The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 7, 1916 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1916
Page 4
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TUESDAY, NOV. 7,1916. I K. C. STREET CAR MEN GET 7 PER CEXT RAISE. Kansas City, Mo., Nov 7. Motor. men and conductors employed by the Kansas City Railway Company, will get an increase in pay, November 16, .of approximately 7 per cent, the company announced today A Pie Supper and program will be given at Coor Campbell school, 7 1-2-miles southeast of Chillicothe, on Thursday, Nov 9. 6-4 R u t h Gill, teacher. a Constitution want Ad. When There's Sickness If .there skould be sickness in your home where would you have your prescriptions put up? Perhaps you've been so fortunate in not having sickness that you're unable to ans-wer such a question. . "We are quite sure you would appreciate the fine service at our store and our prescription department is a special f e a t u r e . It Is equipped with everything lor the skilful m a n i p u l a t i o n of physi_ cians' recipes and only experienced prescription druggists have anything to do "yrttb. the compounding here. We would, like your business. Clark's Pharmacy THE REXALL, STORE anssotnu SOCIETY AND CLUBS * The Study Club will meet Wednesday as follows: XIX club with Mrs. R. W. Strehlow, 1014 Vine; Soroiis with' Mrs. Steve. Hawkins 436 E l m ; C u l t u r e Club with Mrs. K. S. Piatt, St. Locust. M r s _ Bertram Clark entertained the Monday club yesterday in 'her apartments at the New Leeper. Mrs. Jesse Barclay was presented with the favor -- two souvenir decks 01 cards. The next meeting will be will be with 'Miss Knapp The King's daughters held their reg ular meeting at the home of 'Miss Rensch. A f t e r the business hour the f o l l o w i n g members were elected for the coming year: Mrs. J. P. Sailor, leader; Mrs. leader; Miss Mary - Stafford, Emma Rensch vice. tary and Mrs. E. E. Johnson treasurer. It was decided they hold their annual bazaar November 23, at the i home of Mrs. E. E. Johnson_ The Wesleyan Bible Students met ^lonclay a f t e r n o o n at the home of Mrs. Bolander. Miss Holdridge led in prayer. The h y m n "Sun Of My Soul" was sung and the biography of [the author, John Keble, was given. liMra. Palm, the leader, opened the ·Jcsson with a talk on the "Study of the Bible/' Miss Barrett, Mrs'. Meek, Mrs^ Harper, Mrs. Burch, 'Mrs. Beazell. Mrs. Scruby, Mrs. Da-rr and tVIrs. Green assisted in giving the lesson. Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Cady, Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. John Andrews \were guests. The next meeting will toe with Mrs. Kester. Mrs_ Tanner will be the leader. HARD WEAR 3. P. S. Interior Floor Paint for wood and cement is manufactured especially to withstand hard wear boot nails are harder than paint materials, it will not stariS indefinitely, but it will outwear ordinary floor paints. IIt is quick-drying, with a tough and elastic gloss that is extremely slow-wearing. ' MIXON'S DRXJG STORE West Side Square G. B. Sherman, Pwscriptionlst LIVE STOCK MARKET. Produce Market. Furnished by Henderson Son Produce Co., 801 Locust street, Chll- C. 8. G. SQUAD WILL MEET DEAFAND DUMBS KAS. TJSAM WILL, HJ2HE SATURDAY'. The Mutes Are Regarded as the Slyest Football Players in the Near Conference. A football game of unusual im. - ..mce will be staged on the C. B. C. Athletic Field next Saturday afternoon when the Beat and Dumb team from Olathe, Kas., school will meet the local Chillicothe Business College squad_ An average football player, after hearing the signals of his opponents tor a quarter and noting the plays that followed is usually acquainted to some extent w i t h his opponents signals a f t e r the first half of play. This will be impossible, however at this game as the