Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 22, 1959 · Page 20
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 20

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 22, 1959
Page 20
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OIL PAGE SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1959 61st Year f -ff •$!»>•"> •> i, ^ * (. Foreign Oil May Controlled Soon Texas Railroad Commission Reports Five Deep Intents Five of the 18 application* > to drill filed with the PampA office of the Texas Railroad Commission were for depth* of over 8,000 feet. Here is the report: TO i)Rft'.fi (Panhandle) Gulf Oil Corp. — No. «7 S. B. 'Burnett — 2310 from N, 990 from ,W lines Sec. 117, 5, I&GN, 4.5 mi. SW Borger, PD 3500, 5440-AC. lease [(Box. 1290, Fort Worth! By HARRY WILSON SHARl'K out the new plan and will vest; GUlf Oil Corp. — No. 88 S. B. tinlled Press international GEORGE CREE JR. ., .D-D Speaker Desk-Derrick lo Hear Cree Carson with power to enforce it. ] Burnett —- 330 from N, 1650 from His authority will derive from thelw lines Sec. 117. 6, I&GN, 4.5 mi. WASHINGTON (UP!) - Manda- flrnendffd Reciprocal Trade Act SW Borger, PD 3500 lory controls on foreign oil im-' wm - ch grants the government the Skelly Oil Co. — N«, 254 Schafef poits are just around the corner. j rl g llt to impose quotas when the Ranch — 2200 from S, 1320 from The government, forced into a' natkmal defense is endangered. JW lines Sec. 19". 3, t&GN, S.S mi. cul-dc-sac on the explosive prob-, ^ . c o . Mahoney ,t>.. E Skellytown, PD 3350, Iem : . is _, reatly ...!° '""J*, 6 Wyo.,' is ready with a bill to es- lease Texas Co-. — No. Ifl S,.ter. GOR 246. TD 2006. TP 2631, Faulkner — 1158 from N, 2922 from W lines Sec. 29, B-2, H&GN, 2 mi. W Lefoi<i» Pt) 3093, 200-ficre lease (1502 Commerce St., Dallas) (feast Panhandle) Shamrock Oil & Gas Corp — No. 9-%" casing 1 391, 7" string 2690 Mntfhlnson County (Panhandle) Wm, K. Davis — No. 9 WarfeiiHerring: — G, Bason Sur., ele.v. 3290, com. 1-11-59. pumped 56 bbl. 2 McCracken -- 2310 from N A E 38.2 gf, oil, no water, GOR 4017, lines Sec. 31, 25, H&fC, 7 mi. SB; TO 3302, perf. 3026-3242, 8-«»" cas- LefOrs, PD 3000, 320-acre lease ling- 569, 4', 2 " string 3293 (Box 631, Attiarillo) Hemphlll County (Wildcat) Skelly Oil Co. -- No. J W. L. 42 Locke — 660 from S & E lines j" A. E, Herrmann Corp. — No. 9 Cockrell "C" — Sec. 13. B - 3, D&SE, elev. 2923, com. 2-fi-W, pot 40 gr. oil, no water, GOR 2950, perf. 2874-84 & 2S22 I trill, IH I (JAU V \.u cuuiwunv-u »d,ni ti i W V 1 next week a quota system regard- * mandatory'controls if. per- cd as t,ie best that can be devned the impending system in a very complex situation. ' k The p!an reportedly will allow taus lo ° long-established importers a ma Carson said he had "no ,., jor slmre of tJie level of imports anleed solution" of the problem j ..ICC ., i _ , ...Mt. ...., — .^- -.,_ .i:..:..! w..t i V« n t l^irt nnet /'Vino on ' 'Will VlP 1 Sec. 60, A-2. M&GN, 7 mi. NE Mi- 30. 9-%" casing 229, 5's" string ami, PD 6500, 683-Ac, lease (Box' 20 5o 1822, Pampa) A. E. Herrmann Corp. *— No. 10 Ochiltree County Cockrell "C" • — Sec. 13, B • ,!, (Wildcat) D&SE, elev. 2964, com. 2-8-59. pot. Apache Production Corp. -No. « bbl. 40 gr. oil, GOR 1:1, TD '-acre i Harlman -- 660 from N & W12949, TP 2928, open hole, 9-V cas lines Sec. 394, 43, H&TC, 16 mi.