The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 6, 1923 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1923
Page 8
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r PAGE EIGHT. THE HUTCHlNbUM JN li W 5 . 1'K.lLm.X, JUbl 0, lyso on bo Mmlle.1 1'iin lio gtliM linttcr riml moio Spcvtr i -i Wliic'n Few Participate To Be Taboo Here. A BIG CAMP IN AUGUST Roy Coonfield, New Executive Outlines Ideas and Aims u\ Future Work. In Boy R( pi tin In to II. eiblo na onl< poftslMo an i' lUiy t 'CMUifi'^i eplondi-i p:v IIuMiWiM.i!. "Fur that c llutt is a , of Si'«v;it • uf cnriii . uniform. I;i which *5tC 'il iini- b- : lidli,-: liaVr' JifKS; for j- ! ii""'iiiiHirt;;- y iM'iur H "''mi iiro i' own. 1 do iftH (Kid iij -;H Men b<M':ui:-.( ;.i!j> r;;:i tniiviy find a !j: money otnniKh !" One <if the stores at ?oh\ Seuiu. unil 'urm-; tui'i ji !:t'.it> ii poiby of furiiifihiiit; iUiV itoy Set MI t. a'oi m, lvhii was libit! In \v .\y no cents down, Then ihe boys allowed to pay out the iv.-u us s '.'-r :i an they are able to earn the imm- +>>. Tho hi of 1 iuu 1 u nii.-hed many Ht'outri wilii uniforms mi that.' plan nn d 1 hey l:av.> :ic \ or !o>t a o^u he- i :au:-i' it," t-tat'-d Mr. I 'unnfitld. MONTH OF JUNE THE WETTEST Merc ivfoiature Then Than Since Month of June in Year 1015. Tnpnha, K;i;i?nn, July 6. -The Month of .tune ivn.i iho wctti^t 3(.MUiy period i KnnH.'iH ha* experienced iirthe history .(of vonther record;;, according !o the j monthly weather review t ^s '-uod today I by State MMt (Mirnlor,i ^t. S. 1). Plnra. j The report. 1? hasnd on obRervat ionn i at i:J7 (ift 'icia! stations of the weather ! bun-nii in all rectionn t*f the stalo. As OUT IN THOMAS COUNTY! :;:^t^"^. %XJ£*vE£ points tnit, crop.-, were damaged to the extent of ".-''v.'trtl million dollars." l.n^t monili was the coolost .hmo in three :,i>;ir^ wiih iho. mean Hlate tout- NOT URGE HAIL LOSS Message From Colby Tells of the Big Acreage of Wheat Cut There. normal, the temper unn Iho last wo road in£s w New fraction <sf a decree below (.plenty Ho.sntan My. Much of It won inolinn) to run to straw mid a Kreat doal lodged boforo It W.IH ripe, l\y tho elosw of the month harvest was ttnnrlnp: <;mn- ploLlcm In tho southern counties and Wiin In full Hwtns ovor th* 1 remainder of the custom twothirda of the state. Tlu* first crop of alfalfa, -which crime on early in the month, wan greatly damaged by rains. Tho second crop grow well and was heinp; -cut tho Inst week with in or**- fortunate results. Pastures wer«> fine in all parts. Early- potatoes wore being dug "nn tho mouth ended." HAPPY FOURTH SPENT BY NURSERY CHILDREN Lions and Morris I-Jardware Store Furnish Fireworks—Many Gifts During Month. WAS EVIDENCE OF SABOTAGE ALL RIGHT This is What Josephus Daniels, For Secretary of the Navy, Says. York, July 6. Thpro was ;i; v .hcu tho iirt st;Uos. l : nu*iual i-'\tromfs uirii:-o(l tlnrluj; On llio 2.VJ1 iift'Tnoon OIOHO to 1<»0 (U'^rcoa Tlio cliildrnn of tho Day- Nursery had u spk-nilld IUI.V 1 lie Fourth through Iho courtesy of a nunibor ot Iliitehlu- eon folks. Tho inrmburs of tho J.tous Hull rumemhci 'L 'd what tho iluy mparit to liidcllos and providoil a lot of fireworks and to this was added ii !jcncr- ous donation frnui tho Morris hardware .store. CotnmUsionur I.. l>. I-'er^i- son furnislied tnuu-portatlou of all to tlu^ country v.lore all tlie noii^o and p-ii'nlc stunts eetilil bo rajoxod by themfelve.s, ' T]te pifiik' spot was at tho Pennington farm and .Mrs. Penuinirtuii added much to tho day*. easualtirK wor the day. Articles Received. ' tDuriiuT i'n-> past nwuith the l>ay Xur.