The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 5, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 5, 1859
Page 3
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--- — —• • • THE M.,a.m|| ...J-, WEWS. BUSINESS DIRECTORY Th« fonowmc list of BnsUseis Uonasn and sJanalac- «>rtn» *stabil«unenU are among the best and moat V->o9i*attiB lifllr r>sp«rtlTc Unfit itTtmtlnoai , OBf J. M. GROSSMAN, ARCHITECT A; SCP£RI!VTEN0EWT, OITCtt-NO. 10 TODKCre Hltt BLOCK. BOOKS ANP STATIONERY. INSURANCE COMPANIES. Plans and SpedncaUons for all kind* . ^ fernlsbsd at short »ottoe and on the most libtraltCTsas. ltl»_ ISAAC KINGSLsE^, CAS * 8TBA01 PIPE FITTER, SO. OK sJABT WATtE STSKIt, Wa-OLKBALI i»» altAIl DlALXa I« Q»S AND 8TBAM FIPKi, GAS, BZ8AU AND WATKK 000KB, &LOBB AH» CHECK VALrjES. GUA&K COCKS, *i, CiAS FIXTURES Work done in a workmanlike manner, at abort notice •nd lowettprleeg. N. Li. CrKISWOJLD & CO., UTAIL DIAIJCafl ZsT LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AH a CHILDMN'S BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, MASON STREET, -Opposite the Walker House. mySl ,- ll ; not, call launedlatelT and (ret than inanredln»e fcUdrln "JHr«-eiti» old eatablithe* Md prompt •' --• •••-•• r «. COMPANY, Of HmrUord, Oonneoticirt< * : .. -, ;. N 0 O R.P 0 B Tl « D I » 1 8 1 9 P. WEINBKKNNEK aiAHtrrAOTDEn jjm PKAUD n BOOTS, SHOES ANjO GAITERS, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, Opposite - _. myll American House Boot & Shoe Store, NO. 48 EAST WATEK SritEET, JOHN PHEL.AJI, KEEPS always on hand good custom made Boots and Shoes. All kinds of Ladles' and GonUemen'i Boon and Bhoet saade to order in thelateat style and warranted to give aatlatactlop. ' aprSS From faCU*««*t»dT>yklnUelr ( filBtOKLAMD A qq.a, Rehback'* Pencils, '" ; "" TFORD_INSUUANCJE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Oonnectkut, IN 0 O E,*«'B AT ED I Ml 1 8 1 6 . Oaah Capital an4Barplai 1 ..............>I8g,taa 00 HOME 'IJfisURANCE COMPANY, < Of Hew York Olt>-, Cash Capital andBarploj,...,..,.....$l,0?I^rJo 40 ItlOWARD INStfRANCiS COMPANY, •"' ' i, ,'Ot New Tort, , oiOORPOSAIKD IN 18S4. J-'flaih OiplUl •Pd.finrplna.i..;..., .. ...$888^160 M , PHtENIX BOOKSELLERS AJVD 'JSTATIOWERS, TJETK have-Jnj^fieeeded-afaU ;sapply of these -0*10- TT brated Pencils .from the manofaotcrT of J J JOHN WHOLESALE DBCGCI8T, NO. 88 EAST WATER STREET, Haa just reoelred a ten supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured at Olereland, Hew York. Transport entirely by vessel, U oomei In perfect order, and enables me to aell at low rataa I hare permanent ar- rangementa to aeU tbii brand of Glaai hereafter. JOHM Harper Itrothers, (EstabliAtd ia 18480 HODE1 BIGN.BHLP, OiSElAQK AND ORNAMENTAL Painter*, Glaciers cV Paper.Iiau^cra. IMITATOE8 OF WOOD AND MAKBLK, NO. 39 ONEIDA STHEET, A FfWDOOBSSASTOF TBS MARKS! BOOSE. Jy* JONES St General Land and Insurance Agent* NOTARIES PUBLIC, 4rC., OFFICE, corner of Reed and Oregon streets, Merroae's Block, Fifth Ward. Will aUcad to the baying and selling of EesJ Estate, Insuring Goods and Buildings In responsible Oompa- nlea, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making ant of Deeds, Mortgage*, Contract*, Leaaea, Ac- All Collections made on accounts placed In our hand will be -promptly paid over. A. 0. J0518 JySS. aOBIKT WTOTMIAD. OF«< Office. Behbaob, _ assorted, and each grade Is dlsUinjnlaapd" 1» a-popoiar brand. ParUeulat attention Is cailea toth« *0ppoit- tlon PencU^ttpnnd-^laok dna.-»n4'to the»-tepfc'» Pencil," (ronnd red gilt;) also to the "Engineer's Penell," (hexaf?6i>,m.)- *Il*r-«hlob will he foohd'superi- or to any otber.feac;« market. Alwajs on hand a cciniplet4 asiortmcnl of Mack and colored lead peneUs of aU the desirable grades. Adls. count allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of orders. ., ; .._:.. 1 .-.- : cit 1 ..-. . . • .. , • ip,2} jf „ ^ „ , , 0«ah OapltaJ and Sniplui, XAMAR FIRE INSURANCE CO., y, _ „ .. Of New York, Oi <n Capital •MBarplBj^. . ...... '„. ..»SS»,06S 83 n K.SOLU TE INSURANCE COMPANY, i' Of New- York OK», Cash Capital »nu8arplni ............ ..tS*o,88»6l CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, flaah Capital «od enrptia,. . .. ., ..... aft (soUelt bnsloesa tot the above named Companies, en- orelv upon their own merits and respenslbillty, and refv to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies 1s- sn*a without delay. v . „ W. HKNRI HOLLAND, Agent, , JOH» UOLLAJ-D, Asj't. Nor&westcor. Mala and ». P. KUsstULL, Surveyor. Wisconsin «ts., Milwaukee. SeptS l/uited States !fl. «&. F. ln». Co. | NDSaPENBABLV n.cesaary to'aii who Bead^all who X Write, all OlergTnaiir all ^Physicians, all tiw*«», Bclentlflc and Literary lien, Werchiots «nd Kannara, Manufactorert and Mfechanics. j~»"«, IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPASIOir. KL i BKVNOTTO, COMMISSION MKKCiiANTS, -. Real Estate and Money Broker t, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. •Ko.4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- mar£7 D. OOKSON, O R N E V AT LAW to Office, No. B, State Bank Building, ATT "HAS removed corner ol fiast Water and Michigan «ireet, M- vaokeel J»O. L. DOBAK 81MOB UfVT. I30KAN & LKVY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law, Oflict—Empire Slock, 221 East Water it., MILWAUKEE, [maygg] WISCONSIN STRICKLAVD A C»., BOOK A STATIOWKHT JOBBERS, 135 £<ut Water street, XII.WAUKS&, ...................... WISC02TS1&. [From Mieophlas Parwna, L. L. D., Profeasor of Law Jn Harvard University.] 