The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 11, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 11, 1973
Page 4
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VIEWPOINT Possible China oil a big thing It All Depends on How You Look ot It Tbe development of stronger economic, relations with Peking may enable the United States eventually lo escape from a risky omtfcpendence on wl from the Middle Bast, where Moscow's military might and influence haw txx-n growing these past few years. Almost equally- important lo the United States politically and militarily. China's oil resources, if they prone as art-ally a* expected, couW provide major altcmate sources of supply ft* Japan and I 1 .8 allies in Europe, THU listing of Peking a* a future alternate soure* (or petroleum assumes Mao Tse-tung's government will jwt oil profits above ideology and that the China- Soviet cold war will continue unabated, Analysis here say the odds are good on both these counts. Preliminary studies indicate there are major pelroJeum r**cuiws in the M-as oif the coast of China. In meetings «<th businessmen recently, U.S. government officials have reported Peking has now given priority to the devvtopmer.t of rational oil resources — including exploration, drilling, rvfuung and the manufacture of petrochemicals. Likewise. Japan. Korea, Taiwan, South Vietnam and Indochina are looking for ways to exploit their own' ojfsiwre petroleum resources, also believed to be quite large Talks between Peking and tho otlrer governments mentioned above with Washington and *tth private Anwncan JIM BISHOP: REPORTER husiw.*.<mfn tr;lioaU> that Ihwe lamb will be tnlere»letl in canMderahte V S teehnivAl assistance and-to some extent (virtici(Mttun by U S companies. Though lh* Chinese headed by Mao are said to be (earful oi the participation by American concerns and by any ouwde agency or government a* a result «S their shattering experience with the Russians some time back, this reporter knows from hi* own experience that Mao hittwelf, and Owu Kn-lai, were at one lime greatly interested in private American investment. Mac*'*men »ill find <k.itne may to ratiwalue cooperation with I? S. industry. Though Chines? oil, if it conies. U wnu'tttiftg for ytMrs in the future, politically and psychologically that «ii!-buhed petroleum can have » real importance tixlay tr>. restraining «ORH> ot she hotter heads m the Mkfclto Kast Already. *wn* Middh- E*it leader* lw»e suss**!?*! strongly that their oil will be u*«d pulitically in the future, a* the rsmi arises. They hasr referred. poir.inJJy to the Vtuted Sut«-s and to West European cnuntrw* Jts Slve ivalK*i> which must be krpf in Jui* Some «< the en0rtno«s income from Middle K-asI tn! i» being tsmrd by same states ti? SUISK! the activities oi terrorvU groups in the Mediierraoron l'n\erifV«i report* tttgymt that m Aim an- also with thew ml rrvi'ru*c» TMK HHAZOSIMWT I'MTS Comment and Opinion , T*»i» M»MUy,JmM>ll. ANDERSON MfKRYGOjOUND Kalmbach was in on Watergate cover-up JACK A\tl»;K*lN tUN »y l>»*»feJ«rf anfo Jb&i }:>rfteh(fi4« lh to » {»»-> him tfJ.&Xt * )*.». |*¥« **("*!!»*•> t'ai l»,ie3SE<.»it*c v-df* t*»J wdknl ttttttan KaJrt,iJawfs -nfut'fs i»*» (fatMiZflstwi '.v BUSINESS MIRROR Corporate data hard What's if all about you women libbers ? world's to read Everybody » for because a gu> could gcs kill«tj twifj^ agatnsl it, CM course 1 do out. Jtrstf* *tut si means or what the U<livr> «an! !o f*.- liberated fr«n. or even to iwwnettni^ 1 am be$*1 by the nutty notion thai if 1 !»:en to women, or read tiseu ma{>atinj~i. something sensible » bowxl to cwne up I have just Iiniihed reading Catherine Breslin's "Waking t ; p From the Dream oi Women's Lib" in a magazine called "Couples" Tim ii so intelligently confusing that, when 1 meet my wife. we now shake hands Listen* "My named friends are with affairs and divorce*, dumping the kids on their husbaral* when ihsy sjst!. flying oif to Europe to buro around Uke they wanted to 15 years ago, and I say *?!!. of course, why oof" Kevl Before Kood Why not indeed'* And don't !