|i»g 198, 8V string 2927 S Perrylon, PD 10,200, 640-acre; A. E. Herrmann Corp. — No. 2 lease (823 S. Detroit St., Tulsa) IKingsl.and — Sec. 8, M-21, TCRR, (West Waka-l'ppef Morrow) jetev. 3033, com. 2-5-59. pumped 23 J M. Huber Corp. — No. 7 S. E. bbl. 4 " £''• oi '- ™ water, GOR 1:1, YineTsec. iafi! 22, H&QN, 13 ml. I Slump - 1980 from N & E lines jTD 3004 TP 2988 open hole, 9-%" McLean,. PD 2400, 160-acrejSec. 14, 4-T, T&NO, 5 ml. S Parns- ™*\"K™. : '?'* «""? 29 '1 ColH«(f»wofth County (East Panhandle) George B, Cree Jr., cf the' Cree pcrmiUed wilh ncwc omera divid- but that the one chosen J'will , b ,^ ji^ ae "760o'"polk Street, Amartlto)}worth, PD 7800. 640-acre lease Compa-vs.i. wi'l he guc-t speaker for the Derk & Derrick Club m the Ppmna Hclcl Dining Room Monda.v at 7 a.m. Crude, finished the best that can be devised." and He said tne "equitable solution 'affected. vvil! be found '" an atmosphere flray County Cres will discuss Icsisl residual fuel oil will be affected. «'" lje '"""" "' "•" " .,,.•••••, Nobody will be completely sal- where common sense, impartial 1 *" d iafied. including domestic Drodu-1 analysis, and objective give-and-|B. (R.H.F.-Morrow) Pan American Petroleum Corp. W. W. Holmes, et al -- No. 17 Ivall "A" - Sec. 233, Z, ELRR, elev. 2764, com. 1-23-59, pot. 2,1 CYCLE SENSATION — New terror of Highway 101 is May Britt, the film star. On a bet with her husband, she pedaled a bike from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The 410 miles took five and a half days. '.'.,• v^it,-'.,- w.u • •••.••..«—- • -= isi:eu. including aomcsuc proou-' j"-»> - « _ „ uArv 17 mi bills bsfore Congress affecting the - ho £, h lake have precedence over emo-iE lines Sec. 63 B-2, H *° J " J£ " ' has I«HP tn a heqrl Ri-t a* nno eov H»on. self • interest, and headline SE Pampa, PD 3200. 30-acie lease .issue to a neaci. t>m. as one gov-i • ,iooc tiomittnn si Pamnn^ — No 3 L. C Clement -- 1993 >' bbl. 41 gr. oil with 50 p.c. water, Kimberlin & Howse — No. 4 J.l from g< 660 (rom E ]ines Se e. 25,! GOR 372, TD 2770, perf. 2660 - 9G. gur 18 m j sv y p ert y. ; 8-Vg" casing 271, 5V»" string 2767 g70o ;' B44 . acl , c , eflse (Box ! Weldon Jolly, Trustee -- No. 2-A Bowers — 455 from S, 1525 from|j^, .. ....„«„ ,, t r.x, ,., «• . oil industry, in wh'.ch he shown a great interest. - | ernment official put it, there "will seeking." Cree attsmleci school in Pampa. ^ something for everybody, and New Mexico Mi'.itcry Institute at domestic markets, long depressed Roswell and Tsxa-i University. [by foreign competition, may be- He is now President of the Pan- come more stabilized, handle Producers & Royalty Own- TW() F(U , U ,,.,, involved | (1225 Hamilton St., Pampa) 432, Liberal, Kans.l iWhittenburg Heirs & Estate "A"; ers Association. Chairman of the The program will replace a Gray County Savings Bends Com-, .. volutUar y. imports control sys- mittee, Chairman of the Pampa tem whk . h failed m!serably be . Community Hotel and a commit- cause some importers wouldn't t-e member of the Texas Depart- coopei . at9i mcnt of Public Safety. Import assignment quotas are He has Ion.? been active in the expactec i to be based on two fac- Texas Independent Producers & tol ... rj ome stic refining capacity Royalty Owners Association and c{ r , crlaln importers, an d import the Independent Petroleum Asso- ,. aUos of established companies ciation of America. PAMPA OIL MEN TO BE GIVEN DAY ovt-r the past nine years. \Vhat