The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 8, 1966 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1966
Page 7
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Tuesday. March 8, 1966 Josh Vanyas Are Honored On 75th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Vanya. parents of Mrs. Harvey Duty, aix grandparents of Mrs. Delno Brown, Mrs. G. A. Nichols and Mrs. John Gosch of Mont Bel vieu. celebrated their 75th wed ding anniversary in Batson Sat urday. Vanya is 95 years old and MR. ASD MBS- JOSH VANYA *£??! Van >'a. the former Hettie .Villiamson, is 93. They were married in Marysee in 1891 They have spent all the years of their married life in the Bat son area where Vanya was engaged in farming. They are Mrs. C. H. Kelly Heads Minerva Mrs. C. H. Kelly has been elected president of the Minerva Study Club for 1966 - 67. This was announced at a meeting held at the home Thorpe. of Mrs. C. L. Other officers selected include, Mrs. Joe Gibbs, president; Mrs. E. L,. Hildebrand, secretary - reporter; airs. Thorpe, treasurer; Mrs. Maurice Reed, courtesy chairman; Mrs. C. M. Pond, librarian, and Mrs. Lee Tag. permanent secretary of tradition. j At this meeting Mrs. L. W.j Maher presented a paper based members of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. The Vanyas are the parents of six children; five of whorr are still living. Daughters are Mrs. Sana Pinckard of Sweeney Mrs. Charley Slankard and Mrs Claude Ray of Batson; and Mrs. Duty of Mont Belvieu. A son. Jimmy Vanya, lives in Bat son. They hav e twelve grand children, thirty great grandchil dren and twenty - two great great grandchildren. Great Lloyd Brown. Mrs. James Love and Mrs. Richard Barrow also live in Mont Belvieu. To honor the couple on this occasion, family members on "Polly's Pointers," a r.ews- brought a basket lunch to the paper feature. Seventeen members were served lunch by the hostess. The next meeting will be on March 1 at th e home of Mrs. Kelly. 435 Bumet. Baytown Fashion By ALICE FE1NBERS HOUSE OF FASHION From where I sit, it looks like the time has come. Yes, it seems that Spring and Summer are practically here once again. Although the mornings and the nights are still fairly cool, we are having- a hint of what is in store for U3, during the daytime hours. Last week we even had to turn the air conditioning on Vanya home. There was a special cake decorated with pink roses and the figures "75." The day was spent singing hymns and listening to bear and deer hunt tales by Vanya. Friends, as well as relatives, paid visits during the day. New Umbrella Coming Up You and Mary Poppins will be glad to hear that umbrellas will soon be strong enough to weather the windiest rainstorm. The umbrella frame, traditionally consisting of 44 spindly metal pieces, can now be made all in one durable piece. The new frame, made of a plastic compound with 30 mold-j ed - in hinges, is cheaper to produce and comes in colors to match the umbrella fabric. The hinges, say s Modern Plastics, are so strong that even if the whole frame is bent inside out it easily snaps back into shape again. Testing the finish- Living Paintings Are Created By First Grade Students At San Jacinto Elementary School ,By MARTHA ANN HEMPHHJL duced I Mrs. Margaret Broussard ] brought art to life for her first Igrade class at San Jaeinto E!e-'program of famous living paint-tart. Imemary School when she pro-:ings last year during the first! For her program, Mrs. ~~ i •vi-ek of school," >irs. Brcus-isard and her class paint e Child's Eating Habits Develop With Years jsard said. teacher noted, have .ith I Jacinto. ; «vi-'roiiuctions oi some ol the Brous-l "This is an overall program ; paintings they i>ortrayed. ed back.jto develop art appreciation in Costuming really made the ground scenery, built a large! the early grades." Mrs. Broils-.program effective, according to picture frame and studied cos-i sard, who majored in an. re-.M:-s. B r o u s s a r d. She sent sketches or copies of the paint- She introduced famous paint-,. __. . gs to her classes from old j turning for the parts they would 'ported. \ m I copies of "The Grade Teach-j portray jer." Short studies and musical] With Mrs. Helen Johnson's were printed in mag-i sixth grade music class direct- to the class where they "Children have seen the pair.?