Mutes' signals are all called by hand. Never a word nor a signal heard by them However, in t h i s respect, the locals will te at a disadvantage as the Mutes are taught in their big school, at Olathe to read lip movements. THEATRICAL. Unbelievably perfect is the best description of the photographic work in .the Parllas-Paramount.photoplay, "The. American Beauty'.' at the Majestic tonight. The triple exposures perfectly maniplated by the cinemato. graph is carried not in one or two 'Short scenes, but through a series of .scenes of Jong duration. Photography; of the finest has always .been the reputation of ParrSs Pictures/ The scenes where Myrtle Stedman, the star plays two characters 'at the same time are so startling that they surpass all description. Pan°. ' icky thoughts of eyesight gone w r o n g ' 'are liable .to flit across the conscious- 1 ness of -the beholder. · "Fair and Warmer. .-. Selwyn Company will preset. vlFair and Warmer," the farce by Av/- ery Hop-wood, which, was famous all prer the country one half of its year- run at the Eltlng Theatre, New York, was completed, at the Majestic thea-| tre on Wednesday, November 8th. | "See 'Fair and Warmer' when it gets here," was the admonition o5 every New York visitor as soon as he reached Ms 'home town. Its success measured in terms of dollars and They will have opportunity of study- cents was unpr e ce(1 ented in New York .ing the local team s signals from the, Jts theatre- was so filled to overflow ' ' lip movement while 'Magill's machine will solving the finger movements of their opponents. All. differences with the referee will -have to he taken up by an interpret, ei. Because of their extremely difficult signals, the Mutes have developed one of the slyest teams in the west. Their fake plays have been the greatest (ground gainers during the past few ,;weeks and they will have to use their every effort to defeat the strong bus- -iness college team. The largest crowd of the present ifootball season is expected and M a n - ager Lail of the Athletic Department . , at every prfprmance that ,,,,,.,,,,, ?I°i L ^ aV( L! 0m ! l ffl;U . U r _ m , 5t was f o u r months old, it had bettered the brilliant record of "Within the iLaw." Avery Hopwood has- never written anything s o incessantly amusing, so Adriot, so -witty ,or so sympathetic, as this tale of two innocents who tried to yevenge themselres on two giddy mar. riage partners. , Selwyn Company have selected an admirable cast of farceurs for its local I presentation. 10 AUTOMOBILE FREE. licothe, Mo.: has arranged to comfortably Hens 13c; springs 15c, cocks,] care of everyone. 8c, ducks lOc, geese lOc turkeys 2 0 , ] , . |tggs 28c, 'butter fat 34. BOM.ES ROGERS. Dealers in Hides, Tallow, 'Wool, Furs, Beeswax and Feathers. ISalt Cured Hides, flat No. 23, and No. 22 21% Partly Cured Hides 2iy 2 j Green Hides 20 % j Bulls and Glues 17c 1 Deacons $1.50 t o $2.00| i t y o£ w j nn ,i n g sixteen luxurious mo- Skunks 25c to 50c Horse Hides Nos. 1 and 2, full mane and tail $6.50 Pony Hides 3.00 No. 1 Tallow 9c out in its heroism, and in its martyrdom, the · -uerable characteristics of the patriot That came spirit is as manifest today, as it son -red and fifty yean ago. The call to arms s has sounded, has proven that 2428. reme Court--"Div. 1-- K t litlttf 3; Johnson 2421 vwl11 Court Appeals--'Bland 2419 .Second ' 2 3 4 4 . -Sixth Judicial Circuit ; Davis 2922. e -- Kissick 2461. Court When New Courthouse 1 Thursday. F. K Thompson died at his on South Washington street W Dis Alexander^!.. day morning at 9 monia and heart trouble. estern Dis.