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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Tuesday, June 7, 1859
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XL THE DAiElTNEWS. rmuem * I.ATHKOP. j m BBi»p«t«i».... cm • ma,'oii ati.BO« etkcn, l>»ilj I'apcr,j'uUUteU every mornlnfrexcept Monflay Ti,.Weekly P»r*r, Mnndiy, Vednwliay ud FrMiy. *<-»lilj TKIHT, every Tne«a»j morning. r •• TBRMr! OIT J»AUY PJIPUL -"" -iij P«]KT for one year,rA»yat>]e1n»<)Tanc«....tT|00 TEKMBOFTKt-WlXKbtlPAPEK. TERMS nt TH E WEEKLY PA PIE, ; Weekly Paper for one year, payable In advance...' It AXES OF' AWVEII VISING IN DAIt-Y Ten lines, or lest, Of Vonpaml make a square. 1 square, 1 day. fl,00 ilo. S days, do. 8 d&v> ...: rio. 4 df^yt ... do. Sdave.... do. 1 w«-k do. 2»Bfl»... do. 8 f-'1it... 8,00 8,50 4,00 S.OO , 1 month...* 6,00 do. 2 months.. 10,00 do. 8 months.. 1S.OO do. 4monthi.. IS^OO 6 monthl.. 16,00 »moDth»... 20,00 1 year.... 80,00 .do. do. do. Rounds & Tangdon, AOVi:«TISIrVr. AGENTS. I 5% nanftolpli Street, or* a*Uhori*ed to re- ceiw Advertietmente /or thit and all tht Leading t'aprrs of the J^orUacest, and art the on.T and n • ci.DSiruLT authorised Apentt in the KarOnnaAfar a majority of them. mar4 IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. U. H POiIEJtOX, EDITOR. Tlcicnrnlocicnl liccord, for June 4,'59 kept hy C. II. OAUDINER streei. CO., DruRpl«t», 19Uprlng THKBMOKETCft S r. M. 5So a Br. •. 62 e » For Teldfraph and Commercial matter* xrr Fnvrtli Paot CIIKAF BOARD—Letiuce aud oraukwd wheat. A CHANCE TO MAKE MOKET.—8cc the reward off-rfd for s lost (.-male doc in oar advertising columns ibis morninc Jg^ The Deuoit & Milwankw R R. took another lot of 1.000 barrels of flour to-day, to go through to New Y.irk, at 45c. Roll them along, boys, roll them along. We like to see you £ ' -"" SKVEKTH WABD DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS -The democrats of the Seventh Ward will meet at Heineman's (formerij Besl'e) Bear HaU, on Ma-ket street, on Thursday, the 9th inst., belween the hours of 4 and 6 o'clock p.m., and nominate a candidate to he supported for Justice of the Peace, in the place of Albert Smith, resigned, at the special election next Saturday By order of Ward Committee. Common Council Proceeding*. Mil w»nkee,Jnne 4th; 1859 ) 1 1-3 o'olockiSp- m. j BOAKD Of COtr»OK,OM-r»P«CtAl H«*TI»O. Hi* bonor the Mayor in tne,*h»ir. Prevail— CouocilorBAuer^ Bowig -Bn»»6k, Heinemanu, Hajden, Jol»n»ton, XsniVnlieim- er, Lockwood, MoCo«Bick 1 °' : MoOr«th,Noyei tnd Vog»J. ' " AbspDt— Coueollors Hercer, Kro>>ger,'RDeck- Tesoh. New news depot fcoruor of Main and Wisconsin streets Latest papers kept constantly on hand. New York dailies in ad- vanoe of the mails. A choice selt-ction of stationary and new books. Please give us o call. WM E. TUNIS & Co. The Madison Argui and Democrat says "There was a very heavy frost last night through all this section of the State The fresh breeze of yesterday died away after sundown and a heavy dew fell The frost was very severe Jt cut down everything green except the more hardy tree*. The young com, beans, cucumber and melon vines, and all sorts of garden plants are bitten close off It :- a serious calamitv." RICHMOKD A.EB.OAD. — The K. Y pub. lishes an extract from our report of some random shoU made by Mr. Richmond a week ago last Sunday night and then adds the following ; " That parson is either very mad or over sensible. Be wi',1 hardly do for his age. progressive though he be— except with the ladies The reading of the minutes of last meeting were dispensed with. Sundry -accounts were presented anrl referred to the appropriate committees. Couocilor Buening presented a petition from Francis Uuebscbmann and others, asking that Seventh and Eighth streets and sidewalks, between Cedar and Tamarack streets, and Cedar street and sidewalks, in front of block 1166, in the Second Ward, bo graded to the established grade. •< ! Referred to the Street Commissioners of the Second Ward. The ch»ir presented the return of the Chief of Police for the month of Hay. ' . Ordered on Die. The chair presented a comumnieatlon from the Comptroller, in relation to two (out of four) notes issued by the city to Messrs. CUasu and Song, of BnSaAo, for dusks, &o., purchased from them for the pnblifl schools of the city, which matured on the first day of March, 1858. and now belong to Mr. Andrews, of Chicago, who expressed his willingness to receive treasury warrants in payment fur the same, amounting, with interest, exchange, &c , to Si, 326 14. Councilor Johnston