The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1945 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 4
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THTglOLA REGIStER, THURSDAY E^ENmG. JANUARY 11. 194S. lOLA. KANSAS of the Farm Folks ~^TABM. BtTBEAV CALENDAR .Lesson for the Month—Outlook tdr, 1045 by Home Demonstration Agent. Jan. 10—Prairie Hall unit Hieets •With Mrs. A. E. Nicholas, Big Creek 4rH club meets. Dusk Patrol 4-H Llii '3 meets. Cattle Grub demonstration by Coujuy Agent: Oweii iitai. ijiBarpe, 10 a. m.; A. W. Kelley. Colony, 2 p. m. :;jdn. ll—Star Valley Unit meets With airs. R. D. MortlZ. District Meeting of HDA and Advisory Com- ihittee chairman at Chanute. Cattie Grub demonstration by County 4sent: Henry Baeteh, Humboldt, 10 a. m.; E. J. Ronsick, Humboldt, 2 p. m. V Jan. 12—Sterling Heights unit Qieets with Mrs. Marlon Wilson; Cattle Gnib demonstration by County Agent: C. F. Englehart, Elsmore, 10 a. m.; Clarence Kricson, Elsmore, 3 p. m. < Jan. 13—Handicraft—Special In- erest lor Home Demonbi ,i 'ation inits, Doris Compton, Specialise, Riverside park, 10 a. m. Cattle Grub flemonstratjon by County Agent: CUftord James, Carlyl^, 10 a. m. I Jan. 15—Cattle Grub demonstration: Arthur Dick. LaHarpe, 10 A. m.; Carroll Button. Ba\drd, 2 b. m. Rainbow 4-H club meets. [ Jan. 16—District i-ii cunitrencc, Erie. lola Homemakers unit meou With M:s. W. J : Loy. Salem 4-H club jbeecs. Meadow Lark 4-H club meet.-. '• •>:.i.. 17-Falrlawn unit meets wiUi ^•,!r;;. WiU •l;i .^:iT 'ii;3r at 1:45. Soutji lola Homemakcrs ,. The lola Homemakers unit met jWith Mrs. Wallace Anderson Tuesday for their December meeting, at ko:30 a. m. for a covered dish luncheon. -The president, Mrs. Leslie Jieaviti, presided at the meeting, tl'he imit projects were discussed, giie lesson, "Bread .Making," was lendidiy given by Mrs. Wallace iderson^and Mrs. M E. liarcle- ide. Each one was given a sheet ontaining home made bread recipes (long with a score sheet for yeast •ead. tight members-.ana lour jests were present. Miss Dicklh- in. Home Demionstratibn Agent 'as present. ' " , ' • IloniUe HoiUP Demonstration . The.fjaiiDOii VJi'i wus tne les- given. Uy Aimauvjlle J. Dickinsor Mt the HorvlUe. Home Eemonstra- f lon Unit meeting held at the home f Mrs. Russell Scott on January " ;&olI call was answered by New -gear 's resolutions; Mrs. Davjs read 3in article on when to prune shmb- jSery. Mrs. Elmer Adams joined the unit. Year books were distributed & the members. Recreation was a iuessing game of things you find -3n a Christmas.. tree. Mrs. Scott ffirved refreshments to twelve mem- Sers and Miss DickinM »|H <-Home demonstration' Agent.