8UKPLDB ........ Office, dndrr Mitchell's BanJc^corner of jtasi Water and • HJchlgan streets, Kit WA VfXB... WISCONSIN. ontiorou: J. A. Helfensteln, K. Bandenon, Moses Kneelind, 8. 8. Dagyett, Samuel H»le, G. D. Dooiman, H. t. Paimer, Kdwln Townsend, Bolomon Adljg. • J. A. HELrKNBTKIN, President. O. D. DOD6MAN, Vice Prttldml. W. T. PALMER, General Agent. B. 0. W«ar, Secretary. 8.8. DAOOETT, treasurer.' B. L. PAXUXB, Attorney. marlO HEW AND II : "'....:•;. EAST 4fc £859. PAVOEIT£ EOUTE NORTH-WEST DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R. R (Now opened to Lake Michigan.) OtcVt Lou-frttfurt ftrtt-Ctau Bttamert, ] "City of Cleveland." A "Cleveland/ (Thoroughly refltted (or this route.) O N AND AI7XK koNDAT, April U, ISfifc Pas- sanger Trains wlB run as followi: OOIll.'Q WEST: fcJO a. n. •Detroit, depart.. f:00 Fentonvllle, arrive K80 •Oswego" arrive.. 1D:M r. si. St. Johns, arrive. 12:10 Mixed. r. sf. 430 A. «. 1^0 T:40 Accom. i.v. r.u. MS Night Express A. II 1030 r. u 8:OC Grand Rapids, arr. •lirsnd Haven, arr. Milwaukee, arrive. B.-OB P:85 A. «. 18: 18 2:38 P. SL 12:18 •Refreshments. KAST AOco. e, depart •Orand Haven, dep. Grand Rapids, arr. It. Johns, arrive... Owosso,arrive. ... tentonvllle, arrive •Detroit, arrive... lus. BrlOge, arrive I.-OO r. in. Hall li-xpr's r. M. 8:00 A. M. 4:00 7:88 8:80 »!88 1 P.M. 12:18 p. •. 9:65 Mixed. .5:80 1U20 P. H. 2: It. A. M. 4.T)0 Nighll) Knpr's M 12KX) P. II 8:48 10-.38 a. ii 1:00 2:00 6.-00 T. •. C ITV MLL.WAUKKE €0. Daaa Bia:—1 have had the first"volume* oT'yior Dictionary for some days, and have sat sned myself that your I. element, and that you have carried It out wltb very great industry and with good Judgment— The fulljiesj and accuracy of its Information concerning modern authors and ihelr works, ar« Indeed remarkable. To any one who dwlre the knowledge your b->ok purporto to give-and what educated man does notf- It must be ol great Interest aid value. Respectfully, * c , a . . . „ . THKOPHILOS PARKKH. 8. Austin AUibone, Esq. In iniicbell Bnlldlnsr, micblran. •(. Mn-WAtncia, WIBOOMII QRAR1BRED CAPITAL, . - |2im,.hKi Cash Paid in, $1OO,OOO. Q. L. PALKIA, E. TovnnD, I. B. KXLLO oo, J. B BA»IIS OBAB. Qzuaaaa, DIKEOTOEa 'i>. D. DATIB, B. & Ooiovan, J. HonpffaiT, J. H. OoaDB, C. OOMBTOOX, W.A. U. BKLXBaAOHT, Joscra F. Hru., Osxx Dria. [Trom a IruiKui Prime, D. D., Editor N. V. Observer.] N«w Yoajc, Feb. S, 1859. ainunn :—The dm volume of year grrat Dictionary of Anttaora, I hare penned with astonishment a d delight. It Is jnst what I bare long dealred to hare, and haT. sought lor In Tain. Thonaands of clergymen, student*, and all literary and .Intelil. ent men! man wwh to bare jtut tMi work; and they will hare It, when they learn f at It Is In UH world. It deserves the most cordial recepUon, and I trust ihat Ihe minor and the pnbllahers irill have the largest reward for their enterprise and4abor. Tours truly, n B 'ftCN«t78 PRIMK. Pet»rson. CAPITALISTS W ILL find at my office a Register, open to their Inspection of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Persons wishing to obtain Lnani or having Bonds, Mortgager or other secnrltlei for sale, may find It to their Interest to file with me their applications or statement*. 0. 80HLEY, y!6 Opposite Walker House. J B. Bcn.n D.T.POBT. •Livery & Boarding Stable, Foot of Mason stscet, (on the River.) T HE subscribers have remeved their stock from the stable formerly occupied by them, corner of main and Huron streeta, to the old establishment foot of Maaon street, thus consolidating the two establlih- menla, making the largvat and beat- appointed Livery establishment In the West. W* shall be glad to see our old Mends and cutomers, and feel confident that we can fnrnlfh them with as good and stylish a turnout u any similar establishment in the city. Thankful (or paat patronage, we hope to meet a continuance of the same. wV Particular attention given to fornlanlng carriag- •a and hearaes for fonerala. myU BUTLER > POST. HOUSES TO RKNT. \»i/»- nave several Brick and Frame Houses to rent V T on very reasonable terms. We have also for sale a vast quantity of real estate, co alitlng of Houses, Lot*, Improved and unimproved Farms, School Landa, Ac. We have 60 acres near the Qlty, with Hooae, Barn, Ac., for the imall rent of f 60 and taxes. GREGORY t CO., mayl 884 East Water street. GOOD OHANOK. HOUSE AND LOT FOR KALE CHJEAP. / r HK undersigned will aell his Boole and Lot, now A occupied as a Tavrn by him, aitnated on Main au, Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the R. 4 M. a. R. Depot. The home Is located on the beat buslnese place, and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch «f bnsl- nen, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those •ho like to make a [good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHN EARTH. Racine, Jannary gi, 1663. Jan27-dom „ " Inn WILD, Jan. f, 1869. Mr D«Aa 8a :-Wlth better knowledge of your book from repeated feasts upon It, I run asham d to have written you so commoDj'lsce an acknowledgment of Its first reo Ipt. Of all the storehouse of Interesting and readable matter the "Dlctlonarj of Aothor," seems to ms the most captivating. The good taste. Industry, and skill of arrangement therein manllesitd < oold n ot b< au -passed, sad )l wU make .or you a reputation ven enrlab'e. I ahall try to make amends In print for mv apparently Inappreciatlve first acknowledgment of tie aco,nisit>oD. » Ith many sincere thanks for the pri« I have In the book, I remain, my dear sir, TOOTS, fa.thfnUy, ft. Anstla Alllbone, Esq. ' £. TOWN8KND, President. A. L. WALIUTH, Secretary. H. L. PALMS*, Attorney. Vf fire and Marine Risks taken at current rates. IQAKl.'Mf AND F1HE INSUIiAJVCl..