this means in loss or gain for affected segments of the industry won't be clear until the quotas arc announced. But Capt. Matthew V. Carson Jr., imports administrator for Secretai-y of the Interior Fred A. Seaton, hinted 'th» old-lire importers would not fa:'a too badly. Pampa oil m;n will La honored p.;? sa ; f | jt rnn s t be remembered with a special day during the uiat they spsnt tremendous sums/ ; .tirteentn anniversary Interna- pionsering oil exploration o v e r- t:onal Petroleum Exposition to be gp^. Another weighty factor, he I'c'd in Tursa, Okla., May 14-23, said, is that the United States lnis >' ear - ,, . ! r st t f u f ul . "f l " sl 1 oin *. a "f- ••Pampa Day" will be held ,n thing that might disrupt amu-able honor of all the men and women relations with Middle-fcasiem and (West Perrylon-8100 Morrow) !~ Sec. 37, At-23, TCRR, elev. 3093, | Sun Oil Co. '—No. 1 Sam K. Hill com. 12-30-58, pumped 48 bbl. 40: •B" — 1320 from S & W lines Sec. j ST. oil with 50 p.c. water, GOR | flOO. TD 3161, perf. 3012-3106, 8-*»" j casing 248, 4'i" liner 316t Lipseomb County (Bradford-Tonka wa) Apache Prod. Corp. — No. 2 R. 18, 12. H&GN, 5 mi. SW Perryton, PD 8300, 160-acre lease (Box 2830, Dallas) Roberts County (Hed Heer) 'Very Important Produce' Flys More Than People Do WASHINGTON (UPI) — VIPs ( vegetables tested for pressure re- other than people are flying the;actions, no injury occurred as a airways these days. * (result, of high altitudes or rapid Fresh flowers, fruits, and vege- climbs or descents. Only in a. se- la.bles — "Very Important Pro- vere test simulating a climb of duce"--are flying high, wide, and 5,000. feet a. minute up to 50.000 wholesome by air freight. The (feet did splitting occur in soma VIP produce' is of high value|ripe tomatoes and persimmons, often the first iThis was at 45,000 feet. Gulf Oil Corp. — No. 1 H. O?- C. Bradford — Sec. 686, 43. H&TC, borne, et al "A" — 660 from S &'elev. 2108, com. 1-23-59, flowed 141 E lines Sec. 55. B-t, H&GN, 7 mi.; bbl. 38.7 gr. oil thru 16-64" choke M Miami Pn 4«00 640-acre lease on 24-hour test with 21 p.c. water, anrt n| g" n quality, . N Miami. ID 4800. b4oacie lease __ .. . '.. oop ;:of the season, usually mature Flowers are more sensitive. « J |i"'iand ready for market. . j While they suffered no Ul effects These 'highly perishable com- at _ 20 ' 000 feet > carnations, roues, modities demand speedy trans- , sw eet Wheeler County JCP 1200 Ib., TP 130 lb., sborne) l" 68 . TD 6620, perf. 6544-58, Siriwell Oil & Gas. Inc. - No. 6 casing 696. 5V string 6620 ...- „..., r . and chrysanthemum*! Prnv 2110 from N 1650 from EI OchlUrpe Countv modities demand speedy trans- : ™ cet P p « s - a " rt chi>sdi tnemuma v.»i n y — ^oiu 11 win i 1 "» -i \iu\j i L\J\\I i~t \ t , ' oh/vivoH aHcrTif f n mnrl^rn t n \vifn PP« line* Sec -54 n H&GN 7 mi E' (North Perrvlon-Genrge) portation from producer to con-: showed Blight tojnortetate Cither S^m^.TO^lSicr.™'... 1 Bright * Schiff - No' t-XT Lme, Air freight appears to be > n \^^°^^n^ (Box 1659, Pampa, j George - Sec. 29, B. L. Jenkin, the answer. ; rom mocHties in air t ?ve" The (Panhandle) Sur., elev. 2985, com. 1-25-59, flow-! Speed, however, is not the com ., of commodities m an tiavt! The Co — No 5 J. J. eel 168 bbl. 40 gr. oil thru 22-64" Iplcle answer to transportation O f; vo)ame ^ases of some ripe tuns v-u. • jare not good for other commodities. The ine Perklns "A" . : 1658 from S, 1654jChoke on 24-hour test, no water, 'farm produce. from E lines Sec. 56, 24, H&GN, -10 ml. SW Wheeler, PD 2465, 80- GOR-1800, TD 7015, perf. 7502-20. ,• Air f re ig-ijt still does not supply! 