Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 13, 1930 · Page 12
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1930
Page 12
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12 DECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 13, 1930. UECATUR HERALD Ke EMPLOY* AUTUMN RAINS IMPROVE CHANCE FOR CORN YIELD General State Average of 25 Bushels An Acre Forecast FALL PASTURES GOOD S r F J N i l H K I . M , Oct. IS. [··iivnr-: fihln ivciilhf-i ( l i i r l i m i h e iiimilr, (·( Owens-Illinois Glass Company World's Largest Bottle Maker The Owens Illinois Cllusa company, M l f l i t e d nul tis tUe Owens Buttle' Mnchlnt ronipflny and through purchase merger Find ulsorpHon has acquired a larpfl n u m b e r or concerns In the some line rt business. It In 11m Inik'fst m a n u f a c t u r e r of bottles In ihti worlil. It also ninkoa the Owoiis BnUlc Mnklni; rimuhlnn anil the Gni* hum bottle miiktng m u c h l n n , control- U»K p n i e n t tlKliti I" ench. The BU|- Corn erop ^ thf e x t e n t t h n t t l i r , ylolrt |J now plnri'il nt Ufi tiiinht'l* jii'i | (icrc, t V n i i i i f h M H H hiwhcl* lowei: nn (·(iniftiii-fl w i t h Hit- y h - U I hist yi-ur. ,, thn 'I'M*' "I'd f'-lie nit i L f ] ) « M i t i ' - n t * of (iCHi'iillin e, iiiiiiouticed l ) » t e Moixl'iy , Scpletntier riilnst. m'i'»miiiK to tlm! r e p M t . w r r n HINI-B lilieriil In the ]«ir-| ttfnt (if I lie r l i i l e w h i - t e Iln*y w c i i ' i Itlo-'l m-erted n n d AJ( (i i i - a i i l l [(ill (Mi! 1 -! liirMtr filial l u t e u«|p)i alinwi'il i i u i i l ( - i ert I r i i p i i ' V t n i ' f i l . K u i t t u r tutti'i nr" HidK,^, wllt T) , 0 ,,,, r j, 0 , B tiiiri Im* t i l u n l H In West yi,.-,!,,),, mlj,u..(. t it t') its n a l u r n t KR» t ,, 0 ,^ rl |,, Si itiinultt. Mnwmcliuftiittii, __.*.,- n n n . » PRICES BREAK nnw tiendi- nver liyo-tl nf tin 1 uppei t h l n l of Ihi; l i t n l M . t h f - 1 i*p([t MuLii, ,-·--«,-UNDER HEAVY RECEIPTS I l l i n o i s coin vlfld |in»pi.i'l Ifiiprov -d nnd if.V ' ml"' I 1 '"" IC'ACiU. Oct. 13 -Ho* receipts (ixi'i'iillonnlly heiivy Monday In d r i v i n g pi Ice* down Jemy, Ohio, Indiana and Oklahoma, with sales offices acnUered through tlto population centers of the country. The company tins also entered other fields ot gfaaa and production. Net Income In ID20 watt $4,4!l.82fi na compared with 14,011,320 In 1C38 nnd M,t.lS.7"i} In 1D27. Futuled dcht t f l t n l a 15,000,009 in S per (lent, dcbi'titui-cx. Cupllnl sloch on I,it an ill nu Included SS.OWIOOO In SB c u m u l f i t l w ptefcrred of $100 par vnl ue and S2 S96,52n shares of no pnr ciommon, The preferred vottM only for the election of directors ami hns one vote u nhnre. Dlvldeniiw have he^n pnlil reKiilnrly at the JO rate. The common wns rerfuoeil from S-l a year to (3 with the Aug. 10 payment As nf Jnn. 1, IflSO. totn! current iia- seta were $lD.r2ti,1!!3. (JulTfnt llnhll ·« were $I.IK4,2!)3 ntid net woritlnc c n p l t n l \Vi\3 f 17.341.3TO Hook value nppllctiliU 1 to the common timrunti'd to $35,H » ahure, (('"pyrlffht IWSft, by The Bell Syndlcnti-, Inc.l Prices On Decatur Markets Remain Unchanged Mondtvy 'riiiji-p wet'e nu chtttixi's in the Di 1 - I'titur nuirUpl Monday. Tho closing MATTOON Y. M, C, A, DIRECTORS DECIDE TO CLOSED BUILDING MATTOON-- The of Directors, In a minting Thursday nfier- noon. In thi "Y" huildlnjf voled unto close the 'building In 221 North Sixteenth street, owing to n shorlHEe. ol funds, cesiilling from the two railroads, The nig Foui 1 nnd Illinois Central, withdrawing Uifllr support. Since this fiction wns taken b y t h u rajltuixds lhi runs have been so m- Ihat row employes; u v n t l ot the "Y" building p for On October ail, n oti ^e;i-rnl linn k r l n , H TJ I U l l l l v 1,1 l l - l l i m I ,: bt^llft L ,J, J J UVEITOCIi (Hi Old coi fl.ili js ou *d wit h im.nili i h c p i n J!i.i)f(, | Chnico ««r l1 t steiidy hi huil'-y |»ll'!' ft.r the last I" "··"" 1 " lt *«"«'!' C P I | » m i - u p t n ...... ti tlU c l r n a t l wii s " l! " : - ftllryM nn ·MI 11,1 nn* s t r n w I n i l l r ' i "·tilth, T h n pintcri-sn of hiu-vi'tt ami] ttire-iriln* tijii-i ntlciin *»'·' n i i ' c i m l ; hi·«her. ilne l i Hie w c n l h u v tho 11", i w i t t i n t e d . I anil mostly *2W Ibs. bill lighter ; ,, M suiti wen 1 ah'.uly lo -·-' lower. IlKHl ji.'.i I IK hl*i wertj itim n , r iOe uiul pn^lting ' ^i"' Kows w«re weult tn 3Kc iff- Rait St. 1 ]^'J,, I,(iul* wni sili-ady tu tru lower, Ola ly ID to 1,'K 1 (.town, but pljC:* 11. ml pork- \\nti BUWS were s-lviuly. Toledo wns I'l 1 '" ('"»! "· ,,|[ jf) in ir.e (iilnlit were fiH.UW a.i fol- j i r i i n |n(lii-Hl» I h u t Itn- ),,«(,, riilritfto SD.OOO: Clevrl-inil. 3.300:] p r o v i menl in in* «trc of I'll* 1 v»rlc pn^tiin-Kh. SOW; Enat Kiiffalo, R,- fj"^""'^^'"^'* tli-'; hm I'l-i'ii l.iit'Hy ofNi-l hy Iti w .(). c'iiK-lti.iatl. 'J.IMSJ; Kiisl Kt. [-mils, ll 'i'J",' 1 IL'IIJ"' .?.,! rri-a,*l'll W i l l 111 i l l l l l l K V I ' - V l l l l l t l V n n | ' ' l M l A U I I : Ttlli'liO. 4fllJ. | i ; . l i TM l ln'ot Mtli-l '*·'·· l "· n«"l'1llu: t i ) tin- n-p'-il , ( ) n l v ([l| . ( . )lttl( , .,. c ,.|pt:i In l]VP-K;r 0r Jl! SJlf IliJio" A p p l e p l i - t i l n u M Hindi f m l l U T ml- ^^ ·,,,,,,!(,.,,, W t-t' rl|1 |,r i i n t n i n ! but Olu* H..i«" unx-i'd llmii LiMiml d'i" t" eitily n m )( (m ,,,,,,,.,,,.,. ()f ,, ,, ( , ,, ,, ( j,. l m uul t i i , - m - n i v i i h - ' i i , | . in c«iin.iin H H I I I ' 1 | i | i s i . t()|(i m t l ( 1 lllorf . t i 1 ( l l l (,(,1,1 l-i «.,i.| in be i hi- I I I I K I " ! In rir.-ul _,,.,;,,;, nii.-au w«s jscm-rtilly very l,rD*il Hl.lll li»ui H1»KH (Bj L. A, WHlllpw. Us.* tnoilium rfuol .,,..,...( lilik.4 ... ncrrmi . I V .Hi ;HJ funds to opDi-Hte a eommuiiKy wkl« asHocUillon will he liidUBUratcd. Thin »ttp. ly thn boarri, wns taken a f t e r a canviiSH of Mnlloon eltlKcnn li bf-cn made by A, R. E'reuiiiiin Chicago,- stiitc seureliiry of the I l l i - nois Y. M. C. A, and jeurM! I- (looilwin, of tin* niitluntil ucunt-ll nf Hut organ ixnllun. These nn'ii re- portcil Lo the boat-ih that then: In l i ltrou| sentiment, ilvil the Itwtil Y. M. C. A. ba cl(i««il to tiiive nxpenm; «ntl thnl Ihe general Ht'croliu-y, C O, Hull be pel-milled to dlrei-f nil iilhlftk;, social ;ni(l ilnii Jii''n;imii. from soiuii fiultntili! of flue in the busineus Mcotlfin of the clly. Tli'; bottttl of dlrcctm-a, who Htjined I h e resolution, are J. W. Eledso, pri'-il- dent; John Banh, vke p r u n l i l n n l ; J.eti Scoflelil, I r c a n u r u r i K ,J. Jinclt- tiu, LJeorije 13. Milne. ('.. K, l i f t ' i i i ; i.nil W. W. Wlllilohtni, The f. M. *.!. A, lius Won CuiH'- Honing for lilt Uit S3 ytiin*. Tli-. 