The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 6, 1923 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1923
Page 7
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FKID'AV, JULY 6, \92$ 'i»'-!ll-.!."i 'i 'Vii '1 iiM 'Miii 'in T H E HUT C H IN'S ON NEWS PAGE SEVEN. It's Electric Fan Time You owe It to your office or factory force, your family and yourself to keep them cool. WB havo a full assortment of guaranteed standard electric fans priced » low as $7.B0 per an 8-Inch fan. Come In and let us show you. j 4 North Main Phone 621 EVERETT'S Meats 3 STORES Groceries Corner 8th and Plum Phone 616 Corner 4th and Main Phone 410 Corner 840 East Fourth Phone 521 FREE pELIVERY ORDERS OF $2.00 OR MORE Roasting Ears Green Peas — Canteloupe Tomatoes u j Peaches Apricots Cauliflower ''§)) Pears Radishes Mangoes -Wl'l Carrots Beets Raspberries '1'*; Cucumbers Cabbage Rhubarb , Plums L,pttuce Green Beans, 3 lbs. - - - 25c Large Sunkist Lemons, doz* - 40c ••••••••aBHMBBBganBMkiii Small Navel Oranges, doz. - 19c """"""iSc 1 25c Nut Oleo, lb. - - Old Potatoes, pk. ""' Saturday Only "' "™ a 22J?arsP&GSoap... d*i f\f\ 1 bar Ivory Soap q»l •\J\J Quart jar jam 30c Ice tea, lb 35c Quart Grape Juice 48c No. 10 can peaches 49c Apple butter, 2 cans 35c Sweet potatoes, 2 cans . . ,25c Certo, bottle 33c No. 10 Bartlett pears 65c Evaporated peaches, lb. . . .15c Prunes, lb 15c Evaporated apricots, lb. ... 15c Ginger snapti, lb 10c Kirk's Flake White soap . . 05c Dutch Cleanser, 3 cans ...25c Lighthouse cleaner 05c B& R Fruit Nectar • 4>f FRANCES Tfceao MoNTaoMERy "I never dreamed of anything like Ithia happening until Ave "were at lo^st the oMior side of tlio Mississippi Klverj : ' said Billy when Ive and Nannie were lasooed by the gypsies. Rut neve" mind. Nannie! Don't yon fret'. We'll 'trot looflo tonight, and be many miles away from herft^'beforo the gypsies 'waken in tin* morning. Now don't you «ay you wish you hadn't come, Nannie, and that you want to so back ; homo before it Is too lute, for a bad . beginning orten makes a good ending. .Neither of us aro hurt, thank's to our : 'Gharn' horns. And I guess the does have ha/d a severo enough lesson to lot us alone hereafter. But what surprised mo tlio most was to find that those llttlo rascals, our gcnndchildren, had followed us. ^ I expect they woro . keeping In hiding, in the hope that wo . would not send them back home If i thoy could succeed In getting a long •-way off." . "They are ao terribly mioelv;;vious, I f don't know what In the world Daisy IK going to do with them,'' said Nannie with a frown. ; "Don't worry, my dear. Kids will 1 bo kids, and 1 shudder to think what ' my poor mother imut have gone ! through whan I was younc/. 1 n.m nt'rnid . I gave her many anxious hours, for I Vas always petting hurt, lost or stolen, : and she lived in hourly horror \.f iilio 1 butehers Rotting hold of mo and cut' ting me up into chops and roascs." This conversation went on as tlio pypsy who'had lussncd them led them toward the camp. There he tied them to the back ot his wagon and went off, , leaving them alone. Pretty soo'p tho llttlo children began to crawl' out of the wagons and came over to play with them, while • every now and then a dog would come | sniffing around, but woo betide tho dog that ventured too ilose'to Billy's heels! IIo always left yelping, for invariably Billy gave him a kick in his robs that nearly brake thorn. After one particularly vicious kick, Billy said, "There! I guess tiiat dog won 't come smelling around here again in a hurry! I guesj 1 broke one ! of in la slats!" "Slats? What do you mean?" asked Nannie, "lie i--ii't a'bed!" "No, goosie! But