The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 17, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 8

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1939
Page 8
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EIGHT It Would Take A War To Decide Top Dog In Europe Today THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MIX, THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1939. r ly Th« AP F««tur« Servlct London—If this Septembe bring* another crisis, ,as <lid las September, experts say. Britain and France will be "infinitely bettei prepared" in every field—excep tlie strategical. Last year Britain and France were acutely coascvous of their weaknesses in the air and on the home space bought at Munich, Britain and France have- made tremendous strides in remedyin their deficiencies. And they have signed up allies: Poland, Rumania, Greece and Turkey. . The price of the breathing spell —the sacrifice of Czechoslovakia to Hitler—gave th* nazis an important strategic position and, say experts, the Allies may have lost strategically by letting Mus- solini occupy Albania. The situation a year ago seemed to favor the fascists. Now it seems about a toss-up. It would take a war to decide who's who in Europe. Here's how Great Britain 'and France have evened things- F England's W«rl>ird« Britain alone, spending nearly 10 million dollars a week, has stepped up war plane production to SOO monthly—reportedly, a larger production than Germany's France lias has increased her output from mder 40 to 200 planes monthly. Between them they are rapidly eat- ng into the Germans, believed to s turning out eight or nine thous nd planes annually. British Anti-Aircraft Crew Britons are assured there'll be nonoe of the desperate improvising which characterized the llth hour before; 50 million people have gas tr.asks now. A volunteer army of 1.250,000'stands ready to assist in air raids. There' are shelters and evacuation schemes for millions. France is concentrating on a plan o evacuate three million' inhabi- ants from Paris and to shift .000,000 other persons. Trench Troop* In Britain expects' to have her largest peacetime army in history by Sep. tember. Composed of more than a million regulars, territorials (home guard) and—unprecedentedly—con- scripts, it will be more than double the size of last'September's army. Women's auxiliary battalions are being formed to handle non- combative work behind the lines. France, meanwhile, keeps strengthening her army. Gun* on H. M. S. Repulse Britannia considers that she "will rules the waves even without -the assistance of the competent French fleet She is not afraid of the submarine menace, is confident she could maintain her supply lines, hopes a blockade -would prove as lethal a weapon as before. She is spending nearly 15 million dollars a week on 200 new warships of various types which will bolster the 300 already in operation. London Citizen Tries Machine Gnn Britain and France are both, bet ter organized for a complicated modern' war. Morale is considerab ly higher in both countries. Ii. France, Daladier won unprecedent ed decree powers from the Cham ber of Deputies enabling him to lengthen the working week and whip the nation into a state of em ergency. The British and French have developed a war psychology and are resigned and ready. PLAN RIFLE MEET. _ WEYBtJRN, Bask. (£>).—Negotiations are underway for an international rifle shoot here next summer. An invitation, has been extended the 164th Uniter States Infantry of Williston, N. D. f to participate. BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys It backache and lee pain* ar« making you miserable, don't just complain and do nothing about them. Nature may be -warning you that your kidneyi aeed attention. The kidneye are Nature's chief way of taking "*"\ trcew acids and poisonous wnate out of the vidood. Moet people pass about 3 pints a day or •Jbout 3 pounds of -waste. Frequent or scanty passages with a^artinc Mid burning show? there may be gometbinj; wrong with your kidney* or bladder. If the 15 miles of kidney tubes and filters don't work well, poisonoiu waste matter stays ia th« blood. These poisons may start nagging backaches, rheumatic pains, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up mgats, swelling, pufEnem under the eyM.headachee and dizxiness. Don't wait. Ask your druggist for Doan's Fill*, used successfully by millions for over 40 y«ars. They give happy relief and -will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste frbm the blood. Get Doan'g Pills. Sharpsburg, Aug. 16. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Murphy, of Washington, are vacationing here for a few weeks in their summer home. The combined Brethren Sunday schools of Sharpsburg, Beaver Creek and San Mar held their annual picnic at Crystal Grottoes on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Lumm and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Luram. and family were among those -who attended the Snavely reunion at City Park on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Hickman, of Pont of Rocks, visited here the past week with Misses Fannie Pulse and Anna Knode. