Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 22, 1959 · Page 18
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 18

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 22, 1959
Page 18
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•6 PAMPA t)AlL¥ NEWS FEBRUARY 22, 1959 51st Year Poor Posture Path To Weary Wrinkles This spring hats display real brims, real crowns and k>U of vivid color In a "more hat" silhouette. But hats are not overpowering There tr« many small, neat styles for petite women. The straw skimmer (upper left) in cork-cotored pearly'milan is by Mr. John, It's banded in striped ribbon. Straw roller (center) by John Frederics is In a fresh, brilliant blue with white trim. This has high crown. The great, big, gorgeous flowered hat (upper right) is done by Sally Victor in Paris pink with feathers and/roses blended in » beautiful brim. The hat that makes the most of a profile Is by Lily Dache (lower left) in apricot straw. It has folded and manipulated brim with small bow at the back. From Emme comes this hat in three colors (center), blending straw and fabric. Colors are toast, white and black. Straw Is milan and white fabric is crisp organdie. The coolie hat takes on a new look (lower right) as done by Irene in light green with light daisy trim of yellow-and-bhie. Colors are fresh, clear and strong and color combinations are daring. MATURE PARENT By MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCE The front doorbell chimes, and the mother calls from the kitchen, "Dave, there's the door. Answer it." But the obedient rush of footsteps from upstairs doesn't come and she calls again. When the bell chimes once more, she jams her paring knife into a DEAR ABBY... By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: I have been mar- and I go back to bed. If I "help" and we have them get ready I start to pick and mother-in-law nag and work myself Into a ner- rled for nine years three children. My potato, walks into the hall, railing jalways refers to my children * _ _ -. n /™\xr f o -tli:i.rlr<Ar* \A/n a ft a ts A t* one as angrily, "Dave, didn't you hear?" From halfway downstairs, skates in hand, the child says sullenly, "It's just Stubby, Mom. It's just Stubby ringing for me." "As he closes the door behind him, he doesn't look at her. 13 Dave's dawdling the problem. No, dear reader. The lady's need for immediate gratification of her wishes is the problem. |h 7 Yesterday, driving downtown, she felt the same irritation at a red traffic light that she fell toward Dave just now. She feels It ROY'S children. Whenever she is showing a picture will always say, Of them "These she are ROY'S get so burned up when she does this that ' Spring Hats High, Wide 'N Handsome With Brilliant Display Of Vivid Color By ALICIA NBA Beauty Editor the way that you hold your head when you read of walk has a good deal to do with the appearance of yotir neck, If you hold your head high when you're reading and look At faces as you walk, chances ftre your neck is smooth and wrinkle-free. But If you hunch over your book, digging your chin Into your collarbone and If, you stare at the sidewalk, chances are equally good that you're collecting a. sizable web of wrinkles under the chin and a. series of unlovely circles around your neck. Posture may sound like a dull word but it has ft. good deal to do with your being a beauty. The fact is, no woman can possibly be a beauty Unless she has posture that's nearly perfect. The bent knee, the drooping head, the slouching walk, the curved back can all conspire to turn a woman Into a caricature of what she might be. Gals who find that their hands remain rough In spite of cleaning might resort to a trick of grandma's — white cotton gloves worn to berl fit night. It works like this; Cream your hands thoroughly, using one, two or three coats, as necessary. Tli en don a. pair of clean old white cotton gloves. The cream or lotion will stay where it be longs, on your hands, during the night. And It will have time to do i a job penetrating the smoothing itlie skin. The gloves can go into 1 the washer during the day and be ! ready for the next evening. Floor mopping, dishes and cleaning the bathroom are All es- | sentlal to good housekeeping anc i rough on the hands. If yours are | the kind you'd rather sit on at a tea or cocktail party, try giving them the old glove routine. It really works. By GAILE DUGAS NEA Women's Editor If you find that your lipstick tends to cake and peel off In cold ceivable shape, including the,weather, try using a lip pomade heightened wig type. There are j before you apply lipstick. This ciochca and small caps done in acts just as a liquid foundation NEW YORK (NEA) — Real