The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 5, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 5, 1859
Page 4
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Vy Jtoc«T»t»U<m; , H. »., ing of fft^myna Broaaell, K. D.j ' •f lolher T. Bell, M. D., ID • eomplraey to^avt of the Truateei of tb« Maclfcan Madhoose, near BOB a»B,uid IB aight of . the Monnffleot io preeiom on BnnkeiHlU.- {Vrlttco oneocd»y,Octob^ lOA^MI, In the M»d- 1>ooie, fltev*&* and » day artir a j unrawfuJ and kilty aetnre. -He wicked Iroprtwnment VM protract •d 41no*t «ee«i» wute lonffer f} •* flo on! go on Ig^our ptUun4en .. „ . v - , t No Mrrore huior mtl •'_.;. ^ '•? f. ^ Ood li my ihleid I why fear 1 then A moment'* tyranny r .; ' Vain m»Q may btoa Ut fellow rtajr, •, ' Incarcerate ttit win, Dnngeoni abut out tte thecrtul flay, • ' Anddaikneaiishroud myeyea. r Oc on, go OD I free Fancy imllts, ... And >oara on golden wlngi,"'. ' The spirit «pam»yourj>elty wile*, The mau, unfe^terM, sing*; .. . •• «' s - ; • Bring on, bring here yourthreato and cbalna, Imagination bind I Brlnggratet, bring alt your iron pains, Cage In the steadfast mind ! Tour power i.e laLnt ! your threati are naught 1 What empire bareyc nowf Thli poor ola/ boo>— not ona thought : . . Shall to >onr thraldom bow ! Bore 'to that day not dlttant tar Whan TauTB shall claim her *on, Offended JUSTICE" wake the war, And speak in thunder tone. How dld^ye dare, on ttucr'a plea, f boae her sacred name, Till violated UBCBTT Bring In her rterne« clilm • Now, Jcirtoi reign, bered of sight For mortal woef and fears ! 1& FaKEDOH's cauae uphold tbe EIGHT ! Back, taaok, ye BU-uefH"S if in ' Ricanof.0 October 10th, 1847. r Richmond pave out the followirig uo. tice in St. Panl'g church last Sunday morning : It is necesBury to maki' tli« followiug written remarks : The vestry, on Wednesday, M»y 26th, appointed Monday, 6th of June, for an election of senior warden, and a vestryman of St. Paul's church, to supply the places of Cyras Hswley and l>avid Ferguson, r r " signed. Now teu days' notice must be given of each election, and constitutionally in thu oburch, on two Sunday mornings. Only eight days are between us and Jane 6tb , thTrefore, DO legal notice of that appointed day can br given. They then thought, and I thought, that a notice on Friday evening would be sufficient ; but 1 find two reasons against such notice, and ont of them, and a sufficient one, is th* law. The object of the resignation and election (which ran not Imrfvlly be held), ii crowed to be to test the question as to whether the v«stry now represent th« congregation. I declare that they most certainly do not—and they are in part, if not altogether, convinced of the fact themselves I appeal, and have appealed, from the vestry to tbe congregation. 1 give notice of the proposed election of warden and vestryman, Monday, June 6th. it can not proceed, and would Iw illegal. 1 give notice also of the Convention of the diocese, which meets in t«n duye, Jane 8th, at Fond dn Lac. If there were anr charges atainat me, they could be presented in the Bishop find Presbyters at thia Convention 1 challenge and defy the malcontents, who are moved onlj by Satan to the trial. Let them face me in tbe Convention if they darw, and 1 will rip up the foul character of their runners, show up the corruption bonds and the plots, the banknote sharing and the other abominationii, which yon know. Uet me be put on my de- fence, if they dare. In the name of God—in the majesty of unsullied innocence—in the parity of my motives, actions and life—in the faith of the Lord Jesus—in the boldness of the martyr Stephen—in the almightiness of truth —in jthe might of manhood—in the unblemished robes df mj priesthood—in the grace •nd glory which a loving heart confers upon all that approaches it—in the strength of a youth renewed, and in the physical power of e body compact of muscles, mortal, but like iron and steel—in tbe lightning of my tongue, and with the thunders of tbe Gospel of God—with the law from Sinai, and with grace and truth from Sion—in the name of the Church, and before the awful future of the day of judgment —in the prospect of the hour of death—in the contempt of this poor world,and in the brightness of tbe coming gtat«—with Faith and Hope for my wings, and Charity to bear me to tbe bosom of God—in the power of the Father, who Btill, ever, as of old, preserves hie faithful children—by tbe .blood of the Son, who loves his unflinching soldiers, and by thy aid and comfort and Itgbt, 0 Indwelling Spirit—I defy them. The battle is tbe Lord's. Who .then, tbat worships here,"and who, in this very wifked city, where., this last w«ek the youthful hopes of the best houses were miserably beating themselves with deadly drinks, while their poor, carousing elders sat and did the eame daring the midnight and small hours of Saturday morning, in a devil's den, where yon may look for my enemies, and find them too ; Who, I my, is on my side, and on the Lord 1 *ride—not in this church only, but in thieoity. Let »uoh, and their name is, and should be Legion, ag tbe now needful acknowledgment of two and a quarter years of united faith and love and labor, and troth, and power and life •c yon never—r-no, not one of you—-ever saw united in a mortal minUtor before, and never will in thbj world again. Have yon found that oat ? ' Let the lovers of the Lord, and His church, and Hit triumphant and reforming truth—let the lovers of Kichmond, the Rector, the right and reformation, subscribe their names note — to-day (it is a holy deed, most holy, to " do tnii good on tbe Sabbath day''), to a paper in the vestry room, recommending the visit to Europe, «nd the return in autumn, of tbe Rector to bit church of the loving pastor to his faithful and beloved flock. To tike fit. Rev. I* S. Ivea. LBTIEB m.