The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 17, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1939
Page 5
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MR, THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1939. FIVE J. Curtiss Scott, an invalid, shown being carried by deputy sheriffs from a house at Mantau, N. J,, in which his mother and aged grandmother defied an eviction order for three weeks. The mother, Mrs. Mary J. Scott, walked out but the grandmother, who has been ill, also •wag carried out on. a stretcher. ATTORNEY ELECTED SEATTLE, Aug 1 . 17—The Knights of Columbus unanimously elected Francis P. Matthews, Omaha attorney, to head their organization for HAY FEVER Symptom RELIEF Start at once with powerful, rapid-fire PO-TAS-A-FRAS. Stop choking, gasping. Restore normal breathing. Dry up eyes and nose, bring comfort to swollen burning eyes. Return to normal living and sound sleep. Folks everywhere shout the praises of this successful medicine. Get efficient H A Y FEVER Symptom RELIEF quickly, easily, cheaply. Act at once. PO-TAS-A-FRAS recommended and *old here exclusively by Cauffman's Cut Rate Drug Store. Adv. the ensuing, year today. Matthews, president'of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and Utilities •• Commission, succeeds Martin H. Carmpdy, Grand Rapids, Mich., as Supreme Knight. ; : ; • Detainer Served ^ By Deputy Sheriff Deputy Leister . Isanogle yesterday served a detainer on Glenn J. Kline, Smithsburg, Route 1, who is charged with unauthorized use oC the automobile of Ralph M. Baer, near Smithsburg. Kline was arrested Sunday by Chief of Police Floyd J. Maurer in Waynesboro on a charge of operating an automobile while under the influence of liquor. He was held under $500 bond yesterday for action of the September term of Franklin County Court. We Make Dreams Come True I T ISN'T easy, 18 it ... saving for that dream horn* ... skimping . . . denying yourself little luxuries ... waiting . . . while life . . . the full tide years keep rcrtlfng along? Take our advice. Don't wait. It isn't necessary, tlave your dream home furnishings now. Enjoy them now while they tnean *o much to your K happiness. •• ; How? Just come in and see us. We make dreams come true. This is no idle boast. We have actually done it for hundreds of other couples. They did not wait. Enjoy Lite Today, they are living in beautifully furnished homes. They are enjoying life . . . They arc entertaining friend* ... while they pay for their furniture. And do you know what it cost them to furnish their homes on our liberal payment plan? Just Vi of 1% per month! That means only five cents a month on a $10.00 purchase. So if you really want your dreams to come true, stop waiting. Marry the girl and start furnishing your home now. Costs Little! You'll need help of course . . . and that help will come from us. You pick out a house and •we'll furnish it... complete from kitchen to bedroom. Then you can pay us on terms so easy you'll never worry about the payments. Come in and let us show you how little it costs to have a home so comfortable, so convenient that your friendt will think it's furnished like a Model House, MEYERS & BERKSON 41 - 43 West Franklin St. — Opp, Post Office Accident Is Held To Be Unavoidable Greensburg, Pa./Aug. 17 (£>).—A coroner's jury decided Wednesday four men killed in the Laurel'Hill tunnel August 5 met their death as a result of 'shock and injuries received from falling rack as a result of unavodiable and unforeseen accident." The verdict was returned after 15 minutes deliberation following up a hearing wnich covered most of the day in which more than a score of witnesses testified. The witnesses agreed with Samuel W. Marshall .chief engineer of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, which is having the $61,000,000 Express highway built, that he considered the tunnel safe. Pinesburg, Aug. 12. Mr. TSmmert Martin is spending a few weeks with his daughter, Mrs. Addie Suffecool, of New York, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac N. Grove and children, Carl, Neil, Lorraine and Maurice, spent Sunday last with Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Smith and son, Shippensburg.' Mrs. Emma Sweigert accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Arbie Sweigert to visit Mr. and Mrs. David Sweigert and family, H&wley, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Charlton and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Snyder and daughter, La Rue Ann, visited Mrs. Bruce Reid and daughter, Thelma, Marlowe, W. Va., Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Charlton and family and Mr. and Mrs. Isaac N. Grove and family spent Sunday at Pen Mar. Mr. Earl Butts and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Butts and daughter, Hagerstown, were callers in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Charlton. Little Bobby Martin is indisposed at his home. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kirby and children, near Downsville; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hose and son, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hose, and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Johnson spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James Hose and family. Miss Marie James, Williamsport, spent Tuesday night with Miss Lorraine Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Obern Carbaugh and son, Roy, and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Cabaugh, Williamsport, spent Sunday evening with Mr. and MIT. Alton Gehr and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. William Bair spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bair and daughter. Mrs. J. C. Martin and son, Warren, Hagerstown, spent Saturday with Mrs. Annie Charlton and "LUNCH ROOMS A TAVERNS" Get our Prices on "BUTTERED POPCORN" By the C*n (IT TASTES DIFFERENT) CAUFFMAN'S Cut Rate STORE 30 East Washington Street daughters, Pearl and Mildred. Mr. David B. Hose, who has been seriously ill at his home, is slightly improved. • WHEN you lose something don't. lose track of this number—104. A classified ad-taker -will help you word an effectiva "Lost and Found" ad. 188 Pieces of Mahogany Reproductions Consisting of B«droom, I>lrbijr Reoor and Dining Room Piec«» ON DISPLAT 8HOCKEY FURNITURE CO. 837 — 777 — 622 A Real Bargain! 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