The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 6, 1914 · Page 10
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
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Monday, July 6, 1914
Page 10
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Page Tea T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Monday Evening, July 6,1914. W. H. Starr, Long Sick, Expires Head Of Harness Firm Dies At 1:55 p. m. Today--Family At Bedside. DECATUR BUSINESS MAN DIES. William H. Starr, president of the J. O. Starr and Son Harness company, died at the family residence. 335 West Maiu street, at 1:35 o'clock, Monday afternoon. Death was due to Bright'* disease from which he had been d i f f e r i n g I'oi some months. Mr Starr had been unconscious for some hour, and his end was peaceful. His family was at his bedside at the time. H was thought at 7 o'clock Sunday night that he would die at that time, but he hung to life by a thread u n t i l Monday afternoon FAILING FOR YEAR. Mr Starr had been confined to his hcd for two weeks. He had been failing for over a year, but his first serious attack came just after Christmas. His death was caused by Bright's disease. During the past few lajs his condition had shown a little improvement and there were hopes t h a t he would again be able to be up and around. He began sinking at 5 o'clock Sundav afternoon and grew steadily weaker. HIS FAMILY. Mr Starr is survived b% his w i f e and the following children: Mrs. Hnrold Wilev, Charles A. Star.. Will C. Starr ,,f Decatur; Baldwin Starr of Los Angles. Cal, and Miss Esther Starr of Decatur. There are also seven grandchildren. All the members of his family were at his bedside. "He has one brother, .loseph Starr. who is now in the hospital at Indianapolis recehing t r e a t m e n t lor his ccs. ,,nd will not be able to be present at the funeral. Another brolher, Harry Starr, died ten years ago. No arrangements lia-ie et been ni.inv t,ir the funeral. PROMINENT M \SO\. \V H. Starr was prominent in M.i- -onrv. He was a member "f t o n i c Inrlee No 312, A. F. and A. M.isons, Macon c h a p t e r No. 21. Hoal Arch Mn- snns. Decatnr council No In. ami Bean- nianoir C.oinmi.mlery No 9. h m g h t s Templar. He w.,s M.,stei "f I-IIK' 1» «e ,n 1S88 and lie W.T. e m i n e n t commander ,,f ruamnaiinir (.onmi.mdery in 1SJW and ISX'.i Hi- tonk .1 Keen interest ,,. Masonic work and of la'er 3 ears was |,.nlu'iil.irly a c t i v e in lh- rommamlery. U T ' I I 111- K \ T I I E R . n s t n , " « ,. n d , " l t u d to p a r t . , . . ,, , w , l " i n f i t ' · ·' f' P ' a r r n .,.,,, ,., r ,,,.« l . - i n -·- m l-f,'i r p i . n ,,',, ,| , , h f Mi ' . i l . '. t h - m i i i . i ^ f .,.,,, ,,f ,,. i n - .- - I"--"! '" ^ " tion of business men. He was In business In Decatur all o£ his life, beginning as a boy with his f a t h e r and con- tiiiuniB up to tha last. U n t i l his last illnesb he was hale and vigorous and those who k n e w him believed that he still had mam j ears of business l i f e h e f o i e him. WILL BE M1SKD. It will be d i f f i c u l t to name a man w h o will be more missed. His long career In the harness business, his connection with other business a f f a i r s and his wide social and political connections gave liini an unusually large cir- de of friends arid a c q u a i n t a n c e s He was a sort of connecting- link between the rast and present ot Decatur. He was very much of the present and was keenly alive to Us a f f a i r s yet he reached back to a business and social gen- ri..tion of which t h e i e are but few members remaining. FIRST CAR LINE. Hi Starr was one of the promoters ..I and stockholders in the Short Line I street r a