The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 8, 1974 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1974
Page 4
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SETS' EDITORIAL The Fret Wtiit* Sport can use consideration TMgigAy l gCTe^i.Bg^ MERRY-GO-ROUND Perhaps no torts of recreation has advanced so quickly In Bnuotta County the last year or » as teanis. U's hard to explain. Usually the trends of popularity are toward ease .whUe trails te for the agile and energetic. Right now. some of the tennis groups are finding that their chief probiena are with non-players in the vkinity of the sport-that, and U» attractlveneBs for other purposes«f an open slab of concrete. If you're going to achieve anything on the court, tennis requires intense concetttraUoa To protect the player from distractions, there are a number of ruks regarding the court. When a player vittates one of these rules, like hitting balls on the backboard, a reminder is enough to correct the problem. But the Braroria County Tennis Association is finding that most of it* trouble is with those who aren't players, or aren't involved enough as players to know the rules. Particularly, they hope parents will THE WORRY CUNJC help, the courts should serve one purpcwe along — playing tern*. However convenient they ,,appe*r. they shouldn't be for bike* or scooters or skates. If children want to play tennis, they're welcome, a spokesman for the assoeiatxxi »ys; but children playing anything eb«r are most unwekwne. Play-pen* should be outside the fence — tennis baBs travel fast enough to case injury to a baby. No one should waft across a tennis court while a game is in progress. For starting players, there's a request that they wear regulation tennis shoes ~ the slab fcn'l impervious to damage and wear from hard soles. And even experienced player* are guilty of hogging the courts In Lake Jackson, the rule of the Parks and Recreation Board is (hat players are limited to an hour's play when other iaym are waiting for the court fnis is a reasonable rule r«H« dtafcwert W>4 t*««W*» *«**»* ***** Comment and Opinion •:4 Did big companies gouge the motorists? 5 " (A*) «•»«<> i*w* n» **» <**fb***n.*t *» ! *«k «a*~ f it * WfcW **»*** *** »,** w«*%« *» *«* *t M»W»tt,. »** * &»»"»*» Chicago man's 'quiet patriot' BUSINESS MIRROR Oil takeover set by Venezuelans m a* t*f»*r •* * OMM <*rt*«M« •« Uhl tlMMIMr I'*****.*** .Vw«Mf,*JW(* •»»« ***** i.f!l6*£«,*«i«W *'W ** *S«» #f * '« *4;**«'« t* 4*1 CAMACA& pewubtfity (rf ttvhttt to m««1 toy I**** «««v UMP ami jru* M *,J tjkttf «<m«. i«tai«i* .61 * *Tt«v to? to* B» tiKOHOK W CTtAMv CASE B-SKJ J Kemer Kate lm» to car Wtataar Paw* *r*» o< CMag^ "Dr. Oraae," he «*«. "w a b«W>y. I •eomptt* brief e*wm««tt c*tl*d •Sparkies* to brip baOd 19 p&triotism -men i produce IK* or sfat fa«M «* Ibem. wtach I maD t» «fiton *ad other lead** «dw»lor« ibroo^wuc A««ri» •-They «rerrt*toii*eilwai *» Owy i« fit -And one at my rtccttf sttffrstkm » UtupoOsUnUteDr Cafiup. survey *» Mew Anencam to tod ort *tw Uwy Umk are UK