8-%" casing 3082. 5V string 7915 : 'refrigeration or humidity con-! in this area who are employed in the vast petroleum industry. It will be Saturday, Mar. 23. Tenta-j tive special events are being plan-' ned to assure local oil men a busy schedule. Actually, Just touring the more than 30 acres" of oil exhibits is a feat itself and more than one-half million people from 50 foreign nations and practically every state in the union are expected to view the special oil equipment a n <! techniques valued in excess of $500,000,000. Latin American nations whose welfare is tied to oil exports. Alternate Plan Ready A presidential cabinet committee, including Seaton, had to work Baker Is Named To Oil Show Director's Post Area Chemical Engineers To ffear Kieiss The February meeting of the SAFE DRIVERS J C. Back (left) and P. A. Traywiok, gathering system operators in the Pampa area of Phillips Petroleum Company's natural gas department, Panhandle district, have been presented with safe driving awards for driving a company vehicle 100,000 and 50,000 miles, respectively, without an accident. Traywick is a resident of Phillips Quinduno Camp, near Miami, Texas. Back resides near McLean, Texas. TO OIL INDUSTRY OIL SCOUT IS A VITAL COG acre lease (R.H.F.-Morrow) : lrols ; To jjck this problem, spe-j r^RO il'PI) Tin APPLICATIONS TO DEKPKN J. M. Huber Corp. — No. 3-T r j al provisions must be made, to! ,,.,',* P1 Vnm ,.„„„,., Pf) c ah ,,. flflv Hall County 'Kinder - Sec. 21. JT. TTRR. elev. p ,. eserve tne qua ,, ty of , he fruits, i thal two Persona we e killed and OVIIdmt) ! 3016. com. 2-7-59. pumped 331 bhl. veRl , tBb , e8 . and flowers w h i 1 e ' ™ l " n ,, P rt Thl" wee^k In a c-Hsh Amarilio Oil Co. -No. 1 Grace 37 gr. oil. no water. OOR 1000, lhe are bcing transported by ' b , enrornnu mills and N atirm- Corhran - 1080 from S. 660 from TD 8I.W. perf. 7973-8007. «-•}»" <'.i S - nir ; ; ™"™ n \° "" un ^ s "^ ''™ E line. Sec. 5, 20, H&GN, 3 ml. W ing 2598, 5V' string 80«3 ; C a r ,ful Preparation N-cossary | p!,^. "Jid p o»ce ar?e 8 led'25 Na- Memphis, deenen to 7200 , J. Af. Huber Corp. No 4 Km The prO blem was tossed to the • {ionalists llansforil County der -- Sec. 21, JT, TTP.R. elev. Agriculture- Department for flolu-' ' __j (North Han»ford-.Morro\v) 3018, com. 1-27-59, pumped 306 bbl. Home-Stake Production Co. — 37 gr. oil, no water, GOP» .1000, i iKIND TO PEOPLE No. 1 Coilard - 1250 from N & W TD 8170, perf. 7989-8009, 8-V c«- d - S e ^.oSJalTci .Tc .**' ^ FRANCISCO ' UPI ^ lines Sec. 75, 45. H&TC, 8 mi. N ing 2618, 5'i" string 8087 GAS WKLL COMPLETIONS Mnnsford County (Hansford-Upper Morrow) Th» the Spearman, deepen to 7600 Wheeler County (PanhanUlR) Jones h Associates Production Co. — No. 1 Lauris L. Evans — bi-anch of the Agricultural Mar-j Prevention of Cruelty to Animals keting Service lAMS) and the|| isted Ule following among its University of California recently' M handled during November studied 116 different perishable' ar)(1 D ecem ber: under simulat- Humane officer: Ought in celled flight conditions. By MAC SKBREE , United Press International r.,r <* I BPker & Tavlor Drilling Co. ceases t.o be active and another N O . 