— Tht Church defewied agaitut .the Latin fiehunn. By Jamei Cook Hichmond Pretbyter. Although in Letter L, I rent the Roman schism into shreds, yet regarding the age, plausibility, 'and destructive power, over ignorant men, of this liatin lie, it appears well for me, God helping my right hand, and my left also' to go on and tear this stupendous fabric of falsehoods into tatters. I. Recapitulation. St. Peter may.,, or may not hive geem the city of Rome. We believe he did, but UBnot turt at --ii. • St;Peter is not proved tohareboen Bishop of Borne In any sense. St. Peter certainly never was Bishop of Rome, as St Jameg, by the Scriptures, and by all other writers, certainly was Bishop of JeniMlem; IfAeuxv-iSthto2Utexclusive). 8t Peter vat Bishop of Antiooh, by universal consent; «nd w« now first «ak also wliy, An- tiooh, waewthe rdlsciples /were first called Christians, ias not clainu prior to iRome?— Thia rnmrkism new difficulty foryour new nors ow aUwionecsn t ia Peter «t Pope, orunfwrsai Etthopi can be found in the lilsiorjr, and tbe fathers of the first four, I had almost said five centnrliWf orinore; bat four, arihwe, or,two, or ODe«ven, is witness -enough against Rome. fltferly fa^f~:,t^'f>innat be shown to dtte from'Christ and Peter tbe A pos- tle. VBegioning^atTJernsalem," or one of the Apostolic, Asiatic cities,-is ibe lf»st that can be demanded for the Metropolis of tbe world, ISChrlstS •}. £ ;*'V: tt ;" , ? ,ll. Thereforai.lvbpw go on, With a« earnest and trntttful will; to rend ? <his Zatin^it, be fore God, angf Is-abd m«n, au4 here to set down the_7VtttA, Til,at Home jnay no .longerpervert froiri.tlw Catholic Ohpifahrwipipbf .her loving 1sbftareil"as know tb'e'pbWer'of "logic and of history. .. „ . ; ' - < Where la Rome? Take the 'map of Christendom, v »nJ look for Uie.: fields of tbe early battles and victories ,pf the Faith. Were th«y 11» the,«afft prjn the! wett ? IDid the law of tbe 1 Lord go forth from Rome, or from Jerusalem ? J Was the city of my God built upon thu Seven f Hills, or upon Monnt Zion 7 Were the Disciples first called • Christians in Rome or in An- tlooh? Wag the preaching of "repentance >nd remission of sins la Ois name among all nations," to begin at Rome or Jerusalem ?— Were the only strangers at Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost, stranger* from Rome f Did not Cretes and Arabians, Medea aud Parthiana, the dwellers ia Mesopotamia, and in all the east, see the Holy Dove come down upon the blessed Apostlee 1 Or was this sensible vision of the Indweller, Enligbtener and Comforter confined to tbe eyes of them who should establish the Kingdom of God in what was then far western Borne? Was not the Ctinrch of God established on that very day, and in Jerusalem ? If Jerusalem had set up this exclusive claim, and t&is barren, unhistorioal, illogical and presumptuous assumption,founded not upon Christ, nor even upon Peter, Apostle of Antioch, lint upon bare-faced assertion, we might for a moment have listened.— Even Jerusalem is not metropolitan to the world; then bow much less Rome? Whurj Christ said in Palestine, " I will build my Church on thi» Rock," "and that Rook was Christ"—there was, as yet only Christ, .»nd no Christian Church. "Tbe Father sent me —so se^-d 1 you." "Wait for the Promise.'' "The Spirit of Truth shall come. It shall abide with you forever. ]t shall guide yon into all truth." At Jerusalem, not at Rome, the Master'n will became is, and the Church to be, which he foretold and promised, became ibe church of to-day, of forever, ot history Tb« rushing mighty wind wax heard the descending dovd was seen, tbe cloven tongues ol fire sal upon the Apostles, they spake as the new Paraclete- old as eternity, new in thi* measureless manner and mission—comforU-d, taught, enlightened, and gave them ntterence. All this was in Jerusalem. If the world were to look to Rome only tor salvation, adown the ages, why is the Eternal City a laggard here, and why does th>-city of my God bear away tlie Imll from the City of Csesar ' If the Word of Life to mankind go forth from Rome alone, why does it begin its life so far from the mother's womb ' A child of Rome born of Jerusalem! Verily the world has seen new wonders and strange miricles! The child is born some thousand miles, more or less, away from its metropolitan bosom The nursing mother of the nations is not there. The Lord forgot to name her. except as the Babylon of confusion, the mother of abominations, the scarlet woman In tbe first history of the Church—the Acts of the Apostlea—Jerusalem comes in at the begining, where'Peter preaches, and Rome at the end, whife Paul " dwelt two years in his own hired house, and taught." So Paul was two years nt Rome. When, and how long was Peter there ? Paul was imprisoned in the Mamertict dungeon Where was Peter ' Paul was beheaded under Nero, three miles from the modern oity, at the spot where, in our day, the fire destroyed, and piety restored the church of St Paul. Wherv and by wUose imperial command did Prt«r di« ? Thu spot of his crncifiimn is pointed out now indeed ; but a liul« cljapel significantly eays "t/it» may In a lu.." For a gorgeous Basilica, adorned with pillars, presented to the Pop,, by Egypt's Pasha, stands near the three fountains of th- thrict* stricken Apostle.. Would Rome let PeUsr, Prince, Primate, Pat rtarch and Pops, die there with so little notice, had he surely died there ? Ph.. magnifies j now, and has so done for age*, thf cpot of the mart} rdom of th« Apostle of the. Gentiles, &-,d therefore her Aportle j but she is quietly si lent, with her little chapel, abonl the ApostU of the Jews, aud therefore not hers: which thought brings me to thi« ; 8t Paul is honored mth St. Pi-Ur on the 29ih of June, the Day of St Peter and St. Paul ! Why do~s the Dome of St Peter's, at Rome, leap into liv fire on the evening of the L>ay ol St. Paul ? — Stand on the Pmcian Hill vriih me, lookin through the darkness, far away towards tb Vatican, and behold in a moment, tbat plori ons cupola, from the brain and band of Mi cbael Angelo, spring, like live lightning int the conscious air. Hear Rome rejoice whil St. Peter's Wmple is illuminated equally on tbe day of her own Apostle, St. Paul of th Gentiles, and on the day of St. Petar, Apostl of the Jews Now, hear, the Apostle Paul tell of his ow office,and how he received nothing from Peter " Paul, an Apostle, not of men. neither b man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Fe tber." "The Gospel which was preached < me is not afier man. For