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kerlin, of Laurelton, L. I., N. Y., will arrive here on Sunday to spend their vacation with the former's mother, Mrs. A. A. Kerlin. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Eavey and son, Jim, have returned home after visiting relatives in Baltimore and Davis, W. Va. Mr. and Mrs. Reichard Mumma have taken apartments in Keedysville. Mrs. Mable Grayson Mose and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Grayson, of Hagerstown, visited in Washington the past week with Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Cattertoh and family. Mr. and Mrs. N. Wampier and Jack Wampier, of New Levens, O.. visited here the past week with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lumm and family. Master Billy DeLauney spent the past week in Hagerstown with Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Swain and family. Mrs. John Vernet a,rid children, of Hatsboro, Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. J. Hawkins, of Warderfsville, Va., visited here on Friday with Mr. and Mrs.' M. H. Lumm. Mr. and Mrs. Ned Hoffman, of Washington, spent the week-end here with the latter's mother, Mrs. Chas. Pry, who returned home after visiting a couple weeks in Washington. Mrs. Paul Dulin, of Baltimore, visited here last week with her sister, Mrs. Leonard Heighherger. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bowers 'and daughter, Joyce, and Mr. and Mrs. Mack MrGraw and family spent Sunday at Great Falls and Glen Echo. , Mrs. William Mundorf, of York Pa., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. L Poffenberger and son. Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas, of Baltimore, spent the week-end here with Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Gross and family. . Mrs. Ernest Cramer and daughters, of Cumberland, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Koontz and family. Mrs. Howard Beckenbaugh. and son and Mrs.. M. F. Nicodemus spent the week-end in Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Courtney Seaman and daughters, and Mrs. Maude Seaman, of Hagerstown, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Martha Snavely. Mrs. Albert Blockton, of Baltimore, visited here on Sunday with Air. and Mrs. Chas. Lumm. Mr. J. H. Beachley, of Washington, and Mrs. Edgar Beachley visited the past week in Hagerstown with Mrs. Cora Nichols and Mrs. Mae Owen. Messrs. Wm. Wyand and Elmer Poffenberger and Miss Mary Kauffman have returned to their respective homes after taking a six weeks course at the University of Maryland. Mrs. Adam Weaver and Mrs. Harvey Dorsey entertained jointly members of their Sunday school classes at a wiener roast at the Burnside Bridge. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cox and son, Joe, of Hancock, visited here over the week-end with Mr. and Mrs Clifton Smith. . •Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kurtz and son, Bobby, and Mrs. Maude De- Laune3 r , of Washington, visited here on Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lakin. Mrs. J. P. Murray visited for a few days with friends in Baltimore. Mrs. A. G. Blessing, of Jeffersonville, Ohio, and daughter, Mrs. Stanley Nickell, of Xenia, Ohio, and Miss Zella Soward, of Xenia, 0., visited here the past week with Mr. and Mrs.' Fred Remsburg and family. OFFICE EQUIPMENT Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing Co. TELEPHONE 2000—2001 HAGERSTOWN BAND CONCERT PETER BUYS, Conductor THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1939 AT 8:00 P, M CITY PARK . HAGERSTOWN, MD.' PROGRAM Part 1 BLUE RIDGE DIVISION—March Panella THE MIDNIGHT SUN—Overture Yoder TWO REQUESTS— ...xuuer La Secret—Intermezzo Gautier La Cinguantaine "' G ar) "ipi SERENADE—Spanish Waltz .".''.'!.'. Metra Part II THE DESERT SONG—(request) Romber* DARKEY'S JUBILEE—Descriptive Turner POPULAR TUNES— ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA Gruenwald Concert Suite THE NATIONAL ANTHEM KICKED OUT RED INK. STAVELY, Alta. (#>).—The Stavely United Church is debt free. There was to burn so. with due ceremony, a. bottle of red ink was hurled from the back doc|: of the church. Birds have been seen flying as high as 14,000 feet. Dies In Crash Professor James Harvey Rogers, oted Yale economist and former unofficial monteary.adviser to F ident Roosevelt, was among th< persons killed when a Pan-An can clipper plane crashed in de Janeiro. Two of the 12 pas; gers but none of the four c members were rescued. THE KIWANIS CLUB ENCOUNTERS A DIFFICULTY RtOANOKE, Va., Aug. 17. — '. Kiwanis club attendance prize, eagerly sought, was hard to I away here on one occasion. Ray Johnson, manager of ra station WDBJ, offered 15 minute: free time as a prize. The first f names drawn were those of c tors whose code of ethics does permit them to advertise. John D. Myers & Co. SPECIAL LOT 3 and 4 Piece $1 O.50 SUITS IL Year Round Weight A~ Surgical Stocking You'll Love to Wear If your limbs are swollen, If your veins stand out and are Varicose, we can promptly relieve you with an Elastic Stocking properly fitted, light or heavy weight. Prices from $1.98 to $4.00 each. H. R. RUDY Hotel Hamilton Corner GET PEP. FEEL YEARS YOUNG I'm oaly 50 but sure felt OLD. Exhausted, no ' vigor. Ostrex pepped me up great. I feel y i^^^^Ji'i 0 ' vigor."