iflower3 and> of course) the wide- brims, .tall crowns and brilliant I brimmed flower hat laden with color give this spring's hat brand j beautiful blossoms. Sometimes the! stay smooth new dimensions. I flowers are actually made of fea-jhours. The overall effect is one of jthers. For these flower hats, the fa- Be sure to does In protecting your skin and creating a base. The lipstick will much more hat. Turbans, vous state. I tell them if theyj tonSi rollers, cone shapes even sailors show the new and creamy for let It look! are late, they can make their own excuses because I am not writing o£ ne |g n t. They also demonstrate j any (They haven't been late yet.) new femininily . Thi3 comKS Abby, dear, tell those mothers parlly from the sofl Rlra ws and j pOT DUSV Bee Club who are nervous wrecks they're gllks uacd for the hnts nnf , an i| Rllsy Rpp Homc Demonstrati 'set." how- bre-jvorite shades are the pastels and 'ever, for at least 20 minutes be and, white. I fore you blot It with a cleansing j tissue. That way, it will stay on ! longer and with a clear outline. making nervous wrecks of their <l thjg Ignorant habit », fight BURNED UP silks used for the hats and partlyj Busy Bee Home Demonstration from the fact that even the ordi-'ciub met in Buck's Drive-In for I have to clench my fists and grit children and they should cut it out. narily severe na ji or has been'a called meeting. ONE WHO KNOWS softened by addition of trimming.! Forms were distributed for a Not all of the brims are wide, Food Nutrition Survey the counly ToT Garden Club Has Lunch Social DEAR ABBY: The young worn- of course. DEAR BURNED: Listen ly. YOUR parents probably refer Some are only an inch 1 is taking. an who works for my husband deep. But they're there. In the) Club goals were discussed gave him a tie for Christmas. He[ lrue profile hat, they shadow thej adopted; among these were to a* bnnt h «r T f»M ahnnt h«r 'Hurl 6 ^ 8 mysteriously, lending the ] sist the library and 4H club, tt ,.i«« | Know * ow ' ' I look made famous by Crawford,'was agreed to'pay for a program close 'j taste is hideous but he wears the 1 whenever she has to wait for her ( 0 the children as MAXINE'S a queue at the bakery children. This is a natural "habit" (and you'd be wise to overlook it. turn in store. If the telephone is busy when she calls she.'ll slam down the re- DEAR ABBY: I am a man who tie constantly Just to aggravate me. How would you handle this? Garho and Dietrich. | for the library. intricately! Mrs. Elmer Williams was nam draped and often done in vivid: Turbans are soft, to replace Mrs. Lee Harnby WIFE "ilk prints. Brilliant pink is com- DEAR WIFE: Ignore it. knot worth the aggravation. ceiver with the same Impatience married a woman who was mar- jried twice before. Both of her j husbands died. I bought her an that drove the knife into the potato. She's the ladv who must have everything she wants the instant'especially nice wedding band. She she wants it, including the obedi- wears it on the same finger with ence of her child. iher other two wedding bands. I So getting his instant obedience don't know if I have the right to won't solve her problem. The traf-jask her to please take off her fie lights will continue to interfere, j other two wedding bands and wear and other bakery store customers |only mine. Is It proper to wear and telephone callers will get in ; three at once? the way. Sh'j'll continue to get rnad at them, never connecting the irritation they arouse with the irritation aroused by her dawdling young- Et-r. Parents should always examine DEAR ABBY: Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, did I ever see myself in one 'of your reader's letters! That I mother who yelled at her daugh whom you "kill time" or you'll be doing some. That chick is under age. NUMBER THREE DEAR THREE: A woman is en titled to wear only one wedding band at a time. Ask her to please put the first two away. for this shortcoming. t'siiiilly we develop this need in chiliiiiooii by association with people, who break promises. We learn- e.l the hard way that waiting for g'-Hlific;itkm of our wishes always ended in disappointment. Without knowing it, we began to distrust all waiting as disappoint- inonls, and trust fiilv wishes that j were instantly fulfilled. want, we immediately conclude This distrust is our impatience that we're never going to get it, with the dawdler. Because he de- And attack him with our old anger lays the immediate obedience we an expected disappointment. Florida Oranges Fight "Cold War" ter to get her off to school on time could have been me a few years ago. No more! I Just wake up the kids, have breakfast on the table, let them help themaelves CONFIDENTIAL TO EM YOUNG": Careful 'LIKES with reporter. Final plans were It's bined, for instance, with a gentle yellow. Green pairs up with while and royal blue takes to white, too. their There are many clochas in the!'" tlle home collections of top American de- Harry Bahr. made for a r for members ard to bo. held Feb. 14 of Mr. and M r .