The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 8, 1966 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1966
Page 5
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Tuesday, March 8, •fee Kuwait Desert Hides Large. Modern City KUWAIT (AP) — Deep in thej The city is called Shibaam. zation. Arab historians trace the desert of South Arabia is an an-'centuries before Western archi- cit >' back to 692 A.D., when fol- cient city of 500 skyscrapers tects conceived the idea of the lowers of the Prophet Mo- that looks something like New high-rise buildings. Arab labor- hammed walked in wonder 'iork — from a distance. ers j a ja foundations in the sand through its towered alleyway? It has some of the highest and put up seven- and eight-sto- to spread the message of Is- buildings in the Middle East, *>' structures with sun-dried lamd. bat no elevators. Hundreds of bricks and their bare hands. : The city grew on an island in women who live there have nev- Shibaam soars up from the the valley. The occasional rains er stepped outside their houses. Valley of the Hadhramaut. surround it with a sea of slime. and the entire city is made of south of Saudi Arabia, hundreds cutting it off from the outside- mud. of miles from any modern civili- world. With no room to expand. CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED TO FIND UNREPORTED THEFTS WASHINGTON (AP) — Lea v-. and thousands like him are j shadowy form of the mugger the couple about to become targets of an'lurking in an alley, but the un- nd finds a unprecedented national survey j told number of crimes against at corning up with the [person or property which never ing the theater walks to its car camera has beer, taken from the- aimed back seat. "Aren't you going to cali the;crime burden.. best estimate yet of the nation's I find their way into police logs • j and consequently never turn u{: police?" the woman asks as her; The President's Commission Jin the FBI's annual and quar- husband drives away. Jon Law Enforcement and Ad-|ter5y reports on the national "Why bother?" he snorts, j ministration of Justice — the (crime rate. "They'll never do anything!National Crime Commission — | "We know that criminal about a little camera being sto-jwill launch a scientific survey I events recorded in official len in a city this big." jthis spring into what it calls the records represent only a portion The crime goes unreported. j"dark figure" problem. of the crimes actually commit- This pessimistic crime victim; The term doesn't mean thej ted," Lloyd Ohlin, professor of ~~ " i sociology at Columbia Universi- jry and staff director of the 1 crime commission's task force on "Assessment of the Crime Grim War Game Played By GIs At Camp Happiness By CLARKE STAIXtt'ORTH Columbus Ledger sometime I strain of cracked under the! I Problem," said in an interview. i "But right now we have no I reliable way of estimating the i number of unreported crimes as ;against reported crimes, nor thej ^e rta j~ n *! relative seriousness of the unre-i to trv j called Camp Happiness. butj defected - 5 to remedy that with this sur- there are no happy campers —! The government decided that- vev not when the games end in tor-[American soldiers had been] Ohlin said the purpose of the ture and legs are twisted until i poorly prepared Camp Happi-; survey is to determine a "rate •ness was set up as one means of j of cr f me victimization" to give Shibaam grew upward insteac Df outward. Warring tribes fought over it possession for centuries, and Shibaam today is the my;market town for the tribes of the Hadhramaut. Unlike other old Arabian towns, Shibaam needed no wall: for protection. The buildings themselves, even now, are joined together and form ramparts, with the lowest windows 30 feet from the ground. The entrance doors can be reached only from inside the city. The skyscrapers are connected by doors high above the ground, and many of the city's Arab housewives spend their] lives paying visits around th< j neighborhood without ever de-i scending to the street. j Shibaam's women are forbidden any sort of education except to learn the mysteries of fortune telling, and no women are allowed to pass through the city's main gate. The gate, barely wide enough for a car—and only hardy vehicles come to Shibaam —is reserved for men, donkeys and camels. A separate, smaller gate is reserved for women and funeral! processions leaving tile reeking; city. j Few of the impaved passage-j ways that serve as streets are than eight feet wide. Waste water and sewage is dumped into the streets fromi pipes projecting from the build-s ings, and a pedestrian requires | {Telephone Harassment Small ASSISTANT POLICE Chief R. H. Turner shows Den 6 nu-nibt-rs of Cub .Scout I»a.