Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on January 2, 1936 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1936
Page 4
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^*h£'V*»Hri*v v.it*v, • JAMI.IABY2.1986- Christmas Dinner The Wilsons celebrated then H T Wilson. The was spent in playing bridge and visiting. The Blowing were present: Wilson, Mildred, Maur- Wilson, ^^ r ° snsanTd wS! hosts, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. wu son. Christmas Morning the Play of bridge. Gerald Potts nd MtosMildred Walker were mm. Misses Margaret . Ruby Dahlberg, Helen^ Wurster, Moon. vipp oi L»iu»»i'" la *" ••• at the church on Christmas morning Rev. Thompson read a few verses of scripture be- be- He al- • Mildred Walker and Br'icker. The group ' E. Social Union At Holben Home The asss Social Union of the bers were present and the pro- Sam consisted of contests and f Tft exchange. Refreshments Star Events .,-,_ t,.-. He en joyed a week's vacation. and Mr. and Mrs. Jae , who resided on the farm. Funeral services were _held cemetery his •ame w ui»u" *»""• -- euj<j.yt« ^ teaVes his devoted wife, six ^ and Mrs. Ray Hewitt and children, his father and moth- L hildren enjoyed Christmas day -.five brothers and three sis- other relati ves in Creston, 3 to mourn his departure; * m and Mrs. Lloyd Den- also a host of friends. and Mrs. Lloyd Den hart and children. n . and Mrs : Oa CampbeU Lenox Timetable LENOX, IOWA VERLIN L. SWEELEY Y ---Y E. SWEELE* Publishers .„ guests Campbell - aid Green, accompanied by MM while some of the musical numbers were being given, thus mak- tal a continuous Christmas Sogram of music and worship, program dec _ ing nSeVieTwai used for decoration. The following musical numbers were given: Prelude, Miss Winifrede Rog- CrS 0 Come All Ye Faithful, choir. Until the Dawn, Solo, Mrs. ir- Bricker. Miscellaneous Shower For Miss Gladys Reed Mrs. Ola Abbitt entertained with a miscellaneous shower for basket filled high with g«ts which was watched over by a miniature bride dressed m white and holding a pmk parasol over the Rift basket. 8 and contests were en- Clyde Miller, Mrs. on, Mrs. land O. .' N ight, duet, Mrs. Wyant and Mrs. Huff. O Little Town of Bethlehem, Came Upon the Midnight a Manger, solo, Mary Lou Long. Holy City, solo, Mrs. Bricker. __ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ Angels Sing, choir. « , . joy to the World, choir, postlude, Miss Rogers. Benediction, Rev. Thompson. Entertained at Oyster Supper Those who were present at an & *.t*." a gift exchange. . were served by the hostesses. Bridge Party at Pennebaker Home Dr and Mrs. E. E. C^'S'SS^ Ks^si.'s? ^awarded to Mrs. Jennie ?reston and O. E. Bricker. Ee- freshments were served by the hostess. Christmas Day Guests At Dr. Sluss Home Dr and Mrs. M. J. Sluss and her mother, Mrs. Mary Leck- llter had as their Christmas day guests, Mr. and Mrs. K. U. Par ker and Jimmie. Christmas Luncheon At Huff Home Mrs K R. Huff was hostess 1VAA»J« * , A. 1_ n sang a There." Pallbearers were old neigh- and Will Johns. fcllClw YV^* « Mr Horton, Ed Lourde, Calkins, Robert Berg, Frame, L. H. Andrews School began Monda .[ onm ^ Grat Shepherd is Beall's room for a he wo a r b d Se wa e s received Friday bylSym . Tcrew of the death of Will Bill Scan dlen, who lives on the Beall of Mt. Ayr, father of Miss old Jack M cFee farm lost .