offered the following . Resolved, The Board of Aldermen concurring, that the Mayor and Clerk be, and are hereby, authorized to draw a treasury warrant in favor of Mr. Andrews for $1 326 14. the same being in full for two notes, interest anrl exchange, given by the citv to \Vm. Chase & Sous, and that the Comptroller charge the same to the account of bills payable, and interest account. Which was adopted. „ The chair presented the bond of Mr. Moritz Von Baombach, City Treasurer, for the sum of one hundred thousand dollars, also a communication from the Cily Attorney elating that he had examined the said bond, and was of opinion that it was in conformity with the law and sufficient in law for th>- purpose intended. Councilor Noyes Amoved that the bond be accepted. Which was unanimously agreed to. The obair presented a report from the Superintendent of Bridges, of his disbursements for the month of May, amounting to $443 87, and stated that the Kinnekinnick bridge was repairing, and would probably be 6nUhed next week. Referred to the committee on bridges. The Chair presented tbe following communication from the City Attorney, to whom was referred the petition of the ward constables, asking to be employed and paid as policemen to act in their respective wards, to wit : Tu llu Mayor and Common Count i/ of t fit Oitg of Milwaukee QKNTLEMES: — I herewith return the petition ot the constables of tbe several wards, to be conditioned a part of the police force of tbe city. I see no Uyal objection to the passage of an ordinance by which tbe ward constables shall be assigned to police duty, provided the Common Council shall think proper to modify the present system so as to accomplish this object- The propriety or expediency of so changing tbe present police regulations as to afford the petitioners tbe relief thus asked, U a question solely for the Common Council. Plrjit, that as active members of the firu Derailment, they derive no advantage, from the law relieving firemen from paying taxes as they are sot holders of real estate. Secondly. That being members of the Fire Department tho. T are as well entitled to some exemption from taxation, as their wealthier brethrep. who are owners of real estate. Signed, T. HEINEHANN, ! FRANCIS HoCORMICR, be would be glad Councilor Johnston to bouefit tbe firemen who .were talooo keepers if il could he done, and moved that the repot* ha referred to the City Attorney for bis opinion whether the Council could legally exeinpt sa. loon keepers who were firemen fro n> paying license. Agreed to Councilor Johnston, from the sel>-ct oom- mittw of one from each Ward, who were directed by resolution to reconsider tbe contract ordinance and other documents relating to water works, reported that they had unanimously agreed to the following amendments to th>> said ordinance, viz.: To amend the last paragraph, 9th 4ine, by striking out 1871 aad inserting 1866. To amend section 4. 6tli line, by inserting the following word;,,, iue water rates of Chicago, Detroit and Cincinnati." Alco amend by reducing the schedule of rates oti page three, one half on frontage. Also amend said contract, ons half where it occufes on page 3, line 16, and insert in lien thereof the words one quarter. Also amend tbe said contract as follows:— That no tax or water rates shall U« levied until twenty-five miles of pipe are laid and the water let Into the same for distribution. Also amend the said cou tract as follow" • — The pipe to be made and purchased in the City of .Milwaukee or in the State, and BO far as may be pr&ctienUe, to be made from Wisconsin iiou, provid.-d the same shall stand the test required liy tbe contract with Ihe Hydraulic Company, and that it can be furnished as cheaply as from any oilier point The ordinance with the above amendments was read a first aud second time. On the motion of Councilor Johnson the rules were suspended, the ordinance was then read a third time and passed by the following vote. Ayes— 11 Noes 1 . tiw. NEWS MILWAUKEE, TUESDAf MORNING, JD^E 7. 1859. Nr.Mr.j-:!