~ T HK undersigned U prepared to take Marine Bisks and Fire Hiaki on i reduce In store, in the North Western Insurance Oo M of Oswego, New Vork, at at low rates aa by other reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entitles i tto pnbllc confidence. HOEATIO HILL, Agent, nov« at office of a. 4 i. V. Hill. •Refreshments—Hotel In Depot at Grand Haven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 r. M for Saturday Right's Rzpress passengers weit, but 4 A. at. train will • .IT leave oo Sundays. Trains leave termini dally, Sundays excepted. THE TELEGRAPH LINK Is now open for Puaua Bc- OOl^NEOTIONS. AT DETROIT— GREAT WESTKRN RAILWAT for all points Kasv— SI1CH1OAN OIMTSAL and MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROADS, and CLBVE- LAND Line of Steamers. AT UBAND HAVEN— With " HURON " Steamer for CHICAGO, *c-, Ac. AT MIL W A title K— With the MISSISSIPPI, LA OROSSK, CHICAGO, WATERTOWN and HORICON RAILROADS, for all Important points West and Northwest, and on SUaslislppI lilrer, and with Steamers Tor Ports on Lake Passengers for Greal Western Railway go on the Railway FBMT SraAnaa, at D. A M. R. Doc, leaving Dock at 8:00 A at , 1:00 r «., and T-SO r si NIGHT TRAINS on the G.W.R have SLEEPING OAB£ attached. PARCELS left at any of the TICKET OFFICES are forwarded by PAMMOSB TBAISTB AT Vsart Monm- ATB RATES. The Company's Tli Stations. W. K. Ml IK, Oen'l Sap-t. WHTTSIAS A FOUBIO, Ticket Agent, 880 East Water si Wn. GaABAsi, Ftelght Agent at Oomnany's Dock H. 0. Waaoa, General Western Agent. D. A- M. R. Offices, April, 1B6»' aprtffl ^Tables can be had at any of the Quaker City Inwurance Co., OF PHILADELPHIA. AUTHORIZED OAPITAL, J600.00CI. PAID DP CAPITAL AST) ABSrm, *TT^8S. Qfflet, FranJUin Building, !fo. 408 Walnut itrttt, Philadelphia. T HB tubscHbtr bat been apj olntei' agent for this Company for Milwaukee and vicinity. Bisk' taken on as favorable terms as other responsible Companies. J ANTES 8. WHITE, Agent. Offlce, corner of East Water and Huron streets stairs, over the Marine Biu.k. may! up Aunt Judy's Tale*. Parables from Nature. Holes In the Sun Ueam Fanny, the Flower Girt. Uncle Jack th< fault tiller, tot salt by TKRRT A CLEAVER, l«?»JUl Water st. Lumber Vessel* for Sale. SchsMjner Fashion, 884 tuns. Schooner D. Hewhall, 190 tnns. . «cow Schooner Rugby, 168 ton*. The above vessels will be sola at very low prleea Tor eatlattetory security. Good title. TAFLOR A JEWETT, Buffalo, Rev Tor*. Enquire of B. *. Jons, Mil aokee, Wisconsin. NEW BOOKS —AT— TERRY A CLEAVERS, is? EAST WATER STREET. B AMH'8 Travels In Central Airtca, 1 vol., abridged UvlngstoD's Travels In Southern Alrlca, 1 vol Spserireous Sermons, 6th series. Higher Christian Life. _ maj-14 SHIPPERS OF PKODUChT /~1AB aupplj thesnselves with Bills of Ladln? at TERRT 4 CLEAVER'S, 167 East Water street. B O O K » . We sell every r's prtoe, We can fnrnlih to order anj book whlcb ezisU, either to the English or other laagnages. We receive new books H lamed from the Press. J*" 88 _ STKIOKALND a '00. School Books. TlTEihave every School Book In demand, and se TT them at wboleaala or retalL j*" 80 __ BTRIQKLAKD t pp. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! \)ir K i[f Dre P» re<1 to <"" Blndiry to Bind Maeasinea, TT Periodicals or anything else In the form of a Book, in neat and durable styles, at low rates ETRIOKLAND i OO. BY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCONSIN OENEKAI- INSURANCE AGENCY CHARTEic OAK FIRE INS. Co., Hartford, Conn. O A»H ABSPTB /"V0E«oc«H the largest In the West. \J Book at the Pnbllsher's p Stereoscopic Views. •WrKl T T M A. H. LORD «k CD'S., ARBLE WORKS, Obrncr Spring and Third street*, HII/WADKEE , WIBOONSIK. rftHI subscribers ezecntt all kinds of Marble Work M- lor Bolldinn. TUlnir for Floors and every descrtD- tlonof * -t F OB.WAJT1E^TA1, .tiAJSBLE WORK. W» have In our warerooms MARBLE MANTL.K8 Of every description constantly on hand, at prices tanglni; Crum $18 and upwards. MONUMENTS AND STATUAKT or all tdnds ezecated at the shortest notice. OO. febfr-dly A. B. LORD * WOOD AND HAY YARD. Ci. H. LAMBKKTON H AS Just opened, for ihe benefit of all who may become his Customers, a Market for WOOD and HAT, at the S. E. Corner of Wert Water and Clyboarn Street*, (Offlce with Messrs. Mabbett A Breed-) His fitook of Wood U large. Dry and Hard, (Out and 8plK or uncut.) His "tock of Hay is of the BEST QUALITY and BAUtD TO GOODOaDBlt. a,«x.swo Each will be delivered to any part ot the City on the SHORTEST NOTICE and tbe LOWEST TERMS. H. B.