--McCar- eral will be held'froai'the Elin, church Thursday' ttorney--Ashby 2613 noon at 2 : 3 0 o'clock,' Revs. and Rixey conducting the 2363: Bowen 210S Interment will be In- Edgewbo Thirteen days ago Judge was taken ill. His condition considered of a serious natu weeks ago Sunday when SCENE To the People: -Through the columns of this paper we wish to announce the extension ·and amplification, of the good work take j Gastro-Intestinal disease's, and to add there to the disease of The Re- FAIBV113W. Miss Shields of near Hale is visit. ng Mr. and Mrs. Shields and family of this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. I. O. Dye and family of this v i c i n i t y motored to Chillicothe Sunday. George Shields spent Thursday evening in Avalon Mr and Mrs. W. S. Bishop and family, G e r t r u d e and Edith Siders Sundayed with Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gidden and family. A number of the young folks of this vicinity attended the Cheer-up and temperance lecture in Avalon ST. LOUIS WOMAX, 5H, AND SON, li, \VALIv :UiO M11.I3S, Mountain Home, Ark., Nov. 7 _ -Mrs. Martha Wooward, 56 years old, and her 14. -year old son, arrived today afoot from St_ Louis. The trip of 3'60 miles required eighteen days, including two days of rest. Mrs. Woodward intends homesteading in this section. Bessie Barriscale in a big Triangle feature and a Keystone comedy at the Emipre Tonight. SEM,S FARM, IS 1R ^ . AND KOIiBI Baldwin, Miss., Nov. Hopper's fear that t would ruin his cottoi plantation cost him. night he closed the de plantation was sold fo in cash. He took th and placed it under 1 day the money is gon still is suffering from a drug given by the ro Election returns at -Archibald the bc'jl weevil u croft on his $ 2 5 , 0 0 0 . Last Friday evening. splratory Track of which tubefculos.l Mr . and Mrs . Pllil Barnhart and St IjOuis Kepublic Makes Astounding Offer to Ambitious Women. Surpassing in liberality any offer of -its kind' ever given in this section, The St_ Louis Republic is offering to young women a remarkable opportun- e |to: '.No. 2 Tallow 8c THH PIONEER PRODUCE BITTERS OF C'HJ UjTCOTHE. SWIFT « COMPANY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Tomorrow's Market, HENS 13 SPRINGS 15 COX 8 TURKEYS 18 DUX F. P. F 8 OEESE F. F. F 6 P. S. BUTTER ' . . . . . 26% EGGS 28 CREAM 34 MAX FAINTS DRINKING, DROWNS IN A BUCKET Herminie, Pa., Nov. 7.--Dr. Irwin J. Henry, 45 years old, fainted whil drinking water from a bucket, which i had been sunk in the ground to catch the output of a spring, and wa: ' drowned, i SEATS 7; WEIGHS 3005 LBS. BEAUTIFUL AND LIVELY That well describes the 7-passenger 6-30 Chalmers. The car of the double cowl, marine lines, long tufted upholstery. Its activity on hills and in city streets hasvcaus- ed wide comment. Sane in design and sensible in action. Easy on the pocket book. Until Nov. 30 only $1280. After that $1350. A quality car. [All prices i. o. h. Detroit]' Chillicothe Motor Co. A. E. Norman C. E,. Murphy M. F. Alcott ·r cars without a cent of cost. Otlier handsome prizes, including sparkling diamond rings, Victrolas, etc., are also to be distributed tree among those who respond to the offer. The glittering array of automobiles is attracting the eager attention oi thousands upon thousands of people, and the good news of The Republic'' automobile and prize campaign is sweeping in every direction. Automobiles are something not everyone can buy. To obtain one without paying money for it is some, thing that seldom occurs. Its 1 pos. session means pleasure unalloyed, pleasure that only big money can buy--except in this campaign_ The opportunity is open to "women, whether residing in city or country. Those residing in the outside districts do not have to compete with candidates in Greater St. Louis, as they have is is the chief, and to,call your attention to present and future articles in daughter Olive, Mr. and 'Mrs. Melviu Siders and son, Raymond motored to and the columns of this p.aper in expla. I Braymer Sunday to visit Mr. nation of what, the science of