>' 'J , : Ayes—10. Noes— 1,. Councilor MtfCormick rating in th.e nega- Connoilor Lanbenhaimet offered the following : Keiolved, .This Boardxjf Aldermen concurring, that the dlty constable and cheif engineer of the fire <if pwtment be, and are hereby authorised to pnjronase afl» engine 'for engine Co. No. 8, as the; said Ce. has ho apparatus to do fire doty with at present. * Referred -to ll|e committee^ on ore department and the Chief Engineer. Councilor Noves called /rom the table an ordinance to amfend an ordinance to regulate ' hackney coaohesj cabs, draya and omnibuses, passed August 2^, 1856, and amended January 18, 1858, and no^ 1 amended by striking out of section oue, th«i words : ''And alsu on tba south sido of Mason, between East Water and Main streets." j Which waa read a third time and passed. Sundry hills reported correct by the res- pecilva committees, were allowed and referred to the Comptroller i R. B LYNCH, City Clerk THE MEETING or TOE RBCTOH'S FEIBNDS. — There was a meeting last evening of the friends of J Q Richmond, Rector, at St. Paul's Church. E. Irons was balled to the. chair, and L>r. Hatcbard was appointed Sec'y of the meetinq Tbe chairman stated that the frpt businega in order wag the nonsirloratlon of a proposition to retain Mr. Rir/hrnond. After reading the proposition, an in ' n was extended to any r I STRAWBCKBT AND lei CBK&H SALOOB.— Next Saturday from 2 1-2 p. m. till 11 p. m , a strawberry and Ice Cream Festival will be held at Young's Lecture Boom, above Young's Hall, Wisconsin street, for the benefit of the Free Protestant Episcopal Mission Church for Germane, which Rev. J. B Pedelope is building in the Sixth Ward Knoll's American Sax Horn Band will be in attendance Admission one dime STEAKKKS IK COKKECTION WITH MICHIGAN SorjTHKES R R.—The Michigan Southern line boats commence running between Cleveland apd Bofialo, on and after tbe 8th of Jane.— Passengers leaving Chicago on the morning ex press reach Cleveland in the evening, and connect with the splendid steamers Wes ern Metropolis and City ol Buffalo, reaching Buffalo next morning in time for tbe steamboat train on Hudson river for Sew Tork. For tickets and correct information, apply at the Union office, comer of East Water and Wig consin streets. City papers please copy. Mr. Richmond's Midsnmmer Day- Dream, or a little l>ook of the Vision of Shaw- mnt (Boston), is now ont. This remarkable prod net ion " gashed out July 16th," as a note at the end informs as, and therefore is really 4be work of it mtJ«umuicr'« day. It helped, no doubt, to incarcerate the author ; for he shows (here, by bis mtue, Troth, tbat the goodly city of Boston never was converted to Christianity —she still, like some cities not a hundred miles away, worships Mammon, Bacchus, Minerva, Tenng, and the rest. It will well repay an hour's attention, and is truly "a poem without measure."-'as we heard a gentleman of taste say. Senator Sumner said he wag astonished by the poetic elegance of this prose-poem. C. H. Herman : price 25 cenu. TMTIMOKIAL TO JUDGES PAJNE AND SMITH. —A.t the hour for the opening of the County Court to-day, Mr. Arnold took the Chair, and said the suggestion had been made in various quarters, that some action should be taken with reference to the retirement of Judge Patne, and the accession of Jndge Albert Smith to tbe bench. Mr. Emmons moved the appointment of a committee to draft resolutions, expressive ol tiie feelings of the bar, and the President appointed Messrs. Emmons, Coon, and Salomon to: constitute such committee. The committee, through its Chairman, Reported the following resolutions: ' .- Setolved, Tbat on the retirement of Hon. Byron Paine from the bench of this Conrt, we desire to tender him this testimony of thesat- .isfaotory'manner in-which he has 'discharged the dntie* of 1>U office, and of the kjind per ;»on»l relations existing between tbe member of the Bar and \imaelt. In the higher sphere of duty to which ht bag been elevated by the roue of the people as Associate Justice of tbe Bcpreme Court, may he do as well as he has • done, and better if he can. Betdlved, Tbat we welcome the new appoint'«d Judge of said Court, the Hon. Albert Smith, to his seat. In the bench, with confidance in bis iotegri^y and ability to faithfully discharge 4 tbe-dauei of bis office. ' ' ,- ; ' The Secretary was iostmoted to far&isli a copy oTlhV resolutions to Judge Paine, and to Jodg« Bmitb, and for publication in tbe daily wbeiij on motion, the meeting ad- Respectfully. H. L. PALMER. May 80, 1859 On tbe motion of Councilor Hayden, the report and petition was bud on the table. The Chair presented a report from the City Attorney, to whom was referred a memorial from John H. Tweedy and James 8. Brown asking tbe Common Council to pass an ordinance to vacate all proceedings in relation to the opening of Lake street in the Seventh Ward. The City Attorney after reviewing the proceedings, stated that he was of opinion that as the street was not legally laid oat, the certificates issued against the lots of the petitioners