York, Indiana and Ohio before coon the run of the polls showed that the silent vote of whose word at tho polls depended the election today, Merrick home returned to their home in Trenton Monday. Mr. and Mrs. T. J Ireland of Kansas Caty will arrive this evening to spend the winter with their daughr ter, Mrs. James E. Watklns. Mr. and 'Mrs. Lawrence Saall. who have been guests of relatives in the city and county the past week, return, ed to their home at Independence, Mo. Monday K. C. Kenyon of Ottumwa, was in the city Monday on his way to Bedford to vote. He is single and he] BRITISH;; suraffiasBBLi;; .FINDS' TWO GERMAN DBEAI)- Italian Torpedo Boat Escort For Transport Claims to H»ve Sunk An Austrian Snbmnrine. i D j - I nlud lr*».l London, Nov. 7_--A further report from the British submarine op crating off the Danish coast' claims . 0 have scored hits on two German' s3readnaught»of the Kaiser class! the admiralty announced today. - - A report from the admiralty : yes :erday said that a submarine had hit 1 dreadnaught with a torpedo'-but hat the damage done was unknown «·» U.Ilerf Pm..) · .; ^ 'Rome, Nov.- 7.--An Austrian suli- Smarine that attacked a troop laden Italian transport was sunk in an engagement with a torpedo boat escort to the transport, the admiralty an. npunced today. The torpedo boat was S 0 ! badly damaged that it sank later ·The transport escaped without ,any damage. Most of the torpedo boat's AMKIUCANS AND OTH15TI ATtE FIYEE. \ ING FROM INNER JtlDXICO l l r U I I I H - M r"ri-«». El Paso, Tex., Nov. 7.--Only four- Americans remained in Chihuahua City today- From every part of the state Americans and other foreigners are nocking t o the border following reports of atrocities by the ·Villa bandits The entire portion of Chihuahua state west and south of the capitol is staminated and overrun hy Villa followers. Mining oom'pajiies, with offices by the ladies of the Baptist church at.l was P rob ably. very loudly. Wheeling, will be held at that place and state, and its friends are cordial, on Saturday, -November 18. These ly invited to come to the office on | shows are of great, interest and there South Washington street and swell M s a great deal of rivalry. The prem- the crowd which will be here to help cheer the democratic candidates' as their majorities are announced. The total vote cast by wards at three o'clock was a sfollows: First ward 300. Second ward 260. Third ward 270. Fourth ward 273. ium list this year 'is a good one and will draw strong competition. President Wilson Votes. Princeton, N. J., Nov. 7.--It re- o.uired sixteen men, three a.ticomo- Jiles, four hours and 54 gallons ot j gasoline to deliver President Wilson's vote for himself here today. The pres. ident, with his bodyguard of secret Dr_ T. E. Graham of Chula is pre- s ^ rvice m en and newspaper corres- parin'g to move to St. Louis, where' p o n d e n t s made the trip from Shadow Dr Graham to St. Ixmis. IIENKY FOKD AND THE HICKORY TREE. ORATOK SPEtXJBINDS THE COURT AND WALKS AWAY Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 7.--It was an eloquent plea Theodore Markinus, 57 years old, 114 'South Thirteenth street, Kansas City, Kan., was making in the Kansas City Kan., Police court the other morning. Court attaches, witnesses and other prisoners sat spellbound. Even Jxidge Brady seemed carrie daway. Arrested on a charge of mistreating his family while intoxicated, Mar- kinus, in a resounding voice, big words and orators' gestures, was telling how his daughters attempted to run the household. And when he had everyone excited he walked otit. He hasn't been seen since. here, today were sending messages! Mr - Ford has made us go whizzing to the few remaining employes t o ) b y tne million, but he certainly has beaten us out of a lot of good hickory nuts. -To get the spokes for flee 'Mexico immediately. Anxious for the safety of Pan Americans in Parral, -was lessened by an additional report that the be- belief was they had started for the border. Trecino Jivicles Force. El Paso, Tex., Nov. 7.