m e d i - j M r s R . Brown and family.'" cine is doing In the way of proven-] Sunday school and Epworth Leation and cure -of these diseases. These articles correspond to the ideas of the best.schools of scientific medi- gue were well attended at Reece Cliapel S u n d a y . Mr. and Mrs D. A. M a r t i n and cal and surgical research our c o n n - 1 f a m i l y Sundayed with Mr. Martin's try affords, and. efforts will he made to keep them up to date. As it requires money to equip and to meet expenses, those owing this office will please take notice. W. E. Thompson, M. D. an equal prize list of their own share in. to Every woman, married or single, from sixteen years up, has an equal chance to become the owner of an automobile. " The ambition to succeed is the principle requisite. Already' many aspirants are beginning to participate in the campaign, but the Ion list of splendid prizes presents an en ticing opportunity to many more. Tiie St. Louis Republic 'exercise much thought and care in selectin for its priae automobiles such cars a the ultimate winners will be proud t own. Best cnf all is tlie $1,725 West cott Six, a classy 7-passenger mode' The Chandler Six, costing $1,330, i another free prize. A 1,115 Stude baker, a $1,110 Velie Six, a Reo Si: worth $1,175, and a Chalmers, sellini at $1 120 are among the beautifu awards, besides ten other cars. Every car is a 1817 model, therefore con taining the improvements and equip ment that next year's automobile- will have. In this age. of intense scientific construction .and specialization in all fields affecting the puhlic welfare, disease' is considered a waste of so. ctetles most valuable asset, human usefulness. parents, Mr_ and Mrs. Sam Martin. A n u m b e r of the y o u n g folks ot this v i c i n i t y attended preaching at Oakland several times during the past week. They were very much impressed by the sermons. Fred Bryant returned home from Iowa last week to visit relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hartenstlne Sun- dayed with 'Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoi'f- man. Miss .lohnson oC Carroll county is Recognizing..this truth the science j visiting nor cousins. Miss Ruth and the Empire EMPIRE Steam Heated |l)-| IT VENTILATED The automobiles and other prizes :an bo won by the simplet expedien if gathering votes. Free votes are published every day in The St. Louis Republic, while thousands of addi tional votes can be secured by a: sisting in extending the circulation of The St. Louis- Republic among friends. Not only are the awards worth, every effort to secure, but the gathering of votes will prove a fascinating pursnit_ · · . Full details of The Republic's cam paign, with, illustrated descriptions of the sixteen automobiles, and everything necessary to start in the campaign will he mailed free by address- Ing the Campaign Manager, St. Louis Republic, St. Louis, Missouri. ; - · , . - , Plenty of Apples.. . At Mathews' orchard, 5 1-2 miles, northwest of Chillicotne. -Hand-: picked, no rot, no worms. No. 1 at 7 D C ; No. 2 at 40c. 27-6t C. N»Mathews. Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S - .-. ^ T O R 1 of Medicine is the most effective force engaged in the prevention a.iul 'cure of disease, the cure of disease having for it.s motive the restoration! of function of 'diseased tissue. In Gagtro r jnt)estinal diseases from which more than ninety per cen of the -people complain, the resul sought for is the restoration of com pleto digestion. To accomplish thi: end diagnosis must be accurate Scientific methods show where am "how digestion is faulty, and indicate the methods by winch function is t be restored. It distinguishes between organic disorders and those that are puely functional. G'astric carcinom.i is diagnosed in its early manifestations of stomach or