—F. S. Shields. Phil* Ma. OSTREX tablets contain mvisorators o ceded after. 40. 50 or 60. A 73-year-old dot rrites: "Took Ostrex myself. Results remarJcab j*t SJL size today for S9c. If not delighted fn« •efunds this price. You don't risk a penny So e -"ling peppier and younger this very day lSIMX.1—for men vigor, p«p after ror saie at Rudy's Rexai. l-narma f "• v •• > v *+*. <,*•*•' > „ " < Finer Compliment Could Be Paid Any than to Be Chosen by Men Who Use fftp'dfio Equipment Oaily^ and. Know ItIFmm A ijo Z! New Styling and Performance You Won't Match Under *85 95 $5 A MONTH Down Payment, Carrying Charge Here is the latest idea in cabinet design * . . the Console Grand ... whose low graceful lines assure you not only the Beauty Winner of Today, but the Vogue of Tomorrow/ There are 8 tubes where you'd expect 6. A big 12" Pro- jectotone speaker and Hi-Fidelity for lifelike ton* ... PLUS World Range, an Automatic Bass Booster, Phono and Television sound connection, Automatic Tuning and Roto Dial! n-Tuho AC-DC With BWJf-m Avrfofi Automatic Tuning! Super-dynamic Speaker! Super-heterodyne! 7-tube AC Mantel 27.95 4-tube 1'/ 2 volt mantel 19.95 CATALOG ORDER SERVICE ICY \v\ic ii 100000 BUY NOW...PAY MONTHLY on Words Month! y Pay men f Plan! [ VTW Wuhiitftoa Sir.* Phone 3010 LEITER BROTHERS STORE WIDE Of Seasonable Merchandise Begins Tomorrow At 8 A.M. and Continues Main Floor 73 Bags Sold up to ?1-9S. Choice 39c each Kayser Gloves WTiite and all colors. $1.00 values Choice 59c pair Several Hundred Yards of Silks Values to ?1.50. Choice 49c a yard All Summer Voiles, Dimities, Batistes. Goods sold as high as 39c yard. Choice 19c a yard Special Purchase of. Sweaters Goods sold up to $2.00. Choice $1.19 each 36 Inch Checked Dress Ginghams 19c a yard Large Beaded Bags with shell frames. Regular ?2.9S value. Choice $1.95 36 Novelty Belt* $1.00 values. Choice 49c Fancy Oiled Silk Umbrellas 16 ribs. Choice $1.00 each All Neckwear Reduced $1.00 Grade 69c 50c Grade 39c One Lot of Voiles, Powder Puff Muslins, etc. Values i-e 50c. Choice 25c yard 100 Blouses and Shirts ?1.00 values. Choice 59c Special Showing of New Fall Bags $1.00 each 52 x 52 Printed Lunch Cloths "White and colors. Choice 59c each Main Floor Hand Mad* Crocheted Gloves White and Black. Choice 49c pair Regular values to $1.50. . Hundred* of Yard* of Plain and Printed Rayon and Silks A^alues to $1-00. Choice 39c yard One Lot Of Dress Laces Choice 1-2 Price Large Square Printed Handkerchiefs for over the head. Choice 25c each Extra Large Extra Heavy Turkish Towels 4 for $1.00 Second Floor Silk Dresses $2.79 and $3.79 Silk Blouses Values to $2.00 Sale Price $1.00 Values to $3.00 * Sale Price $2.00 Third Floor Jacquard Bed Spreads Double bed size. Assorted colors. $1.99 each One Lot of Pocketbooks l /z original price Sheer Printed Gowns and Pajamas None sold under $1.00. Choice 79c Second Floor Light Weight Coats black and tweeds. All Summer Cushions with cretonne or fabricord covering. Assorted colors. 49c each Ready Made Fabricord Glider Slip Covers $1.59 set Ready Made Recovers for beach chairs. 19c each On Sale l /z price Two and Three Piece Suits y 2 -Price All Summer Suits and Coats in white, pastel and dark shades. Made in wool, shark skin and silk. y 2 -Price Clearance Of All Summer Ruffled and Tailored Curtains All regular window size, . 69c pair All Regular $1.00 Cottage Sets 69c set All Regular $1.39 and $1.50 Cottage Sets 99c set - All Regular $1.75 and $2.00 Cottage Sets $1.39 set Balcony Special Group Girl» Lightweight Coats Values to $19.75. $5.00 Tables of Odds and Ends including many useful items. lOc - 25c - 50c - $1.00 Special Group of Girls' Silk Dresses l /2 Price Basement Ladies and Misses Rayon and Cotton Dresses Sizes 12-to 50. Sale Price $1.39 each Misses' and Ladies' Silk and Rayon Dresses All sizes. Values up (o .$15.00. Sale Price $2.69 each Balcony Entire Stock Bathing Suits and shoes, playsuits, slacks, shorts and halters on sals i/2-Pnce Cotton Dresses $1.19 and $1.79 All Cotton Sheer Dresses Values to .$2.98. $1.39 All Cotton Sheer Dresses Values to ?1-19 79c Girls' and Boys' Sunsuits Regularly $1.00 69c Ladies' and Misset' Light Weight Coats Suitable for fall wear. Values to $14.05. Sale Price $5.00 each Cotton House and Porch - Dresses Short sleeves, light and dark patterns. Sizes 12 to 52. Regular ?1.'00 value. Sale Price 69c each Ladies' Rayon Crept Princess Slips White only. Sale Price 50c each Boys' Sport Ensemble Suits Shirt and slacks to match. Sizes S to IS years. Sale Price $1.59 Boys' Rugby Suits (Coat and shorts). All wash materials. Sizes 5 to 12. Regular ?2.35 value. Sale Price $1.89 each Boys* Polo Shirts Cut, sewed and knitted styles. Sizes S to IS. Regular 79c value. Sale Price 50c Bed Spreads Chenille in green only. Size 87 x 108. Sale Price $1.00 each

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