1 \V. H. Martin — 660 from N 330 from N. 2310 from W lines tested ^2-59 pay 72 7-60, pot 1750, th BUCces8flfl alr Sec. 51. 24, H&GN. 18 ml. W MCF. RP 1444. ."liner 7692 transportation depends almost en- Wheeler, deepen - this well pro-. Sherman Counly t , ( , ai . pfu] . f ,, M cluclng in dolomite, propose to' (K-xas-l u s otoM) | preparation. Pre-cooling of the deenen and complete in granite Gn^m.M.ehaehs Drl S .Co. -- dUL . c is impe ,. a tive So are «'"" No - ' Whallon " Scc ' 10;i ' '- T ' 'p.-opcr handling good packaging, APPLICATIONS TO KE-ENTEK T&NO, tested 1-27-59. pay 2758- L a . couile tn«ulation Roberts County |28C6, pot. 537 MCF, RP 402, S« a ". ^^ \ hpse ;' it ' is impossible! , liner J89S (o ( , ontrol tne temperature or tlie! Ing space.—1. (Slrutford-Masslve) Phillips Pet. Co. No. 1 Judd sector takes on additional drill- & E linss Sec. 83, C, G&M, 10 mi. "A 1 ' — Ssc. 3, 1, PSL Sur.. tested 1890 humidity around the fruit as the 1 piano flifs through wide extremes in altitudes and temperatures, . ing, the boundaries can be shift- NW Miami, formerly drilled by C.! 2-5-59, p;jy 3272-3448, pot. 10BU , ,.,„ ., m . e ... n(lhnff nriv I Texas Panhandle Plains Section of, T ULSA (UPIi-Thc oil industry cd to even the work load. K. Marsh to 10,778, and plugged MCF, RP 435, ,V[." liner 3600 i a ,. {m1 ',n!isht.d hv cold witer' cold th,. American Institute of Chemi- win nsve r be able to get along! So ^ oi , marc hes on, along- 8-22-54 l " •"''"•'" «'••-••« ; H« onipiisnea n> WKICI. cal Engineers will be held at 8:00 wit hout that legendary figure, the| side ma ,. c hes the scout. , p.m. Tuesday, February 21, at the oil SCO ut--but he's bem? brought | Sam Houston Junior High School, 300 West 6th. Borger. The speaker up to ciatf. e ,. . .,, . i for the evenmg be L. D. ' Officials of the International Petroleum Exposition in Tulsa, Okla., « .. . , . --"'wwin *^u m j.'«' i » . iii.T mi 17 1C U today announced the appointment be s> . slem , En gi neering aJnd Ule of R. A. Baker. President, Franks chemical 1<:n(?inSecr . B Division of Cabot Shops, Inc. to, lMiv ._ _...,..„. ,. „ , the Board of Directors for fourteenth oij .show to be .. - ,<;,„,„ ,.„,, ._ .„ 0 Kvon the swift modernization of ; hM fa ,, ed , 0 hftU the ; Kleins, Senior Development En- , v ( ho visjl all ^ e "' llS " ta ^ P ** ™ ""' Years ag.o, before geology and regional information was readily Billed as the largest S in S le- Industry trade show in tne world. I, ,, e w k ' d l fasl There Are 12 Producing Days In March APPMCAT1OX TO KE-CO.MIM..KT.K (iruy County (Pnnhindle) llutfhlnson County (I'linliaiidl..) , j Phillips Pet. Co. -- No. 91 J. A. , VVhittcnburg Sec. 71. 18, Hft'I'C. Magnolia Petroleum Co. — No. com. 6-25-18, TD 2819, plugged 2-37 R. E. Darsey -- 1120 from N, 59, oil well 330 from W lines Sec. 26, 1. ACH' Randall County tB. 6 rni. S Lefors. PD 3100, re-! (U'ildciil) complete as oil well in granite Frankfort Oil Co. -- No. 1 Stin- Department on assignments in pi the 1950 IPE will be the of oil" industry equipment « , v „ , 0 , ])|an , labnr ., !orv amj slaff __ more than J500.000.00.1 invested in S j nee ring. Sim-e 1952 he has bean displays and machinery. Visitors APPLICATIONS TO I'MUi BACK SE Unbarger, com. 2-7-50, TD 872'J, Hiilchinson County , plugged 2-'2-r>!). dry liole (\\Vtit Panli:iii(ll«) i Sherman County Sinclair Oil & Gas Co. — No. 3, (Tt'XHs-lUiKotoii) , ,. A MI»,« n-uprf \ R<-ouf<!