I neither received i of man, nor was I taught it, but by the revela tion of Jesus Christ." "Neither went I tc (Rome ?) Jrrutalcm to them which were Apos ties bfcfn- me, but I went into Arabia, and returned a ..u unto Damascus—then after thre years I went up to Jerusalem, to see tbp tPe tar Mid abode with him fifteen days " St Paul also went to the Bishop of Jernsa lem, as every apostolic Bishop would do now "Other of the apostles saw I none,save James the Lord's brother." Fourteen years after h. went to Jerusalem again, with tbe apostles o biahgipB (Acts xiv. U.) Barnabas and Tung (Titus i. 5.) He went by revelation (Gal li.2. to communicate the Gospel preached to thi Gentiles, bat privately to them of n potation And Titus, the Greek, was not compelled to become a Jew by circumcision "We g. place by subjection to none, no, not for ftn hour, and therefore not to Peter. But was Peter there J Yes. Hear him (Gal. ii 6. "They who seemed to be somewhat (whatsoever they were il maketh no matter to me— God aocapteth no man's person ; in conference added nothing to me. But contrariwige,when they saw that the gatpel of the uncircumcision UHU committed unto me, at the gotpel of the cir- cumcisionwai unto Peter; for Be that wrought effeetuallyin Peter i,, the apostluhip of the cir- cummton, the same mat mighty in me toward* the Gentile,, 1 ' &o. Oh I hero it new light Indeed. Peter is Pope of the Jews, and not of the world ; and Paal is Pope of the G-ntiles, and Patriarch and Vicegerent of us after all 1 All ball to the chair of St. Paul, and to the great Pope ot us all, the nnoircnmcised ! St Peter's mission is to the J»ws. St. Paul is the Gentile Pope. • (Gal. I. 18 Mitoresai) To "hlstorlz, behold as historical tht great Apostle. t Tradition gays Bl. Paal was beheaded blows. servants i| I know, as a'Eearer, you do indeed keep the sheep, and feedihemjrith fo<wlwlj!btt strengthens and raistg" the immortal soul upward, on- wirdj enkindling a holy zeal to press toward tl,e«flarcb of onr high calling in Christ' Jesns. leaking tbe mother to correct, but not in an- ••^r; the father to rule, but with love. Extracting trorn tl»e heart all that is bitter. Yielding- to the house of industry the sweetness of a peaceful home. May He who walketb in tbe midst of ^lie seven'golden candlesticks, purify tbe church, and burn up the chaff. Tarn grieved you are about to leave us.— sweet incense will go up before God for yon, io the prevailing name of Jesua. Ton will visit a spot endeared to me by many tins. May tbe blessing of peace rest on yon. Pleading the excuse of friendship for errors your kind eye will detect. I remain dear Pastor, A STRANGER. But a devoted hearer. c :> CIRCUIT CODBT, I ,. ' fcllTraukte Coumjr. .£ < >.- - ' fWllilamP. ' • t I agatntt' Epbralm Har.atr land Joh • J. Orton, titcutori, «ni Ida Jane Irt*i>,!e«eatrtx of the lilt will -nd i«u meat of Aillson |i«wli, deceased, Martha J^wl', Sarah L»wl«,Mlry LcyfU, Mar.ha B. l^»lj, Elizabeth Louisa Lewis, Wo. f. 1 1/twU, David P. Hull, Jabej U. ¥o>tti Jothoa Uatbaway, Jam I B. Johnilos, adaji Norrlc f 'Oharles B. ilergman, Iraac II. KDOX, Upruon Nome Bobert U Bell, Byron W. purke, ObarleaS Olartc Uarrlloo LadiDffon, Nelaon Lidlngtldn,Dan!cl ffejl* Jr., Anthony 0. Van Schalck, JohnDufl'y. MojejSln- nott, William Galaray, Jamei • BeHyj the Vanaeri' * Hlllen' Bank, il^nrj L. Palmer, Augaatui Qrcollch atMl Uermaon Schirarling, aulgaeea 01 Tbe Peoplc'i Bank of QurtelJOreenlcar 4 Co., td»ln O. Tylir, Horace H. Bonn) Jup«r K. Goodrich, William Bal ley, Willlun Orcjenaladc, Levl J Merrlfk, Wl.llam u, ' Mtrrick, The Marine Bank, Mary Ad«m», »d>oinl»- tratrlx of Frederic!: <V". Adann, drceaaed, Cha»]e> W. Wlllard, »n,dpohn jk. Page, eancutor of the :a«t will aa I tMtsmettof Hclsklah H. Rixa, THE CHBISTIAN SCHOOL, hi St. Paul's Church, has now Veen established four weeks. In that time, between thirty and forty children have bean instructed. The Rector has secured, at too low a rate for bis merits, the services of a competent master, who is probably I he moat scientific mathematical teacher In tht stato — Mr. Roche is venerable in years, a'nd irreproachable in deportment , and brings from Dublin, high testimonials. He is orderly, thorough and diligent, and hag prepared large classes, and they, tbe bust prepared, fur tbat famous nurse of good scholars, Trini.v College. He ran teach the higher mathematics better than any tca-her whom I kii .w. A fine opportunity is offered to anoh a* wish to pass through Algebra, Geometry,Trujn .itnetry Surveying and Navigation, to the field of sciunce, which, alas, our sn system of education seldom reaches. With him is associated a Sweedish u c«mpetnnt teacher o( Uie i. tansies ; KI-. t those who have mourned over our insnfii i.:nt arrangements for a high classical an i mathematical education, can now complain ger. As usual, howevei, tbe chanc- lost soonest l>y thoae whose compl loudest. Thf Rector j'orgeverefl, I through all opposition, and that, i pretended friends of Cbristrian edncmon.— He expects the day to arrive, wh-n the r poor, doubling DO NOTIIINQS, who, with line ignorance, self-conceit, turn np their unchristian nose- at hie Christian uudettaking, « for admission to the priviligej of w ii soon lie the b«£l uLrisliau school in I) A collection to sustain it will be ina<' Paul's Churoli thia ^!-umiay) evening. RICHMOND, K.. .iguest l-erficial ident, ild IOU- irill be iits are. ,,ivever, ', from il sue :l Will city. in 8t. Slat* of Wisconsin, to all the defendants above Darned Y OU are hereby bammoned and required to answer the complaint la tbls action, whlcli was filed In the office of the Clcrt of the Clicoll Court tar tlll- waukee, on the }Stl) day of May, A. D , 1859, tod toujrve a copy of your answer to the said complaint, on the sub scribers at their office, NOB. « and 8 Albany Building Milwaukee, wlthlns ninety days »fi cr Uie service ol this summons r.n ycju, exclusive of the day of suet ser,- vlce; and ,lf you (ail to answer tlio laid complaint within tie time aforesaid, the |>lalnlUT in Itus action will apply to the Court For the relief demanded In the complaint. Dated May 12.1&9 ' FINCHES, LVNDE a M'LLEK, mfryH-lawpy PlatntilTs Attorneys C1BCUIT OOtJKT, County. Theodcaius BtraiiK,! James B. Adrtau<:u'&nd Stephen IJ.gtrai.g, ' agalnsi J nathan Magle, Almlra J.MaKie, Jam^i A. Swain, Prances ti.fiwam, The State llank ol consin, Joseph M. Ogden, Peter V. Lane, William B. Guild and John Ogden. ' Wis- 8nmu,,.DI.