- 5 ings home and many mothers ings we studied and reported,were very authentic in their re- PATRICIA ANN Owen's engagement to Alan Edward Wsishampei is announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs, J. T. Owen. !4€! Oiive. The "prospective groom" is the sen of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Weishampei of Beaumont. The wedding will be April 23 at the Second Baptist Church. The bride-elect graduated from Robert E. Lee H'c'n School and attended Howard Payne College in Erownwood. The prospective groom graduated from South Park Mich School in Beaumont, attended Howard Payne and is presently attending the University of Corpus Chrisfi. He'is employed at the Texas X-Ray Company of Corpus Christi. He/en, Help Us! By Helen Boffel . here at the store, it got that ! ed umbrella, designers clew Of course that means it is time to go through your wardrobe at inside - out and returned it to its proper shape 300,0000 times and no failures were recorded. all the {un home, and find out what you j^ think o _ have that will be wearable, and j cou]d h ; ' a W ind7dav!"! to discard those things that] aren't. Every season brings it's | new style trends, in both styling! D_.. J. f^\r\ and colors. Every season It i ' » *-* 1C 111 becomes necessary to replenish our wardrobes, and have something of what is new. And YOUTH ASKED FOR IT Food can be important to your emotional life, says nutri- Itionist Suzanne Saint-Hilaire. j A consultant for Canada's | health department. Miss Saint- jHiiaire sums it up this way; j Feelings influence appetite; j i good food habits influence! j health; health influences emotional stability. Miss Saint-Hilaire says parents should remember that development of the child is more important than acquiring good table manners. She offers this advice: Don't force food on a child. A healthy youngster usually wants food. The parent's role is to let a child eat, not make him eat. Allow for individual preferences. If these are denied, a child may cry and refuse to eat. jJust as adults prefer certain i foods, so a child starts at about 121 months to be discriminating I in his choices. | Don't be irritated when a i youngster of 15 to IS months I finds fingers more convenient j than utensils for eating or gets (apple sauce in his hair when I learning to feed himself. j Miss Saint-Hilaire says par- jents worry because they may ! not be aware of the norm- : al steps in child development. | ; At 20 to 24 months, a child il'rnay become disinterested in |?, food because he i s distracted by g | growing awareness of his surroundings. At 3 he becomes independent. He will eat more readily if he "FEEDING HER BIRDS", a painting by Millet, was among the !4 living paintings created ar San Jacinto Elementary Schoo! by Mrs. Margaret Broussard's first qrade class. P : c-ured left to right are Keren "Marfin, daughter of Mr. ar.d Mrs. W. W. Mar- tin; Paula Goodson. dauahter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy R. Goodson; Theresa Walms'ey. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Wairnsley and Schtjrla Jones, ciajch-er of Mr. and'Mrs. B. W. Jones. (Savtown Sun Pho'c) _, (drop it! Marriage is vour aim 1 ^This column is for young- peo-iin life, nor collecting "rocks or .' aoe s things tor himself, such as) What, When And Where -. j There were 14 paintings re- i produced and 29 first grade stu- j dents in the program, | Mrs. Bruussard save a sirni- iliar program several years ago, ! but this was the first time that j songs to fit the paintings were I included. >he noted . j "I hore more people will i:n- [derstand that art can bo ai>- | preciated by the very young chiid." Mrs. Rroussard sairt. "These children have certainly been vorv rewarding." jBeauceantsName | Committees For [April 2 Dinner j Committee assignments for j the annual steak fry sponsored |l>y the 5'v-ia! Order of the ] Beaucean-s A:,-ri! 2 wore made I by Mrs. W. R. Ash wood, presi- i , j Mrs. Paul K. Nunn is coneral j chairman with Mrs. Roy'D. Kil- jloush. ticket chairman: Mrs. J. 1C. Shef: iel.