—Wood Pedlars, and those who ah'p large quantities of Hay will always find U to their advantage to bay of os. We will-sell so that dealers may make a handsome profit by selling on the street. mayl» O. H. LAMBERTON. redved a fine lot of Sterescoplc Tiews ombraclng views of Interesting localities In KD8SIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, JSGYPT, NUBIA, 0BXOPX, ITUBS.SY, I&SLAJfD, r*c' &O Also a Urje variety of new American Views. Mew and very desirable styles of Stereoscopic Instrn- '•"** BTRICKLAND * CO., Booksellers and Btatlonen, 184 East Water street. NORTH AMERICAN FIRE INS. CO., Hartford, Conn. OA8H ASSETS .................... »864,8«0 0« WESTERN mASS. FIRE INS. CO., Of IMtuneld, Mais. OAlH aBSCTTi ................... »M5,6»» 41 FIRE INSI7HANCE Co., Of Oonway, Mass. 47 HARPDEN FIRE INSURANCE CO., Springfield, Mass. OABHAflSEia. ............. . ...... |825,000 CIRAfiD FIRE I\S. COMPANY, Of Philadelphia. OA8H ASSETS ..... ............... -»284,T8» T8 J. VT, Oraio, Agent. OFFICE, NO. 8, MARTIN BLOCK, rjp STAIRS, "argy _ Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. IN Rargainft in Dry dioodt THAI IMMENgE BTOOE Of I-AT--. No. 1 87 E; fat Water Street, MOST BE CLOSED OUT ments. aprl SIXTH WISCONSIN »orsale at febl» REPORTS STRICKLAND 4 00, 1M East Water street. PIKE'S PEAK. A NsTW MAP, showing the Bonte to the Gold Be- g!6ns tn Kansas, jnst received by feblS >, just received by STRICKLAND It 00., 124 East Water street NOTICE- THE INSPECTOR OF FISH, GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISH'G. NEXT BOOB TO A. B. TAN COTT'8. H. •-;-.* RUSSELL. Q P 0 BY THE ASblGrNKJK. Great Bargains maj be Exptcted. aprlT-dtt , JOSEPH CAHT, Asalgne*. MH., Wat. & Baraboo Vailf j KAIL.ROAD- O N and after Monday, April 4th, and until further no tlc«a Paisenger Trim will leare Mllwautee from Ibe depot,foot of Second street, for Pewaakee, Hartlaod Pine Lake, Oconomowoc, Hatertown, Lowell, and Columbus at 4-20 p.m..arriving in Milwaukee al '1.35 a. m Passengers arriTlne at MUwaakee by the Milwaukee t Chicago K. R., La Croase'* Mil.B. R., and MIL * Miss a. R., or by Boat, ran proceed to the abo»e ,>lacea- Oonnectlocs are made at Watertowo with stage] for Laie^Mills, Jefferson, Waterloo, Hanchetrllle, San Prairie, Cottage Grove and Madl.on. Also al Uolambui for Lodl, Mertmur, AtscffO. Pall Rl»e , lord's Oorneri, Hamden, L iwville, Dekora, Vork, Arlington, Bristol and (or all points to the West and North West Passengers arriving ai the Janrtlon from the above places make connections h the Milwaukee * Mlmli- "Ippl R- E., -or JanrSTttle, Ma.lison and Prairif do Chlen and al Milwaukee, with roadj to the 8ouU,, West and North. »pr» g. 8. MERRILL, Superintendent. 1859 BUMMKH AHKANOr-JMKNT. — VIA- MICHIQAN CENTRAL —AMD— G. Western (Canada ) Railway. i 'KAINS leave the Great Central Depot, foot of Lake *:reel Ohtcago, aa follovri : *:OO A. n.~ DEBTOIt ACCOMMODATION, (Ban<, dar> excepled), arrivr al Oetroll 8.00 r M. 7:OO A. n.— CINCINNATI KXPREBS. (guadays exc«ple4 ) ArrtTe »i IndLanapolis 4.-W p. is.; Cvn^lnnatl HAj r M. s:oo i. »;. LIGHTNING KXfK£^B.,8anuays«. c«pled ( ) arrtTRs al Detroit 7:00 r. ».; Buspensloa Bridge or Buffalo 4:0 ' A.' SI , Albany 3.-UU r. M , Nrw tort H:U(J r. M.; tioscon 11 f. m. Z'.OO P. ITI.-N1LE- AOlOWMuDATlON, flc«pt Bunday. 8:00 P. IB.—NKW rOtK AND BOSrON EXPRESS, ^exceptSaturday.) Arrive al Detroit t :i5 A. r.; Bospeoaioo bridge or Boffalo 4A) r. «.; Albany 4.-OU a. SL; Sew Fork 10:0u A. u.) Boston i:*) r. M. 8;OO P. m.—CINCINNATI AND LOC18VILLE EXPRESS. (Kxcept Saturday.) Arrive at Cincinnati 9:00 A . si.; Louisville 4:00 p. «. One train on Snnday at (too r. «. The 5:00 A. • and &.-00 r. M. trains connect at Paris *1U u,. Buffalo A Lake Huron -Railway, for Buffalo aqd all points; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, toKlngsUa, Ogdelisbnrg, Montreal, Qotbrc and .&Uj>olnts In Canada East, Nor>bt-rn Vermont, New Hampshire and llaloe. fST Baggage chec»«l through. Through tickets foi sale at the principal Railroad offices IB the West, and at the (r.peral office, corner Late 1 Dearborn streeta, onposile the Tremont House, Chicago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street. R. K. RJCE.Sop'l. H. J. BTAUCTO. gen. Pass. Agt. aprlB Detroit & iTIii. Railway. THE Bteaaer Clerelamd will take her place In line of th« Detroit It Mllwau- kee.KaJlwa,y, on Monday, the 14th March. Passmgers wishing through tickets can be supplied on and after Monday n«rt, al 230 East Water street, or at ihe offlce on this dock of the Detroit i Mllwauke Railway Co.— Due notice of ihe time of departure will be given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest ronte to all points Ea«t. roar g ISV59. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. RAILROADS & TRANSPOR'N Kacme «fc ^fljssiggippi K. K OPEN TO ..DAVIS, 9O ITU., E 8. l!4 Ittiit from Frteport.) OS AND ATMS _ WtONl>AX, DEO. «, 186«. Train* will ran u follows, vl*: * - 10 " 0 ' eoING WE8T. Leave Racine for Davis—freight A Ace., 8 A. ». Leave Ratine (or Belolt— Passenger, 1 p H ! GOING EABT. Leave Belolt for Racine— Pauenger, T-.JO A. v. Leate Dull (or Jtactne—freight * Ace., 8:30 A. su Passengers by taking the 7 A.M. train on the Lake Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at Baclne with train to Davis; arrlTlng at Davis at 8:30 p. «. Stage leaves Davis for rreeport on arrival of train. 