were void and should be cancelled. On the motion of Councilor Johnston, it was referred to the committee on judiciary. Tbe Chair presented a preamble in relation lo lots 16 and 17. block 187, Second Ward, purchased by the city August let, 1856, from James Kneeland and Alanson Lewis, subject to all taxes for that year, (which lots were after' wards sold by the Treasurer ior taxes ) Also the following resolution, adopted by tbe board of Aldermen on the 26th oi May, viz : Resolved, T.h« board ot Council' rs concurring, that ihe City Treasurer be directed to refund to the bolder of tbe certificates of sale of lots 16 and 17, in block 197, Second Ward, for city lazes of 1856, tbe amount, or fare of said certificates, with interest thereon at the rate of seven per ceiit. from date thereof, and when said certificates are delivered, to cancel tbe said lots for city tqpes of 1856 On the motion of Councilor Johnston, tbe preamble and resolution was referred to the Controller to examine in£o tbe matter and report tbereon. Councilor Vogel presented a communication from George Cogswell, in relation to a Street Commissioner'* certificate erroniously entered on tbe tax list against the E. half of lots 1 and 2, block 87, Third Ward, and also properly charged against lots 1 and 2, block 28. On the motion of Councilor Vogel, it was referred to the Treasurer *nd Controller, with directions to examine into the matter, %ad if they found tbe error was as represented, to make the proper correction in the oily books. ConnciJoT Heinemann presented tbe following report: Tbe committee on licenses, to wham was referred tbe petition of Jobn Sullivan and other saloon keepers in tbe city of Milwaukee; also a petition from Martin Stepban and others, and another from Caspar Hnpline and others, asking to bare tbe licenses for selling liquors charged on a graduated scale according to tbe location and tbe amount of business done, Beg leave to report that they bare bad the matter under consideration, and find after much examination that tbe city charter hag provided, "that licenses for dealing in or vending spirituous or fermented liquors, eiiall be thirty dollars per year." Tonr committee are therefore, of opinion that tbe Common Council have no power to take any aotion in tbe matter, and that the-amount to b« paid, or the mode of payment can only be altered by legls-' Councilor Heinetnaun voting in the negative. Councilor Lockwood from tbe committee on judiciary, reported back without action tbe estimate of August Miller for decking in front of Beach street in tbe 3d Ward, and moved itj reference to tbe local committee of that Ward. Agreed to. Councilor Lockwood offered the following Betolvcd, That tbe Mayor and Clerk I* and they are hereby authorized to issue city orders to tbe amount of fifty dollars to M. K-ogh, to apply on bis contract for repairing crossing in the Third Ward. Which^was adopted by a unanimous vote. Councilor Haydt-u presented a rvcommenda- tion from the Slrwt Commission.Ts of tbe 8th Ward for the grading of 5lh Aveune, from Elizabeth tn Scott street, and planking the sidewalks Also a like rvcomrrjenijfttion for Washington strpet and Bidew&lka, Irom 4th Avenue to the west line of Walkwr'a Po'nt addition in 6-.IJ Ward, and resolutiun^ approving of lh<- same. Which were adopted. Councilor Hayden offered the following Rtfoletd, By tbe Board of Conueilorf, the Board of Aldermen concurring, that tbe recommendations ot the Street Commissioners of tbe 8lh Ward to have the public square graded and fenced, and streets and sidewalks adjoining graded and sidewalks planked; the al>ove squire being in Walker's Addition, is hereby adopted, and said work ordered to be doo» according to law Adopted. councilor, from th« committee on Schools, presenU-d tbe following report To the Common Council Tbe joint committee on schools of tbe Common Council, to whom were referred sundry petitions from citizens of tbe Eighth and Ninth Wards, and several communications from the Superintendent of Public Schools in relation to new school houses for tbe Fifth. Eigth and Ninth Wards, beg leave respectfully, to report That they have had tbe matters referred to in said petitions and communications under careful advisement; they are satisfied tbe public interests demand the speedy erection of new school buildings in the, Eighth and Ninth Wards; that suitable and convenient sites for such school buildings. In tbe Fifth and Eighth Wards, have been purchased, and are now owned by the city, that eligible lots for the game purpose can be procured