tho fellows always speak at ribs as slats,'' explained Billy. "Oh, BOJUO more ot your horrid slang, Is it? I do wish. Billy, that you would hot uoe It. It sounds so undignified in a goat of your age." (Tomorrow they escape from, tho gypsies and liave another adventure.) PROPER DAIRYING HAS ALWAYS Bf OUGHT PROFIT K. S. A. C._Expert Points Out Need of More Milk Cows as , Population Grows. Uncords over long porlodi of years that the man who has produced milk at a low cost by keeping only good cows, using well bred bulls, giving his cows good care and (ceding farm grown feeds with a legume hay find silage as the basis has made a neat profit conslstnetly regardless of .the price of feed or butterfat, according to V. M. Williams, tho extension dairyman at the Kansas Stato Agri.'cultural College. "Tho newly issued 1922 yearbook) ,of agriculture la Interesting to the i dairyman because It shows that the torn value of dairy products tor the I year 1921 was almost twice as much 'os that, of tho entire corn crop, almost [threo times as much as tho whole I wheat crop and nearly as much as all I the grain crops put together," stated ' Mr. "WHllama. / "Tho dairy section of tho book [shows that the popula'.;.m of the coun­ try is gaining much more rapidly than the number of dairy cows. This Is oomowhat compensated by tho higher production of cows now but it Is further indicated that tho number ot dairy cows cannot be increased very rapidly owing to"the short number ot years that cows will produce profitably on the average and the time ucc- essay to raise a calf into a cow." FOREIGN LETTERS. Advertised List, Hutchinson, Kansas, : July Oth, 1923. .1. E. Dolhoy. Mrs. 'Marven It. Wilson. When calling for any of (he above mentioned letters, please suy, "Advertised." I T. C. ARMOUR, P. M. Bonds Surrendered. Waahlnslon The last act In connection with the funding of the British •debt was compleToil at the treasury department with the surrender of $4,000,000,000 in bonds by Great Britain. Notice. Meeting of B. P. O. Elks, Friday overling, July 0. Roy C. Davis, E. R. tut JULY CLEARANCE SALE All Corsets $3.00 and up 20% Off Saturday Only Remains to. sell our entire slock of corsets including- Gossard, Red fern, .Warner, Nemo, and all Jilastlc Girdles, regularly priced $3.00 and above in price. July Clearance, 20'Yo .off $2.00 Girdles, $1.45 Regular $2.00 girdle, low bust, elastic top with elastic sections. Four rubber button hose supporters, rink only. Cool and pliable, sizes up to 30. July Clearance, $1.45 Accessories Traveling Sets, 1-3 Off Leatherette traveling sots for men and women, fitted up with comb, brush and all accessories—just tho right Item to take on vacation. Priced regularly up to $10.00. July Clearance Sale, 1-3 oft Children's Pocket Books 1-3 Off Children's pocket books—a range ot styles in both cloth and leatherette bags. Regular 59c, 75c, 11.00 and $1.25 bags. All at 1-3 off 35c, 50c Ivory Combs, 25c White ivory combs in all coarse, coarso and fthe — nail files, cutielo knives, pocket combs, etc. Regular 35e and 50c Items. July Clearance Sale. 25o Bargain Table—5c Notions Black pins, colored pins, common pins, ric rac, pearl buttons, snaps, safety Pius, darning cotton, hooks and eyes, twlllod tape, bono buttons, dress shield pins, Invisible hair pins, hump hair pins. July Clearance, Bo Special Corset Special Values in Neckwear that Will Freshen the Summer Costume A splendid sample line of tvM'uwnar in uport and tailored patterns inrlndinjj vc-st^s, gimiip'-'. collar and cuff auU. round v:il laco collar*, B^rthaa tand tioH. ainsl of thrill aro of linons, nets, dainty lacoH, organdies and pui.dey patterns. July