Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1941 · Page 9
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1941
Page 9
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, October 24, 194i DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Pag* NJft* piBMBvmSw@Blimw»MeMB'm**MM*mi Trading Territory PAID CtKCVtATION 8,585 Adverti*eT--t<«rjre « Small j Oofs Into The?* Rock Falls City and Community, News Central Section Industrial Business and Agricultural Interests of Whiteaide County EVERT WEIK »AY SOCK FALU HIT PA1S> 2,113 Including carrier, mail, throweffi and-sale tn surrounding villages south of Rock River Every AdvertLwr—Large or Small —Goes Into 8,585 Homen F*!K MIIWIr*tm«, Lawirt. Gr-r*. N*» B««f»*e. Muilta* Erf*. Lyj!*«, Gait, O*BW. R««M f5ro?e and Nelson Honor Service Men At Methodist Club Thursday Night Sgt. Hubert Stout Gives Interesting Talk on War Games Forty members and 30 «rue.«.ts attended the Men's rhih supper meeting In the Rock Falls Methodist church 'Thursday evening, which honored the service men In the community who are home on furlough. I SRt Hubert Stout gave a very lucid «nd detailed account of the war games In Louisiana and Arkansas The men were enthusiastic in appreciation of the fine picture 8ft. Stout gave of the action that took place. Hi* story contained many amusing * incidents of army life which were hilarious, also his definition of peeps. Jeeps and creeps, the three modes of getting places on wheels In the army. In addition to Bgt Stout two other i service men present, Pvt. Kenneth Klmball and Bgt. Lynn Boze. both gave short statement* of their positions and the particular kind of work they are doing In the army. The remainder of the program was of a musical nature. Fred Casner > directed a group of young musicians from the grade school baud In a abort concert of marches. A welcome to Rev. James R. TJhllnger tipon his return to the church for another year was made an Interesting ceremony. 1 Supper was served by the ABC \«roup of the Woman's Society of Christian Service, with the Hal- lowe'en idea in decorating. Some wry flne hybrid corn from the farm --'ef Lloyd Myers' father was a part •v ef the decorative scheme. P President A. E. Deem presided over the business period, in which the club decided to change the meetings to th« second Thursday In the •month. The club pledged $50 to the church budget. * The entire prospect of the club 9 lor the year Is encouraging. CHURCH SERVICES Bible •ehool at t:48 t. m, follow- by Lord'* Supper and preaching cordial welcome for alL Harry E. •differ, pastor. ..• METBODfflfT '! Rev. James fc 4JUm|«. minister 'Church school clastes and youth church meet st 10 s. m. Morning worship at 10:». TWIN CITY OOSPKL at S:SO a. ».: Leroy Oowtn. super tatendent. atonnnc worship. 10:46 Young people's meettnc. 6:15. Eve Biof service, 7:90. LTJTHEBAK —Twentieth Sunday after Trinity Divine worship with Holy Com •union st 10:90. Sunday school a t:90. Announcements for the week Adult confirmation group meets JRoddsy evening st s. Men's Broth •rhood Tuesday evening st ». Bun day school teschen meeting Wednes slay eventnsrat~t;—Seuioi Utolr re beanal Thursday evening at 8. Ju Bfc>r choir and junior confirmation class Saturday afternoon at 1:30 Wilhelm Streng, pastor. OOrtaRBOATIONAL Rev. LeRoy Harris Fielding, min liter. Beretn class picnic suppe •unday: Church school, 9:45 •ennon for morning, "This On Thing I Do." Chlldren'sjtory^Tfes DtsooverylBinr>ssri:" Pllgrts* Ptl Op, -fi.'9ft p. sa. Prsnaes^ Anlo be snnounosd. Chili supper fsi- towing. All boy* interested in Boy invited la saaet jn enure, st • p. sa. Ntv. 4, esimvsn in stock PaUs chive* MOSCOW'S .Emmons Iniereitin 3 ^^ Thursday af Itie South For Acting