i l w a y , the first electric car lino I to be built In Decatur a l t h o u g h It was ' not the f i r s t in operation. When t h a t line was merged w i t h the older street car line he retained his connection with it. Riverside addition was p l a t - ted and put on the m a i k e t hv Starr Mills, and Riverside- Park may be said to be one of their enterprises This park was a street car park opener! for the purpose of making- business for the itreet car line hut .for many y e a i s it was one of the popular parks of the Scraps of News. New Assessment for Homestead Lateral. SAME ON WEST MAIN Pavement Cost $1,000 More THan the Estimate. NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB. The Sharon Neighborhood club will give a social for members and their families at the home of James Leonard on the Springfield road, Friday ivenlng, July 10. MR STREET WHITTEN'S VACATION. Captain D. ST. Whitten Is taking a week's vacation He will visit East St Louis and the southern par^ of the state. MET DONALDSON. While going from Vlrden to Springfield, Sunday, Loren Hodge ot Decatur met Roy Donaldson, balloonist. Donaldson has just returned to his home In Springfield from Seattle where he engaged In a balloon race and was lost In the mountains Council Decides to Work at Once. Start NOT ENOUGH PIPE For All Streets to be Paved This Year. ffl'SEIE (Physicians Say Chances are Favorable. TEMPERATURE GOES ABOVE 98 The temperature this afternoon went above 98. almost to 99 degrees. At noon it was 85. On several d i f f e r e n t occasions Mr. S t a i r has s e r v e d as inspector for the sol e m i n e n t of contract work and prob- ablv no man was better f i t t e d for just t h a t s o r t of thins: t h a n he. in a n v con- t r a i l connected w i t h his special line of i FROM W. J. HOSTETLER. 4 l e t t e r received by Miss Esther Starr from \V. J. Hosteller, now in Duluth, Minn., expresses beautifully the feeling U-lt for the dead Decatur man. He says in part: . T ^ , "No news t h a t I have had from De' i . i l u r -ince coming to this north country a t f e i t e d me as much as this news ',ibnnt j o u r father's illness. I believe 1 t m e ' b e f o r e spoken to you about my h u h regard tor him and the close feeling existed between us. I was at- 'lr.ii.ted to him as to no other man and ! ; , U v a \ s felt t h a t I could go to him on ' n n \ occasion for comfort or and 11 was never mistaken in the belief nor misunderstood by him." ! AUTO SKIDS i INTO A DITCH .Innim MilUtetiil Moreland \ V h l l i - l i v i n g t · o i.l -u hil* 1 on hi I M! i ski S n t n r d . i j I, ones ; Ollte (."imtro · I l K l i t l ? Hurt. m a k e a t u r n in the w a v home from Mt. i i l K h l , a n d t r y i n g t o ] i [ 4 , m i n g f i o m the op- I I , . f l u e , t l n n . .Ijmrs M i l l s t e a d lot' i f o l "· '11= n i a o h l m - a n d It skldde-1 I , , t | , i h i i h O l l i e M o i o l a n d , C l v d e i n In I I » i i . l Tip I ' n i i p r w e i e i n t h o , , M m w i t h M i l l t - u - a d b u t M o r f - l i m l i v th.' i.nlv "lie t h i m v n out. I I . , v v . i « l,r ilM'd a b o u t t h e shou!d..r- ,,| h i p s n ml s l l n ' i t l y s p i n l n o r l his l e f t T h a t Vanoie\eer E i o w n b a c k ? l e f t eve w i l l p i o h i b l v be saved is the good news w h i c h dime f r o m a t t e n d i n g phys i c i a n s at bt H a n ' s hospital Monday noon. The c h a n c e s are 75 per c e n t in f a v o r of s a v i n g the eye. Possible im- f l a m m a t i o n f r o m tho r i g h t ei e, w h i c n w a s s h a t t e r e d bv t h e u n t i m e l y explosion of a J a p a n e s e bomb at the Country club P a t u r d a v a f t e r n o o n , Is