duodenum is as jmrely diagnosed and, for the most, successfully treated. Acute and chronic appendicitis are successfully treated, very few cases requiring surgical aid. For the intention of the science of medicine is to preserve tissue and restore function whem possible, for the physical well being of the patient. Should See Dr. Prettyman. . Every one w h o ' f i n d s his faculties dull and failing or Ws physical powers flagging .from overwork or from other causes, should promptly see Dr. Prettyman. His treatment will re. move physical ailments and restore the shattered -debilitated system to ts normal -condition in a speedy and satisfactory manner. The doctor has made some remarkable cures in this ricinity. His' methods of treatin iye, ear, catarrhal, chronic and nervous troubles have been very suc- essful. You ran always consult him ree of.charge; His next visit, Leeper Hotel, .Chillicothe, Mo., Monday, Nov. 3- . - · · : · · ; · . · ' ' ' ' · Helen Campbell. Be sure and attend the pie supper at Cor. Campbell school Thursday evening. An extra good program is promised. Chas. Coburn of Phoenix, Arizona, is visiting relatives and friends here Mr. and Mrs. Lon Co-burn and family, George Mitchell and family Sundayed with Mr. and Mrs. Wm_ Coburn and family. Jewell Shields of Avalon spent one day last week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Shields and family. Miss Irene Knotter of Dawn spenr the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Lon Coburn and family. Miss Thelma Presser of Avalon spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Prosser. TRIANGLK FILM CORPORATION presents ' BESSIE BARRISCALE And a Stellar Cast :n - " , . Bullets and Brown Eyes Five Act Comedy Drama and F-RJ2D MACE AXD AXXA lyU'JDHER in a two act Keystone Comedy THE VnJUVGE VAMPIRE S T O C K T O N ' S "6 R C H E S T R A Shows at 7:15 8:30 p. m. PRICES 5 and 1O Centi. Wednesday--VIRGINIA PEASON in a Fox play.»ARE-DEVIL KATE Thursday--Theda Bara in'an extraordinary. Fox play UNDER TWO FLAGS. TOO THE HURT OUT OF HUR BACK Mrs. Anna Byrd, Tuscumbia, Ala., writes: "I was down with my back I could not stand up more tlias hall the time. Foley Kidney Pills took all of the hurt out. "Rheu matic pains, swollen ankles, backache, stiff joints and sleep disturb- ng bladder ailments indicate disordered kidneys and bladder trouble. Sold everywhere. TO T.ATP TO OT.APSTFV '·· FOR SALE--Brass bed, mattress and priiigs, a-a:bargain. 615 Vine St. Phone:..590. ..- . - 7-6 "OR.RENT--133 acre farm, upland, located 7 1-2 miles-, south of Chil- eothe, on the Air Line; road. Good mprovements. See or ·wrlte'J. R. Ed- pards, Dawn; Mo. 7-6* Shetland Pony Sale. 25 head from Aid's herd--all col. rs, horses and mares at Gall-atin, aturday, NOT. 18th. If you can't ome send description of pony desired nd bid by mail. wit Dr. J. L Johansen wishes to an( nounce that he ( has returned from St I Louis and is now prepared to accom. . modate all persons desiring Dental | and Chiropody work done. His office at 509 1-2 Locust St. has recently Ibeen remodeled, making it Majestic Theatre Wednesday, November 8th Selwyn Company (Producers oi ! "Within TLe Law", "Under Cover," "T 'win Beds" and Margeret Iliiington in "The Lie", etc.) Presents THEIR ANNUAL LAUGH FESTIVAL "Fair and Warmer" By Avery Hopwood. TLe Farce which run for One Year at the Eltinge Theatre, New York, and broke all records for biff business. Prices--$1.50, .$100, 75c and 50c. Advance Sale of Tickets at the Music Shop. Sale Starts Monday Morning, 3STov. nth. PARAMOUNT PICTURES --presents--· MYRTLE STEDMAN in . "THE AMERICAN BEAUTY" ^\ A play in which this versatile star plays three different roles MUSICAL PROGRAM BY LADIES EIGHT PIECE ORCHESTRA Shows 7:15 - 8:30 ADULTS 1O^; CHILD m " * * SPAPER

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