-^Mrs. Chas Snebanek; "Reporter. ^ iCarlyle Unit ] Many Instructive and Interesting IJBcts on making bread were given to the members of the Carlyle Home emonistration unit b|[ ^tbe HDA iss Annaoelle J. Dickinson, who in le absence of the nutrition leader, rs. Lonnle Shapel, gave the bread aking demonstration '^rhen Ave embers met with ijrij.' Elmer trickier, December 27. The dem- itration included the making of veral different kinds of bread ighs, white, whole wheat, and oat leai, and each kind was used in a lumber of dlHerent ways. Some of le breads were served with the coved dish hmcheon while others were irved at the close of the meeting short business meeting was held the afftmoon. Each member an- ired roU call by telling "Some- I Have Accomplished This 'ear." During the recreation period lere waj ^n exchange of gifts. All esent fnt the lesson had been very iterestlng and hoped for an im- tovement in the art of making yead. Adjourned to meet at the Barlyle Sbhool January 24 for the Outlook iBBson for 1945 given by the fiunty agents at 8 p. m. Members R bring pje and their table service Br theii^-own family. Coffee will tk serveft—Clara P. Howland, Re- ^irie DeU 4 -H Th6 Pr«rie Dell 4 -H club met at le Prairie Dell school, Tuesday, .nuary 2. Roll call was answered telling why each one chose his ojects. After roll call the club ,ve the 4 -H pledge and the Flag lute. Caroljrn Duggari read the quirements for a charter, gold seal, seaU'blue seal, and a purple Rock of Ages Beaaty NOW ud FORKVEB WIJLLIAMS MONUMENT WORKS —Anthorlzed Dealer— S5 Tewrs in lote Dr. Wayne E. Frantx OPTOMETRIST Kenneth Abell, OptleUa 108 K. MaiU <>nn ToU. KamM Pbonent V. J. EVANS TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE TYPEWRITERS TO REIVT All Makes of Typewrtten ADDING MArmyrs cASHREQnrrBU iK^ALEti AttWortt Oai ^it Free EattottU B. Jf^soB PlMae ISM Solid Comfort on a Super-Sofa \ With a E-29's mner tube lor a pillow. CpL Garland T Lee of, Concord N C. corks off for 40 wmKs on one ol the sky giant's tires A ground crewman on Saipan he needed the nap after long night hours prepanrs for the Tokyo raids seal. The club then discussed all of them. Amy Lou Gard read a itory about the development o:" 4-H cuib work. Jim Rsmsbtrj lad thi; club in playing two ?ame3. . There v.'e:e eight members, three guecta, and three leaders p. esent.—Amy Lou Gard, Reporter. v/as held for all 4-H members present. The parents of the 4-iiers ' v.-ere present and paiticipated with I t'-e inern>-e:-s in rec.-eatinn which was led by Helene MonfOrt.—Jack Hon-iJl: 4-n Club The Dectmber r^eeiin? oi t'.ie Horvil'.e 4-H club w?.-; held Thursday evening, .December 23, at the Ho'rviile school. The me'rtmj wa-i called to order by Richard Scolt. president. The club was led hi the following £oag.s: Silent Kight, O Come All Ye Faithful, Poilow th» Gleam, and Angels We Have Heard On High. A siiort business meeting was held and the meeting ad- joiu-ned. Following the mee!.iair a Christmas party and gift exchange Hclf r>- Unit Bslf-y Home Dpmori.strp,*.lon urit held their Outlook meeting at the liomc of Mrs. La':rence 3eal on January 4 in the afternoon. MJ.'s Di:kin.^^n brought them a let of good pointers on being better hvme- niaSe.s. LabDv, as;isultuie, and industry go hand in hand to success. Members were ve.y sony to learn that Mi 53 Dickinson won't be with thctn after January 27. She hopes to find a better climate in whl^h to wor^. Mrs. IjeAer DePos guessed the mystejy package picpired. by Mrs. Kenneth Peery. A stork show­ er was! given Mrs. Nortlwiitt Aiken after the meeting. She received many nice gifts. Mrs. Owen Heal was thg only guest. Members present wer'p Mrs. Harry Dragoo, Mrs. BUI BEooks, Mrs. Emmett. Latimer, Mrs. Fitd Stafford, Mrs. Sam Gerdsen, Mrs. Kenneth Perry a-nd Marvin, MTSV Le.ster DePoe and Larry. Mrs. ijoward Donald, Dwight and Karen,? Mrs. Marion Stout, Ivui. Northt^tt Aiken, Judy and Janii.c Mrs. Howard Siiockcy. Mls .5 Anr:!