--Arrivals here today from Chihuahua said, thai General Trevino is concentrating his 'forces into two bodies, one with Chihuahua City as a base and the other a large command which will operate ias a u n i t from Escaton. This is done, they said, t o prevent mobile bodies of Villa's command from attacking small and isloated Carranza garrisons. "I shall stick to Chihuahua to the; last - cartridge," was the statement made by General Trevino to a delegation of foreign consuls who called on him, accordilng to one of the pas- he will take a post-graduate course and be an assistant to one of his former professors in medical college. He has been -in Chula for over seven years and in that tvnre.has built up an excellent practice, but Mrs. Graham's health forces him to make a, change. He is president of the Livingston Medical Society and stands hiyh with the profession of this county. Talked on Amendment No. 3. Rev. Edwin S. Priest delivered a taken the choicest bit of the trunks f splendid temperance address at the those millions of little cars, it has of thousands and thousands- of hick- ork trees that are now ' dead and gone forever. Maybe some of them were the very ones we needed to pro-" pag-ate from to give us the orchards of shagbarks with kernels that cornn out in whole halves. We need sucli orchards now; and above all we need . Reference was made to the ftate ticket,, the president shook hands tvoteg in his effort for rre-electioji ,Chillicothe \Business College this morning in support of Amendment .No. 3. demoralizing effect of the use of 'liquor upon the young manhood of the country, several dramatic examples being given. Reference was al- 'so made to womens' suffrage and the always returns to his old home in prew was saved and the crew of the Grand River to-wnship t o vote. He is an enthusiastic Wilson man_ Miss Catherine Leibrandt of Cameron is the guest of Mrs. J. Wiley Wilson. Mr. and 'Mrs. C. A. Leibrandt -were guests at the Wilson home Sunday. They were en route home from a motor trip · to Laclede. today came from 25 out of 32 precincts in Topeka, the incomplete count giving Hughes 1708 and Wilson 1127. The double election board used made it po'sslble for the returns to be give nout early_ Kansas City, Kas., Nov. 7.--Nine precincts coming in up to 10 o'clock gave Hughes 378 and Wilson 329_ Wichita, Kas., Nov. 7.--Incoming return from 16 out of 26 precincts Lawn early in the morning, and al-i-gires Hughes 416 and Wilspn'880 tho it was only 9 o'clock when the president reached the polls, he was the 50th voter. The booth was in a .Dre engine house. The President's a'rrival was quickly learned by residents here and a big crowd of people gathred about the voting place to cheer the executive. He was given an ovation by Princeton students in passing thru the streets of the city. The president received his ballot from R. H. Rose, a republican, election official. Emerging from the 'booth after voting the straight democratic . For govjeraor, Cappter, republican 680, Landsjon, democrat 512. For the 8th district congressman, Wilson, democrat, 3 3 6 , Ayres repubjlr 'can for re-election, 896. Wichita is normally republican. Norwpll, Mas^, N'olv. 7.--President Wilson ran well ahead of the state ticket here today, while Hughes fell behind the ticket. Wilson republican state polled 107 and Hughes 179. For governor, 'McCalJ, republican 203, MansflsW, democratic 74. Senator Lodge "-'polled 189 Baldwin apple tree. the fine parent trees saved j u s t as i'prediction made that inside of five old Farmer Balwin saved the parent i years it would be nation wide. Rev. I'Priest's remarks were very closely and most attentively followed The 'college band furnished the musical part of the program. Vote of Recent Years. The popular vote in recent years for president was as follows: In 1S96, McKinley, 7,104,779; Bryan, 0.502,925 In 1900, McKinley, 7,- 1JVSAKE MAN BLOWS UI' HOME, IS SHOT BY POSSE Saliua, Kas., Nov p 7.