in the Ninth Ward, on favorable terms; that tbe prvsent season is an excellent one for building tbe school bouses required, as labor and materials are much cheaper now than they have been for some years past, or are likely Ut be for several years to come, therefore, your com millet submit the following resolutions : Kesolved, That the Comptroller be, and he is hereby authorized to advertize for proposals for two eligible and central lotf in the Ninth Ward, whereon to erect a suitable school building for said Ward. Retained, That the Comptroller be, and be is hereby authorized to advertize for proposals for erecting a school house for tbe Eighth Ward, upon the lots owned by the city, and according to tbe plans and specifications to be furnished by the Comptroller and the Super intendent of schools. Retained, That the Comptroller be, and be is hereby authorized to advertize for similar proposals for building a new school house in thei Fifth Ward, nppn the site owned by the city; the present school house and lot to be taken in part payment for the same Retolotd, That all snob proposals, received under the advertisements above authorized, one who miaht feel disposed to inak^ remarks, when Dr, Hatchard took UIH floor and spoke at some length, in defence of Mr Richmond. Ho concluded by offering a i evolution in favor of snstaiping the Rc-ctor, an.l censuring the "minor clergy 1 ' and others, for finding fault with Mr. Richmond, which was adopt ed Mr. Richmond then announced that he had made a proposition to the following effect: That the present vestry resign—a new one be elected with thrf understanding, that if opposed to retaining Mr Richmond, they shall notify Mr R within ten days and he shall. within a reasonable time thereafter, resign. E Q. Ryan, Esq., thun addressed the meet ing He stated that there was something wrong. The vestry acted indiscreet when Mr. Richmond left for the east last spring. Mr. Richmond has bis peculiarities, and he want- eJ to know what man or woman had not ? Tbe conduct of the ventry prftduced irritation. Mr. R fur one agreed with the Rector, aud ilesired that h« "houl.l have nonje relaxation au.l recreation He (Mr. R ) was j »»rJ MARINE RECORD. for I of Milwaukee. June 7. AKlti* HO. tan 4. Stmr Traveler, Sweeney, Chicago, IVO bbU hiph'lnrs, 194 empty beer half bbls, 531 pigt sundries, 93 pits. Stmr Oily of Cleveland, Sqnltn, Or ami Raven j W turn milt, 21 bmlfcaetts t-ai, 43 bbh toblcto; 1.' paa Stmr Cleveland, Donga I, Grand Bav. n- Prop Oitonigoo, Wllkinr, Colllngvotrl Prop Piu-borg, Beckirttb, CH|C»LO. Prop Cayahoga, Marrden, Chicago. Scbr Emma, Leigh, Manlsto-, 70 M lumber, SUM ! 4 uar- , tlmtier. Slmr Qntclle, Botllo, Two Hlver-, 100 ne'U turn, 69 At i do, 1334 bbl*»ondrles, 31 pkgs<lo. Prop Blichlfrau, llopkln*. Op<ieoshurg, 5s tutu raj*, 50 Bbls whlikey, 300 Joi rak, i Bchr Fred BUI, Fitzgerald, Buffalo, Si) tuna c al, 16n M lumber . Schr J 4 A Stronacb, Otto, Uaoi.tre, 9" M lumber Prop Ogontl, Hood, Chicago Prop Ulobe, Pratt, Kufftlo, SO tuns mJi, 83 cook itosei Sb:ll» btrdware, 85 bdl» ga« tubes. . Ju» 6. f chr M W BHgham, Hannen, Uaskr^on, 60 M lumber. 20 M iqaare timber, 29 M lath. Pchr Col. ghepard, Wilson, White Lair, K M lumber Bcrir Triumph, Leigh, Minister. ?cl.r Nonh Star, Ri>l>ert>, Two Rivtn.Tn M lumber, 150 M.shingles, 2 OOli c-t^Jar post* CI.EIIIFD. JrsK 4. Stmr City of Cleveland, Squieri, tjr»n<J Uiv-n, Tii*2 bbU Ilour. JOSE 5. Prup Ontonagon, Kllklua, i.'l ictC'> Prop Uuy.hoga, Marxlen, Bullalo. t'rop Plttaburg, i^eckwllh. Buffalo, bales rat?s. 8 kepi butter. Stmr Trsreler, 8we-nry, Chicago 3 tun: beer, 794 bus poiatoe-, 9 bbls 185 pkgs gan'lrles Prop OgoDU, Floo I, GrerD Bay, 7 bbls flour, i> bbls whiskey, 1 tior«?v 7 bbls sun.lri Stmr Gltrlle, BulUn, Two Rlreri, 6 tuns m Iz. _u t»t> flour, 16 bbls Jundr.ri. 6» pk in iu- .Ir -•i Schr Kmnia, Le gh, MuniM..*- Prop Michigan. llo;>kint, r CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. T HK'C 3«, 1 parcels r-f Ian. I NOT1CK. ClTT CotPTB'.LUK'H OrVIO, Com. a»t Di-partrornt, Ju-i.f I, 1 S5J. <' by rp< Inl.iin ».li|jtv.l of Milwaukee, puhhr uu to be absiteil, vii . i .i«u ..f ni. line at J7S lllf.cir. Lot t-ta. a y<l ai i IDt.iH •^ a .11.40 s K 1 4iiJ l:l « 4 v; o.i s K! ^ 15,47 », ZM H •*.:•.'14 -: 6 -J6 is U 1C IH;JI«I 11 In 'V20 6 4 J H 1.1 4l6.ii U U I.VI.M9S II II ".1-1,44 II In >.l-i,44 1 i 7 il'H 4-1 ( ihe f l to the 6th Wanl Blo.'k 41* 4-: 4'-' t: 4 1 -' I 1^ ill I'M.4: S SI.U M II 1. 1:1 11 i ivner lierrby •]ny< frii ihe >">'•>' ''TiArireil cur.tinn t AMUSEMENT-* v o i \ « ' * u .1 r L . DR, KANE'S ARCTIC VOYAGES i i N I . I ( i K VV (• r- K Tlim «t<Jay !