1 lant U riioiitlu, undsr the d l i e t l l i ' i i of Seiit'tttury H u l l , It exputukd Us aervii;*^ to lln; cuinmuiilly; cuinlui;- led or siipi-i vl-ii'il mitiiy 1« bfisket ball, baseball, "Kitty" and t i l h f r projeettf. Thn Mulloon V. M. (J. A, m« owns. lh« I w o n l o r y building it JO- cuplew, in feu iiliiiple. Phone Companies Have Joint Meet in Mattoon MA.TTOON . - Tilt Plunl ilf|uirl- metit uf the Illinois Kouthmiiii-rn Teli:Ki»ph Co. unii tlm J l l i n o l s Con- lOlldHted ToleKrapb nutupuny, met In Hotel U, S. GrulU f t M l n y for t h e i r HERALD PATTERN ball U'lih -K.itn- In Mil 1 ' w l l l i tli" mai-Kt't sli»mlv f'-u l y , iliau n-r-,1 i-rntinl P"it (if the s l « K - . t h e - ( ' ^^ (|||(|t , h(l||11 , ,. oririn p d ,,,' n p l ' l " '-nip I h r i m r f l m i i l Hn 1 !*«'» 1 s1 m l . l l l l m i w ,,| w l,tH ti!)(l welj;lilii bid- iio;lly «|Kiiii-il in ii l i u i i t '-nip. |tn-k-i l! ( i t i t t i f i i ' i s . wliile lil« piii'lters S,, ,,,.,-iliin nf t i n - Mi'f li«* '""'il- w , '.,.,,,, b( ,,, ^^i.iy ,,(,.,,,, .potted -.»[. r.n.Mlli..l. ilue I., I hi; ^^ ^^ w|1h yi ,, u1ttlt , s lrnK " i i n i t i n i i l n m S h In a (fi'iii-ial ivnv n rniiiblin-it p i o d i i t - t l ' , n of t-ropji iiipi'ii fnim iitrinul m " i h e N'cdh in I'liorl In Mm \\ Ji^.ii wn 1 * ihe nnly fn r;ils.-il In S i n i i l i ' - i n M l l t i f thn olherM nil n round rfthle'l-tntii" 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 *' '"' f(1(t " held f'li-vela ml. watt P l t l s h i i r c h bei.r H l e e i a werf fiOc lower. Kasl K i i f f n l o LOVINGTON LEGION AUXILIARY MEETS K. A, Purci'll. Ki-neral the llliiiiils Soulheusli-in Tclculiunc (Jti., iiti-Blikil. A ioiim.1 lable JISKUH- sloii on cunslrncl Ion nnil Wiiyn of ^IvhiK bet lor ai'i-vice to siibht'i'lbcrsi of tho com tin til us, iviui a fi'iilurn nf the morn ing In the a f t e r - 2042 nij(lpt wftx de.^l^n^l espe Jttly fur t h e w u m n u who In no loni xleri'ler, Tin- lunj,' V of the bodice BlvcM the f i f j u r o a splendli) l l l m i l» FilDSt flnlk'HtiJ; Wllllo SIHH] stinulili 1 !* nod biiuk niick liu'ka afford additional fullnt'SB wiiei't mosl MISS MARY LEWIS IS NAMED SULLIVAN HOMECOMING QUEEN SULLIVAN -- The third nnnuu' Homecoming ot Ot* Sit) 11 van Township High school wag rmirft SUCCUKH- fill than others due to the fact Ihnl Sullivan won nn Okitw vnlley con- Ternnca gam« from Vllln Grove hy u ncore of 18 to fl, Thi« wns VIllH Gitive fourth }a»n In four yenrs iind me as n BMrprlse tu Villa Ojow as well an many Snllvun tnnx, Ahoitt )0 pcrHons aitcntied Ihe foot bill I me In thn afternoon and ilenrly 500 «!t»nln»d for Ihe hittitiiiftl which wns served Immediiilely nfter the mo in Ihr HI fill nehoul gytmmx- him. Til* Sullvnn" KlwiinlM elub sinberd anil Ihi'lr wiveB hud n p - Hii'vii| one net of i i i W c n for the DECATURHERALD KFKMNIt ANT) 1-llllFI'til *i Dir H M I n t f l n , In IlKimil. I l l l - HiTnlil !.)· Tho 1 :«("! i.iniii ·»rvp(! liy It) tun!) In lllli, ol» lir* 1 * l1 IK'I IIIUI T Classified Advertising »N| KVXHttttt IWTII -rift TUB PHICB Ifl 1 3 to 1 W · 34 44 ft* th .... l.'it .... 1,2ft .... l.jl .