<k 134 around the police station on their tour. Cuts-, l*-ft U> right, first row, are Cris Wooil- dci!. Bryant Brit;. J. \Voot--n and Tex:»-» WoodaH. Back row, l.-ft to right, :irf Itavid Kainsey. tirt-s; \Vooddt-l!, IJuvui Russell. -Ji-rry AU-xsiid«T. Stevf iSowIen. I-arry Cornelius- , , . _, i A V. * fj. t..* v i_ ,3l_l *i_»UJ* JIT.3.3 \JA U.1C COLUMBUS, Ga. <AP) - It's;torture techniques. Some even : ported crime We . re going called Camp Happiness. bui; delected - ;to remedy that with this the pain is unbearable. Spawned by effective brainwashing techniques inaugurated teaching soldiers what was ex-j a better picture of the scope of pected of them. [the crime problem than the they can expect if;the commission, will screen j some 10.000 households across Thev experience the methods;the nation sometime in April or by the Chinese Communists in! Although they spend only one j present index, based on crimes the Korean conflict. Camp Hap-]day behind the barbed wire, the [reported to the police, piness is designed to prepare!officer candidates receive a; The National Opinion Re- soldiers for possible enemy!first-hand idea of the sort of!search Corp., under contract to treatment in Viet Nam. j treatment **" — • —•*• n-.-^.™* ;f-.i._ ;—:— —=*i The camp, a prison mock-up i capturea at Ft. Benning near here, is not escaped via death, or defection, i used to try to demoralize pris-jMay. although the soldier-students loners — weariness, hur.ser, con-i Victims will be asked confi- sometimes think that might be ! tinucus beating d->w n of the will. demially whether they reported the only way out. ! to resist, and ever, torture. ithe crime "AH of them are learning."! "Of course, they will be treat- i didn't, they said Lt. Col. Fred Clear;.-, a vet-' 0 d worse thr.n th'i: eran of Viet Nam fighting. "Lat-jniv." said Geary. er on, if they are captured, i they get the idea. they'll know how to keep from i being brainwashed." j Officer candidates nearing graduation after 23 weeks of training quickly learn Happiness will etch into t minds indelible memories genuine pain. Jack Webb ! Back On TV | In 'Dragnet* j By BOB THOMAS j AP Movie-Television Writer j HOLLYWOOD (API — Dum-j de-dum-dum is back. I If you don't know what dum-j de-dum-dum is, you must be POLICE SGT. -JACK Max-well shows Cub Scout members of P:tck 134. Dt-n 6. how a motorcycle runs. Left to ri^ht. are William IJrueck. Jerry Alexander, Grey \Voodd*>l!, Steve Gowlen. S»t. Maxwell." Bryant BriJt, Eric Wooddelt, Larry Cornelius. David Kamscy. Mrs. H. II. Wooudeli (holding Tony Gail \V«o<lal!>. Tex Woodall. Cris Woodilell. David Russell and -T. V. ooifii. Den mothers of Den 6 are Mrs. WooJdeH and Mrs. B. A. Woodall. I WASHINGTON (AP) — Inves- jtigations by all the armed serv- j :ces hcive 'ailed to ti^ri up evidence of widespread harassing : calls to wives and other depend- ients of U.S. servicemen in Viet j Nam. i The Defense Department said : today "it has been found that ithe incidences of such calls are j slight." I Most of these calls have oc- jcarred in the 3rd Army area, '.with a scattering in the New jYork, Philadelphia, and Ft. {Campbell. Ky.. areas, the Pen- itagon said. I The 3rd Army encompasses ? North Carolina and South Caro- ilir.a, Tennessee, Mississippi. i Alabama, Florida and Georgia. ' There is a fairly heavy concentration of military installations ! in this area, with many wives !living near military posts while' j their husbands are overseas. j i "Although it has been report-! Jed irt speculative picees thatj ithis is an organized thing," the: j Pentagon said, "thus far there |is no evidence to support this."