•'. vein n^, .9 mir A t rv. t , ,„,, 4ii.-.'-«.. 1 . • . ,. „ -• * ,• „... I' •!. <•' I ''I II. ' M«. «' . -I • ' T I. r i 111 A R( FAILING 'i iI.M-i- i»,,n ., • W • lit l«.-,n,w „,.,) < ' V • > V A « , K l.'ll N' •' TU ' 1- •|TY Co«F .,UVr>ni"tit T HE roM,,«lru < I «'-h"lu.- I ! • i I.i - • IftD.I lh*t w.ll I " b^n^fitl'- I l»v fr 1.1 11: M : -r ,i . TJ JF> 01 M. Ml ^ ill III! II a. r J i A Htrunacri, UlUi. Man it. e. Schr flella, Birilh, T»o Kiv^r l*chr free Mnon BenMn, Or bbls whukey, 1 tun m^sl Prop Globe. PiMt. CMc»|T(i ?chr W W Britain. H»n»ei.. S«hr North 8Ur, Roberts, D. i. ?tmr Clevrland, Douifill, (jrn dVgnltart^-. Bv'hr Tr-urupb, LeijTh, , ill bl.h rlaur. , B«y, 14 hb B»y. - r •• * <"• ' v. Thooipson, \\KATUta -A vtrry fine ,Uj- ci>ol—a healthy br»cm; itin .s^ 1 THE ' .(.-.ran "ilh \\ I 11 FEE-J THE HUNuRY, 1 ' ill A ¥ i. t K- NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. i .A K( iK L>O< ; i or N i >. I "*«.•"." 1 limit I.i T NOTIC'L;. HE rentloc anil «»l« of Pewi lu ihtr :<um:n-rtiei 1 11 E. IJhurch, will be a leo-ietl to by Lhe *• .mmitt^.- on Tuesday, (to ila> .) from 2 to 4 oVuv:K P M ,-" 85 KKW A HI) \ hMALI. Black a new I'itb*r N l i L M I b&j her ear now growing old, but hrf did not hcsi- j tale to say. that in p<nDt of abilitv he lia.i • never met tbe equa.1 of thf K^-tor L' t such oireuiustanci-8 it wa* Jut to ihe Re.-, i tor that b»- should I** r>-rinittt-ii to ^i-abri-itd. i He exhorted tbern to regard the fecliugs of I the R-ctor in ihie n.alter, and uot tu dn-i kirn \ out Itic u d:y, after he haJ liuill Church aud euliUgrd lit bord-rs Tt So < o«. i.A: Of i:.>c;s.> AT THt Hl-.l'l HI .1C AN Hill l-: v fr, 'V l >«., j l > B; * o. .\ o..» . ! m "• ! 1 in th« of no Lwin^ m.i.l- l.j t fl."«.iiy wi Part), »nd it.^ I •• Hie prrpa-sli. t-v^nit.j: mny be ^ Ct.r:i[.:iD) 'r'\i \Vstrv he should ruuv»- thr apj.K commitU*^ to confer w'tlj the \'nr^l triL lative enaotmeot. Signed, . ' T.'HEINEMA.NN, FBA.NCIS McCOEMICK Wkicbi wa» aobepted and ordered on file. : Councilor Heinemtnn, from the tame com- mitlee, pwsented the following: ; The commlUee on lloensea, to wbom w»s referred tbe petition of Beraral firemen now dealing IB liquor*, rtktog to be exempted from paying license*, report lo favor bf granting the pr*7«r of tbe petitlonerifor tbe following reasons: . t Bhall be submitted to tbe Common Council for final action All which is respectfully submitted. B. O. HATDEN, F. HEINEMANN, JOHN LAUBENHEIMEE, Com. on Schools. Which report and resolutions were adopted Councillor Laabenheimer, from thu Street Commissioners of the Ninth Wards, to whom was referred tbe petition of Jacob Hammer and others, reported the lollowiag resolution Resolved, The Board of Aldermen concurring, that, Walnut street, from 7th to 20th st be ordered to be gravelled, the sidewalks planked and gutters paved. Adopted. Councilor Buening called from the table an ordinance to license and regulate steamboat, railroad and hotel runners. ' Councilor Aoer moved to fill tbe blank fix ing the penalty in tbe Bond with one hundred dollars- ,. Agreed to. Councilor Auer moved to fill the blank fixing the amount to be paid into the Treasury for the license at ten dollars. Councilor McCormiek moved to amend by filling the blank with twenty-five cents. The chair said that by the rules, theqnes- tion must, be taken on the larger sum first, and pu^heqnestiori on'filling the blank with' ten dollars.: . -, ' Which was carried. e remaining bttnks > were then filled u pa}r the Mayor two doilara fof graining and approving tbe Hoenee, and one dollar to tb Clirk for Igsoing, registering and namberin tbe game Ibe ordinance 'was then read a third tim 1 and paised by tbe following rote i Ht 1 i . -/ - ' i Wr have not U*-n able to ei r «** v ''n a .-v • i>f Mr. Kyan'is 8p«-oh. He j.pok^ »IL!J hUrtl .-.ini^J'tnHM'i, alul Iji.* remark- w^r- iOu of Mr. Rvan's rnu.irk.- wi- i-i'it:,-u nlj" Ml 1^ Kite* >\l t- . .* i t'-|.iien A U r Tas UEPARTLBS i.r iut LIUUI IJLAIUJ — >urin« the early, part of ye.-.t-rJav our »lr-»-td resent-d quite a military apfx-arance — IL».- Je- 'arture of tin- Li«ht ijuarJ on a vi«it t,i ih- astern c-itied which Las frt»quetitly l"**-n n\iu exi to in the DcWgpapnrs waa th^ ev^nt of lha ' ay. Th« Light Guard w^r* p^corted lo thn 'U-atn>rr Cleveland by the Washington Artil- t ery Co , the Millwaukw I'adpts, th>- l : niou ardif, th-* CitijiiDs' Corps, the MonUom^ry | Guards, tho Junt-au Guards, and lh- rear was irougbt np by the Lipht Guard, with their tnapsaoka, and , all accoutred fur the famous I N riru,-- • *r>l s-u' • *\tc , the »t-n»- -;H ,u*-<J fc- .