-:ery WJS remembered .by many of their friends and anions the donors and tnetr donations, were: The l^ro^resstve Class First M. K. S. - -Food. .\1rr~.loe Klnlzel a treat of eandy. Mr:?. 1.. A. Ilunker-Uox of ap-nlos. 11. It. .N'evvmau-- -A treat of ornnires. Mr. and Mrs. ti. It. Hiidyard — A treat | of a;ndeots. Mr. It. U. Hill of Nieliejyon—-A treat of t;^- eroam. L'anu'.iiell's Hai -^M-\— t 'akos. Tie- I ions Cltib a fiie i drive and a treat of ice nvam and eeokies. Ytniui- Peonle's DeiKvrtment First Christian Snueay Si-hool —Pood. M rs. C'aini'.hhit- -Cio; iiin^. 1.. K.. Adanis—t'otliin .ir. A )•:. Kirl;—CloUiinfv . A. k. Fege*.hers--A treat of for repeal of tho secrecy clause In the , farmer I federal Income, tax law, a vigorous forestry jyriltiy, lioimla'r elecllon of fl-doral Judges, for IITIIIB not exceeding ten yours, the usbeiubltng of congress 011 January I after each conjtres- sioiial election, repeal of the Kseh- Cuminlns rallroiifl act; re-omictment of the 1518 surtaxes 011 large Incomes, and tho Inheritance and excess profits, taxes ot that year. They also would provide for a Great Lakofi-to-t.he-yt.. Lawrence waterway, government ownership and operation ot coul mines, celebration of tho 150th anniversary ot the signing of tho declaration "f Jndepcudehce, amnesty of all persons sentenced or Indicted for violating wartime laws and repeal of tho espionage act. compelled to hold his wheat, .... t)m demand for wjieat under present conditions is being spread out more oqn.'illv Ihroiifrhmit tho crop year and the marketing of the usruat volume of wheat early In tho l'JKi season would bo disastrous not only to tho market but to the Individual farmer as well. PILL N6TES ON AVE. A. , \Vo nre just commencing our Mld- Stdniner Special window prices, and are showing the, best merchandise at lower prices. A and Main. ts -n CASH r.uix; co. KANSAS FARMERS UNION IS FORMING WHEAT POOL The Kansas Fanners Union has ar- I ranged to store several million pleasure. .No | toush ,, la of .,.,), e ,-,t. In the terminal tnar- menfionmg mo-rrod , kl , u _. uul mIl!u , a ( , fiVKnt ,.. flv „ ,„,,. cent. nd,va-nce to the member on the'present market value, according to a statement given out by Mr. .lohn Tromble, President of the Knneas Farmers Union. Mr. Tromble says that the Now la the tinie to look over llins* extra high grade linen (fit) sheet) wrrtlut; tablets. 'i;he salesman said we were selling thorn too cheap. Wo have envelopes to match. A. and (Main. CASH DRUG CO. "F-nOTT 'S UHAIiTIT T A BUSTS, (nevrr sold in bulk). A tonic laxatlv* and stimulant J^u* summer Ills, ^tom- ach u".d lio-.vtts, free samples, thli week. A and Alain. CASH DKIKS COi •- G-M "Yes S!r"--W>lKhi!(l six jioiinds never saw one before (hut could beaf It, ••QI.'RSTION"? t'n display in oui north window. A and Main, tilt CASH MtlTfi CO. Sellinj ery CLERKS AND PROMISE YOU BETTER SERVICE. oston Store has always had the reputation of Goods For Less, quality considered,-and now" ling in the Store is being We I-fave $15,000.00 Worth of Merchandise Left Out of Our $60,000.00 Stock and We Are Only Out of a Few Items. Below Are a Few Prices Which Will Give You An Idea of Some of the Bargains We Have Left. ,$1.75 Sil kCeorg-elte Crepe. 75c China- Silk . 