Defense Chairman in City Proclamation Issued By Mayor Feiglcy Of Rock Falls Mofttmorency Bureau Mrs. Harry Butler \vas hostess to the SoMih Mi»r.t:r.r»rency Home Bureau unit. Thursday afternoon, when the following victors were also present: Mrs. Herbert Plautz. Mrs. Ray Srott. Mrs. Alice Eller, Mrs. Laura King. Mrs Ausitft Heurlln and Mrs Clarence Ga'ilrapp. Mrs. John Dierz had charge of the business session, when reports were given by Mrs Butler on recreation day at Am boy. by Mrs. Frank. Simpson on the membership drive', and by Football Field in Excellent Shape For Game Tonight Reserve Contest !s Forfeited by Polo To Rock Falls The staff? Is all set for the football game tonlEht between Rock Clifford Moyfield And His Financee Are Honored at Shower 1 Collections of Garbage Cut Down To Once Pei'Week Garbage collections In Rock Fnlls will be, only once ft \vrek. Marline Nov. 1. according to a statement by Lloyd Emmons ha* been acting deferu* chairman of Rock, _ ...,. .... Fall*, according to * proclamation Mrs. John Larson on a recent, meet- ; rails and Polo on the Rock _ issued by Mayor 8. H. Peigley. Mr. m* held at Morrison on "What the leld. suminR at 7.45 o'clock. There H j nr i fn!i _ Mr. Rrit \ ^PS. Albert Hof- wlll be only one game. Polo hav- mmeTi Clvde Hanks. MLM Verna Gen. Gregory K. Zhukov. who replace* Marshal Semeon Tlmo- ahenko a* supreme commander of RusMan armies on their western front. Emmons Is to select other members of his committee, and supervise the activities of the council. The proclamation follows: "Whereas, the President of the United States, by executive order signed May 20. 1941. created the of- floe of Civilian Defense In the office, for emergency management, and "Whereas, conforming to the above, the Illinois State Council of Defense has been formed, with Governor Dwlght H. Green chairman, Murray M. Baker, vice chairman, and Lt. Oov. Hugh W. Crow secre- ordinance No A340. tary. -Whereas, Club Will Arrange Transportation for Band to Rochelle A special nieetlng of the Band Parents club will be held next Monday evening to arange transportation for the members of the Rock Palls schools' band snd majorettes to the Rochelle game on Priday evening of next week. Rochelle high brought its band to Rock Palls last >-ear, and so insists that Rock Falls bring its band and majorettes to Rochelle this year. Included will be 00 members of the band and 12 majorettes. Persons who have auto* and are willing to provide transportation for one or more members are asked to get In touch with Pred Casner, director. City of Rock Falls, 111., was passed Monday. Oct. 20. 1M1. creating R municipal defense council, prescribing Its duties and declaring an emergency, said council to be composed of the mayor as chslnnan, and such other persons, not exceeding eleven in number, ac may be required. The mayor shall designate one member as vice chairman, who shall be coordinator. "I hereby appoint Lloyd Emmons coordinator and acting chairman of the City of Rock Falls Council of Defense. Said Uoyd Emmons shall select and supervise all members of said Council of Defense." Well-Dre.wd Woman Wears." Mrs. Larson stated that any color or fabric Is perfectly all right, but urged her listeners to wear their clothes well. Plans were made for members and their families, and guests, to be held at the town hall the middle of November. Mrs. Glenn Nelson gave the major lesson on 'Nursing in the Home," in which she demonstrated the use of several instruments used in a sick room. She also explained the benefit of a patient's chart. The minor lesson on "Home-Made Christmas Gifts' was presented by Mrs. Larson Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess. The November meeting will be with