<x$e'. in carry a gross of pills utwn >ou CTWVS Italy Miss Brcslin betnoarts a man i* ho "had tr.e trained to taie off his shoes and nw»agc his fe*t before he ate the French dmm-r Id spent the day cooking " 1 would gutrs.-. six had to pet his tootsies to kwp him To find out hem Women's Ijb is nuking out M» Bresltn mtervie*ed J5 fr«? women Some wtr* so fire that the>" •*«*• in an agony of guilt Seven were single, i: married, eight wparau-d. eight divorced Twenty had « cruldreri All were truly liberated, but 12 had given i*-rKA» ihouglii to killing them»e!vcs or their htuhandv Car la is petite, 28. divorced, and livre. with a five-year<4d son She drives a cab She woo her husband David b) camping cm hi» apartment steps wuh little prtstnt* wbea the was n He finally niarritd brr to escape the draft This marriage was made in heaven She joined a cortsciousne&* ra ising group (CB> and the Lib girls told her that women are better people because they are m cioser touch with their emoUuns She Itft David. Now »he fe«ls that it is "far tenter (o be lonely and go to the movies " See? You don't understand. "If Oria is sleeping with a man and U turns out I* never happens to make breakfast fur U-r. she crosses Riiu off her list But &he still can't imagine being married without bting bcesed around " She sleeps with twu 3>year-did boys. She calls them WT "babks." Then '.Jx-ff i* i;*»x<u Sh*'» J loud rujj. 4-t. liberated r.iisc vcan She hj«.» hrtr *.'«.l* cji'. t wais aim! t-"*} gru-* up irifj ni!k ou' H<-r conpUifl! £•* thai *.V ji$ !5 *'-»" - fo * !! her (jlhcr'i to !!vr K\ JOHN fl Al* HuiliM-ll \jljtyil NKW YOitK >AC' W'A'fi <.- At*ju?, our i Ihr itv r Jfr lo Thr JJOifctuffK t.t tHrti ;!J«Ufl{«} ft-/ .'«ift>.'.i.T '*ft«^ j!!i-c>s;i'.:« to iu j !»{a/C4l j-ftKiia! trftX',, '.tii^ \ktc *&>lr '-?{* ft* ^.itrrsii-i. f'H't'^U'xx 1 *, t^ fioirt '.r^r fjfvijA^)»#n »,^4:-V;t"'. 4-"..iiyifs aajf 6;«'.<!» <«'. aivi jii fc»r !tie «.*w S.VWV "IhM M me J(! mine " \o-» ^^se can «y > ! Her husband t» or'.irt^ hj-s par«>U. j fiAndtTiat^xr . a *i,'c and icur ii<b Sfcr't .««'• hint fsr fcttck »>jps»r! Her ibujttUrt. Axuiie, u Uvift)! *>ih a in K«chrs{iff SJsr. too, t» liberated K\cirp« for one thisg «h*-'t The ksd can "10- fr««<J«xn working (ex her. f.*i( for brr stu> to U' »i and tfc thr A<«i ttv. to » to bj i* (<wm f in f At *(«••« the tfgj! cum«5'jr,;<.s'.p» tuiic at Now ji:i tern ','.* ill'Jfi of it. itjtditwf fytti tfttc and Tfc« - > «f«. t tnt! a (o each oJftcr how g£«l it a Ksghty prr cms (4 ifa-ir frwncb at } to (Jtor an«i pjrtieuUrtj ptil$vi)Ie firuolcr fwt» are good for dve natural cuS-off - you ;uit Brooke's t'.'K ^r'Ajp w »)mpathc(«: "Tlw) '*(!«"* t-uctly the g,Ml" Jnd panic she v»a* s 04 -"* '.ftrwugh. try" 1 * !(J '"** anybody ihv Utr-J 4r.d gjappltn); *i* hitbraws «|««s!!'«s.v hkt t!« you tfo t« t»^i (an the fir^t (ti 1 ,*- iKgrid. yn the rAl-jet hjnrf, Ki» 4 supft husband, supt-r kiiti. a »«prr ho«w »nrf 4 maid '*ho •*ort'i fj»! tl>r*rv«r. sfi*'* getting a»fuli> !ircd of thr )urf» "whumpini! Mer '*h«n »h^ cunws hum* Stw can turn \tv &*t oil. but i»< th* kjsis It's <i grta tene (Jar> m f>e dt*-sn l kt>«-* u but llul's Ub m rrcenl rr •**• '-tvr t'. . in (o, Oif'tttt-f >!«• Itrtt fisuj -fift ifsmr roju ,V« 'i;i'»;J'C ••• '.I';.* ,.j „ ,, t ,..j. .l ll: r w i,,i .,11 ..^.j., •»h»i m HAL BOVLE'S PEOPLE What's wrong with the world? Mankind BRUCE BIOSSAT Watergate strikes fear in governors Al' Aft- )liu IVMt; !.. Tub had » marruge gwng J«l •*« a sueet guy. and one night he broujjhs a cabdrtvrr hume On impulM.. Tbh lo«.M!d Jrd out the fror.t tk«r J«l krfrt the cabdrn er With on* wiwtd hope, the m<?ier running I uMik) giKM that Catherine Brcslin isn't lapp) -*ilh Women'i Ub "H look m* nine 'firmrked uerk* to write." *h* sj>». "tndt/tg *iih three hour* of bytlencal tear*, then il (wk me two more »«k» to climb «wt !?