- b;Ue Kickliison, and the- hosier Mr.s. Beal. The next moetinj be Febj-uary 1 with Mrs. iiany i'-.o- goo in the afiernojc—fiu'eta Stua; Reportfcr. Try using green peppers as a disl. by thc^-elves. S'.lce them, sea'-or with salt and p<^pper, dredje wit'.-, fljur ajid saute until tender. Here're the brands you like ' the best. Check every item and see liow n)uch you save with Krogcrs everyday low prices RECIPES • F£A^OBFUL BEEF ENTBEE (By Pjiarlotte Adams) Seef Rolls Quick-lcusen Uma Beans MaJhed Potatoes Who."te Whtet Bread Apple dobbler > . —f— " J (Recipes serve four) Beef Bolls Hi lbs. rouwd steak, cut thin ' 2 large sweet pickles ^ 3 tSablespoans drippings Sail anu pepper ; '/•J cup drv.'red wine •a cup wat^r Vj pint sour cream HaVe steaiiC cut^ in four pieces about, two inches by four. Split pickles lengthwise,' place on steak strips and rcUl up.'The rolls can be tied with a tjiread or fastened with .ooihplck^. ^ielt drippings in skUlet. Sear e^teak rdUs on all sides. Season to taste with salt and pepper.. Add the Vfinc and water to steak, cover and sifrmei> for 45 minutes. Add sour cream- and allow to heat through/ Serve. ^ Aijple Cobbler I curs ."vMc'ed apples 1 egg 't- cwp .sugar ; 'i cup margarine recipe bjiking-powder biscuit Mix beaterv egg. sugar and apples. FLl a greased baking dish. Dot with margarine and cover with baking powder bkcult dough rolled one-; fourth inch thick. Cut several, slit^ in the center^ to allow steam to es- ccpe. Bake at 400 degrees 25 minutes, or until biscuit is crisp and apples are tender, (if apples are very;firm, it is well to cook fhem first in just' "Look! Jet propuUion!" enough water to cover, drain and proceed as directed) NOX-PARTISAN JOBS Springfield. 111., Jan. 11. (AP)—A lone Democrat taking over a major office employing more than 1,000 persons In an otherwise Republican- dominated statehouse ordinarily would be besieged by an army of job-seekers. ; But Edward J. Barrett, new secretary of state, says conditions are different now. With a wartime shortage in the capital, he's looking I for workers to help process a flood of 135,000 applications for automobile license plates. A good cider coctttail can be made ' by combining two cups of sweet apple cider and three cups of spark- illng water. Chill and serve. Information Please Let Us Know If You Can Find FINER FOODS ANYWHERE CHIU CON CARNE with beans, 1 lb. can 22c SEA VIEW PILCHARDS, in Tomato Sauce,^can 18c LARD, 25-Ib. can $4.35 M Golden Bake « • • • • • Special, 2 for lOV BISQUICK .. .00, 35c FRESH SABLE—FRESH OYSTERS CHEDDAR aiEESE, Nippy, lb. 38c SAUSAGE.. Pork Lb. 25c FRYER BROS. GROCERY & MARKET Phone 401 We Deliver Phone 401 Catsup 14-oz. Bottle Foljfcr's COFFEE, drip or reg. lb. S3c Butter Nnt COFFEE lb. 33c Chase & Sanborn COFFEE, drip or rcg. lb. 30c Gold Medal FLOUR, Kitchen Tested 10-!b. -..bag 52c Plllsbnry's Best FLOUR 10-lb. bag 52c Snnshine's Dainty Cheese Cracker CHEEZ-ITS pkg. 11c Nabisco Premium CRACKERS lb. box 19c Karo White SYRUP l '/2 -lb. btl. 15c Karo Dark SYRUP S-lb. jar 35c Annt Jemima Pancake FLOUR 3-lb. bag 33c Aunt Jemima Buckwheat FLOUR 20-oz. pkg. 17c Old Dutch CLEANSER _2 cans 15c Heinz Cream of Pc.