- T Relief. fiiot <er j Slate of Wisc.iuslu, lo the above B»m,-d di-feiiclvnts : Y OU are hereby summoned and required t» auai tbe complaint i in Uils action, ichlch wan filed in the office ol the Clerk of Uie Circuit Court, Couiiij MlU-ausef, at Milwaukee, on th- l»lh day ot Ajrl, ISR9, ami lo nerve tt Copy uf your answer to Lite »; complaint on the [subscriber, nt hia uflice, in the city of Milwaukee, willkii nuiety Jays after the lervKe this summons ,m >pu, exclusive of tbe day <>I bi service; aud It yoif fall to anmrcr tbo said cuuiplnlat within the Ume aforesaid, the plaiQlida in thia ncli.. will apply to the tiourt for the ivljct tieni&ndetl in tli complaint. Wltne« the MOD. AF.1HUK M c *. B T III'It, .(.ulgr . the Circuit Ciiurt f»r said Oojnly Of MUwrtukev, i Milwaukee, the }4th day of Aprl , 1M>9. K. MAKI.MCK, 6w Halnll<r< Alli.rney. l Bunuuo i —to, \ < tor —to see—to by Uret Letter to the J. C. Rlckmond, Rector Paul 'a Csinreli. MAT, 28th, 1889. ify Hear Faithful Pattor : I deeply sympathize with you in the great spiritual conflict, which your fidelity to thi Church ie occasioning yon, tbe feeqnel will be read in Hear en. Fear not to utter the whole troth to this sinful generation. Call not sweet, bitter.— Keep nothing back. Daub not with ununnper- ed morter. Be /aithful onto death and tbe crown of life is yours, with the glorious reward of thousands -of precious immortal souls to call yon blessed. Many whom yon know not gather around the aaeroy seat, assisting prayers, to fight the good 8ght Yonr soul would not be so bouyant ?Bh snob. Immortality, iflt were Yon are not «lone; -^A-great company <«rhi<Jh no man can nnmber; shall singitie loud song of ths redeemed, saved through your in- rtrninentality. But unto Him irho lath wash. ed n8 in his own preeions blood shall be the of faith. not so. ' er never was -made Pope, or Bishop of Borne,; in any sense of tbe Latin'asgumption*. St ! Peter VM not named a tlont, when tbe Lord ; : promifwd to found His Chnrcb on 7%£* "Rock ' wbiob. wMChri8t.' r Simon WM named .Peter "ThottBhtUl be called Cephas, which Is, being interpreted, Peter, a stone.'*; The Greek and »nd Ao^ giiBtln^aBd^pBd^^irttne*^ whom {D.^ i dwlan iHP Jefios, the miihty victor is your captain; at the round of hia trumpet your enemies will and H»e stone Iwhas given to,the-Rector.— Your are in Us Tiands, * new sharp threshing iMtroaient barlny i teeth, and te •wni.panBf yon to ^thre'sh the mountains and beat them and ajr&y, and the whirlwind shall scatter Uicm, icv.^^:it&^r^'.v_^-j^^«^j^; CIRCriT IOCKT, I Milwaukee County. \ Azel B. Hull and ) Henry D Hull fl» iu.0, aKa^nst [ rumtuoDs for : Anthony Artora. Curii»s C. Gardiner acd fcyivanui Ly..n, Delend'tj. / The State of Wiscoo&in, to the nbove onm> i ants and pac: 01 tf.rm Y ' OC are uert-by Summooe.l and n quired t the complaiul in tlna action, whlcu has i. IU the office of tlie Clerk of Ihe Ulrvuil CVun of Mllwauk.t. at tbe Court House in tht. ''u waukee, und to Kerv a copy of your ar iwer t • complaint oo tl.e aur.scrlbera, al their otiice ii. ton's Block, in tbe LMy of Milwaukee, wluiii. sive u( thr day of such service; and If you fail Uie said complaint vubtn thv timr aforcsitd, ti.i p'a n- tiffs Hi ihiB action will tMte judfi-menl n.^lnst * ..u fjr the KUQI tit t-igta hutjdrrd and lh.rly-fiv« dt.i.^m and seventy^ne ceuta, » .ift mt«reft fr"ui Uie tn irieemti tla> 01 -Decwmb-r. 1 v'lT, besides llie cti.u ul th.^ *ct«-n. Uaied M*y 11, iTi.'iH. ItUILtCB, BT TrUICX A ("OTTflLL, m»j 17-U«-€* Plaintiff'* AH ne«/». 4t>4, SUEKtfr f 4 *^ s VI K ,><-w» . B TATE OK WWu.-vMN, i Uircull Court, M.)w..uL«-e C'" ) Cbruiiao WtoicL--,- ., j. >. n«- S -titnou, Frederick hchmuu aud (.'hi . a iiiu Sv i.. t .uu J..-. t, Ii. Treat, Juner. W. 8t«*r..-, iW.t.jMnii f MiJrt, "1 Ke- Prciitlenl ol Ui Kiirmcra * Miliert' Bat.k. l> t \- tci £t. Br.tU>n, fc. W Wbrtlork, Horace H Frt-r-iaai. •irid Kliz.ab.-lh, titc wUt-. OaJi-lj li. Patl-noo nud I'attctTOD, hi* w.(f annrt-r r. tiled -.1 Mil- h" said lauding- twen iy . ciclu- ' iQjw.r rt'lllHru I*., ait&.ivi Ephraim Mariner and John J Otto a, cxecqior* I'l* Jane LvwiK, eHec of f e list «ili and I ment of AihsoD L-ww, de- c&ted, Marlhn L'-wm, rarah Lewis, Mary Lfwta, M&rtba U. Lewis, KlilaL-eit, Louisa I. en is, WHllaui J Lewi*. The Globe Ba..L, Hiram P&rnim and John J. urton. Stair of W|*oor.«!n, U> all the JcleoJanU abovr v • -»L arc her- t.y 3utnui.>n.^I and requlreU to aUi I ihroompi t.m to v.t. * iu-ti<>a, which ««(. Lien Uicoflice of lh« CVrU ,>i u,.- Circuit Court, cVu^i Mtlwauner, on the liih day nf May, i. &.. HU, aD<l s*-r^*- a copy ol j .>ur an**rr to the imid c-io.p «,ni U.« autncrlberi at Ihetr offlr.t?, No». 6 ^f Building Jilwaukefl, wtUau uiiict, ,;\ > service of this mm nona on you, -ixctuMt of such oerylce: andiif > oa fail l<» *n«w»-r ti plaJnt wllhtn t>ie tlmt- ^Iort*&i.|, U,-,- .ila>ut>n ,u t .VCUon will apply ir, the Court for U..- rii.t-r t -iuan«] In tbe complaint. I>ated May 12, 1^6fl. PINCHK**. LVNDE 4 MII.LKR. tn«y!7-l.\v4iw PUIoiiii'i Atlome-ri. cVu^iy of , aD<l lo .p «,ni . n H Albany h ; P r vhe f the day OF WISCONSIN, Circuit Court, MilwiAke*- Cuuo Jame' 8. Brjwn, Jotihu., Uaiha ray unj r« 1 !V virtue of and ptirsuaxit to said Court, in tht above e judgment renJer^J n M! acUoD, tlaled Mart r 5, 1S5S, 1 Bball expoae for aaie and sell at Public Auc tion, at the Post-Oflioe orj the corner of \Vjacoiuiii B.IU Milwaukee ^t^eeu. ID the Git; nf Milwauket-, on urdny, tii<^ 17 Ilk du> of -Seplruiber at Uie hour of T P. M , o[ thai da> the following detcrl feed mortgaprd prtrtnisea or BO niuoh/tbereor tu maj t»e ne- ct^aary to raiae Lbt- amount of said jodKiQ^&L, lnt«rest and coBtB,vogeU»t-r with rxpt-nsea^f »ale, to wil. "The ftoulh wrft (joaru-r nf aectlon Dumber fifteen l!5j, ID tufftiaaip Dumtwrr ieven [7J, DorUi nf mn^e number iwenty-ooe ,21jira«t, rxcept- iriK nineteen and .W-JOO acre heretofore loll by Christian Wlnxenned and wife to Thomas M. Rldd e, aald premises bt-m^ •ttaale in ,Mli»au- k.tfe County au<l Hta.1, ^f VI u " Dated Snertff*8 l>flir--, Mliwamt-e, March 10, 1869. K. SPtWGKtfBERG, J A Pl'lft Alt'y. | marJU-tftmGm^tut fitrlav against A Patlerion SmrtJi, Klia* K«ach, Robert V Wmsl Ciu-uliD- A. \VlnsLow, Khahod L Ua^c. J»in,-« Sinai-, Hiram R. L»»ter, Oani-l .