Mrs. Clifford Hasselman. ne forfeited the reserve contest. stem mnd Fert )inand Conrad. With the ideal weather today, the ield is In excellent condition for the ri . r i c eame. although the track where tlCCT rroriK jWOnSOD spectators often stand muddy this morning. more than ample space Is provided iiore man nmi'ic KIJBCC is jnutiuru- t- 11 L • /*• by the high bank on the south side. reilOWShlp VlTOUp and the bleachers and other stand- ng sjwce on the north. Bosketball Practice Started This Week Coach Lloyd Hinders started basketball practice this week in the Rock Falls junior high school, with a very large group of boys reporting. Included are three returning major letter winners of last year: snd R. Spencer. numerous minor Bogott, Onken. There are also award winners; The team as a whole it coming along very well, and this should prove to be another great year for the future high school starj,. __ --Released from Service Pvt Clarence Aper has been rt- leaatd from Camp Welters, Tex., because of the age limit, and has returned to tn* home of his mother, linu Oeorg* Aper of Route 1, RoeJc Falls. He states that he is glad to •et hem*, but that he had a good time and enjoyed his work. He had fine officers, and received good treatment. ' Three Cheer Leaders Thrte chgcrHadtfiThaVt tMN?n a>- lected by the Rock Falls junior high school, out of 12 that tried out earlier this month. Those chosen are: Norma Marple, leader, Delorts Ru&Mll, tod Vema Bchelbarger. CABBAGE COLLECTIONS After Oct. 11, garbage collections _.. each week in all the wards. Hat* your garbage out not later than 1 o'clock In the mornlof. _IL garbage It not out, it will net be collected «tll 4h* mart Friday. TH« first ODllr<tton ua*»r the new rule win he FrMty, NW, 1. Aabfg and cans will be ptofced up •art Hart, — Tw-Oil Cowfortrr— > A woolen cosafsrter was tied off by th* Rock falls WSSMB'S React Corps todies Thursday wbsa tasy Bwt all day .with a Blank hsachssa.| Itoe comforter was put together and e)anaUd by Miss • Mlteaenttoaa _ ty. airs. Winifred Kanl. and DM sewing the dsjf Rott Fall*, httf Phone 111 1 JrlN F RE E Grease Job (*• A-l EVERY CHANGE OF OIL Offer Good the t of this Mont* Ima* sJrttUsfe *l this »••• eekr mmt a*s fa« **« Brilliant Pratt Product* AaUi-Frnis* Sertict Stitiei BC BOCC PAU4 John McKtnno Given Discharge from Army John E. McKenna returned to his home in Rock Palls Thursday from Camp Belvoir, Va.. where he received an honorable discharge on Wednesday. He was stationed with To. A, Pourth Engineer Training Bat- ballon, E. R, T. C.. and had. been in the service approximately four months. He had undergone an operation to his back before going into the service, snd the carrying of a pack brought back his former trouble. As a result, be was to the hospital from Aug. It to Oct. 13, when he wss pronounced cured. However, his term of service wss terminated. Dramatic Club Sets Date for First Play At the meeting of the Dramatic club of the Rock Palls Township high school Thursday In Mlas Jance Wilson's room, plans were discussed for the club dance. Announcement was made that Prancis Anderson will have charge of the play, 'Our Town," and that the time for tryouts had beeu.set for Oct. 30. Marian Griffith. Glenn Schutt, and Jean Hand gave reports on cards and posters, stage lighting, etc. A meet- ng of the old dramatic club members will be held Priday evening to plan for the initiation of the new members. The club Is also furnishing the clowns for the parade Saturday. Rebekoh Luncheon Thursday Afternoon Officers of ttw J. R. Montague Rebekah lodge in Rock Palls gave s dissert luncheon snd card party Thursday afternoon In the Odd Pel- lows hall. Mrs. Gladys DieU. noble grand and Mrs. Either Dodd, vice