I* tw* pr»AateriaM». "By eoirtrasl, tow about a tot ol the »" re«»rded a» Die mart an»i Am*ncaB" "Woohto't tucfc potb be oMre twt «trunm> Utaa the UHU! Inu of the ta •bert draMcd" or -worrt dre«e<r*" QUIET PATHlim Mr. Kite doewl m«f»l) (ramble « futility whea be views «ttnrcr«tve behavior in AinerKa. bsttad. he neaily irkcudoianethiBg to CBffibat the enemit* ol (Ms Republic and oar "Free Eofcrprac" *f*f«a. far loo waoy other* mtrtiy (hrow op Mr htadt ia dunay and eutaan: "Wl»i can 1 do to «op nucfa un- Hm.raagtd from eeJys* per cent ta I to I » per cat! la Wt. >M* wtil* Tfe« O«Bas News ab r>*«* «*««**» *n*t ft** at*** t» ttwtt *** *»*• far ttw ttiuttivf *»*» ** nnntiMvt-fuximHtAt. r*filX*» '** nt******* »» m&jit *» Jt *• awsfcntf *••»» KMT* Ufetft Sft wfen, M eUimteg Kg BmueM nad* a per cent afl«r tascat ActsM&y, U i» Vode S«a ««<» ****** op <be ikw^ ihare cso per ctat i of matt bmttnmM profits vte Oeta? for Unde SMI l*u» naefs Mptr enl, iti- ijT Tf • nun -'tiriji tir riiplrt. in moory far wen carpartOom. :g« »M ttua nw per out dMdeadi! Even oar college fndtwte*, dnptt* ttMtr bratairaKtr COUTMS te camoeiin. com* off the "tray Tower** vs. ,n K mhf pl*y Mttor U* nmwb dwtW'ffUaiea' a d*y »*«* fcwwfc. ttam. an- if* «&*ji*. M> <S*«* Out tfcK* «w*W *» ***»»> tow* ttw |Kf;*» • I »* .» * . retarding Uw rate. Uf'iHqf. *•' wtfl ***** ft***" •*•*• * tys* «f *» fMT Afthmgit wcfe dedicated pairioU a* Mr. Kab* are realty twin* lor P»ul Severe, they oftw are nuligixri w "witch bonten." lookiag far a uodcr every bed! And you can *ee wby, for pn&aMy w per cent of At&erkaa* draw weekly p*y dMtfc*. wMdt (bey take bone to vyeeA Btil the other 19 pev c«nt who oeerti* Urow. factono. More* aad odMr pm»i* buttn«H«». onM deduct rtpmc* bcfort ibey learn niu* mnifer "BUI " Uwy am lake hone a B you Bttj B«iaeM> yoor aaooal earaiflg* <*> pweotaie*, a* Dire ptr ceDt or ocu tewo per CMM« wAtaA at m frow «w» tike SJOWO»jW». you'd incur lew batred and lew«r attack* •f wUppiag boy» of pottnrtm*! >Aiw»yt wnte to Or Cnmt W are at itei aewipopcr. «oc faring a teg . in M lo(«rvf«w *«» Us* AMMC*»I«J Pnwi. "f<«Mi«««r. ei»fvf«l tantidKTMttn w fttma b> Ww qu«K««;' Mid la* "*c *r* tfwJbitac Uw pon^Mr »rrat vMefe «»y eccnr *ft«r vternvr w«wid t* « Suns* *tu Corp, r «*»<•»> fiMMF to far tW »«t mttttttf <*ttath VifianiMb ******** «l i, Mfitai, ,*» t3»((»ii*»(wr|t»ft«i»l»11<»»»» *•»*»*•» mat* »*** a* *n a»» »»«*<w<i«»» DON OAKLEY Justice f«Mf I* *« ««* «!»««»**«« , f »<>> I 1 ccnu to tmtr typing and prtottng not* •ben y«» fend far one of b» boakleU.i of My : Victim Lai trial bmt HUM KM op to <«*« Urf. *(• %»»-* Others are criUdnd far tbetr ndio and TV program* uoder U» ehar»e tfuM «ocn modern Pwl aevercs are . trying t» make . of doBan by their appBate (or fund*. Among such a conpaoy of artxttew Anwrioant, we mid* aMnttaa mutt nsnMM as Ton Andeiwa, Or BUJ> 4ames HargU. Dr. McBiroit, Or Mdntynt, Harry C««rfe«ham and Or. lln Rafftrfy. Alas, the AaMricaa public to to jgMratt «« tbt «*» of radw and TV. « wd a* otacr OUWMH ttpeo», dial tttey dwt «eJ«e dw very «»«B "B«" ftat i» kft after txpcnssf *w dent**. MiauBum wage* kMfi bMPg nvuA whle BH Buito«» c«rpor»uop» are atiackad, j*i tae ttftcthoWw* are b**y Ip raeaiv* t»» p*r cwt rewni P« itarir inwUMpu * dividend*' Ao4 the pnfiis ef 94 Bwi«« aftw taawfor die nveytaw from ttWihraadi THE BRAZOSPORT FAQS M ip»i>. ++ m* pt9 tftHnHH •*»» M« iMr»<*••*. *on •Mr i to*. •»•••••** f •topic mjy anpw abort wtettwr «< mot U WiOiMR L Cafiey Jr »*» a cwht bioodn) fluav murdner. UM««i> tft« * » ao ojiMMton Uwt he cumn) *»« of VM<um«M OM«. wonwn *ed •I My Ui pUciflg Uwot former Uw rmcb of comaumKsm or not k4». »«d fcfl» ttt *t»y>* htttt, tf» »»» |W*> % The wd UMg ft Owl «»«»» A»**i«*«i mjj not *wm »»ix to know AH w» «o «*y « »*t ii» PA ui HARVEY NEWS »nr"» 'boo* *b*U«r wa» 0» tlrtim «f the poM m tax* rmoiry where we wiO be let* It* mere ianaoncmtntt* of Ibv cbarfe t* comtrued as prejudicial to UM defendMt The r*a» OKWI for concern. bowe*w. is oat Uw extMH of CaUey't ptrwoil coitt or «MM«ace, nor even the "maaiive adven* pretml puW*oiy ' wbkb w«s the lint and matt imparts** «f UWM -art teve UMr hwn*v Iwn IM* ww w CWllHUUI It KM 4 *»*> lJt<CMM****a «M ta vki fiam fcrtag Uw «»»? »ww«y ACalml Uw VietNMMM by «***» •**» «*» »» inrrHaMe caaMauMK* «f Ibe rulur* of liw f)«M*«g «*»B JtHUc* bw Mrt bew dw»e 6»H fHMf* Uw freeiDg of »»»*•» C»«»y «« write •« «Mt MM ygly «b*pter ta tbJt «ew» lry'» Sun harnessing a giant business (or AnMftta* » ITT MteH bMUMM WMMH H> UBf»»" !**» «l Ui* Berry's V\forld Robert KJiWl ia CoJwmiu* Oa . ia ibrowtAg «il C*ll«y't cowf t martul «w»«rikw Kor M ii Uw Ibtod ps«« to tbe reversal order - tballh* Army Uikdto h* specific in it» tbargH sgsimt CaUey. Ii i* ibe *ec«Md pntel tbe Judge's I-IJVII, WWW KM, r«4JRf 4l5»"t. .Wittwr **««» wrf «*«*• » Mlalate a^iW JtttaittfT <N> tftmM M **t If iUidylag only ow Iwtigii I****** !n^ tik« tt««#o«*fatte Mdwrtry rf jscsusfisft: •S-rrt»s. - K N«loJw y iHtlw«.aot ^J-Sr^n Ujp i^ud of M*w» Al U* ifc« uhiM »»»« i«4 vlw tat wrt*t«v(» M**, far taut MM* tut* to Uw Utt If •* I*W ajB^«BB*tf IJBMBWM «»w ^*^>yr * flndiag ibai Calley was denied t »*»r (rial o* u» Army * t«tuiai u» M^'ibrtw^ £?« tteMA* MsI ""^^^l!!^ 11 !^! 1 ?^ to a "o** concept ta raouaittd. Aowog Him, M*tvi0 UW, Due ssfretary tt Def«*e, tad Cm. William C WmuweUfid. «•» maadjr rfVJ, fmea to Vlsttam at tfjs Ume of tb» My L«i maswcr*. la bis lengtby criticism of Uw Aww and tt» bjmtttai «f tht court mwUjf, MMd ttwl procedw** at MJ» f«»*dbj»i w«r Tkt yuan oW U. Grade &**4 W* lt«li»o and **«»* "*•«» «• net net «d Metric Maw. ' ' i tlw «M of UrnttM* tbe MM *4 tw bM nplervn far «il»Md «i» ibM* UM Uttfttttl _ , •»»«*«• "l?i a* »l*r out •» « W^J^! *$??^*** > * tt <M roimuss a oMiMn cadi taagtiatt, by Miive tfwakcr* b a U*aay SlSSTi^ik » -*» ur»V«f«J*m«l'cU*««w» T*.(iwJ |«WWiaMM»» i»- u> fartnt UMMB up u firaM Sue UM tta«» for «a pMitioaer's «CaHty- well hswi b*«a w*nls4 cruniMJ rasfmtfUitty at « «f tip 1^ iliip" aft Mawtii to ftfmiprt by HugbM . In tbe «MAtb wwi igrtntMnr* from 9 Oil

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