--^Abraham Thelander, who had barricaded him. self in his farm home, thirteen miles southwest of here and threatened to sengers. He said ' that the general j kiu ac ' of the Sheriff's posse who ap- { explained to the consuls that the| proached the house, was shot and 1207,928; Bryan $6,358,133'. In 1904, [placing of cannon on a train has given I wounded today ,by Sheriff Anderson. rise to the report that he intended Thelander blew^up his house at raid- DEBTJjESS TOWN SPENDS 931.13, INCOME IS !?;51.ll Olympia, Wash:, Nov. 7.--Dupont, in Pierce County, has a remarkable record, according to the State Bureau of Inspection which has just filed its report. The income of the town last year, amounting to $31.11, and its expenses were S31.13, the community running 2 cents behind. It made no material difference, however, as it only meant the reduction of the town's bank account by 2 cents, or tOxir209.09. Tlle town lias no paid"no debts, and the election officersTieive jvithout pay .,_ TheC towii has never levied a gen-1 of the few men passengers to evacuate the city. The train, the p-enerai added, was armored so as to be sent to any point on the line, as military necessity demanded He then told the consuls that his new system of fortifications "would stand any attack except by high explosive shells of large caliber, which Villa did not have and could not obtain. Despite the,efforts of the consuls! to quiet rumors in the foreign colony, five French women, several Ger_ mans and other ^foreign ers, and some -night and made his escape in the excitement that followed. While on his way to his father's bfme he was shot. His wounds' are not dangerous. Thelander escaped from an insane Roosevelt, 7,623,486; .Parker 5,077,- with several election officials and took several out to introduce them to Mrs. Wilson, who waited outaide in the White House automobile. The party left immediately for Shadow Lawn - As a peculiar co-incidence, as the President passed out of the fire-house, T. J. Preston, Jr., who married Mrs. Grover Cleveland, widow of the last Democratic president,, -passed in- Candidate Hughes Votes. against Critchfleld 71. Chicago, 111 , Nov. 7.--All records for heavy voting here ware smashed with a total vote of 650,000 cut at 2 o'clock this afternoon.. Chicago's registration is 8 0 8 , 0 0 0 New York, Nov. 7.--Republican candidate Hughes voted ballot No.. 13 at 7 : 0 3 o'clock this morning in the Victoria laundry on 8th Ave. between 44th and 45th Sts. He arose at 5:45 o'clock, took an hour to dress and left the Astor with Carl D. Shephard, his 911. In 1908, Taft, 7,678,908; Bry-| publicity agent and two detectives Marsh'field, Mass., Nov. 7--Hughea polled 210 votes here today against Wilson's 96. In the race for gover. Inor McCall polled 234 against Mans. an, 6,409,104 In 1912, Taft. 3,4.84.980; Roosevelt 4,119,538; com- .bined, 7,604,518; Wilson, 6,203,454. Mr. and Mrs. John Abbott Clark ·had as Sunday guests, her father, ago. hospital in Kansas City two weeks rTheo. Grothe, . her sister, Miss Anna Grothe, and her, brother, Theo. Gro- th'e. Jr., and his wife. They drove over from Chillicothe, at which place the latter Mr. G-rothe is in the auto business. -- Cameron ,-News. SUNDAY FINISHES CAMPAIGN IN MICHIGAN Detroit, Mich., Nov. 7.--With a drive against the saloon, Rev. Billy twenty Mexican women'-aboye the'Sunday Monday wound up his Mich- peon class, all with children, came to Juarez last night_ Juan Trevino, who is not a relative of tho commandant of CJhihuahua City, was one He brot ·--. s . and [ his family here and said he was on state department this- afternoon cabled consuJ General Skinner at Lon. 