8*1 A. •. train Irom Davis connects at Racine with afternoon tralci on the Lake Shore Railroad North and South. tdv freight forwarded with dispatch. jetS ROBERT 11ABR1S, Superintendent. PitUburgii, Fort Wayne & Chicago KAII, ROAD. films new and direct Route now open to New Tork, JL Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, BalUmore and Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara falls, and all eastern cities. Cincinnati, Columbus, Day* ton, eprtagneld, Urban*, Zanesvilie,dteuoenvitle, Newark and Wheeling, and all Interior towns of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Ac. Making one (.ruuil L'atirukea K. R. Line SSTWIJU CH1C400 JgD TS« SiST. fAttS AJ Lu W AX AJ>'f UlllJUt ROOTS. j*~ those desiring to go by this Route will be p»r- Ucular anil enquire for Tickets via Fort Wayue, thereby avoiding tne auuoyaoce of recheckiuj: tlieir UaKKaire TRAim LKA VS DEfOT c/iV VAN Itl'ltSX 'til DAJL 1, AH > ULLu W&': 6:80 r. M.—Night lea-press, dally, Saturdays eicepted. 6:00 A. U.—Morning stall and Express, dally, Sundays exccpteU. With but one change of ears to Pittsburgh. CHBCSUBO aAQQAQS TBBOUOB To Pi tutor nh, Philadelphia, Ualtlmore and New York connecting directly with trains on the greal Pennsylvania Central Railroad, lo ail eaaleru glties. Also, with Cleveland k Columbus Railroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk Buffalo, Niagara »alls via New York Central aod New fork ft Erie Railroads to New York anil Boston. Person* going east will find this ronte by far the mosl desirable, both from the advantag* In point of distance rariety and beauty of the country through which the roads pass, aa well aa the less frequent cltajxges of cau-a I and the annoyance of re-cheeking baggage required by other routes. Facilities for the transportation uf freight and LIT? Hock by this route ars unsurpassed, liatej as low as any other route, and with equal dispalch. * Tickets for sale al allt he prlncipaJ ticket offices io IV fest, and al Company's Office, No. DO Dearborn street, opposite Tremont Mouse, Chicago, and at the office e' the Lake Bhore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A. G Le!an<* JNO. J. HOUSTON, General freight Atreut. Pituburnh, Pa. ^ D. \> HO88, Gesferal Western Airei^t, Chicago Ohlcago, Mar^h 6, IsMr. F URNITU R E 8 A L E¥ NOTES, FLERZHEIM & co., FURNITURE OFFCSKD IN THIS CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NEXT SIXTY i>AYs THE STOCK IS HEAVY, A^D ,ni*T BF 218 and 220 East Water Str i. w,» r'K i-: F, apr8-<12ino eet, B. w. itt:i»iit:\i>, VETERINARY FOBMKELY OFCL8.VILAND, 0 , re«peclfully informs the the citizens of Uflwsukee that, hftTtng located In thi. place, he intends practtc'nK ha [>ro- reuron. All -Ibeases to thr Horse treated in a Umsi ici- rtitlflc style, *ad iceneriJ «at- factlon warranted. In con. nection with his pr» tu--r li«will Prick «n<j Dock Taiis ,n the motit approTed «tyv ; noil, to gftui the coofldence •>( rhe public, he refers to the following gentlemen, who hav« -m- ploycd Mr. RedneaU many tlmeji profeMlooally In the tfoone of ten years. We feel jngtlfletl io say to 9 that titu pracilco la iup«- rlor to the jeneraJ nin of Veterinary Pr»ct. oncers. DRY GOODS, &C SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! »T. John C. Bro'ihevl, Wm. J Marrmy, Pryer 1 Co., Hilwaukee<& Chicago K. K. Judge Wilson, •• Bishop, " Kelly, " And-ews, " Vilden, James Sell/. N. A. Brown. James Iroley. Livaar W. J. otalns,; White t Newel, Root. B. A. Aeklcy " M. L. Wruhi " M L. Hewn. Kesner J no Kirkland, . Downnr 0 Bradford 1 < \ ii \ -I «t,i The Latest Noveltae* 1859. 1859. SUMMKK AHKANOEMKNT. Great United Statet 3fail and Ejjjrtu Ko>Ue. IS onlj reliable and . u. ROOTS ro rHs E^ST. SOCTB and NofcTB.VVKar, aod the only Lme maun* sure unnectioos. Baggage checked ihroagh to principal omts On aod after TIO \ DAY, APKII. 25th, 1850, rains leave Depot, corner uf Florida aod Barclay sts., aa follows O:3O A. .11. — EXMIJSS Piaasaosa—arr »mg at Chi cafro at 2:10r. *. •10 P. JJ.— EXfRds f*^3s>ttSJi — arriving al Chi- ca,f« at 6-.lI> r n , and ma. n* rlosr conntclinna with EvenlDK Trains Kajt tod 3otuh West, and wlih the Kaclne an.i Mississippi nadroat . at Kaem- iunctloo, fur belolt an<! other stations on that Line freight Train le»-»e« at 5 .8« ». a . arrives 1.00 r *. Freight forwarded wiLh despatch, and ac low rates. Passenger Trains leave Chicajfo i r VHiwauxer and the North Vim at »KW i. » , and S 15 r > , azrlrli.g here si 12.50 F * a,nd I2.I& *. M. aprlM JN-). T MOODV, Master Tr.nsporvatlon OFFICE O? THE NOBTHKSH TuSSrORTIT OS CoMFAJtV, Milwaukee, April 16. ISoy. fiates of Freight Reduced Again by New York A: Erir Kail road Northern Transportation Co.'s EXPRESS U NTIL farther notice the prlcri irom N*w York to Mllwanler, will t>« aj foi, o »i f>er Km Ibi, -lelirer- ea at itore*; Ul Clua M Clsxst. S.( CI»M 4th CUM 6 Ac. 6oc. 4 do. J5c. Merch*nd,.e .tiipj^-d by tLii» r<.>uu T on *n.l ru r the 14th lnit., via L* cr.