-*!•. an ami Hirani I N VJRTl'K nf an.l purBu»ii In BinJ court in the ai o LANiiWOHTIIY, Sh'ff. MtJ. Oo., Wti. PTATE OF W18CONSIJJ, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. f Jamra Etnott, against Kpbr&lm Uarluer, Thomai Rec<l, Reuben A Lamb Hiram Partner, The Globe Bant, Ida Janu U-* la. ex- rcutor and E^hralm Mariner, and John J. Or-nc, t jt- ecu tors of t>'e la«t «*U1 and u*«tament ol AHlson LewU, deceaaeU, M»rthji Lewi», 8aralt Lew,.-, Mary beirnt, Martlia H. Lewis, ElixabeLh Lou IB* Lewis, William J. Lewis, Ida Jane .^erti and other unknown heirs of Allison Lewis,derea^d, and Ichabor! Smith, I N rirtuc of ana partaant U> A judgment r^n.icreJ In •aid Court, m the above V «ed action, datetJ March 15th, 1859, 1 shall expose fc tJ .le and Bel) at Public Auetlnb, at the Post-Office, tn :he Oity of MUwaakee on Saturday, tbe 2nd day of Julv 185<J, »t the hour ol 3 p. M., , . :hat daj, the fot- loving described premise*, to n j "The south half of lot DUC.L/CJ cd nine (9), In block nuinhered th.rty-sr-ven f3T), tn Third Ward, of Uie City of AliliFauk'e. County of Milwaukee and State of \Ttaco .>." Dated B her iff 1 1 Office, Milwaukee, March 19, IBM). POITHK* A LiDnt, i A J. LANtiWOKTHY Pl'ffs Att'ys. f Kh'ff. Mil. Co., Wli. aprl-lln'2w » ju.:);n*-riT ri n.)r-rf«J .•ntUU.j union. ,)Hiril March 17th, IsM, I Ihali eiiKHr f.,r MUr ar,.l »«•)! «i Publ-r Aucfon, nt tire Po«t Uflice, in thf C ty <•( Mi waoKt-f, oil Naturtlay, llie ad day of July, ai the hour u! ".' P. M of that day, tne fo.lo*mfi.)e *cr'be^( DiiTtgafreO prpmiie*, or 10 much tli«re«f aa may be necrssjiry t<> r»i«e ih* anxmnt of saul Ju*ljrnnrnl, tn- Ure*l* ».,d Crist", tOgrthrr witti ihf fiprrj«.>B uf n»J- 'u "KJock nnmlrtTf*! thirty-thrcr i H.1j i>i" tl»rk'i • •1 Utiofi. ,n U'^ KtrMh Ward r.f Wit- .t v nf Mn w»uker, r. il.e c«tunty af Mllwautre and .-*ta'r u( H mronsin." Dated ^heTl(^l Officfe, Mi,w»iuk -* April 1m IH.MJ DAVID K Oaitcjt, ( A J LAMiWuRTHY. Pt*ffi Al.'y (' .-...^rilT M.i. i o , W ,« I N Pl'lU»L'A.Ni K nf fcti ordrf ..f th*- I>i-tr rl l ,. ur t , f A the t'aitrd flutes, F. r the Di»tnci u( W,5v.,:.-i; tn»de on the Itiui aay of May, A. U., ISM, 1. ban el U, Richards, / ssipne^. In bankrupicy of J»9t*h K M- CIcre, wttl sell at r*ut»fjc Auction, at tb« Court Hou». , lu O>e city of Milwaukee, on the fifth day «.f July next', boiwrco ihe hours ol rim- und leu, In ihe fore ••«>(! -.f Uiat >fay, ail U>,- ripht, ti.l. a^d Intert-st, whirh i). ; sai.t Ji>»iai. K McClure had ai the ticp« of niiii^ l-,i« peUtion in bankrupidy, ID and to the fullowm* f-ai estate, and ID and tu ttie rnortpspr herrina'trr dc* •cnbed and all the ri^ht, lUlr and JDtcre^t, vhlrh I, u »AI.I Assignee, have m and to Ihe samr, that is t.- nay Lot eiictt, (S) f.gac'fl sttbdlTlston of block funy-«,e. r'n, ^47,' Bchowl sec-t OD addition to Chicapn, In. , a.»., il lt . North half (X} t.T West hajf (Si of EMI ha-tr. (^.j North Wf»t quart rr ( i^') of section tlnrly-in (H6,j t,,»i, thirty-nine, (,39.) Non6 range tour een, ^4.) (-.».»< •&»! on- undlrlded fourth (jt) nf E. haJf ( S I f >t N - E. quarter 1^)0! sec. twenty, t«aJJ town thirly-nfne v (5»,i rang'- fourteem, (.14,) and or.d undivided haJi, ( S J'^'>u>h 7V»t quarter^) of section twenty, t/0,) t-.» n thirty-nine. (H9,) range fourteen, (14,) and one-third ( S ) °f t-ajt b»Jf ( S) ofhooth East quarter { \i f of § r <:tton elpnl^rn, (I 1 *,) town Ih rty-nln«, (38.) north ran^e fourteen, (14,) all In ' ook Ooanty, Iltinoia, and east nf u>e it.trd pr;[>cvpaJ meridian; add a rrortpatr** on the at>->vp quarter, i it t the ,*oulri W ef I qoarter (^) r<f Ke-fi.on twenty, t-u.) t^wn ihtMy-niu*>, (.3^,) r».-(re fi>uru-et,, (U,) plven to J. K. WcOlur* by W l.tcm Raymond, dated August 1st, ,83*. tb secure f 1,750, »nd recorde<l also lots one and two, (1 A 2) m Mori t* -, ('^.j V\ o coit'n addition. t"Chicapn, IT, paid County of C%w\k; »n*l (19)ln block thtny, v^-'.) 9 -'"* 0 ' i^ciioo addition t..' UhK ago, in said CoTidty of Cook, als., lot .,ci c t l|in block eiiihtren, (Ih,) abd lota tive, (5,) six, ,o,) •« ^7j and eifrht, (*», ) ia block ffrty-thrt-r, ( 4fi, i m tchoui section addition lo Juliet, Will county, IH Da'ed at MUwmukee, Mar ^ n '. •&!*. DA.MfcL H. RICUARDS, majr-0 dlawCw A-S...M,.- AVER'S CHERRY PECTORAL, ..• FOB THE ttAPTD COBB 01 Cold*, Coughs, ami Hoarseness. Hsjimnj, MASS, 20th Deo., ISJS. D». 3. a Arsjt: I *> not heaitata to saj Ou bait ramadj I hare erer fonnd (or Oongbs, Hmrsaoua, Inflnsnaa, and th* oononalUnt sjmptoms ot a Cold, ttjaaz OHUXT PictoaAL. Its constant t«e In »f practlo and mjr family tor th» last ten roan has shown It to potwsa superior Tirtua for tho traatmrat of thosa complalnta. EBKN HNIOfff, M. D. A.B. MOMLKT. Bs«.,of Dual, H. T.. write*: "1 ban ana jroni Kctaral mrwif and In my nuaflT e»«r dncs foa InTtnted it, and Wlm It to* bxt medicine for lt> pmpoao atar pot out With * bad cold I should sooner pay tvmty-flTe dollars for a bottJo (ban do vltbont It, or take any other mnodj." CVoap, Whoopine Cough, .Influenza. Spaisanzu), iun- Feb. 7,186«. taOTHn Am: I wffl sheexfolly certify yoor ftetaral If the but remedy w. noasess for the care of-whuoplng otnrgn, eroap, and tbe ebeat dlseeaM of children. We of yonr fraternity to the Bontn appreciate year skill, and eonunend your medicine to onr people. HTRXM OONKLIN, M. D. AM08 LB8, K«o_, It, vritea^ 3d Jan., 185«: " I had a 'tedious Inflnenaa, »hlch confined me tn loon sU weeks; took many medicines without relief; finally tried yonr ./Moral by tbe adfiee of oar clergyman. The Oratdoee rellered tbe sonneaa in my throat and Innga • lew than one half the bottle mu, aw completely weU Toot uedldnef are tbe cheapest u »<,U as the best w« can boy, and we esteem yo». Doctor, and yonr remedlee, as the poor man's friend. * aVathraa or Phthisic, and BroncbJtii. Wat iLuraiunim, Pa, f.b. 4, jg 6 a BIB: Tonr CKerry Prdaral Is performing marrello™ •ores In. this) seotlcn. It hae reliernd several from alarm- tnc symptome of consumption, arid to now curing a rn.n who hae labored nnder an affixrtlon of the lonjrs for lb« byt ibrtj yean. HKNBT L. PARK8, Merchant A. A. RAMBBY, M. D.. Amok, Moiraoi Oo^ low, enttM, Sept.