«, tM dliKltAt, CAMI OISOOIIKJ- tti\n , WITH rtrtJJPIH 0tt ACCOIJNTi! B tf* ( rj*vit. P^M rJiTit op , CLASSIFICATIONS .it )],.,,.. Mary Kmlly Lewlti, n Junior u n d ilnughter of Dr. nn't Mrs. S. J- WUB elerti-rt queen of the dwy Jusl hffor*thc niirliiln romi on ih? till-i:1uHH pltiy, "Sjlitiy .lime". The 11 In Hindi; by u vote of l h e | ticket pine.hfiHurB to tli« plwy. The- elfl^ifl pl-iy wtirt w*!ll presented. - ·+ FLA MBS IAMA(iK (POME MATTOON · The home of Mr. and ' Mrs. Jj, K. Udli'K, 1001) I'iiitt iiveiine,' WUM ilftniHK* 1 '! by fir* Wi'dtiesdfty nft-, einoon, oauslrsH" a IIMM* r ,ihiut f:i.'. | Mrs, Holies WUH H t u n l n t j a f l i « in it| stove wllli Wai oil from n frutt Jar. I The flume.* flashed out from tl)«| stove ami caught tin 1 remainder of the oil which wits apllk-d on n rut;, ijesltoyln^ l l . Tin; liiv d u j m r l f i i o n l ! ly unit nnVL'J f i i t t l n ' r ; \ TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY CIII'IC'II, tlm ruotii .. l S S ~ l l H » " l l ' »,' t u *t, ".-" BURTSCHI AND CO. M-:^ nil,) n-i,;,|,kli ,1 !l,nN"H |t.:,ij Eutrt. ('K. I'm i lu'i'lmi linnii-h mill llttlil. INK S IIIH , l f l n l ,tr, B J C . f.nnf III),|HK i 'illni (mill S» l | L M " U l l l ] F A , T i n 21-IL! nuiken up beatitll'ully ,,ii,i r i : iv'i-uii-f hi flat or Dillon tjre|ie, Matin, wool ^i*o]firtte 01 w.i'*' crent 1 . Select Lrowu, bliu'lt, HI ['i-ii Or one of the new w i n e sliailcii »nd you'll hiwu ti PUBLIC SALE DATES noon. a a Kirmrl und lieeotDlng dress. May bu dhlalned lit ab.ejs 3C, .... 40, 42, 44. W. Si/,n !W rotjulre« 3* 1 yauls of :)y-inch n i i i l e r l n l , j tjt;iul fifti'i')! cetiln ( I S t j In coina| iviu e t u l l y wt'nppuil, or sUimirri, for uuth juiltvi n. W r i t e plainly your t.utiie, iiiiihoKs uml M y k nuiiibti'. Bff fWO to -flute «!/.« wiuik'd. Sittid f u r fliir n«w full unit w i n t e r fnHlslr.ii hinjb, c i H i l f i l n i n ^ exi(iilslte or T'-lrplmit 'flit Htltld t Knit HfiH (o tfttrit VQIIP- .S^il4 Tffil* Oft, n-- llru. Ki-l lloli).rii«n, )J'iiiH1ul-. ichooi nf i n s t r u c t i o n for t h e ! mm |,,i H fnr J K i u u r t Jim | r-hlklren nnd . w i r e c h i e f s lit th« rmiippinteH WIH t h e fii-at on tin; ll was con- nl a s » u t n i f t ) l of tronsfnr anil stumped novijlile 1 !. ^ ' t,.illf*i n ducted by P, H, Meyer of,.,,.,, r i f t e i ' i i cetiip. Rook w i t h pill- Later In I h e u f t t r n o o t i u at'Cgnd i vrn y, r i-nls, Aillnss nil m f i l l ami n, U ir, -^11" M HIII 0,-t JI--.In in en M. liruip r;lljiu.n. I M . t -- t i l r t t h,-'k, l l . i n l n l ' i w n , ^],a, i r, i t n t i Nun w i M r i i f l u , Ain\, II..-, In, l.flll llil.lltf R4, . ]H~ J-MlHii \ 1 .'iit"il"ljnri;. II---K M \ \ n i l i n c f ..... . M i . /I I'M . 1 7 - J . t t . I J ^ ^ . f^iviltl.trtli intt y*nrHnE-i. u|,)n mixillnry of The auxiliary t c c e n l l y elated the Cli-vdnnd 11*10;, Oollovi-InK n f d r c r i : President Mrs. Onil I C i n i ' l n n n l l . 2,l!Wi: Kni't St. l.oul". 6.-J vic« jircsiili-tit - M r s . Ruth rtmltli. ' I ' f i n t ) ; TnliMlo, 2! |(l - I 'I'rt-tisurer -Mis. Hluiiclic Flulhff- Shri-p iiuirVii-t 1 ' smflVrcil tttim «x-' f u t d . tietii'V r u n n MomJiiy U i u l : Srci'tliiry · Mm, H a i ' i K i L Miirphv. the t t i n l e r n and ejinlilfd 1 (,'lmiilaln - Mrs. Edith Bi Iny. to bent |»U'f)i dowti .iliaiply.] Mlslorluii - Mrs, Mne Bowers. -,- * *'*- i....