^ eir Addie Beall, our first and sec- nouse by fire last Friday night ond grade teacher in the Clear- Th ent ertained at a Christona gi*u _ mi _ ^ Qtvw of | d _^ er ^ the w H j^jj were Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Entered as second class matte& March 2, 1904, at the post- of rice in Lenox, Iowa, under the act of Congress of wtarch 3, 1879. ^5»^SS &?«^^saR£ MoffetTand aughter rae fieW school. The sympathy of dinner a . . the entire community is extend- L^ were Mr and Mrs Alvm ed to Miss Beall, and the en- h and children, Mr, and arl Leach, Mr. and Mrs. tire family. re . H T . . Dr C J. Swan, Mary and LOIS, Haro j d Leach of Omana. Mrs.' Mabel Mac Rae, Mr and ^ m& Hugh oiipson Mrs. Gene Baxter, Mr. ana M«. i * d childr en were visiting . Fred Hrshaw, Kenneth.Baxter Qlenwood) Thursday. will resume her ' school work as teacher in the high school. Mr and Mrs. Edwin Mogck of international Falls, Minn., are spending their Christmas vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berg. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Seibert of Minburn, Iowa, are spending their vacation with his parents, Mr and Mrs. Walter Seibert. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Anderson of Des Moines spent Christmas her sister, Mrs. Clyde PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Eev. L. T. Knotter, pastor Sunday School, 10 a.m. Church, 11 a.m. M. E. CHURCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship, 11:00 a.m. A * ^^» - „ Qfir T Yin I VJ* CJL1 " l -' w *•*» — i QUIllAclj UVA*W*J •*« • — — Mr. and Mrs. J. R. ~ rew * , The prairie Star Aid Society Morn ] n g Worship, 11:00 Ivan Crew attended the lunerd families went in and Epw orth League, 6:30 p.m. of Mr. Beall at the Rhoades fun- ana tneu w . Evening Service, 7:30 p.: eral home in Mt. Ayr, Sunday gJPJ^ t Thursday night. An 7:00 Christian Endeavor OI 1V11. Deal* cvu » eral home in Mt. Ayr, Sunday af Mr n0 a°n n d Mrs. J. R. Crew and Ivan Crew had charge of Mr. Beall's funeral at the Rhoades funeral home, Sunday after- oyster stew was the main feature. They are moving <>™ v soon. noon. with Kith and Mrs. Nellie Reeves and Mrs. Ethel Bayles both o Cromwell; Mrs. Frank Keith of Prescott; Miss Genevieve Webb h J.V11JS. «.. •"•• " .. Saturday afternoon to the Christmas pot luck luncheon of Aulora Mclntyre Missionary so- , T~r ~n rtV»n Y*P r"l ciety of the of V? Barrnns, U. P. church. W AUA* -- — — Cooper and family. Rev. and Mrs. W. C. Henn and daughter Marian went to Wm- terset Wednesday, to spend Christmas with her parents, rietv 01 wic vr. - • - oiin^"" 1 "" .. Twenty-two members were pres- p d Mrs . Ro y Tally. STjJd « guest, -m^n- ?*™.J?™?™£ neth Hoover and Mi,,. O. L. CJarinda.^M^and John Jackson and daughter Leota and Miss Lela Trowbridge attended the funeral of Mr. Beall in Mt. Ayr, Sunday af Mr n0 a°nd Mrs. Lee Yaw spent Christmas with Lee's sister and family, Mrs. Delbert Burch near enton. . Mrs. Martha Livingston went o St Joseph, Mo. last Tuesday o spend the Christmas season /ith her daughter, Mable. 'SCOIV, iviuo I^OA.-.-- iici/ii *-—•-- , . f;nr\wav. NOW Market; Misses Ruth, Copeland . I Grace and family of ^°™, r^Tnd Mae Kiltav, Miss Edith |° £ he Christmas gift exchange . R mond Grace of Monroe, .1™ ™ ss Loleta BoltinK-Lnri visiting was the diversion h and Mr . and Mrs L E Hill 1 itil-3, IVJ-J.'