*rfrrU at ih M ». r»t,-a ,,J,«/A*T- COvl/raot'eti' i»r ru*i. Aj>, I ID J. H. CRAWFORD, Ajrrnt. J. \lTCB3, Ajrrnl, K; Bruaiivky. NY Du&n? str*»!t. New York sjpr 0««r 4 HixrrinKt"0. C IJ. S-yunnr MUBKKd H/ THsT 801138 B8BKD«a'll r*t>. KTT J. K, Curtu, \Vm. PILU. Mllaj Merchant, V\ m . K A.Ural. ~~~~ Offlce, KJrhy'i Livery Stable, MaJn iir- TEF. I \KiiE<i r \ \(. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Kail way 5>teambeat Un? I t »l \ « MOI > < ' I SUMMER PLKASIRK > \ 1 t IN<. I O N svn<l after 'J*i May neii, paru*?ti * .; D«- lh« swfv and rl.-|f,anl Mermen i iiy / ami Cl*Ttla.nd, lo Graml H^vm, th»t»c»» r (fra:.d HAptda saD'J hacJt «t cheAu e.xi'u rnuiri L njv alTordcd : .1 7, c w U.s beaut rai ir t . •cenery oo the ii-tu.,1 R v-r aroun.J in? • , ttap ds, with- 'ts ex-.^na vr <.YPSlM HEi.H OK r-. Fares u five— For part.ea of tire to -\Uajf can br had - <sn »n-l l>it.i tarnDil Ray, 4 i>..*rd »i d White D n ,, r i m , !1( r\rli(f» c«.f, teav» Miivau>< tjcket* tnad« vt.ii,] i $-• 4/1.1 f>ne we*?lt Hour« of *ai Una Truli Lear? Mllv&uktff. L«»YV* Grand Uaf«n Arrlre at tjrmnd H»plds It u u n I u I \ l H»v-n ArriTr <tc Mliwu l-i:l& co m/o r f s h I P or on the L>rpoi ai G »Q.J ,r'i4,f U) ip-:na a 1r acfi which \A ^u. r*»rt.(ri from CQ.|«*IT««. CLOTH DEPARTMENT Y|ai.|,ti ;l b.-ar l *ie K MLIR. --nrr^| Suj^ f ba.I and , • r St.,t - r.flw-iw AL ,11 i I. Kail road. W K, tr.e*nn<iei for the roUi-cUoo and deli Offlce (No. S Wldcocn.D •trt-et.) April, wber« or'teri c«.c i,c ir/i, at the warehouses of pFiipp*' i. Freight U.Mjaporia.tion on this p ication at the office of ilr . Mllwaakw, M«rch 80, 1S59. ry of freight ;„ <>r, f f s » .'. ' • fp; lit! .rma-t. n rra;j Itn t ,-j.a ('- ^.aJ FKtfW, A-V-DI .1 KNPKIK A CO. aprl FAKE RKI>U<;EU. BT THK NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD! fl X IE Pare W( weeo Ntw Vork A fcne ther notice aprltt Dunkirk and N*» Vork b >e $i,6>l a;, t,] roach and *ad<il< r> -A. 1^ ID n >.M- BARNES BROTHER!-' Al.U K. OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DRY GOOD-4 AND YiSKtE NUTl-.'.V, SADDLERY HARDWARE H J. A J \V i u y; U . fcaaiirn t J H. CRAWrnKD, aoo >< I I K M I I •» I r ' \[ I Milwaukee illisaisaippi UNITED STATES ITIAK8IIAI.'S SALE Tbe Farmers Loan t Trust Com 1 pany, | The HlUraaEee'i (superior Eall- road Odnmawc I In the.D. B. Dls^ Olty of Milwaukee, Vtrict Oonrt for the John Stewart, , District of Wisconsin. Johann C. A. Allerdlng, i In Equity Ohrlstlan Hahm and | Qottfrted Wootsch. J he is nffw furnished with the proper weights and brands for the due performance of -the duties of hl» office By Of said "Act" It Is made the dat, of all persons deallnf In Pish to give notice to tbe Inspector to have the same duly Inspected and branded before packing. Mr.flmltb srtU be found at the New Wareoouse of Messrs j John Furlong * Bon, South Water St., Walker's Point, where all notices are rrqnesied to b* left Milwaukee, May T.18M. ' «"••"• aayiD JOHN BMTTH. Inspector. S.O.STAJI Eyan & Jenkins, OOVNSKL,1.0KS AT BAfTK Water and H&Hgm JLAW, James A Swain, i 0» THt LATB ITEM OF GJE & SWAIN, Wttlj-wm«to attttow ttana^hn.a.^n be pleas- f «•« "tabllshment. T N pursttsmteaud by .Virtue of a decrae.mads bj the ± Dlstrlel poort of the United States, for the District of Wlsconsto on tlwtiliietecnth .day of Much, 1848. In the above enUifed cause, 1 shall sell at Public Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd d«j of August, 1859, at ,8 n'ClocS In the afternoon, from the steps of the Custom. House in the Oltj of ;JUliraBkee,tJiand singular, gj e mortgaged premises mentioned In. the bill of complaint tn said °»»«f. »"4 JI*teU>ed;a« I.: "An the following, present and In future to be acquired, real aid personal property and real j»tate ql the laid defendant, tbe Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, f at Is to say -all of tbe first division of $be Ksilroad of said Ealtcoad Company defendant, from the Olty of MUw.nkee, to the Olty of Green Bay In said State of Wisconsin, a 41s, tance of one hundred and twenty miles, Including the rl « n * «< «*T f ana > land 1 ,<>f copied bj-.saldjlrtt dlrtjionof said road; (subject to tbe right, title or clalm,'»hlch the said defendants Stewarv . Allerdlng, , Hahm and Wootsch, or either of them, may hare had at tbe time of making said decree, to land upoD which said • BaH- roadCoapany &as located its way, and for -which no compensation. has been made to tn«m,) together nrltb tbe snp^rstrnctnre and.U-ack th'ereoo, and all Ttlla and other materials used thereon, bridges, rladocts. cnl- veru, f^Djj(Bj,jB<lttlpments t necessaiy depot grotrads and bloldln s.any,a tools.mMerls.lA, machinery j,jpmens t necessaiy epot grotrads and thereon, belonging to the said Railroad Com' .:«a M tDlllBg atock,: engines,, tenders, cars. RAIL ROAD. THK SHOKTEST AND IHOST EXPEDITIOUS KOI TE! La Crosse, Winona, Eead'i Laiiding, Eed Wing, PRK8COTT, BT, PAUL i AND ST. ANTHONY. Change of Time, Monday, April 4, 1869. H H ? E •895^ for a fall and assorted stock tor aHmaass Wholesale anrl slrtaB Drug Store Is ., ^ jOjnranr* OO^ corner of tast Water _ aniVoon streets, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have for aalejle* KWate, to tt« OUTotm^^SlSS^^ . . of all alia and prices, .for bnHneat or realdeno sad on sasy terms.