-. SOUP 11-oz. can l.3c Kraft DINNER 7 '/2 -oz. pk. 10c Kraft Asst. Cheese SPREADS -5-cz. jar 18c Del Monte CATSUP .14-oz. btl. 20c Ildnt ChllU SAUCE-12 1/2 -cz. btL29c Snnmaid Seedless RAISINS 15-oz. pkg. 1.3c Swansdown Cake FLOUR -2f^lb. bo.x 2Sc Clabber Girl BAKING POWDER ..Oc Argo' Com STARCH ...Mb. pkg. 8c Country Club 90 Score BUTTER lb. 45c OUTPERFORMS COSTLIEST {SHORTSMIMCSIJ Korshny 's COCOA _S-?z. cart. 10c Swifts Bland LARD ____3-Ib. carl. 55c Good Luck MARGARINE 26c KrafJ's rark?y .MARGARINE —lb; 25c KeUosg** ALL BRAN 16-oz. pkg. 18c KeUogg's Com FLAKES -11-oz. p1^g. 8c Breakfast of Champions WHEATIES 8-oz. pkg. 11c Post TOASTIES 18-oz. pk(j. I2c Argo Gloss STARCH 1-lb. pkg. 8c Campbell's TOMATO SOUP 10-cz. can f)c Searchlight MATCHES .-.6-box cart. 29c Dux, Rinse:or 3UPER-SUDS -Ige. pkg. 23c Cheese DAISY Lb 39c LN'GHORN Lb 33c HAMBURGER lb. 23c Beef ROAST lb. 25c Round STEAK - lb. 38c Skinless WEINERJ^ lb. 33c e o Bulk t Fure Lurd ... KRAUT lb. 8c Pork HEARTS lb. 19c HAM lib. 48c Lb 22c Lb. 17c Fillets WHITING lb. 28c ROSEFISH -Ib.^lc SHRIMP lb. 37c V. S. No. 1 MAINE POTATOES 50 B?;. $2.19 FLORIDA JUICE ORANGES 8 I Lb. Mesh Bae MARSH SEEDLESS Crapefrsiit 10 "Bar" 44c Bed Kpc Sllcers Celery.... CARROTS -2 bnch. 17c Iceberg Head LETTUCE lb. 13c New POTATOES .._5 lb. 44c California Pascal' L. 23c iSc . Lb. RADISHES • bnch Gc Red Delicious APPLES __—2 lbs. 25c Califoi^a Sunkist ORANGES —5 lbs. 51c *GREEN Squar^ Meal No, 2 Can lOc Syrup Farmer Jones Waffle 5 Lbs 69c Coffee Folger's 1 Lb33c FROM PENNINGTON AND CUT-RATE MARKETS Seef Roasts Lb. 30c Pork Roast u 30c Lard . . . • Bulk -..2 Fo^r 35c Sausage . bPofk Lb. 30c Hamburger . . Pork Chops Celery, Lettuce, Mangoes, Grapes, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cabbage, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, Cauliflower, Parsnips, Spinach, Radishes, Onions. Fresh ^iL^ Ground Lb. AOC .End tCuts 34c Gold Medal Kitchen Tested FLOUR 50 ;Lb^. 25 Lb^. 10 Lbs.;. 5 Lbs. — $2.19 $1.13 57c 33c Peaches Apricots Mlix • • « Beans • . Flour . • K* IP* • • « Beans . . Apricots Blackberries • Peaches Dressing Dinner . Clorox . standard ^Atfl Q 0 Dried Lb. AJTC Fancy • Dried Lb. l|3V Ginger • Bi-ead Pkg. ib^V Large Navy 5 ^^g* Or Red > Lbs. A/*, Pancake Pantry Pride $ Lbs 19c Or Treet TiCgi 12-oz. Can Red ^ No. 2 For Chili Si Cans No. 21/0 Can *%tkm In Syrup ifcjrV Sn^........... 25c No. 21/2 Can '^fWi In Syrup - AjrV Or Spread 9il Jt Pint --- Kraft , 2 Pkg.--. 19C 1/0 Gallon 29c CORN LIPTON'S WHOLE GRAIN No. 2 Can Soup Mix 2 For 35c 3 For 25c SAVE 25c On the Purchase of a 50-Lb. Sack of Gold Medal Flour—Ask for Coupon Worth 25c Model & lola Cut-Rate

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