-" ' i «.*,*.'•'-- •-- hom* and Miss Le Ota Dror- i { the afternoon. iivj .!•. ~ i ^ j mi OCT. 1 ^^ Chapter FW, P. E. O. Christmas Party evening, Dec. 2 Bessie Wilson, * ron Butler and Mrs. By- Mr. and and the honored _ Miss Gladys Reed. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess. Guests at Bryant Home Ch Mr ti" 5S. Will Bryant had as their Christmas day dinner guests, their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. way nick of Des Moines, another, daughter, Mrs. R. V. Miller and children, Ray and Barbara Ann Mien., an" Mr. and Mrs. L. E Lyddon and daughters had a family dinner at the W. J. Grace home last Thursday evening. E O. McCreight received word that his nephew, Paul Me The Christmas party ol cnay- that his nephew, raui «~ tPr FW P E. O., was held at the Creight o f Clarinda had died a home of Mrs- P™ Ridgeway ! hig home last Monday. He ha Thursday evening with twenty, monia and only lived a few members present. A pot luck \ v He leav es his wife an 1 ml— n V^VJ~\_ I , ,1 t l_i— wil T»«V*T O ElVllI «. Tupper was served. The pro IV^AAi | Mr and Mrs. Leland Campbell and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Campbell, enjoyed a Christmas dinner Sunday in Lenox at the Gus Olson home. Helen Hewitt visited a while Monday evening with Phyllis Campbell. James and Virginia Hewitt visited Monday evening with Hiley children. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shawler and Vina Lee visited Sunday at the W. H. Leach home. Charlie Hewitt has been suf ipWOil/ll uco,B"^> «•«- t Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. Christian Endeavor UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOTES Eev. W. A. Thompson Sabbath School, 10:00 a. m. reaching, 11 a. m.; 8 p. m. /1M1 uei uo.«&* ' - „„„„* PVinrlip Hewitt HOS Deeu ouj. c^«s s Sr--i- - - j. E. Jeanes and family, Watterson. Mrs. Frank Green is on the sick list, taking sick on Christmas day. , Miss Evelyn Jeanes spent her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jeanes at Wat- near hands the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Oral Moore an lUftfflf jj-.* SL1 ---Hl' i -fte $K& 1YL1. ttiiu. AVAA ••*• *-'- —son, Mr. and Mrs. Will Nixo and children, spent Christma with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Miller and John Nixon. terson. his parents, and a upper was serve. - ch, s , Sam of the evening was the host of other relatives to mourn et- Mrs. B. O. o exchange. The next meet- Excusing". A iic AH-<" — nis paoaiiAs. *>*** «-— January 9, will be at the McCre ight, Dwain, Floy and Ray of Mrs. Roland Walter. at tended the funeral m Clarinda, Thursday. Mrs. Mary Harvey has return- rson. . Eelatives to the number of about thirty gathered at the Archie DeWeese home Chlrast- mas day for a family dinner. A general good time was had. Little Duane Wahl ^ scarlet fever and he Rev. John Barlow of London was arrested on complaint of two girls' who charged that he had hugged them in a darken- Thursday, January 2 The Priscilla Circle of the M. E. Church will have a sack lunch at the church this afternoon. Friday, January 3 The Royal Neighbor Camp have postponed their meeting from this evening until the third Friday evening ( January L7. Note change of date. Monday, January 6 The regular meeting of the i t_ m l» A T-t rtl r\ has and the his ed movie. As an' illustration of how times change it may be recalled that only about 25 years afo Mrs. dred, son, Mr. and Mrs. and Janet, Mrs. Richmond, Mo., and their Daughter O f Former , Mrs. mai* "«*.