( my bUck-pit mwxl iiu*tt<rr and 1 cr>uldn't ^i>. except that I hadn't fuund what I'd «ip«ct«d and I hated what I'd fcwnd " St*' 1 1C* a!! v> simple and direct I can hardly uait iv M* the movie "I^ut Tango in SjiJ 1 ,^ vi) the »o»lij is lArxf^ A.**} &€ ^ a)rra;i) Ihwc but iftc arrival v»a«-, I Ut an> <a.*c, the main Shing ^rtifTjjt with the fw.rwjnrfit of man irerr,* lit Ur nsan hwiwrtf He i* <fai!|i«4»jr,«J wuh himself and the Aufld he made He ihiriii in an a!n^r0pfi«'re of luii*. it-ar. c'/nunwn. and u *uuJ'J "AH i» ^ -r- an- jrsv 4 nwn f :. 7 v f tf I •* tft A <8:j' And fie BERRY'S WORLD U lich.i'l te- sr>c old Vrt if ure tnat) » i><:£nt. it tnuct) ^tr<uriatic M-if pit) m it a* rritt iV."s(»iif Man ha.» a)*4)» U-«-i< a t/trj>,'. bvairr arid a male CdMandra He tan di'A.ij 1 ! i«r the Uacfe cluud before lie nc4u'«.-» !l« »itv« Unitig All u bftt ,Vj. inck-ed Tht-rt are i«rrai »ign» atxi pnftrrii« in irnJif.irc (ha; tin- Avrltl it approach^ hvil at r*> mart than its r.-'/rmj| ifx.-Kl What are thrxi' tigiu of !»44- iiid perhaps e-. t-ti chitf Well, tu lu/nc a ft-* Kvt-ry »tvk Mill das a Friday at wHI a» a itxitJay in it U you iae the kind of guy 'alto liken attractive widow*, (here are mure of (hitn around mj'* Ihnri there were in tawi i* IM vtortv Uut Jrcar than it year virtuiilly guaraWft tiial the antarctic lit cube won't iniil IhU Mimintrr and fkigdour cw4»i«l ciue* under IbO Iwt lit WOIiLDALVLVNAC FACTS ^tJ ft tftK f«;»,e;t(t<! r-^!.,:(7 en '. conic*!* for hijh tut* .v, they arc («»«• !o linrf ' Wf Th»t nrtwo «lmn»» limiU. could t* roo»* r'er K twid l« mean impoMng impoMibiy high ilaorfar* At upMt a* UMM> gtntrnwt an) «4hcr S*t«») poittkal (igurr* ar* about Uu» maia^v* Karsdjl. thry can rnfand fairtj rjnlj in fart; tn tei «om« of lh» protttemt It rtttr* fix (hpfn W» tw«<) <in rrw) to (*JJi< Ttwy c<n d*ier« Uw mt«m« trf (fee pubbc trutl and the »tl*ni^i»d « harming at] (M(I!MSW*M umfcrniwuftg r4 tbt patiUraJ proMM unrfr»*ijr»d»W* A f Jit 1<* They can c»8 f« lh» fuJkat twpurMa. teller tt»n (fa loo common mtK>a«>luci c v en »thr) have done hcr«, lu the potntvJ of Uw* »|« H »iul tM th»»» w IM deounding that f*r«*«knt Ntion tubma "Mr Ck<»n." »nd * hinv«lf io kwg, repealed te4rchJflg eras.* e«iminaiion by the pr*»* on to* rot* in Water ga l« !)(<.• |<fu fwil^tJil Mrafcui will Mart iu a few i« iw itaiujrial tkvtlun thi> year 'Hie -*t»x^uig craa« is whuupiag il up UX^UM.- u ha* again avoided c»Umlu*i 'llmii IRI* much mialler your * wW wvutd be without a whooputg crane in H to wvc. In moat i-Utta >ou can »lill gel a haircut and have owagb thangc frvm a IS bill to a taw tide home, T>K- <i S i» thf only in ijuilnal country in tlw *wId uhkli i 1 . not on Ihi* iriftfk »ystcin and u not vet In volvrd in an official flwn^ovrr, The World Al inanac »<!>» Svn Claibgrnc Ctrl) hit* filii!iJt»-<J that the U S losfs 110 billion to (25 billion u year IM-UUI* US i(,i-a»uri-infnU aft- not com |>alibk with world iUmd- arUi Collartsj Itu* pautd p 11-11 m i n u i > Itgiilation i»i a v u 1 u n t a r > They can complain about the 4*ngtr* and ir«<{uili« o( the n o// </or? ' *O4 of o matching the £nin ty«t«m They caa arfuc pt*u»iWy thai tht acandal **» the work of particular men, and (hat neither major party thuuld be anked Ui b«*r »p*«ilk f Mpoiuit,Uj|y for H Mott Kepublicam «crc not involved and tim ttentocraU, U coune w«rc the intended victim* of the Nlxoo adoiinUtratlon'i elaborate espionage- MboUgc nct»o»* they can trgu* that il u imprufw-r KM) unfair («r ttw I'rotaVnt lo M*«rt that Wutcrgjt* u Ju»l * more tpecUcular example of lactka common (o all politic*, ftjod thuuld be two io thai p«rr»pcctiv« But at thU point lh*u f«ar» Uk« ever i •»" THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS r« <*•»«»,.., r ,, w ^^.^ , , «„«„ f »t.iMt !,»« »,

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