'don to forward all details obtainable on the sinking of the steamer Lanao .and to instruct the consular agent at Barry, Wales, to get all possible stragglers and a flock of. newspaper information from the crew reported correspondents and moving picture operators were there as the candidate went into the 8th street building. about 6 : 4 0 o'clock^ The governor walked three blocks t o the voting booth and returned. Only a few field's 53 1 . -For senator, Lodge, republican, 228, Fitzgerald, democrat, 55. submarine was taken prisoners. (By United Pr»... London, Nov. 7.--German losses on the Rumanian front in the'Juil valley fighting have exceeded a division ,and a half, said a wireless dispatch from. Bucharest today. A German army division consists of about 20,000 officers and men of vir tually all fighting classes. «BT Vailed Pra». Bucharest, Nov. 7--Rumanian arm, les on the Dobrudja front have advanced along the whole line, the war department announced this afternoon. (By United ITemo London, Nov 7.--British positions about Dutte de Warlencourt south of Bapaume where terrific lighting has centered in the Somme offensive, were improved' last night. Gen. Halg reported to the war office today. Washington, D. C., Nov. 7.--The Find New Dynamite Tlot? (By CalteJ Pren. ' Salt Lake City, Nov; 1---Six men have been arrested here within ih_ last two weeks in connection with l:ie running down of an organized gang of dynamite suspects, it 'becamo known today. Nltroplycerin, fuse;, cape, powder and- other explosive.^ vere found on three of the men un (jitr arrest, ine; potto war- .Two o£ the men are - und»r-moplcion of hav- ·* Ing participated in the dynamiting of the substation of an electric power company in Oakland, Cal., a few years ago. According to the police fifteen men are under suspicion. It was first thought these three men were on their way to Everett, Wash.' A chance word dropped by one of the prisoners about the anniversary of Joseph Hillstrom's death going to be celebrated this month, has started an investigation which may reveal the real object of the band of sus r jfcected dynamiters gathering here. .'., landed there. Paris, Nov. the Somme FENNSYLTVANIA RAIIJftOAD SUFFERS ANOTHER WRECK,' (By Unite* Prtmn.) Altoona, Pa., Nor. 7.--A triple collision In the Pittsburg division or the Pennsylvania railroad near Port]age early today wrecked' two freights and a fast passenger train. Fifteen car, a passenger engine, a sleeper and a baggage car were derailed but no " era! .tax ;for municipal purposes are for supplies of I his ' Business connected with the Kansas igan campaign. Travel-ing on a special train, the evangelist spoke in! Lansing, Grand Rapids and Jackson! in favor of the dry amendment. · i 'Sunday's Detroit campaign closed] Sunday night-when his admirers pre-1 way to Kansas City because- oE sented him with a "free will thankir various kinds Attention O. E. S. TbJ Eastern Star will meet tonight at ,7:30 o'clock. All officers and members urged to be present. Business, of importance. Visitors welcome. Mrs. J. G-. Beard, W. M. City. Mexico Orient railway, of. which he is Mexican manager. . OKtAHOJIA-TOWN SWEPT - BY FIRE, $t5O,OOO LOSS Wirt, Okla., Nov_ 7.--Sixty-two buildings on Main street were in.ruins today ns the result of the second dis_ ottering" of $46,102.28. The eight weeks' campaign here brought a total of 27,109 trail hitters, ·opens in Boston next week_ Sunday ONE JOM/ED, TWO HXTRT IN STEEPLECHASE RACE. -Pimlico Race Track, 'Md.,' Nov/'7-T. Taisley, well known - steeplechase Notice. ·JDyribg, to, the 'advance cost of ma- teVlaisY w~e yitl' on: and after Monday. f r 0 m a disconnected gas pipe in a res. astrous fire here within a year. The [jockey, was instantly killed here this fire, which started early .yesterday I afternoon when .his mount. Reliance, Noy.'/'i3,V.advance price on shoeins 2 5i per horse/' Stewart Bros- It ,HK!.. Senter. Instructor of violin. K,, per, Information, leave your name and " . 