-l, salads; Mrs. \V. L. I Pate, tea and coffee: Mrs. Jack 1C. Huron cakes: Mrs. John B. jWhee;er. Mrs. Jan-.fs C. Mo ! Caleb, pervinff Eddie Huron i and his crow, preparing and • frying the steak. : Tickets win he 51 donation iwi:h s • p- n k. fried potatoes. i;r,'!vy. cfi.'e slaw, French bread. - homemade cakes, tea or coffee Ail Beauceants have tic-cots ! for sale or they may be bought !nt the doer of the Fireman's pie. their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help US!. it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenaee questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help US!, this news- playing tennis. Take : I pouring his own milk. Tl'ESDAY a charm school course. 1 ^ %^£ bl^nd ^r^ Crosb - v Pa ~"' ' T "~"«* As ' Go al, out to be popular. Find;£ ^n a ^^^1 ""***», 7:30 p.«.. the career that will bring youQiM ""' " """ *""" """"'" I terfa in contact with the kind of man i ' Buytown Hairdressers Associa- vou want. Study a wide ran^e! Another phase is reached at I 7:30 p.m. male career "books, and find! 5 and 6 . when &- e *°° d choices! Goose Creek Rebekah Lodjre, the girl careers that parallel ! may . be them. Talk to a. lot of wives ! of h l s own . { arn ' lv . b y television end find the disadvantages too. J "" "'~ by members i 453, 7:30 p.m.. IOOF Hall. paper. i -,„ „ , I Don't be afraid to sav vou Dear Helen: Hooking for a husband when I generally applaud your an-!are around an eligible man swers, but I couldn't agree withihe drops you because of vour i indivil lRp»flH-}-i-f\/\A/OmP»n >' ou LESS on >' our re PlV to UN-1 ambitions, so what? He Isn't ^'f' jDeaUTITy VYOmen |DECTDED who thought she'd;marriage-minded. Why waste j Want to be lovely? Try pro] become , a nurs e because interns j your time? Get engaged or mar- There's nothing better for - 3 " 3 Dy nei g' noor s- Parents should accept radical i without co feeding to WEDNESDAY Rook Review Club 9:30 a.m., Frist National Bank, MHilaire. belongings . . . -we have to have :s '™ 1 > hair, and nails according those things that are new also!'to the latest news from beautv Just think of wha£you have in land. The multi - billion dollar cosmetics industry has stampeded into the protein market with all sorts of animal - and - milk- a.i.i.^i L.iat. 13 K&auuca.ctuii. 0.11 i j . , between there will be a rash of j aenved preparations, birthdays, anniversary and other' Proteins serve two purposed gift occasions. ji" cosmetics. Most form films You just know that we got;that hold the hair in place, pre- ready for all of these events, i vent drying of skin etc •' and t a £f ^L S ^Jf J ^ J U "-5 f ^! som e « "sorbed- into the hair front of you . . . Blaster Is only a month away, followed by Mother's Day in May, ar.d right after that is graduation. In! some of the thing? that we have just for your manent waving. and p«r- brought In, choosing. Think of all too. After you have revie-.ved -films, have been overcome. The Early drawbacks of protein, a the possibilities. I heavy animal scent and cloudy your closets you may need a I protein preparations — providing D t"i s h m 'ents that win attract V imje new blouse tn jsnarlr im onii 1.. ..j.i ^.^- - ,-. o» uinr. wn aiuaci a ; you to; Some good cooks like to usej in a certain line of work merel to find 3. man. Plenty of jealous .,.._», - ,, ——>..•«•— t.--' OV*» i»t, Kt,ny\A ^WV^(X^ liJ\t^ IW *JJ*^ said, \ou re hooked on Dr. Kil- j attractive men. Be honest in i ra w peanuts when thev make nut 1 dare . . . Hospitals aren t anxi- j paying you want marriage for a brittle ous to hire girls who care more career, but never admit vou're for prospects than patients."' : ~ - --—-•- •» That's smug and unhelpful. "The "right man' doesn't just i people will say that for you, automatically happen to a girl— i but w 'hile some w-ill be shocked she has to plan and calculate j a{ - v °ur forthright husband-hunt- and angle, just as a man does^S. others in planning his career. If UNDECIDED were daughter I would say: Saint-i K^J" 10 "'" Duplicate Bridge, 10 a.m., Holidaj- Inn. 1'riscilla Club. 2:30 p.m.. Mrs. R. H. Davanay, 101 EL Hunnicutt. 