- Also, smaH Farms of from 8 to SO aere»,ni!ar the City, for gardentac purposes. Also, several thousands of aero of tbe best farming lands In WlscoMlnlnquairtlUestosnltanyaemaiiaT^ f«b88) 3HAEJJ& QDKNTIH A 00. -AND— i UNION » lI " I «»«»»n* qulr«l W. Hallros? lrlghts thereto, and In ^beac- ' rV together wltb the name aa< JtoilMrsaid dm division of sal all tollsl rents and Inoonie to be bad or levl- from, andill a*potaie,ajid — - •- road, 1ST TUAIN LEAVEN IDILWAEKEE 11.-00 A. M., Arriving at JaneWlTe 2.SO P. M.; Ma41sot> S:35 P. M.; Pritlrle du Chlen 8.-00 P. M. Connecting with the Prairie da Ohlen and St. Paul PacKeU, which leave Prairie du Ohlen on the arriral of the 8.-00 P. M. Train 8D TRAIN LEAVRS OTICWAUK 5:05 P. M., Arriving at Janvetvllle 8-JSS P. M.; Madison KhOO P. M. i 3f Fare to all points on the Mississippi Blver as low as any other ttoote. ' , WILLIAM JBBVI8, ap!6 •. i Oen'l Superintendent, to renj NOTICK. OFFICE OF BISHOP A CO , SlOBGAUKas, , Is Pnjv>£!>lo« or MIL. t CHICAGO R. R., ., April i. IS5» ) O N and after April »th. 1^19, and until rurlh-r notice, no person Is author-led to mak- purchases, or contract for material! for the Milwaukee and Chlca go Railroad without a written order from the undersign ed. Rills will be paid monthly and accoun s will not I continued with acy concern Uiat monthly bills. C. B. HALL, Oenl Agt. M.'rtgavrrs. apr!6 i.T. MOODT, Master of Tran«pon.alion 1859. THE TRANSPORTATION COMPAN Will, dortog the present 8?uoo, run their well known tad papular Line of First Class Screw Steamer* •f thf largest a.*»ter-i ai , nl * ••tmanah.p in^urpids^.] p*vial at! i i.,,n ui!h..ul » i! b? ',,uu.i ,a, p BAH.VFS BROTHKR.-. A 1 .1. \OItTHEK\ 4 New York unkirk with LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE RAIL KOAD. 1859. Sam^m 1859. Wiwconaiu State Telegraph. Contiectioiis} with all l,ine» East. yisonnsln8tai<lilnt« rtm from KUwanke* to" t ARRANGEMENT. URKAT NOUTH-WESTERN UN IXC D ', ' - STATES ITIAIL '&. EXPRESS Jttft) ONLY ALL\ RAIL ROUTE. "- •'• TO LA CJROSSE On the CPPER niSSlSSIPPI RIVER, On slnf after Monday, April Mth TWO Tlirottgh Expniu Trains Daily, I^EAVtJ MILWAUKKE, DEPOT FOOT 01* hB£STHOT STEER, AB mxcrn; A. JW, ana t3:44I P, M. Trains arrive at jkllwaakM at A. .M. AN^>;,a:8O F. M. [uv dlosveonheeUons are made^tuOtoan. . vied daily coch w«jr with the Mln. Ufcsota Packet Company's tteyv ond Spfendid tinitedStates MaUline ~qf Steamers to <&Trom8t.ruol , I and - intermediiate joints. Ung toll route, will save .100 " —S time, *rom Chicago or it. Paul,- o»er aBw otter ..-. iV< tfr*8auengers,br taking . toUatUi distance and 18 boats time, from Chicago or Milwaukee to La Crosse or ' ' • route. jute, j . -• •Mondays eicepted. tSujidiyp eaceptcd. • .UUiraokee,AprilS«,18S». I,;. , . , < EDWJN fi . CIOODHICIf, apiSt .»- OGUKN8BUKOH & OSWKOO AND THtf I;PPER I..4KF..S! Forming a Semi-Weekly line between OgdeniOurgh so Oswego, aod Chicago, Milwaukee and lnter<oe>llat 1 orts, connecting at Ogdensburgh with the OQDENSBOaOH A VERMONT CENTRAL RAILROAD BOOTK, Between Ogdenaburgh, Burlington, Concord, cheater, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester Boston, and al Oswego with the New 0>wego Line o Thirty First Glass Oanal Boats on the Enlarged Cana between Oawecro^Tror* lAlbojry , Connecting also at Du NEW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD And forming a Tri-Weekly Railroad Line between Donkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago ff Property forwarded by this Uoe will be snbjec to but One Transhipment. tST Merchandise marked »»N. T. CO. EX. PUBS!*," will be forwarded from N.w York by an Smpren Freight Train over On #nc Tort A BrU Katlroad, And promptly forwarded from DunklrkJ APPL,> TO J. Mrcaa, Agent N. T c*., in Broadwaj. New York J. L. WiRjIB, Agent N T. Oo., 8 Oointles Blip, Ne Tork. CHAS. 8. Xirrta, corner 6th aod Obesnut it., Phlla. HovsT i OHAWMKD, Oswego N. T. 8. D. CALDWSIL, Agent, Dunkirk, N. V. CHtHSixuS, CaAWtoaO aCO , Uleveland, 0. Joasr Uocuao, Agent N. T. Co., BS State st-i Boston A. UntHKis, Agent \. 0. Line, 108 State st , Boston J. t. OHuaoa, Agent, Rouse's Point, N V. Qao. pAaxnt, Agent, Ogdensborgh, N. Y L. J. EIQBr.Mllwaak.., Wla., offlce LaOrosse A M R. R. Depot. J. H. CRAWFORD, i .„, . _^ M O. J. HALE, • ( M »»ankee, Wisconsin » „ ^ Offlc * nelT M - * M. R. B. Depot. N. B.— Shippers are requested to see one of the above Agents before making contracts, as they aro prepared to offer very low rates, and their connections with the Ogdensbnrgh and Oswego routes, and especially with the WewiYork A Erie Ballroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. marlS-dBm-lastwIsw 1HK OKNUINB ARTICLE MANTJFACTTJRED BT JOHN P H A L, E N , T HE only one'anlhorized to manufacture the ahvoe named Boots, at 72 EAST WATER STREET. ThePhalen .Boot Is one of the most tfhlqne and e'e- gant ooverlngs for the f .jet that has ever been Invented. They are made of tbe bdst ef stock and most flnlshe J workmanship, and are warranted to cure Corns, Bun- Ions, Swelled Fset, Swelled Uead, Khnmatlsm, Qout, -Remember thai the Sol* Agtnt for these latt Invented Boots loithls Cltj, la to be found at n East Waltr st_ wfiere, ajao, may be found a general assortment of <t SHOES, GAITER-., AC., For Gentleman and Ladles that there Is In this market* all manufactured under the supervision of thesobsorl- oer, [ma;J25] JOHN gHALKM. P.C Ni c & Pleasure Excorsjons, BROUK WAY'S Hi\E -•* ]:..'