! The department was asked j i about the situation after there" jwere reports from Ft. Bragg,! !N.C. that many wives of serv-l ! ' - r : icemen serving overseas are \ 'getting obscene or threatening I phone calls. : There have been other reports I j ;>f such harassment of wives ofj i N'avy men who served aboard j {the carrier Kitty Hawk in the Viet Nam area. • The Pentagon said that all the fservicesbegan investigating the! j situation after a newspaper sto- :ry appeared on the calls to i wives of Kitty Hawk crewmen. I "The most disconcerting type | of call has been someone saying j that a person in Viet Nam has killed, wounded, or cap- tured," the Pentagon said. "The calls primarily fall into pendents of personnel departing for Viet Nam that this might the crank category, with the occur," the Defense Depart- cailer unidentified and general-.n^nt sai<L !y showing no fixed pattern of.' It took the position that fee comments," it added. leases faH into focal or national Local commanders "have tak-'law enforcement jurisdictions en necessary action to warn de-'outside the military service. IOPEX TONIGHT J Let Block solve the mystery of this year's INCOME TAX The new tax changes hold no mystery for our Tax de- COMPLETE tectives. Our service is RETURNS fast, accurate and dependable ... the cost is low. Save yourself needless time and worry. See BLOCK today. LIFE : GUARANTEE: W« guarcnt** occwrot* preparation of every fax return. If w» maka any errors that cost you any p*natty or interest* we witt pay tKe penalty OF interest. HR America's Largest Tax Service -with Over 1000 Offices Open Every Nigh*. Until 9 P M. 105 W. Texcs Ph. 583-5126 Boytown terribly ODening young, theme That was thej of "Dragnet,' against them. If they j -vhich was one of television's! •y'll be asked why, and most notable series in the years j given a multiple choice of an- 'But at least : swers to choose from. "It would from. 1952 to 1959. The saga of Los ihave been embarrassing," for j-_-,olice operations made a i instance, or "I didn't want to [ iionaire of Jack \Vebb, Angeles j mil-1 who! I get- involved with the police." ! They also will be queried '• about their attitudes toward :' crime, the police and the courts, ; as well as what steps they took . : to protect themselves after the Dan M. Brown, aumims-; crime occurre d. - rhe questioners | Named Area Delegate This was demonstrated to the: IraiC latest "prisoners" when one 1 Hospital, has been named as a j crimes spoke out of turn as the "corn-'delegate * n the Houston Aiea:'^ ves - produced, directed and starred i as Sgt. Joe Friday. Webb moved j -;n to other enterprises including j television series and most re- \ gently, a post as head of Warner j Bros. Television. • He is now in the midst of film- i acinto Methodist ' :V ,-i\\ w ant to know how the} ing "Dragnet 1966." an up-to- \ ~~ ~* "" ' ' u ~ * " affected the victims' Those who report they have of the [never- been the victims of a have an important Ta ... V.. Vi.-'e'r,t o e tb ' JVssnl' ro ^ e * n the survey. Have they .., n ^ '11,^' i%6 - 1'iffT! ta '' ien certa i n steps to protect VE" Poars Ben Taub i themselves a e ains t crime? Do ' • t}i«a»- ct^vr off th*a ctT-(3*»f-<r of stay \ night, or off out of the public , , : <^^s** c » i*'^ ut^k \ji ui^: rean, deputy aa-: rks? ^ ^ double . lock - 1 | ministrator of Houston Method] ist, has been serving ident. as presi- ; ."i doors? Have reports of crime in - area forced them to change i neighborhoods or jobs ? j The national survey will in- jvolve only private citizens, as I opposed to commercial con-| late, two-hour version of the; show for broadcast by NBC. 1 1 dropped out to see the filming I and it appeared that time had j stood still for Joe Friday. He! has the same stolid face, the i same emotionless voice, and: he's still a sergeant. j "But I'm exactly 10 pounds j heavier than when I finished the j series." confessed Webb. j The poundage no doubt came i from his tour of executive duty, i a role in which he considered i himself miscast. j "A lot of my friends, were! icerns said Ohlin. "What we're i "P set when SAX ANTONIO. Tex. (AP) -! looking for is an independent.! garners — s the pris-: u ~ Robert P. Grant, 59. i s the; objective indej in pain. ~ ' " ~* "" v prisoners : . silently as the tortured prisoner; He was named to the post by; develop a better starting point j groaned "Okay. I'll apologize." j President Johnson, to fill a post; for devisin gnew crime control In Korea, American prisoners-vacant since last September. iprocedurss." my I was fired from \ much more upsei • said Webb, who | balm of S3.000! rade commander" was giving}Hospital Association. the new inmates his usual prop-! Dr j ohn w . Ciaibora aganda speech. ) Houston Vet.