Clearance — : GO pioros at . .? Kii« ; 75 pieces at r >l»e 125 pieces at li'Jc Seamless Sheets at $1.29, size 81x90 Seamless sheets, size 81x90, made of jjood weight blenched sheetinpf. July Clearance, ?1.29 All-Linen Napkins, $1.39 for 6 Exlt.t heavy all-lincti hemmed nnpkins, size IRxlcS with colored borders in pink, blue and gold stripe. July Clearance, $1 J'), ,-ct of <> $1.98 Linen Damask, $1.49 yd. All-linen d.nnusk In silver e ;u:ii. 70- and ili-inch widths, in 1V4, Hi. 2, 2U, -va yd. l-ntlhs Floral patterns. July Clearance, $1.10 yd. Cool Frocks for Summer Occasions $7.95 A variety of voiles in dotted and figured patterns Including brown, copen, navy, rone and red, with trimmings Ln organdy, lact*a, plaited collar and flounces, pockets and sashes. All sizes. July Clearance, $7,95 $2.95 and $3.95 Mlna Taylor wash ..'esses in gimchams, pongettcs, bench c'. J\ a and tissue iving- ham--a variety of colors in plaids, chocks, stripes and plain colors, 10 to 02. I'ricei! in a lots— July Clearance, $2.95 and $3.95 Dress Goods $7 .50 Bokahara Prints, $3.98 40-iu. silk Ikdcahara prints. Color t;i*oinula are white, navy, U>a.-;t ami black. Regular $7.;>0. July Clearance, $:!.!>S $2.50 All -Tyme Crepe, $1.59 llfi-iu. riilk all t>nie erepe for sp";-{.H wour. Navy, eo|>on, o'n>so, brnwn :uul black. Hogiilur ?^.r »0. July (', $1 Silk Eponge, 59c ^tl-ln. ^ilk opon^e in white, ncarl "t, ennna ami n:iv\. Regular ?1, July t'learaiu'.e, .VJo 59c, 69c Wash Goods, 39c 75c paisley vn(lp :i, 75c plain crope vat- iui', 75 ( ' printed biti^te, 5Dc priT -.u-d flaxon, 5i)o printed VOIIH, 59C prinlt-d batfaLo. July Cloarancc, 'A\Ui $1.75, $2.50 Material, $1,39 $2.50 Pnuich vuiltv-j in cop<"-n, navy and whttu, OU HI»K c«>lori-:{ plaid cropo in copcn, $1.71) ratine vol I" in orchid.- _ July (.'learanc,.., Tables Table$l — - Co P fl ~» " d ' Sanitary Aprons .Coufun^s lu Eront and hack closing styles, mado ot hoavy, suhstantial ma- tertals with elastic in the back. The lot includes all sizes from 32 to 44. llegularly priced at 50c and 59c yd. July Clearance Sale, 35c or 3 for $1.00 Sanitary Aprons ot good quality, with net -loe. ReRular'.y priced at 50c. July Clearance Sale, 35c or 3 tor $1.00 Table No. 2 at 95c- Corsets, Brassieres and Corselettes' Corsets, includius an elastic top, softly honed model in sizes up to 2G; a low bust, long skirt model in sizes up to' 30, and a luxivily boned, medium bust model, sizes 31 to Jtl. All are regularly .priced from $1.50 to $2.00 values, July Clearance Sale, 95c Long Brassieres, made entirely of laco br reinforced across tho bust with, brocaded patlste in pink, sizes 32 to 44. llegularly priced at $1.50. / July Clearauco Sale, 95o Corselettes, in a very good fitting style that opens in tho back, and 1ms two elastic sections In the skirt, i rubber button hose supporters. Sizes 40. Regularly priced $1.50. July Clearunco Sale, 95a Table No. 3- Corset Special at $2.45 One table of Corsets, taken from our regular stock Including two sport models with elastic sections; an elastic back girdle, and several back lace models ipado of broche or Crecian Treco ln broken sizes. All selling from $3.50 to $5.00. July Clearanco Sale, $2.45 95c Table Undermuslins Children's Combination Suits mado of long cloth with bloomer kneo, trimmed with embroidery. Sizes 2 to 14 years. . Regularly priced $1.25 and $1.75. Special, 95o Children's 2-pieco Pajamas, made of pajama chock naln sook and percale la•pink and blue—in sizes from 0 to 12 yrB. Regulrly priced at $2.26. Special, 05 <J Women's Envelope Cbomlse, mado of natasouk, daintily trlnunod with laco. llegularly priced up to $2.00. Special, 95o Many other Items not extensive enough to montion. Silk Undies—A large lot of crops de chine and satin ouotaoin otaoin otaoain Special Hosiery Tables Table No, 1— $2.00 Silk Hose at $1.39 This table Includes a pleasing assorlmont of woman's full-fashioned silk hi..