• '.', —OF- .'.(.-"• QMISIBUSSES AND, HACKS. P ABTXI8 wishing to engage Hacto.or Omnibuses for Ihe purpose bf visiting the usrdens or for Hf Hie Parties, oinbesBnplled wllh:nM clau vehicles on ibe sbortest aotlce and mo.t reasonable terms. A Una of )ml»ats«s will cpronitncernnnlBg, oorthe Istflf June for rorest? sne, learinf Van OoW'a wmer at « A. M. and tbe Omnlttas tea Waawatoaa leaves Tan OottV TJBOCKWAT, 130 EA«ir \V JsTKEKT. U1LVACKSS, tFJJi :J.V; Manu/iH-twcrt aiul WhuietaU an<l R&ni fau W OULD respectfully announce to their >IM era, thai tney stilJ contlnae to keep the ..arifeiH and best selected Stock of in their nn.- ui o- found in the Stale, ao<t will conduct Uleir bonmeaa, ia Heretofore, witn the Intenuon al ^lvln«— To as many new customers as may feel incline'! to ^». as a «all. we wouM say one of our firm reside* in N^w York, and we have facilities for Ui< purchase aj»l ro«ji alacture of goods that can not be eicrlled. We are al all times ready Ui take advantage of Euteni Uarl«u and have tnjen ena»le<l to reduce the price of many Unas of goods, which we -hall continue to sen at ihe lowest prices m Western V rkets. We are constantly receiving additions to our stock and will keep It so complete as to be able ai all time« io flll orders- for any kind of Saddlers', Carriage Tnm mers' or Trunk Makers' Dtock, and win do so m a man. ner tn r -r- satisfaction In respect to quality an.i prices • • - •.. assortment of Bent StuI, Poles, Shafts rello«, opoaa. Hubs, *c., *c., and have constantly .n h.r i, jr will maie tu order, any kind of Coach, C rlage, Wagon or Team Harness. Call aod see for youraelve*. „„ REMOVAL I'll\YKLL, .IK,, Joiiu-r and > COS.NKH K W A K t H o I' s K either W, T .o sun Olf F . B A Y L C V . ,Has removed to his old stand, ISO EAST WATEH ,-STBEET '. ff. BantitteFi /Vy G.»*l, sttirt,, And having made such additions to hia facilities fni JIO.| FINE t ecu ting O K T H A I T S As to eosb e him to nj to the public with confld*«no^ fct h« la now prepared to famish them wUh every jf- rable »ty!a of Picture known to the comn,unity, %n.i at loch Aftoandlng Lo» -Prices u to defy competition for exunple, Daguerrolypes tor 124 Cts. FULL SIZE PHOTOCKAPHM For only tl,00 the Srst one, and HOo for th« DnplioMei TIELAI^EO'l YPE.S, ATI8ROUU API1S Ai d In fact every other ,styl« of Picture, at corre»- , ponding low prices. I.TIPERIAL PHOTOCHA PHS, Colored lo either Oil or Water Colors, and finished In the highest style of the Arv| THE 9TEELOTYPE, A new and popular style of Picture, Colnre'l In Oil, which far excels In Accuracy, Boldnew and Beauty of Lntsh, any other Picture ever offered to the Public.— These Pictures have only to be seen to be admired. All who are desirous of saving money ar« respectfully ollcited to call and examine Specimens at the Old Itand, So. 188 Satt Water ,trut, Jfilwavtot, m*con*n. ' marlg-d6m W. f. BAYLEY. Aitlsuftj to the Pr nclpal Town^ in mhlO J'lObinn M.I A. Ha(>, AT (ap> and WHOLESALE Mraw W A h. MlLWACKKR, ATLAMIL ( \UIA- FALL U 'NCLK HK Hat, ,, -MJT. L-.ry i SAT1 ' Kl > A V •\ I E IV aui;14 33 O O * ( r , H f'M, II. (Wrrvorv 1«». tfus u »:x r '»r3oni«I attention rrl «n-i all tin,!, ,r p r ,,,, uc , M M 1-. i C c W 4 T K K • A 4 o I 1 *. N t II K J. 1 Ffc-'l'KK'S FA AND SCOTLAND FOB $30 The powirfal Iron Dteamahlps OIT? OF BALTTJIORB, OITY OF WASHINGTON KANQAROO, Will sail from New fork for Cork direct and thence to Liverpool, errJtJ^fsrAj.TxejfATS SA TURD A y _«B The OITT OF 1IANCUE8TEB ana 7ISO will sail from KLFA8T and COttS to Heir Tork once a Month. Rate of Passage from New York To Cork, Liverpool snd the principal towns In IRELAND, ENGLAND AID SCOTLAND: 3abln,....J75 Third Class.... |80. ff Paauagen forwarded to Havre, Antwerp", Braen and Hamburg for (SB In Cabin, $35 Third Olass. TO PABI3 pn Mbours from Liverpool,) Cabin 183- Third Class, |33. Penoos wishing to sand for their friends can obtain truncate* of passage tram OO&S or BKLTA8T to EW TOBK fo? |30, from. UVEBPOOl WO. for passage apply to E. J. CortU * Co., ITT 'Broad- ay, N.T^ JohnQ. Dale, 19 Broad way,«. T^ or to . XDIOIfit CABSsW, • •'• . ; i - , ••: Hlbnokae, Whvwasln. H. »-Pass«nj«s by thto Llqe avoid tbi riak and ayayofsaJUas;atHalMB.aDdi«.JciJt», ^ T (HE public is now rav and most LIGHT al if not superior to Lh.' bea- i ,, vlapted to ChurchM, Hulels, Stnra Prlv.i«e Dwellings, ltallr..a.l i.-»rs «,' prove ,t» wperlomy „»., ,„ v^^, ose. It I. anlUeall u.her Ump*, l,e,n» brilliant, economic^, ; T ^ rrum 7m " I with the BUST, SAFEST ..on. Apply a, JecS JOHN's, "fi Wlaconsln .tre B- »., Agent for me Stale at W i»c«. •' o H a t h a u C r o » «• i. UN1JKKTAKKK St., Ui>I>osl«. Aiuvrlran llou»u Inrm usnrlm,.,, *° KEIP8 CONSTANTLY on hand af Mahogany, Black Walnut and other <ether with flak's Metallc Burial Cases The offloe of th» Forest Home Cemetery Comnanv la at my place, where I have u> 0 plats of the groSSr?* I in always ready to accompany patroni w i «o select lot. or places for buxlallSi can rnai place (o buy Qrocerles is at * • - BD ' Jf -

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