5 a t t h e ChiPiciDtho- Musio d, he'will make you a call. 6-6 taurant. had practically wiped the town off the map in four hours. Own- stumbled-. " '" " · · H. Perrett, who rode Torero, was seriously injured and may die. Two ers could get no insurance because of other jockeys were also hurt in the building conditions and many of then,, mix-up following Reliance's fall. will make no attempt to rebuild. The I loss was about S150.000. Read the Constitution Want ads Bessie Barriscale in a big Triangle i feature and a Keystone comedy at .'the Emipre Tonight. NEWSPAPER PRICES GOING UP Increased Production'Costs are Forcing Publishers to Raise Subscriptions But You Can Still Get The Constitution --AT-THE BARGAIN PRICE By accepting this opportunity at once Just Enough News and the Kind You Want Home--Market--World Subscriptions will cost more after NOVEMBER 18th Send $2.50 --TO-The Constitution i K_ O. Voting Early. Kansas City,-Mo., Nov. 7.- -Kansas City's morning vote was the largest ever polled in this city. There was steady rush from 6 o'clock when the polls opened ,to jus* Before noon when it began to slow down. By 1 o'clock. it was estimated that more than half of the total vote .ot the city was in. Five Arrests There. Five arrests for alleged vote buying and selling, Irregular voting and carrying conceled weapons were made by the police in the morning Jiours of the balloting here today. St. Lonis Arrests 48. St_ Louis. Mo., Nov. 7.--The arrest ot 48 negroes in various wards marked the first two- hours voting in St. Louis this morning. They were recorded as -ex-convicts. $25,OOO Bet Snapped Up. Dallas, Tex., Nov. 7.--Judge Berry Miller, representing 'Jim' .Sharpe ot -Kansas City, wealthy oil man, ,bet $12,000 here last night on Hughes at" 10 to 7. dlately. It -wa"s covered imme- 'front from July 1st to November 1st one was injured, the Franco-British forces have captured 71,532 men, 1449 officers' and, 988 machine guns in their great offensive. They took also 178 field guns and 215 trench mortars, the war office announced today. Of the p(rison£jrs taken the French alone captured 4 1 , 6 0 5 officers and men. MORE MEN THAN WOMEN HAVE APPENDICITIS Surgeons state men are slightly more subject to appendicitis than women. Chillicothe people should know that a few doses of simple tuckhorn bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed in AdlerJ-ka, often relieve or prevent appendicitis. This mixture removes such surprising foul matter that ONE SPOONFUL relieves almost ANY CASE of constipation, sour stomach or gas. The INSTANT, easy action of Adler-1-ka is surprising. Clark's Pharmacy. Public Sale Soon. Having recently rented my farms for a term of years, I will offer at public sale on or about Nov. 15th, 2 1-2 miles north of Chillicothe, S2 head of cattle and 10 head of horses, besides all my feed and farmin;; improvements. Definite notice of the sale will be made later. Watch for It dwtf Dr K. S. Piatt^ A lazy liver leads to chronic dyspepsia and constipation-^weakens the whole system. Doan's Hegulets (25c per box) act mildly on the liver and bowels. At all drug stores. For any itchness of tne skin, fo skin rashes, chap, pimples,: etc. to ,,,,,,,,,-,,,,.. amscl . ,,.,,,, a ,,, noans' Ointment. 50c at all drus|.^ tne repubUcan . La dy flies Fly Vote to Hnghes LaGrange, 111., Nov. 7--With the opening of the polls today, a grocer here hung up two sheets of fly paper, marking one y of them Hughes and the otner iS- Wilson. At noon Hughes led S 210 to 199. One ballot is split. J the victim having a wing on th« democratic sheet 'and a Teg: on Kas., Nov. 7.--The first ·lection returns in Kansas ! Theatre tonight. Election returns at the BmpJre voting but no attempt is beinsr ·» «' -made to count the vote "epar. A $·' ately. " ? INEWSPA'PER SlEWS.PAPE.Rr

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