-, -----., Lawrence Bryant, student Lenox Residcnts Married l ed f rom Akron, Iowa, and ^wm Lee's Summitt, Mot, announce Ada McFarland has also return- i Dinner Guests At ! the'marriage of their daughter, | ed from an extended stay m ~Rune< Tohnson Home lora Lee, to Ivan Howard, whose Omaha . R P ' SS and Mrs. Hugh Wyant, °^ ents ' reslde at Nevada, Mo. Mrs . sina smith was a dinner - ' ---' Glen- iT ^ e we dding took place Decem- guest at the F. P. Steward home o-nARt.s - _ -.--.. ««/•! T\flVc T-Tnwa.rcl <^u«infi'*-ir»c rlnv_ and IVll'S. ouii) *'** - . Rune Mr flinci MIS. nu&n YYJ i parents resiuc <*•» m*i**~*~> - - AVUO. kjni«. KJA*»*«-- — and Janet, Mrs. Mabel ^ Miss ' Jua nita Wyant and Glen- h we dding took place Decem- guest at the p. P. Steward Misses Laura and Doris nupt., wu^ ^^ were dinner guests ber 7> Mr _ and Mrs. Howard! Qn Christmas day, and „«.-i Tn wine T-TllGilGS. . -r_«^, Tr-»Vii-i or»r» . . I.T ;.. i^ n <ni i-i in T^n TI— . -. • _ <—«..~«4- im-i c o snnn-fi] and James Hughes. Christmas Day Dinner Guests At Charlie Cheese Home rlon vviii'Gr wGic uiinit' 4 - to M.^«— per 7 IVIL. CLIJAA j.vj.iw. —-- •• — Q^ ^iiiiouiii",«j ^^^ i — of Mr and Mrs. Less Johnson win make tne ir home in Kan- Alice Grant was a supper guest and Mr. and Mrs. Tip Lucaa.l city> where he is connected ftt Uie Steward home Sunday evening. Relief Corps _ daughter and fam-1 ™™»™"*—~; s was hostess itXlllliJ , ^"-^ • Cheese and sons Ray and Hal. Christmas Day Guests At Lewis Home Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Lewis and CH.l>*^AA*vjv>*i. «•»«' members were present. i sas uiitf, wi>v-j.v, ..- — | with a bank. Mrs. Howard is a granddaughter of Geo. S. Beach I of Lenox. Clearfield Events Obituary—J. W. Horton John William Horton was B ift 'ShK and a pot b^ in Buffalo, New was a gut excnange aim * ^ &nd assed . luck dinner was served. j^^ ^ mlle east of clear . b UilC kD UG W t**- v* *-— Mrs. Alice Lyddon had as dm- u er guests on Christmas, Mr and Mrs. Harry Rood of nuarrantined. mother, Mrs. Alvie Spicer came yesterday to be with her daughter and little granson. Mi. Wahl is staying at the F. f. Steward home. t Mr and Mrs. Ralph Jarvis of Maryville, Mo., spent Christinas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Jarvis and his sister, Mrs Bert Lyddon and family. Sunday night after church the choir of the Christian 'Patrick Campbell, the English * "tress, was to desist from smoking the Hotel JL u.c l C&U.ACVJ. ***w~- & — Past Matrons club will be held today at the home of Mrs. Mary Sweeley at the regular hour, 2:30. The social committee will have charge of the refreshments. Plaza in New York . And in those days girls were put on brazen list if they lifted a shQe tops whlle crossing a muddy street Taking his first shower aftei new bathroom fixtures were m- _ _. i • w%nvi W£l MSS-EfeM-- of ,!£) dlivi »J«»»D This was appreciated Phyllis and Robert. McMath '" Christmas Day , J_Jl. VV i»J n.**w her mother, Mrs. L. E. Barker, mnncrGucste had as their Christmas day j Dmuo guests guests, Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Bar--Mi. M J Tl nome une mu- v,,..