*,,,. ^|tl, l^lie locnl tinxlllar^' Is Inlereiited (nt lunili" off mnri'. Nutlve* i In Ihe Soldiers Orplmns homts in W H C mo-tly ("M to W,(Ki w i t h H few i RIoonilnBtoii nnd Elgin. SSSS Clvvt-ltint! Uimhc were 2!., , wuh % the tater tTMd'; | aylorvill« Persons Leave For Washington I "' i m r t k i l l t i r l y Wft« ai'rilinil ROe Itivcei. wi'i'e I nt her At noon t i l l assembli'il In the nuiln tonm of lh« hotel \vherf a luncheon wa tserved. K o i t y etnplnyeu of t h e plant dcpnrtinent_nnil off lee r« llie compliriy were served, ,, ._. , .u.u ^-, -~- . Former Mattoon Man Succumbs in Nebraska to n ^ i ' a l u r l i u r n l d . Pattern LOVINGTON CHURCH TO PRESENT PROGRAM ·- A song story en- RAMSEY ROOFS MONARCH MKTAL WKATHJCH STRIPS 1141 E. Wood. 2-2720 QUAUTy you'll find 'im con! IK mu111y (·(Mil. Ji hUK )efn irili «nd I ' l l n l t P t F t itnir lustiH Inr^^r ^ t w n con! TUMI» tiiK iDiidi iiinr*. ii''i voui- Hiiphly In now, A jiliunii c u l l u-lll bi Inic u (iii.-k luiid of ilils t f i t n l t t y coul lu vaiu duoi. Order Your Coat Now! CONSUMERS ICE CO. 7(11 '. Vutk I); kn 'I VI. II(I|| IVHIHiil-- M« Mili-^Mi^li nr),1 Aft, A M J l.o^i *\ l l l l ' l l l l l',',t tut tit iwttb I) II n I* ;l ;l ii ^t ij.i.ic, fJllnitM 1q JL4 H J -- I l - B j l l l 11,111k it Iv«.1j UII.J I'llNIH 19 f - I K - t IIMJ I'.,1110(11 J I I J U i M l i i i t Unl^Hn'i, I ( A -- II'!( ll.l.mrl. |.'nm AIMO UM 4131 J J -. »f II 19 t'l 4t it 4) 'i i, lii;m*;i,M, 'Mini (CT ^i" . ;*l ^i rvJ »· Jt. H'.IF ljip|',if (ft J l i ' l f l t l . ti )« Jin i. Id K m l l n ) l-c t! l']i|il,H)1c tl O u l 4 l l l M L t 1 p » t,h,-,,,,-l l« p . n t H r v ;, M J t f l l ' h l l i H "j 1.1 III, l i d t!»rvifn 'id Jt*vlnf MOVING-- PA4JKIKO--STOttAOE MOTH FUMIGATION Fireproof Warotioose n » t r-r Hi-Jit rrni'in* *no ,,h f r i f u r Hllcil "Wary lev," will hf t'lirlst MATTOON K v n n Tripper nf 1,ln-i ],,, yJ ii 'oln, N-h, forincr redniciit of M n l - j youiij: The iiri'^cnteil , S u n d n y Iti the toed) he o f - loon, died lant Wednoadny unl ;ipp*-niii:il Is operation, n^eord- Injr tn word received hei'r, Mr. Trlpjmi' attended itif M a t ( i o n | ) ]( ,f-s anil H l R h school ihn'e years lie left here nbotil 15 yt'iirs njjo, J l i - li!ivi»s hh wirlow. and his falln'r, WilllaiH Tripper of Kt. Ixiuts. anil u b r o l h n r , Wnyne Ti-J]i))i"r. nln» df St. Louis, nnd one sltilet, Mrs. Evelyn Dorstlt nf i^niti-i- nlsiss, comported jieoplc of Hie flinrcli. J O I I m TJndslty will ivnd story, i i n t l SOURS will ii)l (Mpcrac tlin prfHliiL'tifui. Spevlnl vornl nuni- clnl iv-niiinKH will b*, But fulo """, 1 ' ' ' , " J ' u l l v Ml tn "e lower. C i n c i n n a t i ivns, a K , V", V,,., 'T'i'slow w i t h linnbK w to 'JSc lower] ^^ lUvE-Rev, nnd Mrs, K, d e m y Riitl Mts. Maud D, left Snnirdny for Waahlny- The body vim cieunmlwi In L i n c n l n j Thursdny iind I b e iishes will hi! brought to Terre Hnute, ihe home nf] Mm, Tripper's pnrenln, f u r h u r i n l , J.KAVUS SCIIOOI, MATTOON--liPimnrJ Miller, son nf ,F, Katn Miller, HOS Wiiliash tiveti- ue, wno lm» been tttlending De Vrnuw I i" ] r e l p N .uml Iti sp.)l» f*r '"""· b ^ *|J*^| , on Di c . wh((1 . e the-y will nttend th*| iinlwrslly In Cireenciisllc," did., re- Kletiilv ti. weak. Caul St. i , o u i s i t _ ^^ h()me Wctln( , S(l!iy , lnvin!{ h(11 , n tiikcn n i i d t l f n l y ill if henna. Me ili'tiry o f ' probably will remain lioine i i t i i l l Die L I N C O L N C O A L ' Fill Your Bins Now! North Pine Coal Co, MS N, I'lnn Phonr S- I'Vi'i'i fiii iimibu weie '2!ir \nvtr.r w i t h lnill-| I n t t i n n t l i n u 1 world's and youth's llthl but Itn 1 J t m r k e t - . '0r I Pnul Henry. KPII ot Rev. 01ilr«ei 4:1.000. ti.:tOi): PtttahiirltU, S.IW: f {'Inclnimli. 