the chief c o m p l i c a t i o n feared. Brownback is r e s t i n g as easy as can be expected. No d o u b t It will be months before he is able to leave the hospital. MUELLER~BAND RETURNS HOME \ Falrhurr Pi-Tie De'lBlUrd With Pac tory Band Manic. T h e M u e l l e r band i P t u r n e d Sunda . m o r n i n g f r o m F a i r b u r v . whhere the,' ' placed t h r e e concerts, morning, a f t e r - , j n o o n and n i g h t on the Fourth of Julv. The local m u s i c i a n s were f u l l of praise for the t r e a t m e n t R i \ e n them t h e r i while on the other hand the F a i r b u r y people were preatls pleased with the l a n d s m u s i c and told them thev would w a n t t h e m back at their next big cele- b r a t i o n . The band made the t r i p t h r o u g h from T V r a t u r to F a i r h u r y in a special car over the Wabash. al«o r e t u r n . n g on this citr This part was arranged for the Fairbury people by S. A. HPSS of the Wabash. It was a big day for t h a t cltv which has a p o p u l a t i o n of a b o u t 3 flOO but w h i c h t u r n e d out 3,300 for the motorcvcle races and almost 5,000 for the r e l « h r a t i o n at ni^lit. The f i n a l acceptance by the board of local improvements and of the county court of the Homestead lateral sewer was reported to the citv c o u n c i l Moni day morning. On motion of Commls- 1 sioner R u t h r a u f f the m a t t e r was put off to await the report from Engineer Hicks who is i n v e s t i g a t i n g the report that in places the lateral is p r a c t l l l y filled with dirt. The report shows that the total cost of this l a t e r a l w i l l be $21,550 and that as this is $8,965 over the original estimate of the cost, a' s u p p l e m e n t a l assessment for t h a t a m o u n t will be necessary. WEST M A I N PAVING. A similar report was received from the board on the f i n a l acceptance of West Main street paving. The total cost on this work was $35.019 and the estimated cost was $33,900, making necessary a supplemental assesment of a little over Jl.OOO A f t e r some talk on this deficiency. It was decided to pay it out of the $2.500 given bv the Deca.- tur Railway and Light company for the w i d e n i n g and Improving of the street. The cost of f i x i n g the boulevards. replacing walks and d r i v e w a y s and setting back the c u r b i n g will a m o u n t to over $1.000. All of comes from the f u n d set apart. B. OF L. E. SOCIAL. Members of the Ladles' Auxiliary of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers will hold an Ice, cream social at the home of E. E. Fair, 220 S t u a r t avenue, Tuesday evening, J u l y 7. The public Is Invited Those comine in autos or carriages will be served. DRIVES FROM CALIFORNIA. Elton Ltndamood has arrived in Decatur from Callfornlo, d r i v i n g across the c o u n t r y In a Ford car. He has the red Ford car wearing a big red California number as evidence of the trip and he says t h a t he made the journey without a mishap CHOIR REHEARSAL. St. John's choir will have a rehearsal at T o'clock Friday night. Evening services at St. John's church have been suspended d u r i n g the summer. not that Largest Funeral at Boiling Springs Church. n l , l Ml II r ii.i 1 i l n r i .it. i n k , -n I ,n-k to R l o t O il Mi' ""-· l a t e r h r o u i t h t n M l l l ! t - . i d s car. Tie was i l ,imt a i o u m l M n n r l i v Tho il nniiKoil ,in\. MARRIED \ M I I I , i l ' l t cti, a K"" fhn i-uiniiii ,.,,M.Ur.h «" i l l ' M i n II /I' i" nun' Mi' K, START STEEL WORK ON POWERS BUILDING Ml of Ihc slorl r n l u m n bases have lii-oti set in concrete in the new Powers (.milling «ml tin- steel upper structure «,is slnrti-cl M