~- -field December 20, 1935, at the age of 75 years, 3 months and an 8 pound boy, I Dec. 27. The little chap has When a lad of 11 years, he haci as uitu ^^^^^ ~~* Ti Jones W ere wne« * '"" "* — ; - • . guests, Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Bar-j Mi. and Mis. up d with his • pamits to Ac- nett, daughters Marjorle andJMr anj Mi 8 - ^f Hee Muntyi near c mwell , Virginia and son Bob of Omaha, jf^J 1 ^uSe Miss Car- Iowa, where he grew to man- Mrs. Barnett is a sister of Mrs. t B^ • ^ Qf gharpsburg, hood. At H. C. Killion Home Christmas Day all of land Dr. Francis Burgess Bethany, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Fergu- • ' dinner -on )UU. . He was united in marriage to Miss Carrie May Sunningham, Several children Dwlght ™ 0 ™\™l n ™T P ^-\ Btoer McKinley marriage at the United Pies ^ ^ byterian parsonage las Satui p ^ born at Tingley, Iowa day evening, Dec. 22, at a o . & departe clock. They were accompanied August W^iBJ ^ ^ ^ by the groom's brother and wife,|tnis me, _^^.^ ^ . ^__ ^^ ^ Mr and Mrs. Harry Morey. The bride is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Me- 6 days. OU »JUj j.w«| -•- life, Dec. 29, 1935, at hi in Clearfield, Iowa, at th f 39 years, 4 months an GuS S on y chrLstmas day at son entertained at entertained the following guests 1 at a Christmas dinner: Mr. and June, were 1880. born to them, Grace City. Lucas-Johnson Wedding Mrs. J. D. Mcllravy and son Woddine Mrs - J> u ' MC1U1AV * *" m ™" Miss Loleta Johnson, daugh- Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Mc- terrf Mr and Mrs. Les John- Ilravy, Mr. and Mrs. Chan Meson and Mi Tip Lucas, son of Ilravy and Miss Willa Piatt, all fi0 nage in MarvviUe Me.and *«• Kent _ P . ame very active in all church \VC1C w*-»i** ~- - • Schroder of Barrington, 111.; Harry Horton of Bothe, Canada; Bess Fisher of Gardner, Mont.; Clyde Horton of Conway; Madge Reynard of Van Wert; Floyd Horton of Blockton; and Guy Horton of Diagonal; fourteen grandchildren, and four great- grandchildren, and two sisters, Mrs. Mary Crawford of Creston, and Mrs. J. M. Williams of Des Moines, other relatives and a host of friends, survive. At the age of 54 he united an early age ~- ..into the Methodist churc Iowa. u me a B e of 16 years, he wit parents, moved to Clearnel was hot cold llt^V Mt*>*-tailed, a Michigan man urious when he found ater coming from the vatei- pipe. His rage against he plumber subsided when he ound that his house was on fire °The late Lord Northcliffe, famed British publisher, did not think so much of people whose conduct seemed always perfect He said: "I don't want men around me who are not capable of making damn fools of themselves once in a while. It is only bv such capers that they learn J . . , i. _ ..^rtTNr -fil^fSl y suc to appreciate the really finer s and business Dependable Service AT Moore's ALWAYS Send your laundry to us and see how dependable the service really is! Every bundle washed individually—fine linens given expert handling. 'Moore's Laundry Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Bill Dey Ermand, Agent Telephone 96 Ciearueia m^u o^^uu*, --, been a successful teacher in the at rural schools for several years. JU^Tof ^n. iS T^^F- =^ -~=** Ifthe son of f. ^Morey and yeai, o^ his Me.