1 1 oss your rnv jfiirt. e%-eri — no. will be admiring, proud head hijrb especially! — I with strangers, but stay out of Marriage is your aim in life, j ^ C J n ™ til y ° U fed Mr ' "' ' honey, and don't ever be I ^ nst '" ashamed of it. Make up vour i " mir.d early what kind of wife-! Ler s fac e it, UNDECIDED girl's goal to life you want and then go after i' vants a husband, not a career it. Build up the kind of accom-! Thls Practical girl asked, "Is it " new blouse to spark up without artificiality j 5 l 'e doctors marr>' nurses. * — —™-....j i doctor (if vou want a doctor) or ! Fts L v »" an t the best marriage JC -v-w ,^ «uu B. « C w JOOK O r|f taad to aourish at ^ast asja rising executive. Choose a coi-i 3nd - vou nev «~ see a poor doc a purse to go with that outfit | ions as tfte natural look domi-i] p c; e ^ al specializes in the male: Jor - ' NOW wha t do you sa\" that you know will take another i natc s the fashion and cosmetics j careers of your interest. Join a'~ E - S season in it's stride. And of j scene. jsororirv- if you can afford it If i course some new outfits, as well, — — I ROt p ick ' UI) education ' ^^ E: for fh^t P %f° me spo .r^ wear KlamPC Kl Klnfnc through evening" classes. Manv! rd S™e her points for Se^ a 4 P wee d k-fn d rSat°riall-! "31716$ IN NOteS I men of modes-background and '* Bright phony, and S' . """- rc<"'j i _ i , —!_:.:— ...:,, ^. say she d probaoly never TWRSDAY Mothers Club, 2 p.m., Methodist Church. are 'just around the comer', j Brenda Strack, daughter of; sound an 1Di ti°n wili b e your: Don't forget we'll be here I Mr. and Mrs F. J. Strack~"461u' c - assmates - ^"dulge yourself iniP 35 ; 1 the entranc e exai Thursday night until^S P.M. for j R acco0 n. has been named to the i a xvide v ariety of hobbies and : _ "^ven't you heard ...__= .. — IJDean's List of Sam Houstoni clubs - K a S™ U P is hopelessly ; =>OME soon. Have everyone. JT7DY LYNN Bnwssard celebrated her second birthday Tuesday. The daug-hter oi Mr. careers be-j and Mrs- Ray Broussard, she d a y. i . junior studying math and biology. ilUUoLUri : — ^^ r — *— -i .. . ' "" * qhp i=: n lacking in attractive voung men.: cau se they are intere-sted in the; "as a sister Jeanna Due, *. one ii cs - i..^..t.,^_.j: l ._, . . ,1^, . __ By ESTHBi HORTON, Beauty Consultant MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS STUDIO It hardly sewis possible, but the Spr.iin fashion season is almost upon us and the new whitened pastels will call for a new look in your roaVe-up. \Vhite apfi the soft paste! colors call for a subtle lightened makeup. Choose a powder base that h,'j> a f.iint pink tone such as rose bei^e or rose sjlo if your skin tends to be sallow. If you already have a lot of pink in your skin, you may need a powder base that is more bejpe in cast, such as bamboo beige. FASHIOX FOCUSES OX THE CHEEK BOXE The cheek area comes into its own for Spring make-up fashion, p a r t i c u - larly with more balance in color between the eyes and the lips. The delicate fine boned sophisticated look can be achieved with the skillful application of your powder base and rouge. I find the blush rouge applied with your finjjertip the easiest way to achieve this new cheeky look and it also is so long lasting. After you apply your powder base, apply the blush rouge along the cheek bone and blend it subtly and delicately over the area. It is wonder- Merle Norman fiii for shadowinc for a more sculptured look to vour face shape. THE WELL DRESSED EYE Recent Bride !s Honored With Shower Mrs. Johnny Gorden, the former Miss E% f elyn Reagan, was j honored w-ith a bridal shower •prior to her wedding at the j horr. e of Charlotte Solis. 1 Other hostesses were Pat Rog- [ers, LaN'e'.i Gorden, Nancy De work and know they are need-i ed? Thos e who seek wealthy.: eligible doctors should merely! break a leg. — H. ' Grandparents axe Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Trchalek and Mrs. Eris BroussanJ, all of Baytown. Garden Club Has Bazaar, Plant Sale i The home of Mrs. J. E. Pe- jters was brightly decorated with jthe handmade products of mem- |bers of the Country Club Oaks [Garden Club. Shocking stockings, feather flowers, and piump red pillo\v s were some of the items offered for sale at the bazaar. Mrs. L. A. Derden greeted members and guests ana invited them to see the assorted collection. In the kitchen, hornebaked cookies, cakes and pies tempted everyone to foreret the calories for the day. Pot plants and plants for the garden were in Mrs. Peters" den as well as a grab bag of surprises. dub president, Mrs. H. V. Jones, introduced two new members to the waiting list. Mrs. Ed Rob-orsor. and Mi's. \V. P. Shiflett. Anson Jones Parent - Teachers Association. 