- AUSTIN (UPI)— The Texas Johnson Ranch "L" - 2310 from: Phillips Pet. Co. - No. 1 Bivins four years on military slow Ule 0' 1 " P1S Vl °'^ l , o hil ," a Railroad Commission took only'N & W lines Sec. 33, Y. A&B, 3.5 "CC" - - Sec. 15, 2, GH&H, com. in the Research gleeungl "' ....P.?,,....." nine minutes last week to set the mi. W Borger, plug back to 2515 3.4.50, TD 3158, plugged 2-9 - 59, drilling crew, invariably was: "How deep are you today'.'" .M'liiV I''animis Scouts I Texas oil allowable for March at as gaa well 13,138,565 barrels per day, a re-; Ochlltree County duction of 30,566 barrels per day! (Horl/'m-Clevelaiul) gas well Phillips Pet. Co. — No. 1 Karl - Set:, 69, 1-T, T&NO, com. 59, displays and machinery. Visitors ,„ „ ^g,,^, g t))al hfls work Many Iamolja oilmen were once from the present pe rmi9»ive pro- 1 Horizon Oil i Gas Co. - No. 2- 12-28.37. TD 2804, plugged 2-9 . 5E / 0 " 1 .."i. 0 '.'!,,. ".J! 0 .. ?!'!.'! n; J ia V?"! ed °" the development and appli-' scouts. Col. E. L- Drake, the one- dU( . tion * r 134 Dodson - 660 from N & W, ga s well •"JACOBY ON BRIDGE and virtually every state in the ( . aU(m of analvv . els to plant time railroad conductor who is Thg commlssion in ont o{ the lines Sec. 134. 4-T, T&NO, 8.5 mi. Union will be on hand to view the ,.. c . sses . This work included the <ie-' credited with drilling the first oil' snoi . test meetings on record, set'SE Spearman, plug back to 6500 panorama of oil. instrument systems wel1 - scouted Uie salt water wells lhg number of 8la tewide produc-j AMKNDF.D APl'I.IC.Vl ine several instru- to K ain knowledge for use on his jn& davg at 12 _ ong more than in : TO DKJJ.I, Daniel Threatens Probe Of Texas 'Trust' Violations AUSTIN (UPI)—Faced with the' i veiopment of j which combine several instru- lu K anl MIL>»ICUB C •"• "»«* ^-- ••••» j n g nients for coiHi-ol purposes. Hav- own 69 d-2 foot discovery of Aug. TIONS County ing a wide background in instru- -?. 1859 - Requests from major oil men! (Wei»t Panhandle) ment work and i.-ontrol engineer- 1 Among famed st-outs were the ran g ec j f r( , m a hjgh o f 12 d a y s to' Katex Oil Co. - No. 1 Perkins ing, Kleisa is well qualified to late T. N. Barnsdall. who hearted a low o[ four flavs gougn t by Gulf "G" 1650 from K. 990 from SJ present the subject. jhis own well • known (Midwestern O il Co., crippled by a strike at lines Sec. 108, 5, ItGN. 8 mi. SE' February 24 is a particularly ap- firrn unU1 mel '° ecl with the Svm " their Port Arthur refinery. Borger, PD 3300. amending for ' " ' , \it 'tA f *j-i»-i t i n An t f\i\ ("*f* \A Q f- —.. , . < propriate ary 22 through Week in Igineer of the ~Year""dInneT meet- Bul a new development in Ok- R e fj n )ng Co", Indiana Oil Co.. and' Petroleum Exploration, Inc. ri ing of the Texas Society of Pro- lahoma wil1 brin S scouting ths the East Texas Oil Asan. No. 1-22 Portwood - 1320 from N loss of six million dollars per fesaiona , Ene j neer8 to which a ii modern touch even if it wrings Seve n day production was & E lines Sec. 22. 12, H&GN, 3 mi, tax revenue because of „..:.