2BO; W.S'iO. Cleveland.! Churlt'tttun IB a doU'gntc to the eon- f t u f f a l o , ' venllon. next *e in ester. He Annual Call Club Show In Assumption , I I i i r I . ii freihmaii In hnvint: been ... ,, c- L. i i i i from the Miittoon HlKli school last MUia Emma Senwkuku, seerelnr}^ i. mc of the TuylorvHIe J^onn nnd l^ullclln^ J ]. ii3Ho(!lallon nnd John Taylor. Keero- Inry of Hie Christian County Ravines Lonn unrl Btiiidlnp association, bo tli uf thin eity will ntlrnd the 6Jnl « n - i nuiil c o n v u t i l l o n of BtiikllnR and! Jjtian aatiociutloria In Krceporl Tiifu- tiny, Wednesday find Thursday. Miss ^·hvrlelilkli Is ehftlrnlan of th« or- fttonttil coiitMt whleh will h« held Inv u n d e r the direction of Mr. Me- on the first day »t tile convention. Instructor In Ihe A i - l Jonl1 MrMnster Is In tho St. Vln- * hfispltiU siifferlnR' from pntnful SPEED IIP ^. Oft. 12 -- The ,',',','n ' tiuiil *how of tltn Wftllnie Cnlf · In conduelcd 1 Cny, ttBrle.ii It ure .,,! .1.1. n, t m i i l - · " ^v, nn i Thm-o ivere' 1 lu "TMP 11111 sntierinR irom pnintui ,,,'.. · r-, |..mi,,i...:*iiniutliii HIB" school. I n o i o wei, l n j l l t , l f , s ,.,. CTlvtd lllte ip r |(| nv a f t e r . '· '·"" : ·'· Hint :vnli"i»'« "««·"* ll1 t h « ' 1t " t r* Ll noon when he was stiuck bv fulling i . «._!,,..... j«niijni» ii n ri 1 ht n ** Blmrf * ' . . L . . . * . . 9 inclinniipotin l.lveilock . . i 4 I I K . J ' J I * IV H T , I P UC VV il-Cl fll-1 11^f\ IJ-V I nnpuH rtnves and three .hort-i r() ,, t |n P( , flbo(iv mlt)(S N n / - mornlnft. i (n - , » f\'\ n PRODUCE rf i; i i - ~ . «"ii i" i i ; i . i ; mmli I" · i l l i ' l ' i t* TM. Cincinnati Livestock Illl !· *ntl M" jlf ! li»iiV« I · \Mtft 1 l * l l l [ i t i n . l i .'I'll l " | l-.ll ( r . t S " nt Chicago Produce (Hv fnil-'il C0' 1 ^ mi N L n, t, t ^ i i-iir^: arm-- ^Lin,i»i'in^i 1.1 IJ i uijt, inni - '«»!,.I . \ V l - l l ) t , - ' l l l »ll- I,"it lllHll ,-i,)ilil,.t , ( I ^ S 4 f 1 ?|i N u t Hi |.!tli(tii HHI 1,. r,l l i H i mlibll'TH, H I MUt I S,''. Miii1i'"."Hi -«' hi-.l rnilllil v s l i i l i ' . ' u n i t i--t1,l'l"1 « 1! " T I B n . J i t n h i . -oiki-il niif'tJi. ( I , « V - "». Si, (.tlidi 11,111 ki'1., ,q|.i-n nil. j: ;; l l "Illl I ' ,0, IV C t l K r l * - I!.-'i I, . i l k l"« 7,. (Ilium; iul I'hut.'n ll Hi nil hi tn t',,MtK "0 iimlt, (»l "«·« I" 1 " 1 ' .mi!hi, i-i i n n i ni;i tv ^;-if'J J . · \'iTi.K ': i-ll-n. J . I H I O - Inn viirUlIK* Illlil l:t\ tf hiKli'i. VIM 11 lllr (I*"!.!.* *1|. i L HJ , i^ r,f 11, en*". ·*,Z 1 ^l 1 , 1 ! nv hj^, 1UI) I r , 13M IK. LA, t IHi,, i. f l M i M i n t f f l u T ii-« t i im hiBii*i: ^ ".itrrti ntoi^r i nii^i n 1 i,g; |nw . inii-ii-. r.* t u n * Ct.OO ilon-ii; 1,im,l,^ '.II ),viiLII.I4 a,,u|t ui.nrt mill rtlftlr-. It kuH S :i u i n l l n n i Ji! "{fl; f,0 nil H-i-iitM^ . (iiriiiii,ii i i,:.nnrii i,,. ^ H t n nn I -n ii,mini j. , Hi,,,, tn i-lmli-F, t" »n«t'!.;;. Springfield Livettoclt Aged Resident of Dewitt County Dies After Stroke Cr.tKTON, Oct. IS--Mrs, Cnthnrlnfi Wllllfimn. SI, a resident or Clinton uml DtWitt e o u n t y jii-ftctknlly all her 111* 1 , tiled nt ri:3t) o'clock Sunday iivsnlnjt In the hciiric of her son, Lotllit O, Williams, following a stioke of paralysis, Mrs, Willlaniji wns born In Clinton Aiifr, tT, 1S'I9, tho d n u j j h l f t of Lovi nnil Mury Davcnpoit. On Mny ). 