grand, were the eochairmen. In pinochle Mrs. Belle Calllghan won first prise and Mrs. Xdns Lester took ***^««if *Vm prise. The bunco sward went to Mrs. Blanche Clifton Gives Book Review Rev. James R Uhlinger, pastor of the Rock Palls Methodist church, reviewed the bntA "TheJKeys of the Kingdom" by A. J. Cronin st the Dixon Woman's club Wednesday afternoon. Rotary Club Will Entertain Soldiers The Rock Palls Rotary club will entertain as its guests any service men home on furlough who come to the regular meeting at 6:15 p. m Monday at Daniels, No other invitation is necessary. This action by the club is in line with the goodwill gesture of the organizations of the ! Mr ar.rt Mr* George MayfS'ld of RocX raii« entertained with a show- •r r*r?y Thursday evening for the -former's brother. Clifford Mayfield •and his fjan'ee. Miss Esther Stern. .They will be married In November. Games of fifty were played. forJBprt Hart, street superintendent. At which prizes -went to Mis* Maryj the present time., garbage collections Mrs Clyde Hanks snd Art ; are made on Tuesday and Friday of Fo-.ripr Refreshment* wrra served jrach wwk. while after Nov. l, col- ar q'iar'.et table-; -which w«e dec- lections will be made only on Frl- nra'eri in bnrie-to-be's rolor.v blueltlavs. and •ahi'.c The couple was presented! Ashes and cans, however, will be *;iii a lo\ely Rift. picked up every 1 day of the week. Others present were Mr. and Mrs.; except on Fridays. Until this past Delbm Platitz. Mr. and Mrs. Lester; winter, ashes were collected only during the spring and summer, from piles that had congregated in back yards of Rock Falls resident*. Under the new plan, no ashes arc left to accumulate about the yards. However, the garbage must be out by 7 o'clock of each morning, strained and wrapped. In the past, the department has been called back on streets by persons who did not have their garbage out when the truck went by. Under the present Fsl!s Methodist nsrrnnnge. They nre the parent* of Mrs. .James R. L'hllrscer. Miss Marian Thompson, who nt- ttnds Autrustana collece. Is home for ' ,1 wrrkentl visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson of Rock Falls. was still n . . , . . . However President of Men s Frank Swanson was elected presi- •sttsvz jrsrjw; r£ r^SS n «,u a^ntv..* ,ir.i^,v,. in H. ii,» ol lnc noes mils vx>nKregB.uonw o add another victory to its list church at the meeting Friday eve^ ht :, *™^'.^ n ^*Z r^ at^he church: when 2i men many upsets In football, and the were present. Ellswotrh Wolf was breaks of the game may esMly| cnosen vice prM i dent , Rnd Earl changethe result. All of the Players Lutvens ^ret^ry ind treasurer, appeared to good condition this ^ Glcnn Poh , showed co]mtA morning, tlthough Lane was «bsenti movleR 0{ lhe Yellowstone. Black HllLv Bad Land/, and other places from school. With no reserve game this eve- of lnttrest , n the wt wnlle nlng, Jt Is possible that some of the! wu , >rd prcBen ted movies of Camp rescn-e players will see consider- ^^^ Wilson Hlng spoke of the able acliop if the score warrants.; B^ g^ movement, and the group There will be only one more home; dlscusscd sponsoring a troop, si- game this season, that with Oregon, though no action In two weeks, so local fa&s should I A n *>v*t*r *imn* ax-all themselves of the o to see the team in action tonight, taken. I An oyster aupper was enjoyed af- rtunlty ^r^ard by the group. Youth Class Hears Rev. W. M. P. Jerrett Enjoying Trip East Mr. and Kirs. Charles Willet snd son of Dlxon, formerly of Rock Pslls, are enjoying a' two weeks' motor trip through the east. They left on fist* Rev. W. M. P. Jerrett of J«ck-! U rday of last week, and stopped st son. Mich., spoke to the youth class M t. Vernon. Va, the middle of the during the devotional period in the Rock Pslls Methodist church Thursday evening. The president, ML&s Ethel Whsley, was in charge of the devotions. The class decided to meet on the first and third Thursdays in the church for study, devotions and social activity. Mrs. James Kelsey is adviser to the group. Twenty were present st last night's meeting. Residence Changes Raymond Crandall has moved from 40*. 