„,„„ * , ' .... . ' ' By OSWALD JACOISV Written for \EA Service ;air, ice, or the recently developed vacuum coolliijr method. All are equally acceptable. Once pri'-i'oolei!. the commodity must be kepi cold in ivfriser- nted field loi-kers. delivery tnicks j and airport storehouses. ! Regardless of the weather, properly pro • cooled perishables usually remain at a desirable temperature range during a flight of a few hours. Insulation offers further protection against temperature changes, either upward or downward. Insulation protects the produce against the sun's heat during stops as well "as the threat of freezing at high altitudes. It can l?e provided by means of insulated compartments, load blankets, ami special shipping cases. In non-insulated compartments, lower transit temperatures are likely to occur near the walls and floor. It's wise to stow the cargo awav from these surfaces ihliing- cold weather. Even in warm weather, it's not a good ^dea to use these areas because the desired cooling effect obtained OIL & GAS DIRECTORY Canvas - Oil Field NEW OR REPAIRING OIL FIELD CANVAS i; PAMPA ;Tent & Awnim 317 E. Brown — Phont MO «-8M1 GRONINGER & KING W»ter Cont. • Tink S«rvk» Heavy Hauling Dirt Cont. Qa»olin« Plant ConiUuction Pipelini Conitruction Phon* MO 1-4691 —Pampa year in Panhandle engineers are invited, Gov. Price Daniel has threat- 1 ened, investigation of anti-trust' Violations in Texas oil industry. rillo Club in Amarilio. The principal speaker will be D. M. .Kratise, Senior Vice President, away some of the lomance and sought by Shell Oil Co., Sun Oil'NE Farnsworth, PD 9000, amend- color of the profession. Co., City Service Oil Co., Sinclair ing location Boundaries Flexible Oil Co., Phillips Petroleum Co.,j OIL WKIX COMfM-VHONS This week the Oklahoma Scout standard Oil of Texas and Conti- Canon fount)' Check formally came into exis- nental Oil Co. (Panhandle) Daniel said the price cuts, "to- Icosden Petroleum Carporation. tence in Oklahoma City. The new; Cosden Oil Co. of Big Spring 1 Robinson Brothers Oil Produc- fether with excessive foreign oilj ...... " group succeeds the Oklahoma Oil jjd not offer a production nomi- ers No. 1 Burnett "A" -- Sec. i Imports have seriously damaged ^K.^HAM UKAMS CKOW'PS I Scouts Association. The new group nation. Cosden said it was in fa- m, 5, I&GN, elev. 3192, com. 2-1-! tha economy of Texas as well as, MELBOURNE, Australia <UPI)j is independent of th e national vor of either an Jl or 12 day 59, pumped 56 bbl. 41 gr. oil, no] decreasing state revenues." j—More than 40.000 Australians s<:outs & (C>U P. which has its head- schedule. water, GOR 15,000, TD 3246, perf. I quarters at Austin, Tex. i The next statewide pi-oration 3015-3181, 9- & i" casing 4i2, 51 3 " East put up his king of hearts in flight is offset by a greater Against M'uing Humidity controls also may be achieved by pre-flight planning. To offset the low water content of the rarified air at high altitudes, careful packaging and handling are required. In the case of flowers, moisture can be applied lo the package. Tomatoes, cantaloupes, citrus fruits, and cucumbers frequently are waxed to re- diire water loss Of the 34 different fi-uits and G & G 604 FISHING 8KKVICR y PrilJlns * Fishini: To<ils We Make Aerial Delivery b* Kmergency 10?.h Ph. BR 4-2J14 Bora«r, Tc»a» "If tjie two-pronged attack j jammed the Sidney Myer Music (pric« CUU and imports) on our I Bowl and its surrounding lawns ia not halted, I.Saturday night for the seventh Oklahoma is being split up into hearings will be held March 19 string 3240 22 districts, with one scout per in Austin. , (jr»y I'ouJity the attorney general and meeting of Billy Graham's "cru- district. Formerly, there were 27; • — ....... Iwiftorts Study Commission ^ade" in Melbourne. 