-rans Hasp "Nobody wants to see your ugly face," said the prisoner. The comrade commander, Capt. J. C. Reid of PJchburg. S.C.. showed the prisoner that Camp Happiness is not a pleasant place. "Put this man on the pole," Reid ordered. Guards grabbed the prisoner, twisted his legs pole, bent one foot underneath him and then pushed him backwards. insolent cspiTsiisr jpisr, > — — — — —. — — ^ — - • *v-j*vi**^ i^/i *^ «*** *A*V*WJ.«>I» *»»•.*>•.. • , ,, growled one guard as th e pris-! D ~ Robert P. Grant, 59. i s the '• objective index of crime, thati 1 "^" . wa ^' inew director of the National ;V i-iH make our statistics more I enj ° y . ea u ' e watched^ Heart Institute. ! meaningful. With this, we can "?"* l y severance P a >' for a COU -J — years. i "I wasn't happy behind a desk. I'm much more in my element out here on the floor with | the others." | Sgt. Friday has a new side- j kick in the two-hour drama, i which comprises three actual! cases from Los Angeles police j department films. The fresh j comedian Harry Morgan, He j replaces Ben Alexander, the | longtime Frank Smith of "Drag-| net." j "We wanted Ben back," ex-j j plained Webb, "but he had a!-1 " ready signed for a pilot film at | Fox. They wouldn't let him j loose for ours." j "Dragnet 1965" is another of a series of feature-length films i made especially for television, j with the added potential of a release in theaters overseas. It is a forerunner of the operation which the networks may need to face when they run out of old i movies. j The show has another pur-; pose: as a pilot for the return of j the half-hour "Dragnet" to television. Olds Swing Fever is catching! Another service from the Shell Oil Company and its dealers the strain riving 1. Don't «;isre time In, in« to save time. ;-v:"C '.'ops. I her ;uv liiinxl !<> let von xiil iii.iv !>c in ,1 ^tiuJcn stop. i i"ii i .-i;^;; . i;-,i. - ^;:'i.'i.'!"i iiL;ht .ii :i';'.mi iilK'1" itisc \\ iilt'li i'tit in!' p;!i'!xfi.l c.n's. ta\is and ! !;;•\ i ;- :<.- '.r.i; L:K- i';^/;; >JX:LL!. uinuxi ;u>.v.irii i!ic >iivct. ni.iv he tin.' lip- i i- • •;'!!', -.r: L !"i;k's .in in-iir i:sii.i : . ; \ \\orks. of} t!i;ir Miiiu-'.-iiic is iX'::ilv !<> null out jn :n-:> : iu- v'Vi.'i.': -|H''i.'t; is p''Siv'<:i iron; of YD;;. (Pass it on!) TOROMAOO-iNSPiRED OELTA 53 HOUDAY SEDAN Olds S win £ Fever <;ot vou? Your Olds Dealer has just the cure: A Toronado-inspired Oldsmohile! Choose vour own prescription: Elejrant Xinctv-Fi'^ht . . . action-packed 88 . . . low-priced F-S5 ... 40 Rocket Action models in all. Arid all priced to make waiting downright foolhardy. Feel vour temperature rising? That's Sivinu Fever. Quick! Head for vour Olds Dealer's . . . open vour mouth and say "yeah!" LOOK TO OLDS FOR THE NEW! OLDS TEP OUT F/fOAT .in a Rorket Action Car.' OiLDSMOBI UNGO OLDSMOBILE 310 N. MAIN ST. BAYTOWN Legal Questioning Can Be Quite Rural BRENHAM, Tex. CAP) — Legal questions sometimes take on a rural character during hearings in this East Central Texas farm and ranch town. During a recent jury selection, a venireman indicated he didn't understand how a defendant would be considered innocent until proven guilty. County Atty. James Kershavv gave him this illustration: "If you were going to pick out 10 cows from a herd of 20, you would look at all 20, wouldn't you," he said. "We want you to look at our 10 cows and at the 10 cows of the defense." The venireman indicated he already had an opinion about the state's "10 cows". He was excused. i I Let a Shell dealer take one hi« worry 3. Don't he She cork in a traffic bottle- out of ciU drhin». Nothing's more up- neck. Yi.ii'll ^i 1 ; ;v >:-:-- ;^.;-;:-^ .;• \-i,u i rom Mjuino ;nmiiif in hc;n-v ci'y tnif- :' •• '••'(. - • ^ ' •'-'- <^.~: L .:i:'_'!;: ;;- ,' |.n:iim.-d ::i- tic. !nn ,:• .inv Shi.-!! >i.ition \\ c can licin prc\cni i;. \\ hen \ve ui\'i' yiuir a Shclluhrica- tion, 1 -' \\ c .IT-JVC; its virai runnini- parts (.-;;:?.•!.-;..!.•>.•.•;;•,. \\c >conr jor «il and \\.itcr '.' ! t^..] .. ''! 1 s . • - -',- ., .., : ' -., .,. • >• • >" ',- ... ->" : '. .iiKi ii-t i.s <_;:\ u vuLii" car 2- ae s(M!H' ist the -.S!'i;> on! of Mon- Old River Revival MRS. LEONA Newberrj- Guinn, an evangelist from Golden City, Mo., is the speaker for a revival through Saturday of this week at the Old River Assembly of God. Services are at 1 p.m. each night. Mrs. Guinn has been in previous revivals in the Old River church. 4. Watch for earh >v;imin« signals. One iTii . 1 IK\ u ii \ i n; s<inie- n hj., brakes, ant! vou \\.nui Mu^ii; Uoiulerfii! U'orkl of Golf on TV DISCOVER AMERICA BEST...BY CAR

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