1-2 /Seventh avenue, Rock Pslls, snd Vlrden Albus has moved into a Pee house on East Twelfth street. HALDEMAN MOTOR CO STER-LING ILLINOIS BBB3BBJBJ '40 Chevrolet coupe, radio and heater. Like new. '37 Chrysler 6 2-door, looks and run* food. arrangement, garbage that not out when th« truck goes by will not be collected until the following week. One truck snd crew has been assigned by the city with only the duty of collecting garbage, ashes. snd cans. Rock Falls Ls one of the few cities to offer such complete service to its cltUen*. »nd It U only possible because of the additional revenue received by the city from Its electricity. The tax rat* for city purposes Is one of the lowest for any city the size of Rock Falls. Rock Falls Briefs Rev. and Mrs. W. M. P. Jerrett of Jackson, Mich., will leave Saturday morning for Chicago en route home after spending the week in the Rock '37 Plymouth Z - door, radio and heater. WAMari LAWriKI Practice tn aU Oourt*. '37 Chevrolet coupe, radio and heater. '37 Ford 2-door, radio and heater. •36 Ford 8 -door, one owner, heater. '35 Pontiac 84- doon new tires. Priced right. •35 Pontlae « 2-deon •34 Pontiac 8 t-door. '36 Chevrolet coupe,' •3« Chevreiet t- Many other can la the •r cUss tocl««lag H*eM A AT INI B. rOCBTB •TBIR community men. towards / the service -Hostes*aM>inner- Mrs. Amy Parthing of Rock Palls entertained with a chicken dinner Thursday noon. Mrs. Mrytle Spake and Mrs. Eva Beasley of Como and Mrs. Bertha Poulter of Rock Palls. In the evening Mrs. Poulter was hostess to the same group for t waffle supper in her home and they enjoyed cards. Fender Damoged The right front fender of the car owned by John McKenna of Rock Palls was dnmaged in an accident Friday morning, when the auto crashed with -a- truck-^rixenJ»y-XJ. M. Oeer, as the latter began to back away from the curb on West Second street. Reck Palls. Ticket for Speeding metres Norton of jtock_PlsU8 has been giving a ticket for speeding, by the Rock Palls police. 1—W. C. AUis-Chalmers. Reconditioned with power lift cultivator. , 1—22-3« tractor. 1—15-30 tractpr-^SO.OQ. '. 1—6-ft. McCormick-Deering combine. __ _ _ ; 2—John Deere tractor plows. 2—Used mowers. SPECIAL I—New X-rew MeCenatok.Dear- Cen Pkfcer v Your Overcoat Needs a New Hat! Stetson's provide the proper color, the proper shape and that quality that is seldom found in other hats. Wt*r.tM UsifFaE $5 *£.so § BRADLEY^ OM rOUf O1D BATTiHY • mnrnlngs wh^nynur mater |p hard to start, you need the extra power that only a Firestone Extra Power Battery fives you. Don't wait until your present battery foes dead. Trade it in today! We will give you up to $4.00 as a trade-in allowance oil your old battery. Put a Firestone Extra Power Battery in your car today! JRADE YOUR WORN BATTERY TODAY! WORN SPARK M.U0S WASTE OASOLINI SPARKPLUGS CUANIP, Mth NEW If ARK PLUGS, in tttt, each ' AUC TTATT¥IIT JVhyududhanots with your old, worn battery! You can §tt •t an •••tingjy lowpeicex SAVi on r«¥t •are*?M TIMS Why drive on unsafe tiro ...why when you «e« add u» to 4M s}| the »iler«eori^na? '**** your tiresjst very low aeett— and at the saaae tune eav* rubber iar National Defame — by fuetiaf Fireetoae New-Treads OB f0ur tire*. Station 222 Etit Third Phone 427 E. Howe . ^ss«-'

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