8t ' outs working the Sooner s'.&U 8fUp OK*Ktif; to investigftte for possible anti-| The crowd brought to more but the extra five will remain on RIVERSIDE, Calif. iUPIi Flor trust violation and other means than 120,000 the number of per- standby duty. Kal«x Oil Co. No. 1 Gethtng sec. H, A-9, H*GN. elev. 2775, ida orange* »oon may be Califoi- > om . i- 2 5-59. pumped ,',2 bbi. 40. , bv which the economy and reve- sons the American evangelist has Boundaries of the 22 di»im-U nia oranges. The Gilrus Kxperi- gr. oil, no water. <;()R 3000, TD nu*i Tot the State may be protect- ! preached to in the first week ! will be flexible, so that if an area ment station of the University of 2755, perf. 2646-82, 9-V casing HUM oi we sw « i«»> f ; £ , -------- ! California said today It would send 219, 6'," string 2751 »d." ;here Daniel to * prepared statement, --• — ' cuts during the past FRENCH S1NUKH IU have French MAYOR NfiKPS OFFICE ANAHEIM. Calif. iupl) Anaheim ^50,000 citnu seeds The where » diMUt U to Florida, Magnolia Pet. Co. citrus Darny - Sec. 28, NORTH A 102 \VfSf 4AQ74 • AJ64 KAST VK3 t 1097 5 3 *853 SO ITU(W) AKJ83 V J 10 96 3 Electrical Contractors E^ECTIUC COMPANY Oil Field Construction ana Maintenance. Figures oo 4oJ Wiring or Pole |<iu0 Jolt 112 W. Grand BR VS/1J Borg«r, Tex«| | handle that but South suspected that West would shuw up %vith i !both the ace and queen. South •also noted thai if tt' held both ctmis and lhe queen of ilia- . momls llut! he could make the liatnl an,l prod-filed to go ahead on that aaaumpti'iji. He look liis last two trumps No 7 R. E ' •--"•-«" ' and king of West let 1, ACH&B.i better to do led his last trump a < ouple of spades go. Four club Magnetos *AK10 Both vulnerable South West North 1 M Pass 2 f Opening load— I'a.-s . , , . el, v . 30U. com. 12-12-56, pumped, South was in the lead and took lead, fohowed an.l West h.?d to Bulletin has suggested trees to go into * declin*. abie editorially it's aboAit time this - 5 bbl. 41 2 gr oil. no water, GOf resume normal activities in a fast-growing city of 85.000 founded San Francisco'* Fisherman'• 90,800, T1J 2830, pert, not given said the slate was few days, her do. u,r said Saiur- in lhe 19th Century, got an office Wharf ba* about 1200 full . tim« converted from gas well '»0(JO dav \i>>s Piaf 43 became i'l for it* rnavor. The newspapei' employees, making it on« of lh« The Texas Co. No. 1U2 •'.; *' ' '-' ""f,,ive<l'to call off ni»ht- c'JdiplaineU the mayor Jiad to go major employment groups within H. Saunders Sec. ]. Blk. 1, penUed on gelling out with tne Now all Smith lia<l to <to was " ' ity hall each moining, gel his the city, according to the San'BS&K. elev. 2A66, «om. 1-29 • 59, loss of only one spade dirk A to lei,I •Ollll. He noted that three no-trump not affoi'd to ungiwrcl the ou-jen would have been a cinch ana of diamonds so he played the that success at four heaiU ,;e- queen "f .sj--nies the Wi)' iorf-to r«*ult <tf low oil allowables caused club appear,--ices in * - - • .- Astoria Hotel Thursday night \Vl\S! t(MI jmail and take it hom» to read it. Francisco CSiaj»l»jr»o| Coi»w«rc*. jpwnped »i bbi. $r oil, iw wa-, success/ul wouiJ at » but (ou-sd to leaU a W15CQN5IN And PRIOGS & STBATT0N fNGINES fart* Repair ROPER PARTS *nd \t\ \\<irk (iuarauLeed. KADCUFF BROS. EUtCTRIC MO

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