«. For a personal ABBY in care of ?lo«e a nelf envelope. reply, write to this paper. En- addressed, itan>|>ed signers, these often showing deep' Attending the meeting were brims turned bark off the fa.-e.' Mmns. F. J. Pne, Harry Bahr, (.'. Some of these ai e intended for T. Smith, I-eon Oshorne. Dale wear with the are suit or coHt with 1 ntandaway collar or no collar. Flower hats are back in groat j profusion and are prettier than' ever. They're done In every con- , B. O, Bartrand, Lee Hani- j by, and Elmer Williams. Top o 1 Texas Garden Club mem- , hers met 1n the Colonial Inn for and i luncheon on Tuesday at 1 p.m. Following luncheon, plans were discussed for gardening this month and for landscaping the parkways at the intersection of Coffee — Perryton Parkways and Duncan — Louslana. Upon adjournment, the group went tfl the two sites and decided on the size and shapes of the beds and types of plants and shrubs to be used. Those present were Mmes. E. R. Anderson. Jamie Deal, Fred Hlnk- ley, H. H. Huntley, K. L. Hy man, Konneth Osbome P. V. Rowe, W. L. Stark, and Raymond Welch. The ine.xt meeting for the club will be hold on Feb. 2 at 1 p.m The Jfews Classified Ads. in the home N, Sumner. of Mrs. Osbom, 200 Delicious Dessert Surprise ThU delicfously different dessert, teaming thf«« wonderful "gdj together" ingredients, is lufe to brighten Winter menus, Layered In sandwich fashion, there are cri«o graham crackers for tht base, then ctoatn cheese and A crowning; layer of grape-flavored gelatin. It's so ealy to make too. Try it tonight Gf*p« GeUiln Surprint i package grape-flavored y t cup butter, melted gelatin 1 package (3 ounce*) cream 1 cup hot water cheese, softened 1 cup cold water 2 tablespoons cream 1 cup graham cracker crumbs V 4 cup confectioners' sugaf Dissolve grape-flavored gelatin in hot water. Add cold water. Chill until slightly syrupy. Mix graham cracker crumbs with butter. Reserve about V4 cup of crumb miiture for RarniSn. Press remaining mixture into lOxG-inch loaf pan. Bake in modj erate oven (375'P.) 5 minutes. Cool. Blend crenm cheese and light cream. Add confectioner*' sugar and mix well. Spread over cooled crtimb layer. Then pour gelatin carefully over erwua cheese layer. Chill until almost firm. Sprinkle with remaining crumb mixture. Chill. Makes about 6 servings. COMPLETE TUNE-UP Any Make, Machine Regular value S6 50 An expert SINGER-trained mechanic will come to your home and ... V* Mjait and kibnca tintlonri ** Check ftbrk-hindtidf mwMfllwil ** De-lint tfirMd-tiimllinf isftmbly! V Oil entire machine! ^ IrtJp^st motor! V lubricate meUr, IT nettft* V Check wirinc fer wfetyi In addition, you g«rff FREE • SUPPlY Of Oil AND NtflOiH • NIW SINOIR MIT AND MIMN, lor SfN0eR madilnii t«M THE SINGER MfO. CO. SINGER SEWING CENTER lUltd w r»«r«M ko«k <xl r mtdtr SINOEI StWING MACHINC CO. 214 N. Cuyler MO 4-6941 BUYS HIS WIFE Protecting yourself from colds is the best way to fi^ht th« war against them. A large glassful of Florida orange juice uuurtf you th» vitamin C you need daily to keep your re»i*t»nee to wiat«r- time ilia at a high level. It is » good idea to have it fttft thiai and be sure you follow the healthful juice witb 9, breakfa»t that ii nutritious arid satisfying. Poached eggs on toast served with crup bacon would be a food send-off any winter morning. Oranges this time of year are priced low so that you can well aflord to treat your family to fmhly squeezed juice every morning, and during the day for refreshing -ps as well. From every five pounds of Florida's thin-sJ<inn*d a, you will fief; at least a quart ol tiat favofitt d «U APPLIANCES! Elegance in one word,.. Chinchilla! The man who thi language of quality U the kind of man who wants his wife to have a new built-in GAS Range, like chinchilla, it btspeaks quality it a glance! Beautiful finishes and styles fit the decor of the most fashionable kitchen. But the real language of quality Is I language of results! A modern built-in Gas Range is » accurate as to add slide-rule precision to the art of fine cookery. Completely automatic, it take) over the routine chore of pot-watching. It places complete control in the hands of the cook, following her instructions to the letter. Yes, in every way (economy included) GAS gives you more. And where the finest i| truly appreciated... GAS ioneer Natural Gas Company

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