«, 1«&8: " Daring my practice of many jn r , I hare found nothing equal to Tour C9Wry Ptataral for tJTtoK eaa» and relief to cotnumptlT* pattsnta, or raring smch as are eorable. 1 * •Te might add Tolnnui of rrltenea. bat (ha most eon- Ttnclnc proof of the Ttrtaee of this remedy to frraad la Its aflbeta npon trial. Cootumptlon. Probably no one remedy has erar keen know* whisk omred so many and neb dangerou rassa aa thia. fc™» ne human a!4 can reach; but era to those the CTLSTT, Peataral affords relief and eomtet. Aaroa Hocn, Jfiw TOM cm. tf»reh 1, l»5«. Dooroa Am. Lovxu.: I b>l It a duty and a pleasure lo Inform yon what yeu Cherry frrtorH has done for my wife. Bbe bad been five, months Ubonng nnder the dan- a^rons symptoms of Consumption, from which no akl w« could precnr* gare her much relief. She was steadily Call- Ing, and! Dr. Strong, of this dty, whwe «r« har> »m« Ibr adTice, recommended e trial of roar medicine. W« M^a his Undnees, as we do yoor skill; for she has recovered from that day. fibe Is not yel as strong as sbe ua««4 la bei bnt U free from ber eongh, and calls herself well. TOBTS with gratltnde and regard, ORLANDO 8HKLBY. or gamimuj Onuumptica, do not despair till yon ha.« tried Aria'i CuaiT PloroaAI. It b made by one ef tbe beet oudlraj chemist! la the world, and Its rune all around as beep*** the hts;b Uerla of lu Ttrtnes — nJadtlpHa Ledger Ayer's Cathartic Pills. X taxed their otmoat to prodno* tkls bMt, mod D^rfrvt pnrgatiT* which,Is known to man. InnnmarahU pn^ift. ar* ihowu that the«e Pnu haT« Tlrtnw which sarpan In •UMU0BM th*> onUlULTT me<l]cln*M, aod that th«T win an prec«d*ot«dl7 apon th* wtoem of all men. They am «afe and pleasant to taka, bat pow«rful to care Thnlr p*n-> trmdng properdei stlmalat* th« TlUl aftiTldMof ch« b.-!-,', reoioT* th« obiitroctlotu of It* orfmna, purify tha blowtl, and expel fUmyr* Thrj pQr(a out tbadboJ homors whkb br»«d and grow distemper, stimolaU thijrjrlah or dlmx- dtfrvdorfmnjtDto thftr aatnnU actim, and Impart health; tone with ttrvngth U ths whole sjst.,m. Not only OD th«7 cnr« th« rrwy-day ccmplalnti of tewmrj body, bat thjsri fiBrKiUlahs> aod 4^ntfi tfr Tifr diMsUM thsat ha** bafflmj the t**t of horn an sUIi. Whila ibsj produce poverfa] •ffecti, they are at the aaxn* time, hi diminished doe**,., tb<* satet and beat physio that can he croploytrd for child re n. Being lOfar-c^Ated, they art pteastaot to tax*; a»d Mn^ purely T«g»*f»ble, ar* fre* from aay rtsk of barm. Curt* hare been made which mrpaei belief ver* they not rub- ststotlatftd by m'n of rach «xaJted pneition and character u te fbrbM th« saspkHon of nntruth. &iaoy eminent clergymen and pbyiicl<ui*rhaT» lent tb*tr DUQ*>« to mrtify to the pnblle the raUabfUty ef ray remedlea, whll* others bare eeot me the aemra»«e of thetr ooaris-tton that 017 Preparations ODD tribute Inuntneply to tb< relief r-f mj The Agent beiew- named to pteaaed to furnish ifrstls my Ameriesm AH**"**.oontaintn( directions (br their n»M «xnd certificate* of their cures, of the following complaints — ieea, Blllona 0am plain ta, RbMjmattxm, Ifropn- Qaadache arising from a foal *tnroa£h, Nia lodlRBsrtion, Morbid Inaction of th* Bowels &n>1 I'*JE, artrinr therefrom. Flatulency, Lose nf Appetite, all rir*>r ons and CttUueona Dteesuee which re^alre an oT^rnant irin«, Bcrofnla or Klnir'i RrlL Tb«-y aleo, hy pnrfy the blood and sthnuIatlBf tht cyitezn, cur* many plainta wbich It •would not be luppfe*^ tbf^r roriW nmch, fturh as Dnafnese, Partial Rltndn^es, N*ar»l|fl« an-1 Nervons Irritability, D-Aranfrvoients of tb* LJT*.r and KU oeyft, Ooat, svnd otht^r kindrvd comi-UinU .utatng from • w Mate of the body or obctrnctton of tts function*. IV not be ptit off by uoprlnrtp»»«d dvial»n with »um* oth«r pll] t h* T tusJt • more prcfl 1 on. Ask for A T EH «j PrLLB, aad tmk*i n**thing »1«* No oth>*r thoy r»n ^JT* 'on nampar*« with this In It* Intrinsic v«la*> or rnr«ttTo suwfrs Th« sick WMit tb« b*««t nJJ th*T-« n |hr tb«m, i&d thay «h°nl<l ha** IL Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYT3H, Praetieal and Analytical ChemUt, Lovall, Mais H8 On. na Box. rm BOTB ma 1 1. PATENT MEDICINES. MEDIC A i. DR. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, AMD DR. HOOFLAXD'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL,, The gTtat standard medicines of th* prftenl ay, have acquired thnr great popularity only through yean of trial. Unbounded tatufae- llon u rendered ky tkem in all cases ; and the people haoe pronounced them worthy. Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaondlre, Debility of the Xervoas Syitera, Uhoases or tbe Kidneys, and all diseases arifiny frrim 4 disordered lirfr or weatmfss of th* stomach and <iigr*lir' organs, art speedily and permanently curtd fjy the GKRMAN BITTER.H. Thf Balsamic Cordial k-is ai-^nrtd i reputation turpassin>i thai. '>/ 'int/ nmiL,ir preparation --xtant It 'rill ntr«. WITUUIT rill, th4 most iffrt tind \nntj~itandimj Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchi Us. In- Saenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Inci plant ' Consumption, bna It.lf f>-*rt' ,rrned the must J<'"iitshi'tj ~u.''-i fv<~r known oj Confirmed Constnnption. A /."/• 'Ins,, inll .lljr, .;/ .,r,,-, ->,,-'i , n ,{ ,-„•• ihf m<,.n .,?rrn Dlarrhcaa p'-ic.tdm,/ JTCV'A'S/T'D )l^iUvLil OF THE AC Y E These medicines j CKSON ,4 C., , .Vv f prepare 4H .!.'• dr.llf. r ,r i M J, r .<* I N V 1 in > (i () ii A To K 8OLB BT JOHN RICE. Ml.wxotr*. J. II. H»'KH i CO., C'-:ra»n • r . in l^- '"n I--.1 3t»t«i DR. M'LANF/S CF.LKBRATF.n VERMIFUGE ,\ X r) LIVER PILLS. 