o n d a y . Two stiff-leg cicr- m-Us w i t h cight.v-fni't lii-nms have been ui-i-U'il In handle tin- large beams and K M Hers. A number of large fifteen-inch I H - I I I I S IIIIM.' nlrriiil} been brought to t h e b u i l d i n g site. DUERR AND BRIDE ENJOYING TRIP \ U-lli-r was received t h i s morning l i m n Mr. mid Mrs. W. H. Ducrr while i-in-iiiiti- lc KsU-s Park, Colo., by friends n, I h - m t u r . They stated thai they were fMin.Miii! Ihc t r i p and hud had dclight- j l u l w i - n l l i c r s o far. MUSICAL SERVICE AT ST. JOHANNES i n llii. n f f n i t H i.f it" . . . i i i m i i m l v mid "" mm a l n i i v n n . . I i I " !· m l I I - i f f i - l l * u « n v m m . i n - M f " i l ' · i - i i l . l ' . «t""il Mo WI1H l l l W ' M x 'II Hi.) '"'· I K " KIMI'I M i n I ' M \ s Ho win * m n n m ii i ."»l d. ill i.r In riiiriiP* In iii.'m.-ii *h not In Iho . iimmnn nii-nn'iiK "f r l ' »""' " f'" 11 ttclan. HP will " u ( l r t n I 1 ? ( -' 1 -.l ' (lt " .·Tw'rmiin f r o m bl» .. , , . 1 ^ '^^ '"^f W. ft, rimmlmn. ll« "^'^''^',',"' ,'",' u fer olljr oonim!««l"" 1 ' r w ",||, p',,,", 'fSTn" 1 ^!"""TM-" 1 '" n " " ' I",h.^v «·---,,....- l «H, nfflr* for hlm«i-l' Al.WAVH The n i i K l i n l K i r v l i n nt SI .Tolinniirn' Cier..I..II 1,.iil.i-rnn i l i u r r h Simdnv nlclil vvn", » ,, , , ·« in .-MTV v v n v . A Rood ulred nndl- , ,, , , h i i m l lhr-| »'"' ^" y ':"' 1v ,,r,l ^ , 1 1 IM.III-"! Tin- proKrnin uiip. rnrnl^lii-'i hv Hi* iiiulo i l m l r nnil "i" A m p h l o n ami r l o i i eli" " l u h n 11 v v n » n r r l r d out » 'l"'"wtwam'""ii-vni'. t h " P«"l" r "'" «° Mlmliiinli-r nrxt Hnn.lnv to iprak at » ,«ii,ii ( i - m l r n l Mr Hohcnutr-ln. "m « n M l l n h i - n n t i - l n . nf lllnomlnnton. nn,' l l n i l r n i In Kt I.milK. will h n y p rhnricr ol n r r v i r , R nt Rl Jnbnnni.i pluircll In Mr M" ^rr'li""m»i.|ln! of tin- »rbc.ol liinrfl KKEVE-EMMONS. Miss Fannie Emmons of Sullivan and r i r t n W. r.ecve of Decatur were mar- -ied S a t u r d a v m o i n l n g at 10 o'clock by Rev K M. A n t r i m , pastor of the First M e t h o d i s t c h u r c h The britle is the d a u B h t e r of -Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Em- ] m n n s of the- S u n n y Side a d d i t i o n of S u l l i v a n . and for the past y e a r she has held a position as sten- osrapher for A t t o r n e y .1. K. Jennings. Slip Is w e l l k n o w n In t h a t city. The g-ionm Is the son of John W. Reeve, i n I West Waggoner street, and he is employed as c a b i n e t m a k e r for the Dec - n t n r C o f f i n company. The couple w i l l mnkr- t h e i r home in Decatur. RYAN-PHILLIPS. John Tlyan. a f a r m e r of nea- Decatur a^U f i f t y - e i g h t years, and Louisa Phillips, aged f i f t y , of Decatur, were married S a t u r d a y a f t e r n o o n at 3:30 by ustico TJ G C.IIe. in his office on East I a i n street. They will reside on a irm near the city. It was the third inrrlage for both. NTERESTING TALK AT FIRST CHRISTIAN cn 's^» K yrth;^V!!nS; I i Il B«iiiJTMfi.t r ...s: latlon of Iho Christian church, gave an litainurni! on "Follow.hlp" at the .. .. Clirlptlnii ilmroh Sunday morning. .