-,-, lu a variety of weigtitfi. Women's fine white silk hose with lisle top, heel and toe, and very sheer black, silk to the top In fine duality. Alio a sub staihkird 'iiiality in a heavier grade of hlack silk with Hide top. All alz-us in vault Myl.r. Values up to $2.00. July Clearauco Sale, $1.39 Table No. 2— $1 to $1.50 Hose, 59c - T'ure Silk Hoot HI)M\ 15-inch boot, with reinforced heels and toes ot li le. Colors are Ki 'ay, black, white and navy, in broken sixes. Regularly pr:r.> 1 $1.25 and $1.50.' July Clear. nc„ Hale, .Vic Women's Silk and Artificial Silk Hose, with hlgli spliced heel, heni and ton of reinforced lisle, garter hem. This sheer stocking conies in black and brown in all sizes. Regular $1.00 values. July Clearance Sale, r.Uo Wlilte Mercerized lull fashioned hose with high spliced heels, and reinforced heel, to* and sole. All sizes. Regular $1.00 hose. • July Ctuaritwo Sale, 5Jo Table No. 3— 50c and 59c Hosiery for 25c White Mercerized Hose for women, with reluforced-heela and toes, and deep garter'tiem. Sizes 8',i ,9 aud H'/j. Regular price 50c. July Clearance Sale. L'.JC Men's Silk ami Fibre Hose with reinforced heels and toes of lisle. Broken slzos iu black and gray, all sizes lu wUIto. Regularly priced r .'Jc. July Clearance Sale, sr .c Table No. 4— 25c to 50c Hose for 15c This tablo contains Women's While Cotton hose, children's bind: am! H !.:I.-> cotton hose, children's fancy half hose luid men's cotton liorio in [i .>c.--e', black, white, gray and brown—broken sizes which soil r»i;>iluiiy fn.m to bOc. July Clearauco Sale, i.>c Ladies of the Episcopal Guild Cooked Food Sale Saturday in this store. PARTRIDGE. V <v & wiU soon be Ixio Punoturo Proof tiros make motoring a pleasure. Phono Btt. Rag- laud-Klussley Motor Oo., " 6-H I * <i> •$> 4- < Partridge—Harvest over in this vicinity. Miss Hazel Kitch Is working for Mrs. Ora Tod4 this weak. Miss Odora Tburp apeat last Sunday with home folks. Mr. and Mrs. David Barb ot Hutch- ! inson spout Snturdny nlgtit and Snu- ~ i day at Ixiuis Clerard'a. / I Mr. aud Mrs. W. M. Stlgslnfl and ''! Vert were entertained at tne John -Miller home last Sunday. Harry Cecils entertained relatjivoa from Arlington last Sunday. Miss Mario .Miller and Mr. Howard Cuminlnga s-pent the Fourth lu Hutchinson. Miss Blanche Klsminger wlio la at- tendlnff school at -Hayes, Kansas spent a few days tho first of the j just passed, as compared with an ave- weak with her parents. j ratio for tlio last year of Tl.1t pot- Mr. and Mrs. A. C. JOveroU attended church at A,bbyviUe last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fowler aro moving: into their now store this'•week. i month, ln June, 1922. the number issued was 107 These two Junes lead all months ot tho last two years In llceusos issued. Many Brides In June, Topeka—Dan Gupld maintained, tradition ot Juno as the favorite month for brides. In Shawueo county 135 marriage House* were issued lu, Junw fartiirrs re Polin.l ling . v ''hen wtruc sliiues. ->r!ed the ioi.-i »«b. The h .,, er. iho head o> A Big Hallston*. Hiawatha—In a recent hall storm hero Chris Woltf, a farmer, reports ha picked up a hailstone that measured fifteen luohos la clrcujnf»r»iic«. Two Against 8nbotage. Herlin—The German goverumciu '.xpectiiti *o issuu a fitatetnont dep eatinK sabotage and all forms of tire res'aUnee in the Pranco-Belg! occuolea axuai. an

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