1H73. ^he wns nmrrled to Jnmes C. Dnvrnjioi t. She Icftvoa five chiltlreti nn follows; Louis* O. Williams. Leila William*, I.onic Bench. CnL; Rocnoe Williams. Dnnvers: Mrs. Robert Suttle, Bloomi n g t o n ; Levi WllllamD, Chicago; and n brother, Djnlnia Dnvenjiort ot Croiton, In, Funeral nvt-vlces will be conducted tit 3 o'clock Tuemlny afternoon In the Kenney Christian chtlich. Burial In Kenney ceruetety. Entt St. Loul» Livettocl: ittu Vnllrit HHH*:* M"0(i-r!Mr PI. "' 1 ii\,'"l l ff !,,;' n uc nww mwiiv i;* 1 ',f c 'i : s",; n i i in »H».««: ·""'' " litylic $ -- l i f t , r i | i t t , mil. ( J i l u : ll 4 * ; S i M , J i ! i, f M/lfl'tr*.fti r T,ft-- M u r w n i 1(1^. M1.0U. TBVASCItY BALAMJE illy Cnilfti Pfeas.\ ^ WASHINGTON. Oct. ]3 -- The tinsBury not balance on Oct. 10 was $3Vt.32S,S$,35. Expenditures t o r ' t h e same day were {13,015.91X54, tnd eustomsi receipts (or the month to thai date wore £12.307,433.18. WITH f'SiJ Anto truck and e l e c t r i c train speed the parcel from your door to the door of the receiver. Just phone for the I. T. S. Ex- pres Man and your shipment will be rushed. "Collection and Delivery" scrv« ice within the customary zone limits in any city on Illinois Terminal lines. Standard rates, standard service, C.O.D. shipments. ILLINOIS TERMINAL R.R. Conv«Ment--Freight Houu» ' Dial 4108 Chicago ntnl October 18-19 October 25-26 I ir.L-iuni jir ] i,^r) ri in -- ^ tin Si'u') -- I I ID i , , HI. -- 2.011 r, Noli** -- .t:uu ], in. (s,;4 N n h . ) f i t ,iml im H m u l n j H ttt J S i l o 111 IS,)L Njti.. ' Da- .|.rl^ III. r - I L t i l l ] I i i Ih. ilii,,I (i,r r i ' l n n i mi t i l t U i l i l i t t Icftvliiff r'!ii'-nr. H n i d n n t j i n . - i i i ' i i n i : : , ifi n. in IrHtci M o i u l n \ j Inini.'dLil.'ly f,ill,L^vlili2 i l n t , (i| Kelt.,. Tinlns I-EIM- r-lili-A^o at ] l : | j n in , ll I.S ! in iiinl i l i o i n 1 ; I I | ] I L T in Z 1~i ji en., I - . I L I p. n,. u m l l - l i i l 1 1. in crinni-ci nt C I S n i a n B l i l i UM 111 ..... ti T.itii' 1!. t! TMn'M M i l l tin l i n l i r i r r i l lij- thn Trilciinii I .Inn. ntiitot) tu Dci';mir Clillilrrn II ill f Fun. TI, !;,.|x itnnil In rf.iHf.iiiii!,),. Bl.'cl COM «i-i iitnl ciiair .-:u » l l i i n . l linwifaK^ (-flrrlnd T u i l i n rmi'i- O l i l i ' i t B i i n l n l l j t l,nX" Mli lili,-iiii sltiir,., 1(i C' iurii.1 PlmliHi in i h n lion!" vu nl- 11 MPl-riiciilm dldii-lut, n n i l In i l i n vi-pr t n l i M nf Gi-Hnl I'nrk'n nioii I t i l n r ^ d n r ; K l l r n r d o i i i WIDitll Hliorr ^-jilklrik- ,1lHt,,n^*i iir.i tin. An timi t t u T i \ niii'khiiriisiiA F n i i n i n i n , ^Jphi JtiU'-iiiii. Sluiilil A i | i m i l i i i n . AdtiT T l R n n r i i r l i i n i nn,l .vnlil'n ^lolil. All f i IMJ r.n SlK.inliij- n n d P ill ulii v i FOOT II A U. Cvllrirr till»irK ' . Nirilin-ii.trni v*. Onirn (!·( IT c, Ocl. Clu.i. Rrlirn Mi, I'.han, turilh, Oi'l. ]« HIiciK Hi'iir« fn, riilliirirlinhlN, (in. M Ultvn, ('nrili VK, Pnrlnmntilh, Ort. tH ]|I.I-»».