\ n i R h t ho gave, an nddrrss on the work o h(, nimni-latlon. l l l u B l i a t l n g It with pictures The-e pfrturcii .howcrt children a« thes h.'S',. n"n"" n . ',!!,, t v,°S 1 nf 1 ,"r°th t e ye ha V d a beer, l " T no ?,,?!.??.»" Bnd e .. h v.? e will have .. bnilner* meeting at tho church Thuradaj "'The t r a i n i n g tor service t-lass will follow ,,. \ V r d m m l a n l f f h t meotlnff. F -i aa . Chorm w i l l be heW Frlaa. "'fntormatlon from Hov. E 31. Smith, ^h pa«or who Is ·nc-ndlng a \acatlon at Ha ,nn. l» tlmt hi. health 18. ""OTM^" es £$ The f u n e r a l of Mrs. Mabel Bitterlck, wife of John Bitterick, was held at 11 o'clock Sunday morning at the Boiling Springs church. It was p e r h a p s ] the largest f u n e r a l ever held at that church A great m a n y f r i e n d s were unable to get in and the church and \ a r d were filled. The music was f u r n i s h e d by Alta Farrow, Creta Krutcher, William Trimmer and Frank Rife. Mrs. Charles Wentz was the accompanist. The flower, were in charge of Helen Veech, Lillle Elliott, Vonna Trimmer and Lelah Stone. Tha pallbearers were Calvin Welkle, William POT, Charles Went!. Ira Travis, Vyron Wheeler and Jesse Dennis. The interment was In the Boiling Springs cemetery. ONA FRT. The funeral of Ona Fry was held at 10 o'clock Sunday morning at the Dawson chapel. There was a large attendance The services were conducted by Rev F B. Smith. The music was f u r - nished by a quartet composed of Mrs Corvdon C. Nicholson, Mrs. W. Roi Essick, Arthur Van Cleve and D. M. Bonus The pallbearers were James Wheeler, Beryl Wheeler, Claude Uch- tenberger, Cloyd Lichtenberger. Elmer Armstrong and Harvey Dennis. The interment was in the Brush College cemetery. LITTLE GIRL IS DIPHTHERIA VICTIM| Helen T,ucllc Mnimey. Aged Seven, Expire* at Home. Helen Luclle Masscy, little daughter of Mr. ami Mrs, J. W. Massey, died at 2 o'clock Sunday morning at the f a m i l y residence, 220 East Marion street. Her death was caused by d i p h t h e r i a a f t e r a week's illness. She was seven years old Besides her par- ei ts she leaves a brother, Cleotis. a.nd sister, Beulah Massey. Private f u n e r a l services were held at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon. The Interment was In Greenwood. WESTERN TRIP. Mrs. C. C. Pope ano son. Charles, Jr., will leave T u e s l a y for Den-, "r, Colo., and Salt Lake City Utah, to spend the remainder of the sunn:, r. -MISSIONARY MEETING. The Woman's Missionary society of the German Methodist church will meet Thursday afternoon at the home of Miss Mary Mattes. 510 South Sisel street. IS BETTER. Mrs. J. W. Moreland, 320 East Eldo- ado street, who wat taken suddenli .1 Saturday night is some better today SAW DRESS PAP.ADE. Sam Dietz, Don Bnggs and H. Heinz of the Goodman band were Camp Lincoln Sunday e v e n i n g to watci he diess parade by the First regl ment, now in camp there. The Fourth with the Goodman Fourth Infantr; .and. will be in camp Aug. 16 to 23, in elusive. That the council Intends, to draw u^ and pass an ordinance this fall and lei the contract for the paving of Jaspci street n o r t h from Eldorado under the subway was stated at the Monday m o r n i n g session The idea in taking action right away Is In order to keep right a f t e r the railroad companies, f e a r i n g that If It should be put off too long, It would require an extra effort tc get the railroads started again. NOT ENOUGH PIPE. Commissioner R u t h r a u f f had asked that the city clerk advertise for tha year's supply of water pipe, a total of about 6.254 feet of six Inch and 446 feet of eight Inch. Mayor Dinneen asked if hat included pipe for Jasper street, welve Inch main to be put down ahead f the pavement. "No," leplled Commissioner Rutha u f f , "because if we put In pipe thera ow. then we will just have enough ipe left to go in on the other streota which w» are going to pave this year f and no more." "Well I believe it Is very necessary r or the Jasper payment to go In as =oon as possible." said Commissioner Shade, "for w i t h o u t that street paved, he subway Is practicallv usolesfi." The mayor expressed the same Idel as also did other council members. It was f i n a l l y decided to revise