2:30 p.m. Alamo Parent - Teat-fter s Asso- elation. 2 :30 p.m. O ii m m a Nu, Delta Kappa Gamma. 7 p.m.. Mrs. E. J. Cray, 604 \V. Jack. Gamma > r u. Delta Kappa Gamma, 7:30 p.m., Mrs. E. J. Gray. 604 \V. Jack. TOPS, 7:30 p.m.. Gulf Coast Clinic and Hospital Lol>hv_ Craigrnont Garden Club, 7:30 p.m.. First National Bank. FRIDAY Duplicate Bridge, 10 a-m. Bridge Studio. Minerva Study Club. 10 a-m.. Mrs. C. L. Thorpe, JOOi Mississippi. SATl'RDAY Duplicate Bridge. 7:30 p.m.. B a y s h o r f \V:i4ron Wht-el Square Dancers .Association. S p.m.. Kriiirhts ot Pythias Highland's Fabric's QUALITY FABRICS 324 N. Main Highlands. Tex. Phone 426-2375 •wives and widows of Knis'i's M'OtC? brn^-'.-i^i^nt v.-,-rrk done by Shis rtrcariization. This will be the sixth annual steak fry. FALSE TEETH ; Chewing Efficiency increased up to 35% ; CLnicai lests prove you can no-w r^e?.' b^*.tor--nirxKe cjer.tures average \ -.ip lo 33~' rr.cre ertcc'ive — U vou : fp.-!a:-:'e a little FASTEETH or. your ! p'lates FASTESTH is the alkaline : •• rvon-acivl :• po-ycier tl-.a* Uolds 'alse : -<"-v'^. :riOr«? :~;r:rUy sc tlioy feel nicre r-Mti'G"ab>? No gummy, gooey, pa^ty -^ti- T5o^s:i '' sour. C^.s-'-ks denfure ; b:-c.i:h. Gv-- FASTESTH Powder to• ilriy ;x: dr\:^ counters everj-s-here. MAYTAG Ceiebrafio n rt - THE NEW 1966 MAYTAGS ARE HERE SEE THE ALL NEW HALO-OF-HEAT GAS DRYER The lighter well shaped eyebrow rep!" look- in ev become much more subtle in i color. Thick lashes to frame a beautiful eye is the fashion look in make-vip for a pretty face. If you_r lashes aren't as long and thick as you would like them, your problems «re solved with the 'new j Mr arK j Mrs fajse eyelashes which are so n.iru- ^ Dwinnell " ral tncy compliment vour own. i The registry table held blue "" S .^t. , " ( l j hicfc ! ta P er s in a cluster of white flow's and the guest book. Refreshments were served to 26 guests. The hostesses presented the honoree a gift of lingerie. The bride is the daughter of D. R. Reagan, "/* 1 get many inquiries on how to apply false eyelashes and whether false eyelashes should be affixed to the eyelid before or after the other make-up has been applied. You apply your false eyelashes AFTER you have applied your eye shadow and eyeliner. If you are having difficulty with your eye make-up, please call me and I will be happy to give you complete instructions on how to make up your eyes with eye shadow, eyeliner, and even false eyelashes if you wish. It is all part of your Free Hour of Beauty. COSMETIC 102 W. TEXAS 583-4392 Service League Plans Dinner The Service League of Baytown will have a family covered dish supper March 27 at Roseland Park Pavilion when the puppet show, "The Magic Sneeze" will be presented. Mrs. Ed Vatight, president, conducted a recent business meeting at the home of Mrs. Thad Fehon with Mrs. H. I. Davis and Mrs, Dan Willson, assisting. It was announced that the annual meeting of the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries, May 4 to 7 at the Rivermont Hotel in Memphis, Tenn., will be attended by the officers of the Baytown organization. j BAYTOWN STUDENTS at Southwest Med- icai Secretary School received complete ins^ruction about the radioisotope photo scanner shown above. Mrs. Margaret McKinney, 1807 Alabama, filled the role of a patient while Mrs. Miladie Kana, 2630 Virginia, traversed the scanning apparatus and Mrs. Elizabeth To'leson, 203 Woodside, observed. The students are members of the first class of the Southwest Medical Secretary School, 714 E. Soulhmore in Pasadena. The professor, pictured behind Mrs. To'leson, is one of six practicing physicians on the school faculty. • LOW TEMPERATURE DRYING « NO HOT SPOTS • NO SHRINKAGE • RUST PROOF CABINET • LARGE PORCELAIN DRUM • PORCELAIN TOP • MAGNETIC SAFETY DOOR LATCH • 2 YEAR WARRANTY ON PARTS AND PORCELAIN • FREE NORMAL INSTALLATION • SERVICE AFTER THE SALE ONLY OX HOUSTON" NATURAL GAS WASHER AND GAS DRYER SJ295 PER MONTH PURCHASE FLAN SPECIAL!... WHILE THEY LAST... SPECIAL! LIMITED NUMBER OF NEW 1965 WASHERS AND DRYERS AT BIG SAVINGS 325 E. Texas Ave.

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