4'IrciiIt Court, « ount) of Portage. William B. Trejulweli, Jehn 8. Perry|and Bdwitrd Norton, • gainst U. H- toacg, Murj A. Youug, John W. Bachelor, I. D. flojrers, 1. li. Morrison, William M. Sinclair, A. Qun- nison, tt. Yelverton, b. 0. WaUcr, J. A, Dreyforea, Q Satterlee, O. A. Bennett, L T. Wllcoi, O r Per. rj-, J. U. Backer, B White, G. H. Wngbt, G, S. Mor. fey, J. M. Benedict, J. 0. Meeker, J. M. Perkins and O C. Mei(S. Tbe State of Wisconsin to the above nameu Defendants : JIBS:—Ton are hereby tnmmowd and required to " answer the complaint In this action, of wnlch • copy is herewith served npon you, and serve a C9py of yonr answer on us at onr office, numbers 8 and « In the State Bank of Wisconsin building, In tike City of Milwaukee, within three mouths after the aerrlre hereof exclusive of the 4ay of such service; and If y< a fall to answer the compUintas aforesaid, the plaintiff" will apply to the Oonrt for the relief demanded In the cooT- plaint. Dated Mllwunkee. March 23,1S59. G. A. * J. C. STARKWEATHER. PlfTs Attorneys, U I Olu Witness Hon. George W Gate, jncli. of tie —••— . 70i .Indicia! Circuit, al Plcrer, tlie 23d da» 8*il_ j. of March, A. D. 1859. ' -**•»• ' GEO. R. WALBSIDOl: Olerk. The complalul in ihe above entitled cause will be filed In the office of the Oltrk of the Circuit Oonrt at Plover, on the 2Mb day of April, G. A. i 1. 0. 8T. , Plaintiffs Attorneys. apri!l.law6w 598] SUEItlFF'S SALE. [\^i STATE Ot W18COSS1N, ( Circuit Court, Milwaukee County ) Joseph B. Treat, against Thomas A. l-yue, Caroline J. Lyne, John B. Weld and E. A. PolleJi. i N virtue of and punraanl to a decree r«nU ere a u, _L said Court, In tbe above entitled action, dated the 15th da; of March, 1859,1 sball expose tor sale and sell at public auction, at the Foil Office In the pity of Mil- 9HI4]> SAI.I . ,>eiv BTATS OF \MiiOOriSIN, , Circuit Couit, UDvankee County, | Matilda Foote, against Herman L Paifr, George B. Mallory, Uarrell M. Km K«rr«id, Harati FIUK«raltl, hi« wife, Thomas I Kee- and OH ben W. Roe- Jud(rment of Foreclosure and Sale. I N virtue of and pursuant lo a Judgment render ed la said Court, In the above entitled action I shall expose for sale and sell st pnbllc auction, atih Court Houae in the city of .Milwaukee, on satur da), ihc I8IU drty of June, 1&59, at th hour of 2 P. M. of that day, the following describee mortgaged premise*, o^ so much thereof as may b Decenary to raise the amount due to the sal<l plalnllff '.ignher wlti Interest apd expenses of Bale, to wit "Quarter block tientj-olnr (29J, In Uieeavl half of the south west quarter of Hectlon No. twen. ty-one [11], In wwoihlp No. seven [7], north of range twenty-two [%£j east, to the First Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, ID the County of Milwaukee and State of) Wisconsin." Dated Coroner's Office, Milwaukee, Dee. 16, 18JS. fiLDO t ODT, 1 RU11ERT WA8ON, It. Pl'rfs Att'ya. ( Coroner Mil. Co., Wls. may be oeceKarv to raise the vacant of Bald Juds- ments, Interest and cost*, together with expense* of sale, to (fit : , •' Too north one half of loti number ten (101 and twelve (12), in block number forty-sir 'US', In tbe Eighth vVard of the said o!ty of M Iwau- kee, being on Walker^ Point Addition toiild oity, in the Ooqnty of Milwaukee, Bute uf Wla'** Dated Sheriff's office, Mil»ankee, April 1, 1--S9. 'nioHM, LTHOT * Motia, I T A. J. LANGWoaTAT, ".»•< 92O] BUTE OF Clnmit Court, Milwaukee CIRCUIT OOrjKT, I Connty of Milwaukee. ( John A. Page, eiecnKir of the Isit will and tnuamen of Heteklak II. Reed,.deceased, PlainUfJ, afalnst Hoel B. Camp, Charted W. Perkins, Alpha C. Ma; Krnst F. Hemberg, Frederick W. Ue tiberg, "has H. Ramlen, William' U. l,yon, Warren il. Lyon Robzrt ghaw, Morris ;8oher, John Uone, Jameo g B-own, John Perlclni,;)lulford Uelmer, Llnnnui 0 Hill, 0. P. A Hlnnchs, Kdward Wlllets, Joseph Wil lets, Salomon Jackaofc. John Burgess, Kooert G Dal , John 11. Goddaril, Joseph 8. Hastlnfrs, Jo.enl S. Hastlnns, Jr., Thom»s A. Reea, Wllli*ln L. Pelrce, James Patiee, lohn M, Mc»arl»nc, WHUam Pnlllps Defc-ndants. i Tbe State of Wisconsin, to the above named defendants Y OD are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint In this action, which is Bled in thr office of the Olerk of thejClrcult Coon for the County of Milwaukee, at the City of, In said County, and to »erve a copy, of your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers, at their office, Nos. 8 and 4 Albany Building, li the said City of Milwaukee, within twenty days _aflei the service, exclusive of the day of snob, service; audjlf you fall lo answer the complaint within the tuna afdresald, tbe plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded In the complaint. J —- 1 Wlints! tbe Jlon, AUTHOR MoARTHUB, -""••' Judge of Circuit Court for said County ol Milwaukee, it Milwaukee, this 16lh day of April, 18». I 11OOKEB t SPANOKNBKBO, I Plaintiff's Attorneys, I Milwaukee, Wisconsin. may«-law6w BTATB OF WISCONSIN,!) Milwaukee County. |J M ' In the matter of the EetaU of R. 8. Kinney, deceased. '- — ' ...1SB9, ine 8. fi. Klnney, stating tbe County of Milwaukee, 16th day of March, 18£9, died tate.ute laryTnttl mliiE*; 1 »gittoit'- I Tnttleand r,,' rF.iTnttl«."J Jud|ment Sale. Wllber F. Tuttle I B TlrijBofandpuTBa»DUlo ajadgnient.rendered Jn •aid Donrt, JO Ithe above enUtlefl action. <at«a Aprir*Igbt«en,.J8S,), I ihall expoie for sale and ett« PuMlc Acctt»n,»t tbfrfPort 0«ce, in the Ctiy of an, v^. on 8»t»ra»T.«lH»8eil. drtT Of inlSMtatthehour of 2 p. M., or that day, it u -»*^ l ^-"»rt««ge4SrMnl«e», ! Voirlr!''-''- «Tbeea«thlrtr ftrtof lotoamoer^nrec CSI.Id- Woek nnmber^ne luuiorea-riua .ltty.tfir.4 : H68J,I to t a»e-Beeon«l:<W«rt, ( 'nt Oa, Oity i ountjrof:MlIw»ok«and""-'-—•-«•• * »W> -;H1»«WOTAVWW1 oonfafldon, "Tbon mrt th» Chri«,the8o^<rf theliyingtH>a,''iBi .""".;.::". . ~"';Wwi. doaot«iT«n-4iaadi»-to may2T-law3w B '. t 5?]?'L n '«.. Oonrity JuJgt. ^SMcs ol the posriioneraent fora period of the pnblic saica "at tltn ii.