^ ^ ^ is a successful farme^ *j£ was an active member of I on highway!the American Legion for several 25 - this' On November 15, 1924, he was (married to Leona Christy of 1 Lenox, Iowa, and to this union Mr. and Mr! Carl Huckey and I were born seven children,^!, son Ferrin, left Friday after- wishes are extended couple. , noon for their home in Hemingford, Nebr., after spending a wer Dwight, Evelyn, Leroy, Maxme, Fern, and one who died in infancy ige in Maryville, Mo., and *»r. ana «ua. ««« ««£"«" was performed by Rev. Wickizer, daughter Darleen of Kent, mtateter of the Christian Mrs. Bessie Wilson entertain church The bride's dress was ed the following guests on VVV-Cffc «*U Vi*« •*-.Freh Dowell and family, and TIC V He leaves to mourn'his death, jusiuiu, «HMX., »* — -*-- - __ i eaves to mourn nis uco.««. week at the home of her uncle Jf™,f devoted wife and six TT,.,,,^ n/Miroii onH familv. and oesiaei iu* "^ , children, his Mr. and d in his ear iy I p w Dowell ana Carl Huckey i ChrLuS lite was appointed as went to D «f^? w ^£5J SS , i „* tv,« /.vinrnVi nnd turnine the same evemue,) [L i-OlJiCli* ***.l> ?»fc«« "l~f trustee of the church and turning WCAV ltVAA'***jJtti***^'** ~ti -"• Juanita Wyant and Glenndoni— — ~°"~' Walter. The young couple will Byron Butler and yvatvv-4.. ., w , . TV/Ti-ca Ti'rprt *. sme SS|5f,= s -£: Miss Louise Dowelljtei of Clearfield^ana^ pearl tat were intrusted w ma «»«=. i «.«* w«."i to sp< iRouin ana unauj^. *« . ^•^•^as^sis-c" 3£ SIU^S^-^^^^BS^J-J-- s-*, J^V-TSU f?^ 6 ™^ rL^vf™ daughters, Dorotha and Mil- 4 y S-».u ! p^:— fe £ . anT - ,& - t-hp vicimtv ol Lenox ana v^icai-i «4.io. *vo.^« . ,,_*n nieces ana nepnew» *«*"• « — ffeld He was conscientious in set spent from Tuesday until ri ^£™^* es aiid friends, all his dealings with his fellow Sunday with her parents, Mr. ^ servlce5 we re J^eld * _ «„ ,,,0= o unri and lov- and Mrs. L. H. Andrews. ™^v,r,rHKt nViurch. Tuesd . i area, KIT. anu J.VM.O. .i-iano. «*«.-1"« — , , , i j jjrj.0 T jj Anarews. MUton BridiT^ Hany, Genevieve and^athleer,.men. aj^wj.J^^,^. P ^Ler inland Died »=n Bricker was ^J^^^ SSfeH^^S » SF^sua^wss feS^"^^^ L^ home y to help h^n cele- gilte^^«^^»^h^£S» ^ -yl to 'w,,^ ^^ m f^ brate bis birthday. _ ^J'^^S 8 '™ ^ rit «^ vears ago. while they were liv-\uot been well for some w*a :caange oi UIUJ»WMI*» i ****>* fvwvw •» ** I gifts, Mrs. Bruington returned I will miss him. ^S^^JiiR^^-^-l'r-^ Pallbearers were ex-ser-| Interment was madf i UNLIMITED N the field of general practice, the osteopathic nhys dan phU a very particular part, car- Tnrac\ically every condition that presents to the general practitioner, which includ- aiority of those conditions that do not a m f :«*iv tn one of the specialties. It in- v%AifYrio* ^ljl^lv•'*J ' ^»*»*^ ^* » 11 des the sufferer from chronic diseases, the iniured and those afflicted with some acute condition or infection that js not purely surgical or that does not obviously demand hospitalization. In the acute infections, his field is unlimited, He treats, with usually rapid response, such conditions as pneumonia, diptheria, scarlet fever, measles, whooping cough; and his treatment of the parasitic disorders such as malaria, tapeworm, etc., is equally effective. In fact, osteopathic physicians treat any and all disorders known to man. Dr. M. J. Sluss OSTFnPATttTr< DdT7oi<"i*»^T OF«CE „ raYSICUN IQWA

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