-.-. tt'-l Ul«y, I Cl.All v*in,»* !-.r «•*(- nr-.i «.,, <i | fct -he f. St IJT • , tr.r i I -, ' V. » , . Urdu)', I In- ^3cl ilii) of July. P M ' tN»t <1»T. ,• .--' • • j ;*t»taic* f-nt'tlfi ••[ - • Gall and rt»jT, '.an I • v» • L .j »-I 1 Wflv- ,1-1. :: r>l «- FHlh WarJ -f u.- t O I M 1 1 * \ -i a r - , * rj 1 iher with •:) if •• r »•! I i I i »n-1 i» - -1 i UK.. W". [.mi PI'lTl ill'y ,-; on6. IUII MII: Kit STATK O*' Oir, u;t LVurl, M-yer it. ,jt*r, M r'armer •' I *r**.i mile and iell kt Pubiir AIJ..-I' n, it ir.' P>'i --rc^. itie Cllj nf Milwaukee, .r, Silt H rtl u ) . I lie I Ol day of >epieniber, MSK, »« '!"• ""•" . r M-, o( thai day. the f-j 1 ><r,n« .lescr;l-t;.l iii..ruaj premlles, i»r so [uurri ^^ere.^f «8 may b<- n^.-e-*^»rr ia.»e u-e amcuDt '- 1 ' *a.d jo.l^m«nl, Intrrrst and • >^ i- ir^Oier wnh the f ip* i.f tftU, to wit. •-The j>oulti twenty ^2^11 feet uf lot nuraber oin- L9], lu bi.(cli number «iny fuur t <*4j, in fie Sev.Lt*i[7jW»ri|,nf ihe Cily i' \lll« iuk c^. n UieCKiiniy i.r »lllwtukr« ami ! wn," D»te.l Sherifl > ilffi,-, M.i»ijkr«. June 6, : -f W LtTI BCBBI LL. Pl'ffl Alt'; A J ladies and families. The Guard marched on board, followed by the Comet Band, and the Cleveland soou moved off in fine, style, A parting salute was given by the Washington Artillery, which was replied to by ' HAHBT BIHOHAM'S Young tbeiowofthe steamer They then eailed down tha river amid a thousand cheers, hnzzas ' and " tigers " from tbe men, and the waving of handkerchiefs from the ladies. 1IVTTEK. WOULD call the' Rttenllon of Famtltn to my lelec- tlorjl of BUTT'EK. 1 am dally receiving by Expresa, choice loU of Bolter from Iho bett Dalrl J In the Stale, which (or quality and flavor U uniariaued. Price! alirayt lo corrri- pood with the "market ratei," aad quality warranted. Order* toilctted md lent to all ptrta of the city free. i JOHN W. LEOVABD, . Grocer aid Wloe Dealer, ^161 But Water itreet. A LOOBOL 88 per ct. at Manufwinre'a price. A. fee* i QAHEINOTON. -JUSTICJIE DOOKKTS. M ANTJf AOTTJEED eipreitly for that purpose, k oui 6rflnt<(a»lli| piper. ""-" " it* NOTICE. fllHX regular moathly mertlnj of tteSt. Qeorn'i A Society, ifUl bi held *l 8 o'clock, Janei3lll, at Mr. Brook'i Slo41o. ^.'general attjnrJauce.U reqaetted. HI \t!L A MlSS^^.T* R. K I'M , ^ * " Milwaukee. Ju e ti, Wy \ "* y fiv^n.t. h »t tli- tl.-e'l or nr^anut 'mpany. la in Ihe uflic- nT the 5erre- ' ^ -ary of thu Comp .ny, .n the City ol Snlwatikee, reaily t f ']" N OTICE m herfb it m of ihi» I'c Accompanjing the proct-i?*- on wag Capt. Lrtaritt « American t'orn 1 Band who alao go to New York), and two or thrra itlwr Binds | N unui> , lr> , ,,,. r , ult ., b , , lu , Uni , n , r ,,,,,, The following are the named of thos* who 1 ,nti c., u ri. i. -,:.- »!,.,>- e^i,iie.i a.-i >u, take tbe trip : Cormniisioned Officers. —(]apt John C Starkweather | Lieutenants—n«right W K-yns, A. | R Chapin, Oeo B. BinRh»m. i fion-f'vmmiftioned ttjftcm —S^rgeauts-- (j. ' £ Binjfham, C. P. Hewitt, John C.iioodnch, j L..T. Sirhols , Corporal W. H Slarki-Mth-r, Corporals and Coms'y^W S. Eliot, I'.irpor- als—C P. Allen.; W H. Holland Private*. —Hnfae King, E. L'H. Gardu>-r, T. D. Jerraaln, C C. Meservpy, C. H. Ht-rtcan, Duncan C Read, Edw'd VOSH. A. StreeU-r. E. [i Persons, C. V. Bond, (.' Alhearn, T H. iobayler, H. Mj Carr, Wnj. H Inniro. r, t (.'_ HolchkUs, J. Campbell, M. Newbre, H Morrow, H. P. Sobnyler, M. U. Townsend, J J. Gurbcr, E. Mariin, E. W. Carpentur, C P. Foote, C. H. Townaend, W Siblej, Harry Blngbam, E. Warnei. S. Baboook". J. W. Grain, 0 C. Mansfield, G. K. Kimball, D. H Lane, F West. Sta/. — Qov's Aids—Col. J. Ladue, D. McDonald ; Corn's General—Gun. V. Roth , Colonels—J. B. Ketlogg, C. D Fiuoh ; .Surgeon General—SurgeOn J G. Gardner , Baud— Twenty membeis led by Leavitt ; Baggage Masters—J. Trefrt, R. Diefendorf; Servant- John Brown. Honorary if&ilker». —Herman L Page, Mayor ; Andrew J. Langworthy, Sheriff; Herman Soliwarting, Ei-City Treaaari-r , R. B Lynch, City Clerk ; H. L." Palrmer. Cily Attorney , John L. Davis, li B. Van Cott , J. Lathrop, ~~ H. Eriston, Chief Engineer Maj. -n John L. Hathaway. At 12 M. they: left for the boat escorted by the aforementioned companies. Their march was almost an ovation, for »verywhers tbe citizens lined th« streets, and crowded dp to bid tbem a good-buy and a pleasant trip. On their arrival at the boat, about two thousand people had congregated to gee them off, Including a large number of carriages, containing i K N . \ i • \,y the , oy l>d exeeul*-<1 t*j holdrrs of t>"0>fs >n>;ipea of th- LaCri.99- A Mi.wi,)•.