«i A *ffice at SnperiorlCHy, Wi^o^f n n0 " r * deredby proclfur^ationNo. O28. - .T»J<mOB U hereby glteirUnt the public talea i.1 edby procIamatlcD poi OJ8, dated rwim: 1888, tb be held at (he lafltf -~ ^"- - Deejml on the 2d ana Uth \\/"F. beg leave to call the attention ot the Trade, and mort especially the Physicians of the country, to two of the most popu lar remedies now be fort- the public We refer to Dr. Chan. .11 'Lane's Olfbraird Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them a; universal Cure-alls, but simply tot what their name purports, viz. THE VERMIFI T f,E, For expelling Worms from tht human system. It has also beer administered with the most satis factory results to various Animals subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS. For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS. all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND Ar.i'F, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled, ind never known to fail when administered in accordance with tht directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business, in which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will now give then undivided time and attention tc their manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills shall continue to occupy the high position they now hold among tht great remedies of the day, they <vill continue to spare neither time nor expense in procuring the Best ind Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough manner; Address all orders to PLEM1.VG BROS. Pittsbnr^, Pa. P.a Desiors asd Physicians .ordering Com other. Jam Fleming Bros, wm do iretl to write -<heir orden gtlnctly, and tola no* Int Dr. KlanSi, mpared (3 rleming Bros, Puttburyh, /b. To thorn wishing to glv< Aeto a trULJwa wDl fcrward per mall, post paid, to anj of th^ltJnltrf 8tatta,.one box of i^ffla^ twdvl cent nosjtage stamps, or ono vial of VerinlfngB *» rarteen three-cent atanpa, -ill orders from Canada moil I tod Retail, >MHt cod MXaoe Vsralfage : •,j-^":-.-t ,.7..-.T^* ^^ia—i^ U,il _ _ K J . JL-»i 1 Ll 11 ill :•• l,li<ll I'M I >, I.N VENTlnN '8 OKI. : o HI i j; »j 1 ?; 3 |) KU 'ii i-> i i){ A i). .: hi-r Muiu t>v ntiii;' '.r r.tii|M' T-. ( CfKK WARjlANTRD. .*'JN have JeV'iicd 'hv r n.l •. -nurntJy t>i-fn en*ibu:a s, 's fully Icstiflrd itid r. v iirsv;«nl pAtunM 41, 'rom ftll j..irxs .tt the . (> .nly of .-.>nsa:iai'..n.s, •» h^v- -tf, r r .-nr :.: l, r . y - [ . in n hai Lhr frit !.. caiMen nt t>i 'tn \'.'T .. -i i Mmpi^ coLiilmun i.j Lhav ..i '.. rf. r' u.. *t. l .[] V"lt r ilr, J :hry have i.waj' llr.l .It. ;.. 3S.lnl.tJ i.t Ulctr pfcvrntl .11 II.«1 ,< I '.<->» •- ^'inxhly fuuuil tlmt llu- n,.4l I n. i ."[t;i.« -if ll*e.u)e Ci.ul.l 41111..-! r, v r». .-.l l.. , :,e , r tin- fuiow.nfcr -a.i.,,.8 4 -. ;lcC>, -I' U,' .!l -(T^CU Of Ullati.lllUl rtil..l (1 a:iD«QI . tn. r r .. .re, LIR. A >fort X 6<'N i'< t, iiI-i:iuKl *xnl ''autl'^ait i-<mr*v , 'iniaiii f i 3 p ... '•• >l -i-cn^'lit^ wMcti licar »n e")aiv <-\. , .ts «^i: .. il>.-se Whose premiitur^ nr nju -ni :tt. .1. .'•'! t>. Iir-^ltH-tlV- • t had ,- r,.^. )u , I.LII. u ol |.rival,. milivuln^lH. lit *h r', t ,. tn-i ;f '.rir.r : ellitMlles IS the i^saenin< o: lif.-, »r.d « 'i , ''Ml ll..ud iil.NTIiY [ art .if Uiu world « Iti .1 reuiiu^i i :, r Medicine-, .«c \MOJl * SON, c..rutr Lru u • %« Nlll.KIKK' it rt 1SCONJIIN, County, f Shepard, amat Christian Henry Meyrr, and Margaret, fu* wi/e. J* S Br. w.i. Marl. O. P.ivrr, Rilvurl UHBB, W,ili,ni t. SUrn.l, ."-elson Webittr, Charl-ii A K.>~i>l'- D«tmer Kscriback, B. Koti.lis and A. vv i,r"»-woi A.lmlnl3trati;rs of the estate nf John U. Lctiny, dr ceased, Ormand T Ciane, Ch«rlf» 9., Ailmjii.^ triilor uf th« tsi.^ie o( Charles O. Schre.ner, .fee. MM e«l, Jamra \V . A .eiell act! llf. man (). C Ke(U(>er. N virtue uf H ml pur>uanl to a juilirmeAt n.ndcr>'«l it saul Court in lneatM>vi?timltledactlon,.iiatr<l Fenrua ry S, 15&.', 1 (hall expose [or sale »nJ J«H »l Puhlic iu,- al ihe Post-Ofllce. in tbe City jl Milwaukee, on irtlii). !!><• Otli tiny of Jtili, t-,'9 at thf hour of a r « . nf that day, thi- 'nllowinc Ii.'- crlned nmri^aifeil pmnlsta or so tuuch 'hereof aa may >^nece»«arv 10 raise Iho amount of taid .mdgini'ni, . erest 'I'd .-I.SM, tonether wtlh the expenses nf sale, l.i rlt: -Lot number -txte«n 113) an<l the east half f I.a number alteco^lS), IB bloci forty-live (4i), in Ibe deennil Ward of Uie C ty <-.f ililwaiik.-r, he- inK o.i Tamarack strtrt, hcty^n fifth in,I 9ix-h sirn-ts, all In tho Coantj ol Mllir-ultra and ^tale of Wisconsin.*' Dateil .-herill 'i O01.-e M.lflraukce, April S, 1»S9. A. J. LAN'. WORTHY. aprS-Sm-Iiniw Sheriff Mllwuuite Co., rt i. UUU] S.ILE rfl'ATK OP WlaCONSlN, I Circuit CunrU Ullwaolcee Count;. ( amea S. Brnwo, Joshaa dathawar aoj Thooins L- Ogden, against A. Patterson Smith and Alfred ICdwjrdj.j roreclomce. I N virtue of and pursuant fa a judgment renileretl In Slid Court, in the above entitled action, d.iu.l March 17, 1SS9, t shall expose for sale and tell at Public uction, at tbe Post O.lice, In the city of Mil<vauk,e, .Saturday? the ad dn F of July, i&a, at lehourofSp. «. of; till* day, the following described ortffsttfeil premises, or to much t'-ereof as may be ne- eisary to raise the amount of aald judgment, interest n<l cuits, together with the e-xpenses of sale, to wit : '•Block, number twenty-eight (2S), of CUrlc's addition, in the Eighth Ward of the Mj «{ Mil- •csukce an.d county of IIUvauKee, and State of Wisconsin. ateaflfitrhTa Offlce, Ininnkee, April 1st, 1809. ITTO B. OODIH, » . .A.J.LAW6rVOOTHy, PITaAU'y. f SnerlffHll. C»,Wla. •prl-3mlln»w 1 N .. • i- '4 V N . - ? ,\r i'K.- \ r -; V> i':it. \ • NT» I'M.' V • > V- \ . Ml . , .V «N.' H\ . \ ! . 4 M I KKK I" -I' * '' I ''' i.-* [14 \IAHK..» r - -V ' . . I M MA Kl\ IC'l ' , - 1 L, iL l.S. \ N ; i i , . * . *\ \.N.1 i . .. l..'.l ^ S u , . '. , , ,i '\ Si I r H 1 \ N . • III \ I I r tir. No. 1)8 Rnn.l.'iph, -r-i^r . !>,. :i ,r,,. lyorUiftf rnirir•«••:•; ••> fin 'v,iy <~i .-••LOST .>'/'/'///' .1 VY> //S. *pw:irt|8 Ol V*H IITNU'th: '» v - '>.TM r C. w thin Ihe !» a i • u- .--•<-.. m.-iri v n # •n bhnil for montdn nn.l v -UPS i»v,. . .,1 tored instainlv by ,<V.'i. •/;,- n tt i 'ii$i<:>tfi,i Ue others^ »fiu bav i 'u-rti 'Ur*- -:vr. ifr v ' e# f i mtrHrnforiHly .'»r-<l t>y rjulit ,u,i -r- meat. The but pro.if *J to now l>r. . , Her ,•«.,, ftt*d It, that he h Jaily rt.-c*-!v iv,' m--? ^Hti i) part* of the coantry, *n«i iimuiia^KiL. «received cases. ee la required for aa ejcamtti!tti< n ->r for lerrlccs that *re n*t£ »u<-.-.i*«/ en Uw patient!» received. Dr. to be had jm a M EboTa.

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