the figures of water main to be purchased arK! to let the clerk go ahead and get bida on it. META MORENZ. Meta Morenz. i n f a n t daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Morenz. died at 7:SO Sunday evening at the family residence,' 1139 N o r t h Illinois street. Her pge was one year and eight months Her death was caused by complications a f t e r an illness of two weeks. Private funeral services were held at the reildence »t 4 o'clock Monday afternoon. Th« int«rm«nt w» s In the Lutheran cemetery. RICHARD F. DUGGAN. The f u n e r a l of Richard F. Duggan will be held at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning at Pt. Patrick's Cat hoi c nirch. The i n t e r m e n t will be In Calary. fl'EVOY FUNERAL AT ST. PATRICK'S at C«lv«rr n l l e n i l « n n n Vhi. wvilnii r l r r l c w i l l hnvr n picnic a ,l,,!..«· Tliurmliiv nflornoon Th-v liavi U.HI..I n i l m.-ml»r» of Hi" ron»ri-KHllnn BORN. , !;^r;,H,«rjW^ n " 1W MARRIAGE LICENSES. L'ftatur DANVILLE MAN AT 1ST PRESBYTERIAN hA solns hv Professor H. .T. Mercer, - m'llS, at the First Presbyterian churc M. 1 : 1 r « TM . hut §1 Th ml.x'"*,.,. the flr»t anniversary of tl nnlnV of rtev. C. E .Tenney's f« to ' a ' there w a n no observance of the occa - esorutlve committee of the Christil raMir ioVlcly w i l l meet Tuesday nlgl "Mr!; .?ames Minor. »«! Kor.h Wat. i- ^.e n rho k o P d "c'SS w i n "'*« Tumontl, lon Friday afternoon at 2:30. nrne \((-ndnncei Burial Cemetery. The funeral of Mrs. Richard F. Mc- Cvov was held at 9 o'clock Monday norning at St. Patrick's Catholic hureh There was a large attendance nd many beautiful floral tributes were ent. The services were conducted by ·Jev. Father J. Murphy. The musli- was furnished by Miss rene WioM. Miss Margaret Muleady nd Ed Hays. The flowers were in harKe of Miss Ruby Fltzpatrick, Miss Bessie Lynch, M1-;s Mae Reedy and Miss ladle McGnlre. Tho pallbearers were ames Txmnend, Thomas Towncnd, George Gondman, William Borash, M. H. McEvoy and O. Fitzgerald. The in- ermcnt was in Calvary. FUNERAL~OF WTH. RICHARDS HERE The f u n c i a l oC~ : wniiam H. Richards will bo h e l d at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at Moran's chapel. The I n t e r m e n t will be in Greenwood. It had been the Intention to ,hlp the body to Fort Recovery, O . Monday, a message from bis sister, Mr«. Emma Worgum, having been r e c e i v e d requesting t h i s to be done, but l a t e r Mr. Moran received a telegram stating that she was unable to raise t h e money to pay for shipping the bodv and ask that It be burled here. WOODMAN CARNIVAL PROVES PROFITABLE Mlu May Koncb le»4» Cont«»«»»«" *° DIsraoBid Rlns. Woodmen in charge of the carniva given under the auspices of the loca lodges last week which will close Mon day evening, expect to realize goo. profits. Saturday v.-is the biggest da for the carnival and Dreamland par was packed with people t h r o u g h o u t the a f t e r n o o n and evening. The standing of the constestants In the popular diamond ring contest o d a t e is as follows: Miss May Roach, 541J; Miss Blanch Hvnds, S 3 V 7 ; Miss Ella Mulkey. 3.150; Miss Lain Byers, 2531; Tom McKee, 711; Joe McDonald, 183; Will Collins, 80. The voting box-s In stores and elsewhere will *-e collected at 6 p. m. Monday and transferred to Dreamland park where the voting will continue u n t i l 9 o'clock. The vote will then be counted and the winner presented w i t h the ring in t'.ie presents of contestants or t h e i r representatives. BARLOW BETTER. Charles Barlow, who was i n j u r e d h an ice box falling on him on Saturda s showing some signs of Improvemen but is still in a very serious condltloi DAUGHTER INJURED. Mrs. G. W. Lyons, T59 North College street! received a. telegram Monday morning from Chicago stating that her daughter, Mis. Palmer, had been injured. No particulars were given. Mrs. Lyons left for Chicago early this morn- Ing. FINISH SEWER WORK. The sewer work at the south of the Jasper street subway will be completed this week. It will take about two weeks to finish the work at the north side. St. Louis, Io., July 6.