|!IIP|HB. ilHlly. rvpntl SuwlW tn Oi-t, »l«t hli'ltwlvr llnHllinnir Us. -.1 Trnrlt (flutiiirban sprvlTM vln tlm 1. C, n. It 1 Tlckci ftrftot Illliinln f o n t r n l Htntlnn ^ Pliniit i-nt'7 I,. G. SCiriRM, Tlckin Aircru, D«-iitiir ti). C)l Illinois Central TOM IB IIAKt __ WABASH Low Round Trip Excursions Decatur To DETROIT, $9,00 CHICAGO, $4.00 ST, LOUIS, $2.75 To Delrntl, Rood tn pnllm.ini on T« ChknRf) nnd St. h a l f fate. OCTOIMiK sold lor SMM. children 11-n.tnit Tor |nr1(rtlljirn kfN Tlrket ARrnt, or (i. ,V. f.iivi'll, It. r, A. Telephone 1IH1 WABASH AVON LAST TIMKS TO DA V 7nnc (tiry't AD Tulklnr Wfntrrn Thrtlltr "The Border Legion" with Jtkhnnl Arti'n °-- Jwck Holt Fny Wrrty ALT. TAI.KIXO C Snund N«w» and Ctirtonni H* ftived a tilt! urn 1 * · only i* diuwcr Mini K|II nelert bin nl'l JI«H|I, H l*h"n into n viill' y J HJt'J with the Wej"t'» wotsl, unt E.iu-h rude HiKk J^u- Zane Grey's "ITsT" or THK D U A N E S " with GEORGE O'BRIEN I.lieIIf Itnm'llr Muriitt Mr (i roll Alt Tn ll I UK (imifily DivorcH Sweethe»rtt ulnrioni' IOW PLAYING ttm Kfltie *, '1 l» fu--«*', 4flo --i.V, .Mle PUBLIC NOTICE PERSONAt* f A l l I I I ' I A I TI inn) I M I I u - r lil !Ii S'. Wnlsi rtinr Wtltifrn 1 * MW1«1 I* if" i ". J". *: xnmh *M M LIN ..... ii.'.' ih* li-Fimi'Mt 4t Ihrir (it. it^inut^ i* v.s.m v. ii ic-- IMI. w tur i"i'. ii^ dsliv.-fj ll»f»wr l U ' l l l l ' l l A ' , l i M (-Ifi «', . nilliiltit I" illllioliHIiimi. N . *· M*i««n- w i l l . ,^ni Mi. i UT i.. i.-.r-ni'll'l* 1 " f " rt ' i".! i" *»"»' "'···l» t ni' .1 n u l l Mm nil. t". '"" LOST AND FOUND « I"'' · m t-'oiiiin ' i nl m ." nr ih, iiuirniuf nn. linn l,.,n.r|»,1 Iii- ll nnfl I"- f ^ ii we" i EMPLOYMENT^ HELP WANTED-MALE _ , n ..... t\mw^ »f «" Mum turnlth IS- ALHAMBRA TONIGHT PRICES: JIM) Sent» Hi.. ---- .-, _______ aUnitw nt ------- ,, ----- .. Kldn »t ........... ______ For Phi) tin CAIRNS BROS. PLAYERS Offer "The Hoodlum" lji»t Ttnv* SUE CAROL 'ARTHUR LAKE Th* Scrwn 'n Nrwrnt Tcum In "5HE'S MX TOMOUROW BEBE DANIELS hi " D I X I A N A " With UWrt \VlMHir RoM, WVmlwy Cnnltniiniit, 1 to H Mallnrf, t In S-- l»c, Mo Phono t-11W mirk. n-«r J.i «i 11 .v«u: IM,I HUM .;i» »*iTM». f; « loiri-.. 11. i 1 . ttfv, i.'llnion, til.; HELP -- M»U «r m«riiJir"wii!ii"»iii to mix* t« ** w "·"I, l«* WTUATICN* JKOJtJf h«n«. Cill tu H+d N, . C»tt ,, ID 'ROOMt ., ii'i, ij»ntl*nifn. ~ . 1 " v ''"*' F O R H O U I f,n. fool" »pt, ·ill 11. II ruilililioil. ·ntiotlfelit^, i-*12 . iiMii iin in it*. "· llVAltlt. N 1«lo-f ' Ts"!- , *"·"·- I ' n r n ! 'i lllnit fuml*li*il, I P ' « - ' i r T w . 10*1- 1 nt 1 **ii" i ' M I"-" 1 TB" *M~~M-i't''i [hkni, lillilitnoiic I 1 '' 1 - pjs L h IN. S , 1 I R · M n1fk rlflvi 11*111*1 MERCHA "WANT-ED T fn\ 11OAT W.AT tin f t |.*r I/IMI JIMI Hi lXi'tlKS MI'KT 111! T I M ' K t i I iriiuj" n"in 'i f Aiipinm I ' H f i l I ' u r M w. itl|..|- u I'M. 'I. -pi I [Only ttl h u i n i n» rmfldf, hf* C nri..|,t tn K..|| [,i ^Jimia unit tiultr, ^ tout, li!K mini,, IN; :,ii mi (Mi) Mitii, Hi( ""n MVM Hint nro dint tr« )liti.lti.iiiiil "out aot Wuckc'l a Now tlnv.ii tor tin* JI!TM ^urMIIKm Co.. twiliiH. rri,mi7*"l7nii1 flftlti fvnrylhltiit (nr W"il«, bn.iriintn. Ttlti'li jura. NVitltiiXti,,. IH !. 1||l ~ fB * fa '»»~* 1 " ttlr thli ll»lnn * l | 1 'Hii mm klirlu-i | it l»1ii».'i.» ii,,,, , «i'» h«,i tn tiihr t"iiwt i minim or i) PHIIOIII loon thmi ( ,, n^^ i WNING'ROOA ,,!,,,,, 4t " ""·*« '"' !'-!)'^ Ml ' Uv "tlrl I Si ' Wll ' H ' 1 I.S|.. ' I'tWia 1111,1 hi" 11 ' 11 "- ""I , , - '· ..... ""· ·fl. (H 0 _ V ""!' J^ \Uffi- 1 m. 13 r«, 1NEWSPAPER

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