6 . $1.50 Wool Dress G<.o,] s . ... 75c Wool Dress Goods. . . . 68c Bleached Table Damasl .87^ ,. .75c ,.37k ,.-.34c $2.00 Handkerchief Linen ,.,.$1.00 50c Eagle Rock Suiting". 25c 9c Silkatine, per ball. .,. . ........<A\c 50 yards Corticella Silk Thread...,., .,. . . ,5c 1 lot Laces and Dress Trimmings, worth 5c to 28c yard, choice per yj 1 lot House Slippers, size up to 4£, worth $1.00 to $3.50, for ,., „• 100 yards Corticella Silk Thread. . .....10c 124c 5c $4.75 Kabo Corsets .:. -... s ,.i . .$2 ,374 $1.50 Kabo Corsets. 75c $0.49 Silk Jiloomers ....... .,.. ..... .,$3 ,241 , 74ic 32c Fleishers Yarn, per ball.,.;,. . . .16c tioii iiicture indiu-- try jctintroli the moBt p o yv e r f u 1 jnediirtn of influence over the people. "1 .^hinl;' mo:l.'ii pictures started, opinion have jiiHt It is my •that ~ in .rt.'o/MS £0,'SOA/ ,t lhrr.u;tll In mi »aS.I llis.1 .••lures as Ite o-l-.irii:. Tiie; mightily for gritte. Thi lor tiuA i d«e. esuecla' Hn f.iid he heliev were more sm.ei thioutrh ilm rer. t-.veiity years (if to coud and had (tr. n will le t hroui-'h lauB : it . . 1c ,75c to SL75 WONDERFUL BARGAINS IN SHOES You can take $5.00 and get $10.00 worth of goods or take $1.00 and get $2.00 worth at this store for the next 7 days. This Store Will Close, Saturday Evening, July 14th. NOT MISS. THIS SALE OR YOU WILL REGRET IT. f'.lU'M ill t Ul -'TU'^ •o ;tfl or bini, in tin 1 'ii; J >t-jii i:,n of _-!jMy ii.riH.niK' t'iiiMrvn. j.'Vfjt thai oliililrcn '1^ to PiliifHtion .'(.'11 tililll^IKT ^O!^ U\'K:V it pa —more sn -if't.'iJtibkr !ii;'lii..:H <:Ori aHk«. "1 haw- liiinU: nnnibfr:, oX i:\vt M lions iiluiitf tlie Jim; U'achin:^ c-liil- drcn by utlicr jn^taotld than ItookH," ICdU'-on staUil, "1 ma(Ui nil ux|n;rl- lticnr wjth a lot of pictnrtss to teach cliiblrfu <:h«mihtry. I ROI twrrlvo chik drt'n to write down wlnu thoy luwl learned from tb.e*pit tiirr-B they had sot-n. It was tnutr/.iuz to nut tJiut snoh ;i ccmplit-atou subject as chtnndstry w;u! readily ^rasi'od by thorn to a larsc e;:tiMiL through p'cturos. Tho Iiartn or* (ho vim! tho^' did not under. l ;l:ind I did ovor and over ii*gciin, uutil'Th'-.y fiiiiilly understood the en- tin.' iiicUiro..." LA FOLLETTE'S STATE IS "THERE' WITH SUGGESTION That's what makes MON-TRO Coffee different—*nd better! Only the finest coffees grown can measure up to MONTRO quality, y MON-TRO Coffae is steel cut, by special process. This makes it finer and more . uniform and enables it to yield -grreater strenf'th and tempting flavor. You can use less MOiNT-TRO Coffee, yet have a more delicious, richer beverage. It comes to you fresh—with all its strength and exquisite flavor sealed in. - GUY MO N - PETRO MERCANTILE CO. HUTCHINSON At Your Grocer's fresh! Many Resolutions Passed by Legislature of Wisconsin for U. S. Senate. Wa".:lil !i;:tnn, July (1.—Two resoln- tl-uiM n.HeivH liy Vk 'e President Cuol- |['t;i> from tlu- lpgldluluro ot AVIsco'n- :;in for prus- l nt.atuiii to tho senitto wln -n it iii 'jrtu 1 M I'l^t'ijinber, bvinF,« tho iiiLn! ."--uh-Mi ^tteii 1 u nim from tihit Ktatc to XO. /rho:. ; c. rt .Mu -lvetl tjdny advocat- t-il a ^oldicr.i' coijipon .iation at't and uie-'iat connr'nu lo jirnlilbit tlio (lrnft- im; of lioupM for military sevvlci? abi Tho laws ijmposprl by tho legl &la tine in its rpi'olutionn would rcquin: .ibipnulit -S of <'oal to bo ac^oijii*an ]t".l by sUtt -Liiuut sho'.vlug quality auii call

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