--Roy F. Don. aldson, of Springfield, 111., today with, drew from the National elimination balloon race that Is to start from St. Louis next Saturday because he cou'.d not obtain a. balloon. FIRE CAUSED BY PAINTER'S TORCH A small fire did~about 815 worth of damage this afternoon at 2 o'clock when a painter was using the blow torch to take the paint off of Mrs Berths Wheeler's house. 703 Cleveland avenue. The weather hoarding caught fire_ ana burned up between the outside and the plastering. The fire department was called immediately and put the fire out without any delay BURDETTE PULLEN AND BRIDE HERE Former Decatnr Man NO-IT In Bn»tnM« At Kenoey. The wedding of Miss Corda. Funk and R. Burdette Pullen. both formerly of this city which took place at Lincoln May 20. was m a d e known to many of their friends during a brief visit In this city Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Pullen is the daughter of R. K. F u n k ot Lakeview. Ore., but for the last four years has made her home w i t h her aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. John Funk, 1405 West Macon street. She Is a graduate of the Lakeview high school and while here attended the James Millikin university. Mr Pullen Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Pullen, 1296 West Macon street, and Is a graduate of the Barnes School of Anatomy Sanitary* Science of Embalming-. The couple now are m a k i n g their home In Kenney, where Mr. Pullen Is engaged In the f u r n i t u r e and undertaking business. _ FREDERICK SCHWAB SEND NOTICES To I18IH IlllnoU Heelment! Jf«w Pre«- tdent to Succeed Barne". Frederick Schwab, secretary of the 116th Illinois regiment association will PICNIC COMMITTEE. The picnic committee of St. Johannes' sewing circle will meet at th« home of Mrs. F. H. Bachmann, 967 North Morgan street, this evening at 8 o'clock. TO MAINE. Lloyd W. Brown, son of Dr. E. J Brown, will leave this w«ek for Long Lake Lodge, Me., where he will spend the summer in the college camp there NOW IN LONDON. Frank Horton, formerly of Decatur now a member of the Fay and Colej vaudeville troup, Is the head-liner o the bill at the Areyle theater In Lon don, Eng. FREEMAN WILMETH AND JOHN CHILDS Freeman Wllmeth sang a solo at th morning service of the Second Preebl'terla church Sunday. He waj accompanied On the 'cello by John Chllds. Both young men are leaving the city soon for California. Mr. Wllmeth hag been a. member at the male octet and Mr. Childs has been m the orchestra at the church the laet year. Communion wa* administered at the mornlns service. At night the first of the \eaper services was held. The of ticera ot the, church will meet tonight nt 7.30 at the home of the pastor. Group 3 will have a bakery eale at Morehouse Wells' btore Saturday. Group 5 will meet at the church Tuesday evening. This meeting will 6e for men and women and all the members of tlie families At the second vesper aervic.e next b u n d a j evening, Miss Fay Fisher will read Mlec- tions from Mary Antln's "The Promised Any Information that should go Into the directory .hould be arlnded In as soon as possible. AMERICAS LEAGUE. Boston 0 0 0 ii Washington 0 ° J c Batteries--A. Johnson and Thonid-i; W. Johnson and Ainsmith. New York * Phlladedlphia * Batteries -- Caldwell and Sweeney; Bender and Schang. 