-*• Ri tinder foreclosure of whi h this Company u id peraooa holding «uch tiond* who bav« n executed ibe aame are notified to >)u 10 -n p^ Attorney duly»-.riie>l Notice Is also given, th»l ihe Secret iry A ihis Com- a.oy will tflfue certi6c*i*s of th? %tock of ihi§ Oomprt- ny 10 the holders of tach b<>n<la upon mrrrendrr there- ff, in punuance of liie pro?islon. of th*; drvd u( or- faniiattoD. NotlC; is nlfo Riven, thai the Board nf D'rrrrtTri ^ ' Oil* Company bu mad« &u *s««»smt?rit c.n the »t<ict %t he rale of OQQ per cent, for tt.e i urpoje of p«ymt{ the :t peases of foreclof IDA the laid mortgage- Hid o ur f^nUlogtbta Company, payable on or before ihr> t' r?t lay of July next, to ihe rrea^urer of this Company, »t bt« otnce in the City of Milwiukee, P»»' R H 1 T».-*. 'M hi .!-.< 1 , th- E -nor* ,,r je7-Hltl To amen W. KKYKS. Secret.ry AN OHDrNANCE an Ordm*nve entitled " An ordinance to S ECTION 1. Section one " AD Ordinance to »nn>n amend an Ordinance ent>tled An Or liQince to retru- j ( laU* Harkney Coaches, Cabs, Dray* nod UmnibuastfS, . passed Auffuat 29, H56," and passed Jannary Hth, 1858. Th* Major and Common Oounc^l of the City of Mil- i t&ukee, do ordain aa lollops ne of An Orilioance entitled j id an Ordinance emitted *n Ordinance to regulate llactney Coach***, Cabs, Drays and OmnJbusso, pxr-ietl Aa.ust 29 Isid," an i paa<ted Jaoaary 18, A. D. 1868, ia hereby amendnl by str'kuu oat of 8&U1 ectloo one the foilowlog words, to vtt — ' An 1 also on the aouth aide of Mason ttreet, tn;twe Q East Water and Idaln ftreeta." See. 3. The provisions of an; Ordln mce conflicting with thr provl»too» of this O diuaoce, »re hetvby f«- pealed. OTH K is \\ + - -'>v lu lt)r • - "'- v ''" fl tr-rra yf .|*i<.-'- * .'ii.I .n i 6f. 'lay T A [ r i. Infic. \ r , tht*n t-iiMi by ih- r-surn-.' J.tnf, A D 1*W. ' Th- PI-us if -i^.- n * Vrfdcr^k H."n.'ninnn . 1 -H the S^v-nlh W\ril, *i 'J •' rn*n tin*:! *tir,.l t*n Milwaukee, June ^. ' <" 3. Fused June 4th, R. B- LnrcH, City Clerk HRRMAN L PAGE, Mayor NOTICJK. I S hereby given that 0. 0. Murray baa withdrawn from tbe flnn of Murray, Prior *''o., harlog nold all hli right and Interest In said Orm t., Wl Ham M. Klmball. 0.0 MORRAY. The baa In en will hereafter b« conducted under the ityleoCPrior, Harbtck A Co., who wllliettle allaccoanfs of Marraj, Prior A Oo. tjl Thur««l»r, J^iur «h. 1 • . » • -r p.. . •,_• .. iinrint.-"he.l purlieus f i^.-yr. 'n:,.: ' r,,_. •..,•, Thl t] Wa^.l. nn'l rei-^irtui: **n! *il-v v^-n . .-.-«ir, r -i-,lu K L'H n MtiilN Ml. • i in, • -i LANDS AND WATEH POWERS, 49O,OOO \1 Ui,> OF , Choice Farming and Pino Laud>, IN \VI>( «l»l M EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, jeo A. P. PRIOR, J. P. UARBICK, WM. M. K1UBALL. J^ Landd ta ihat Statt-. are n->w DiTer...! F o H s A . , r : Bt IBB | Fox and Wisconsin Improvement. Co.. At Low Prices, on L.l>.'ral T-nnan( Creil i. an.l n large or tmall qualities to ,mi purch^.n^r* 1HK KAUMINO l,ANl>iS. OtimprlatDi; the iltiTerent i-jrtetlea of Oi^.n^inn<, ( Prilrle anil Uar I W.ID.I' well »u- -.1 i, y 8|>r1njrs au«l uever-fatlinK Bruotts, and tr- n ifv-- >- ,n tv of gonil marttets. •mi': I'lM-; i. \M>S \ ( ' H 1 N K \V sS K< <> T 1 U. ! N XS, « v '.INKS, Are eJtremtly valuable, b*i nt .oc.ite,! >u the trry hrut of the Pine R.-|{lon of \VNonniui. an I< n u clioaen with particular rrrferent-L 1 tu th- .|Uiiirv >r -he t,rabt»r and th« vicinity of locj;lni( streaitn. WA'I'KK f'OWKHS. The attention of Eastern Canlfili't* > n»w nvitetl to the Water Powers -jwneU >»y thia Uomp^uy HUM* Mill Pr'.vllenel are ailunte.l Jlrectely *lon< 9 1^ he Canal which unites the Mississippi <rt<h th • ' Lake*, w that joo.|« miy b' jhippml ny uetmnoat ||- rectlyto an fro.n the Ullls. e-se Powers win h- lei.-.l i.,r ;. term .f »«.ir-. be desired for farthnr Tofnroiatlon, enquire n KOBKBT Aseal of Trustees, or HANlbL l.' JKNNE, General Ag.-nt, at the offlc* of the L.U..I !>-v, ,t ton, Wia.. or of w^Y, Company's .\grat. 19 Wtmousiu ot ,llil.. Wit. II >ORS ROMPS, to store, far «ile. LAyTON 4 PLANKINTON -* f\f\ BDLfl MES3 BKEV, la ivore. for salr. iUU »ag!3 UlTfOB. i P1AKINTOM. R K A T the 1n^l »re, Jowelry Wrt««rtii*M, silver W < KANC: Y tf< >ODS •ivor hr.uiirht to !»filw»uker. Just 'h«» thtntf for Uoil , ., i,t- r r«.--i,^,i ^erv cti«?**p f •«• -a«h. •'** l ' r UAFSON * LOO-UI3, dt»cl3 'iUl Ewt Water itreet, «HwauKt.*e 1 W\§. i--»^

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