3 0 1 1 ·) NATIONAL LEAGUE. FIRST GAME. Philaddelphla '. .0 1 0 0 New York ., 1 0 0 0 ° Batteries--Methewson and Killifer; Fromme, Wiltse and Meyers and M c ^ Lean. FIRST GAME. R. H FT. 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-- 1 7 1 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 " -- 3 10 0 Fischer; Ru- Brooklyn Boston .. Batteries--Ffeffer and dolph and Gowdv. MONARCHS BEAT BLUE MOUND Only · Hat. Post Dispatch.--"Been to the theater this week?" ·Yes." "What did you see?" "A black velvet bow, some tortoiseshell combs, a couple of plumes, a chiffon knot and a stuffed bird about the size of. a hen." The Monarchs ball team defeated thi Blue Mound team at Blue Mound Sunday, 3 to 8, In an eleven-inning battle before a crowd of about 150 peopif. The Monarchs had secured a good les ', but the home team brought In enoue 1 'runs In the eighth and nlneth to tia the score. The score- Monarchs 2 0 0 0 0 2 3 1 0 0 1 - 1 Blue Mound . . 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 3 3 0 0--9 ..Batteries--Coover, Gray and Augustine; Walsh, Shulke and Smith. tomorrow sent out to the members notices of the forty-eighth annual reunion. It will be held Aug. 13. · One feature about this reunion will be the election of a new man for president for the first time since Dr Ira N Barnes was elected at the first reunion forty-seven years ago. As !· generally rememberede, Dr. Barnes died in the last year. A Reward of Faith. London Evening Standard.--In the part of Kansas where they need rain certain church congregations have united to petition for it. "Didn't I see your husband going to chu.rch todav?" one Kansas woman Inquired of another. n · "Yes; he went to ask for rain. "His faith must be pretty strong. "Yes; he wore his raincoat and took his overshoes and ^his oldest umbrella. "It didn't rain." "No but he brought back a much better umbrella tfian the one he took EVANGELIST AT MT. ZION CHURCH Evangelist E K Little, of Frecport wliT was at the Second Units'! Biethren church In this city, recently, will spend the weekend at Mt Zlon. slUng his illinlrated ler, tiires In the Presbyterian church at that " Each evening he will K l v e an addresi, '.'- lustrsted w i t h views, and Illustrated eonvi will be furnished The l i f e motion picturfi for Thursday night will he " ATrlp to th* Holv Land " On rrldov- night the motlm Pictures will be "The I-lfe of Mores." Saturday night mntlon 1 pl«i«' ot ";* ^/l" Francisco dlsastci vvl.I ho «hown. ana bjjn- dav night the motion Plcturea will be ^h* Life and Conversion-! of John Eunyan A children's mass met tine » m be conddcwd Saturday afternoon and there will alio no service Sunrtav afternoon. Evangelist Little has lu«t dosed a suc- c«ssful series of meetlnKn at Prairie Hj.1.. They were somewhat Interfered with by tho Fourth, h o w e v e r . Approbation. "I suppose you set a good example to your children?" "Indeed we do. I heard my oldest boy tell his sister that their parents are the best tango dancers In the block." New York Money. New York. July 6.--Mercantile paper, 3'-Z Pternng Schsine. firm: .lily days, «4 S5 90 S demand, !4 S7.70 Commercial hills M.S..VS. Bar silver. SGHc. Mexican dollar., «c Government bonds, heavy; railroad *ool«, ""call "money firm at S«S per cent; rullnc rate. 2 per cent: closing 24«3 per cent Time loans, stronger; W) daya. zvac. J*' days 29413 3 Per cent, lx monthl, 3WSt per cent. Elgin Butter. Elgin, July 8--Butter--Firm. 36c. Explicit. Boston Transcrli.t.--Mrs. Toun*bride (to butcher i--"I want t*n pounds of beefsteajc, and have tt rare, please." EWSPAPERl ·IWSPAPERf

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